These Rare Items You Own Can Make You Very rich

We often stash away items that are no longer in our use in the hope that they may make a comeback someday. With sites like eBay and online shopping now becoming all the rage, many people dig up old belongings to sell and, believe it or not, there is a market for them! Customers spend thousands of dollars on second-hand belongings that are now possibly vintage and worth much more than what they used to be.

Pokemon Cards. / Happy Meal toys / Old rare PEZ dispensers
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Just imagine bringing out an old toy from your childhood to find that it is now a collector’s item, and you can sell for thousands online what you once bought with your own pocket money! Read on below for a list of items we’ve compiled that are now worth a solid price. Once you’re done reading, you may feel the sudden urge to pay your attic a visit and rummage through some old trunks. After all, why waste a perfectly good money-making opportunity?

Game Boys are Coming Back

The Game Boy was first introduced in 1989 and was even popular until the early 2000s. It was the It thing to have among kids those days, and this was way before the Xbox or PS ever came into existence. The only thing teenagers those days wanted was a Game Boy, and now that its value is worth thousands, the parents who didn’t buy it for their kids are probably deeply regretting it.

Old Game Boys
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Game Boys are now worth between $750 and $2,000, and a new, unopened Game Boy is reported to have sold on eBay for just a little over $4,000! Talk about making a comeback! Who knew that old craze would be such a cash cow?

Cookie Jar or Gold Mine?

Antique cookie jars made in the 1940s and 1950s are making their owners some serious dough – pun intended – these days. Reyne Hirsch, the PBS Antique Roadshow evaluator, said that a cookie jar from the 1950s sold for $1,200 in 2018, according to Uncle Mistletoe Marshall Fields. And to top it off, some of those cookie jars are really quite ugly! But then again, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

A rabbit-shaped cookie jar
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Not only are these highly sought-after cookie jars selling for thousands, but their prices could also go up more if they’re in the shape of a famous cartoon character. In 2019, a Little Audrey-shaped cookie jar sold for a whopping $3,400 on eBay! We sure wish we hadn’t given away all our old jars.

We Smell a Lot of Money

In the 19th century, perfume bottles were not just perfume bottles, but they were also works of art by glass-blowers. The perfume inside didn’t matter quite so much as what the bottle looked like on the outside. A classic case of superficiality – judging a book by its cover. And today, these pieces are worth a hefty amount.

Vintage perfume bottles
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By August 2019, perfume bottles from the 1900s were selling on eBay for as much as $4,000. And bottles that were more than a century old were selling for up to $8,500! Can you imagine that? Eric Silver, an antique roadshow evaluator, says that even outside of eBay, these perfume bottles hold immense value, and owners make a tidy sum from their sale at auctions.

Who Wants VHS Tapes?

After you read this, you will surely wish you hadn’t thrown away all those VHS tapes from years ago after the DVD, and then Netflix came along. But how could anyone have known that those seemingly redundant tapes would now be worth a huge amount? Take a guess at how much they go for.

Disney VHS tapes
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A set of Disney tapes (Volume 1, 2, and 3) is listed on eBay for – wait for it – $1,499,999.99! Great God, who would’ve thought? Tapes that were never converted to DVD versions (possibly because they were too backward or absurd) are now listed for the highest prices. However, there is one lesson you can take away from this: save up from the Netflix era. Who knows what might turn into a treasure years later?

Vintage Band T-Shirts are the Real Deal

As a reminder of some of the biggest turns in music history, vintage band t-shirts are worth a huge sum today – not surprising, given the huge impact that music had on the evolution of an entire generation. For example, the Nirvana Tour Tee in Utero was meant only for members of the crew. Guess what it sold for? $7,000! And that’s according to the Red Bull website.

An old Nirvana t-shirt
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A 1966 banned Beatles album cover, “Yesterday and Today,” was called back by musicians. In 2011, someone with the screen name ‘koshercollectibles’ posted a picture of what seemed to be the original band t-shirt with the album cover on it. The bottom line? It was listed for $20,000.

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

The only home for Christmas ornaments outside of the Christmas season is in the storage box. If you’ve got Christmas ornaments from years ago that you haven’t given away, we suggest digging them up and evaluating them because some of the more valuable pieces sell for more than a thousand dollars.

Christmas ornaments
Source: Reddit

Evaluator Eric Silver says that antique sleds are worth $100, but glass ornaments can go up to $1,700. And Kugel ornaments from Germany (between 1840 and 1940) go one step further: these stunning ornaments sell for $18,000 each! Wowza! Now just imagine what a box of German ornaments is going to do. You could probably retire right now if you had one.

I Think I’m Hungry

Tin lunch boxes are nothing special, right? But if it’s a tin lunch box from the 1900s, painted with a rock band or cartoon character images, then it’s pretty darn special. These lunch boxes have proven to be more than just a school accessory and are now invaluable collector’s items. Thad Reece, a vintage lunch box enthusiast, says that these vintage lunch boxes were bought for ten thousand times their original price.

Vintage lunch box in school bus shape
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A Jetsons lunch box from 1963 would be priced between $1,000 and $1,650, while a Dudley Do-Right lunch box from 1962 would sell for about $2,200. But that’s not the most shocking. A Superman lunch box dated to 1954 sold for an astounding $13,000, according to Allen Woodall, the founder of one of the largest lunch box galleries.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

You probably remember the Pokémon card craze in the 1990s for kids. Those cards were collectibles then, and they are collectibles now – albeit much more valuable. If you’re someone who threw away their Pokémon card collection, be prepared to weep while you read on.

Pokemon cards
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The full standard collection of Pokémon Mill cards is selling for a few hundreds of dollars on eBay, while ultra-rare cards are bringing in the thousands. The first edition of Charizard 1999 was sold online for $12,499.99 in 2019, while the PSA 9 Mint card from the 2001 Tropical Wind Trophy sold for $500,000. Who knew the cards of Gotta Catch ‘Em All fame would be worth so much?

It’s a Sign that You’re Going to Come into Money

Remember those vintage advertising signs that would often be displayed outside bars and restaurants, advertising what was available? Done up in a characteristically 1980s style of art, they brought to mind dapper men in mustaches and bell-bottomed suits. Well, it turns out those signs are now worth thousands of dollars.

Vintage sign (Coca Cola)
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A Coca Cola vintage sign sold for $5,700 in August 2019 by eBay seller, “rare necessities.” And there are more signs out there that sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Think you’ve got an old advertising sign lying around? Maybe from an old pub that your grandfather used to own? Now would be a good time to cash it.

Steiff Teddy Bears are Not Just For the Cuddles

All children owned a teddy bear at some point or another. These well-loved toys usually get worn out and are thrown away, replaced with a newer, shinier model. But did you know that some old teddies can be worth thousands of dollars? That’s right. And you might just have an old furry friend in your attic just waiting to be cashed.

Steiff teddy bear in designer clothes
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Steiff teddy bears are a very rare and highly collectible toy. These limited-edition teddies can be sold for staggering amounts. Take an example: a Steiff teddy bear in Louis Vuitton garb was sold at a charity auction for a whopping $182,550! Who could have ever thought a toy would be worth such a life-changing amount of money?

Steve Jobs Can Make You Rich

It’s not just the newer Apple products that are so hyped up, and old Apple products are also valuable in their own right. The Apple iPod First Generation sold on eBay in August 2019 for $2,200, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Other First Generation Apple products are listed for up to as much as $15,000.

Apple iPod
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Yes, we know. We’re banging our heads on the wall, too, overall of those now-precious items we thought were worthless. Basically, anything that Steve Jobs made is now worth a whopping amount. So before you decide to throw away any Apple electronics, think again. You might just be throwing away a perfectly good money-maker. Hint, hint: iPhone X.

The American Girl Dolls – A Popular Franchise

The wildly popular American Girl books and show were a hit amongst girls in the 1980s and 1990s as they were shown different historical periods through the lens of the American Girls. And if you were one of the girls who adored the franchise enough to buy the dolls and accessories, you are sitting on a gold mine today.

A Samantha American Girl doll in a box
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The Samantha doll sold on eBay for $4,200 and others sell for quite a bit, too. Even if the doll you have is out of its original packaging, it still has buyers willing to pay an arm and a leg for it. If you have one of these dolls in the house, we think it might be a good time to bring it out.

That Sounds Like a Real Money-Maker

When you were discarding off all those CD soundtracks, you probably never gave a second thought to how much money they could bring in if you just kept them for a few more years. Did you know that the 1993 track of the signature series by Michael Jackson is worth $1,500 today? So is the 1998 protection EP by Coldplay.

CD tracks collection
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And that’s not all. In September 2006, Banksy was replaced by the album cover by Paris Hilton called “London” with a new sleeve and optional mashup with DJ Dangermouse (street artist). The album was available in the US in 2013 for $3,000 and is listed today for £9,995 (that’s about $12,134) on eBay.

Cabbage Patch Dolls Can Patch Up Your Account Balance

Have you ever heard of Cabbage Patch dolls? We bet you have. And we can also bet you never really gave them a second thought. But here’s the deal: these curly-headed Cabbage Patch dolls are actually worth a fair fortune, and that’s not really surprising, seeing how these are one of the longest-running doll franchises in America.

Cabbage Patch dolls
Photo by John Curtis / Shutterstock

As an iconic collector’s item, these dolls cost quite a bit. Pat and Joe Prosey have a huge (and the most expensive) collection of these Cabbage Patch dolls. They built a Maryland museum specifically to house their 5,000 dolls, which cost a total of $360,000! Talk about valuable! You may want to sell your own Cabbage Patch doll if you’re looking to make some money.

The White Furby Toy

The Furby looks like a toy that belongs in creepy nightmares, to tell the truth. But what is sought-after is sought-after, after all. These furry toys were popular in the 1990s, but the fad died out. Now, they’ve made a comeback, and collectors are dying to get their hands on these noise-makers.

A white Furby at the Museum of London
Photo by Alex Lentati / Evening Standard / Shutterstock

The first Furbies set had an extremely rare white Furby, and that’s the one that’s the real gold. They are so uncommon that they can sell for up to $800, and what’s even more shocking is that there are people actually willing to pay for these things. Who would’ve thought? If you own a white Furby given to you by an aunt that you did not know how to get rid of, here’s your chance.

Playing Video Games Can Be Turned into a Business

We bet you had no idea just how much money your video games could rake in when you bought ’em. What was once a sensation amongst kids is now retired to the attic, and you probably reminisce over the days when games were bought on cartridges and smacking the console with just the right intensity and at just the right spot could miraculously make it work again.

Video game items
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But don’t dismiss those game cartridges as obsolete just yet. People are willing to pay a fortune for those game cartridges, and you might have a bag full somewhere around. Mario Kart 64 cartridges sell for hundreds of dollars while Nintendo and PS cartridges sell for over $1,000. Your parents are probably taking back their words on your video game obsession.

The Famous Yeezys by Nike

Clothes, even if they’re not vintage, can cost thousands of dollars. So then imagine what the cost would be if they were vintage. When Kanye West collaborated with Nike between 2009 and 2014 to produce the Nike Air Yeezys, sneakerheads all over America went crazy. They are no longer in production now, which gives them a great resale value.

Red Yeezys
Source: eBay

Yeezys are now highly valuable articles and are sold on eBay for thousands, especially if they’re special-edition like the retro Nike Yeezys. These originally cost $245, but when they went out of production, their resale value shot up to $7,500. Talk about valuable! So if you’ve got a pair that you don’t use anymore, it may be time to part with your soulmate.

Boy Scout Badge of Honor

Boy Scout badges are a great honor and achievement for boys in America, and each and every new badge is revered as a trophy. But those kids (and parents) who are willing to part with their badges can rake in a tidy sum, especially if the badge is aged (as is with all vintage and antique things).

Boy Scout Sash
Source: Imgur

According to Collectors Weekly, some very sought-after Boy Scout badges sold for more than $1,178 in 2018. But badges are not all the Boy Scout memorabilia that’s being sold for thousands online. In 2019, a Boy Scout sash was listed for $4,500 on eBay, which had 18 patches on it from between the 1930s and 1940s.

A Penny for Your Thoughts, or Maybe for Your Cash

If you’re someone who keeps loose change in their wallet or at the bottom of their bag, then you might rummage through your stash and be able to find a rare and old coin that is now worth a neat sum. Given that dollar bills have now replaced coins, you can still get paid for the coins if you find a true treasure amongst them.

Old coins
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In 2007, a stash of 200-year old coins worth $200,000 was discovered by Jeff Bidelman (former dealer of rare collectibles) in Pennsylvania. In 2005, a minting error caused “In God We Trust”to be replaced by “In God We Rust” in quarters. Today, that error is worth $100 per coin!

Stretch Armstrong Can Stretch for Thousands

Who doesn’t like a little stretch after a long day of work? Stretch Armstrong has certainly loved stretching since 1976. Who’s he, you may ask? Stretch Armstrong is Kenner’s unique gel-filled action figure who can’t get enough of his stretches, and neither can kids.

Stretch Armstrong toy
Photo by Rick Findler / Shutterstock

Luckily for us, Hasbro announced a comeback of this quirky and entertaining doll in the 2016 New York Toy Fair. Although this is great news, it is even greater news for people who own the old version. Believe it or not, some reports claim the vintage Stretch Armstrong doll was sold for $10,000 at an auction! Now, who wouldn’t want to stretch a little and get a hold of that one?

Value Really Changed Direction with These Old Instruments

Just because weathervanes are now truly redundant because of mobile weather applications doesn’t mean they’re not worth anything. These instruments once could be found on top of every barn and house to demonstrate in which direction the wind was blowing. They were widely used in the 1900s and were a household staple.

A man fixing the Pegasus Weathervane in London in 1922.
Photo by Associated Newspapers / Shutterstock

Weathervanes from the 19th century are very valuable today and are sold for $5,000 to $7,000 on eBay. Still not impressed? Well, get this: in 2006, a Native American weathervane sold at a Sotheby auction for a whopping $5.84 million! We’re starting to think we should just stow away all our old belongings in the hopes of one day making it big.

Polly Pocket Can Fill Up Your Pocket

In the 1990s, little girls were going crazy over Polly Pocket dolls and accessories. These were high-end toys and were collectibles even then. Today, they are worth a good deal of money at online auctions and sell for thousands along with their accessories.

Polly Pocket dollhouses
Source: Twitter

Polly Pocket and all her accessories are seen as very expensive collector’s items, and the bigger packs cost as much as $1,900. Who knew what this little-girl craze would eventually yield, right? Even Polly Pocket accessories are something of a rare item. An example is a Polly Pocket pencil case, which was sold on eBay for $810 in 2019. By now, you’re probably beginning to see why you should probably give in to your children’s whims and buy them the toys they ask for.

Costume Jewellery Can Be a Real Treasure

Costume jewelry, although outdated, is not ready for retirement just yet. Old gems and costume jewelry can be worth a hefty amount today, so it’s better to get it appraised before putting them away in the ‘out-of-sight-out-of-mind’ box in your attic. They can be real money-makers, and you might just get rich.

Costume jewelry
Source: Pinterest

Elsa Schiaparelli was an Italian fashion designer in the 1920s, and her jewelry sold for $2,000 at auctions. But as the years passed by and the jewelry aged, her items are now worth $5,000 – as was evident by an eBay listing in June 2019. Now, we know what you’re going to say: Who has so much space to store away everything ever owned? But it’s just for a few years, and only for items that have suddenly become hyped-up – they’re the ones most likely to swell in value.

Tiffany Lamps Can Light Up Your Life

Well, here’s something to light up your life and send your money troubles scampering: Tiffany lamps. Yes, we know you, with your modern aesthetic, think they’re ugly and have no place in your contemporary styled home. But these lamps are more than just a piece of decoration; they’re items just waiting to be liquified into cash!

Tiffany lamp
Source: Pinterest

These old lamps that you had probably dismissed as junk are today worth between $4,000 and $1 million! Talk about misjudgment! They are worth a tremendous amount in the market for fine art, antiques, and collectibles, especially if they’re floral and vibrantly colored. In fact, the lamps are so solid in their foundations that they’re worth a ton just for the fittings.

China Sets Are For More Than Just Drinking Tea In

Remember those fancy china sets that your mother simply refused to give away even though they were just sitting in the cabinets and gathering dust? Well, guess what? You can thank her now for her foresightedness. Those china sets that are decades old are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars today.

China set in blue
Source: Twitter

These porcelain antiques were wildly popular in the 1800s, and if your mother had it, it was probably a hand-me-down that is now worth a stupendous amount. These were inspired by China’s blue and white painted ceramics and now sell for up to $5,000 on eBay. Sure glad your mom had the sense to see a treasure when she saw it, aren’t you?

It’s Time to Make Some Money

If cuckoo clocks don’t bring you nostalgic feels or remind you of the Disney classic, Pinocchio, with all of Gepetto’s handmade cuckoo clocks, then guess what? You really don’t know a classic piece when you see one! Cuckoo clocks were a household must-have in Germany in the 1730s but are now only available only on the flea market.

Brown cuckoo clock
Source: Pinterest

These clocks are now worth thousands. In 2019, a cuckoo clock sold on eBay for $2,000. What better way to utilize your time than to sell off all those cuckoo clocks you own and let some lucky buyers wake up to the sweet sound of a bird melody? Yup, collectors are really going to love that wake-up call.

Stamp Collectors Can Now Rejoice

Stamps may seem to be insignificant, but for stamp collectors, they signify a whole era and culture. It used to be quite a fad to collect stamps at one point, and today, those collections are worth thousands of dollars, with some collectors being highly interested in collecting rare and limited-edition stamps.

Old stamps
Source: Twitter

In August 2019, vintage stamp sets sold for nearly $90,000 on eBay! Can you believe it? For stamp collectors, these small pieces of paper are not just that; they are pieces of history. And while the rest of us may not understand this appeal, a historian (a.k.a stamp collector) will know the significance of each stamp.

Rock All Your Money Troubles Away

Remember that old rocking chair your grandfather used to sit in on the porch in the evenings? Yes, the one you thought was too old-fashioned to have on display and would be better off stowed away in the attic? Well, here’s the good news: they’ve made a comeback. Not in terms of being fashionable again, but they’ve come back as a collector’s item.

Rocking chair
Source: Pinterest

These sturdy rocking chairs were manufactured in the 1700s and are still standing today. On eBay, even the small children’s rocking chairs from the 1950s to 1970s sell for more than $5,000! And if you own an antique rocking chair, well, you can celebrate twice because it means a windfall for you.

Boom Boxes Can Bring a Big Boom in your Life

Boomboxes have become the fossils of the music world now, but there is a great demand for these retro items from hipsters. These boomboxes from the 1980s surpass even compact tapes and CD players, so if you think you’ve got an old boom box stowed away somewhere, now is a good time to bring it out.

Source: Pinterest

On eBay, these boomboxes are listed (and sold) for a pretty huge amount. In August 2019, eBay seller “a.redchenko70” sold a Sharp GF-999 boom box for $3,000 and another seller “astronette-8” sold a 1988 VTG 2 LasonicTRC-975 Ghetto Blaster for $8,250! And they’re not that old, these boomboxes. You might find one boxed up in your attic.

Trunks – or Vintage Treasures?

Who doesn’t have some old junk stored away in the attic or garage in big, heavy trunks? Well, guess what? That old trunk full of junk is now worth quite a bit, especially if it’s a vintage piece. You may have thought of getting rid of the junk (and the trunk) at some point, but we suggest you wait and get your trunk evaluated.

Vintage trunk
Source: Twitter

Martha Dixey says that the 1870s trunks are now worth around $700. Why? Because they were made sturdy and able to withstand wear-and-tear when the folks of that time traveled in wagons on a bumpy road. Even better, Eric Silver, the antique roadshow evaluator, says that if you have a luxury French fashion house trunk like Louis Vuitton, you might be sitting on thousands of dollars.

Writing Always Pays Off in More Ways Than You Imagined

One of the most recognized artifacts of the recent past are typewriters, which, even though they are not very useful today with the advent of other technology, are still considered very valuable by some people because they represent an era. If you own one of these relics, it was probably passed down to you, and you could sell it for quite a bit of cash.

Teal typewriter
Source: Pinterest

According to Branford House, a Hooven Automatic typewriter sold in 2018 for an astounding amount of $7,500. And some other versions, such as the Malling-Hansen Writing Ball typewriter claim to be worth $100,000 – yes, they’re the Lamborghinis of typewriters, and you better believe it.

Signed Yearbooks Are Worth a Fortune

Yearbooks can sell for a huge amount. Yes, we know what you might be thinking – yearbooks? What’s so special about them? All they represent is embarrassing adolescence, which people would much rather have buried, never to be seen again. And in any case, they’re more of a household item than a treasured antique.

Signed yearbook page
Source: Pinterest

Well, here’s the deal: if you, your parents, or your grandparents have a yearbook of someone who got famous since then, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Who doesn’t want to see the awkward phases of celebrities? A yearbook with a photo of James Dean sold for $10,500 online. And if the yearbook is signed, then all the better.

Superhero Comics Can Bring Some Super Cash

Comics are not just for kids, and as you can tell, they’re still very much in, given the blockbuster after blockbuster that’s being produced on those comic heroes and villains. But that doesn’t mean that old comics have gone down in value. In fact, some really old, vintage comics sell for a hefty amount, so if you’ve got some stashed somewhere, get them appraised now.

Comic books
Source: Pinterest

The price, of course, depends on the date – like any other vintage treasure. But if your vintage comic hero has a superhero movie based on him/her, then your odds of a windfall are even higher. In a 2014 auction, the first comic book of The Incredible Hulk sold for $320,000. If that’s not incredible, we don’t know what is.

The Original Star Wars Toys

Back in the day, when the world was first introduced to Star Wars, no one could have quite fathomed how popular it would become, especially after all the shooting fails that have become something of an inspiration today. But the toys that were produced to go with the original Star Wars trilogy are now worth a sum.

Star Wars figures
Source: Pinterest

As its popularity increased, the Star Wars memorabilia was immense. An original Luke Skywalker toy is quite a star today and valued at $25,000! Even the original Falcon Millenium Ship is worth $3,000. We have to say we suspect the Harry Potter franchise is going to be worth something in the near future, so hold on to what you have of it.

Air Jordans Can Bring You So Much Satisfaction

Air Jordans certainly bring back some old-school feels. If you owned a pair, then you were definitely the coolest kid on the block. They bring some nostalgia with them, and those retro vibes. Even if you thought they’re just memorabilia now, it’s time to brush off those dust bunnies and bring them down from the shelf because these babies are ready to make you some money.

Black, red, and white Air Jordans
Source: Pinterest

One pair of Jordan 11s with Derek Jeter’s styling sold online for $18,257. Some more valuable pairs sell for as much as $20,000, and if you’ve got a pair, you can thank Michael Jordan for that. So get cleaning and marketing your Air Jordans because there is a whole horde of buyers waiting for your pair.

Hello? Yes, We Would Like to Sell Cell Phones

With so many new models coming out every year, cell phones quickly go out of fashion, and to spot a true gem amongst that pile is going to take a bit of searching and a good eye for cell phones. Not all old cell phones are valuable, but some are true antiques and would sell for hundreds of dollars.

Row of old cell phones
Source: Twitter

A cell phone from the dinosaur age of cell phones would really fetch a price. In 2014, a DynaTAC 8000X from 1983 sold at an auction for $550. At that price, you can get the new and unused iPhone version, so it’s a good way to get a new phone – just trade in the (really) old one.

Is That the Music of Money I Hear?

Was your grandpa an old music hippie? Maybe he owned a guitar and used to jam to the tune? If that is the case, then you might want to ask him if he has an antique guitar packed up somewhere and whether he’s willing to part with it for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Person playing guitar
Source: Twitter

While guitars from the 1960s do sell for quite a bit at auctions, the guitars from the ’50s are where the real money’s at. In 2014, a Gibson ES-175 was valued at $5,500, and if you think that’s a lot, get a hold of this next one. The 1953 Fender guitar is worth a mind-blowing $10,000!

Happily Making Money

We know we all wanted to collect the set of Happy Meal toys by McDonald’s. Oh, how our eyes used to shine as we peeked into our meal box to see what treasure we had gotten. And a treasure is exactly what it is today. Those miniatures are selling for hundreds online today.

Happy Meal toys
Source: Pinterest

You think we must be kidding, but we kid you not—these seemingly common household items which the collector views as uncommon can be sold for up to $500. A gadget from 1995 could sell for $350, while Potato Head figurines can be sold for $100 each. Who knew, right? We think we had a tad fewer Happy Meals in our childhood than we should have had.

Flip Clock Radios Can Be Real Life-Turners

Remember those flip clock radios in which the numbers would flip to tell the time? Yes, you probably have seen it in movies from the ’80s even if you don’t own one yourself. So how much do they value for now? The truth is a few hundreds of dollars.

Flip clock radio
Source: Twitter

So, if you have one lying around and collecting dust, put it to good use and make some money. The vintage flip clock by Panasonic was listed on eBay for $300. Wait, really? That’s a pretty decent amount to be made off of an old clock! So the burning question is: do you have one at home or do you not?

Let’s Pop a Soda Together

What’s so special about a soda crate, you ask? Well, these are not the soda crates of today, so they’re pretty darn special. A soda crate from the 1900s made by a reputable brand or company can sell for some big bucks. And if you’re lucky enough to have a grandparent who refuses to throw things out, you might find a few of these in your basement.

Old soda crate
Source: Pinterest

Wooden soda crates made by renowned brands can sell for much more than you ever thought they were worth. Coca Cola soda crates tend to sell well, and a yellow wooden crate from 1948 was listed on eBay for $199. Yes, a wooden crate sold for that much. Consider us shook.

Retro Lunch Boxes Worth An Arm and a Leg

Taking your own lunch pretty much puts you in the loser category at school. But not if you own one of these bad boys. These lunch boxes were something of an enigma in their heyday, and today, they sell for quite a bit, which means that they have a higher resale value. If you’ve got a lunch box with a cartoon character or celebrity on it, then it’s time to visit the collector.

Blue Beatles lunch box
Source: eBay

The vintage Bonanza lunch box by Aladdin Industries IN sold for $130 and even a Beatles lunch box in a pretty poor condition sold for $400. For what? The popularity of the characters and its vintage nature. People are willing to pay a lot for items connected to their favorite singers or bands, and you can cash in on that craze.

Instagram Got Nothing on These Polaroid Cameras

If you’ve noticed, the Instagram logo is a Polaroid camera. For an app that’s all about pictures, it makes perfect sense. But those pictures are not taken with a Polaroid camera, not when you have a perfectly good phone that can take professional photographs. But for photography enthusiasts, it makes sense to have all the equipment, even old and non-functional Polaroid cameras.

An ad for the Polaroid camera in 1968 with kids crowded around a guy with printed photos
Photo by Granger / Shutterstock

Polaroid cameras have made a comeback – big time. They print out your photo on the spot and also make it look like you’ve applied an Instagram filter. Older and more vintage Polaroids sell for more money. A 1960s Polaroid 120 sold for $430, even non-functional cameras sell for more or less the same amount.

Let’s Get Drunk On Money

Beer cans are worth up to a thousand dollars – yes, you read that right. Depending on the date and condition of the beer can, it can bring in up to $1,000 for you even though it looks like a pretty much useless item. And who knows, some of the cans today may prove to be valuable years later, so keep an eye out for the special ones.

Stack of beer cans
Source: Pinterest

Jeff Lebo collected cans for years and stored them in his vacation house in York Haven, Penn. He is going to convert that resort into an eco-resort, and the cans he stored are now worth a total of $1.6 million. That’s 87,000 cans! Remember: any beer can that was manufactured in America between 1935 and 1941 could be worth a fortune.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

To save themselves the hassle of having to buy Christmas ornaments every year, many people save up their ornaments for years and even generations. These are then brought out every holiday season and hung up, and children are told stories of how each ornament came to be in the family’s possession.

Christmas orbs
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If you’ve got a box somewhere labeled “Christmas ornaments,” then it might be worth it to go and have a look inside for any special pieces. You might come across some true collectibles that would sell for a huge sum. For example, a blown-glass ornament from the 1880s in the shape of a grape cluster can sell for up to $1,000.

Mason Jars Can Store More Than Just Food

Mason jars are now considered a fashionable replacement for mugs and cups, especially for pretty-looking drinks that are Insta-worthy. But mason jars weren’t always a style piece; they were, in fact, very common and practical. In the late 19th and beginning of the 20th century, mason jars were used to store perishable items like fruits because refrigerators had not been invented yet.

Mason jars with food inside
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Some jars made between the 1840s and 1920s by popular brands (such as Cork-Top Jar, Upside Down, Lightning Jar by Ball, E-Z Seal by Atlas, Beaver Jar, and Self-Sealing Jar by Kerr) are well worth the money now. If you come across any old mason jars in your cupboards, don’t throw them away just yet. Have them appraised and you’ll be surprised how much money they can make you.

Who Would’ve Thought – Cereal Boxes?

Well, mason jars are one thing. But cereal boxes? Who would pay for one of those? It turns out, many people. Unopened cereal boxes in good condition can be worth up to $1,000! That’s not a “cereal” killer, that’s a killer cereal. It’s very unlikely that you have one of these, but if you do, you’re in for some money.

Old cereal box covers
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Surprisingly, it’s not just the really vintage boxes that sell for a lot, and even the 2009 Sugar Pops box can sell for a few hundred. And if you’re really lucky and find an unopened Nabisco Shredded Wheat from $1,966 in your cellar, you can sell it for $1,002. Yeah, we just threw in the extra $2 to appreciate you saving it up for so many years.

VHS Tapes are a Collector’s Dream

If you don’t know what a VHS tape is, then you’re probably too young. VHS tapes were quite a collectible back in the day, and people who had a VCR (you probably won’t know what that is, either) bought a whole lot to have variety. Some popular VHS tapes sell for as much as $1,500, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are worth something.

VHS tape close-up
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The Black Diamond Disney VHS tapes are so far the most popular and are sold for a huge amount on eBay. You can find more vintage tapes like these on eBay, such as the Aladdin tape and a sealed Beauty & the Beast tape. Even VHS tapes in decent condition are bought by enthusiasts for a lot. We are starting to think that we shouldn’t underestimate children’s obsessions.

Vintage Handbags Can Carry Money and Are Money

Handbags, even today, sell for a fortune, especially if they’re made by high-end brands. But vintage bags are also a thing, and many people collect them as a hobby. While branded handbags can sell for around $2,000 today, vintage handbags are just as valuable, if not more. Who knew their grandmother’s old handbags would fetch such a price?

Vintage handbags
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If you have a closet full of old handbags from good brands that you don’t know what to do with, you can sell them online for a good price. A vintage Chanel handbag can be sold for around $3,000 online. And even if they’re not in a very good condition, they can still be worth up to $400!

Say It With a Postcard

Postcards are often sold at auctions by the box, and it’s no wonder. Some Christmas postcards can prove to be very valuable, and there are collectors out there who actively scout for them. As a rule, the older the postcard, the more it sells for. One vintage postcard can sell for an amount between $10 and $50.

Black and white postcard
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And if they’re signed by a famous personality, then they can rake in thousands. For example, postcards signed by Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the Prince and Princess of Wales, were sold for $4,400 at an auction. And you’ll be surprised at how much other signed postcards can bring in. So if you’ve got one signed by a celebrity, consider yourself lucky in the financial department.

David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” Vinyl

David Bowie’s controversial “Diamond Dogs” vinyl was banned when it first came out because it was a bit too much for the people at that time. It showed David Bowie on the cover with his lower body replaced by dog parts. But today, fans are dying to get their hands on it, so if you’ve got one hidden away somewhere from years ago, you’ve struck gold.

David Bowie album cover
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This limited-edition vinyl cover can sell for anything between $2,500 to $7,500! Talk about Wowza! With such depictions no longer as controversial today as they once were, Bowie can make a comeback. And a very valuable comeback, at that. So start digging in your attics and cellars, especially if your ancestors were music junkies.

We Always Knew Levi’s Had What It Takes

Levi’s clothing has been loved from the beginning, and if you want a pair of jeans, it has to be Levi’s. Many people have a craze and want to own as many of the brand’s clothes as possible, so when it comes to vintage clothing, they are willing to cough up a lot of cash. Any pair of jeans manufactured before 1980 is considered vintage, and that’s where the money’s at for you if you own a pair.

Two men surrounded by Levi's jeans
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Imagine the excitement when vintage Levi’s 501s were put up for sale. They had been out of production for so long but were the most popular Levi’s jeans ever produced. So much so that a pair of Levi’s Anniversary Jeans sold online for a staggering $8,000!

Testing, 1, 2, 3… Money

Old gadgets and their accessories generally bring in a lot of money at resale value. Some vintage microphones can sell for so much as $10,000, and we’re not kidding. While they may not be functional anymore, they hold value as a symbol of the music industry’s history, and that’s wherein the money lies.

vintage microphones
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Even though they’re not as common as one might think, you may just find a couple lying around, so take a look. The most sought-after vintage microphones are the Neumann U-47 microphones from the 1940s. They’re worth tens of thousands of dollars and even simple old mics which aren’t vintage go for $50 to $100 apiece.

Retro Boogie Boards

Have you ever seen the boogie boards carried around by kids at the beach? Well, retro boogie boards were once used for surfing by professional surfers and are now worth quite a lot. They used to be quite popular worldwide, especially in Australia, and are now seen as valuable collector’s items. And they can be worth up to thousands of dollars.

Three boogie boards
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An anonymous boogie board collector from Australia recently listed his entire boogie board collection for sale for $7,400. Given that it contains 37 retro boogie boards, it’s a pretty good deal! Be warned, however, that not all old boogie boards are collectibles, so don’t haggle with people by trying to sell them a boogie board that’s not vintage.

The Original Cracker Jack Baseball Poster

Have you ever heard of Cracker Jack? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, you’ll be sure to commit his name to memory now once we tell you that he can bring you into some serious money. There are so many people who are willing to pay up a fortune just to get their hands on a Cracker Jack baseball poster.

Cracker Jack poster
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When a Wisconsin police officer found a Cracker Jack poster in his barn, he didn’t think much of it until he found out that he could turn it into an opportunity. The poster was printed in 1915 and was now worth over $50,000! In fact, the Mile High Company sold it for $61,000.

Barbie Dolls are Not Just for Little Girls

Remember the Barbie doll craze? Little girls all over the world were busy selecting and collecting these dolls and all their accessories. While it may have seemed highly unlikely at the time for these dolls to be worth so much, some special edition Barbies actually sell for thousands of dollars.

Barbie doll collector
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A Midnight Tuxedo Barbie can sell for $1,000 while the Blonde Barbie of 1959 can go up to a stupendous $23,999! The picture above shows Bettina Dorfman, an avid Barbie collector, who won the Guinness World Record for owning 17,000 Barbie dolls. That means her entire collection is worth $220,000! She could buy a house by just paying in Barbie dolls.

This Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is Magical

The Harry Potter franchise is worth billions in itself. Many people own the book “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” but little do they know that one of the first editions of its counterpart, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” has one unique detail which shot its price up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book cover
Source: eBay

This 1997 edition credits Joanne Rowling instead of JK Rowling. That detail in itself makes it a collectible for Potterheads. The book can be priced anywhere between $40,000 to $55,000! You may want to check your bookshelf, and if your book reads “1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1” in the print line, then you can rejoice!

Vintage Advertising Signs Can Bring in Thousands

What we now know as billboards were once known as signs. In fact, many oldies still call them advertising signs. These boards were put up alongside roads and outside shops to encourage people to purchase something. The art style is very retro, and these signs are now worth over $100,000!

Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper vintage signs
Photo by Everett Collection / Shutterstock

An AAA Root Beer sign was sold on eBay for $1,200 while an old Coca Cola sign sold for a staggering $117,000! If you have any of these vintage signs lying around, we suggest you think twice before doing away with them. An appraisal will tell you whether it’s worth something or not – and we strongly believe the answer would be ‘yes.’

Today’s Cosmo Has Got Nothing on These Vintage Versions

Generally, we would say hoarders have a vice, and we discourage any sort of collection of old items. Still, in this case, we’d have to say ‘well done!’ because not only did hoarders turn out to be the real winners, they showed a foresightedness that earned them some serious dough.

Old Cosmopolitan magazine
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The regular copies of old magazines don’t make much (around $20 to $30), but the rare editions can be sold for up to $150,000. A copy of Beeton’s Christmas Annual 1887 was sold for $156,000 in 2007. These magazines are worth a fortune, especially to designers who use them as inspiration for styles and trends. And there are many other magazine genres that collectors are dying to get a hold of, so check your attics!

Vintage Apple Computers Can Really Make Some Cash

Apple products are generally very coveted, and all the more so if they’re vintage. Old Apple computers are a true collector’s item and represent the era of innovation and change. So it’s no surprise that Apple enthusiasts would happily hand over thousands of dollars just to own one of those.

Vintage Apple computer
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The Apple computer was built successfully and sold between 1977 and 1993. As a computer dinosaur, and almost just as rare, the Apple computer is a rare artifact. In fact, one woman donated a legendary Apple I computer to Silicon Valley. Little did she know that it was worth over $200,000! We think you should save all the Apple products and chargers from now on and wait for them to become digital fossils.

Auto Parts or Automatic Money?

It’s not just the whole car which is worth a lot; even car parts sell for huge sums of money if they’re in good enough condition. If you have an old, vintage car in your garage which is rusting its life away, you may want to check it for parts. Some car parts are worth big money.

An old auto store from the 1920s
Photo by Our-Planet Berlin / imageBROKER / Shutterstock

Vehicle restoration is a hobby for many people and even some companies. Many people love spending on car parts and hood ornaments. Even a simple hood ornament can go for as much as $20, and you’re lucky if you own a rare piece. The diamond-encrusted Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy is the most expensive hood ornament in the world and estimated at $200,000.

Action Comics No. 1

Comic book enthusiasts would tell you how eager they can get to get their hands on a limited-edition copy of a particular comic. Now ask what they would do if that limited-edition was also vintage? Why, sell a kidney, of course! Comics in good condition can go from $200,000 to $1 million in resale value. You might just be sitting on a fortune like David Gonzales and not even know it.

Superhero comic books
Source: YouTube

David Gonzales found one of the most valuable comic book editions ever – and he wasn’t even looking for it! While renovating a house in Elbow Lake, he found a copy of Action Comics No. 1, which featured Superman’s debut. It was being used as insulation in the walls! The cover was detached, which brought its price down to $175,000. But a nearly mint copy can sell for over $2 million, as it did in 2011.

Fender & Gibson Guitars Are Music to a Collector’s Ears

Fender & Gibson guitars are one of the most valuable items on this list. If you had one when you were growing up, then we sure hope you kept it because it’s worth a humongous amount now. Fender and Gibson is a popular guitar brand, and their old models sell for quite a lot.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This very popular old collectible brings back the nostalgia of the ’50s and can bring you way more money than you can imagine. The John Lennon’s Gibson J-160 Acoustic-Electric guitar was sold in 2014 for – guess how much? $2,266,970! So, if you’re a Fender and Gibson vintage guitar owner, this would be music to your ears.

Mechanical Piggy Banks Are Money Themselves

Piggy banks are used to store money, but the piggy banks we’re talking about will make you a whole ton more even if they’re empty. You might want to look through your grandmother’s things to see if you come across one with certain mechanical features. If you do, then prepare yourself for a windfall.

Old piggy bank circa 1860
Photo by Geffrye Museum / Shutterstock

Some really old piggy banks come with a mechanical feature that the Mechanical Bank Collectors of America really value. They have been on the lookout for these appliances since 1958, and you can be sure that they’ll pay a good sum for it. Say, $2,500. That’s a really good deal for an old coin bank that you’ve never planned on using.

Books from the Start of Time

If you’re a bookworm by blood, you are in for a surprise. Some old books really fetch a good value, and if you browse through your grandparents’ bookshelves, you can find some real literary treasures. Books from the start of time are worth thousands and can make you some good money.

'The Origin of Species' by Charles Darwin first edition
Photo by Geoff Moore / Shutterstock

An old first edition book can be worth $15,000 or more if it’s really famous and in good condition. We suggest taking your grandparents’ permission and then perusing through their bookshelves to see what books can make you a fortune. You can use Biblio to find out how much cash you would be able to earn. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: it pays to be well-read.

Artful Costume Jewellery – Worth Thousands

Diamonds and gold are not the only treasures, as you may have well realized by now. A lot of costume jewelry can help you earn some decent cash and can be valued at up to $2,000. Costume jewelry from the 1920s is especially considered a treasure, and you will be happy to know that your grandma’s old jewelry qualifies, too.

Costume jewelry
Photo by Marvpix / Shutterstock

Costume jewelry from really old, really famous designers such as Elsa Schiaparelli, Jean Clément, Jean Schlumberger, Coppolo e Toppo, Salvadore Dali, and Roger Jean-Pierre is considered the treasure of treasures by collectors. Special auctions are held just for these pieces, and you can find some really rare pieces in there.

Vintage Guitars and Other Musical Instruments

It’s easy as pie to find some good, solid musical instruments in your attic if you hail from a family of musically-inclined people. You will probably know what ukuleles are by the age of 5, and be able to play the guitar with your eyes closed by the time you’re 7. And if you happen to find a Gibson guitar from more than 100 years ago, you’re in for $33,000.

National Resonator Martin Mandolin and Modified 1959 Fender Esquire Electric Guitar
Photo by Joby Sessions / Future Publishing / Shutterstock

Even if you don’t want to put up your family Martin guitar (passed down from the 1800s for generations) for sale, it might be a good idea to still have it appraised because it could totally change your life if you ever do decide to sell it.

The Silver Lining in Vintage Silverware

It’s not just antique china sets that can make good cash; other kitchen items can sell for a good price, too. It’s a characteristically female hobby to collect silverware upon silverware, no matter how much the men grumble about the space and money. But now, everyone can look at them in a new light because silverware collectors are back in town and they’re willing to pay for good, complete sets of cutlery.

Antique silverware set
Photo by Granger / Shutterstock

If you have a complete Sterling silverware set passed down to you by your grandmother, you are very, very lucky. That set is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on its condition, and you can silently thank your ancestor’s good sense later – after you’ve counted all the cash.

These Home Tools Will Fix You Right Up

If your dad is also a repair-guy kind of person, he probably has one or more tool kits in the shed, and it might be time to pay that toolshed a visit. You will be surprised to learn how much worth some of those items hold. Just ask an evaluator – he’ll be happy to let you know all the deets.

Old garden tools
Photo by Manfred Bail / imageBROKER / Shutterstock

If you’re still not convinced, you can visit an online evaluator or two. Online price guides and applications will tell you that your dad’s tools really are valuable, even if you think nothing of them. The prices of some of those old tools can reach up to $3,000! Never imagined that, did ya?

All-Time Favourite Advertisements

Some things are timeless and leave such a big impact on people that they’re referred to, even decades later, as classics. And this includes not just movie dialogues but advertisements, too! Some companies really touched the hearts of the audience with their truly gripping ads.

Pepsi Cola ad
Source: eBay

These vintage brands really shook the world with their unique ads – including gasoline companies, soda brands, and bakeries. If you managed to save an ad from your childhood, you could expect to be properly rewarded for it. And if it’s a Coca Cola ad that you have on you, you can be paid up to a life-changing $15,000! Can we just take a moment to say, wow?

Unforgettable Football Programs Can Earn a Fortune

Some games are spectacular, some are game-changers, and some deserve a place on the wall as the most remarkable games of all time. That is why, even years later, the memorabilia for such unforgettable games is still selling for thousands and has only increased in value. If you have something from a historic game, you can cash it now.

Football programs
Source: Pinterest

The very first Harvard vs. Yale game memorabilia was pretty tough to find. But unfortunately, the condition of the items was not good enough to fetch the price it should have for such a historic game. Marsha Dixey from Heritage Auctions said, “Of your three programs, the 1897 item is the rarest but also in poor condition.” However, the good news is that since 1899 and 1909 counterparts were in mint condition, all three sold for $700.

Dollhouses That are Worth Thousands

Don’t all little girls love playing with dolls and dollhouses? And your grandmother was once a little girl, too. And if she had one of the Tudor dollhouses, then you probably inherited it as a little girl, and now you’re in quite a bit of luck because that dollhouse is worth $2,000.

Tudor dollhouse
Source: Pinterest

The Tudor dollhouse was not just any dollhouse. It was (and is) 6 feet wide and was created by a British toymaker company called Line Bros. This spectacular dollhouse was built with the help of engineers and carpenters to make it as real as could be for a dollhouse. It had floral wallpapers, glass windows, and all the other bells and whistles. No wonder it sells for so much now.

The Ever-Useful Record Players

Jim Griffith of eBay called this record player a treasure – and a treasure it was! “This RCA Vitor Slide-O-Matic record player is somewhat rare. This particular model dated back to the 1950s and made listening to a stack of 45s—the only kind of record it plays—pretty labor-intensive,” he said.

Red record player
Source: Pinterest

This item went a little down in value when a newer version in which the AM radio and record player came in one was discovered. But that’s not to say collectors won’t pay for it because it is still worth at least $130 if it’s in good condition. So if you find one in your attic, please run along to the auction market – but that’s just our opinion. You can wait a few more years to see if its value goes up again.

Classy Vintage Luggage Sets Never Go Out of Style

Traveling became a trend back in the 1950s when people had the option to choose between a cruise by sea, train ride, or traveling by air. This new lifestyle came with its own occupational hazard – the increased sale of luggage sets. Of course, you can’t travel around the world without your own luggage, now can you?

Green luggage set
Source: Pinterest

The picture shows a really lovely green marbled luggage set, and Helaine Fendelman says about it, “Made by Towncraft, a J.C. Penney house brand, this set copies a Samsonite design, which was then one of the leaders of the industry.” This particular set was sold for $175, and it looks too precious to actually use.

Of Belly Board and Other Money-Makers

One of the first sports to ever have existed is believed to be belly boarding. And of course, if you have to bellyboard, you need a board (not to mention belly, but that kind of goes without saying). This variant of surfing actually originated in Hawaii and the Polynesian Islands.

A red bellyboard
Source: Twitter

This red belly board is from the 1960s and was invented by the same person who introduced Uggs to the world. Coincidence? We think not. They’re both pretty genius products. Shane Stedman was also connected with the production of this bellyboard, and according to Martha Dixey, that makes the board pretty valuable. It costs around $500 today and is one of the coolest things you can own.

The Upside-Down Ball Mason Jar

Even today, these upside-down Ball mason jars are coveted as a novelty. Since so few of them were produced at the time, very few people managed to get their hands on them, so they have racked up quite a value for themselves over the years. If you’ve got one, you can check its condition and list it for sale. It’s going to be a real price-fetcher.

Upside-down purple Ball mason jar
Source: Imgur

These jars were made in the 1850s by John Landis Mason (hence the name ‘mason jars’) and are estimated to be worth up to $1,000 today. They’re really quite vintage, very exquisite, and were issued only from 1900 to 1910, so it’s no wonder they can cost so much now.

This Milk Glass Banana Stand is Your Lucky Charm

The Victorians really were bananas about art, style, and practicality. This Victorian piece looks strange, but it’s actually a stand to hold your bananas. The Milk Glass Banana stand is a dish that goes back from the 1950s and has been replicated many times today.

White milk glass banana stand with flowers in it
Source: Imgur

Even though it was meant to hold bananas, many people today have found it to be a very convenient stand to hold flowers. A reproduced version of this piece can cost $45, but an original from the 1900s can cost up to $100. We certainly didn’t know that a dish made to hold bananas could be worth that much. But clearly, there are collectors for everything.

A Cast-Iron Mailbox is a Cast-Iron Way to Earn

Cast-iron mailboxes produced by Griswold back in 1910 are a collector’s dream. Even though Griswold used to make cookware between 1865 and 1957, it’s the cast-iron mailbox which rose to coveted fame simply because it was made of cast-iron.

Green iron mailbox
Source: Pinterest

This mailbox is known as No. 3, and even though it may be painted over, it can still sell for up to $125. An original, unpainted one can go up to as much as $350. Imagine! That much for a simple little mailbox is madness, but then again, all collectors are a little bit mad – mad about collectibles. If you have one of these, you can sell it for some decent cash.

This Round Jug is Just Pitcher Perfect!

A lot of kitchen items have made their debut in the world of vintage treasures. This really cute round jug was produced as a limited edition in the 1940s, a time when a lot of other kitchenware that is now very valuable was also being produced. And this jug is no different – you know you have to have it as soon as you set your eyes on it.

Round pitcher
Source: Pinterest

Anchor Hocking was the one who introduced the world to these cute pitchers, and they became an immediate trend. With its delightful jade color, even a damaged piece can bring in $150. These delicate items are very prone to cracks, and collectors know it. However, if you have one in a perfectly good condition, that’s an immediate $400.

Do You Own a Violet Columbia Mason Jar?

Mason jars have made a comeback today after so many years. Even when they were first produced, these jars hit all the right notes in people’s hearts, and everyone had to have one in their kitchen. In the early 1900s, people discovered something unexpected: the jars turned purple when exposed to the sun.

Violet mason jars
Source: Pinterest

The magnesium content in the glass caused it to turn purple, and people loved this phenomenon so much that the company purposely started selling purple jars in the 1950s. This was obviously a fad, and if you happen to have one today, it can sell for all of $400. So go on, have a look in your attic.

The Timeless Sheet Music Cabinet

Music has always been life, and it’s no wonder so many music-related items have become collectibles today. This music sheet cabinet from the 19th century is from England, according to appraiser Helaine Fendelman, and has a very Classical Revival style.

Sheet music cabinet
Source: Pinterest

Fendelman says, “The upper shelves and vertical separations enclosed by the door originally held sheet music organized by category, size, or type.” The price of this seemingly simple and worn-out item is $2,500, and that’s a lot more than what it looks like. So before you throw anything like this away, make sure you get it appraised. Who knows what kind of treasures we may be ignoring right under our noses.

The Rocking Chair of Cash-ville

Good old rocking chairs – even if they’re not proper antiques – are worth a fair amount these days. If you know your grandma has one, ask her if she can spare it for you. A rocking chair in good condition can sell for up to $200, and that’s a fair amount for something so seemingly unremarkable.

Wooden rocking chair

Martha Dixey from Heritage Auction says, “Whether you call this chair Arts and Crafts, Mission, or Craftsman, it’s really cute. However, I don’t believe Stickley made chairs with the type of design features—the cutouts, for instance—of your rocker, so I wouldn’t expect there to be a maker mark embossed in the wood.” For items like these, only a certain uniqueness and good quality matter.

A Classic Lounge Chair

When Milo Baughman meets Thayer Coggin, modern design meets furniture-making, what do you get? Striking furniture! Baughman was known as the pioneer of modern design, and Coggin was a furniture-maker in the 1950s from North Carolina. Most of Baughman’s work was very artistic, and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art also displayed his pieces.

Lounge chair in green leather
Source: Pinterest

Antique expert Helaine Fendelman is of the opinion that Milo Baughman’s work was the inspiration for a lot of the modern classic furniture we even find today. And if you are in possession of an authentic furniture set like this, you can make an easy $1,500. It’s astonishing to think of the value some of these things can go up to.

Durable Dining Chairs from the 1900s

Most wood and wood items of today tend to wear out and disintegrate. But wood that stands the test of time and holds its own is naturally considered excellent quality. That is why dining chairs from the 1900s are now a collector’s item because of their durability and unique twisted-legs design. If you have a set in your ancestral family home, you can expect a payout of $600 per set.

Dining chair with twist legs
Source: Pinterest

These Gothic-inspired dining chairs are carved out of English oak and have seats made out of the finest leather. The barley twist legs are the feature that sets these apart from other chairs of roughly the same era. Marsha Dixey of Heritage Auctions says that these signify a Gothic Revival design. The cost per chair set depends on the condition, as is with all other antique artifacts.

The Pearl and Cameo Bracelet of Yore

If you’ve watched old Victorian and Elizabethan documentaries, you will notice that mourning ladies often wear a signature necklace of pearl strands and a cameo piece with their black dresses. This was an iconic trend back in the 19th century, which enabled these ladies to serve up style with a sentiment.

Pearl and cameo bracelet
Source: Pinterest

Jill Bergum says that these carved pieces are actually from the Victorian era. The bracelet in the picture above may have actually been two necklaces but was later turned into one bracelet with two carved caneo pieces. It certainly is a posh piece of jewelry and almost timeless in its elegance. If you’ve got one of these chic pieces of jewelry, we should tell you that these babies sell.

Authentic Sterling Silver Belt Buckle

Intricate metal pieces from the 1900s are a great way to make some money. And it’s not just wood and metal that endures. Leather belts like the one in the picture can also prove to be quite durable. Marsha Dixey says that this belt is from the 1990s and original leather.

Leather belt with silver buckle
Source: Imgur

The outstanding detail about this belt is its Sterling silver buckle, made by a famous silversmith, “R. Schaezlein and Son,” founded in 1882 in San Francisco. This original creation can be worth quite a lot of money, and if you rummage through your grandfather’s old stuff, you might just be in for $500. So hurry up to the attic and have a look!

Stetson Hats – Practical Accessory or Fashion Statement?

These Stetson hats were all the rage in the 1960s but were actually first introduced by John Batterson Stetson in 1865 as practical hats for cowboys. The hat just became really popular, and all gentlemen in the 1900s wanted to look dapper in a Stetson cowboy hat. But there was an actual technicality behind the design.

A well-used Stetson hat circa 1950
Source: Bill Manns / Shutterstock

Appraiser Helaine Fendelman says that the hat was designed to shade the eyes and neck of the wearer. More so, when the hat is turned upside-down, it becomes a water holder for both man and horse. If your grandpa had one, and it’s in good condition and original packaging, you can get around $175 for it. Pretty neat, huh?

Yo-Yo Quilts Will Keep You Warm – in the Hopes of Money

The Yo-Yo quilt became very famous because of the toy by the same name that became very popular in the 1930s and 1940s – and it’s still considered a pretty good game for kids today. The quilt is made of individual cotton circles (called yo-yos) hand-sewn together to make a quilt.

Yo-yo quilt
Source: Pinterest

The yo-yo toy is thought to have originally been invented in the Philippines. Still, when an American bought the toy company, the craze crossed over to America, bringing this quilt into existence. Marsha Bemko of Antiques Roadshow says, “Hundreds of cotton circles were cut and hand-sewn together to make this coverlet.” If you have one of these, it’s an extra $275 in your wallet.

This Eternity Cup is Synonymous with Money

These cups are used for sharing drinks by two different parties. They symbolized coming together and were typically used at banquets and weddings to serve (and share) celebratory drinks. Such traditions are very common even today in many cultures in various forms – such as drinking from the same cup at weddings is a custom amongst the Indians.

Eternity cup with horn handles
Source: Pinterest

This particular cup was crafted by Peter L. Krider, a Philadelphian silversmith, in 1899. Krider worked for several companies such as Crump & Low and also Shreve. Appraiser Helaine Fendelman says that this cup’s signature handles made from horns signified the end of the hunting era. It’s worth can go up to $700, so if you find one in your attic, you can make some good money out of it.

From Rugs to Riches

Yankees enterprising also formed a sewing industry in the 17th century, which became an expert in turning fabric scraps into rugs. And no one could have known at the time, but these authentic rugs are now worth quite a lot. And they very quickly evolved into the hand-hooked versions that were found later as well.

Orange rug
Source: Twitter

According to Helaine Fendelman, these hand-hooked wool runner versions also found in the early 20th century were actually descended from those original Yankee versions in New England. If you happen to have one (or more) which you dismissed as mere rugs, think again! They can make you up to $750 today! That’s what we call a real case of underestimation.

DIY Milk Glass Easter Eggs

DIY is not just a recent fad. Even in Victorian times, these glass milk Easter eggs were sold as plain pieces that the Victorian ladies then handpainted in whatever way they liked. Even though they seem kind of unremarkable, you will now no longer be surprised to know that they sell for quite a lot per set.

Painted Easter eggs
Source: Pinterest

These hand-blown eggs were personalized with greetings, designs, and prayers. The paint usually washes off over time, but for a set that is in good condition, it can fetch a fair price. Marsha Dixey of Heritage Auctions says that a set of eggs in good condition can sell for $775. A good deal if there ever was one.

The Irresistible ’80s PEZ Dispensers

Who doesn’t love the stick body and cartoon head of PEZ dispensers? These dispensers were first introduced in Vienna, Austria in 1927 by Eduard Haas III as a way of encouraging people to quit smoking! They even had the slogan “Smoking Prohibited, PEZing Allowed.” Crazy, isn’t it?

Old rare PEZ dispensers
Source: Pinterest

These dispensers are still being made today, but the older ones are special in their own right, which is why if you have a few of those, you can make good money off of them. They were introduced in America in 1952, but the strong peppermint taste didn’t appeal much, so new ones were released in different flavors and character heads – and these are the real gold. A 1982 Astronaut B PEZ dispenser was sold on eBay for $32,000!

First Edition Pound Puppies Plush

The very first Pound Puppies Plush was released in 1984 by the Tonka Company. It was invented by Michael Bowling and had already inspired two animated TV series, a film, and an animated TV Special. So it’s not surprising to say that it generated over $300 million across 35 countries in just a short five years of its release.

Brown Pound Puppy plush
Source: Pinterest

These first edition Pound Puppies actually go for a whopping $5,000 each! So if you have one in your storage, time to bring it out and dust off the cobwebs because it is going to bring you a windfall. And if you’re looking for one for your kid, let us just laugh ironically and pat you on the back in consolation.

Garbage Pail Kids Cards are Not Garbage

The Garbage Pail Kids cards would undoubtedly be frowned upon by most parents because of their distasteful sense of humor. But kids love the concept of disgusting, and so do those who are kids at heart. One Garbage Pail Kids card can sell for hundreds, and there are enthusiasts on the lookout for them.

Garbage Pail Kids cards

These cards were released in 1985 by the Topps Company, and each card depicts one character drawn by the acclaimed cartoonist Art Spiegelman. The cards are now worth a whole fortune based on the date of production and condition. One buyer was able to sell a single card on eBay for $300, and another bought a whole set of Series One cards for $4,000!

The Hundred Dollar Original Monopoly

Originally known as the Landlord’s Game, Monopoly is one of the most famous board games ever played. There is a dispute over who actually created the game – Elizabeth Maggie in 1906 or Charles Darrow in 1933? But one thing’s for certain: this is one classic game that has proved itself to be timeless.

An old monopoly board
Photo by Granger / Shutterstock

If you own an original version of the game from the 1900s, you can bet it’s worth a large sum. In 2015, an authentic hand-drawn monopoly from 1933 by Charles Darrow himself sold for – take a guess. $145,500! If you spent your childhood playing that game, you might just have one of the originals, so pay your attic a visit.

Hot Wheels are a Hot Item

The very first Hot Wheels toy car was made by Elliot Handler. When Mattel introduced the line of these iconic die-cast cars in 1968, there were already 4 billion people who got their hands on ’em. The very first production line spawned the Redline series, which is now known as the original Sweet 16.

The Twin Mill, the first version of Hot Wheels which was manufactured, in a life-sized version
Photo by Peter Brooker / Shutterstock

However, not all Hot Wheels cars are worth much today. Some were created only as prototypes, and those are the ones you can bet on. The Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype was released in 1969 and is worth a whopping $125,000 today! We recommend undertaking some digging in the attic or old trunks and keeping an eye out for these bad boys.

The Sega Genesis Console

Fans of video games would know what we’re talking about when we say the Sega Genesis Console is a real treasure today. You may have owned one as a child, and it can bring you a good payout if it’s in good condition. But if you were one of those who threw it away, you just let $2,000 slip out of your hands.

Sega Genesis gaming console
Source: Pinterest

The Sega Genesis Console was the first gaming console that had a 16-bit operating system. Competing with Nintendo at the time must not have been easy, but this console was a favorite amongst many. And today, it can help you in earning thousands of dollars.

The Fisher-Price Push Cart Pete

The Fisher-Price Push Cart Pete is a truly mediocre-looking object. It was released in 1936 as a very inexpensive toy for kids, and many parents would have bought it for 50 cents. Even for such a simple toy, its price today is no joke, and we can only hope you have one stashed away somewhere at the bottom of an old trunk.

Push Cart Pete
Source: Twitter

Push Cart Pete looks really fed up, and it’s no wonder no one really gave him second thought when throwing away old toys. But if you have one today, you’re very, very lucky. This five centavo toy from 1936-1937 can earn you approximately $3,000! Pete’s not looking so fed up now, is he?

The 1982 Iconic Skeletor Action Figure

Darth Vader action figures have nothing on this 1982 Masters of the Universe action figure. The media franchise by Mattel was very popular, and the villain, Skeletor, was made into 5.5-inch action figures. But the smallest of things have the biggest impact, and it’s no different for this miniature toy.

Skeletor figures
Source: Pinterest

Holding the title of “Lord of Destruction,” so many collectors are on the verge of their seats to get their hands on this Skeletor action figure. It sells online for almost $2,000, and if you have one in your possession, you should let the world know and assemble at your feet in the hopes of receiving it.

Light Up Your Wallets with Lite Brite

Lite Brite definitely lit up a lot of children’s lives with this super cool toy. This innovative item was released in 1967 by Hasbro and was an immediate hit with kids at that time. Hasbro used a variety of famous cartoon characters such as Scooby-Doo, My Little Pony, Darth Vader, and Mr. Potato Head to keep kids attracted and wanting the whole set.

Lite Brite toy box
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The Lite Brite set helped kids create their favorite cartoon characters with colorful and glowing pictures. If you happen to have one in your toy box, you need to rummage through your attic right away. Your parents may have paid $20 for a box, but it now has a value of up to $100.

Talk About Coming into Some Cash!

Tape recorders became super popular in the ’90s. However, it wasn’t until Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was released that they became the talk of the town. Did you know that the Talkboy was only a prop in the movie for the main character, Kevin McCalister? And that it was manufactured by Tiger Electronics only until after the movie release due to popular demand?

Source: Twitter

Tiger Electronics manufactured real portable variable-speed cassette players in the shape of the Talkboys used in the 1992 movie. If you still have one in your house somewhere, you can expect an instant $200 with its resale. It just goes to show how fads can turn out to be very valuable.

The Luke Skywalker Action Figure

“May the force be with you,” he said. And we think that by “force,” he meant money – a lot of it. If you happen to have the 1978 edition of Luke Skywalker’s action figure, you may be looking at tens of thousands. Star Wars is one of the most famous sci-fi franchises in history and produced a lot of books, video games, comics, animated shows, and toys.

Luke Skywalker action figure, the only known one with brown hair
Photo by Vectis / Bournemouth News / Shutterstock

Toy collectors and hardcore fans of the Star Wars are quick to collect all Star Wars memorabilia. Although new production has introduced high-tech action figures and lightsabers, many Star Wars fans are still in search of the very first toy releases of the massive franchise. One collector heard of the 1978 edition of the Luke Skywalker action figure, and he had to have it – for $25,000.

These Really Expensive Beanie Babies

Who doesn’t like to hug and hold onto a Beanie Baby? Ask any ’90s kid, and they will tell you how much they loved the cuteness of these little creatures. Beanie Babies was a line of stuffed animals filled with beans rather than the regular plush foam, which made them one-of-a-kind. They were first released by Ty Warner in 1993, and ever since then, they have received nothing but love on their huggable and squishable toy line.

Lobster Beanie Baby
Source: Pinterest

You can look forward to a whole plush of money if you still have one of their Beanie Babies today. Toy collectors are willing to pay a whopping sum of $12,000 for a sealed 1997 1st Edition Beanie Bear Princess Diana. The kind of money people have does not cease to amaze us.

Lionel’s Pennsylvania “Trail Blazer” Train Set

Who doesn’t like a good “choo choo” sound when the train goes by, especially if it is on our very own floorboards? Every kid of the 1930s spent hours traveling places, having adventures, gathering passengers, and loading and unloading imaginary luggage as their train “choo choo-ed” onto new wonderlands.

Toy train
Source: Pinterest

Toy collectors today are big fans of these vintage trains. So if you happen to own a vintage 1934 Standard Gauge version train set from the 1930s, you might as well add a “cha-ching!” to your “choo choo.” Toy collectors are willing to spend up to $250,000 for this toy! That sure is a whole lot of money, isn’t it?

These Action Figures are Waiting to be Cashed

Who doesn’t remember Michael Angelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo? These four brothers have been famous for quite a while now, but their fame first began when they were introduced to the world as comic book characters, published in 1984 by Mirage Studios in New Hampshire.

Ninja Turtles action figures
Photo by Peter Brooker / Shutterstock

Their action figure versions were released in 1988 by the Playmates Toy Company after the initial popularity of the characters. These action figures now sell like hotcakes. If you have one in mint condition, it can sell for up to $600. However, you can easily strike gold if your toy (read: treasure) chest happens to have one of the rarer vintage versions of the toys because those sell for up to $5,000.

The Story of Vinyl-Caped Jawa

Did you know the Star Wars character, Jawa, had an action figure too? And that it wore a real vinyl coat? Wow, we sure want one, too – the vinyl-coated toy, not a vinyl coat for ourselves. Although, that’s not such a bad idea either.

Jawa in vinyl cape
Photo by Vectis / Bournemouth News / Shutterstock

The very first Jawa action figure was introduced to toy shelves in 1978. Its cape was made of true vinyl just like Darth Vader’s and Obi-wan Kenobi’s capes. Over time, that vinyl coat was replaced by a cloth piece by the Kenner Company. If you happen to own a Jawa doll from your childhood and it has a real vinyl coat, you’re in for a treat. Because the vinyl-caped doll is so rare that it will automatically sign you up for a minimum of $5,000!

These Will Transform Your Wallet

Who doesn’t remember the Transformers? It wasn’t just a hit in the 2000s when the film series made a whopping 4.8 billion dollars. Maybe you didn’t know, but it actually first hit the television and theatre screens way back in 1986. Interestingly enough, the Transformers was a toy line first in 1984 before it became a hit on the screens.

Transformers toy box
Source: Twitter

The toy line was created with the help of a Japanese company, Takara, and an American company, Hasbro. Millions of children were in love with their toys, which transformed from a cassette recorder to robot and back – and that’s just one kind of transformation. And if you happen to own one of these old pieces, you just successfully landed yourself $2,000.

Jurassic Park’s Roaring Success

With the release of the Jurassic Park film in 1993, all toymakers jumped onto the bandwagon to create dinosaur toys. Kenner succeeded in getting a deal with Amblin Entertainment, and that resulted in the infamous dinosaur toys that are now worth over a thousand dollars.

Jurassic Park dinosaur toy
Source: Pinterest

Kenner originally created a set of 5 dinosaur action figures; the first release had a packaging with a black background, whereas the second and more successful one had a jungle background. If you happen to remember having them from your childhood, then you were (and still are) one lucky fella. Those figures are now worth $1,200 each. You are sure to have a jungle of a time with that kind of money.

Oh, Shoot! We Gave Ours Away!

It is an undisputed fact that water guns are one of the most beloved toys for kids and adults alike. The original (and now vintage) Super Soaker Gun was first introduced by engineer Lonnie Johnson in 1982. The prototype was a fascinating combo of an empty soda bottle, acrylic glass, and a PVC pipe.

Super Soaker water gun
Source: Pinterest

Although there are plenty of cheap versions out there creating thrills and screams of joy amongst all as they spray water everywhere, the real thrill and scream of joy await those who own the original Super Soaker Gun in their attics. If you own one, you really are just an attic away from thousands of dollars.

Mario Kart 64 Racing Through the Prices

Are you a ’90s kid and a Super Mario fan who could do with a bit of (or a lot of) extra cash? Your attic could be worth rummaging through for this game. Trust us when we say this: fighting dust bunnies will be worth your time if you find a near-mint condition Mario Kart 64 hidden away somewhere.

Mario Kart 64 cover
Source: Pinterest

Super Mario was one of the most popular and renowned games of the ’90s, with Mario Kart 64 being every collector’s dream item. The game was first released in 1997, and now in 2020, you could earn more than $750 for a Mario Kart 64. Now isn’t that just absolutely Mario-vellous?

GI. Joe Still in Action

The GI. Joe line of action figures was first released by the toy company, Hasbro, in 1964. The GI. Joe toys were meant to represent the Marine Corps, Air Force, U.S. Navy, and the US Army. These toys evolved over the years, and, of course, toy collectors want the very first version.

G.I Joe action figures
Photo by Nils Jorgensen / Shutterstock

How much are the first edition G.I Joes selling for, you may ask? $10,000! Yup, you read that right. These were meant to represent the male version of little-girl Barbies (which are also, by the way, real treasures now). That kind of money is sure to set you for life, so hurry up and give your attic a thorough checking.

Playmobil is a Real Adventure to Have

Have you ever heard of Playmobil? It is a toy line from Brandstätter Group, also known as Geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co KG, and it was based in Germany. This toy set was the perfect indoor toy set for kids during the 1970s to the 1990s. Kids used the toy set and had the time of their lives by creating indoor imaginary quests and adventures. Bring along other toys to the party and create even more plot twists to add to the magic of imagination.

Playmobil toy box
Source: Pinterest

Adults who now own this toy set are having the time of their lives as well! These now sell for a grand total of $800. Who could have imagined that? So if you recall having one from your childhood, bring it out now and have it appraised. If it’s in good condition, it can make you some sweet money.