Spend Your Next Full Paycheck on These Ridiculously Expensive Dishes

These dishes are among the world’s priciest (um, overpriced) and rarest that you’ll find on any menu, ever. Some dishes are so rare that they have to be ordered weeks in advance. But before you see these dishes, it’s best to have a snack. Because seeing these on an empty stomach may increase your chances of ordering in some expensive food.

A Donut for the Queen?

This may look like an artificial plant for decoration, but no, it’s food. And it’s actually the same Krispy Kreme we all know and love. This donut first debuted at Selfridge’s in London. You might want to sit down for this one. It costs $1,266!

Source: metro.co.uk. Photo Credit: Krispy Kreme

Why is it so ridiculously overpriced? Well, it’s because it’s covered with 24-karat gold leaf, passionfruit-raspberry syrup, 2002 Dom Perignon, and Courvoisier cognac that’s hundreds of years old. Oh, and it’s decorated with gold-dusted diamonds of Belgian white chocolate. Or you could just go to Dunkin’ Donuts and order a Boston Cream. But whatever…

The Devil’s Burger aka The Douche Burger

This $666 burger is more than you can ever imagine paying for a piece of meat between two pieces of bread. It’s not for the animal-friendly eaters because it has Kobe beef, which is super expensive, and a bunch of toppings that rank up the cost.

Source: healthzap

Those toppings include lobster, caviar, foie gras, truffle mushrooms, imported Gruyere cheese, barbecue sauce made from civet (whatever that is) coffee. And the cheese is melted using the steam from boiling champagne. And you know where it’s sold? By a New York City food truck.

The King’s Pizza

This pizza is literally fit for a king. It’s so expensive and royal that it was named after a French monarch, Louis XIII. You can find this dish at Renato Viola in Salerno, Italy. Where else? The toppings on the buffalo mozzarella cheese bed include all kinds of caviar, crustacean, prawns, lobsters, and mantis shrimp.

Source: healthzap

It’s also served with the cognac and champagne. Okay, so you want to know how much it costs? This pizza goes for $12,000. That’s right. For a pizza. And you know what? It probably doesn’t taste nearly as good as a delivery from your favorite pizza place.

What’s in the Soup?

Before you get grossed out by the thought of eating this soup, which is made with bird saliva, you should know that this is considered the most elegant in Chinese cuisine. The soup contains swallows’ nests, which they build with saliva.

Source: healthzap

The reason this soup is so expensive, at a cost of $3,000 per kg, is due to all the hard work that goes into preparing the dish. If you didn’t know, swallows construct their nests on cliff faces, which means having to climb them to pick the nests. This all begs the question: is the soup worth it?

The Fanciest of Hot Dogs

This Seattle-based hot dog requires an appointment in order to eat it. You have to order it at least two weeks prior. So get your calendar out. And you’re going to save a bit too because it’s not very cheap. The dog comes at a cost of $169.

Source: healthzap

What’s in the thing? There’s Wagyu beef, truffles, foie gras, and caviar. But here’s something that might make you feel good a bit better. All the money that people spend on this dish goes to the American Red Cross.