Dude with a Sign Says What We’re All Thinking

Don’t you wish you could say what’s on your mind now and then? Dude With a Sign, on the other hand, does it for you – and all of us. Dude with a Sign (as he’s known on the internet) has been hysterically saying what we’ve all been thinking in a simple, eloquent way for years now. For Dude with a Sign, simplicity is crucial.

A sign that reads ‘’Yes, I’m the Guy from Instagram’’ / A sign that reads ‘’Elbow Bumps Are the New Handshakes’’ / A sign that reads ‘’Stop Asking For My Credit Card Info for Free Trials.’’
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All he does is stand on New York City street corners with a piece of cardboard on which he writes his thoughts about commonplace, everyday concerns and discreetly lets the public hear his voice. It’s incredible and motivating, and we’re all for it. Here are some of the better examples of him expressing exactly what we’ve all been thinking.

If I Invite You, Don’t Ask who’s Coming

This is pointed out by Dude with a Sign. But, unless you say something like, “So-and-so has a restraining order against me, so I can’t go if s/he will be present,” then sure, inquiring before responding makes your answer conditional on the guest list. It’s impolite.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’If I Invite You, Don’t Ask who’s Coming.’’
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Moreover, it implies you care more about who might show up than you care about the friend who invited you. That’s also rude. Asking after you respond to the invitation is perfectly acceptable, but you’re not allowed to renege on your commitment, so there’s no point.

You Don’t Need 12 Stories to Say Happy Birthday

Ah, it seems like we’ve all done this at some point, or at the very least know someone who has! Birthdays are exciting to commemorate, especially when someone you care about celebrates another year on this planet. On social media, you’ve seen individuals post story after story about their friend’s birthday.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’You Don’t Need 12 Stories to Say Happy Birthday.’’
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Of course, the celebrations can quickly become grating for some people, particularly for those who have no connection to the people being honored. This is something that many of us do, and the Dude with a Sign points out a boring activity that we all despise!

Let Me Bring Toothpaste on My Flight

The problem isn’t whether you can or can’t (you can), but rather the container’s size. Because either plastic explosive compound or liquid explosives can fill containers, both are limited in size.

A man is holding a sign that reads, ‘’Let Me Bring Toothpaste on My Flight.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

It’s an anti-terrorist measure and another reason to thank them for things like the excruciatingly lengthy check-in and full-body scan, as well as the stoppage of air travel when someone hears a gunshot on the television in an airport. Just because a toothpaste tube says, it contains toothpaste doesn’t mean it does!

Daylight Savings Makes No Sense

Is he mistaken? Even though we’ve all studied why daylight savings exist, most of us still dread it. Yes, we all appreciate it when we gain an extra hour of sleep when we fall back in November, but we hate it when we lose an hour when we spring forward in March.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Daylight Savings Makes No Sense.’’
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Even if many of us learned why this happened in school, from our parents as children, or from our own befuddled Google searches as adults, most of us still don’t understand why. One of them is Dude with a Sign, and he’s had enough. He’s been thrown out on the street!

We Get it, You Have an Air Fryer

Because using an air fryer isn’t as simple as using a slow cooker, you may want to avoid it if you don’t like intricate recipes. It’s not as simple as putting food into a vat of oil and waiting a few minutes to use an air fryer.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’We Get it, You Have an Air Fryer.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

There are a few things you should never try to cook in an air fryer if you’ve decided to buy one. Anything that is wet or battered will likely stay wet, and anything that requires an immediate burst of heat to work (like donuts) will most likely fail.

Stop Wearing T-Shirts of Bands You Don’t Listen to

A common pet gripe of many of us, as well as something that many of us do! Many people wear band t-shirts from bands they’ve never heard of for various reasons, including the shirt’s style, artwork, the aesthetic that wearing the shirt inspires, or just how it looks on them.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Wearing T-Shirts of Bands You Don’t Listen to.’’
Source: Reddit

Wearing a band’s clothing that you don’t like can lead to awkward talks. Many people, for example, wear a Beatles shirt even if they’ve only heard one or two songs by the legendary band. What if they were asked questions concerning the bands on their shirt?

Drop the Album Kanye

Yes, he was late (and likely still working on the album at call time), but the audience was patient and seemed to respond in kind to the layers of pain that permeated the album. Kanye used ‘Donda’ to express his loneliness and befuddlement, and the audience met him right where he was.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Drop the Album Kanye.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

Longtime followers and observers were unsurprised by the lack of music, as the rapper has a history of failing to deliver on schedule as he tinkers until the last minute. The guy with the placards has a knack for recognizing the solitary notion that has taken up residence in our heads.

Not Every Alcohol Brand Needs a Seltzer

Selecting a seltzer base will impact everything from shelf placement to flavor, price, and branding for your product. Every option is an opportunity to establish a distinct competitive advantage as creators explore the limits and limitations of the seltzer market.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Not Every Alcohol Brand Needs a Seltzer.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

However, just because hard seltzers have fewer calories per serving than other alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean they’re healthier. Let’s be honest: these brilliantly colored cans don’t provide any nutrition; therefore, let’s quit thinking like that.

“See You Next Year” isn’t a Funny Joke

Dude with a Sign has hit the nail on the head again. This is a joke that we’ve all heard at least once, if not many times. It’s New Year’s Eve or at the end of the year, and people playfully say it and then laugh, as if it’s the best joke anyone has ever heard, and it’s oh-so-original.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’See You Next Year isn’t a Funny Joke.’’
Source: Reddit

Sure, we all laugh along as if we’ve never heard that joke before in our entire lives. After all, we don’t want to upset anyone. But now is the moment to put the joke to rest. It has become overused. It’s no longer amusing. Of course, if you find it amusing, go ahead and use it, but do it sparingly.

Cilantro Should be Abolished

Cilantro may aid in removing heavy metals such as mercury from the body, allowing antibiotics and antiviral medications to work more effectively, and assisting in the elimination of some bacteria that cause illnesses. However, many people find the flavor to be highly irritating.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Cilantro Should be Abolished.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

Cilantro, which belongs to the same family as parsley, may be useful as a culinary garnish for some. It must be used in great moderation, or it will overshadow the taste and flavor of whatever it is paired with. You’ll be irritated that your tasty chipotle burrito is packed with cilantro when you bit into it.

Middle Seat Gets the Armrest

Consider that for a moment. We all have our favorite seats – some prefer window seats, while others prefer aisle seats – but I think we can all agree that sitting in the middle seat on a plane is the worst seat in the house.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Middle Seat Gets the Armrest.’’
Source: Reddit

The individual has unrestricted access to the window and their armrest on the plane’s side. The person sitting along the aisle does not have to squeeze between two people and receives an additional armrest and quick access to the restroom.

Hot Coffee in this Summer is Insane

Oils containing acidic chemicals are released when coffee grounds are brewed with hot water. This is what gives it the bitter flavor that people associate with hot cups of coffee. To summarize, the less acidic the coffee is, the better it is for your teeth and stomach (and the less bitter it is).

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Hot Coffee in this Summer is Insane.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

You’ll want something chilly for your body in the summer, especially if you’ve had a very hectic day. Taking hot coffee at that time is absurd, and I’m baffled about how individuals manage it. From his quick write-up on his board, the dude with the sign has said it all.

Liking my Message is Not a Response

Dude with a Sign clearly expresses how we all feel. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Nobody hates it when their message is ignored, but it is appreciated. That’s not an answer! Yes, it responds to the previous message in some ways, though not how we wish.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Liking my Message is Not a Response.’’
Source: Reddit

When it comes to texting, it’s already difficult to figure out what the other person is saying – is that a joke, or are they serious? And the distinction between liking a message and reacting to it or texting back only adds to the confusion.

Verifying that I’m not a Robot is Becoming too Stressful

Then there are the blurry photos, which force people to get closer to the screen to see if there is a chimney in the distance. When asked why the picture reCAPTCHA are frequently fuzzy, Google stated that it works hard every day to reduce the number of captchas that users must answer.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Verifying that I’m not a Robot is Becoming too Stressful.’’
Source: Reddit

While the purpose of captcha is to create tests or puzzles that people can answer but computers can’t, it’s frustrating and time-consuming when you’re working on a deadline. It’s possible that one can leave everything they intend to when faced with this robot test.

No One Cares Which Disney Character You Got

We’ve undoubtedly all seen our pals announce which Disney character they were assigned after taking an online exam or playing a social media filter game. There are constant waves of this behavior – you’ll see everyone’s results one day and then none the next. It’s a fad that fades in and out.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’No One Cares Which Disney Character You Got.’’
Source: Reddit

However, it appears that this quiz or game, whether dedicated to Disney or not, will never go out of flavor. Dude with a Sign states it again, with a straight face, what we all think. It doesn’t matter which Disney character you received! It doesn’t matter to us which character we get.

It’s Not an Unpopular Opinion if Everyone Agrees with it.

An unpopular stance might provoke various responses from others, ranging from a raised eyebrow to a courteous “Oh, fascinating” to a blazing rant supporting the opposing viewpoint. The more vehement comments could easily spark a heated dispute right now, as well as sentiments of pain or humiliation afterward.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’It’s Not an Unpopular Opinion if Everyone Agrees with it.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

When everyone agrees with you, sharing your thoughts is a lot of fun. But what happens if they don’t? You should learn how to deal with having an unpopular opinion so that you do not change your mind to fit in with the majority.

Stop Having 1 on 1 Convos in the Group Chat

Yes! Please refrain from having one-on-one chats in the group chat! Nobody enjoys it, especially the people stuck in the group chat and have nothing to do with it! The strange thing about this all-too-common occurrence is that we all despise it when it occurs to us.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Having 1 on 1 Convos in the Group Chat.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

However, when we do this, it’s different. Right? Yes, we realize it’s still inconvenient, and we should all just text each other instead. That isn’t always the case, though. So that’s something we can probably overlook. However, it’s a good effort.

Make Book Fairs for Adults

The world is in a condition of tense uncertainty, yet you can’t help but hope for the best. Maybe, just maybe, things will go smoothly, and we’ll be able to resume the activities we used to enjoy. Adults can do things like go to international book fairs all over the world.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Make Book Fairs For Adults.’’
Source: Instagram

Adult book enthusiasts remember schoolbook fairs fondly, but for those who grew up poor, they were a completely different experience. This was the point at which many students discovered they were poor. The public display of disposable income at schoolbook fairs is a public demonstration of disposable income.

Stop Interrupting the Commercials with Football

Perhaps most pertinent during the Super Bowl, this sign is a brilliant joke for those who don’t care much for football to begin with – which is probably many of us – but watch the Super Bowl since it’s a fun ritual. Do you find yourself in this situation? Consider that for a moment.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Interrupting the Commercials with Football.’’
Source: Reddit

Are you genuinely watching major games for the sake of the game? Or are you watching it for the guaranteed hysterical advertisements or simply as an opportunity to hang out with friends? Dude with a Sign has hit the nail on the head again! Football enthusiasts, on the other hand, may disagree.

Stop Sending Confirmation Emails when I Unsubscribe

We’ve all unsubscribed from newsletters or services at some point. Have you ever received an immediate confirmation that you’ve unsubscribed? Yes, it’s just an email… We, on the other hand, are well-versed in our craft! There was a reason why we unsubscribed from your service. We don’t want any more emails sent to us.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Sending Confirmation Emails when I Unsubscribe.’’
Source: Reddit

This is one of those minor irritants that annoy many people for a split second before we all move on with our lives, yet Dude with a Sign is correct once again in his assessment. Those confirmation emails aren’t necessary, people. It may seem insignificant, but it adds up over time.

Guys, Wash Your Bedsheets

Your washing machine will have a harder job eradicating bacteria if you give them enough time to grow. There aren’t too many other items of apparel that you’d like to wear for 56 hours before washing. This is yet another crucial issue raised by Dude with signs.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Guys, Wash Your Bed Sheets.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

Consider the oils, sweat, and filth from your body that rub onto your bedding while you sleep, bringing a slew of bacteria and other microbes with them. The good news is that most of these bugs aren’t hazardous, but the longer you use your sheets, the more they increase.

We Can Stop Saying “Happy New Year” Now

Another sign is dedicated to the small amusing annoyances we all encounter on New Year’s Day. It was all about people’s jokes before the New Year (as noted above). When it’s appropriate to stop wishing folks a “Happy New Year,” display this sign. The proverb can be a little too long at times.

A man is holding a sign that reads, ‘’We Can Stop Saying Happy New Year Now.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

When are we going to come to an end? Do we get one day, and then it’s over by January 2nd? Is it a few days or a few weeks? A week is way too much time… We’ll have to have a conversation about when to stop saying “Happy New Year” because we all seem to agree that we say it far too long after the New Year has passed.

Names are Not that Hard to Spell

When Dude with a Sign is hysterically calling out businesses for something we all know they do, he’s at his finest. Take, for example, Starbucks. Even if we’ve never gone to Starbucks, we all know that the baristas have a bad name for spelling customers’ orders.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Names are Not that Hard to Spell.’’
Source: Reddit

It’s just something amusing that we’ve all heard about because they’re famous (or infamous) for it. We all wonder how they could have gotten some easy names wrong, and then we go on. However, Dude with a Sign is here to serve as a humorous reminder to us all!

Yes, Grandma, I’m Still Single

Grandmothers are lovely and wonderful, yet they are also ruthless. Maybe we haven’t all gone through this, but it seems like the majority of us have. It’s something that everyone has gone through. When our grandmothers ask us the question we’ve been dreading, “Are you in a relationship with anyone?”

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Yes, Grandma, I’m Still Single.’’
Source: Reddit

“Are you dating anyone?” Dude with a Sign clearly and hysterically says what we all say, in some shape or form; Yes, Grandma, we’re still unmarried. You’ll probably be the first to hear when I’m no longer single. Therefore, take a break from it.

Why Does it Feel Like Mercury is Always in Retrograde?

You’ve probably heard the expression “Mercury is in retrograde,” even if you’re not interested in astrology. Essentially, when Mercury is in retrograde, people feel as if everything in their lives is going wrong.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Why Does it Feel Like Mercury is Always in Retrograde?’’
Source: Reddit

So, Dude with a Sign is curious if anyone else feels that everything in their lives is continually going wrong. It’s yet another simple yet amusing way in which the Dude expresses what we’ve all been thinking… especially after a particularly trying year. Or is he just trying to say this as nonsense? In either case, we can empathize.

No More Streaming Services Please

This is the indication for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by all of the new streaming providers. We all started with Netflix – whether we have our account or are using another person’s – but who are we supposed to subscribe to now?

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’No More Streaming Services Please.’’
Source: Reddit

They’re all good series and movies, too! Choice is excellent, and having many alternatives should be nice, but it may be confusing and overwhelming. We all seem to be suffering from content overload, but it’s due to streaming services this time.

That Meeting Could Have Been an Email

Okay, this is an all-too-common occurrence. Have you ever had to sit through a terrible meeting only to leave feeling as if you learned nothing? Do you have the impression that that meeting might have been summarized in an e-mail?

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’That Meeting Could Have Been an Email.’’
Source: Reddit

Yes, you’re not the only one who feels this way. Many of us have felt this way before and will (sadly) feel this way again. It’s one of those minor annoyances that we all have to deal with daily, but Dude with a Sign has made it into a simple and amusing sign once again.

Why is Wednesday Spelt Like that?

Wednesday was formerly known as Odin’s Day or Woden’s Day; the latter was the more popular name, but both refer to the same Norse god. This became known as Wednesday or Wedn’sday, and was then abbreviated to Wenzday, which is how we now pronounce it.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Why is Wednesday Spelt Like that.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

In English, silent letters are widespread. There are several words in which certain letters are not articulated. The speakers’ laziness could be the main reason for not sounding such letters. Another explanation could be the difficulty in pronouncing it.

Stop Making Fast and Furious Movies

You might not like this sign if you like the Fast and Furious movies. Since the original film, there have been numerous Fast and Furious sequels. and we’re all coming to the stage where there are simply a few too many films in the series.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Making Fast and Furious Movies.’’
Source: Reddit

To begin with, it wasn’t even that great. Is there anything else you can do? What other directions can you take the tale in? Dude with a Sign is correct. Fans of the Fast and Furious franchise will be disappointed. It’s more than enough (for a fairly bad franchise) to have nine films.

Stop “Replying – All” to Company-Wide Emails

Another irritation at work that we all secretly (or not so quietly) despise? Responding to emails sent to the entire company! It’s past time for us to all take a moment to double-check that if we respond to a workplace email, we’re just responding to the person we need to speak with, not the entire organization.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’ Stop Replying – All to Company-Wide Emails.’’
Source: Reddit

Receiving replies to company-wide emails is a pain, especially if there are multiple responses. Furthermore, you may not want your entire organization to see your responses to certain company announcements.

Nobody Cares About Your Spotify

Dude with a Sign is correct once more. What makes us so surprised? This sign is a terrific, amusing reminder all year long, but it’s especially relevant at the end of the year when everyone is posting their Year in Spotify results. It’s a sweet feature, but it’s not that intriguing.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Nobody Cares About Your Spotify.’’
Source: Reddit

Yes, some people might enjoy sharing Spotify playlists and year-end results… However, many of us aren’t waiting with bated breath to find out what tune we’ve been listening to on repeat for the past year.

Stop Using Group Pics for Your Dating Profile

Dude with a Sign is back with another aggravation that many of us experience, but he manages to make it hilarious in such a simple way. If you’ve ever used dating services or apps, you know that nothing is more aggravating than when people utilize group photos in their profiles.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Using Group Pics for your Dating Profile.’’
Source: Reddit

How are we expected to know what they look like if they only show us group photos? We’d even go so far as to suggest it’s a little suspicious. It’s aggravating, and it’s a minor inconvenience in the realm of online dating, but it’s an accurate feeling to have.

Wash Your Hands

It is critical to maintaining good personal hygiene. Unfortunately, some folks require a reminder from time to time. We’ve always known it’s vital, but we’ve recently been reminded that it can save lives. Dude with a Sign is taking the lead in this struggle, reminding everyone to wash their hands.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Wash Your Hands.’’
Source: Reddit

It’s a simple request because none of us enjoy discovering that the person next to us hasn’t washed their hands. It’s simply one of those universal things that we’d all prefer not to talk about, so we’ll leave it to Dude with a Sign to tell us.

Stop Grunting in the Gym

Some people’s breathing becomes quite loud during heavy squat sets, with an audible exhale on the way up and an audible inhalation at the top before the following rep. The sound of re-racking the weight can be loud. However, this is not the same as “grunting.”

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Grunting in the Gym.’’
Source: Instagram /@dudewithsign

Grunting is only one of several symptoms of the famed “gym douche,” according to personal experience with visiting and working at gyms. Almost every time I go to the gym, there’s at least one guy who feels compelled to demonstrate his “alpha” status by being as loud and unpleasant as possible.

Stop Posting Entire Concerts on Your Story

Okay, even if we’ve all done it before, this could be one we can all agree on. You’ve probably had at least one acquaintance who appears to have videotaped an entire performance on social media. What is the explanation for this? They’re not going to watch those tales again the next day.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Posting Entire Concerts on Your Story.’’
Source: Reddit

Plus, most concert videos are difficult to see and hear for those who aren’t at the concert. All around, you’re not getting the concert experience. So maybe the Dude with a Sign is right. Maybe it’s time to officially retire posting entire concerts to our stories.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Come First

Whether you agree with it or not, this sign is correct in every sense. This tends to be expressed by all of us throughout the last few months of the year. As soon as the fall season arrives, winter and Christmas holiday decorations appear in every store you visit.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Halloween and Thanksgiving Come First.’’
Source: Reddit

However, Dude with a Sign is correct: Halloween and Thanksgiving are the most important holidays. Why don’t we just take one vacation at a time? Why do we rush to Christmas as soon as the leaves begin to change color? Halloween and Thanksgiving, with all due respect to Christmas, have their special magic.

Guac Should be Free

Another amusing business announcement, this one from Chipotle! Even if you’ve never eaten at Chipotle before, you’ve definitely heard that adding guacamole to your dish costs extra. For a long time, Chipotle customers have been irritated by this. Why is it necessary for them to charge extra for it? It does not appear to be equitable.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Guac Should be Free.’’
Source: Reddit

What is the rationale for this, given that they are aware that customers simply want guac in their food? Dude with a Sign once again says what we’re all thinking by expressing the obvious: guac doesn’t need to be extra. Near a Chipotle. Coincidence? No, it’s all part of his demonstration.

Put More Chips in the Bag

Another inconvenience we’ve all had to deal with in this current era? The absence of chips in the bags we bought. Have you ever opened a new bag of potato chips only to discover that half of it is gone? Yes, it’s another universal experience about which we’ve all grumbled at some point.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Put More Chips in the Bag.’’
Source: Reddit

He brought out this fact, which we all know but have either grown accustomed to or simply stopped expressing as much as we once did. We’ve all grown accustomed to this small aspect of modern life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t irritate us. Dude with a Sign manages to turn this minor frustration into a lighthearted comedy!

Stop Sending Me Memes from Private Accounts

Another minor annoyance that affects a large number of people. Have you ever received a meme from a buddy, only to discover that when you click on it, you can’t see what the meme is since it’s from a private social network account? What was the purpose of sending it to you? Was it that amusing?

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Sending me Memes from Private Accounts.’’
Source: Reddit

Because you’ll never see it, you’ll never know. Dude with a Sign capitalizes on this minor inconvenience by stating what we all want to say to our friends who do this to us. Hopefully, enough people will see this photo, and we will be able to end this irritating behavior.

Charging $15 for a Bowl of Lettuce Should Be Illegal

That’s something you can say again! Isn’t this sign self-explanatory? Sure, a beautiful salad might appeal to you… But do you believe that? Or do you like it because you think you should, because you’re trying to eat healthier, and a salad is better for you than fast food? Because society tells you it’s good for you?

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Charging $15 for a Bowl of Lettuce Should be Illegal.’’
Source: Reddit

There’s nothing wrong with a salad, but Dude with a Sign expresses what we all think when we think of eating at an overpriced restaurant where salads are unreasonably costly. The fact that Dude with a Sign is expressing this sentiment in front of a salad restaurant is the cherry on top.

Stop Saying No Offense Before Saying Something Offensive

People tend to always remark “no offense” immediately before saying something that does offend. You know it’s about to get offensive when they start a sentence with “no offense.” If you know you’re going to offend somebody, why say nothing at all?

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Stop Saying No Offense Before Saying Something Offensive.’’
Source: Reddit

You know that what you’re about to say is offensive, which is why you preface it with “no offense.” Dude with a Sign takes our everyday events and uses them to express how he (and, by extension, we) truly feel. Indeed, wise words!

Let’s Help Fight Australian Wildfires

Unlike his prior signs, this time, Dude with a Sign is advocating for a worthy cause. Dude with a Sign again demonstrates his ability to produce amusing signs while also expressing thoughts that many of us have regarding more difficult or tragic subjects.

A man is holding a sign that reads ‘’Let’s Help Fight Australian Wildfires.’’
Source: Reddit

The wildfires in Australia in early 2020 were heartbreaking to watch from all around the world, and many people felt compelled to act yet were unable to do anything. Dude with a Sign is one of those people, and with only these few words, he was able to help raise awareness and bring us all closer together.