Building a Home Ain’t Easy – Epic Home Renovation Disasters

Renovation, the one word that fills us with new ideas and innovation that you can use to upgrade your place for better experience. The proud that comes with the new look and functionality of your site is something most of us know.

However, in this post, we are not going to talk about epic renovations for inspirations. Instead, we are going to share home renovation that has been an incredible failure. Hold your stomach and get ready to laugh out loud.

Get a Future car

Preventing and caring for nature is essential but this homeowner took this love to a whole new level.

Source: Pinterest

There is no way you can park your car in this garage, until and unless you have a futuristic vehicle that can pass through solids. So unless you are planning to turn the garage into a storage space for extra stuff or just to park your two-wheelers, avoid this scenario.

The Parkour stairs

What better way to stay fit than exercising every time you need to use the stairs?

Source: Pinterest

When the architect misses the drawing classes, this is what happens. Don’t be alarmed you can still use these stairs; you just have to hang on the side holding your dear life and lift yourself to the next flight. Well, I for one will prefer the elevator.

Challenge accepted

This owner loves the thrill of new challenges with every aspect of his life, even the kitchen.

Source: Pinterest

Though these drawers may have provided a very spacey and safe place for small accessories, one little mistake turned them completely useless. The maker didn’t realize the need for space and angle calculation, and the result is obvious.

Innovation at its best, worst scenario

When you love both western and squatting pan style but have space for only one.

Source: Pinterest

We are guessing that the homeowner of this toilet was confused about whether to prioritize comfort and convenience or make a healthy choice.

Group toilet services

You might have seen people talking over the phone in the toilet. This constructor took these chats to a whole new level.

Source: Pinterest

You can sit around with your family and friends and have a friendly little conversation or a discussion on these comfortable seats. Moreover, add a table with some coffee and snacks to supplement your experience.  Oh! Don’t forget to keep room freshener with you; someone may have overeaten.

Living to serve skaters

The designer still remembers skateboarding on ramps and decided to promote the experience.

Source: Pinterest

This ramp has a very high angle that needs a lot of mechanical energy to counter the back drag. There is no way; your four- wheeler can climb the ramp even with handbrakes. The only perk of this structure is, your vehicle gets a jump start during winters; that is if you ever reach the top, and manage to balance your vehicle on it.

Open minded people use open toilets

Clearly, the owner is very open-minded and creative. Forget the ideas of modern open kitchen; accessible toilets are the new trend.

Source: Pinterest

This not-so-private bathroom seems very weird, till you notice that glass door in front of it. What is that door doing there? It’s completely useless.  The only explanation is that this bathroom is just for show because we can’t imagine spending the money on installing a toilet only to have no one use it.

The energy cocktail to recharge you

Keep yourself energized with a cocktail of electricity with every drink, or in this case, every hand wash.

Source: Pinterest

Don’t be shocked on such creativity; it is a breach of safety and designing standards. The architect negated the very basic of renovation, safety. This failure is more destructive than funny; there is no way to avoid electric shock during a wash unless you turn off the power before every usage.

Break your way through obstacles

When you find a stubborn designer who loves to destroy everything that stands in the way, this is what you get.

Source: Pinterest

There was not enough space for door and commode to adjust, and therefore the only solution was to cut a section out of the gate. That seems simple but how are you supposed to enter this place? And if somehow you manage to enter, there is a hole in the door.

The beautiful, the only balcony

Have something to hide or need a hiding place for yourself; this balcony is just the thing for you.

Source: Pinterest

It looks like the designer designed everything with the utmost care but just forgot one small detail, the second window, and the constructor didn’t care about it either. However, you can swing to the balcony with your life on the line if you want but personally, if you are not a superhero with an unbreakable lasso, stick to the upper deck.

These designs are not only weird; they are high on finances and disastrous. Most of these are very easy to avoid with the help from some professional with proper knowledge of designs and construction. So the next time you want to upgrade your home, think of these epic fails and look for someone worth your money and time.