Hilarious Tattoo Fails That Made These People Regret Their Decision

Tattoos are a form of art. It’s a way to express your thoughts and feelings in a creative way. While some (we hope most) people think long and hard about getting a tattoo, others throw caution to the wind and tattoo whatever comes to mind. Having a tattoo removed is possible. However, it is very painful, time-consuming, and expensive.

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But then again, anything seems better than having some of these marks of shame on your body forever. So, without further ado, here is our list of some of the craziest, funniest, most outrageous tattoo fails out there. Let’s just hope these people don’t take their lives too seriously because some of these tattoos are bad.

A Romantic Gesture Gone Wrong

It seems that this person had something very important, special, and VERY specific to say to their significant other. But instead of keeping this long quote on a piece of paper (where it should have stayed), they decided to get it tattooed onto what looks like the back of their leg.

A tattoo on a foot that reads,
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When you get a tattoo, it’s important to give it some thought. How will it look? Will it withstand the test of time? Can the artist actually tattoo? To answer these questions (and more), it’s important that you get a sketch! Don’t just let them freehand, well, unless they’re amazing at what they do. This tattoo artist should not be allowed to freehand, or tattoo at all for that matter.

It’s the Spitting Image!

It’s very common to make a tribute to a loved one by having their portrait permanently tattooed on your body. People usually ink either a grandparent, parent, sibling, or even a celebrity they look up to. But while it may seem like a good idea, these portraits should stay ideas as they usually come out looking NOTHING like the actual person.

A Tattoo of a girl's face on somebody's arm
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This picture is the perfect example. Choosing the right tattoo artist is of the utmost importance, especially if you want to get the portrait just right. Otherwise, the beautiful gesture of commemorating an important person in your life becomes something else entirely. In this case, the tattoo artist made the woman in the picture look quite scary!

Ever Heard of Spell Check?

Before tattooing something on your body, you have to use spell check! Having a spelling or grammar mistake is one of the most unfortunate mistakes that can happen when getting a sentence tattooed onto your body. Even if spelling and grammar aren’t your thing, use spell check or ask for a second opinion! It’s tattooing 101!

A Tattoo with a spelling mistake
Source: Twitter

When it comes to learning the hard way, it really can’t get any better than these tattoos. For those who didn’t notice, the first tattoo should be spelled, “I’m Awesome,” and the second one should read, “It Gets Better.” These messages would have been more convincing had they been spelled properly. Oh well, better luck next time.

A Blast from the Past

Never mind the execution of the tattoo (we’ll get to that in a minute), the weirdest part about his image is that the girl is holding a camera. We’ve gotten so used to taking pictures of ourselves with smartphones in the last couple of years that we’ve all forgotten that people used to take selfies with a regular camera.

A tattoo of a girl holding a camera for a selfie
Source: Pinterest

There was also this trend of people making strange faces in the mirror while they took pictures of themselves. This is the type of picture that should stay in the photo album (or be burned). It should not be tattooed onto someone’s arm! Let’s hope this was a joke and that this guy doesn’t just have a bad taste in tattoos.

Why Do You Keep Looking at Me?

Having just one face wasn’t enough for this man. He needed to have another one—complete with thick eyebrows and a mustache— inked onto the back of his partially shaved head. Now people who stand behind this guy (or in this case, sit behind him during a flight) can enjoy looking at his face.

A tattoo of a face on the back of someone's head
Source: Twitter

While we would never get this tattooed onto the back of our head, we do have to admit that this tattoo is pretty funny, once you get over the creepy aspect. Hopefully, that’s why this guy got it in the first place.

Ma’am, Are You Lost?

At some point, we’ve all lost our direction in life. Many people celebrate that period in their life by getting a tattoo of a compass. It lets the world know that they’ve regained control over their life. At least, that’s what they hope it means.

A tattoo of a compass drown the wrong way
Source: Twitter

This girl doesn’t seem to know her north from her south, nor her east from her west. Basically, this tattoo is one hot mess. The good news is that it’s on her back, so she’ll never be reminded of her unfortunate tattoo mistake.

An Unfortunate Message

Between finding the perfect dress, the perfect venue, the perfect flowers, and of course, the perfect photographer, planning a wedding is a full-time job. But we can’t stress enough how important it is to find a good photographer—one who knows how to capture your best angles.

A woman on her wedding day with a tattoo that reads
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This also includes your tattoos. We’re assuming that this girl’s wrist tattoo says, “No Regrets.” However, in this wedding picture, all we can see is the word “Regret,” which happens to be on the same hand as her wedding ring. This photographer should have known better!

A 60-Year-Old Baby

This baby doesn’t know it yet, but in a few years, he could get a rare glimpse into the future. Today we have phone apps that show us what we may look like at age 60, but this baby won’t have to use one! He’ll just have to look at what we’re assuming is his father’s back.

A tattoo of a baby that looks like an old person
Source: Twitter

It looks like this man wanted to get a portrait of his newborn child inked onto his body. And while the picture is adorable, the tattoo artist messed up big time. Instead of tattooing a baby, the artist drew something that resembles a grandpa.

Is It Really?

Think before you ink! This tattoo is such a mess that we don’t even know where to start. You might be familiar with this picture, as this unfortunate tattoo made waves on the Internet as a warning to everyone out there considering getting a tattoo.

A tattoo that reads
Source: Twitter

You’d think that this person, who seems like a Jon Bon Jovi fan, would know the lyrics. But even worse than getting the lyrics wrong, this person spelled the artist’s name wrong! We sure wouldn’t want to be walking around with this inked on our bodies. Let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a joke.

We Have One Question: Why?

Some people are scared of spiders, and others, well, have them tattooed on their faces. We’ve been trying to figure out why someone would get a giant spider inked on their face (their entire face, no less), and to be honest, we can’t come up with an answer.

A tattoo of a spider on a guy's face
Source: Pinterest

Even just looking at this tattoo gives us the heebie-jeebies. Maybe that’s exactly what this guy wanted? Maybe he was looking for a tattoo to make him look tough and scary? Or maybe he doesn’t like people, and this was his way of keeping everyone away?

Yum, Turkey

During the early 2000s, it was very common to get tattoos of Chinese characters. It must have something to do with not understanding these ancient symbols that drew people to them. However, most people go with inspirational words like “hope” or “love,” not food. Do you think she knew what she was doing?

A tattoo in Chinese that translates to a turkey sandwich
Source: Twitter

We’re going to give this woman the benefit of the doubt and say that she probably had no idea that she tattooed the words “turkey sandwich” onto her arm. Can you imagine? Do you think that the tattoo artist knew? Or that they were also in the dark about the tattoo’s meaning?

Except for This Tattoo

How ironic is it when people get tattoos that say “no regrets” or “regret nothing,” but it’s spelled wrong? While we’d all like to live with no regrets and be proud of ourselves every moment of every day, that’s not how life works.

A tattoo that reads
Source: Twitter

These people sure are testing the meaning of “no regrets.” We’re sure that they had no regrets up until they got these tattoos inked onto their body. If you don’t want to regret getting your tattoo, spell check is your best bet. Let’s hope these two learned from their mistakes!

Like the Real Thing!

We’ve never quite understood using snakeskin on clothes, purses, and shoes. Many people in the fashion world consider snakeskin to be very fashionable, but it’s usually considered a bad omen. Snakes slither around on the ground and can’t be trusted.

A tattoo of a snake on a guy's arm
Source: Twitter

So, why would anyone in their right mind want their legs to look like a snake? That said, the tattoo artist’s work is impeccable. Unlike many tattoos on this list, this snakeskin tattoo actually looks like the real thing! We just don’t really care for the meaning behind the tattoo itself.

Eminem as an M&M

This guy decided to combine his love for the candy M&Ms with his love for his favorite rapper, Eminem. For those who don’t know, the Detroit rapper’s real name is Marshal Mathers. His stage name, Eminem, is just a unique spelling of the initials of his first and last name.

A tattoo of Eminem as an M&M
Source: Pinterest

While the design is a bit silly, we have to admire this tattoo artist’s work! Unlike many portraits on this list, this artist was actually able to capture the rapper’s face. There’s no mistaking the identity of the man portrayed in this tattoo, that’s for sure.

Trolling Around

We’re sure that everyone remembers the original troll dolls that we all had to have as kids. Everyone loved those little creatures with clumps of hair sticking out of them. Well, apparently, some of us loved them more than others.

A tattoo of a troll on a guy's arm with hair attached to it
Source: Pinterest

This guy got creative with his tattoo. Instead of shaving a random clump of hair on his arm, this guy decided to make lemonade out of lemons by tattooing a picture of his beloved childhood toy, a troll doll. We must admit that his hair fits perfectly on the head of this little troll.

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Instead of trying to cover his mole (or getting it removed), this guy decided to fully embrace it and in the most hilarious way possible. It’s pretty common for people to turn moles, scars, beauty marks, or other kinds of birthmarks into creative tattoos.

A tattoo of a guy playing basketball on a guy's head
Source: Twitter

We can tell that this guy is a fan of tattoos. It’s also safe to assume that he is a huge fan of basketball as well. So, this Michael Jordan tattoo is the perfect idea to poke a little fun at his mole. You don’t have to love this tattoo, but you’ve got to admit that it’s original.

Here, Kitty Kitty

People love big cats for their majestic air and fierceness, so it makes sense that a lot of people like to get them tattooed on their bodies. Unfortunately, this tiger is anything but fierce and majestic. Why you might ask?

A tattoo of a lion on a guy's back
Source: Pinterest

Well, for starters, the head is way too large for its body; the eyes are uneven, and the tattoo artist decided to go with freckles instead of whickers. We’re sorry, but this is a horrible tattoo. Good thing it’s on this person’s back so they’ll never have to look at it! They’ll also be able to cover it up with a shirt, so there’s that…

We’re Switching Gears

If you’ve ever driven a stick shift before, then you know how smooth the transition between gears should be. So, it’s safe to assume that neither this person nor the tattoo artist has ever driven a shift. This tattoo looks pretty cool at first glance.

A tattoo of a gear of a car on a guy's arm
Source: Pinterest

But when you look closer, you begin to realize that it doesn’t make any sense. Just like spell check is necessary when you get words tattooed on your body, looking at a stick shift is probably a good idea before you get inked. At least this tattoo is small and can be covered up easily.

A Carbon Copy

The mysterious woods tattoo on the right isn’t very original. You can find it all over the Internet, and that’s one of the reasons why so many people have it. The tattoo on the right, however, is one hundred percent original. While the tattoo artist tried to copy the tree on the left, he or she didn’t do a great job.

A tattoo of mysterious woods on a guy's arm
Source: Pinterest

Maybe if they had tried making the trunk thinner and the branches pointed downwards, the tattoo would have resembled a tree. It just goes to show that finding a design that you love is easy; finding an artist who can tattoo is a real challenge.

Money Talks

While we’ve all learned that, sadly, money talks, this person took this lesson to the next level and inked a 100-dollar bill onto his arm. Well, it isn’t the entire bill. Actually, it’s just a portrait that resembles Benjamin Franklin ever so slightly.

A tattoo of Benjamin Franklin on a guy's arm
Source: Twitter

We don’t even know where to start with this portrait. Let’s just say that we’re happy this tattoo isn’t on our body. Can you imagine if Franklin actually looked like this? It would be pretty creepy, and we doubt that his face would have been printed on the 100-dollar bill.

Are Those Supposed to Be Socks?!

At first glance, you might think that this guy just has a strange pair of socks on. Nope! Those are permanent socks tattooed onto his legs! Everyone has a pair of lucky underwear, or lucky shirt, shoes, or socks.

A tattoo of socks on a guy legs
Source: Pinterest

So maybe that’s why this guy decided to get a pair of argyle socks tattooed onto his legs. They were his favorite pair of socks. Or maybe it’s more of a fashion statement? He probably always wears shorts so he can show off his ridiculous tattoo. If he likes the tattoo, then more power to him!

Well, That’s a Literal Translation

Everyone has a favorite flower. Some people love roses, others prefer sunflowers, and some go crazy for tiger lilies. All flowers are beautiful, don’t get us wrong, but not all tattoo artists do them justice—especially when they take creative license.

A tattoo of a tiger on a guy's arm
Source: Twitter

The only reason we know that this tattoo is of a tiger lily is because there’s a picture of a tiger’s head in the middle of some pink and purple wilted things (they don’t exactly resemble petals). We’re hoping this guy doesn’t take his life too seriously because this tattoo sure is silly.

A Reason to Be Crabby

The photo on the left could have made for a nice tattoo. It isn’t really our taste, per se, but the design is very well done. However, this is not the tattoo that ended up on this guy’s back. When you want to get an intricate design, it’s best to go with an artist who knows what they’re doing.

A tattoo of a crab on a guy's back
Source: Pinterest

This guy’s tattoo looks like it was drawn by a small child. This drawing of a crab may have looked good as an art project—but not a tattoo (that covers an entire back, no less). It’s going to be really hard to cover this mistake! At least he doesn’t have to look at it every day.

What Have I Done?

With her snarky attitude and magic powers, Tinkerbell is one of our favorite Disney characters. While many people love getting a tattoo of the magic fairy, this girl must regret her decision. Instead of a Tinkerbell tattoo, she got a creepy, possessed version of the fairy.

A tattoo of Tinkerbell on a girl's arm
Source: Twitter

Again, this is the perfect example of why it’s important to look for a tattoo artist who knows how to tattoo! Especially if you’re getting a tattoo in such a visible place, like on your arm. That being said, this Tinkerbell tattoo isn’t as bad as some of the portraits we’ve seen on this list.

Yin and Yang

For those who watch a random episode here and there, The Simpsons seems like a pretty shallow cartoon. However, true Simpsons fans appreciate the long-running show for what it really is: a philosophical outlook on life. Whoever got this tattoo is clearly a huge fan of The Simpsons.

A Yin Yang tattoo with the Simpsons characters
Source: Twitter

But this person isn’t just any fan. They are one of the few people who really appreciate how deep the show gets—especially the unexplained relationship between Carl Carlson and Lenny Leonard. This tattoo is only for the hardcore Simpsons super fans, and for that, it is not a bad tattoo.

Just Don’t It

“Just Do It” is a great slogan for fitness or leading a healthy lifestyle. However, it shouldn’t be used when talking about tattoos. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, don’t just do it. Instead, you should think it over, sleep on it, and be sure that you have a good artist.

A tattoo on a guy's back with Nike logo
Source: Pinterest

Then, and only then, you can do it. We’re no artist, but we don’t think that the Nike symbol is that hard to draw. And what are those lines going down his back? We hope this guy didn’t spend too much money on this horrible tattoo. If so, he definitely deserves a refund.

Freddie, Is That You?

Every music fan would recognize the face of the legendary Freddie Mercury—even when it looks like this. We’ve seen plenty of people getting portraits of their favorite musician, and this person wanted to pay tribute to their favorite singer. However, this portrait doesn’t do Freddie justice.

A tattoo of Freddie Mercury on a guy's arm
Source: Twitter

We can’t put our finger on exactly what doesn’t work here. It’s either the shadowing of his microphone, his confused expression, his mustache, or a combination of all the above. While this tattoo still somehow resembles the singer, we can bet this is not what the person getting tattooed had in mind.

A Dog? An Owl?

What is this animal? It looks to us like a strange hybrid between a dog and an owl. Maybe this person has such an animal. Or maybe he has a pet owl and a pet dog and didn’t want to play favorites. Instead, he got one tattoo of both his pets?

A tattoo of a dog that looks like an owl
Source: Pinterest

The only other option is that this is some kind of joke. It has to be, right? Either it was the tattoo artist playing a bad joke on this guy, or the guy knew that it was going to turn out bad and thought it was funny. Who knows?

A For Effort

Out of all the tiger tattoos on our list, this tiger is by far the worst. Actually, no. We take that back. The tiger with the disproportionately large head is by far the worst. This tattoo, however, is still pretty bad. A tiger emerging from a bed of roses is a pretty classic idea.

A tattoo of a lion that looks like a rose
Source: Pinterest

We’ve seen it done plenty of times. So, if this person wanted it done right, they should have gone to someone who knows what they’re doing. What’s with all that tacky shading? And that goatee? Let’s not forget about that awkward-looking rose petal in the middle.

Soaring High

Bald Eagles are beautiful creatures, so it’s no wonder that they are the county’s symbol for strength, independence, and nobility. But just because the eagle is a great symbol and a classic tattoo does not mean that you should get it tattooed on your forehead.

A tattoo of an eagle on a guy's forehead
Source: Twitter

The man in this picture was most likely looking for a tattoo with an important meaning. Either that, or he just thought he’d look cool with an eagle beak and eyes on his face. But the strange placement aside, the tattoo itself is pretty well done. Too bad it’s in such a strange spot.

A Questionable Tribute

Actress and model Marilyn Monroe has been an inspiration to people all over the world. As an American fashion icon, it’s fairly common to see tattoos that commemorate her beauty and grace, but this is not one of those tattoos.

A tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on a guy's arm that doesn't look like her / A picture of Marilyn Monroe
Source: Twitter / Photo By Snap/Shutterstock

Such beauty and grace are hard to capture in a tattoo, and it definitely takes a talented artist to get the job done. To be honest, if we didn’t have the actress’s photo at the side for comparison, we wouldn’t have known that it was her. Let’s just say that we’re happy this tattoo isn’t on our body.

This Sure Is a Wake-Up Call

Tattoos of wolves, tigers, and dragons are pretty common, and we understand why. They are noble, confident, and intimidating creatures. For many people, these tattoos symbolize wisdom and strength. A tattoo of a rooster, on the other hand, is something that we’ve never seen before.

A tattoo of a rooster on a guy's back
Source: Pinterest

But after doing a bit of research, we’ve learned that roosters actually symbolize supreme light and intelligence coming from the heavens. Others believe that a rooster has something to do with aggression. So, fine. The meaning behind this tattoo is nice, but why did this person have to make it so big?

A Betty Boop for You

Betty Boop was very popular in the olden days, which is when we assume this lady got her tattoo. Either that, or she got inked at 85 years old because why not? You only live once, right? Betty Boop has been a popular tattoo design for years.

A tattoo of Betty Boop on an old women's arm
Source: Pinterest

It’s a silly and cute cartoon design, and that’s what tattoos are for some people. Picking out a fun design reminds us not to take our lives too seriously. This grandma certainly seems pleased with her tattoo. So, if she’s pleased, we’re pleased. More power to her!

A Permanent Shoe

Converse All-Stars may be a classic sneaker that will always be in fashion, but that doesn’t mean that you should get it tattooed on your body. No, we’re not talking about a small tattoo, which would actually be kind of cute.

A tattoo of a Converse shoe on his feet
Source: Twitter

We’re talking about a real, life-sized tattoo of the sneaker on someone’s foot. We can’t really say that we’re surprised by this tattoo, given the rest of the tattoos we’ve seen on this list today. But we have to hand it to this guy. This original tattoo is something we’ve never seen before.

That’s Not How Tattoos Work

The Latin phrase actually goes “Veni, Vidi, Vici,” which translates to “I Came, I Saw, I Conquered.” The phrase is widely used even today, and many people like to tattoo it onto their bodies. This person, however, didn’t feel like he had too many accomplishments to celebrate—yet.

A tattoo that reads
Source: Twitter

According to this guy, he spelled his tattoo wrong “on purpose” and will spell it right when he has a few more victories in life. Should someone tell him that’s not how tattoos work? You can’t just delete and retattoo something. Well, you can, it’s just expensive and VERY painful.

Pika Pika! Pikachu!

Pikachu is another favorite tattoo that people love to get. But like all tattoos, it’s not worth getting one unless you know that the tattoo artist can do their job correctly. We know that the Pokémon is making that face because he’s about to use his powers.

A tattoo of Pikachu on a guy's arm
Source: Pinterest

However, it also looks like Pikachu is trying to go to the bathroom. Also, based on this picture, it looks like this tattoo is rather large. It seems to take up a lot of space on this guy’s leg. Lucky for him, this tattoo is on his upper leg.

Zip It Up

Sometimes, people have the feeling that they are wearing a mask, or in this case, skin, on top of their real body. They wish they could remove this extra layer and just be themselves. While this isn’t a feeling we relate to, this guy could probably tell us a lot about it.

A tattoo of a zipper on a guy's back
Source: Twitter

We aren’t quite sure about the meaning behind this tattoo, but we know one thing’s for certain. That tattoo must have hurt! All we can think about is the massive amount of pain this guy endured while getting a tattoo down his spine. Can you imagine?

Happy in Her Own Skin

Many people are scared to get inked because of what it’ll look like when they get older. This woman proves that tattoos look beautiful at any age. She most likely got them done later in life, given that they aren’t faded. However, they look great!

an old woman covered with tattoos
Source: Twitter

It just shows that tattoos are not a matter of age but a matter of personality. These tattoos also prove that age is just a number. What’s fun about her tattoos is that it looks like she had a lot of fun with them. They don’t look like they have too much meaning behind them.

What Would Angelina Say About This?

Angelina Jolie isn’t just an award-winning actress. She has also been named the most beautiful woman in the world more than once. Besides her acting and beauty, Angelina is also known for her charity work. So basically, she’s an all-around role model for girls everywhere.

A tattoo of Angelina Jolie on a guy's arm that doesn't look like her
Source: Pinterest

Whoever got this tattoo is most likely a huge fan of Angelina and wanted to take their love for her to the next level. Given that the picture on the left is an iconic picture, this person wanted it tattooed onto their body forever. However, the artist just didn’t do it justice.

Turtle Turtle

We were all big fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up, and we can only assume that this person was as well. That, or he wanted to pay tribute to this amazing animal. Since he was going bald already, he just thought, “Hey, why not tattoo a turtle shell on my entire head.”

A tattoo of a turtle on a guy's head
Source: Twitter

The only problem with this tattoo is that if you ever get sick of it, covering it up may be a challenge. Sure, this guy could always put on a hat, but a hat definitely won’t cover the turtle’s head and feet poking out of the shell.

Never Lose Hoop

It’s pretty common to get optimistic sayings tattooed onto your body. They serve as a nice reminder to keep your head up during dark times and never lose hope. Well, in this case, hoop. We cannot stress the importance of proofreading enough!

A tattoo that reads
Source: Pinterest

Spell check is especially important when you get a tattoo. This spelling mistake is going to be on this person’s body forever! And “hoop” isn’t the only spelling mistake! Instead of “youself,” the tattoo should read “yourself.” Maybe the tattoo artist can make a few adjustments to the tattoo to correct the spelling?

Wait, What?

People who need to wear glasses often complain about losing or breaking them. This guy found a great way to never break or lose his glasses again! No, he didn’t tie a chain on them. He tattooed a permanent pair on his face! That way, he won’t ever lose them again.

A tattoo of glasses on a guy's face
Source: Twitter

Jokes aside, why would someone ever do this to their face? We understand that face tattoos are a new trend (that we hope goes away soon), but why tattoo thick, black glasses? If this guy didn’t regret his decision immediately after his tattoo, then he’s definitely regretting it now.

Luke, I Am Your Father

We have to admit that it took us a while to figure out what this tattoo was. If you haven’t figured it out, allow us to fill you in. This doodle is SUPPOSED to be Star Wars’ villain Darth Vader. Well, that’s what we think. It’s either Darth Vader or a gladiator holding a sword. One of the two. It really is hard to say.

A tattoo of Darth Vader on a guy's arm
Source: Pinterest

Star Wars is a way of life for many people, and this guy was probably going for a tribute to his favorite movie franchise. It makes sense since the later installments have engaged a whole new generation in the films.

I’ve Got a Big Head and Little Arms

While many people choose a tattoo design from the Internet or a book at the tattoo parlor, other people decide to ink their children’s art. That’s right. While our parents threw most of our artwork into the trash,

A tattoo of a dinosaur on a guy's arm
Source: Twitter

there are some parents out there who got their kid’s oddly shaped dinosaur tattooed onto their arm. It’s actually a very cute idea. We wish that our parents had done something like that! It’s an adorable gesture, even if the cute tattoo ends up on a tattoo fails list. Keep doing you!