The Case of Adam Strong and the Evidence He Flushed Down the Toilet

In the winter of 2017, Oshawa, Ontario, residents were rattled by a gruesome discovery. Two plumbers, Sean Farndnon and Jeremiah Wildeboer, were called to an apartment building after one of the tenants from the main floor complained of clogged drains. And as they worked away at the pipes, they came across a flesh-like substance.

Shanan Dionne / Adam Strong / Rori Hache / A Downspout Drain.
Source: YouTube

They recalled the odor was hideous, and it didn’t look like anything they had ever seen before. They ended up pulling out around 14 meters of flesh and reported it to the police shortly after that. After some digging, the cops confirmed it was a body.

Adam Paced Back and Forth

The remains were found in the building’s basement apartment, where a tenant named Adam Strong lived. While Sean and Jeremiah were digging around, Strong hovered above them, nervously pacing back and forth.

Adam takes a selfie in the mirror.
Adam Strong. Source: Facebook

He kept asking them what they thought the blockage was and how much more work had to be done. The plumbers didn’t think they had any reason to suspect Strong at first. They thought he was just another impatient customer. However, they did recall his behavior as being very unsettling.

They Found a Stringy-Type Substance

The plumbers described pulling out a “stringy-type substance” from the drain. It was pink and came with strips of hair on it. As they pulled it out, Adam Strong commented, “That’s so gross; what in the world is that?”

A picture of Adam in his house.
Adam Strong. Source: Pinterest

At first, Sean and Jeremiah played it cool, trying not to freak out the tenant. They grabbed a large grocery bag and started shoving the flesh in it. They then snapped a picture and sent it to their boss, who rapidly phoned the police.

Things Took a Weird Turn

When police officer Kevin Park arrived at the apartment, Sean and Jeremiah handed him the shopping bag containing the “fleshy like substance.” Kevin Park recalled thinking that he had never seen something like it in his life.

A security camera still of Adam in the interrogation room.
Adam Strong. Source: YouTube

He wasn’t sure what he was looking at, but he knew he had to question the tenants living there. He called a few backup officers to jump by just in case things took a weird turn. Lo and behold, they did.

“OK, You Got Me. The Gig’s Up”

Officer Park asked Adam Strong whether he had flushed any weird things down the toilet lately. Incredibly, Adam simply replied: “OK, you got me, the gig’s up, it’s a body. If you want to recover the rest, it’s in my freezer.”

A photo of Adam.
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Just like that, the gig was up. Adam didn’t even try to hide it. The cops had no idea who they were dealing with because Adam Strong was essentially nobody. They had nothing on the guy; he hadn’t been on anyone’s radar…ever.

Trash Bags Full of Frozen Limbs

Judging by the stringy flesh they retrieved from the drains, and the cops knew they were dealing with a serious psychopath. Adam Strong was arrested on-site and thrown into the interrogation room at the station.

A photo of police tape around Adam’s house.
Source: CBC News

While in custody, the cops raided his place and collected a lot of valuable evidence, including more body parts in his freezer, just as he said there would be. The freezer was in his bedroom, and in it, there were trash bags full of frozen limbs.

Her Torso Was Found in the River

The body parts were later confirmed as those of Rori Hache, an 18-year-old Oshawa resident who had gone missing in late August of that same year. A month after her disappearance and a few months before the gruesome discovery, her torso was found floating near Oshawa Harbor.

Firefighters find Rori Hache’s body parts in the river.
Source: YouTube

It was spotted by a fisherman who was there spending quality time with his grandson. They saw something bopping up and down as they sat on the dock, floating suspiciously across the water. It didn’t look like a fish. Sure enough, it was Rori’s torso.

Clever Little Hashbrown

Rori Chantal Hache Dionne, known to her friends and family as “Hashbrown,” was born on July 9, 1999. She was a clever, kind little girl who had a fairly normal childhood, although she did get into some sticky business before her death.

A portrait of Rori Chantal Hache Dionne.
Source: Facebook

Rori began experimenting with drugs in her teen years and quickly spiraled into dark habits. She got hooked on crystal meth, and to get it; she began working odd jobs and roaming the streets to find it.

She Was Starting to Turn Her Life Around

Rori went through a period of homelessness during that time, but six months before her death, things seemed to be turning around. She had gone back to school, got a job, and even rented her apartment.

A selfie of Rori taken in school.
Source: Facebook

Rori found out she was pregnant just a few short months before meeting her fate. It’s unclear whether she was happy about the pregnancy or not. All we know is that she was doing her best to turn her life around.

Her Baby Had Been Cut From Her Body

Rori was last seen on August 29, 2017, at 1 p.m., at the Refuge Youth Outreach Centre in central Oshawa. Distressed by her sudden disappearance, Rori’s family turned to social media to try and spread the word.

A photo of a missing person sign for Rori.
Source: YouTube

Their hopes were tragically dashed after Rori’s torso was discovered floating in the river. Reports later claimed that her body was brutally slashed and that her baby had been cut from her body. However, they couldn’t find her remaining parts for a few months until the plumbers came along.

They Came Across a Sharp Hunting Knife

Little did they know, some of Rori’s remains were in a garbage can in the freezer of some guy’s basement. And the rest had been flushed down the toilet and stuck in the pipes. Detectives also came across a sharp hunting knife used for skinning animals during the apartment search. It had human blood on it.

An interior shot of Adam’s house.
Source: YouTube

As if that wasn’t damning enough, they found another woman’s blood spattered on the bedroom’s walls and ceiling. Putting together everything they had found, police concluded that they were dealing with an extremely dangerous man.

In the Interrogation Room…

“I understand I’m in a lot of trouble,” Adam told officers, who began questioning him about the body parts, the blood, and the large knife. Adam teased them, telling the interrogating detective that in exchange for “spilling the beans,” he wanted to be “as comfortable as [he could in jail.”

A still of Adam during interrogation.
Source: YouTube

“I just want an allowance and, I don’t know, internet access. I don’t have anybody who’s going to buy me a TV.” The fact that Adam could just sit there and demand those things really proves how cold and detached he was from the situation.

He Blamed It on Inadequate Plumbing

I’m sure the police officer really held himself from beating Adam up in the interrogation room. He knew he had to get some information out of him, so he tried to respond as humanely as possible.

A photo of police officers searching Adam’s house.
Source: CTV News

Finally, Strong began giving details about the dismemberment and disposal of Rori’s body. “Tried to [flush her down the toilet], but unfortunately, it was foiled by inadequate plumbing, and that is a freakin’ shame for me, for me,” he said to the officer.

“I’m the One Who Chopped Her”

The police quickly understood whom they were dealing with. But they tried one last thing to see if they could get an inkling of regret or compassion out of him. They told him that she was pregnant. “She was not pregnant! I don’t want to go into how I know, but I know,” he replied.

A headshot of Adam Strong.
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The officer explained that she was just barely pregnant, not even three months yet, at which point he snapped back, “I could bet my life. There’s no way getting around that I chopped her.” Adam stood his ground.

He Had Outrageous Demands

During the interrogation, Adam asked for a lunch break, in which he shamelessly demanded a meal from Wendy’s Triple. “No pickles, iced tea, no ice, two of their spicy chicken wraps and a grilled chicken Caesar salad… is that outrageous?” he asked the cop.

An image of a forensics vehicle parked outside Adam’s house.
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“No, that’s doable,” the officer replied, gritting his teeth in utter disdain. They had to play along with his game to get more information out of him. But it took a lot of willpower not to punch this criminal in the face.

A Shameless Predator

Adam Strong didn’t just ask for chicken wraps and a television in his prison cell. The murderer had the audacity to tell the detective: “I don’t know how appropriate this is, but I would like you to pass on to her mother and father my condolences.”

A picture of Kandis Fitzpatrick / A photo of Rori Hache.
Kandis Fitzpatrick, Rori Hache. Source: Pinterest

This comes to show just how much of a psychopath he really is. He said it with a straight face as if it was the most reasonable thing ever to shove a woman’s remains down the toilet and then tell her parents, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

He Didn’t Mind Going to Prison

The reason Adam was so nonchalant about the whole thing was that he was in the gutter anyway. He was poor, lonely, and bored. Being thrown in prison didn’t sound all too bad. Surely, a cell sounded better than the dumpster he was currently living in.

A sketch illustration from the trial.
Source: CTV News

“I got nowhere to go other than back to the cell,” he told the investigator. It’s terribly annoying to think that law enforcement was basically doing this guy a favor by locking him up in prison.

His First Victim – Kandis Fitzpatrick

As Adam was being interrogated, the police were working on another DNA match they found in the basement – belonging to 19-year-old Kandis Fitzpatrick, who disappeared in 2008. That’s a whopping decade before Rori was killed.

A portrait of Kandis Fitzpatrick.
Kandis Fitzpatrick. Source: Facebook

Like Rori, Kandis was also a troubled teen. She was addicted to drugs and even spent a few months living on the streets. Like Rori, she was an easy target. When confronted with her DNA, Adam denied any wrongdoing. All he said was that she had been in his apartment.

Admitting Without Admitting

Adam acted all surprised when he found out that police had found a knife with Kandis’ DNA on it. He said he had intended to throw the knife away, as well as other evidence in his apartment, but that he simply hadn’t gotten around to it before the cops came knocking on his door.

A sketch illustration from the trial.
Source: CTV News

“That’s the procrastination factor that fu*ked me,” Adam told the officer. “All I had to do was boil [the knife]. DNA doesn’t work once it’s cooked.” So, in other words, Adam was admitted to it without actually admitting to it. What a douche.

Rori Was a Tough Girl

After finding out about Kandis, Rori’s mom said she wasn’t too surprised. “I felt from the get-go that this was a seasoned person,” she told the press, “a person who had done this before because my daughter was tough.”

Rori’s mom cries outside court.
Rori’s mom, Shanan Dionne. Photo by Ron Pietroniro

“She was very tough, and she wouldn’t have been an easy catch for anyone,” Rori’s mom added. Rori’s father joined the discussion and commented that the murder of his baby girl was “every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Early Violent Urges

Further in the interrogation, Adam began opening up about his troubled childhood. Ever since he was a kid, he admitted, he enjoyed killing animals. He had violent fantasies about slaying helpless, living creatures.

A sketch illustration of Adam in court.
Adam Strong. Source: CTV News

“I have all the characteristics of a serial killer,” he said, “like killing small animals. I loved killing woodpeckers, for some reason.” While it’s normal for kids to step on ants and other little critters, killing woodpeckers or other larger organisms is a worrisome sign.

He Was Raped at Four Years Old

According to Adam, he was raped by his babysitter (a woman) when he was four years old. He said he repressed it for a few years but, at the age of seven, started having “deviant” thoughts. The fact that he had been traumatized doesn’t surprise me, but it really doesn’t justify his actions as an adult.

An exterior shot of Adam’s house.
Source: YouTube

An adult man who butchered two women and shoved their remains in the toilet and the river nearby shouldn’t be given a reduced punishment for having a terrible childhood experience. He should, however, receive profound and serious treatment for his early trauma.

Rori Had Been Sexually Assaulted

The remains of Rori’s body that were found in the freezer were examined and revealed an unsettling discovery. She had been sexually assaulted before her death (or after, who knows?), as Adam’s DNA was found on her.

A picture of Rori’s family in court.
Rori’s family. Source: YouTube

Rori’s limbs were completely battered, and she had two skull fractures. As for Kandis, none of her body parts were found in the house. But the police still found it legit to accuse him of murdering her.

They Found an Explosive in His House

At one point, the search of Adam’s home was halted because one officer came upon a suspicious and potentially explosive package. They sent a robot to deal with it safely. It turned out to be a pipe bomb. Yikes.

An image of police tape blocking the entrance to Adam’s house.
Source: YouTube

Fortunately, it was disabled before any harm was done to the crime scene and the valuable evidence. However, by that point, even if it had exploded and destroyed some of the proof, the police had more than enough evidence against him.

They Found an Autopsy Table in His Apartment

Among the items taken from Adam Strong’s apartment and sent to the lab to be further inspected were his clothing, tools, mattresses, swords, and – this one is creepy – an actual autopsy table located behind his couch.

A picture of a Durham regional police forensics truck.
Source: Flickr

Taking all those objects into account, Adam was finally charged with the first-degree murder of Rori Hache and Kandis Fitzpatrick. Adam looked the judge in the eye and pleaded not guilty for their deaths in the courtroom.

Sentenced to Rot in Jail for Life

Adam’s “not guilty” plea didn’t matter at all. The judge, as well as the jury, as well as anyone sitting in the courtroom during the trial, were 100% sure he was guilty. Five women took the stand during the trial, women who Adam had sexually abused.

An image of Rori’s family outside court.
Rori’s family. Source: YouTube

He was charged with murder and sentenced. The judge gave him 18 years in prison t for the manslaughter of Kandis Fitzpatrick and life in prison with no parole for 25 years to be served for the murder of Rori Hache. Needless to say, no one in the room felt bad about the decision.

“You, Sir, Have Brought Darkness to Everyone”

In a written victim impact statement that was read during Adam Strong’s sentencing, Rori’s dad, Erick Hache, wrote: “Because of this monster we will never get to walk Rori or Kandis down the aisle, we will never get to be grandparents, we will never get to spend the holidays or birthdays together.”

An image of citizens protesting outside Adam’s house.
Source: YouTube

The letter finished with: “You, sir, have brought darkness to everyone.” I’m not sure whether the letter stirred any emotion in Adam, who likely sat there in complete indifference as the prosecutor read those grievous words.

He Robbed the World of a Beautiful Soul

As for Kandis Fitzpatrick’s family, they also had something to tell the monster. Kandis’ mom, Vicki, talked about all the “sleepless nights” and how the hours spent “worrying as a parent” will never disappear.

A picture of Kandis Fitzpatrick.
Kandis Fitzpatrick. Source: Facebook

“I will never know the joy of watching her grow,” she commented. “You robbed the world of a beautiful soul. I hope and pray that you one day grow a conscience.” Kandis’ younger sister, Oksana, added, “I will never get to hear her voice or see her smile.”

The Truth Shattered Kandis’ Family

Kandis Fitzpatrick’s father Bill, who read his statement in the courtroom, shared that he was “shattered” when he learned of his daughter’s tragic fate after many years of looking for her. “My family lost someone we all love so much,” he said. “He took so much from us.”

A picture of Kandis’ family embracing one another outside court.
Kandis’ family. Source: YouTube

Throughout it all, Adam strong sat there in silence. I’m not sure whether he looked any of those family members in the eye or even took the time to listen and internalize what they were saying.

A Dangerous Predator

Standing before Adam, Ontario Superior Court Justice Joseph Di Luca shot him a disdainful look and said: “You are a dangerous predator. You decided to feed your selfish desires, and in doing so, you took two vulnerable lives.”

An image from Rori’s family inside the courthouse.
Rori’s family. Source: YouTube

“Your moment before us is done,” Di Luca added after giving him his sentence. “From here, you will go to prison. You will never be seen in public again. In time you will be forgotten…You will neither be famous nor infamous; you will simply be gone.”

No Reasonable Prospect for Rehabilitation

While some people hoped for Strong to grow a conscience in jail, Judge Di Luca said he felt like it wasn’t actually possible. He said that Adam had “demonstrated in the clearest way possible that there was no reasonable prospect for rehabilitation.”

A newspaper clipping on Rori Hache’s death.
Source: Tumblr

“The sentence I impose today can never undo the harm that Adam Strong has caused,” the judge remarked. “It can never erase the horrors that the family of the victims have endured. It can never change the final moments of Ms. Hache and Ms. Fitzpatrick’s life, and it cannot bring them back.”

He Wasn’t on Their Radar

The really insane part about this story is that Adam Strong wasn’t on the police’s radar. He was just another John Doe in a crowd of a million other John Does who had never been in contact with law enforcement before.

A dated picture of Kandis at home.
Kandis Fitzpatrick. Source: Facebook

The police didn’t consider him when they searched for Kandis in 2008 and Rori years later. If it weren’t for his mistake of attempting to flush Rori’s body pieces down the toilet, he very likely would have gotten away with it.

There’s No Cure for Psychopathy

To the best of my knowledge, and according to numerous researchers, no pill in the world can permanently install empathy in a person, the main trait that appears to be missing from psychopaths.

An image of Rori’s mom crying outside court.
Rori’s mom, Shanan Dionne. Source: YouTube

No vaccine can prevent cold-blooded murder, and no amount of psychotherapy can talk a person into being a normal, caring human being. According to most people, diagnosed psychopaths are a lost cause and a burden to society.

Psychopaths Have Fundamentally Different Brains

Adam Strong’s story begs the question – how could someone be so cold as to chop a person up and flush them down the toilet? The answer is this: Adam’s brain functions differently. This doesn’t justify his actions! It just better clarifies his malicious deeds.

A photo of Rori’s mom speaking with reporters outside court.
Source: YouTube

Scientists have discovered that psychopaths had abnormal behavior in regions of the brain related to empathy and relating to other people. In other words, psychopaths don’t perceive scared faces and fearful gestures as normal people do. They find it hard to detect or empathize with signs of fear.