Uses for Coconut Oil You Should Know

In recent years, coconut oil has gained popularity for being the most versatile oil out there. So, what can’t coconut oil be used for or better yet, what can coconut oil be used for? Well, pretty much, everything. Whether it comes to beauty, cooking, or weight loss, coconut oil is the answer.

Natural coconut oil for body and hair care. Spa composition.

It’s an oil solely based on harvested coconuts, which means it is non-toxic and one-hundred percent natural. Besides its tropical scent and neutral flavor, coconut oil is an all-around product that should be in everyone’s kitchen cabinet.


When people think of coconut oil, they instantly compare it to other cooking oils, like olive or canola oil but what they don’t know is that the two are very different.

Bulletproof coffee, it's a coffee blended with butter or coconut oil

Since coconut oil is high in saturated fat, it doesn’t oxidize easily in high-heat cooking methods, which is good for frying. Its long shelf life and dense texture make it the perfect cooking oil.