The Ultimate Guide on What to Buy at Aldi

It’s easy to lose your focus when walking around Aldi. You’re surrounded by such a wide range of, well, everything. The shelves are packed with local goods and imported delicacies, numerous kitchen appliances, and even an area full of clothes!

Aldi Store from the Inside

We saved you some valuable time, and instead of spending the evening pushing your shopping cart around Aldi’s in a daze, we lined up exactly which products are a good bargain and which products are better left on the shelf.

Good Choice: Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is the ultimate condiment. On a burger, as a dip, in a sandwich, it adds serious flavor and a creamy texture to any meal. Because it’s super versatile, it disappears quickly and doesn’t last very long.

Mayonnaise in Aldi

If you find yourself consistently adding a jar to your shopping cart, you better go to Aldi and grab Burman’s mayonnaise. For as little as $1.89, you can get yourself a jar of 887 ml.

Good Choice: Pure Maple Syrup

Maple syrup can be overwhelmingly sweet at times. But according to customers, Aldi’s maple syrup has just the right amount of everything. It has “rich, complex notes of floral, roasted grains, and Christmas spices” and doesn’t taste too sugary.

Maple Syrup

We all know what a good syrup can add to a pancake, a muffin, or even a salad dressing, so make sure to pick up Aldi’s syrup next time you’re there.

Avoid: Aldi Cereals

When it comes to cereals, you’re better off sticking with the originals. Some knock offs just aren’t worth the purchase no matter how much money they save you and Aldi’s cereals are the perfect example. They are just not able to recreate the distinctive flavor that their counterparts have.

Aldi Cereals
Source: Pinterest

Despite looking like a good bargain, you should shop for it at other grocery stores instead. With the help of coupons and sales you might even buy the original brand at a surprisingly cheap price!

Avoid: Aldi Soda

When it comes to fizzy drinks, the recipe needs to be pretty accurate in order to provide you with that delicious sizzling experience. So, if you’re a true soda lover, stick to your preferred brand. Even though Aldi’s knockoffs may look a bit tempting at first with their colorful range of flavors, don’t be fooled, they’re not worth the sip.

Aldi Soda

Their price isn’t particularly cheap either and you can find good drinks for the same price in other grocery stores. Good try Aldi, but we would rather go for the originals.

Good Choice: Gluten-Free Products

Whoever has decided to go gluten-free will be delighted to hear that Aldi’s products are a great choice. They have their own brand, LiveGFree, that offers baking mixes, wraps, frozen foods and truly make living with a dietary restriction easier.

Aldi's Gluten-Free Products
Source: Reddit

Gluten free products sometimes lack the right texture and their flavor is just off, but LiveGFree tasters happily reported that “Aldi’s gluten-free frozen pizza is crispy on the bottom, appropriately cheesy, and most importantly, doesn’t taste like cardboard.” As for their crackers, “I didn’t know I needed these Wheat-Thin-copycat-crackers in my life until I tasted one.”

Avoid: Fresh Produce

There’s nothing worse than picking up a vibrant batch of fruit only to throw away half of it. Now this isn’t to say you should completely skip Aldi’s fresh produce aisle, but use common sense and remember to give the package a good look to make sure nothing is rotten.

Aldi's Fresh Produce Section

In a 2015 consumer survey, Aldi’s perishable items scored pretty low compared to their other products and it looks like most of their customers would rather not risk it. Always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to food.

Avoid: Aldi Zipper-Top Bags

Customers aren’t really satisfied with Aldi’s zipper-top bags. They break easily and have a strong plastic smell to them which is hard to ignore. One reviewer strongly stated: “The idea of putting my food in there grosses me out. They really aren’t that good of a deal either.”

Aldi’s zipper-top bags

The last thing you want to do is eat food that smells like plastic. Go for brands you’re already familiar with and don’t risk ruining your meal.

Good Choice: Wine

Thankfully, Aldi has an amazing collection of affordable and delicious wines! Reviewers praise them for providing such high-quality options. Some of the crowd favorites are Winking Owl Shiraz and Sienna Glen Chardonnay.

Aldi Wine Section

If you’re looking for a gentle and smooth blend, go for La Rue Rosé. One customer enthusiastically claimed that “This is, without a doubt, a wine that I’d buy again in a heartbeat,” and she’s shocked that it costs less than $8!

Good Choice: German Beer

Aldi was founded by a German family, and we’re happy to announce that they haven’t disappointed in providing their country’s goods. Their German beer collection is delicious, and the price feels totally reasonable. One Redditor happily claimed “Wernsgrüner blew my top off that it was at Aldi. Really enjoyable and well-made beer.”

German Beer Section at Aldi's

Another reviewer remarked, “six-packs of Broegel Bock Beer go for $6.99, not bad for an imported beer.” Seems like customers are super satisfied. Danke schön Aldi!

Avoid: Frozen Sushi

Frozen products are convenient, quick, and really make life easier. But frozen sushi just sounds way too sketchy. You simply can’t replace the freshness of a sashimi and the tanginess of the rice with its frigid version.

Frozen Sushi

Don’t waste your money on this product. Instead, stick to sushi restaurants and homemade rolls. Even if you’ve never tried making sushi at home, we’re sure your rolls will turn out better than any frozen version of it.

Good Choice: Specialty Cheeses

Cheese lovers adore Aldi’s specialty cheeses! From cranberry and cinnamon goat cheese to a bold and nutty Gruyère, tasters claim that Aldi is the perfect place to purchase your cheese platter for wine night.

Aldi’s specialty cheeses

One reviewer praised the Gruyère and stated, “I ate chunks of it directly from my knife, shredded it onto mac and cheese, and made a legit grilled cheese with it.” We’re glad Aldi is able to satisfy our every need when it comes to cheesy recipes.

Avoid: Small Appliances

It seems super convenient to purchase kitchen appliances as you’re buying your food, but when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Don’t spend your money on mixers and coffee makers that might fail you a week later.

Appliances Section in Aldi

This is sort of a hit or miss, because not all reviews are bad. Some reviewers praised certain items while others regretted the very moment they added it to their cart. Just ask the Redditor who wrote “I bought the Ambiano single-serve coffee pot to replace a Keurig that died. WORST COFFEEPOT EVER!”

Avoid: Cheap Coffee

Aldi offers such a variety of brands and flavors that it’s easy to get excited and fill your cart with all the aromatic goods. Especially with the price so ridiculously cheap, I mean what can go wrong with some basic ground coffee?

Coffee At Aldi's

You should think twice. You don’t want to find yourself with a bitter and tasteless drink. That’s no way to start your morning! You better spend a bit more if you’re looking for a truly rich and flavorful experience.

Good Choice: Spices

Aldi is the ultimate place to buy cooking spices. Their Stonemill brand provides affordable and high-quality products that fit any occasion. You can stock up on White Cheddar, Butter Flavor, and other great flavors that will transform your meal into something else.

Spices At Aldi's

At only 95 cents a container, their price has made it difficult for competitors to beat. We recommend you give them a try, they’re pretty addictive. One Redditor admitted that ever since he bought the Savory Vegetable Seasoning he hasn’t been able to use any other: “I bought this a while back, and I have been looking for it every time I shop at Aldi.”

Good Choice: Canned Goods

Whatever canned goods you’re looking for, Aldi is a great place to find them. Beans, corn, apple sauce, canned soup, diced tomatoes – they pretty much have it all. The prices are perfectly reasonable too.

Aldi Canned Goods

For example, Aldi’s chicken noodle soup is only $1.35 per can! That’s a lot cheaper than many other canned soups. You should check out their easy pumpkin pie mix as well. Affordable, comforting, and delicious.

Avoid: Meat

Aldi’s meat is, for the most part, disappointing. The quality isn’t great so don’t expect a juicy and savory bite. While some reviewers insist that the meat is perfectly fine and worth the price, most people disagree.

Meat at Aldi

One Redditor described their turkey slices as slimy and gross and another claimed that their meat is always a total miss. Their prices aren’t significantly cheaper either. Bottom line, when it comes to meat, we recommend you check other stores.

Avoid: Toiletries

Aldi might have some great deals, but for toiletries, places like Target are usually the better choice. You can find the same products for cheaper prices! found that “a liter-size bottle of Aldi’s Dentiguard mouthwash was 10 cents more than Target’s store brand, Up & Up. Throw in Target’s better selection, frequent sales, and REDcard discounts, and it makes more sense to stock up there.”

Toiletries At Aldi

We know it’s probably comfortable to stock up on toiletries as you’re buying your groceries, but if you have the time to stop by a different store, you’ll probably be doing your wallet a favor.

Good Choice: Baking Products

If your shopping list usually includes baking essentials, Aldi is a great place to purchase them. Sugar, flour, marshmallows, chocolate chips – Aldi’s Baker’s Corner has them and at decent prices.

Baking Products at Aldi

We know that sometimes choosing the famous and expensive brand is worth the investment. But in this case, Aldi definitely wins. The taste is the same and we’re sure your baked goods will come out smelling and tasting great!

Good Choice: Bread

All the yeasty goodness can be found in Aldi’s bread section! Anything from simple white bread to marbled, cinnamon breakfast bread. The prices are great, and the quality is delicious. One of the crowd’s favorite is the Specially Selected Brioche Buns.

 Bread Section in Aldi

According to Kiplinger, “Aldi’s store-brand Brioche Buns are the bomb, fresh and flaky and perfectly baked. For $2.49, shoppers get four rolls. The price may seem a bit high, but frankly, there was nothing comparable at Walmart or Costco, even with Costco’s in-store Kirkland Signature bakery.”

Good Choice: European Sweets

Aldi knows exactly what sweets to import. Their European goods range from unique chocolate bars to chocolate covered almonds and rich truffles. Reddit is full of users gushing over the foreign delicacies! One user commented “I think their gingerbread items hit the spot without being too sweet: the dark chocolate gingerbread cookies, pfeffernuse, and lebkuchen.”

European Sweets At Aldi

A German Redditor added, “I absolutely love their holiday stuff, especially since most of it is German, and that is my family’s heritage. I’ve had the little chocolate santas, the chocolate covered pound cake, the chocolate covered stollen bites, and a few other things I can’t remember off the top of my head. Anyway, everything was great!”

Avoid: Chips

Chips seem like such a simple snack that probably any knockoff tastes good, right? Not exactly. Aldi’s Clancy’s chips are lightyears away from Lay’s delicious crispy treats. So, if you’re thinking of restocking your pantry, better go for the well-known brands that are a sure hit.

Chips Section at Aldi
Source: Pinterest

Many tasters complain that Clancy’s are way too salty. One Redditor couldn’t eat more than a few bites of the tortilla chips, and the pork rinds were also a miss.

Avoid: Butter

For a lot of people, butter is essential in the kitchen. It would be a shame if that small piece of butter were to ruin your omelet or toast. To save you the trouble, we recommend spending a bit more money for a higher quality and better tasting version.

Butter Section at Aldi's

According to many customers, the cheap price you’ll find in Aldi isn’t worth the disappointment you’ll feel when you realize your food has a weird aftertaste. With butter, go for the familiar brand. You won’t regret it.

Good Choice: Milk

Feel free to stock up on as much milk as you need in Aldi; their prices are hard to beat. Their gallon of whole milk is almost $1 dollar cheaper than Giant and a few cents cheaper than Walmart’s.

Milk Section at Aldi's

They offer a huge variety, including some dairy free options as well. Most families drink a lot of milk, so we know how fast these gallons are consumed. You better the find the best price. In this case, Aldi is the smartest choice.

Avoid: Kitty Litter

If you care about your kitty, you might want to think twice before purchasing one of Aldi’s cat litters. Aldi’s Fine Feline brand tried to improve their product throughout the years, but they’re still receiving bad reviews.

Kitty Litter At Aldi's

Some users described it as dusty and simply not suitable for the house. One reviewer warned, “I used to use it, but it is incredibly dusty and my cat started having coughing fits. I changed litters and no more coughs.”

Avoid: Mini Bear Grahams

If you love Teddy Grahams cookies, then skip Aldi’s knockoff, it will just disappoint you. One Reddit user complained, “I bought their generic Goldfish crackers (penguins) and knock-off Teddy Grahams and they were completely inedible.”

Mini Bear Grahams
Source: Reddit

Business Insider claims that they’re even more expensive than the real deal! Walmart’s Teddy Grahams cost $0.30/oz and Aldi’s Benton mini bears are $0.33/oz. It’s not too significant, but less tasty and more expensive? No thank you.

Good Choice: Frozen Fruits

Frozen fruits are perfect for smoothies because they add this creamy, ice-cream-like texture that fresh fruit can’t provide. Next time you’re at Aldi’s, be sure to stock up on their frozen blueberries, strawberries and other delicious fruit.

Frozen Fruits At Aldi's

One taster wrote that “Season’s Choice Frozen Berry Medley from Aldi are perfect! They’re very easy to use over cereal or to defrost and eat plain, contain plenty of that fiber we were talking about, and taste just as fresh and sweet as the real deal.”

Good Choice: Take-And-Bake Pizza

Another great frozen choice is Aldi’s Take-and-Bake Pizza. These huge, cheesy pizzas cost between $4 and $6.99 and are a great bargain for the quality and size that you receive! They’re a lot larger than the ones you can get in regular pizza chains and customers are super pleased.

Aldi’s Take-and-Bake Pizza

Mama Cozzi’s pizza has some great options to choose from. Pepperoni, Five Cheese Deli and Thin Crust Mega Meat are only a few. One reviewer strongly recommended the product, “Unlike most frozen pizzas, these once-frozen-now-refrigerated pizzas don’t taste like freezer-burned cardboard. The toppings really cover every inch and they taste pretty close to fresh.”

Avoid: Yogurt

The cheeses and milk are fine in Aldi’s but the yogurt is a different story. A lot of reviewers aren’t big fans of Aldi’s selection and complained they were too sweet. One concerned mom even shared on Reddit that, “I stopped buying it for my kid when I realized it had more sugar than the Yoplait.”

Cheese Section at Aldi's

Not all reviews are bad, but we still advise you to proceed with caution. One Reddit user wrote that out of all the yogurts he has tried, Aldi’s always give him digestive issues. If you already have your favorite yogurt brand, we recommend you stick to it.

Avoid: Clothing

“Aldi Finds” is the area in the grocery store where customers can find anything non-food related, like clothes. The prices are comforting but the clothes? Not so much. Many shoppers complained about the quality and even the packaging was a bit uncomfortable.

Aldi Finds

One shopper complained that the clothes are either packaged in cardboard or tied up neatly and “it can be difficult to know what you’re getting because you can’t easily hold a shirt up to examine the dimensions.” When at Aldi’s – better stick to food.