Say Yes To The Dress: Unique Wedding Gowns and Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Most girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day. The flowers, the handsome prince, and most importantly, their wedding dress! There are brides out there who make themselves crazy looking for the perfect dress that they will only wear once (hopefully). If the bride is superstitious, she will want to add something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue into her dress. This can make for some unique wedding dresses.

A bride wearing a pink layered dress and her groom/ A bride wearing a cupcake wedding dress/A girl eating a taco wearing a Taco Bell wedding dress/ A bride wearing in her orange dress and a groom is his orange suit

Bridesmaids, on the other hand, don’t have much of a choice. They are stuck wearing whatever they are told to. Normally, brides pick a color theme and allow her bridesmaids to choose a dress that they are comfortable in. Other times the bride will give her bridesmaid the dress she has to wear, and it usually looks nice. Most brides don’t want to make their friends look ugly… or so you would think! Check out these ridiculous wedding gowns and some of the most horrific bridesmaids dresses that you would never want to wear.

A Cinderella Story

This girl thought it would be a good idea to wear a huge puffy pink dress on her wedding day. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if her massive dress didn’t completely cover the groom. She’s literally blinding her future husband, but at least she’s in a carriage. Seriously, who does this girl think she is, Cinderella? I mean, she even showed up to her wedding wearing a crown and holding a wand.

A bride wearing a pink wedding dress with a crown and wand
Source: Pinterest

At 19 years old, Cinderella is the oldest Disney princess. In Cinderella III: A Twist in Time, it was revealed that her shoe size is 4 ½. That is one small foot. It was meant to signify how dedicated she is as a person. Apparently, that’s what small feet mean.

Just in Case

I don’t even know where to start. Is this an actual thing? I’ve played toilet paper wedding dress games at bachelorette parties, but I have never seen a bride wear one for her wedding. Just… why? You can choose a stunning wedding dress, and you go with toilet paper? To each their own… I guess. On the bright side, if something spills, she can absorb it with her dress.

A toilet paper wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

I think it’s safe to say that this wedding won’t be lacking in the toilet paper department. At this point, I’m just worried about her safety. How is she supposed to dance in that? If she doesn’t trip over the actual toilet paper, she will trip over the toilet roles. I just hope this girl doesn’t leave her wedding with a broken leg.

Going Green

Well, this is one way to show your undying love for one another. Most people want to look their very best on their special day! However, I have got to give it to these two for dressing up as Shrek and Fiona. Personally, I think this would be a good idea for a Halloween costume, but it feels a bit too much for a wedding.

A bride and groom dressed as Shrek and Fiona

In the movie, Fiona was scared and embarrassed for Shrek (or anyone) to see her as an ogre. This bride, on the other hand, wore her Fiona dress proudly. The entire wedding theme was Shrek, and it’s kind of cute. Nothing more romantic than getting married while covered in green paint. Well, at least Shrek and Fiona had a happy ending, right?

Most Loyal Fan

If they started making awards for ‘biggest fans,’ this bride would definitely win. There are plenty of crazed soccer fans all over the world who basically worship their soccer teams. Karen Bell proved she was one of them on her wedding day. Instead of making the day about herself (as most brides do), she dedicated her dress to the Manchester City FC.

A girl wearing a Manchester City FC wedding dress

Her blue and white themed dress clearly showed her obsession with soccer, but that wasn’t all. The bride decorated her wedding hall with soccer memorabilia and used soccer player names as table labels! Bell wanted to be unique. She explained that “we wanted to do something different because we both have been married before.” Well, as long as she is happy.

All the Right Curves

Most brides go crazy trying to plan a wedding. They want to get a beautiful hall, delicious food and, most importantly, the perfect dress! So many women diet for months leading up to their wedding so they can look gorgeous on their big day. This bride doesn’t seem very concerned about showing off her curves. Her dress does it for her.

A bride wearing a pink layered dress and her groom

I’m sorry, but this is the ugliest dress I have ever seen. She looks like a snowman! It literally looks like she is wearing three balloons on her body. Plus, there is no way that is comfortable. She looks like she is choking. However, it’s her special day, so who am I to judge? I just won’t be wearing that at my wedding.

Winter Wonderland

These days, themed weddings are extremely popular. This winter wonderland-themed wedding was a great idea. However, look at those dresses! These bridesmaids were definitely committed to looking like snow queens because there is no other reason in the world for anybody to wear that. The outfits come complete with feathers and boots.

Bridesmaids dressed for a winter wonderland
Source: Pinterest

Based on these girls’ faces, the picture suggests that they might be under the influence. To be fair, I would be drinking too if I had to wear that. It’s just so ugly. I want to know who in their right mind made the final decision on these dresses. The worst part about these bridesmaids’ looks is their fake tans. I mean, come on… the wedding is winter themed!

Something Blue

So this bride got her ‘something new’ and ‘something blue’ mixed in one. To me, this seems a little extreme, but what do I know? It just seems like she took something blue to a whole new level. I guess all those stunning white gowns we can see in the background didn’t do it for her.

A blue wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

It just seems a little “extra.” The blue vail and all those rhinestones are a great way to get people’s attention. However, if it’s your wedding day, people are going to be looking at you anyway. Even if you are just wearing an ordinary white dress. I wonder if they come in other colors. Can you imagine this in orange?! The blue doesn’t seem too bad anymore.

It’s Always Cake Time

A cake is an essential feature for any celebration. A wedding is no exception. Wedding cakes tend to be quite large and expensive. Many couples like to choose the design and flavoring of their cake. This girl, on the other hand, decided to kill two birds with one stone. Instead of spending money on a cake and on a dress, she just combined the two.

A bride wearing a wedding cake wedding dress

This is an interesting idea. However, there is something really unsettling about that knife sticking out of her dress like that. Also, how deep does the cake go before it reaches her legs? Will she be naked as soon as guests finish the cake? So many questions! On the bright side, if she gets hungry, she is wearing a snack!

At Least She’s Creative

Michelle was a busy art student, but that didn’t interfere with her wedding plans. She turned on her creativity when it came to her wedding day. She decided to create the perfect wedding dress and designed the gown herself! There is nothing better than expressing your artistic creativity on an expensive gown.

A girl wearing a graffiti wedding dress

The theme of her wedding was obviously street art, and she decided her dress wouldn’t miss out. She used the letters “M” and “H.” ‘M’ is for her name Michelle and ‘H’ is for her groom’s name, Harry. She transformed her wedding gown into a masterpiece. Well, she’s the bride, so whatever makes her happy. Would you graffiti your wedding dress like that?

Merry Christmas

Okay, take a moment here to look at the size of these massive bright red bows. The bride at this wedding definitely wanted her bridesmaids to stand out, but not in a good way. It makes me wonder about how good of a friend this bride really is. I mean, I would never let my friends leave the house looking like that, let alone force them to wear that to my wedding.

Bridesmaid dresses with huge red bows on the back
Source: Facebook

I mean, just look at that ugly fabric. I’m sorry, but this has got to be one of the most hideous dresses I have ever seen in my life. Those bows are too intense for me; these girls literally look like two Christmas presents walking around. I’m just thankful that I won’t have to be caught dead wearing that.

Here Comes Mama June

Some people just don’t surprise me, and Mama June is one of them. She rose to fame after appearing on the reality show, Toddlers and Tiaras with her daughter Honey Boo Boo. They became such fan favorites that they even got their own spin-off show! After seeing Honey Boo Boo in pageants, everyone knows that this family can go a little overboard when it comes to dresses.

Mama June in her wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

Not only is Mama June’s dress as intense as I expected, but it matches her daughter’s pageant dress. Personally, I wouldn’t go with a black wedding dress, and the orange underneath just reminds me of Halloween. Mama June does look happy, though, and that’s all that really matters in the end.

One Time Only

Weddings are a traditional party to celebrate the union of two people. The ceremony signifies your commitment and love until “death do us part.” This couple doesn’t want to part even after their death, and we can see that in their outfits. These guys definitely went all out to prove that marriage is once in a lifetime.

A bride and groom dressed as skeletons
Source: Pinterest

The bride’s idea of her “one-time-only” wedding is by wearing a dress made out of disposable spoons, cups, and plates. One time use only… get it? Clever… I guess. What’s interesting is how good the dress looked at the end… I mean, for a dress made out of disposable dishes. I think I’m starting to get the theme of the wedding.

Fairytale Dreams

For many brides, a wedding is a fairytale come true. We girls dream about our wedding day since childhood. We think of the pretty dress, Prince Charming, and of course, living happily ever after. Even though every girl dreams of a knight in shining armor, this bride made it a reality.

A bride wearing a revealing wedding dress

Her unique wedding dress had wings attached to it! Her future husband, on the other hand, was wearing a cape and looked like he is ready to sweep her off her feet. If either of them wants to fly, they are ready. The outfits say it all. Just by their clothes, you can tell that this couple is a match made in heaven! I guess some dreams do come true.

Her Train Isn’t Long Enough

Okay, you may have to look at this picture for a second before understanding what is going on here. For starters, who needs a dress that long? If her six bridesmaids couldn’t carry it, that should be a sign that it should be shortened! Literally, all her wedding guests have to hold it. You know what they say, “go big or go home.”

A bride wearing a dress with a long tail

Well, her over the top wedding dress definitely has the world’s longest train. I just don’t know why anyone would even want that. Maybe I just don’t like it because I know if I wore that thing, there is a 100% chance that I would trip over it. As long as she makes it through dancing, this bride should be fine.

The Color of Love

This is one of the oddest couples I have ever seen in my life. I’m not trying to be mean, but come on! I’m just so confused. In general, it kind of creeps me out when people wear black wedding dresses, but what is with the rainbow? I guess they are supporting the LGBT community? At their wedding… where a man is marrying a woman…?

A bride and groom wearing black and rainbow for their wedding
Source: Pinterest

I’m not judging; I just have a lot of questions. This is definitely one way to stand out at your wedding. Maybe they just like rainbows? I wouldn’t go for this look, but honestly, as long as they are happy, who am I to judge? On the bright side, I like the pretty flowers!

Served by the Bride

Wedding cakes used to be a huge staple in traditional weddings. Throughout the years, some couples choose to serve cupcakes instead, as a fun treat. This bride made it pretty clear that she is hip enough to go with the rising cupcake trend. This is fun for a few minutes, but how practical can it really be?

A bride wearing a cupcake wedding dress

How is she supposed to dance in that? Forget dancing. She can’t even sit in that outfit! Is this her way of saying, “if you want dessert, you need to come, say hi.” If that’s what she needs to do to get her guest’s attention, then she should do it. However, is that umbrella really necessary? Who does she think she is? Marry Poppins?

Here Comes the Cat

Hello Kitty is a cute little cat that has been adored by little girls everywhere. I remember loving Hello Kitty when I was growing up. However, I grew out of it like many other girls. This bride didn’t. She loves Hello Kitty so much that she made it her wedding theme. Needless to say, if you have Hello Kitty sewed into your wedding dress, you’re a big fan.

A bride wearing a Hello Kitty themed wedding dress

It’s not so bad, though. I wouldn’t wear a character on my wedding dress, but the colors are elegant, and at least the dress is white. It’s just that the Hello Kitty balloons in the background kind of make it look like a child’s birthday party. I wonder what their wedding cake looks like.


Many brides feel a ton of pressure on their wedding day. This bride probably made herself crazy, going to every detail to make sure everything runs smoothly. I guess some things are just out of our control. The poor girl waited her whole life for this moment!

Someone stepping on a brides vail

After her hair and makeup were done and she saw that everything at the wedding hall was going according to plan, she finally calmed down. The last thing she needs is for someone to step on her veil and ruin her perfect day! But we all know what happens as soon as we let our guard down. This is literally what’s going to happen to me on my wedding day! I just know it.

Pride Bride

Well, here’s a patriotic bride if I’ve ever seen one. I love our country as much as the next guy, but I didn’t embody it in my wedding. If she wore an American flag wedding dress, I really hope she went all out and got married on the fourth of July. She probably had fireworks at her wedding. And it actually sounds pretty fun.

A bride wearing an American flag wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

The bride and groom are true Americans. At least there is the traditional white in this dress. Her bridesmaids also wore blue and red dresses. At least they didn’t have to wear a flag. I mean, the dress looks nice on her and everything. If she wants to show her love for the country on her wedding day, who am I to stop her?!


Okay, I have so many questions right now. I don’t even know where to start. Since this was her second wedding, the bride decided that “the quirkier, the better.” Well, she followed the wedding norms the first time around, and it didn’t work out for her. I don’t blame her for trying a new approach. Maybe if she changes up the vibes, this marriage will work out.

A bride wearing a weird dress with a weirder hat

She went with a strange yet fun curtain-like dress. When it came to her bridesmaids, on the other hand, she got even more creative. They didn’t have to stick to a particular color, but the quirkiness definitely had to be there. Personally, I love it! However, the bridesmaid wearing red seems to disagree. She looks pretty angry.

Golden Dress

Eva was 19 when she married Louis, and she wanted her fairytale wedding and spared no expenses. In fact, her wedding dress cost $235,000! Yeah… After wearing this extravagant dress in public, the couple’s wedding went viral. During the ceremony, guests threw money at the couple. That’s some wedding tradition. But hey, it’s her day. She can do whatever she wants.

A woman wearing an “extra” wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

Her wedding was shocking enough since she was a teenage bride, but $235,000 on a dress seems a little excessive. Is her dress made of gold? I mean, even if I had that much money lying around for a dress (which I don’t), I would go with a calmer look. Then again, what do I know? So far, she’s married, and I’m single.

Just a Fan

Wow. Twilight has some extremely loyal fans! In a traditional wedding, the bride is tied to the groom. At these weddings, the brides are tied to their groom… and their favorite twilight character. I was a pretty big Twilight fan back in the day, and I loved those attractive vampires. But, I wouldn’t have them printed on my wedding dress.

Twilight wedding dresses
Source: Pinterest

It’s just kind of disrespectful if you ask me. Like, if you’re already going to put someone’s face on your wedding dress, make it the groom’s! Not a fictional character. This happened at not one, but two separate weddings. The madness never ends! I guess these future husbands agreed to have their bride’s fantasy guys taking over their wedding.

Wedding Gala

Although this bride is wearing white and gold, her wedding dress is still far from the norm. She looks more like a showgirl than a bride. This is the definition of the word extra. We have seen many extravagant dresses, but this one is number one on the list. I mean, the sequence, the crown, she is even holding a wand.

A girl wearing a wedding dress designed for a queen

These feathered wings are really what makes the dress over the top. I don’t know how necessary they are, but this bride will definitely get noticed. I’m just thinking of how uncomfortable it must be to walk around in such big wings. She can easily knock people over just by moving. Do you think she can even dance in those things?

Biker Lovin’

Many people put their own spin to their wedding to add their personality to the ceremony. Here is a couple that did just that. Although the bride is wearing white, which is the traditional wedding color, she’s not wearing a dress. Although many girls picture their beautiful wedding dress in their minds, this bride decided to do things her own way.

A girl wearing shorts as a wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

This biker chick seems to have found her perfect match. Although he isn’t wearing traditional wedding clothes either, he put on a bow tie for the occasion. The couple might be going against wedding norms, but at least they are staying true to themselves. Their happiness is all that matters, and this couple definitely looks happy.

Dancin’ with the Devil

Speaking of going against wedding norms. This bride tried keeping it traditional but added her own twist to it. There is nothing more important than showing off who you really are to your future husband. After all this time, this bride decided to reveal her devil horns.

A bride and groom dressed as devils

It’s not so often that you see a devil bride walking down the aisle, but this bride has started a tradition of her own. She definitely won’t be the last girl wearing demonic horns on her wedding. Now that I’m thinking about it, the groom kind of looks like a vampire himself so he clearly doesn’t mind. A devil-themed wedding sounds like fun… maybe. Well, I, for one, was not invited.

Romantic Swan

Swans are known for loving their mate deeply and staying with them forever. That’s why swans tend to represent romance. They are also white, which makes them easily associated with brides. This girl probably kept this in mind when it was time for her to pick out her wedding dress. At least it looks like she is going for the swan look.

A bride wearing an ugly wedding dress with white boots
Source: Pinterest

The dress is relatively seductive in the front, the feather wings come out of the back, and she is wearing white boots. Basically, this dress is all over the place. The feathers are all over the bottom of the dress and it kind of looks like a costume. Well, it’s her wedding, her choice. At least she stuck to the color white for her gown.

Tacos for Two

This is one bride who is a fan of Taco Bell. And by a fan, I mean obsessed. She even stated that “it has been there for me through the years, from the after-school runs to late meals after work or a night partying. Taco Bell’s always been there for me.” Ummm… is she marrying Taco Bell?

A girl eating a taco wearing a taco bell wedding dress

If I was the groom, I would be pretty offended. This bride seems to love Taco Bell more than her future husband. I mean, who doesn’t love tacos? But does she really need to create a dress made out of wrappers? I would just serve tacos at my wedding and call it a day. However, she seems happy with that taco in her mouth, and she’s the bride, not me.

More Things Blue

Not surprisingly, “something blue” came up again. This time, it’s not only the bride. The groom and all the wedding guests got in on it. I’m guessing the couple got a graffiti artist to come to their wedding, and the bride didn’t mind ruining her dress. All the guests (and even the groom) are wearing T-shirts.

A bride and groom dressed in Graffiti at their wedding

It’s always fun to decorate plain white T-shirts. Many people include it at their wedding so that guests can leave with a souvenir. At least it’s spray-painted in “something blue,” which can go well with any traditional wedding theme. It just makes me sad that she completely ruined her dress. The groom changed his clothes for graffiti… unless that’s what he wore to his wedding.

Queen of Queens

Choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with is quite the gamble. I’m guessing that’s the theme of the wedding… or the bride just loves poker. This bride handpicked a wedding gown that reflects on her beliefs and interests. This card-themed gown is pink and excessive. Don’t get me wrong. I think it would be amazing for a costume party.

A bride wearing a queen of hearts wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

It’s just strange that someone would wear this at their wedding. The dress is covered in hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. Maybe she really just wants to prove her point, that committing yourself to someone for the rest of your life is the biggest gamble there is. I’m sure the groom appreciates her doubts.

Wedding Antlers

It’s always nice to add a magical feel to your wedding. Almost every single bride wants her wedding to come out of her fairy tale fantasies. A lot of brides incorporate princess features to their wedding to make their wish come true. This bride took it a step further and decided to dress up as her favorite fictional creature.

A bride in horns and a wedding dress

She is wearing a flower crown, deer antlers, and pink hair. To be honest, I never heard of this species, so I think it came from her imagination. She does look stunning, though, and she will definitely be identifiable at her wedding. The subtle splattered paint on the traditional white wedding gown is a beautiful addition to her look.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

I guess everyone has a different sense of style, but there are some standard fashion rules. This bride didn’t seem to have followed them when she chose her bridesmaid’s dresses. To be fair, this might be a really old picture. Maybe these clothes were in style once upon a time. I wonder if any of these girls kept their bridesmaid dress.

A bride and her bridesmaids wearing hats

Other than those weird sleeves, I don’t know if the dresses bother me as much as those hats. Why?! Was there a time when this was considered fashionable? These bridesmaids must have been good friends to wear that in public. I just hope that next time they wear those hats, it’s to the beach. At least they all look happy.

Barbie Pink

When a bride thinks about the color theme of her wedding, usually elegant light colors or deep colors come to mind. It’s rare to see someone choose a hot pink fabric to dress their bridesmaids in. Also, why does only one girl get to wear that bedazzled heart belt that attracts even more attention?

A bride and her bridesmaids dressed in hot pink
Source: Pinterest

These tight hot pink dresses puff out at the bottom (which looks very uncomfortable). At least they have matching hair accessories. Either this bride wanted to take attention away from herself, or she really wanted people to notice her bridesmaids. The bride looks happy, which is the most important. Plus, if one of the girls gets lost, it will be really easy to find her.

Floral Fun

This is very interesting to me. I have never seen bridesmaid’s dresses like this at a wedding. However, when I look at this dress, all I can see is a classic bridesmaid’s dress. There is something about the black belt, black shoes, massive flowers, and even the color that seems very familiar. Although this style seems very traditional to me, I haven’t seen this at any modern wedding.

Bridesmaids wearing ugly dresses

I must have seen it on TV or in an old movie. Honestly, I’m glad that I didn’t have to wear that dress… but I appreciate that they did. They are even walking around with smiles on their faces pretending to be happy. This bride has some amazing friends because not everyone would wear that.

Green Ivy

I’m trying to figure out what the problem is with this dress. There is definitely something wrong here, but is it the fabric? Or the color? I think it’s both. It looks like the bride just bought a role of the most hideous fabric she can find, and told her bridesmaids to make dresses out of it. In reality, this is why you shouldn’t order bridesmaid dresses online.

Bridesmaids wearing ugly green dresses

I can’t believe someone actually designed this. As soon as these girls tried on their new dresses, they didn’t know what was worse, the cut or the fit. Unfortunately, these girls didn’t have time to buy new dresses. They sucked it up to be good friends. They also got wasted at the wedding so that they wouldn’t think about their outfits.

Not The Bride

I know it looks like all these girls are brides, but don’t let your eyes fool you. They are just bridesmaids. Usually, bridesmaids are easily differentiated from the bride. It’s also traditional for guests not to wear white to weddings so that the bride will stand out. This bride seems to have stemmed away from tradition.

Bridesmaids dressed in white

The dresses are strange, though. The fabric is strange, and the cut is weird. There are some unnecessary puffs, and to be honest, the girls just look awkward. The background makes this picture even more awkward and adds to the tackiness of these dresses. The bride should be very thankful that her bridesmaids agreed to wear these! Did anyone actually think that these looked good?

Say Stache

This wedding doesn’t have a problem with originality. I guess the bride likes the retro style and wanted her bridesmaids to look like they are from a different time… or look like they are wearing picnic blankets. The plaid pastel dresses aren’t even the most unflattering part of these outfits.

bride and bridesmaids wearing mustaches

That’s because they are wearing fake black mustaches too. I don’t know if they are trying to challenge gender roles or something, but this isn’t the most glamorous look. On the bright side, it looks like they are just goofing around and having a good time. As strange as this theme may seem, it looks like it was a fun wedding! I mean, they even have a food truck which makes everything better.

Cute Little Marshmallows

These dresses can be much worse. The tight-fitting dresses that puff out on the bottom aren’t exactly pretty, but they aren’t ugly either. They just look extremely uncomfortable and hard to walk in but, let’s focus on the positive. It’s a pretty color. Okay, that’s basically it. I’m sorry, I tried, but these girls just look like marshmallows, and not even the good ones!

A bride wearing a crown and her bridesmaids wearing pink
Source: Pinterest

I mean, could she have chosen puffier dresses? Those little flower girls are adorable, though! I don’t think I would have gone with the feathered headbands, but I’m not the bride. She and I have a very different sense of style. I guess when I’m the bride, I’ll make these decisions instead of judging other people for theirs.

Where’s Waldo?

It’s an unspoken rule that unless you’re the bride, don’t wear white to a wedding. Here is another bride who didn’t follow the norm. You don’t have to follow traditional wedding styles but, all the bridesmaids look like brides, and it is extremely confusing.

Bridesmaids wearing white dresses
Source: Pinterest

You can barely tell who the ones getting married are, based on this picture. Unless this is a triple wedding, I don’t get it. If the bride wanted to drive everyone crazy, I think she pulled it off. Why would any bride want three other girls dressed exactly like her? Every bride should stand out! It’s her day! Well, this is one bride who’s blending in. Hopefully, the groom will take the right one home.

Red Hot

Who thought this was a good idea? Even though the dresses themselves aren’t so bad, the fit is horrendous and kind of makes the girls look trashy. The color is also extremely bright! Any one of these girls can get mistaken for a fire hydrant. I do like the sneakers though!

Bridesmaids in red dresses and red sneakers

I think it’s a cool look to wear converse with dresses. Unfortunately, these girls don’t pull it off too well. On the bright side, they don’t seem too aware of how they look. Or maybe they drank a couple of bottles of wine to forget. Either way, they are just posing for the camera like it’s nobody business. After seeing these unique dresses, I’m interested to see what the bride wore.

Power Puff

There are puffy dresses, and then there are PUFFY dresses. This bride seems to think, ‘the puffier, the better.’ She wanted her dress to be enormously puffy, which is one thing… but what did her bridesmaids ever do to her? Not only did she make them wear excessively large and puffy dresses, but she also made them hot pink!

A bride wearing white and her bridesmaids in hot pink

Those unattached sleeves take the ridiculousness to another level. And please, don’t get me started on those hairpieces. This bride would have some very loyal friends if they left the house wearing something that bright. Actually, if they were so loyal, one of them should have mentioned how unnecessary the puffiness is. You know what they say, less is more.

Picture Perfect

In this picture, the dresses aren’t so bad. Yes, some of them look like they are wearing towels, but it’s the location of the photoshoot that confused us here. I’m curious as to why the photoshoot took place in a bathroom? Also, why do some of the girls get to be in the hot tub, and the rest are standing outside of it? That doesn’t seem fair to me.

A bride and her bridesmaids in the bath

You can’t even see the girls in the back, and they look like they are about to hit their heads on the ceiling. The bride also looks extremely awkward, trying to get in the frame. Someone should have definitely looked into the choice of photographer. How did nobody speak up about this bad idea?

All of The Colors

On their own, these dresses aren’t so bad. However, when they are all next to each other, these girls look like a rainbow. Obviously, this couple wanted to add a splash of color to their big day. This is just a bit much. It looks like one of those ideas that look good in your head, but when you try to make it a reality… this is the result.

A bride and her bridesmaids wearing different colors

On the bright side, the bride looks stunning. The pastels colors in the flowers look really pretty against her gorgeous white gown. It’s just, all the bridesmaid’s colors are a bit overwhelming. It makes it look like the theme of the wedding was rainbows. It’s a lot. At least everyone looks happy, and that’s the point of a wedding, right?


These Bridesmaids are here to save the world, one wedding at a time. This is obviously a costumed-themed wedding which actually sounds like a lot of fun. This bride has no problem showing off that she and her bridesmaids are superwomen! Now, this is one wedding I would have loved to be a bridesmaid at. I might just do this at my wedding.

Bride and her bridesmaids in dressed in reed superhero gear!

This bride has good ideas. Everyone just looks like they are having a good time. The bride went with the theme while still wearing a traditional white wedding gown. The best part is that she incorporated a white cape into her stunning dress. I would love to see more of this wedding! I wonder what some of the other guests wore.

Cheers to Me

Here is a bride who just wants to have a good time! This woman wants to make sure she always has a glass of wine in her hand, and honestly, I don’t see a problem with that. Well… it might be a problem. I think she went with white wine because there is a 100% chance that wine is going to spill on her dress at some point.

A wedding dress holding a bunch of glasses of wine
Source: Twitter

Nevertheless, I have a lot of respect for this woman. This is one of the many creative ways to serve wine at your wedding. This bride definitely loves a nice glass of wine… or fifty. She must have drunk a couple of those glasses because she looks a little drunk. Or maybe she’s just drunk from the excitement of her wedding day!

Major Fail

A lot is going on here, and I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t tell if the bride wanted her bridesmaids to look like Eskimos or like a bottle of grape juice. If the theme of this wedding was a winter wonderland, there are thousands of other ways to go about it. This looks like a slumber party, not a wedding.

Bridesmaids wearing ugly velvet dresses
Source: Pinterest

I just have so many questions, like why are their hands in between paper towel roles with flowers glued to them? You know I have to mention those awful furry hats. Why are their horns coming out of them? Did I miss something here? It’s like they are trying to look like unicorns. Plus, the little girl in pink creeps me out!

At Least We Have Wings

This is either a costume-themed wedding, or this bride loves butterflies. The only reason I know this is a wedding is that the bride is wearing a traditional white wedding gown. I know the point of bridesmaids is to make the bride look better. However, did she have to find the ugliest butterfly dresses in the word?

Butterfly themed bridesmaid dresses

They look like they are only half out of their cocoon. On the bright side, they all have wings for next Halloween. The bride does look stunning, but I have a feeling she still would, even if her bridesmaids weren’t wearing costumes. Everyone seems to be happy, and that’s all that really matters! Also, I’m really into those flower crown headbands for some reason.

Bridesmaids? Or Groomsmen?

Yikes! What is going on here? Something about this picture looks like it came straight out of a horror movie. How bad does your sense of style have to be to dress your bridesmaids up in pants suits? Yes, it’s super feminist and all, but she could have done it in a much cooler way.

Bridesmaids wearing ugly suits

The colors don’t really go well together, but that’s just my opinion. Every single person in this picture looks like they are about to choke. How can you wear such a high shirt, and then tie a bow around your neck? I don’t want to be mean, so I won’t comment on the bride’s outfit… but I’m sure you could guess what I’m thinking.

Neon Wedding

This is exactly how I would dress if I was trying to draw attention to myself. Isn’t the bride supposed to be the one with all eyes on her? That’s doubtful if these are the bridesmaid’s dresses she chose. I mean, come on! How is anyone going to notice a beautiful bride in a white dress if her bridesmaids are wearing neon?!

Blue and green neon dresses
Source: Pinterest

The bridesmaids are adorable! I guess since they are of all different ages, the bride wanted something that works for everyone. Personally, I would go with a light pink to accommodate everyone… but to each their own. I just hope the Bride is wearing neon yellow or bright orange if she expects to get noticed at her own wedding.

Theater Bride

I’m going to guess that this bride is either into theater or Shakespeare is her grandfather. There is no other reason why anyone would wear that to their own wedding! The worst part is, she didn’t let her bridesmaids off the hook. They had to wear these horrible maroon dresses. Unfortunately, all these girls look like they fell victim to the horrific Victorian fashion.

A bride and her bridesmaids dressed in a Victorian style

No offense, but they all just look like they were forced to wear ugly costumes for a play. If it wasn’t weird enough to wear these layered dresses, the headpieces take it too far! Why are all the girls wearing yarn braids on top of their real hair? Maybe this whole wedding is some kind of family tradition.

Ugly Curtains

Oh no! What happened here?! I’m no fashion police, but these dresses are horrible for anyone’s standards. There is no other way to describe it. They just look like they are wearing curtains… ugly curtains. The fact that someone even designed this dress is shocking enough. What’s even more surprising is that five people agreed to wear it!

Ugly flowered bridesmaid dresses
Source: Pinterest

This bridezilla not only made her closest friends wear these horrific dresses, but she made them wear those matching hats. She should be thankful that people wore that! Poor little kid didn’t even have a choice in the matter. I would never wear this… not even to my best friend’s wedding! Luckily, all my friends have a much better sense of style.

Holy Bridesmaids

I think it is safe to assume that the couple getting married is really devoted to their religion. There is another reason in the world for the bridesmaids to wear those creepy white dresses. To me, these gowns just look like hooded capes. Like, it’s not even a real dress. Plus, they are wearing white to a wedding.

Creepy looking bridesmaids

To be fair, the lacey fabric is kind of pretty. I think if it wasn’t for those hoods, these dresses wouldn’t be so bad, and the bridesmaids wouldn’t look like they came straight out of a horror movie. I just wonder what kind of religious wedding tradition this is. As long as no sacrifices are being made, they can wear whatever they want.

Santa’s Helpers

Who is getting married here? Mrs. Claus? Because these bridesmaids look like they are ready to meet Santa. Why else would a bride make her bridesmaids dress like that? I’m sorry, but unless it’s Halloween, nobody should ever wear that dress! Especially for a wedding. I just hope for this bride’s sake, that this wedding took place on Christmas Eve.

Creepy looking bride and her Santa looking bridesmaids

As long as this was a Christmas themed wedding, her choice of bridesmaid’s dresses wouldn’t be as embarrassing. I mean, they would… but at least there is a theme going on. If it were me, I would never wear that to a wedding. I think some of her other bridesmaids agreed with me, and that’s why there are only two.

Beautifully Delicious

Finally, a bride who knows how it’s done! Not only is she stunning, but so is her traditional classic white dress. However, her dress doubles as a dessert table! The dessert part of the table is removable, which is what actually makes this dress practical. It’s a cool, fun thing to do at your wedding, but she can still take it off at any time and dance!

A bride wearing a cake wedding dress

Brides are usually busy and stressed during their wedding. This way, the bride can make sure she says hi to everyone when it’s time for dessert! I just hope she can walk in that thing and doesn’t trip over the actual table she is wearing. The last thing any bride needs is to dirty her white dress.

Everyone is a Princess

Everyone wants a fairy tale wedding, but this girl took it as far as she can. She went all-in with a Disney theme, and all of her bridesmaids were dressed as classic Disney Princesses. The characters are a pretty fun touch for a unique wedding. This is a fun theme and this is one wedding I would love to go to.

A bride and her bridesmaid dressed as Disney princesses

Some people might think that the full costumes are too much, but I love it! Any excuse to dress as a princess is a good one. What better way to have a wedding than to make your bridesmaids feel just as special as you do? If I went to this wedding, I think I would dress up as Jasmine!

Medieval Dreams

I may be wrong but, I’m just going to assume that this is one bride has a thing for Game of Thrones. There is no other reason why she would make her bridesmaids wear these medieval dresses to her wedding. They look like they are ready to perform a Shakespeare play.

Bridesmaids wearing medieval-style dresses

These dresses are just not flattering. Nobody can pull off these outfits. These girls must be amazing friends if they went out in public wearing that. For their sake, I just hope that this wedding is not taking place in the summer. Those dresses are bad enough, but imagine wearing all those layers on a hot sunny day. This is one wedding I wouldn’t want to be a bridesmaid at.

Sister Wives

I don’t even know what to say about this picture. Maybe I’m a bit judgmental but, I think the dresses a woman chooses for her bridesmaids says a lot about her. To me, this looks like a case of the sister wives. Those headpieces are too much for me. I can’t believe this is actually a thing.

A Bride with her bridesmaids holding red roses
Source: Pinterest

If this isn’t a sister’s wife situation, then the bride seems to have really wanted her friends to look just like her. Either way, this is just bizarre. The longer I look at this picture, the weirder I feel about it. I wonder if they realize how strange it is. These girls won’t be able to live this down. The evidence is on the internet for eternity.

80s Fashion

Honestly, these dresses are pretty nice. Especially compared to everyone else on the list, these women definitely look the best. There is nothing wrong with beautiful lacey V-neck dresses. I think black is the safest choice for any dress-up occasion. These outfits aren’t as bad as the picture itself, though.

A bride wearing a dress and her bridesmaids wearing black
Source: Pinterest

The big hair is a lot, and when you add in the flower bouquets, it feels like a lot is going on in this picture. This is 80s style to the extreme. And if this wedding took place during the 80s, it’s perfectly excusable. There is just something off about the bride. I don’t know if she looks like a ghost, or looks like she just saw a ghost.

Not the Hats

I don’t know if these women deserve an award or a punishment for wearing these hideous and humiliating outfits… in public! I’m sorry but, these dresses literally look like they were a sofa covering that was turned into dresses. If you thought it couldn’t any worse, take a look at those hats!

A bride wearing glasses and her bridesmaids wearing ugly hats
Source: Pinterest

All I have to say is why? Those hats look like those uncomfortable plastic outdoor chairs. I don’t get it. Believe it or not, those hats aren’t the worst part of these outfits. Take a look at what those kids are wearing on their heads. Little girls are creepy enough; the last thing they need are those hood hats tied around their heads. This is one embarrassing photo that should have stayed hidden.

Pastel Love

Believe it or not, there was a time when all of this was in style. It’s safe to say that at the time of this picture, this type of fashion was in style. Unfortunately, a few decades later, and these dresses are no longer flattering. Pastel is a common color scheme at weddings, and if done right, it can look stunning.

Bridesmaids looking scary in different color dresses
Source: Facebook

Each one of these bridesmaids was given a color that they had to wear from neck to toe. At least they get to wear colors because if these dresses were black, they would look like nuns. They are each embracing their own color, and it looks like they are all wearing capes! They even matched their flower bouquets to their dresses!

Shower Curtains

Okay, we have seen some pretty bad bridesmaid’s dresses, but so far, this takes the cake. You need a warning before looking at these. I’m pretty sure I used to have a shower curtain with that design. Who in their right mind would make their friends wear a yellow polka-dotted dress? I can’t even tell if they are polka dots or planets!

Bridesmaids wearing ugly yellow polka dot dress and a bride
Source: Pinterest

Plus, these dresses have no shape to them, making them extremely unflattering. I mean, that belt makes them all look pregnant. If you think this can’t get any worse, check out those matching hats. No matter what decade this is from, I can’t believe anyone left the house dressed like that. Somehow, everyone looks like they are having a great time. This proves that ignorance is bliss.

Cakey Look

In general, brides try to make sure that the bridesmaid’s dresses don’t look like wedding dresses. That’s a given. However, this bride didn’t get the memo of how you shouldn’t dress your bridesmaids as a tiered wedding cake either. Way too much layering going on here.

Bridesmaids wearing pink dresses and pink hats

I’m sorry, but these dresses look like a tiered pink wedding cake. There is really no other way to describe it. This style may have been popular at the time, but it definitely hasn’t aged well. Each of these women looks like they are about to choke with those dresses on. Once again, the ugly hats definitely don’t help the situation. Like, why? I can’t be the only one who thinks these hats should be removed.

Pink Makes The Boys Wink

It’s not very surprising that pink is an extremely popular color when it comes to bridesmaid dresses and always was. However, it’s usually the style that makes the dress look classy and elegant, or ugly and childish. These women got stuck wearing those bubble gum color dresses, and they look miserable. Those smiles look so fake!

A bride and her bridesmaids wearing ugly pink bows

What was this bride thinking? Not only are the dresses horrible, but again with the headpieces! It makes sense that the bride is wearing a white veil, but why is she making her bridesmaids wear pink ones? And why is there a giant hideous bow attached to it? This bride should be very grateful that her friends agreed to this. I wouldn’t have.

Golden Girls

The metallic fabric has been making a comeback recently, and it’s a pretty popular choice when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. The sequence and sparkles are a fun addition to any outfit. It’s a perfect way to look like a pretty bridesmaid without taking the attention away from the bride. Unfortunately, these dresses don’t really fit the criteria.

Bridesmaids wearing ugly gold dresses
Source: Pinterest

If anyone tried to make me wear this dress to their wedding, I’d call in sick. I can’t even imagine wearing that; I would be so embarrassed. These women are better people than I am. They sucked it up and wore these terrible golden dresses just to make their friend happy. I hope the bride knows how lucky she is to have such great friends.

Oh My!

I am extremely confused right now. I have no idea when this picture was taken. Was there really a time when people wore this? The groom’s suit looks like it’s from the 70s, and those bridesmaids dresses look like they used to be my grandma’s bed sheets. I just have too many questions.

Bridesmaids in ugly purple dresses posing with the bride and groom

First off, what is going on here? This must have been a risky fashion trend even back in the old days. The dresses are so high up that the girls look like they are going to choke, but that’s not all. The worst part about these outfits is those hats! They sort of look like cowboy hats because of the shape, but not really because of the flowers.

Clashing Colors

We should take a vote on which is worse- the bridesmaid’s dresses, or what the flower girls are wearing. I don’t know what to say. There is no excuse for wearing green velvet dresses complete with matching bows. However, those pink and red dresses are really something. You need to be quite creative to design that thing.

Bridesmaids wearing ugly dresses and bows

Don’t worry. The pink dresses come with bows too! Clearly, this bride is color blind… or just has horrible taste. At the end of the day, it’s her wedding, and she can do whatever she wants. At least everyone looks happy in their velvet dresses. However, in my humble opinion, these are the ugliest dresses in the entire world.

Neon’s Back

I guess neon has been making a comeback lately when it comes to bridesmaid’s dresses. I had to check and make sure that these aren’t the same girls from earlier. They definitely have their similarities, but you definitely can’t walk into a store and find dresses like this on the rack. Well, at least not in any of the stores I go to.

Neon green and blue dresses

These dresses are fully custom-made. Every frill and ruffle was calculated before it was put on. That’s why it’s a little shocking that they came out looking like this. Honestly, I think these dresses would all look so much better if they stop with these weird headpieces already! If anyone wears a headpiece like that to my wedding… I’m kicking them out.

Wait. What?

I’m going to apologize because I have no idea what is happening here, so I’m going to have to use my imagination. I just can’t understand what the bride thought when she picked out these dresses. The only logical explanation here is that the bride had a huge box of costumes and told each one of them to pick one.

A bride and her bridesmaids wearing ugly dresses
Source: Pinterest

At first, I thought there was a red white and blue theme going on here. However, the girl in the pink dress ruined that theory. I thought bridesmaids were supposed to have some kind of color scheme or pattern. It looks like these girls all found their dresses at thrift shops. That describes the different designs and random colors.

Hey Flamingo

Well, these bridesmaid’s dresses are loud and obnoxious. These bridesmaids are clearly willing to fulfill any task the brides give them. Otherwise, no one would be caught dead wearing these flamingo looking dresses. These don’t look store-bought either. They look like they were custom made for a special occasion.

Pink and orange flamingo looking dresses

The altering shades of pink and orange layers of the dress kind of look like a dramatic sunset. It’s the feather material that’s driving me nuts. I get that they didn’t really have a choice when it came to the dresses, but were they forced to wear crowns too? All I know is that at my wedding if anyone is wearing a crown, it’s going to be me.

Pizza Bride

This girl either loves pizza too much, or she lost a bet. One thing is for sure; I can’t look at this bride without craving pizza. Is that a bouquet of garlic rolls? The strangest part about this dress is that it’s gorgeous! I mean, yes, it’s a pizza and has a huge piece of pepperoni on the bottom of the train; but imagine if it were plain white for a second.

Pizza Wedding Dress

It wouldn’t look that bad, right? I just hope that the wedding reception served pizza because if not, this bride is a tease! It looks like her husband supports her love of pizza by allowing her to embrace it on their wedding day. Great, now I’m staved. I definitely know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

Flower Power

I guess everyone has their own sense of style. However, you should do whatever you want to make you happy on your wedding day. So if you want weird red flowers under your classic white wedding dress, who am I to stop you?

A bride with red and pink flower fabric under the dress
Source: Pinterest

The bizarre part about this dress is that it actually looks beautiful… until you see the red underneath it. I don’t see a point in ruining such a gorgeous wedding dress but again, as long as she’s happy. I just hope her groom likes it as much as she does. If not, this can be an awkward wedding. On the bright side, she didn’t force her bridesmaid to wear dresses in that red and white fabric… that would have been cruel.

Pumpkin Party

All I have to say is, what were they thinking? I love Halloween as much as the next guy, but this looks like a pumpkin exploded all over their wedding! I’m surprised they agreed on this idea. Unfortunately, they will probably regret this decision. You have to be really careful when using orange or else it really stands out… and not in a good way!

A bride with orange in her dress and a groom wearing an orange suit
Source: Twitter

Unless you’re Niki Manaj, you shouldn’t try to pull off orange. This might be the result. If the color wasn’t bad enough, look at those massive, pageant-style flowers. Of course, the bride needs a gigantic crown, and the groom needs his sideways baseball cap before walking down the aisle. I’m getting a headache. There is way too much going on here.

Train Stopper

I want you to imagine the longest wedding dress train you can think of. Now how long is it? I bet it wasn’t as grandiose as this one. This girl has a lot of time and patience. I’m guessing she wanted to make the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest bridal train because otherwise, this is unnecessarily excessive.

A wedding dress with a ridiculously long tail

Just think how many people it would take just to spread that thing out and carry it? It’s in the middle of the street and so white. Is it mean if I hope someone steps on it? Look how far it goes. I know it’s her wedding day, but does she seriously need to take over that entire street? How obnoxious.


Many people use their niece, nephew, or a child close to their family to be the bearer or flower girl at their wedding. In more recent years, many couples have strayed away from standard wedding tradition. You can see couples include their dogs or cats in their wedding ceremonies. This woman, however, took it one step further.

A bride and a lamb

Instead of having a person to be the flower girl, this bride chose to have a sheep. That’s right. She refused to get married unless her gigantic sheep was there in dreadlocks. This might confuse some of the guests. The strangest part is, she designed her wedding dress to look like her favorite furry animal. I wonder what the groom had to say about this.

Wings Not Included

This wedding dress is designed to look like a butterfly. All you need is wings to make this dress a complete Halloween costume. Apparently, butterflies are considered good luck. Wearing it on your wedding day symbolizes a happy marriage. This is a superstition that many people believe. I wonder if it works!

A butterfly wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

I mean, the dress definitely adds some charm and color to a wedding! However, will butterfly centerpieces and decorations also work? Or do you need to dress up in full butterfly gear for it to work? I would love to wear this on Halloween. Call me crazy, but I want to wear a white wedding gown when I get married.

Ultimate Bouquet

Here is one bride who might as well be the flower girl. Who needs flowers when the bride can literally be the bouquet? This girl obviously loves roses and wanted to make sure every wedding guest knows it. She is literally in flowers from head to toe, complete with a rose flower crown. I hope those flowers are fake because otherwise, that dress will die in a few days.

A bride wearing a wedding dress completely covered in flowers

This is one look I have never seen before. The bride looks like she put so much energy into her dress, and the groom looks like he forgot his shirt. You know what they say, opposites attract. To be honest, I’m kind of into the flower headband. Imagine it by itself, though… It’s a bit excessive with the dress and crown…

Cloud Nine

One of the most popular sayings people use on their wedding day is that they feel like they are on cloud nine. Well, with enough helium balloons, you will eventually end up in the clouds. This bride took this literally when she picked out her wedding dress. It’s unique… that’s for sure.

A bride wearing a dress made out of balloons

This is kind of cool but also really ridiculous. This would be a fun thing to wear on your birthday, but this is your wedding we’re talking about. I’m going to take the style of balloon dresses out of the equation for a second, and this dress just isn’t practical. Even if you manage to dance, they are probably going to pop. Then what are you going to wear?

Two Birds, One Stone

Like many of these other bizarre dresses, these look much more like Halloween costumes then wedding gowns. There are many ways to pick out your wedding dress. Some people pick one at the store, others get them custom made, and some brides make their own. I’m pretty sure these two got their dresses from a costume store. I’ve just never seen dresses so… unique.

Two bridesmaids wearing gothic wedding dresses
Source: Pinterest

I’m sure this was a very memorable wedding for all the guests. The black and white definitely stem away from the traditional white or cream color wedding dresses. The pale face and red flowers scare me a little. On the bright side, choosing these dresses gives them something to wear on Halloween. Killing two birds with one stone.

Patriotic Bride

Here is one patriotic bride. Nothing screams, “I love my country” more than wearing the American flag as your wedding dress. It’s common to incorporate something you love into your wedding dress, and this bride wants all of her guests to know how she feels about her country. I just hope she went all the way and made her wedding on the fourth of July.

A girl wearing an American flag wedding dress

The red white and blue really stand out up against the black bridesmaid’s colors. If I were to do a patriotic theme for my wedding, I would still go with a white dress! I would probably put the bridesmaids in red and blue, and it will capture the colors of the flag but, I doubt my wedding theme will be America.


This is one bride who must have a strange love of octopuses. I don’t think I’m the only person who immediately thought of Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) after looking at this picture. I’m just a little confused as to what is going on here. When I say a little confused, I mean extremely confused.

A bride in a wedding dress that looks like an octopus
Source: Pinterest

First of all, what are those chains she’s wearing? Scared to lose a tentacle? Why anyone would buy a wedding dress that is also an octopus costume is beyond me. What kind of friends does this woman have who allowed her to show up at her wedding like this? Here is a very important rule: Never add limbs to your wedding dress. You heard it here first.

Hangin’ in my Cocoon

Many women like to choose their wedding day based on the type of dress they want to wear. Spring and fall weddings tend to be more popular because the weather tends to be nicer. Other brides choose to get married in the winter so that they can have a winter wonderland themed wedding. Brides can also incorporate fur or gloves into their outfits. This can look nice if done correctly.

A bride looking like a caterpillar wrapped in a white dress that looks like a blanket

This woman, however, took her winter wedding to a whole new level, and she looks more like a cocoon than a bride. Is this supposed to be a fashion statement? I mean, what went through her mind to possess her into wearing this. I think there are places for people like this.

Gloves for Everyone

Many times after a woman gets engaged, the future bride looks for wedding inspirations all over the place. Sometimes it’s from magazines, websites, friends, and even pictures. However, one place they don’t normally look at is a museum. Here is a wedding dress I know you haven’t seen before. The entire thing is made out of rubber gloves.

A wedding dress made completely out of white gloves

I realize many women like to add their interests and personality when designing their wedding dresses. I just never heard of anyone so obsessed with rubber gloves. This is certainly an interesting idea… but there are much better options. Might as well add some feathers and turn it into the flamingo dress. That’s less embarrassing than telling people your dress is made out of rubber gloves.

Hot as Fire

Here is another wedding dress that is sure to turn heads. This woman added fire to the bottom of her stunning white wedding dress. As I’ve mentioned over 100 times already, I personally like plain white wedding gowns. However, this dress has a romantic story behind it.

A wedding dress with fire drawn on the bottom of it

The groom is a fireman. To show her undying love and support for him and his job, she decided to add some fire into her wedding day. This bride is walking down the aisle ready to say “I do” to the groom and everything that comes with him, including his job. If only we can all find such an amazing spouse. I want someone with an undying love for me, my hopes, and my dreams.

Unicorn Love

You know what they say, don’t be afraid to be yourself. This is one bride who isn’t shy about embracing her unicorn side when it came to her wedding day. Even if it meant wearing green stockings, a feathered mask, and a rainbow shawl. Like every other bride on her wedding day, this one just wants to be remembered.

A bride in a unicorn wedding dress

The multi-colored layers on the skirt look kind of cool and the sparkly shoes match her heart belt. I think this is more of a photo shoot than an actual wedding. That’s the only reason this bizarre unicorn costume, looks like a stunning wedding dress. Also, her makeup is on point. Here is one bride that nobody is going to stand out on her special day!

Balloon Time

People incorporating balloons into their wedding dresses are way more common than I would have ever thought. This dress fits the traditional white color of a wedding dress but, it’s made entirely out of balloons. She is wearing a balloon pearl necklace and a balloon bouquet. It’s a good thing she’s not wearing balloon shoes.

A bride wearing a balloon wedding dress
Source: Pinterest

This actually looks kind of cool. I like how the balloon even goes a bit outward at the bottom of the dress. Unfortunately, this balloon dress will most likely pop. Next time, they should buy the bride a real wedding gown and use this balloon dress as decorations. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it must be to have a balloon attached to your body all day? Poor girl can’t even sit down.

But We’re Unique

Good thing the bride and groom can wear whatever they want without being judged… right? For the groom, this meant he could wear sandals and a bathing suit (or colorful shorts). He just looks like a man who forgot to wear pants to his wedding. The bride’s outfit, on the other hand, isn’t any less strange. The balloon scarf says it all. Some people are just meant to be together.

A bride wearing a weird wedding dress and a groom wearing shorts and sandals

Similarly to other brides, we have seen, this girl is into the balloon wedding dress style. Just don’t sit down! It’s almost like the oversized balloon dress is trying to resemble a mermaid… only doing a really bad job at it. How do you even get into a dress like that?

Which Way?

What in the world is happening here? This looks like a chicken, mixed with a Polish rooster. All I see is fluff, and I honestly can’t tell which way the woman is facing. How do I know if someone is actually under there? If you ask me, the only person who can walk around like that and get away with it is Lady Gaga.

A white dress that looks like it has wings and a hat
Source: Pinterest

This dress is certainly not boring and ordinary. I am just confused. I really want to know if that is a hat on her head, or if she is covering her face! It is so hard to tell which way she is walking. Well, we all know how much I love hats and headpieces (NOT). Well, there is a floor-length ivory ribbon, so this bride likes to be excessive.

Not Enough Colors

This is a bride who just loves colors. This literally looks like a unicorn threw up on her wedding dress! There is way too much going on. The bright pink is all bedazzled and obnoxious enough. When you think it can’t get any worse, but look at the bottom of her dress. Just looking at this dress is kind of making me dizzy.

A bride wearing a pink and rainbow wedding dress

The top and the bottom of the dress don’t even look like they are attached. If she wanted attention, she definitely got it. Not many people would walk past that without turning their heads. She looks happy, which is most important. I just hope all her guests came with sunglasses because five minutes after looking at all these colors, I got a headache.

Lamp Lady

If you want to be a bride to remember, this is one way to do it! A bride wearing a lampshade over her head is hard to forget. Let’s be honest, though, this isn’t the most practical veil. If she had an outdoor wedding, she wouldn’t have to worry about sun protection. On the other hand, the lampshade is distracting from the beautiful wedding gown she is wearing under.

A bride wearing a dress with a huge lamp hat
Source: Pinterest

The crochet-type wedding dress is a unique look, and it works well with the lamp. She might as well dress up as her living room. I think that without the veil, the dress can look nice. However, this is clearly a runway look and not something a regular bride would wear on her big day.

Comfy and Cozy Down the Aisle

Different brides look for different details when it comes to picking out their dresses for the big day. Some brides care more about being comfortable in their wedding gown, while others take the extra time to make sure their dress had extra cushioning for when they find a moment to sit and relax.

Wedding Dress
Source: Tumblr

This bride is obviously part of both groups, just really set on comfort. This wedding dress obviously looks more like a comforter than most comforters do. We wouldn’t be surprised if some confused wedding guests decided to rest their heads on the train.

Dual Purpose Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns can really break your bank account with how expensive they are. So why wear a whole wedding dress when you can save money by only wearing half of one? This gown doesn’t exactly give off the vibe of a nice wedding, now does it?

Funny Wedding Dress
Source: Imgur

But it is very devoted to its twinkling swimsuit design, at least they thought to include the train! We know we might sound a bit dramatic, but this might very well be the most confusing dress on our list. Hopefully, this bride stands by her decision, but we wouldn’t be shocked if she didn’t!

Adding a Splatter to Traditions

A heads up to those knee-deep in wedding preparations: just because you are passionate about a certain hobby or game, it doesn’t mean that it has to be featured on your wedding gown. If there’s anything weirder than a themed wedding, it might be a wedding with a paintball theme.

Funny Wedding Dress
Source: Imgur

But we have to give credit where credit is due. If they already decided on an out-there theme, at least they fully committed. The bride chose to wear a dress with paint splatters on it AND she’s holding a paintball gun, similar to her husband. Obviously, they’re paintball fans.

Is There a Maximum Amount of Ruffles?

Many little girls dream about how their wedding day will look for their whole lives. Most of these girls grow up picturing themselves wearing one specific type of dress. Oftentimes a big princess dress comes to mind, which meant a gown that begs the question, is there such a thing as too many ruffles?

Girl in a wedding dress
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We can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is to walk with all of those ruffles; at least she appears to be happy! She’s finally wearing the fairytale wedding gown she’s yearned for her entire life. Hopefully, her fiancé makes her this happy, too!

A Health-Conscious Bride

While most brides tend to go for more traditional dresses, there are those who are looking for something a little bit more unique. This interesting wedding gown strongly resembles a pineapple. It’s ideal for the wedding of a pineapple farmer who still wants to look classy at her ceremony.

Girl in a funny wedding dress
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But, realistically, how many pineapple farmers are out there and getting married any time soon? There is a lot going on with her, and it’s a lot to process. We can also tell that it’s uncomfortable from her pained expression as she struts down the catwalk. It turns out we’re allergic to pineapple…

Gold Isn’t Always a Winner

After seeing this picture, we have a lot of questions to work through. Let’s start with the saddest part of the whole thing: why does this bride appear so unhappy? Maybe she’s just attempting to stand still so that guests mistake her for an Oscar statue.

Girl in a gold wedding dress
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Or perhaps she’s keeping her face super still so that the light will reflect off her dress instead. Or maybe she just regrets the purchase. Either way, the dress is a disaster by all standards. It looks like it was made out of cheap gold foil, and it’s tough to look at. No thanks!

Ring Once for No, Twice for Absolutely Not

We are having a hard time trying to figure out what the designer was going for or what their inspiration for this look was. Are those meant to be bells? Cups? Buds of a flower? Whatever they are, they’re incredibly distracting, and we think there are way too many of them.

Ring Once for No, Twice for Absolutely Not
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This dress might be considered a high fashion creation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a popular choice. Sure, it might be a retro cut and design to wear down the aisle, but this style just isn’t ringing our “bell” of approval.

A Hat Can’t Save This Dress

Comfort is an important aspect of any dress, but sometimes fashion makes strange decisions to just ignore that. Odds are good that you wouldn’t feel very comfortable going down the aisle wearing this; with sleeves that puff out until they hit her wrists, it looks like she has to keep her hands in a certain position.

A girl wearing a funny wedding dress
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Just for the briefest of moments, the hat on her head caught our eye. But that moment came and went faster than this model was able to make it to the end of the runway. The whole thing is just unfortunate to look at.

Feline the Wedding Day Jitters

This bride attempted to make her ceremony have a special cat theme, but unfortunately, it didn’t turn out so well in real life. Instead of channeling the grace of felines, it just looks like she’s wearing a regular wedding gown with a silhouette of a cat randomly placed on the front.

A woman wearing a wedding dress
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She most likely loves cats and wanted to honor them on her wedding day, but was it worth this monstrosity of a dress? We hope she doesn’t end up regretting this when she looks back at her wedding day pictures a couple of years later.

Romanichal Flashy Wedding Gowns

So what is the reason that the American and European gypsies choose such flashy, big, and tacky gowns for their wedding ceremonies? If you have ever watched TLC and kept up with episodes of their hit reality show “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” you’ll learn that it can be a pretty competitive wedding culture.

Funny wedding dress
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Who wore the biggest, brightest, or most unique dress is huge in the community. Romanichal Gypsies get married at a very young age, which could certainly be why some of their wedding gown choices look really similar to prom dresses.

Snow White and the Horrible Dress

If the shiny blue fabric and lace trim weren’t enough, this bride also donned a blue headpiece over her hairstyle to add a little “something,” though we have no clue what that something is. This outfit is an overloaded combo of a lace, frilly, floor-length gown, and an ’80s blue taffeta, puffy sleeve, shorter dress.

Women wearing a funny wedding dress
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It seems like this dress was inspired by Snow White’s blue dress, but it obviously missed the mark. If you are looking to get married but also want to look more like you’re attending a Halloween costume party, this is the ideal dress for you.

The Bride and the Technicolor Light Dress

Some brides can’t wait to be the center of attention on their big day, but then there’s this dress! Having a lengthy train or brightly colored fabric just wasn’t enough for this bride. She decided to go with LED lights that cascade out; she must have been trying to channel a peacock with her hair that tone.

The Bride and the Technicolor Light Dress
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So many colors, so many questions about why this was her vision. When we take a glance away from her dress to her accessories, we can only imagine that it was a hassle walking down the aisle and dancing at her reception!

Going Camping or Getting Married?

Making a “fake tent” from a wedding dress is the kind of challenge that’s only saved for designers who will likely never wear it. Similar to this dress, whoever designed it wanted to develop a gown that would, quite literally, be a standalone place!

Going Camping or Getting Married?
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And this tent accessory certainly accomplishes that. It makes such a statement that you could probably camp in it with your whole family! There are even people that actually have to use long rods to hold up their headpiece because it is too high for them to reach with just their arms.

Cover Up, but Make It Fashion

Modesty has always been a part of society, especially back in the early 20th century when it directed correlated to one’s social standing. Depending on where in the world you’re looking today, it’s still just as important. This bride has managed to find the perfect mix of modest and modern.

women in a wedding dress
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The key areas for coverage are the shoulders, cleavage, and collarbones. This dress hits all of those points! Not only did she find a hijab in a gorgeous white color, but it pairs so well with her gown and veil. How could we say anything besides yes to this dress?!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat

We love the idea of secondhand fashion, but this seems more like fourth or fifth hand. We’re pretty grossed out. And a little confused. This is tough to look at. But hey, what the bride wants, she gets, right? Dressed completely in what resembles junkyard scraps, there’s has to be a reason behind this decision.

Women in a funny wedding dress
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We just might need a couple of minutes to figure out what it is. The undisputed best part of this dress is that it certainly isn’t fast fashion. Her husband doesn’t appear to mind at all with his matching trash tux. A truly fitting pair!

Sweet Bride With a Sweet Tooth

This bride is looking pretty tasty in her white chocolate dress! That’s right; your eyes are not deceiving you… some chocolatiers worked for hours on end to make hundreds, if not thousands of chocolate curls to decorate the wedding dress.

Women in a funny wedding dress
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But let’s not forget the fine chocolate work on the bodice of the gown – complicated corset detail makes this a moving art installation! It appears that the wedding dessert is figured out – but we’re convinced that there’s magic involved for this gown to last through her big day. Which begs the question, how did she sit during the reception?

Cup-pletely Loving Her Gown

Major credit for the creative idea and execution. Made completely out of cups that look like they’re from a game of beer pong, we’re not entirely sure if this is an actual bride or the result of way too many drinks being drunk the night before.

Women wearing a wedding dress made out of cups
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Whoever the mastermind behind this creation, there’s absolutely no way this was made while they were sober. But the attention to detail and the fit of the dress are still quite impressive! The only people pumped about this dress are environmentalists and frat boys. Now that sounds like a fun wedding.

That Wedding Day Glow

Call us crazy but isn’t it typically easy to pick out who the bride is in any wedding ceremony. Clearly, this bride wasn’t as confident and didn’t want to take any chances. Or maybe their wedding was rave themed. Now that sounds like a wild party!

That Wedding Day Glow
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This specific dress is hand-painted to glow beautifully when the lights turn off. But the print… We are all about creativity and pushing the limits, but this bride chose to wear a beetle-covered dress for her big day? At least she knows that no one will mistake her for a guest on the dancefloor.

Eyes on the Prize With Knees Tied

So, this bride must be a magician because we can’t think of any other explanation to explain how she is walking down the runway with her knees tied together like this. We’re not sure which designer considered this dress functional, but it kind of reminds us of a feather duster.

Monique Lhullier Bridal Collection
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When you look at the dress in two halves, the top half seems like it’d be attached to a beautiful wedding dress. But once you hit that strange knee tie, that’s when the whole thing falls apart. Maybe the bride who chose this dress likes a challenge?

Embracing the Bridal Glow

This bride will be making a shining statement down the aisle. It was a gamble to incorporate the fairy lights, but we think it works. The skirt isn’t overdone, and the neckline is tasteful, so overall it’s a really nice design. Despite the lights being a potential fire hazard, they definitely add something to the dress.

Embracing the Bridal Glow
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An added touch to light her up on her wedding day. We’re pretty sure she’s glowing from within, what with it being such a memorable day! Down the road, if she chooses to have children, the dress can be repurposed as an alternative fortress!

Not a Hair Out of Place

There are lots of brides who dream of their wedding day in the most enchanting, glamorous dress imaginable. And that dress isn’t always white and glittery with tons of beading. For this bride, she wanted a giant wig. But not just any wig, one that was multicolored and tiered.

women wearing a funny wedding dress
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Beginning with the bright red hair on her head, the bodice was put together with long strands of hair, apparently wrapped around the bride’s midsection! Then the skirt jumps right into a dark red before ending with a light blonde. Sort of majestic and strange. Hopefully, it’s fake hair!

Their Mating Call Was Answered

So, let’s begin with the shoes – everything is looking like a pretty standard wedding as far as we can see. When we get to their faces, though, we are frazzled. They look like they stopped by a kid’s birthday party for some face painting before their ceremony.

A couple in their wedding cloths
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Love makes you do crazy things, but this seems like a lot. Embracing quirks is what love’s all about. In the wild, we’re fairly confident that a tiger and a panda would not get along very well, but that’s not the case for this wild couple! They possess some strong animalistic magnetism.

Mullet Dress for a Country Bride

With the lacy umbrella and boots, this young embodies country charm. This bride wanted to rep her Southern roots, and boy did she. The top of this dress begins pretty nicely, a beautiful lace, high neck overlay. Then things begin to transition to cowgirl, as the ruffles make their presence known.

Women wearing a funny wedding dress
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A high-low hemline perfectly showcases a pair of bridal cowboy boots. We can’t forget to mention the multicolored tulle! In general, we’re not overly enthusiastic about the whole look. She does remind us of one of the brides in the comedy movie “27 Dresses,” though.

The Epitome of Loving Yourself

We love and support the notion that women are some of the most independent and strong creatures on the planet. In the last decade, women have become even more independent and embraced being with themselves. This person, for instance, doesn’t even need a partner to get married!

Women wearing a black and white wedding dress
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We are inspired by this outfit and the statement it stands for. As RuPaul said, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the h*ll you gonna love somebody else?” This person understood that and embarked on a self-love journey, complete with a half suit-half bridal dress ensemble to celebrate their true love – themself!

From Crumple to Couture

This gown is completely made out of aluminum foil and some rhinestones for a touch of sparkle, so this bride essentially guaranteed that her groom won’t ever lose sight of her. Everyone will be able to locate the bride during the entire reception!

Wedding dress
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To be honest, we’re not 100% positive if she’s a bride on her way to get married or if she’s just someone on Rodeo Drive, but regardless, this is certainly one of the most unconventional dressed on the list even though it’s made of aluminum. We can appreciate the imagination behind this design!

Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for Them!

Ahoy mateys, there’s a wedding up ahead for this rowdy captain! Looks like this pirate, most likely drunkenly, found himself a wife. This swashbuckling pair really committed to the whole themed wedding thing, and we can’t be mad about that.

A couple wearing their wedding cloths
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The bride is the perfect first mate with corsets, full circle skirts, boots made for journeys on the high seas, and a secret knife garter. And we can’t forget to mention the pirate’s hat! And surprisingly, this wedding took place on land before the couple set off to pillage together on their honeymoon!

Another Case of Camo

Can anybody spot the bride? This dress really makes a statement. With a long dress made from a fabric with what looks like dead foliage, we’re really considering what kind of bride would want this type of look for her big celebration.

couple wearing their wedding cloths
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The groom is allowed to rock a white t-shirt, jeans, and baseball hat look, but the bride actively chooses to wear a dress with dead leaves all over it. Sure, a few bright orange gerberas add some color and dimension to the dress, but we’re still not that impressed. At least her veil looks nice!