Dog Onesies That Protect Reduce Their Anxiety and Keep Your House Fur-Free!

While there are tons of benefits to owning a dog, one of the necessary evils is all the hair and fur that you have to deal with. For those breeds that make your home into a festival of fur, a doggie onesie can be a lifesaver. The Shed Defender promises to solve that particular problem and a host of others, including your pup’s anxiety!

The Shed Defender

The Shed Defender is a onesie for your dog. the description on Amazon reads: “The patent-pending Shed Defender is a onesie that contains the dog’s hair within the suit to reduce the shedding, perfect for in the house, car, or anywhere you don’t want to leave a trail of hair!

Source: Amazon

What’s amazing is that it helps dog anxiety, which is really a thing! “It helps to reduce anxiety – the snug fit and gentle pressure give the dog a calming effect.”

Forget the Medical Cone

Another bonus to the Shed Defender is that it can replace the medical cone, covering hot spots, post-surgery, prevent scratching and itching, protect and alleviate allergies and skin conditions.

Source: Amazon

The cozy onesie also protects your dog from ticks in the summer months, keeps them warm and toasty in the winter, and allows them to roll in the mud without making too much of a fuss. This is basically a dog owner’s dream.

All Sizes

The onesie is available in a range of sizes for all dog breeds, which costs around $40 – $55. They’ve become really popular and are selling like hot cakes. But if you can get your hands on one, your dog will appreciate it.

Source: Amazon

While most reviews of the product say mostly positive things, some said that their dogs didn’t take too kindly to the onesie. So it’s important to remember, if your dog doesn’t take to the onesie, it’s best not to force them to wear it.

Reducing Anxiety

The Shed Defender claims that the onesie can help reduce anxiety, which is really awesome since some breeds are generally more anxious than others. The snug fit applies light pressure, making dogs feel more calm and secure.

Source: Amazon

The Shed Defender can also be used to cover wounds, surgical sites, and hotspots. It also can help with allergies and skin conditions. But it’s good to consult your veterinarian before using it for medical reasons.

A Family Business

Shed Defender is a family business, and they really care about animals. They say on their website that they’re committed to supporting animals who need a little extra love. They have a Paw it Forward program.

Source: Shed Defender

The program donates a portion of their sales to a different animal shelter, rescue center, or adoption group each month. So there you have it – another reason to get one of these!