‘Ordinary’ Thrift Store Items That Ended Up Being Worth Thousands

We’ve all heard the stories about someone finding a random item at a garage sale or in a thrift store that ends up being worth a fortune. You would think that’s the sort of thing that only happens in episodes of ‘American Pickers.’ Right? Well, apparently not.

On rare occasions, people can and do stumble upon loads of cash without realizing it. Just take this thrift store finds as an example. The people who bought them didn’t realize how much they were really worth until now…

1. NASA Spacesuits for 20 cents!

When students Skyer Ashworth and Talia Rappa were looking through some clothes at a thrift shop in Florida, they couldn’t help but notice six NASA spacesuits.

Source: Boredom Therapy

They bought the suits for a mere 20 cents each! And guess what? They discovered later that they were actually worth much more: $5,000 per suit! Why? Because they were original 1980s-era space suits!

2. A Picasso Poster for $14?

Zachary Bodish was instantly drawn to this reproduction Picasso poster when he saw it at a thrift store near Columbus, Ohio. He decided to buy it for $14. But not long after, he discovered that it wasn’t a replica at all.

Source: Money Versed

It was a linocut made by Picasso himself! He eventually sold it to a private buyer for $7,000

3. A Secret Velvet Underground Album

Vinyl collector Warren Hill always kept his eyes open for rare records selling at New York City street sales, but he never had much luck.

Source: Complete Set

That is until he stumbled upon a Velvet Underground test-pressing that was intended to be seen by the record label and the distributor alone. He later sold it on eBay for a whopping $25,000!

4. Collector’s Nintendo Game

Jennifer Thompson bought the Nintendo game Stadium Events from a thrift store in North Carolina for just $8.

Source: Amazon

Little did she know that this specific game was highly sought-after by collectors. She couldn’t believe it when someone purchased it from her for $25,000!

5. A Foldable Couch

A German student came home with a $215 foldable couch she had bought at a flea market, only to have a painting fall from out from its crease.

Source: Revolvy

The painting was actually rare, having been created between 1605 and 1620 by an unknown artist. It depicted Italian master Carlo Saraceni. Despite the unknown artist, it eventually auctioned for $27,630!