The Best (and Worst) Celebrity Cameos on Friends

After premiering more than 25 years ago (can you believe it’s been that long?!), Friends still lives on as one of the most binge-worthy shows of all time. During its ten-year run, the series had one of the most impressive and extensive lists of celebrity guest stars of any TV series ever made.

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Their roster included A-listers (like Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt), TV icons (like Tom Selleck), and plenty of stars before they became famous. Hey, there were even cameos by members of the royal family and multibillionaires! But not all these stars have fond memories of their time on set. So, put on your sweatpants and get your popcorn ready because we’re taking a look at the most memorable guest stars on Friends.

Reese Witherspoon

Way before she struck TV gold, producing and starring in Big Little Lies, Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon appeared in not one but two episodes of Friends. She played Jill Green—Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) little sister in Season Six. But everyone knew the actress’ character wouldn’t last long after she set her eyes on Rachel’s longtime love, Ross (David Schwimmer).

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon sitting on the couch at the café / Reese Witherspoon talking to David Schwimmer in his living room
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“[Jennifer is] so good in front of a live audience,” Witherspoon said in an interview with AP Entertainment. Aniston then returned the compliment and said, “You are [good] too. You forget it because you blacked out, of fear.” Witherspoon said that the show’s producers asked her to return, but she declined out of fear.

Winona Ryder

Stranger Things star Winona Ryder appeared in the Season Seven episode entitled “The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss.” For those who don’t remember the memorable episode, let us jog your memory. The actress played Melissa Warburton—an old sorority sister whom Rachel kissed after having one too many drinks one night.

Winona Ryder talking to Jennifer Aniston in a scene from Friends
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But when Rachel brings up the incident, Melissa says she has no recollection of that night. To prove to Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) that they actually kissed, Rachel decides to kiss Melissa again, hoping that maybe she’ll remember this time. Well, Rachel got much more than that. Ryder’s character not only confessed that she remembers the kiss but that she has been in love with Rachel ever since.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was hands down our favorite guest star of all time. The actor, who was still married to Aniston at the time of the episode, appeared in a Thanksgiving episode in Season Eight as Will Colbert. It turns out that Ross and Will were the only members of the “I Hate Rachel Green Club” in high school. Pitt was an absolute genius in the role.

The cast of Friends sitting around the dinner table eating
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In fact, he was so good that the actor earned an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Seeing as Pitt and Aniston were one of the most beloved couples in the ‘00s (or of all-time), fans loved seeing the two work together on screen.

Jon Favreau

Actor Jon Favreau played Pete Becker, a man who falls in love with Monica while she’s waiting tables (in roller skates and a blonde wig, no less) at the Moondance Diner. Favreau sure has made his mark on Hollywood since the episode aired in 1997.

Courteney Cox and Jon Favreau mingling at an event in a scene from friends
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He directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2. He’s also been the executive producer for various films and TV shows, including The Avengers and Jungle Book. But, even with all his success, Favreau still has one thing on his mind: What happened to Pete Becker? “I’m only sorry that that chapter was never closed by the Friends’ writers because I’ll always have to live with the uncertainty of what his fate held.”

Dakota Fanning

Fanning was just a kid (and a rising star) when she appeared in one of the last episodes of the series. While fans loved Fanning, it seems that her cameo caused quite a rift between her and her sister Elle. Apparently, Elle had once tried out to be one of Phoebe’s triplets but was turned down by the casting director.

Dakota Fanning talking to Matt LeBlanc who is sitting in a small chair in her bedroom
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“I was like, ‘I’m boycotting the show, I’m never watching this again,’” Elle told Net-a-Porter’s Porter magazine. “Then my sister was on it, and I refused to watch the episode. I was like, ‘I am not watching this!’”

Danny Devito

Okay, we take back what we said about Brad Pitt being the best celebrity cameo on Friends (honestly, there were so many good ones, it’s hard to pick the best one). Danny Devito’s performance sure was one for the books.

Danny DeVito sitting on Lisa Kudrow’s lap with the girls looking at him smiling
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His character—a male stripper who can’t control his emotions—was not only well-received by fans and critics alike, but it also earned him an Emmy Award nomination in 2004. Unfortunately, the actor ended up losing to John Turturro for his work on Monk. That said, Devito was a winner in our hearts.

Ellen Pompeo

Yes, actress Ellen Pompeo guest-starred on a Season 10 episode of Friends. It may seem like Grey’s Anatomy has been on forever, but its first episode didn’t air until one year after Friends wrapped. Strange to think about, right?

Ellen Pompeo with a ‘90s hair-do in a scene from Friends
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Anyways, Pompeo played Missy, a girl who both Chandler and Ross had a crush on in college but made a pact to never ask her out. The two then run into Missy at a reunion party, only for Ross to find out that Chandler broke the pact years ago.

Jennifer Coolidge

Actress Jennifer Coolidge played Monica and Phoebe’s annoying old friend, Amanda. They find her (and her fake British accent) annoying and decide to slowly phase her out. While Coolidge was amazing in the role, she later revealed that she found the entire experience to be overwhelming.

Jennifer Coolidge holding Courteney and Lisa’s hands on her stomach while smiling
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“I have to say, I was kind of intimidated, even though I knew Lisa because she was in a comedy group,” the actress told reporters. “But I didn’t know the rest of them, and I was very intimidated because they were all so attractive and had it going on.”

Cristina Applegate

Dead to Me actress Christina Applegate hilariously played Rachel’s shallow sister, Amy, who decides to pay Rachel and the gang a visit. And while her entire performance is great, there’s one line that sticks out in particular: “Why does she keep making that noise?!” But did you know that line was written as a rewrite in front of the audience?

Jennifer Aniston and Christina Applegate with their arms around each other talking to a man
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Can you imagine the episode without this line? We sure can’t. It’s honestly the reason why Applegate won an Emmy Award for her guest appearance. “I was just having so much fun. I really was in shock when that happened,” Applegate said of the award.

Alec Baldwin

30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin played Parker, Phoebe’s overly cheerful date who drove the gang nuts by being ridiculously happy about everything, all the time. He shows affection for Monica’s dead dog and brings his overly positive attitude to the Gellar’s 35th wedding anniversary.

Lisa Kudrow being escorted into a party by Alec Baldwin while Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry
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He basically annoys everyone there, including Phoebe—and that’s saying something. Baldwin later said that he loved acting alongside Lisa Kudrow because she was so funny and “odd.” “I was very grateful I had my scenes with Lisa because she is so unique, beautiful and funny, but slightly odd in a wonderful way,” he told The Project in 2017.

Ben Stiller

Another insufferable character was none other than Tommy—an aggressive bully who threatens an elderly couple. And it just so happens that he’s dating Rachel. Ben Stiller made his appearance in 1997, just a few years before his career skyrocketed with his role in Zoolander. The actor later co-starred alongside David Schwimmer in the Madagascar film series.

Matt LeBlanc speaking with Ben Stiller while Jennifer Aniston stands by
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Unlike their characters, the two are actually friends. Stiller went on to marry actress Christine Taylor, who just so happened to be a reoccurring guest star on the series as Phoebe’s friend Bonnie. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 2017.

Gabrielle Union

The Bring It On star played Rachel Leigh, both Joey and Chandler’s love interest, in Season Seven. When the two guys figure out that they’re both dating her at the same time, they decided to let her choose whom she likes best.

Gabrielle Union speaking to Ross in a scene from Friends
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Hilarity ensues, and (surprise!) the beauty decides to dump them both. In 2020, Union decided to pay homage to the series when she announced a Friends table read with an all-Black cast. The event took place on Zoom, and benefits went towards an organization that encourages voter registration in the U.S.

George Clooney and Noah Wyle

At the height of NBC’s Thursday night popularity, this crossover (which wasn’t really a crossover) made headlines everywhere. At the time, Clooney was a huge star on the network’s sitcom ER alongside actor Noah Wyle. So, it made sense that both Clooney and Wyle would appear on Friends as ER doctors in the 1995 episode.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox sitting in a hospital bed with George Clooney and Noah Wyle as doctors
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But even though the hunky actors looked like they were playing their characters from ER, they actually had different names. The memorable episode was from the series’ first season, where Rachel hurts her ankle and is forced to use Monica’s name because she doesn’t have insurance.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis made a guest appearance in Season Six as Paul Stevens—the disapproving father of Ross’ 18-year-old student-turned-girlfriend, Elizabeth. Paul ends up dating Rachel and eventually sobs in her arms while dancing and singing to I’m Just a Love Machine.

David Schwimmer and Bruce Willis in the coffee shop on the show Friends
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Fans loved Willis, and he even earned an Emmy Award for his role. Fun Fact: Willis agreed to his Friends cameo after losing a bet to Matthew Perry. Perry apparently bet Willis that their movie, The Whole Nine Yards, would be number one at the box office. The film remained number one for several weeks, and Willis was forced to play Paul.

Helen Hunt

Now this cameo was a stroke of comedy genius. True Friends’ fans know that Lisa Kudrow played Ursula, a terrible waitress that appeared in another popular ‘90s sitcom, Mad About You, while Friends was running. At the time, Kudrow was a struggling young actress, which meant taking on as many roles as possible.

Leila Kenzle, Helen Hunt, and Lisa Kudrow standing around the coffee shop in a scene from Friends
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She had no idea how successful Friends would be. But as the series began to blow up, Friends’ producers realized they needed to link the Friends universe with the Mad About You universe—and making Phoebe and Ursula twin sisters was the perfect cover-up. Bringing Mad About You star Helen Hunt onto Friends was the cherry on top.

Paul Rudd

Everyone remembers Mike, the guy who ended up marrying Phoebe! His first appearance was on Season 9, Episode 3, titled The One With the Pediatrician. Phoebe and Joey decided to set each other up on a blind date. Luckily Mike was at Central Perk, and, well, the rest is history.

Lisa Kudrow and Paul Rudd holding hands standing across from each other on their wedding day with Matt LeBlanc initiating the ceremony
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While on The Graham Norton Show in 2021, he was asked about his experience on Friends. The actor said that “it was an incredible thing to be part of and the whole experience but seems a bit surreal and a bit of a blur in my memory.”

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Fans will remember Freddie Prinze Jr. as the male nanny (“manny”) who took care of Rachel and Ross’ baby, Emma, in Season Nine. The actor says that he was very grateful to have landed the role of Sandy, especially since it nearly went to a very big star.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston interviewing Freddie Prinze Jr
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“I wasn’t even supposed to be [Sandy], that was originally offered to Tom Hanks, but he wasn’t going make it back from his film on time,” Prinze later told the EW. “And, so, my agent called me and said, ‘Do you want to be on Friends? And I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll do an episode of Friends. That’ll be great.’ He said, ‘Yeah, it shoots tomorrow.’”

Julia Roberts

The ever so stunning Julia Roberts played Chandler’s former classmate, Susie—aka “Susie Underpants”—whom he completely humiliated when they were in elementary school. Apparently, Roberts agreed to come on the show on one condition: that Matthew Perry write her a paper on quantum physics. Yes, you read that right.

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts smiling and laughing in a scene from Friends
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“My understanding is that Matthew went away and wrote a paper and faxed it to her the next day,” Kevin Bright, the series’ co-creator, told The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, the two actors were smitten with each other, and there was a lot of flirting via fax machine. The two secretly dated throughout 1996—the same year the episode aired.

Hugh Laurie

Actor Hugh Laurie had a minor role in the finale of Season Four in 1998. He played the poor man sitting next to Rachel on the plane while she rambles on about her dilemma with Ross. He even had the memorable closing remark— “Oh, and by the way, it’s clear you were on a break”—that made the episode one of the best episodes of the season.

Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Laurie sitting on a plane in a scene from Friends
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The British actor rose to fame in the U.S. with his role on House in 2004. However, fans across the pond knew of him long before his Friends cameo. He has since won a Golden Globe and in 2011.

Cole Sprouse

Everyone knows actor Cole Sprouse from his role as Jughead in Riverdale and Cody in The Suite Life (alongside his twin brother Zach), but if you spent most of the ’90s and ’00s obsessed with Friends, you’ll recognize him first and foremost as Ross’ son, Ben.

Cole Sprouse and David Schwimmer sitting on the couch with a Hanukah Menorah on the table in front of them
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You’ll also know there’s been some discussion about his mysterious absence from the show’s later seasons. There’s even a fan theory that Ross actually lost custody of his kid and that his ex-wife, Carol, didn’t allow him to see his son. I mean, Ross is great, but he wasn’t exactly the most reliable father.

Dermot Mulroney

After returning from maternity leave, Rachel goes back to work only to find that Gavin (Dermot Mulroney) has replaced her. A concerned Rachel hurries back to work, but things heat up between the two, and they eventually share a kiss.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox standing around Dermot Mulroney in an office
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The actor, who played Gavin in three episodes, later revealed he was offered a fourth but turned it down. “I think, and there were scheduling issues, but I’ve since learned that those just get worked out,” he told reporters. “I don’t have many regrets, and that’s not one. But people wanted to see some Gavin.”

Anna Faris

Anna Faris hilariously plays Erica—the pregnant mother whose twins are eventually adopted by Chandler and Monica. The actress appeared in five episodes in the series’ final season, and, according to Faris, it was an emotional rollercoaster.

Lisa Kudrow shaking Anna Faris’ hand in the coffee shop
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“It was funny because they were all in a very emotional, very sentimental place,” she said of her time on set. “There would be a lot of group hugs, which sometimes I was in and sometimes not. But I always felt like I shouldn’t be in them because I hadn’t earned it. It really felt like a special time.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme

While roaming around a film set, Monica falls in love with Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme. However, she’s too shy to approach him. Rachel then tries to set the two up, but, as it turns out, he has eyes for her, not Monica.

Courteney Cox, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Jennifer Aniston on the set of Friends posing for a photograph
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The actor’s cameo appearance turned out to be during one of the most notable episodes in Friends’ history: The One After the Superbowl. The ’96 episode marked the actor’s first-ever TV show appearance. However, based on the episode’s reception (which was not good), we understand why Van Damme stuck with action movies.

Robin Williams & Billy Crystal

Legendary comedians Robin Williams and Billy Crystal appeared on the third season, sharing a “private” conversation that had the rest of the cast all ears. Their guest appearance ended before the opening credits rolled, but it did have a very interesting backstory.

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams talking together with the rest of the cast sitting around them
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Crystal and Williams, who just happened to be working on a set nearby, wandered onto the Friends’ set, and writers asked them if they’d be interested in a cameo. They agreed and began filming right on the spot. The comedians ad-libbed the entire scene, making up the story of Tomas and his wife.

Isabella Rossellini

In this priceless cameo, actress Isabella Rossellini plays herself in The One With Frank Jr. Earlier in the episode, Ross made a list of celebrities he could sleep with but cut Rossellini out of his final draft. She, then, hilariously walks into Central Perk for a cup of coffee.

Isabella Rossellini standing with David Schwimmer at the bar getting coffee while Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc hide behind the couch watching them
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Everyone watches as Ross begins to hit on her. Rossellini is bemused by his daft comments, especially when he mentions the list of celebrities he can sleep with. But when he makes it clear she is not on the list, Rossellini publicly humiliates him.

Charlie Sheen

In Season Two, actor Charlie Sheen plays Ryan, a sailor who only manages to see his former flame, Phoebe, between his submarine missions. After planning a bunch of romantic activities during his two-weeks off, he suddenly gets chickenpox, leaving Phoebe devastated.

Lisa Kudrow and Charlie Sheen with white paste dotted all over them looking like they are in pain
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Despite his diagnosis, Ryan goes in for a few kisses, and, before you know it, both characters have dots of lotion all over their faces. Tying hard to avoid scratching, Ryan and Phoebe both fall into temptation and begin scratching each other’s itches which are the only sexual innuendos that Friends’ writers could get away with on a network TV show.

Gary Oldman

English actor Gary Oldman plays Richard Crosby—an actor working on a film with Joey, leaving him starstruck. He is remembered as the guy who kept spitting in Joey’s face. The drunken actor then holds up filming and forces Joey to officiate Chandler and Monica’s wedding in a World War I military uniform.

Gary Oldman and Matt LeBlanc in uniforms in a scene from Friends
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It was a hilarious side plot to the Season 7 wedding, and it was also fun to watch Oldman in the role opposite Matt LeBlanc. Although Oldman was still rocking Commissioner Gordon’s mustache, a pre-batman Oldman looked completely different than he does today.

Selma Blair

Cruel Intentions star Selma Blair popped up in Season Nine as Wendy, Chandler’s (inappropriately) flirty coworker. She relentlessly hits on Chandler in Oklahoma while Monica is back in New York. Since her guest appearance on the 2002 episode, Blair has kept busy in the entertainment world and appeared in Anger Management as Kate Wales.

Selma Blair hitting on Matthew Perry in an office in a scene from Friends
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In recent years, the actress has been open about living with multiple sclerosis (MS), a neurological disease that affects the central nervous system. In October 2020, the actress revealed some great news: Her MS is currently in remission!

Kathleen Turner

Actress Kathleen Turner played Chandler’s father in three unforgettable episodes. Fans loved the actress in the role, but Turner has since opened up about her time on Friends. As it turns out, it wasn’t the greatest experience. “I’ll be quite honest. I didn’t feel very welcomed by the cast,” she told Vulture.

Kathleen Turner serenading Courteney Cox at a bar in a scene from Friends
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“I remember I was wearing this difficult sequined gown, and my high heels were absolutely killing me. I found it odd that none of the actors thought to offer me a seat.” She also believes that the cast was “such a tight little group that nobody from the outside mattered.”

John Stamos

Determined to have a baby with Monica in Season Nine, Chandler decides to invite his coworker Zack (John Stamos) over to see if he could be a potential sperm donor. At first, Monica thinks Chandler’s idea is outrageous.

John Stamos looking a little uncomfortable while eating dinner at Monica and Chandler’s apartment
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But, after about ten seconds, she does with his plan, and the two begin to ask Zach—who is clueless about their plan—a series of nosey questions. “Do you have a family history of mental illness? Diabetes? Gout?” they hilariously ask. As Zack gets super creeped out, Monica and Chandler further the awkwardness by checking if Zack is going bald.

Jim Rash

Actor Jim Rash was a guest star in the final episode of the series. He sits next to Rachel on the plane, as she freaks out, deciding whether to leave or stay. Further proof that Rachel makes a terrible passenger, she accidentally causes everyone to deboard before takeoff because the plane doesn’t have a “phalange.”

Jim Rash looking at Rachel on the phone while sitting on an airplane
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After his guest appearance, Rash became famous for his role as Dean Craig Penton on NBC’s Community. He was even nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn famously played Eric, Ursula’s fiancé and later Phoebe’s date on the Season Eight episode titled The One With the Stain. So how did Friends land an incredible actor like Sean Penn? Well, EW confirmed that Sean and his then-wife, Robin Wright, and his two kids were big fans of Friends.

Lisa Kudrow standing with Sean Penn talking to a blonde girl dressed as Superwoman
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In fact, he had made several visits to the show’s set over the years. Friends’ producers wanted to offer Penn a guest role but were wary of giving him the wrong one. But when Eric’s storyline rolled around, they knew Penn would be perfect for it.

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields famously played Joey’s stalker, Erika Ford, in the Season Two episode, The One After the Superbowl. The episode was the most-watch episode of Friends, as well as the all-time highest-rated program to air after the Superbowl.

Brooke Shields laughing crazily while holding hands with Matt LeBlanc, who is looking in the other direction, scared
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However, despite breaking these records, the episode received mixed reviews. Several fans and critics alike claimed that the excessive number of guest stars ruined the episode (with several people comparing it to Love Boat). Shields, however, was a standout star. NBC was so impressed that they cast her as the starring role in their new sitcom, Suddenly Susan.

Jeff Goldblum

Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum appears in the Season Nine episode titled The One With the Mugging. Goldblum plays Leonard Hayes, a famous actor who is recognized by Monica, Rachel, and Joey as appearing on a telephone commercial with a monkey in Season Nine.

Matt LeBlanc and Jeff Goldblum standing in a room talking
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He also stars in a play that Joey auditions for and offers him some confusing acting advice. Fun Fact: In the episode, Jennifer Aniston was replaced with a stand-in. However, the understudy was still in the shot (and not even wearing the same outfit as Aniston!). The error was spotted by a fan more than a decade after the show wrapped.

Rebecca Romijn

Fans saw Rebecca Romijn play Cheryl, Ross’ new love interest. However, the relationship was short-lived once Ross realized she lived in a massive heap of garbage. Romjin’s role was brief, but the actress fondly remembers it for putting her on the map. “It was my very first paid acting job,” she shared with MediaVillage.

Rebecca covering David Schwimmer’s eyes in a messy apartment / Rebecca and David Schwimmer standing in a doorway with David looking scared and in shock
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“I was just modeling at the time I got that show. [Being] my first professional acting job, I was scared s**tless!” The model-turned-actress said that walking onto the set of her favorite sitcom was a dream come true, and the experience made her realize that she wanted a career in acting.

Greg Kinnear

A few years after saying “Later” to his late late-night show for a successful movie career, Greg Kinnear returned to NBC to play Dr. Benjamin Hobart in Season 10 of Friends. The Nobel Prize-winning paleontologist butts head with Ross, especially since Ross is now dating his ex-girlfriend, Charlie.

Aisha Tyler, Greg Kinnear, and David Schwimmer standing around a doorway together
Source: Tumblr

After the episode aired, Kinnear went on to work on other projects, including Little Miss Sunshine, House of Cards, The Kennedys, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kinnear has appeared in more than 20 films over the years and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Simon Bishop in As Good as It Gets.

David Arquette

In Season Three, Malcolm (David Arquette) stalked both Phoebe and Ursula. The actor later went on to marry Courteney Cox in ’99. The pair first met on the set of the cult classic Scream. While it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, the two eventually fell in love.

David Arquette talking to Lisa Kudrow on the café couch in a scene from Friends
Source: YouTube

After years of trying to have a baby, the couple welcomed their daughter Coco in 2004. Unfortunately, it was not a match made in heaven, and the two announced their separation in 2010. The two currently co-parent their 17-year-old daughter and are on great terms, according to People magazine.

Susan Sarandon

Actress Susan Sarandon made an appearance in Season Seven as Cecilia Monroe, a soap actress diva from Days of Our Lives. Cecilia is being written out of the show in the craziest, soapiest way possible: Her brain is being transplanted into the body played by Joey.

Susan Sarandon holding a drink speaking to Matt LeBlanc in a scene from Friends
Source: YouTube

“I guess it would be more preposterous if Joey was donating his brain for the brain transplant,” Sarandon, a longtime Friends’ fan, told reporters. Fun Fact: Sarandon’s daughter, Eva Amurri, plays the daughter of Celia’s character, Jessica Lockhart, in the same episode.

Elle Macpherson

Australian model Elle Macpherson played Joey’s roommate-turned-girlfriend in Season Six. But Joey ended things after being forced to choose between her and his friends. Years after her guest appearance, the model made headlines when it was reported that she regretted her time on Friends. However, she has since cleared up the misconception.

Elle Macpherson and Matt LeBlanc standing in the doorway
Source: / Copyright: The WB Television Network

“What I said was, had I known how successful it was before going [on], I think I would have chickened out because it was such an iconic show, and I probably wouldn’t have felt up to the job,” she explained to reporters from in 2018. “I had the most incredible experience.”

Denise Richards

Denise Richards made an appearance on Friends as Monica and Ross’ cousin, Cassie. Ross, who hasn’t seen his cousin since they were kids, is taken aback by her beauty. Chandler becomes infatuated with her, then Ross, leaving Phoebe as the only person she can stay with.

Denise Richards reaching into the popcorn bowl sitting on David Schwimmer’s lap while they are watching a movie
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Richards became engaged to Charlie Sheen in 2001, the same year that her Friends episode aired. But in 2005, while she was pregnant with their second daughter, Richards filed for divorce and a restraining order. In 2017, she began dating Aaron Phypers. The couple married the following year.

Tom Selleck

Long before Chandler got together with Monica, he dated mustached heartthrob Dr. Richard Burke (played by Tom Selleck). Their relationship was quite taboo, especially since Richard was a friend of Monica’s parents and knew her as a child.

Tom Selleck showing Courteney Cox something on his phone while they are on a date
Source: / Copyright: The WB Television Network

That being said, the two had a happy relationship but called it quits after Richard told Monica he wasn’t interested in having any more kids. Selleck was so popular that the audience gave him a standing ovation every single time he appeared on stage. Sometimes, the applause was so loud that his scenes were unusable, and the cast was forced to refilm after the audience went home.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson, multibillionaire and founder of the Virgin Group, famously appeared as a souvenir seller on a ’98 episode in which the cast traveled to London for Ross’ wedding. After his brief role on the show, Branson says that he became more recognizable when out in public.

Richard Branson selling Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc souvenirs in London
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“It’s funny, after being in that little episode of Friends, I was walking down the street in New York and I heard these people say, ‘oh there’s that guy from Friends,’” he told The Daily Mail. “I thought, my God, I spend all these years working to build up [my reputation]…”

Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander guest starred in a Friends episode, The One Where Rosita Dies, playing a suicidal supply manager named Earl. Phoebe learns of his problem and tries to persuade him not to take his own life.

Jason Alexander talking to Lisa Kudrow in a scene from Friends
Photo by Warner Bros Television / Getty Images

While the storyline was good, Reddit user charpie86 came up with a crazy theory about the episode that makes it that much better. He thinks that Earl is already dead, but Phoebe can communicate with him beyond the grave. I mean, it makes sense. He’s ignored by everyone around him, other than Phoebe. Maybe no one can see or hear him?

Kristin Davis

Sex and the City star Kristin Davis played Erin, whom Rachel and Phoebe tried to set Joey up with, but he’s not interested. Even though Kristin Davis was a huge star at the time, the thought of being on Friends terrified her. “I remember losing sleep,” Davis told Today in 2019.

Matt Leblanc and Kristin Davis standing together in the coffee shop in a scene from Friends
Photo by Warner Bros Television / Getty Images

“Sex and the City was in production, but I was nervous to be the tiny character of Erin, losing sleep, partly because of the live audience, but partly because you’re in this world that has been created that is so alive and so specific, and you’re trying to make sure you’re fitting yourself in there properly.”

Sarah Ferguson

Before Ross and Emily’s wedding, Joey decides to go sightseeing around London. On his journey, he runs into Richard Branson and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. So, how did Friends’ producers manage to pull this one off?

Sarah Ferguson and Matt LeBlanc taking a selfie in a scene from Friends
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Well, according to author Kelsey Miller, Fergie was “coaxed into the appearance by her daughters.” It also provided some comedic relief because of the animosity towards her in Britain at the time. Apparently, Fergie was so nervous that she ran her lines with Matt LeBlanc ahead of her scene, and Matthew Perry even stood on the sidelines for support.

Craig Robinson

Long before he landed guest roles on The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Arrested Development, actor Craig Robinson appeared in a Season 10 episode titled The One With Princess Consuela. He played the clerk when Phoebe went to change her name following her wedding.

Craig Robinson talking to Lisa Kudrow in a scene from Friends
Source: Reddit

His guest appearance was short but memorable, considering that the episode was a busy one. Robinson’s connection with actress Lisa Kudrow led to several other guest appearances on different TV shows. Fun fact: Robinson worked as a music teacher in Chicago before deciding to take improv classes at The Second City.

Jane Lynch

Actress Jane Lynch guest starred as a realtor named Ellen, in The One Where Estelle Dies from Season 10. Lynch’s guest spot wasn’t a huge deal. Neither Lynch nor her character were over the top. It was a fun cameo by allowing Friends fans to recognize the actress in the scene without taking away from the episode’s plot.

Jane Lynch with ‘Janice’, Chandler, and Monica
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Fun Fact: For years, rumors circulated on the web that Lynch auditioned for the role of Phoebe back in the ‘90s. “I never auditioned for Phoebe before,” the Emmy-winning actress confirmed in 2020. “I’ve seen that before, but that never happened.”

Charlton Heston

Actor Charlton Heston appeared as himself in a Season Four episode titled, The One With Joey’s Dirty Day. Joey comes back from a fishing trip with his father but doesn’t have time to shower before showing up to work.

Charlton Heston talking to Matt LeBlanc in a scene from Friends
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Since he smelled, he decided to hop over to Heston’s dressing room to use his shower. When Heston catches him, Joey explains that he was only in there because he stunk. However, the famed actor thought Joey meant his acting and offers him some advice. Heston pulled off the role, especially when he warns Joey never to use his shower again.

Eddie Cahill

Do you guys remember when Rachel Green celebrated her 30th birthday with her younger boyfriend, Tag Jones? Well, at the time, actor Eddie Cahill was just a baby-faced 22-year-old. Today he’s a 43-year-old hunk, giving us major George Clooney vibes with his salt and pepper hair.

Jennifer Aniston and Eddie Cahill standing on her porch in a scene from Friends
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Crazy how time flies! The actor has kept busy since his appearance in seven episodes on Friends and has guest-starred in shows like Under the Dome, CSI: NY, and Sex and the City. But, even still, fans still remember him as Tag Jones. “The reach of that show is remarkable to me. I was 22!” he explained in 2016. “So, every time someone says, Friends, I’m like, ‘Whew! Still got it!'”