Couple Goals! 40 Couples Who Recreated Their Old Photos

We’ve all seen those family photos recreated and boy, are they adorable. But have you seen couples who recreate their old photos? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat! These couples, young and old, decided to commemorate their love for each other by taking an old photo of them together and recreating it by doing the exact same gestures – some even went to the exact same place!

couple recreating their wedding photo
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In a time when nearly 50% of couples get divorced, I think a reminder is in order that true love does exist. It’s too easy to be reminded of how marriages fail. So let’s take a moment today to look at all the couples that are still in love after years of being together. Let them give us hope for our future love lives! When you look through these photos, you’ll see just how impressive it really is.

Couples Who Drives Together Stays Together

I can’t decide what I find more impressive: the fact that this elderly couple recreated their vintage photo of the two of them together in front of their ’56 Chevrolet or the fact that their car is still in excellent condition. I don’t know what’s more impressive. You would think that as they got older, their car had the case of Benjamin Buttons and got younger with time!

Side by side photos of a couple standing in front of their car
Source: version365 / Reddit

The only difference between the photos is that they swapped their postures – with his arms in front of him instead of her. Oh, and it looks like they also shrunk in height just a tad. But apparently, that comes with age. Did you know that adults can get shorter as they age because the cartilage between their joints wears out? Osteoporosis causes the spinal column to get shorter.

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley

This couple decided to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in style. They chose to recreate a “totally random” photo that they took 12 years ago. And for anyone who loves Wes Anderson movies can tell that the original photo was inspired by the 2001 movie, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums.’

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley
Source: Instagram

“A few things have changed since then,” Heigl wrote about the decade-plus since their first photo was taken. “I quit smoking, thank God! I’ve put on a few pounds. I don’t often do spontaneously weird things like taking random bathtub photos in the middle of the night anymore. But what hasn’t changed is that burning desire in me to be with this man.”

When Childhood Friends Become Lovers

These two little cuties were brought together were already holding hands when they were just three years old. She was the flower girl, and he was the ring bearer. 20 years later, the young lovebirds got photographed at a wedding again. Only this time, she’s the bride, and he’s the groom. The funny thing is, neither of them can remember that wedding all those years ago.

Side by side photos of a couple at a wedding
Source: Imgur

As it turns out, the couple met again by chance in high school when she went up to him and said, “I think I have a picture of you on my wall at home.” I gotta admit – that might just be the cutest love story ever! It only makes sense that they would end up getting married!

Cake Smashing Was Always “In”

I think what I love even more than these two still being silly and having fun while recreating their wedding photo is the fact that it’s being photobombed by someone is most likely their son. So apparently, the tradition of a married couple smashing cake in each other’s’ faces goes back a long time.

Side by side photos of a bride putting cake into her groom’s mouth
Source: maxxhock / Reddit

The tradition is way older than this couple is. Cake smashing dates back the tradition where the husband breaks bread over his new bride’s head. Why? It had something to do about male dominance. Remember: getting married made the wife his “property.” That said, isn’t it that much better now when we see the brides smashing the cake in her groom’s face? I would say so!

You’re Never Too Old for the Hora

Anyone who has ever been to a Jewish wedding knows that it can really be a party. The highlight of the night is when the guests take part in the traditional Hora dance, where they lift people in their chairs above everyone’s heads. It’s more often than not the bride and groom being lifted up.

Side by side photos of a couple doing the hora at weddings
Source: GanAiden / Reddit

This couple’s first photo is of them at their own wedding. The recreated photo is at their daughter’s wedding. So not only is this an adorable remake of their wedding photo and an homage to their continued love, but it’s also a nod to their daughter’s special day. This is just too sweet for words. Well, not really because I just wrote a bunch. But you get what I meant.

Katherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

So it turns out that celebrities also like to hop on the family photo recreation train. Here we see this famous couple, redoing their own photo. While enjoying a family vacation in Canada, Katherine Zeta-Jones shared an updated version of a family photo that she took with her kids and her hubby Michael Douglas.

Katherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas with their kids

The first photo was taken when the couple’s son Dylan, 17, and their daughter Carys, 14, were much younger. The caption she wrote on Instagram was: “As time goes by! Outside our cottage in Canada.” It’s always fun to see celebs as normal and regular people!

She Still Looks at Him Like That

That special ride on the carousel is what sparked their future relationship. She knew exactly what she wanted from such a young age; her eyes were on him. Ever since she was smitten by him on that carousel ride, she knew she would marry him one day. And in typical guy fashion, he probably had no idea.

Side by side photos of a couple on a carousel
Source: LeviSnuts / Reddit

I don’t know how they eventually reconnected after all those years, but I appreciate how they decided to go back to that same carousel on their wedding day and honor that day when they were just kids having a good time spinning around again and again. Does anyone else get really dizzy from those kinds of rides? I get dizzy just thinking about it.

His True Ride or Die

It only took 40 years, but this couple finally recreated a photo from their wedding day. More specifically, the moment they came home from the party where after an exciting motorcycle ride, he must have lifted her up and carried her into their house. If this isn’t the epitome of a “ride or die,” then I don’t know what is.

Side by side photos of a couple on a motorcycle
Source: magic976 / Reddit

How bada$$ is this woman?! Not only did she agree to get on a motorcycle in her wedding dress (with her garter showing by the way), but she got back on 40 years later (on another motorcycle, but still)! Oh, and she still fits into her wedding dress. Good for you, lady, good for you. This is one lucky old man.

She Kept the Dress!

You might think that these two are siblings, but nope – they were once friends who later became a happy couple. And seriously, this couple did a great job with this photo remake. The two met in preschool and took this photo together at his 6th birthday party. Little did they know that years down the road, they would be back in that same basement, only this time as a couple.

Side by side photos of a couple at a birthday party
Source: Imgur

Sure, she looks sweet and nice now, but in the first photo, you can just see her plotting her scheme to make him fall in love with her. But who cares? Her plan worked! And judging by the look on his face, he seems forever satisfied. I think he was born in a good mood.

Will Smith

Okay, so Will Smith and Ellen DeGeneres are not a couple, but that doesn’t mean we can’t include this hilarious photo in this list! The funny thing is, before 24 hours even passed after joining Instagram, Will (with the help of Ellen) basically broke the internet.

Will Smith

Any 90s kid who saw this post immediately dropped their jaws in awe of this photo. First of all, who didn’t love The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Who doesn’t love Will Smith? And also, really, who doesn’t love Ellen? This recreation has YES written all over it.

70 Years and Going Strong

Goosebumps, anyone? For their 70th anniversary, this sweet couple from China came back to the Northern Hot Springs Park, where they got married all those years ago. Their kids were the ones that made this magical moment happen, which involved getting them her into her wedding dress and him into his tuxedo.

couple recreating their wedding photo
Source: Imgur

However difficult that may have been, it was well worth it. Their kids wanted them to recreate their wedding photos because they wanted to keep all the good memories alive. They did such a good job – the gown, the tux, and even the bouquet is exactly the same! Let this serve as a lesson to those who want to do the same.

We Can See Who Brings the Muscle

Not much had changed from when this couple first took the photo to the one they remade here. Well, a few things have changed, like how they are now parents, and his taste in glasses has changed. He left his 80s oversized glasses behind and opted for the typical dad sunglasses. Not to mention that he is wearing the most typical dad t-shirt with a barbeque on it.

couple recreating their old photo of him holding her on his shoulders
Source: ermagerdrerdert / Reddit

You know that this is the kind of couple that hosts monthly barbeque parties, where he grills the burgers and holds a beer while she brings the cake out for everyone to enjoy. Can I get an invite to the next party? I could use a yummy hamburger and a bottle of beer after a long day’s work.

The Tree Grew Old With Them

This photo is made even more incredible when you realize that this couple is standing in front of the same exact tree that stands in front of their home that they are still living in. Yup, same tree, same yard, same couple. And the same mustache. This dude has been rocking a mustache for more than 30 years!

couple recreating their older photo
Source: MorganGanem / Reddit

Did you know that trees are the longest living organisms on earth? They actually never die of old age. There’s something called the Old List, which is a database of ancient trees that tracks old trees, their species, and their location. The Methuselah trees from California’s White Mountains are over 4,800 years old.

Let’s see one royal couple’s recreated photo that may have been unintentional…

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth officially met Philip when she was just 13 and was instantly smitten. The photo on the left is from 1947 when the two were on their honeymoon. For their 70th anniversary in 2007, the long-lasting couple were again photographed. What’s even cuter than this royal elderly couple is the fact that the recreation was entirely their idea!

side by side images of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
Source: Imgur

Elizabeth was actually first introduced to Philip when she was 8 years old at Philip’s cousin’s wedding in 1934. Princess Marina (of Greece and Denmark) married Prince George, Duke of Kent (which is Elizabeth’s uncle). Five years later, when Philip was 18, the two met again at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. It was there that Elizabeth fell in love with the man that would become her future husband. They started exchanging letters.

Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen

Kate and Michael are no longer together, but the beautiful thing is that they remained friends in the mutual goal of raising their daughter in peace and harmony. And so, 17 years after the birth of their daughter, Lily, the friendly exes took their original positions in a side-by-side photo. And their now teenage daughter joined in.

Kate Beckinsale and Michael Sheen

Well, she didn’t really have a choice because the recreation wouldn’t be complete without her. “Always a baby to me #Lily,” Beckinsale wrote as her photo’s caption on Instagram. It looks like Lily has a pair of really cool celebrity parents. Who wouldn’t want to be their daughter?

From Prom Night to Wedding Anniversaries

This husband posted their photo recreation online, writing the caption: “my wife might be a vampire.” I’m going to assume that he’s referring to the fact that she hasn’t aged. And really, it’s pretty freaky! They took that first photo at their high school’s junior prom. It doesn’t look like she has aged a day in the 20 years that have passed.

couple recreating their prom photo
Source: disconaldo / Reddit

Beyond that, she still fits into her high school prom dress and looks damn good in it! Can I just state here that life isn’t fair? Who knows – maybe this guy found a double of his high school sweetheart and got her to pose with him for this photo. Because she is exactly the same as she was in her teens!

She Must Have Good Genes

Similar to the couple we just saw, this woman must have really good genes. Either that or she has a secret potion that makes her age really, really well. The only thing that’s changed about her is her hair color! This couple’s son convinced his mom and dad to recreate their wedding day photo from 45 years earlier. And the detail in this recreation goes unmatched.

couple recreating their wedding photo
Source: mattkruse / Reddit

Incredibly, the Church wall with the mural on it has remained the same, except for the lack of plants now. Regardless, these two are as cute as can be and give us all hope for not only the future of couples in America but for women who hope to fit into their wedding dresses 45 years later.

Courtney and Mario Lopez

Saved by the Bell and America’s Best Dance Crew fans should appreciate this one. The attractive couple took literally the same photo with their daughter, Gia, a number of years apart. Mario’s wife, Courtney, posted this on Instagram. “From 6 months to 6 years. Not a baby anymore,” Courtney Lopez wrote, captioning the photo.

Courtney and Mario Lopez

Good work, guys! They even seem to be at the exact same location in both photos. So I’m assuming that they have a vacation getaway that they like to frequent. Either that or these kinds of places with pools all tend to look alike. Because that’s also just as likely.

These Two Were Clearly Meant to Be

This might just be the youngest original photo of a couple on this list – or ever! Aubrey and Mike were born only 11 days apart and happened to grow up together because their parents were friends. Not unsurprisingly, they didn’t think much of each other while growing up. They saw each other all the time and never thought of anything more than just friendship.

couple recreating their childhood photo together
Source: Imgur

That is until they started going to college, and they finally started dating. Three years later, the childhood sweeties got married. And they have this photo and its remake to flaunt to anyone who says they met when they were in high school or even grade school. These two met when they were babies! Who else can say that? Let alone prove it!

Spitting Image

If the last couple takes the take for the youngest original photo, this couple wins the prize for precision! This husband and wife couple returned to Dallas, Texas, with the goal of remaking a photo from their first year of marriage. And if you scroll up and down, you’ll see just how perfect this recreation is! The only difference between the two is their hairstyles!

couple recreating their older photo
Source: elstongunnn / Reddit

At least he still has his hair, though. Not only do these two look as young and in love as ever, but he also has the same mustache for 32 years now. But if the ‘stache got him the girl, then it’s a good enough reason to keep it. Cheers to these two!

Age is Just a Number

Who said growing old has to mean that couples get bitter and start to hate each other? Look at these two! They look like they became even more fun-loving and silly the older they get. Their grandchild posted this recreation online and said that his grandparents are now both in their 80s. And they look damn good for being in their 80s!

couple recreating their older photo from inside a car
Source: Reddit

Random grandparent fact: Today, there are more than 70 million grandparents in America, which is one-third of the population. There are 1.7 million new grandparents added to the club every year. And of those 70 million, 72% believe that being a grandma or grandpa is the single most important as well as satisfying thing in their life.

Sharon and Justin Baldoni

These two also aren’t a couple, but a mother-son duo. 34 years after the original photo of the then-newborn Jane the Virgin actor and his mother was taken. The mother-son pair chose to make their own recreation photo and a sweet throwback in honor of her birthday. This is a nice way to say happy birthday if you ask me!

Sharon and Justin Baldoni

For anyone who doesn’t know, Justin Baldoni is an actor, director, producer, speaker, and entrepreneur. He’s focused on creating impactful media and entertainment. He’s known for being on Jane the Virgin, Five Feet Apart, Everwood, and My Last Days.

No, She Doesn’t Have Cooties!

After all those years, this guy still fears for her cooties. This young couple is as typical as it gets. The first photo was taken in 6th grade when she had a crush on him, but he was still in the “ew, girls” phase. Which apparently he hasn’t grown out of! Even despite being prom dates, he still has to be reminded that she’s cool and that he actually likes her.

couple recreating their older photo at prom
Source: Reddit

According to Urban Dictionary, cooties are when children reach an age where they notice that the sexes are different, and the children claim that a member of the opposite sex can give you “cooties” if they touch you. It’s also a way of little girls telling other girls not to play with boys, and vice versa.

From Rings to Take Out Delivery

How does this guy know where he’s going if his eyes are always closed? These two had to walk down the aisle next to each other when they were kids at a wedding. Fast forward 23 years and the two walked down the aisle again as a married couple. Either before or after they got some takeout food that he is holding in his hands.

couple recreating their older photo at weddings
Source: Reddit

While this time is by choice, I can’t say that they look so enthusiastic about it. She looks unimpressed, and he, well, isn’t looking. These two are the second couple so far that have met at a wedding as the flower-girl and ring-bearer. I mean, who knew that it would be so common? It’ll make you think at the next wedding you go to.

The Stanley Cup Legend and His Wife

Hockey fans will definitely know who Scotty Bowman is and what a legendary coach and consultant he was in the NHL. He coached his teams toward nine Stanley Cup wins. That’s nine more than most coaches can say about their careers! Here we see Bowman and his wife kissing the Stanley Cup. The first time was in 1977 when he brought the Montreal Canadiens to the big win.

Scotty Bowman and his wife kissing the Stanley Cup trophy
Source: mongo1834 / Reddit

The next time they both kissed the cup was in 2013 when Bowman worked as a consultant for the Chicago Blackhawks. Bowman holds the record for the most wins in league history: 1,248 wins in the regular season, 223 in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He ranks 2nd of all time for most Stanley Cup wins by a player, coach, or executive with 14 victories.

Love on the Rocks

This couple has always shared a mutual passion for the water and the beach. In the first photo, the two are young and strong and look to be very much in love. She’s sporting a “come hither” pose, and he is sitting their proudly with his abs. what’s lovely about this recreation is that they seem even more in love now.

couple recreating their older photo together at the beach
Source: Pinterest

In the recreated photo, it’s clear that they have aged, but who cares when you still are with the love of your life? I wish I knew more about this couple’s life story. I feel like they know something that most of us don’t. What’s your secret, guys? I think the water and the beach have something to do with it.

The Details in This One!

Here’s a cute before-and-after of a couple, albeit very young still, that was even younger in their first photo. In fact, the guy was just 13 in the top photo! Now, these two are happily married adults, regardless of how young he looks now. What’s special about this one, apart from their youth, is how much attention to detail they put into it.

couple recreating their older photo together
Source: Pinterest

They even managed to get similar-looking people to pose in the background! Now, that’s some serious devotion to detail right there. Not only is the couple in the background really similar to the original, they even placed the cups and the napkins the same way. Good job, kids. And yes, they may be married, but they’re still kids.

It’s the Ride or Die Couple

Remember these two lovebirds? They are the couple that was sitting on the motorcycle on their wedding day. Well, it looks like before he whisked her away into their home, they stopped to pose in the yard by their tree. They may be grayer in their after picture, but you can tell they’re still head over heels for each other.

couple recreating their wedding photo
Source: Imgur

I mean, she is his ride or die. So, of course, they are going to stick together through thick and thin. Isn’t it sweet that she wore a similar sunhat for the reboot? I wonder if it’s the same exact tree or a different one. But who cares… the photos are perfect – both the before and the after shot.

30 Years Later in the Same Place

It’s always impressive when you see the extent some couples go to in order to recreate an old photo. They could have easily just posed next to any old wall. But they chose to aim for perfection and find the exact same spot to do their after shot. And how can we not appreciate the effort?

couple recreating their older photo together
Source: Pinterest

A woman shared this shot on her social media and wrote how these two are her parents. The first one was taken in 1970, and the second is from 2010. After 40 years, it’s unbelievable to see how little things have changed! The couple hardly looks any older, and the building is still the exact color yellow. Is it good quality paint, or do they just keep painting it yellow every 10 years or so?

Kiss Her Like it’s The Last Time!

Just look at these two photos makes not only get goosebumps but also makes me think that these two kiss as if it’s the last time they ever will. And what a great way to live life in a marriage! I can’t take my eyes off of these two. They are more in love now than they were in the first photo.

couple recreating their wedding photo together
Source: Imgur

When you found the one you’re meant to be with, years together only makes your love stronger. Just look at how they embrace each other decades later. This is a steamier photo on this list. May we all be so lucky to find our soulmates and kiss like these two elderly lovebirds still do… I’m not crying, you are!

She Had Him at Hello

I think every woman wants a man to say to her, “you had me at hello.” And if any man has said that to the woman in his life, it’s this guy. It seems like from the second she said yes when he asked her on a date, he’s been infatuated with her. Looking at these photos, there’s no denying the love in this couple’s relationship.

couple recreating their older photo together
Source: bntsuad / Twitter

I think it’s safe to say that he worships his wife. The second picture shows the same look of adoration but with years of love and experiences behind it. I think that makes it even more special than the first. The first photo is from 1991 and the second from 2015. It’s been 24 years and he’s not going anywhere.

A Lifetime Together

Here’s another first – a three-time recreation from childhood to old age. This photo is really special. This couple has their life together documented in photos that date back to their early days as childhood friends. The two little kids grew up and fell in love. Aww. Then in the middle photo, they are already young adults, looking like a bright and good looking couple.

couple recreating their older photo together in three photos
Source: Imgur

All those years later, the two are still together in their old age. Isn’t it funny how the wedding dress is worn in the first and youngest of the photo? I don’t know what their story is, but I can bet all my pennies that these two led an interesting life together, full of ups and downs. But mostly ups.

Decades in The Making

It always melts my heart to see couples recreate their wedding photo, and with so many years that have passed, it makes it that much sweeter. It’s amazing also to see women who are able to fit into their dresses after so much time has passed! This photo is likely cherished by their children and their grandchildren.

couple recreating their wedding photo together
Source: Pinterest

Random grandparent fact: They are younger than ever before. 43% of people become grandparents in their 50s, 37% in their 40s, and the average age of grandparents in America is 48. That’s very young for a group of people that have always been seen as old and graying! These days, people are having kids at younger ages, and that means parents are becoming grandparents at younger ages, too.

Another Wedding Photo Recreated

A woman shared this before-and-after photo online and wrote that the picture on the left was the only picture her parents had from their wedding day. Can you imagine? So their children decided to try and recreate it all these years later. Kudos to them for getting the shot in the same place, in front of the Church where they said their vows.

couple recreating their wedding photo together
Source: Pinterest

Random grandparent fact: did you know that 10% of American children live with a grandparent? This includes both grandchildren raised by grandparents and multi-generational households (homes with grandparents, parents, and children). Most of these homes include at least two grandchildren, but many include a lot more. Some households have three or four grandkids.

Standing Pretty In Purple

This couple might not be in their wedding ensembles in their after photo, but they look just as dapper in their colorful outfits. How cute is it that he matched his tie to her lilac dress? And what about her hat that she’s wearing? This couple looks like they spend most of their time laughing with each other and their family members.

couple recreating their wedding photo together
Source: Pinterest

Random grandparent fact: today’s grandparents spend more money on their grandchildren than those did in the past. Many grandparents say they never got gifts from their own grandparents, despite having loving relationships with them. But today, they spend generously on their grandkids. I’m sure this happy old couple spoils their grandkids, and not just on Christmas and other holidays.

They Still Enjoy Long Drives Together

What is it about vintage photos of people in cars that are so endearing? Their car has changed in the second remake photo, but it looks like it’s also an old car. Even if the car is different, they still kept their loving embrace. Like all the other couples on this list, these two look like they are still in love.

couple recreating their older photo together in a car
Source: Pinterest

Random grandparent fact: Grandmothers outnumber grandfathers. Since women live longer than men, grandmothers have come to outnumber grandfathers 124 to 100, according to a MetLife study. But by 2020, the numbers should even out. Another trend that people have noticed is toward more involved grandfathers. Isn’t that great? These two grandparents for sure enjoy spending their days with the kiddos.

Buried Neck Deep

It isn’t clear whether these two are siblings or a young couple. Either way, they were hanging out in sand, neck deep, since they were little kids, and they did a spot on job doing their after photo. So even if they’re not a couple, they still deserve a spot on this list. I appreciate their attempt to copy the same facial expressions, too.

two siblings recreating their older photo together in the sand
Source: Pinterest

It is one thing to put on a dress and pose for a photo, and it’s another thing altogether to bury yourself in sand up to your necks in order to remake an old photo. Whatever their relationship, these young people mean a lot to each other, and it’s pretty darn adorable.

Almost as adorable as these next two…

The Apple of His Eye

Again, I have to know what some of these women’s secrets are to staying young! Maybe it isn’t even good genes or excellent face cream. Maybe it’s being in love that keeps them looking and feeling great. And it shows. Both of them look great and as much in love as they were on their wedding day. This is a great testament to the life they share together.

couple recreating their wedding photo together
Source: YouTube

Random grandparent fact: who said grandparents are sitting on porches in their rocking chairs, drinking iced tea? 10% of grandparents have a tattoo. 17% have gone to a rally, and 15% have demonstrated. 7% use recreational drugs, and 2% have even skydived! These days, things are changing, and older people are becoming more modern than ever.

Still Beach Lovers

Life’s just peachy when you spend your days at the beach! This couple went for the home run in their recreated photo, where she even wore the same bikini. You can’t really tell what he’s wearing (or not wearing) from these photos, but she kept her bikini. That’s impressive on its own! This couple is still young, but you can see that they had years together.

couple recreating their older photo together at the beach
Source: Pinterest

It’s nice to see that they still like spending time at the beach together after all this time. Here’s to this couple and the years of beach visits ahead of them. May we all be able to hang out at the beach house year after year and wear our old bikinis from our teenaged days.

A Memorable Moment

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge seems to be a spot for so many people to stop and take a memorable photo. Not all people take photos that they will eventually recreate. But these two sure did. I like how despite the fact that they don’t have the same exact clothes, they still did their best to match the original outfits.

couple recreating their older photo together at the Golden Gate Bridge
Source: Pinterest

They’re dressed pretty much the same way as they did in the original photo, with her beige coat and his burgundy shirt. San Fran has so many romantic things to do. Standing in front of the famous bridge is only one way to profess your love for someone. I’m sure going back to this spot to take the second photo was not a chore at all.

Photo Booth Moments

If we can learn anything from this photo (other than this couple being still in love), it’s that with age, comes the need for glasses. How annoying is it that we have to wear glasses when we get older? Anyway, this couple loves to have some fun with the camera, especially in a photo booth. They may not literally be inside a photo booth, but the effect seems that way.

couple recreating their older photo together
Source: Pinterest

If there’s another thing we can learn from this photo, it’s that fashion and hairstyles go back in style. Her hair is pretty much the same as it was all those years earlier. Back in the day, that kind of hairstyle was very popular among women. Today it suits the older population. Which makes sense since they were the ones who did their hair like that!

That Bonnet!

What’s cuter about this photo: her adorable bonnet or the way her husband is still grinning after all these years? He has the proud look of someone who is still next to the love of his life. The only thing that would make this photo better is if he wore the same jacket buttoned up with the flower in his pocket, and the two were holding the bouquet.

couple recreating their wedding photo together
Source: Imgur

But maybe I’m just being picky now. It’s after seeing all the other photos where people went through lengths to copy the original photo as much as possible. But it’s okay. The fact that they even took this photo and especially how she found the bonnet that makes this photo worthy of being on this list!

This is What Pride Looks Like After So Many Years Together

They first marched for LGBTQ rights back in 1993 and snapped the picture on the left. 24 years later, they are still marching for their love. This time in the Equality March for Unity and Pride. It only seemed fitting to recreate their original photo. They posted it online, and the photo went viral.

gay couple recreating their older photo together
Source: Pinterest

Twitter user ‘stormae’ wrote: “They’ve been marching for so long they actually witnessed gay marriage being legalized in all states.” That’s pretty insane when you think about it. Same-sex marriage started being legal at the beginning of the 21st century. Now, it is possible in 28 countries. We have come a long way, for sure, but there is definitely room for improvement. There are a lot more than 28 countries in the world. There are 195.

Western Styles

I’ve seen people taking these old Western-style photos where they dress up characters from the Wild West, like the photo on the left. The young couple obviously thought it would be a fun idea to dress up and take an old-style photo. They didn’t think at the time that they would remake it later on when they had kids.

couple recreating their older Western photo together
Source: twilling8 / Reddit

But when the time came, they thought it would be an even better idea to get the whole family dressed up to take the same kind of photo. Of course, this time was without the pistol. This time, they aimed for a more family-friendly Old Western photo. It is 20 years after the original, by the way. It’s hard to tell, though.

Same Spot, Different Styles

This still young couple had their first photo taken in front of the high school that they both went to. He had the typical 90s mushroom cut and the two of them even had matching wind jackets. For the second photo, they managed to find the same spot, but that’s about all that is the same in the photo.

couple recreating their older photo together

Well, I mean, they are still together, and he’s holding her from behind her back, but their hair has changed a lot, and they’re not even wearing the same clothes whatsoever. It’s like the couple above, who could have tried a little hard. Come on, guys – he could have at least worn a blue hoodie. But whatever… I’ll forgive them.