Pregnant Pit Bull Refuses to Give Birth, Then Something Unexpected Happens

When a pregnant pit bull named Storie was dropped off at a local animal shelter, the workers watched and waited. They expected to come in one day and see lots of puppies all over the kennel floor. But as the days went by, they saw that Storie just wasn’t giving birth! What was going on? Why wouldn’t this dog deliver her babies?

The pregnant pit bull named Storie.
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Well, the story only got stranger and more incredible from there. Two pit bull lovers visited the shelter and met up with Storie. They had no idea, but they were taking the first steps on a journey that would change their lives forever! Read on to learn more about this story of life or death risks, unbelievable surprises, and an ending you simply will not believe.

Pit Bull Lovers

Many people are frightened of Pit bulls. They worry that these dogs might be aggressive or even violent, but the truth is that Pit bulls are just as friendly and affectionate as any other dog out there. Mariesa and Chris absolutely adore Pit bulls. They adopted 10 of them together but still wanted to do more for these friendly pups.

Mariesa and Chris with Storie lying in the grass.
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So, one day, they decided to visit a local animal shelter. Even with all of their years of experience of dogs and Pit bulls, in particular, nothing could have prepared them for what happened and what they saw on that special day. It was a day that neither of them would ever forget!

Bonding Over A Shared Passion

There are two types of people in the world: animal lovers and non-animal lovers. Often, animal lovers can bond and connect over their shared appreciation of all things cute, furry, scaly, and feathered. That was the case for Mariesa and Chris, as well. They were both completely obsessed with dogs and had trouble dating before they met each other.

Mariesa and Chris in their yard with six of their dogs.
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In an interview with reporters, Mariesa revealed that she’d actually had to end multiple relationships in the past as her boyfriends just couldn’t cope with her love of dogs. Men couldn’t understand why she was such a big dog lover, and they didn’t like the idea of sharing their home with so many pups. Fortunately, Chris felt very differently.

Overcrowding Is A Big Problem

It’s a sad fact that there are countless dogs (and many other animals) out there without a home. A lot of them get neglected, abandoned, or even simply run away from home and never return as they aren’t microchipped. This means that rescue shelters and refuges take in an awful lot of animals each and every day.

A photograph of dogs behind gates at Pibbles and More Animal Rescue.
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This can lead to overcrowding, which is one of the biggest issues facing animal shelters today. Sadly, a lot of shelters just don’t have space and resources to cope with huge numbers of animals, and that’s why kill shelters exist, where dogs are put down if they don’t get adopted to make space for new arrivals.

More Than Meets The Eye

When Mariesa and Chris walked into the Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, they were astonished to see that many of the dogs there were Pit bulls. This is actually quite common at many shelters all across the country. It’s because many people wrongly believe that Pit bulls are quite aggressive due to their associations with dogfighting. This means that many states have even made it illegal to own Pit bulls!

Photograph of Storie behind metal bars.
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However, countless dog experts have stated that Pit bulls are just as friendly, loyal, and peaceful as other dogs. They just need the right training and a lot of love. The only reason dogs are ever violent is because they are abused, threatened, or have health problems. If you love a pit bull, it will love you right back. Chris and Mariesa know that better than anyone.

So Cute And Cuddly

Many people feel intimidated by Pit bulls. We can understand why. These dogs are strong and muscular. If they ever get angry, they can do damage, but there’s no real science or evidence that says Pit bulls are more aggressive or violent than any other dog breed out there.

Photo of a smiling pit bull leaning on someone's leg on the couch.
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They’re only dangerous if you mistreat them or harm them. In reality, many pit bull owners will tell you that their Pit bulls are the kindest, sweetest, cutest dogs around. They love cuddles and playtime, they never bite or growl, and they’re always happy to see you. Mariesa and Chris were about to meet a very special pit bull who would totally change their lives!

Visiting The Rescue

It’s always a good idea to visit a local animal shelter or rescue center if you’re thinking of getting a pet. There are countless dogs, cats, and other animals waiting in these places, alone and afraid, hoping for a friendly new owner to walk in and give them a forever home. Mariesa and Chris stepped into the shelter, as they had done many times in the past, and took a look around.

Photo of Mariesa petting a sweet dog at the shelter.
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They vowed to not let themselves get too attached to the dogs they saw and promised themselves they’d only adopt one dog, even if they fell in love with several. It was clearly going to be a tough day and a huge decision when they found the dog that felt right for them.

The Perfect Pregnant Dog

After looking around for a little while, Mariesa saw a dog she knew was just right for her and Chris. It was a female dog, and she immediately started wagging her tail and licking the couple’s hands as they approached. They also noticed something special about this dog in particular: she was pregnant!

Photo of Chris with Storie.
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She wasn’t just a little pregnant either. She was very heavily pregnant. Her belly was all swollen up and filled with puppies. This would be a huge responsibility for Chris and Mariesa, but when they looked into the pup’s eyes and saw how much she needed a home, they just couldn’t resist. But then something happened that made them wonder if they’d made the right call.

The Story Behind The Dog

So how had that pregnant dog ended up at the shelter in the first place? Well, Mariesa and Chris asked the shelter workers for more information and were heartbroken when they learned the full story of the poor pup. Her name was Storie, and she’d been used as a backyard breeder by a cruel owner who forced her to get pregnant many times and sold her puppies.

Chris is sitting in the kitchen petting Storie.
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Eventually, it seemed like the owner just couldn’t cope with all the puppies that Storie was having and decided to surrender her to the shelter. Mariesa and Chris felt so much love and care for Storie, but then the vet told them something that simply shocked them.

A Very Late Birth

The vet revealed something that Mariesa and Chris hadn’t been expecting: not only was Storie very heavily pregnant, but she was actually long overdue! Plus, the vet had no explanation for why. She should have already given birth a long time ago, but it seemed like she was holding her babies inside, waiting, and waiting for the right moment.

A pregnant Storie is walking in the backyard.
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Her belly was hugely swollen from all the little pups inside her, and the situation was becoming dangerous. The vet worried that if Storie didn’t give birth soon, she might be in grave danger. It was clearly a very precarious situation. Now that Mariesa and Chris knew the risks, what would they do? They had to act fast and make a decision very quickly.

Making The Call

It was time for Mariesa and Chris to make up their minds. They had vowed to only take one dog home, and technically, Storie was just one dog, but she was carrying around a bunch more of them inside her! Could Mariesa and Chris really cope with all those puppies? Was it the right decision?

Mariesa is sitting on the couch, telling her story.
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They hesitated, unsure what to do and want to make the right call, both for themselves and for Storie’s well-being. While they were trying to decide and discussing the issue, Storie walked up and put her head on Mariesa’s knee, looking up into her eyes lovingly. That was all Mariesa needed to make her mind up.

Chris Has An Idea

Mariesa had made her mind up. As soon as she saw Storie’s sad little eyes looking up at her, she fell in love with the friendly, affectionate pit bull and knew that she and Chris had to help her. They agreed with the shelter workers to adopt Storie and refused to leave her behind at the shelter. But how would they cope with all those puppies?

Mariesa is petting a happy Storie in her backyard.
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Chris and Mariesa already had 10 dogs at home. Adopting Storie and all her puppies would double the size of their pack! As the couple discussed the issue, Chris had an idea: Why not foster the puppies and give them a loving home while the rescue center workers tried to find homes for them?

What Was Wrong With Storie?

So what was actually going on with Storie? She’d been holding those puppies in her belly for so many months and still was refused to give birth and bring them out into the world. Mariesa and Chris had a lot of experience with dogs, but they’d never seen anything like it before.

Chris and Mariesa sitting on the couch, talking with hand gestures.
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They hoped that when they got Storie home, she’d settle down and give birth. However, they really started to worry about her holding off on having those puppies. They decided to research the issue online and see what they could find out. What they discovered shocked them to the core and made them terrified for Storie’s safety!

The Truth Behind The Pregnancy

As Mariesa and Chris were researching the possible causes behind Storie’s refusal to give birth, they started to learn how trauma and stress can play a role in the problem. They discovered that if pregnant animals feel stressed or traumatized, they may not give birth until very late as their bodies are affected by the stress, and they don’t want to bring their puppies into a dangerous situation.

Photograph of a cute pit bull behind bars.
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Many dogs can feel trauma and stress just from being in shelters. Even though rescue centers and shelters are mostly nice places that do great work to save lots of animal lives, the dogs themselves don’t understand all that. All they see are cages and bars.

Getting Worse Every Second

As Maries and Chris continued their research into Storie’s pregnancy problem, their worries and fears only grew larger. They started to realize that their beloved dog was in a truly dangerous situation! Not only was her own health at risk from carrying around those babies longer than necessary, but the pups were also at risk of dying too.

Storie is giving Mariesa a kiss outside of the vet's office.
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Chris and Mariesa continued to learn more and began to see just how risky the situation really was. They knew they needed to take action, as Storie was simply refusing to have her babies. It was a life or death situation, and the couple had to do something before it got any worse.

Shocking News From The Vet

Mariesa and Chris made up their minds: they had to get Storie to a vet as quickly as possible. There was just no other option available to them at that time. Their dog was in danger, and her puppies might die if they didn’t do something quickly. They called up their trusted vet and headed over with Storie.

Chris is speaking about the situation on his couch.
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The vet ran an ultrasound scan to find out what was going on inside the dog’s tummy. She shook her head at the results and couldn’t believe her eyes. She thought it had to be a mistake at first, but it wasn’t. Then it was time for Chris and Mariesa to hear the news.

Chris And Mariesa Prepare For The Worst

Chris and Mariesa could tell that something strange was going on. They waited anxiously for their vet to reveal the results of the scan. When they saw her face and the look of shock she was wearing, they started to stress out. It felt like something was majorly wrong with Storie, and they were desperate to hear the news but frightened of what it might be.

Storie is looking surprised and confused.
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The vet began to explain, showing them the results of the scan. She said that she’d discovered something completely unexpected inside Storie’s womb. She pointed out the shapes on the scan, showing Mariesa and Chris the outlines. They quickly realized that there weren’t six puppies inside Storie, after all. So what was really going on with their new dog?

A Lot More Than Six

It turned out that Storie didn’t have just six puppies inside her. She had more. A lot more. She didn’t just have seven, eight, nine, or even ten puppies growing in her belly. She had 18 of them! It’s not uncommon for dogs to have large litters, but 18 is simply enormous and three times more than the couple was expecting, based on what they’d been told be the rescue workers.

Photograph of their vet blurred out helping Storie.
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The news came as a major shock, as the vet showed Mariesa and Chris the results of the scan and slowly pointed out all 18 of the pups inside their dog’s womb. Taking on six puppies is already a massive thing, but 18? How would they cope with all of that? How would they possibly be able to care for all those new lives?

Time To Go Back Home

Mariesa and Chris were shocked by the news and couldn’t believe what the vet had told them. 18 puppies, all were waiting to come out into the world. They were completely overwhelmed by the very idea of it all, and they were worried about Storie too. Would she be okay giving birth to all those baby dogs?

Photo of Storie with her tongue out in the backyard.
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The vet felt that even though Storie had been delaying the birth, it was about to arrive. She sent Mariesa, Chris, and Storie home and told them that she expected the puppies to arrive within the following day or two. She said that if Storie didn’t go into labor within 48 hours, they’d have to bring her back for more treatment.

A Constant State Of Stress

Mariesa and Chris are lifelong animal lovers. For them, their dogs are part of the family. Storie was the newest member of the family, and they cherished her dearly. Naturally, they were very worried about her well-being. They stressed and panicked all the way home, worrying and fretting about all the possible things that could go wrong.

Photo of Storie in the sun.
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They loved their new dog and desperately wanted everything to work out okay, but it seemed like there were so many risks! Their dog was clearly in danger. Plus, she had 18 puppies that were all at risk, as well. Both of the owners felt terrible for their pit bull, and that’s when Mariesa came up with a smart idea.

Preparing A Cozy Space

Mariesa wanted to do something to ease her dog’s discomfort and try to provide a safe and cozy space for Storie to give birth. She decided to create a little haven in the family home. When they got back from seeing the vet, she immediately got to work. She started clearing out one of the bedrooms and then filling it with soft and comfortable things.

Photo of Chris and Storie in bed.
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She put blankets, pillows, and other cozy items in there to make it as welcoming, warm, and soft for Storie as possible. She hoped that Storie would at least be able to feel peaceful and safe in there. Once she was done, she and Chris let Storie inside and left her there to sleep. Little did they know that a miracle was about to happen in their very own home.

Say Hi To The Pups

Mariesa and Chris didn’t sleep easy that night. They were both so stressed and worried about their poor dog. They kept thinking about what the vet had told them. They thought of how much pain and discomfort Storie must be in, with all those pups inside her. They fretted about how painful and dangerous the birth might be.

A photograph of all of the puppies, black, dark brown, and white.
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When they finally decided to get up in the morning, the first thing they wanted to do was go and check on Storie. They headed over to the bedroom and opened the door. They expected to see Storie wagging her tail to greet them. Instead, they saw a new mom and her 18 gorgeous little pups! It turned out that Storie had successfully given birth to every single baby during the night.

The Real Reason She Waited

It was only after seeing all those puppies that Chris and Mariesa began to understand what had happened. It turned out that Storie had been delaying the birth because she felt stressed out at the rescue shelter. She was hoping and waiting for a forever home, somewhere safe and warm, where she could peacefully give birth.

Two of the puppies playing in the grass.
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It was almost like she knew all along that her happy home wasn’t too far away, so she decided to hold off until she could have that safe space to bring her babies into the world. As soon as she got into that cozy, lovely bedroom that Mariesa made for her, Storie felt protected and loved. Her stress levels dropped, and her body did what it needed to do.

A Genuine Miracle

It was a true miracle! During her time in the shelter, Storie had just been biding her time. Meanwhile, all the workers, vets, and animal experts that visited had no idea what was going on. Nobody could understand why she hadn’t given birth, and nobody knew when they were finally going to see all those puppies.

Photograph of a lot of small puppies in between Chris’s legs.
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We often consider ourselves to be so much smarter than animals. However, this story shows that many animals have a bit of a ‘sixth sense.’ They know things we don’t. Storie knew that she couldn’t give birth until she felt like she was somewhere safe where her pups would be treated with care. That’s why she waited all that time. And thanks to her new owners, she was finally able to welcome her 18 pups into the world.

Everyone Falls In Love With The Puppies

The first couple of weeks of the puppies’ lives were simply wonderful. Chris and Mariesa watched with glee as the pups slowly started to grow, opening their eyes for the first time, moving around, drinking their mom’s milk, and growing stronger each day.

Photograph of the puppies laying on a fuzzy blanket.
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Before long, they were hoping and playing in the yard, all together as a happy family. Storie had a lovely time playing with her pups, too, but the situation couldn’t last forever. The couple had agreed to be foster parents for the pups while the rescue center helped them find homes forever. And it didn’t take long for the adoption requests to start flooding in. As soon as people saw photos of the puppies, they fell in love with them.

Forever Homes For Everyone

The couple couldn’t believe how quickly the adoption requests began to stack up! People love puppies, after all, and these pit bull pups were super cute and totally irresistible. By the time they reached the age of just 10 weeks, every single pup had been adopted by a happy family.

Photograph of Mariesa holding two puppies in their backyard.
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They all found great homes and will hopefully live with their owners for the rest of their lives. Naturally, Chris and Mariesa were a little sad to see their adorable puppies depart, but they knew it was for the best. But how about Storie? Was she going to end up in a new home too? Well, the way her story turned out might surprise you.

A Happy Ending For Storie

Even though Chris and Mariesa adored Storie, they only agreed to foster her to give her a safe and happy home while she had the babies. They never really intended to keep her for longer than that, as they already had 10 Pit bulls of their own to look after permanently. So, the rescue workers also began sending out photos and details on Storie.

Photograph of Storie standing and leaning on Chris and kissing his nose.
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One man was just amazed at what the brave dog had gone through, keeping all those puppies inside her and then finally giving birth. He knew he had to meet Storie and see if they had a connection in real life. They did! They shared an instant bond, and the guy took Storie home. He had her spayed too, ensuring that she’d never had to cope with another pregnancy.

A Loving Mother To The End

Even though Storie couldn’t possibly stay with all 18 of her pups for their whole lives, she proved to be a wonderful mother. It must have been so tiring for her to carry them around in her belly for so long. She’d gone through a lot, and the birth had to be very difficult and painful too.

Photograph of Storie leaning her head over the side of her bed with the puppies tucked away safely.
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However, even after going through all of that, Storie proved to be so loving and kind. Chris and Mariesa watched as she nursed and cleaned every single one of her pups. Even when she was completely exhausted, she never stopped caring for them and did so until the day they left. She was a true angel!

19 Lives Were Saved

It’s fair to say that Chris and Mariesa, along with the rescue workers and the kind people who adopted the dogs after the birth, all helped to save 19 canine lives! All 18 of Storie’s pups are in their own new homes and doing great. Their owners love them, take them for walks, play with them each day, and give them lots of tasty treats as well.

Photograph of the puppies eating and laying around on Storie, outside on a fuzzy blanket in the grass.
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Storie, meanwhile, is also in a happy home. If Chris and Mariesa hadn’t been willing to take a chance on her, who knows how this story might have turned out? Storie’s stress would likely have delayed the birth even more, potentially putting her life and the lives of her little ones at risk.

Shelters Need Our Support

Storie’s story is an inspiring one. We’re so glad it had a happy ending. However, it’s important to never forget that she’s not the only dog who ended up in a shelter. There are literally millions of dogs (and cats and other animals too) without happy homes. They’re all sitting in shelter cages right now, hoping to be taken home and given the love and care they deserve.

A photograph of Storie and her puppies in her bed while she leans out and cuddles Chris.
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Shelter workers do so much and work tirelessly for their animals, but they need our support. Even if you can’t donate or adopt a pet permanently, you can help. You can choose to become a foster parent for the dogs, just like Chris and Mariesa did. This means you look after dogs until they’re ready to be adopted.