Kicking Butt and Taking Names: Real-Life Superheroes

Many people have had dreams of becoming a superhero at some point in their lives. Having extraordinary strength, the ability to fly, or super speed would make life so much easier. While we know that is just the stuff of comic books and movies, a group of people saw the need for someone super.

Samael / Dangerman and Stan Lee / Superhero group shot / Captain Australia
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There are people who dress up in costumes and fight crime to protect their neighborhoods and the less fortunate. They come from all walks of life and live all around the world, but they have one common goal: to do good in their communities. They could be fighting crime right around the corner from you.

The Black Rat

While it might sound like the perfect super villain’s name, the Black Rat is a real-life superhero in Sydney, Australia. He dresses in black to blend in with the shadows and claims his suit is resistant to knife attacks. He also has a “Rat-Pack,” containing tools like a fire extinguisher, blanket, and first-aid kit.

A photo of the Black Rat.
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His goal is to help those in need, but the Black Rat tries to stay out of trouble. While he is said to be trained in martial arts, he refrains from using his skills and prefers to call the police if there is trouble. His phone is his most valuable tool.

Redbud Woman/ Beijing Bauhinia

Forget about Wonder Woman because Redbud Woman is on the streets fighting real crime. Redbud Woman, sometimes known as the Beijing Bauhinia, is one of the only masked heroes in Asia. She has been spotted helping people in Beijing who need it the most. However, she does it all while looking beautiful.

Redbud Woman poses for a portrait / Redbud Woman help a homeless man.
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Donning a skin-tight black catsuit, blue mask, and flowing cape, her acts of kindness typically coincide with the holiday season. She gives out coats and food to the homeless and spreads winter cheer. Redbud Woman gained public attention from her microblog, but she hasn’t been seen in a few years.

The Statesman

He might be called the Statesman, but this superhero is from the UK. The Birmingham native is a banker by day and crime-fighter by night. He is a cross between the Comedian and Captain Britain with his black mask and Union Jack shirt. The Statesman gained fame after dubbing himself the “real-life Kick-A**.”

The Statesman stands on a rooftop.
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He has reportedly stopped robberies and drug deals. The Statesman comes prepared with a notebook, flashlight, and first aid kit. He can hold his own in a fight because he started boxing at age 11. He might be able to battle, but shining his flashlight in a criminal’s face usually scares them away.


As the first Italian superhero, Entomo is sometimes called the Insect Man. He fights crime and vandalism and advocates for saving the environment. He was first spotted on the streets in 2007, but he had been around since 2003. He is still actively protecting his community and formed a team.

Entomo poses in his superhero gear.
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Entomo started Theta Force as his own version of the Avengers. He has given several interviews and allowed a camera crew to follow him on a night of patrol. He wears a black and green outfit with a symbol that means “broken time.” Entomo doesn’t carry weapons, but he is trained in Krav Maga.

Urban Avenger

The Urban Avenger is one of the many heroes based in the US. He fights lawbreakers in San Diego as a member of the Xtreme Justice League. After seeing Kick-A**, the Urban Avenger was inspired to become a superhero, and he was also the victim of a crime.

Urban Avenger poses for a picture.
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He wears spring-loaded shoes that extend his height to 6’8”. His evolving costume usually includes a gas mask and red armored top. However, the Urban Avenger wants to look more like “a cyborg.” His powers involve jumping four feet and running at high speeds.


First appearing on the scene in 2014, Seven is another Italian crime-fighter who dons a black and white mask. His name stems from the Seven Deadly Sins that he wants to eradicate. Seven patrols the streets searching for drug dealers and abusers.

Seven crouches on the ground.
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He tries to warn the police of any trouble, but Seven is trained in kickboxing and Krav Maga to handle himself in a fight. However, he also carries several weapons, including polycarbonate fighting sticks. He even has a catchphrase: “I am Seven, and I am the law.”

Knight Warrior

Knight Warrior is one of the youngest heroes; he started fighting crime in 2011 when he was 19. The UK-based crime-fighter works as a gardener during the day and teams up with his wife to stop bad guys at night.

Knight Warrior fist bumps the camera.
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He might not have any special skills, but Knight Warrior has a “supernatural desire to make the world a better place.” He claims his costume is enough to scare criminals away. Knight Warrior tried to run for mayor of his town but failed to raise enough money.

Mr. Xtreme

Mr. Xtreme founded the San Diego crime-fighting group Xtreme Justice League, and he is one of the more famous heroes. He is a hero in and out of his costume because he is a security guard by day and a superhero by night.

Mr. Xtreme walks down the street.
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He taught himself Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to protect those in need. Mr. Xtreme grew up in an abusive household and was the victim of violent crimes. Therefore, he wants to protect people from what he experienced. Somehow his identity has remained a secret.


Inspired by the Luchador Wrestler El Santo, Superbarrio is a Mexican superhero. He is one of the first known superheroes, and he prefers to use his image to organize protests, rallies, and petitions. Superbarrio was first created in 1987 to fight for affordable housing.

Superbarrio poses on a rooftop.
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Unfortunately, Superbarrio hasn’t been seen in over a decade. His real identity has never been revealed, but his character is in many books, documentaries, and films. He might have quietly retired from fighting crime because of his age. We hope Superbarrio is doing well.

Master Legend

The next time you are in Orlando, Florida, keep an eye out for Master Legend. He is a superhero with a big personality and an even larger heart. Master Legend co-founded the crime-fighting team known as Team Justice, but he started helping others at age 16.

Master Legend poses on a rooftop.
Source: YouTube

Master Legend is known for giving out water to the homeless on a hot day, running toy drives for local hospitals, and helping the elderly. He became well-known after being featured in a Rolling Stone article about the rising superhero culture in America.

Captain Australia

As you might have guessed, Captain Australia is an Australian superhero who first started his crime-fighting escapades in 2009. He has a YouTube channel and a website for people to learn about his goal to make people’s lives better and safer.

A photo of Captain Australia.
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Captain Australia is a stay-at-home dad when he isn’t stopping criminals. He wears a utility belt, mobile phone, and flashlight to defend himself. He patrols his neighborhood and demonstrates a high level of moral excellence. Captain Australia hopes to set an example for his community.

Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian is a superhero like no other because he has his own superhero academy. He also doesn’t hide his identity behind a mask. When he is not dressed as Dark Guardian, most people know him as Chris Pollak. He teaches self-defense to children and shares heroic ideas and values.

Dark Guardian poses in washington square park.
Photo by Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times

He teaches children how to deal with bullies and help their communities. Dark Guardian was inspired to help others after his best friend’s mom died. He patrols the streets of New York with a team of superheroes.

Shadow Hare

Donning a black suit and mask, Shadow Hare patrols the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. With handcuffs, mace, and a taser for protection, he is also trained in karate and mixed martial arts. Shadow Hare announces himself by stating, “I see the shadows of shadows.”

Shadow Hare rides a segway.
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He hangs out at public events to protect people from danger. Shadow Hare is a member of the Allegiance of Heroes, and he is known to go to other cities to help other heroes out. He has suffered many injuries, including dislocating his shoulder while stopping a robbery.

Phoenix Jones

As one of the most famous real-life superheroes in the world, Phoenix Jones is an MMA fighter. He started out with a ski mask, and his costume evolved to a black and gold super suit. He claims to have made around 130 arrests during his career.

Phoenix Jones on the street at night.
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Phoenix Jones was inspired to help others after his car was broken into and his son got injured. There were multiple witnesses, but no one helped. Therefore, Phoenix wanted to prevent that from happening to someone else. Sometimes he takes his crime-fighting too far.

Captain Ozone

Captain Ozone is different than other heroes because he isn’t interested in fighting crime. His goal is to protect the environment. He claims to be from the year 2039, and he was first spotted in 1989. Captain Ozone is sometimes considered “the father” of the real-life superhero movement.

Captain Ozone poses in the woods.
Source: YouTube

He says he can time travel. Captain Ozone’s original goal was to stop the oil barons from destroying the planet. He is like the Terminator, but he wants to save the world. His efforts focus on promoting clean energy, protecting endangered species, and educating people about the environment.

Lion Heart

As the hero of Liberia in Africa, Lion Heart is a superhero like no other. Rather than stopping local crimes or helping the homeless, Lion Heart wants to help change countries and communities. After growing up in a nation torn apart by war and civil unrest, he wanted to make a difference.

An interview with Lion Heart
Source: YouTube

Lion Heart was separated from his family at a young age and vowed to improve his country if he ever made it home. His mission is to educate villagers about the dangers of dirty water and improve their lives.

Dex Laserskater

Rolling around the streets of Helsinki, Finland, Dex Laserskater wants to do as many good deeds as possible. Unlike other heroes, he doesn’t try to fight crime or stop drug dealers; he does simpler things. Dex resembles the short-lived comic character, Skateman.

Dex Laserskater stands in a public place on his rollersaktes.
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The rollerblading superhero helps tourists, tips waiters, helps the homeless, and returns lost items to their rightful owners. He might not want to save the world, but Dex is making Helsinki a happier and more welcoming place, one good deed at a time.


Instead of taking the typical approach to fighting crime, Terrifica sets her sights on a larger goal. She wants to protect drunken women from being taken advantage of. Terrifica patrols bars and clubs in New York City, looking for women who have had too much to drink.

Terrifica poses in the woods.
Source: Tumblr

She wants to stop women who might not be in the right mindset from making bad decisions with men. Although Terrifica is now retired, she is still well-known in New York. She even has an arch-nemesis, Fantastico, a player whom she defeated multiple times.


He might be a man of few words, but that doesn’t affect Geist’s ability to help the people in need in his community. He has closely protected his identity, claiming that only one of his friends knows he’s a superhero. He has rejected the crime-fighting brand associated with heroes.

Geist prepares to attack.
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Instead, Geist focuses on helping the homeless, victims of abuse and tragedy, and other charities. Between handing out supplies to the less fortunate, taking treats and food to local shelters, and visiting children’s hospitals, he is humble about his good deeds.


After being told by a police officer that the homeless “only have death to look forward to,” Thanatos decided to take to the streets and help the people in need. He put on a mask and costume and created a superhero identity to patrol Vancouver.

Thanatos stands in a gravyard.
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Although he is much older than many of the heroes on the list, that hasn’t stopped him from giving back to his community. Thanatos refuses to sit idly by while people are in need and hopes to make a difference in people’s lives.

Purple Reign

At one point in her life, Purple Reign was the victim of domestic abuse. After suffering at the hands of someone else, she decided that no one should have to experience that, so she created a superhero persona. Purple Reign hopes to bring more awareness to the cause.

Purple Reign stands in an allway.
Source: Tumblr

She was formerly married to Phoenix Jones, but their relationship didn’t work out. Purple Reign now has a crush on the Renegade, another real-life superhero in the UK. She dons a metallic purple and black suit with a purple mask to help those in need.

The Bromley Batman

Sometimes known as the Shadow, the Bromley Batman was featured in several UK newspapers around 2015. The masked hero was tired of seeing news crime stories on the news, so he took matters into his own hands. However, he should watch out for DC comics.

The Bromley Batman jumps off a bridge.
Source: Twitter

Although his identity remains a secret, the police know his superhero alter-ego. The Bromley Batman gave an interview to the London Evening Standard and described himself as “younger than 50 but older than 25.” People who have seen him in action said he has a beard.


The Weymouth Renegade, known simply as Ninja (or Ken Andre to his friends), is a father of two who claims to have been a ninja in his past life. As an army veteran, Ninja studied martial arts for over 25 years. Fighting crime is one of his many duties.

Ninja trains in the park.
Source: YouTube

While he is trained to fight, Ninja usually spends his time talking to people struggling with their mental health and thinking about doing something regrettable. He once talked someone down from a ledge.


Instead of fighting crime, Ragensi is more of a ghostbuster. He is an Ayn Rand enthusiast and believes there is a link between issues often ridiculed as science fiction. Ragensi is not the typical superhero because he investigates UFOs, paranormal activity, and unusual sounds.

Ragensi poses for a portrait.
Source: Reddit

Ragensi has a Facebook page with the description, “Paranormal Investigator and Masked Adventurer Extraordinaire.” He is definitely not like the other superheroes on the list, but Ragensi is quite popular with the many clients who have benefitted from his work. He helps people in different ways than crime fighters.


Her name might have NY in it, but Nyx is fighting crime on the streets of New Jersey. Donning striped leggings and a fishnet mask, Nyx watches from the shadows. She prefers to call the police instead of interjecting herself into the situation.

A portrait of Nyx.
Source: Reddit

Nyx spends most of her time helping homeless people in her hometown. Since she was 16, Nyx has been interested in becoming a superhero and wants to see more women join the community of heroes. While she is a hero to others, Nyx’s mom is her hero.


He might have danger in his name, but Dangerman primarily focuses on helping with public service. Roger Tinsley created Dangerman in 1998 after years of owning and operating one of the largest security firms in Denver. For over 15 years, he provided security for various celebrities.

Dangerman poses with Stan Lee.
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As Dangerman, Tinsley travels the country, spreading hope to children in under-served communities because he grew up in Detroit. His character was so well-known that Dangerman was part of Stan Lee’s Academy of Heroes on YouTube. It helped him take his mission to the next level.

Polar Man

Fighting crime might be noble, but Polar Man is the kind of hero everyone needs in the winter. He is a Canadian superhero known for shoveling people’s driveways after it snows. Polar Man also cleans up playgrounds for children in the summer.

Polar Man poses aop of a mountain.
Source: Fidning True North

He got his superhero name from children in southern Canada. He might not have any “powers” or special skills, but Polar Man tries to help anyone in need. Everyone in the neighborhood knows who he is because he is always around whenever anyone needs assistance.

Vigilante Spider

While most superheroes stay away from the word “vigilante” because it is a derogatory term, this superhero put the word right in his name. Since high school, Vigilante Spider has been fighting crime in and out of costume. However, his tactics have changed over the years.

Vigilante Spider poses at home.
Source: Twitter

Vigilante Spider appeared in the 2011 documentary called Superhero with fellow members of the Xtreme Justice League. He also appeared on an episode of Beyond Geek. He had a long stint with the Xtreme Justin League in San Diego but moved to Texas to start his own group.


His name might sound like he is fighting against the good guys, but Anti-Hero is on the right side of the law. He has been trying to stop those who want to “do evil” and “make money off being bad people.” He fights crime in Arkansas.

Masked vigilantes walk down the streets.
Source: Los Angeles Times

He gave himself the name Anti-Hero because he “hates people.” If someone really hated people, it seems odd that they would try to help those in need. Anti-Hero says he is a superhero because he understands that there is good to be done.

Bee Sting

While most heroes have been on the right side of the law, Bee Sting has run into serious trouble. In 2012, he was arrested after his shotgun misfired during a struggle with someone. He served 102 days in jail and received two years of probation.

Bee Sting crouches down for a picture.
Source: YouTube

After serving his time, Bee Sting started The Armor of Light Ministry to help the homeless in Detroit. He has worked hard to make a significant difference in under-served communities. Bee Sting and other heroes have bold crime-fighting plans and hold events to raise awareness.

Crimson Canuck

The Canadian superhero Crimson Canuck joined the Canadian Armed Forces. However, he found himself getting into too much trouble for being outspoken, so he retired and created a superhero identity. He found out about the real-life superhero community through a documentary.

Crimson Canuck poses on the waterfront.
Source: YouTube

Crimson Canuck teamed up with a local comic bookstore to raise money so he could help more people in need. He also worked with a local artist to create a comic book. All the comic book sales benefited one of Crimson Canuck’s charities.

Flying Fox

As one half of Melbourne’s superhero team The Fauna Fighters, Flying Fox has worked tirelessly fighting against animal cruelty. She has participated in several protests and supports many animal rights groups. Flying Fox got a fur retailer to pull their unethical clothing from their stores.

 A phot of Flying Fox.
Source: Facebook

Flying Fox has been spotted at several urban and nature reserve clean-ups to make communities better for the residents. Her alter-ego was inspired by DC comic characters like Batman and Catwoman. To further her cause, Flying Fox is also a practicing vegan.

Knight Owl

Growing up, Knight Owl was a fan of comic books. When he became an EMT as an adult, it inspired him to create a superhero personality. Knight Owl once responded to a call for a woman drowning and performed CPR on her. Sadly, the woman passed away two weeks later.

Knight Owl poses for a portrait.
Source: Reddit

Knight Owl went to meet the woman’s family, which reminded him why he wanted to help people. He focuses on community outreach, fundraising, and helping the homeless. He hopes to assist anyone in need in his neighborhood.


After watching a documentary about real-life superheroes, Samael started contacting local hero groups across the country. He had a hard time finding a group to accept him until he found the Xtreme Justice League. Samael first patrolled with Geist and other heroes.

Samael stands in a coming book store.
Source: Twitter

Samael mainly works by himself to stop crimes, help the homeless, and improve his community. He attended the University of Iowa, where he tried to protect vulnerable people around the campus. Samael dons a red and blue mask to represent good and evil.

Patch Work

Patch Work was an active superhero in the Chicago area since 2007. He enjoyed working with little to no money but still tried to help as many people as possible. Patch Work was a member of several superhero teams to stop crime and fight poverty.

A photo of Patch Work.
Source: YouTube

He donned a black hat with a tattered mask that looked like it was made from patches of clothing. Patch Work didn’t care what other people thought of him because he just wanted to make his community a better place. Sadly, he passed away from unknown causes.

Mr. Silent

If he approached us on the street, we would assume Mr. Silent was a criminal. However, he tried to stop crime in Indianapolis. Mr. Silent was known for fighting off muggers and preventing violent crimes. He had a good relationship with the media and local police.

Mr. Silent points his cane at the camera.
Source: Tumblr

Mr. Silent was a member of the Justice Society but hasn’t been seen in years. Therefore, most people assume he retired from his superhero days. He was a man of few words, which explains his alter-ego name. It also must have been hard to talk with his silver mask.


Known as the real-life Bruce Wayne, Ivan Wilzig is a billionaire philanthropist with a superhero alter-ego. The Peaceman persona was created as the face of Wilzig’s non-profit organization, The Peaceman Foundation. He also released an album called “I am Peaceman.”

Peaceman arrives at an event.
Photo by ADRIEL REBOH/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

He attempted to appear on Stan Lee’s Who Wants to Be a Superhero but was too late to audition for the first season in 2006. When Wilzig auditioned the following year, he was told that all his trademarks would belong to NBC and SyFy. Instead, he rebranded to be Mr. Mitzvah.

Citizen Prime

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Citizen Prime focused on inspiring others to do their civic duty during his superhero days. He would wear his costume to school visits, neighborhood cleanups, protests, and more. Citizen Prime was popular with the local media too.

A portrait of Citizen Prime
Source: Reddit

In 2009, Citizen Prime retired and wrote a farewell letter to his followers. He wanted to focus more on his children and family but enjoyed spreading his message of hope and peace. Citizen Prime wanted people to continue making the community a brighter place after he retired.


Based on his name, Empathy cares deeply for those around him. He helped make his community better in small but significant ways. He thinks it is essential to focus on the safety and beauty of the world. Empathy created his character after complaining that people weren’t getting help.

A group shot of different vigilantes.
Source: Tumblr

After an almost fatal stabbing in 2014, Empathy started working in secret. The once outgoing and energetic hero began retreating from the public eye. While he continues to discourage law-breaking, Empathy focuses on community outreach and providing supplies for the less fortunate.