These Amazing Inventions Actually Exist. And You Can Buy Most of Them

Sliced bread is no longer the best invention known to humankind. Just when you thought all the best things already exist, inventions like these come along. And sometimes, the simplest things are the most genius. These inventions are going to revolutionize our way of life in the modern world we now live in. Umbrella with a cup holder? Yes, please.

An Umbrella With a Cup Holder

Source: Amazon

It’s raining out: you need to get to work, and you also need your umbrella. But do you have to give up on getting your daily Starbucks? Hell no! Just buy this cup holder that attaches to your umbrella. So simple yet so smart. It’s all thanks to Urban Zoo who caused many people to say, “I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first.”

An Onion Holder

Source: Amazon

This is something that you probably have never even thought of, but once you use it, you wonder how you even lived before it. This onion holder is going to change your life as you know it – at least when you find yourself in the kitchen and cutting onions. Thanks to Orblue’s All-in-One Onion Holder, you can now cut your onions a hell of a lot more efficiently. Holding this comb-like instrument helps keep the onion (and other vegetables) in place so you can cut them to perfection.

Rotating/Interchangeable Power Strip Outlets

Source: Amazon

I gotta say that a jumbled up mess of wires is one of the most annoying things ever. Yes, ever. So if you’re also tired of bulky adaptors taking up all the plugs on your power strip, this is the answer. The rotating power strip lets you shift and move the outlets on your surge protector so that the plugs no longer block other plugs and everything can sit nicely along the power chord. The Echogear Power Strip Surge Protector is on Amazon, and people are happy.

Hourglass Traffic Lights

Source: Yanko Design/Thanva Tivawong

Ugh, so smart. This new design of the traffic light is going to change the world of traffic. Yanko Designs created a design for traffic lights, and it’s just so smart! The hourglass counts down the time that’s left before the light changes. No more guessing how long you have to drive through the intersection. Not only is it cool, but it’s also so much safer!

Pizza Scissors and Server

Source: Amazon

Yes, and yes! A pizza cutter and server in one? Where have you been all my life? Some genius created this simple yet ingenious tool that not only slices your pizza but offers a way to serve it as well. The Pizza Scissors and Server might just be the next best thing since sliced bread.

Genius Contact Lenses for Diabetics

contact lens for diabetics
Source: Google

This invention could literally save the life of a diabetic. A pharmaceutical company called Novartis announced in 2014 that together with Google, they’re working on contact lenses that not only correct one’s vision but monitor the blood-sugar levels of a diabetic by their tears. If glucose levels are imbalanced, the person will see the color of the lens change.

Faucet Thermometer for Bath Time

Faucet Thermometer
Source: Amazon

Most first-time parents are worried about bath time. Is the water too hot? Too cold? Well, this company was genius enough to invent what’s called the faucet thermometer. You can actually see the temperature as the water fills the tub! Bath time just got that much easier.

Coffee Cup That Catches Drips

Drop Rest mug
Source: Yanko Design

Coffee cups are always leaving ring marks and are a hassle to clean off your office table. This simple yet genius idea belongs to Korean designer Kim Keun Ae who figured out how to avoid this chore with the Drop Rest mug. The mug catches the drips in a thin groove thanks to the physics of surface tension.

A Bike With No Pedals?

pedal-less bike
Source: FLiz

This is the Fliz pedal-less bicycle. Yes, a bike without pedals! How does it work? Well, the rider hangs from a harness and builds speed with his or her feet. The rider puts his or her feet on a pair of treads that are near the back wheel. The whole idea is for the rider to go faster than on a traditional bike, and the experience is much more of a thrill.

Slippers that Light Up

LED-Lighted Slippers
Source: Mad Mimi

Are you one of those people that tends to run into a wall, kick the couch when the room is pitch black, or stub your toe on every piece of furniture in the house? These LED-Lighted Slippers will guide you through your dark house at night, so you don’t hurt yourself anymore.

Light Saber Wall Light

deluxe Light Saber Room Light
Source: Dollhouses, trains and more

If you have a Star Wars fanatic in the household, this is the perfect birthday present. It’s a deluxe Light Saber Room Light that is also ever so cool. And what’s even better is that the light can adjust to eight different colors. So you can take it from Sith to Jedi at the push of a button.

2-in-1 Cutting Board

2-in-1 Cutting Board
Source: Amazon

Who needs to take up valuable counter space when cooking when you can get your hands on two gadgets in one? This cutting board transforms into a strainer/colander very easily when doing your meal prep. No need to transfer food between appliances anymore.

Ice Cream Lock

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Lock
Source: Amazon

This one’s more for the ice cream fanatics. If you have a roommate who loves to take some of your Ben & Jerry’s from the box or if your kids like to sneak a quick snack, this is the solution. Ben & Jerry’s pint lock is probably what you need. The Euphori-Lock keeps unwanted ice cream stealers out of your favorite flavor.

Condiment Shooter

condiment shooters
Source: Amazon

You can now say goodbye to the annoying tradition of banging the bottom of a ketchup bottle. You can dispense your condiments “wild west” style with these condiment shooters instead. It makes dinner a lot more fun with these bad boys.

Baby Bath Umbrella

Baby Bath Umbrella
Source: Amazon

Again, bath time is an ordeal. So any smart products that make it easier are music to parents’ ears. If you want to protect your baby from the chemicals of shampoos, this bath baby umbrella hat is your protection. It prevents your baby from getting all the soapy water in their eyes and face. And you can even use it as a sun visor.

Bottle Opener Ring

Bottle Opener Ring
Source: Amazon

Who here hasn’t been at a house party or dinner party and hasn’t said the words, “Where’s the bottle opener?” yeah, exactly. Well, friends. Problem solved. ZRAMO’s ring bottle opener is your handy dandy tool. Just don’t tell strangers what it really is.

Grooved Forks for Spaghetti

Grooved Forks for Spaghetti
Source: Amazon

Eating spaghetti, the “proper” way seems like a skill that I just wasn’t taught as a kid. I twirl the fork, only to end up with one string of spaghetti on it. It’s annoying and makes eating pasta no fun. But these grooved spaghetti forks look like the answers to your pasta problems.

Water Sterilizer/Air Purifier

Water Sterilizer/Air Purifier
Source: Amazon

This one is a dream come true for germaphobes. The WSTA Ozone Generator Purifier and Water Sterilizer is the appliance you need to get rid of bacteria, germs, pesticides, and any other harmful agents that stick on foods, fruits, and yes, your baby’s toys.

Laser Bike Lane for Worried Cyclists

Laser Bike Lane
Source: Amazon

If you happen to commute to work on your bike but are fearful of motorists, then this is the invention for you. This special bike light reveals a “bike lane” for drivers, so they know how close they are to you. The bright LED lights should give you peace of mind when cycling.

Face-Lift Tightener

Face-Lift Tightener
Source: Amazon

This invention is used to “fight wrinkles around your eyes and help shape the overall look of your face.” The company claims it’s the solution to sagging facial skin and muscles that need a daily lift. Just three minutes a day is all you need.

See-Through Highlighters!

See-Through Highlighter
Source: Amazon

I bet you wished you had these when you were in college. These See-Through Highlighters would have made highlighting that textbook so much easier. And if you are still highlighting in your adult life or have a teenager you want to buy a back-to-school present for, this is it.

Ironing Board and Mirror Hybrid

mirror/ironing board hybrid
Source: AC/AL Studio

This mirror/ironing board hybrid is awesome. And it’s perfect for those people who just can’t imagine leaving the house with a wrinkle in their shirt. Once you finish ironing, just flip the board up to use it as a tall mirror and see if you missed a spot.

FlaskTie Necktie

Source: Amazon

The FlaskTie is a real necktie that’s designed to conceal your favorite drink around your neck. It guarantees you’ll be cooler and even less thirsty than your friends (and at least drunker). This one’s silly, but who said genius has to be so serious?

Inflatable Mattress for Your Backseat

inflatable in-car airbed
Source: Amazon

Calling all road trip lovers! You don’t have to leave the comfort of your vehicle on the road with this thing. The inflatable in-car airbed gives you a comfy place to sleep in your backseat. The possibilities are endless with this bad boy, just as long as it involves your car.

A Flask for Santa

Santa’s Flask
Source: Amazon

This invention makes Christmas celebrators happy campers. It’s the only way to get through the holidays – with lots of booze. Santa’s Flask is for those who need a little extra “holiday cheer.” Just fill it with your beverage of choice and sneak in a few extra when uncle Jim makes inappropriate jokes at Christmas Dinner.

Chemistry Spice Set

Chemist’s Spice Rack
Source: Amazon

Cooking is a science as well as an art. But this is more for the science-y part of it. The Chemist’s Spice Rack from Wink is an awesome gift for any food lover. The 14-piece set makes your cooking experiments more fun.

Sauna on the Go

Personal sauna
Source: didn’t know I wanted that

If you’re desperate for a sauna, but feeling antisocial, this may just be for you. You can own your very own personal sauna. It costs less than $200, and these portable pods will allow you to get the full sauna experience whenever and wherever you want.

A Crib for Your Cat

cat crib
Source: Amazon

If you’re running out of space in your home and don’t have a lot of room for the fancy cat bed that you always wanted, this is the next best thing. The Cat Crib is exactly what Princess Mittens needs. She’ll thank you in her own cat-like way.

The Dogbrella

Source: Amazon

If your dog is anything like mine, he’d rather stay inside all day than have to go pee in the rain. So, in that case, this is perfect for protecting your spoiled four-legged friend from the rain. The Dogbrella helps keep your pet dry in the rain, and it comes with a built-in leash for easy walking.

BendDesk Touch Screen Desk

Source: BendDesk

Our boring old work desks are going to be a thing of the past after these become popular. Try out the BendDesk. It’s like having your whole desk become one big touchscreen. Expect to see more of these as the technology becomes cheaper.

The Quantum Teleporter

Star Trek teleporting
Source: NBC

Remember the teleporter from Star Trek? It actually exists, people. It just doesn’t work like the ones you see on the show. In 2015, researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) successfully teleported photons that were carrying quantum information for 63 miles. Whaaaaat?

A Virtual Keyboard

virtual keyboard
Source: Amazon

This invention is one that uses Bluetooth technology to connect a virtual keyboard to a portable device. Forget the physical keyboards that you use now! This is the keyboard of the future!

Shadow Art Candleholder

shadow art votive candleholder
Source: Amazon

This invention isn’t as useful as the others, but it’s really neat! And it’s perfect for your home or a yoga studio! You can spruce up your space with any shadow art votive candleholders, like this particular lotus flower design.

Two-in-One Breakfast Sandwich Maker

double breakfast sandwich maker
Source: Amazon

Hamilton Beach made this layered double breakfast sandwich maker that will definitely make mornings a lot more fun. As the company described it, the sandwich maker lets you “choose your bread and layer on the fixings: egg, cheese, precooked meat, or the ingredients of your choice. Cook two breakfast sandwiches to perfection and to your preferences.”

The Travel Power Strip We All Need

travel power strip
Source: ntonpower

With all the phones, tablets, laptops, headphones that we carry with us, it’s getting hard to find enough outlets in a hotel room when traveling. Or even in our own homes for that matter. This travel power strip has an easy to pack-and-carry design, three outlets, and three USB ports. That means you can bypass A/C adapters completely for your phone and tablet.

LED Fan Clock

LED Fan Clock
Source: Amazon

This invention might not change the world, but it’s cool… quite literally. The small fan plugs directly into your computer’s USB port to keep you cool. It also features a real-time LED clock. Again, cool – not out of this world.

A Lengthy Smartphone Dock

Long Arm Smartphone Dock
Source: Amazon

We all lie in bed, watching something on our phone. And yes, the phone has dropped onto our faces. Embarrassing? Yes. Were you alone? Yes. But still… This is why this thing is a smart solution for all those bed scrollers. You can clip it on anything, including your headboard.

Pierogi and Pie Mold

Pierogi mold
Source: Amazon

If you’re craving pierogis, but you want them home-made, try this one out. It’s a stainless-steel mold that can crimp anything and everything, including pies, dumplings, ravioli, potstickers, and pierogis of course.

A Portable Espresso Machine


The MiniPresso is a portable espresso machine that provides you with delicious espresso anywhere and everywhere you want. The machine lets you use any type of coffee beans or grounds. The small size is the perfect travel option for when you need that does of caffeine on your business trip.