15 Genius Inventions That Look like They Are from the Future

Science and technology have done a lot for us, and what’s even more mind-blowing is that every day we still get to see different innovative and problem-solving inventions. Ranging from food, fashion to entertainment, these inventions are set to make your life easier

We have decided to look into these inventions and show you 15 genius innovations that will not cease to make you wonder.

1. Imagine a Cloth Folding Device

Source: Pinterest

Life has already been made easy as we have machines that can help us wash and even dry our clothes. Right now life has been made much easier with the advent of a folding machine. FoldiMate is a machine that folds your laundry. You don’t have to worry anymore about folding your clothes. FoldiMate will do it in just 4 minutes.

2. Charge your Phone with a Cup of Coffee

Source: Pinterest

This is awesome! With the Epiphany One Puck, your phone battery will never go low. This device is quite a fancy one. It generates electricity based on the energy given off by a very cold or hot beverage. It is with this electricity that your phone or any mobile device gets charged.

3. PodRide – The Cycling Car

Source: Pinterest

This is a four-wheel e-bike that resembles a car. It is designed in such a way that it allows the driver to cycle on any terrain, be it a rocky hill or a snowy road. It is an efficient bike in the sense that it is fully weather-proof. You also have space where you can keep your groceries or carry your child to school.

4. The BioBus

Source: Pinterest

Who could have thought that it was possible to power a bus with poo. Yes, it is very possible. I bring to you the BioBus. This is a “mobile lavatory” that converts faeces into fuel. These buses are very scarce to find. They were created for educational reasons rather than for transportation.

5. The Birth of Biodegradable Plastics

Source: Pinterest

Plastics take very long to decompose which is why they constitute a major part of the earth’s waste. To solve this problem, scientists are developing bio-plastics made from algae. These plastics are engineered in a way that they retain their form while they hold water, and start to decompose immediately they are empty.

6. The Future of Construction

Source: Pinterest

Would you believe if you were told this four-storey building was built in a day? I guess you might not, but it’s true. The Chinese company BROAD is the brain behind this. They have come up with eco-friendly ways to improve construction speed as well as reduce costs of construction.

7. Easy Way to Cook your Eggs

Source: Pinterest

This is a decision you will never regret. So many people have trouble with making hard-boiled eggs. This is why people are buying this egg boiler in droves as it cooks 4 eggs at a time in few minutes. No need to worry about exploding shells. Just put your eggs inside the chambers and they will come out perfectly cooked.

8. No More Flat Tyres

Source: Pinterest

The biggest tyre makers Michelin have released an airless tyre that is bulletproof and road spike proof. This airless tyre has the ability to ride over bumps without losing its firmness plus they are also quieter. There is none available for the public yet, but we know it will certainly happen.

9. Get Umbrellas for your Pets too

Source: Pinterest

It’s important to walk your dogs on a daily basis. Pets hate the rain but you should not let it stop their walking. Thanks to the pet umbrella, your pets can go out even when it is raining. This means your dog isn’t going to bring in that unpleasant wet-dog smell with it into your house.

10. Designed Cups to Catch Drips

Source: Pinterest

Little did we know that a simple design was all that was needed to stop coffee dips before they become stains. This is a simple innovation that helps to improve the drinking experience. There is a groove along the base of the cup which helps collect any drop of coffee or tea before they touch the table.

11. The best way to Study and Exercise

Source: Pinterest

Innovations should be about solving a problem. However, this is about solving more than one, and in-fact unrelated problems. These treadmills were designed in a way that students could attach their computers to them. This way, students can study as they work out.

12. The Portable Gold Fish Aquarium

Source: Pinterest

Goldfish lovers should no longer feel jealous about dog owners anymore. They now have the opportunity to carry their pet around and spend quality time with them. Thanks to this portable aquarium, you can now take your goldfish to work, to the cinemas or even a restaurant.

13. The Spoon-Fork Hybrid

Source: Pinterest

This is an eating utensil that has the combined features of a spoon and fork. With the help of this spoon-fork hybrid, you can eat 2 different types of food without worrying about spilling them. In a more practical case, you can eat cake with it and also soup.

14. An Easy Way to Put out Fire

Source: Pinterest

Fire extinguisher grenades are the real deal. They are a much easier and fun way to put out a fire. Fire extinguisher grenades can help put off a fire in seconds. These grenades are cost-effective and safe to use. We can only hope never to use one, but it’s going to be fun.

15. The Action still Continues

Source: Pinterest

If you have a regular habit of going to  the bathroom during a movie, this is the right movie theatre for you. Their bathrooms are equipped with monitors which means you are not going to miss important scenes anymore. Sure this is more like killing two birds with a stone.

The Best Solution for Occupied Hands

Umbrella with a cup holder
Source: Pinterest.com

Holding your umbrella and holding your coffee can be a complicated task. What if you were told that there was an amazing invention that could hold your cup of coffee while holding your umbrella?

Absolutely genius, right? I can imagine being outside in the rain, cold and craving a warm beverage but can’t have it, due to the inconvenience of carrying everything.

Skyrocket Your Chopping Skills

Vegetable slicing comb
Source: Amazon.com

Are you getting tired of accidentally cutting yourself while slicing onions, potatoes, tomatoes, or other veggies? Oh, the Horror. Well, the onion holder can help.

Holding this comb-like instrument definitely helps keep the vegetables in place so you can cut them perfectly.

Never Worry About Those Messy Adapters Again

Rotating Plug Adapter
Source: Pinterest.com

Tired of messy adaptors taking up multiple plugs on your power strip? The rotating power strip allows you to shift and move the outlets on your surge protector.

This will ensure that bulky or boxy plugs will no longer block other plugs. I, for one, understand the trouble of having messy adapters, they don’t look great.

Actionable Ways To Improve Road Rage

Hourglass traffic light
Source: Imgur.com

The traffic light hourglass counts down the time left before the traffic light changes. I must admit, this traffic light would ease a lot of morning nerves.

Now you don’t need to guess how long that light is going to stay red, or try to speed through a changing light unnecessarily before it goes from yellow to red.

Weird But Effective

Scissors pizza cutter
Source: Pinterest.com

Oh, pizza, where would our millions of people be without you? Lucky for us, aka: the world, some genius designed this simple tool.

These scissors offer a nifty tool to serve pizza without ripping all the cheese off or having to apply all your weight onto one arm. These Pizza Scissors could be a great invention for the 21st century.

Control Diabodies like a Ninja!

Contact lenses
Source: entrepreneur.com

This perfect invention could save the life of a diabetic. A pharmaceutical company announced that they were working on contact lenses that can correct vision and detect the blood-sugar levels of diabetics through their tears.

If the glucose levels happen to be imbalanced, the person wearing the contacts will become aware when the color of the lens changes.

Sensitive to Winter? You’ll Love This

Bathwater thermometer
Source: editorchoice.com

Are you worried about the water temperature for your children’s bath? Or simply touching ice-cold water during winter?

A company was genius when coming up with this invention, the faucet thermometer. You can now be fully aware of the temperature as the water fills the tub. Take the guessing and frostbite out of bath time.

Forget cycling, Try this Pedal-Less Bike

Source: Pinterest

That’s right; it’s a bike without pedals! The rider would hang from a harness, as displayed below, and builds speed with their feet.

The idea is that the rider can go faster than a traditional bicycle would, and the experience provides more of a thrill. At least it has two wheels and handlebars!

The Cutting Board You Should Know About

Folding cutting board
Source: Pinterest.com

Why take up important counter space while cooking when you can have two gadgets in one? Or, why drip sauce all over the counter and floor?

This cutting board can easily transform into a colander/ strainer. It really is handy when doing your meal preps. No more transferring food between appliances.

I Licked It; It’s Mine

Ice-cream lock
Source: twitter.com

Do you have spouses, kids or roommates that love to sneak a little bit of your Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream? Imagine waiting all day for that moment you get to eat your ice-cream and then only to find there are a few spoons left.

Ben & Jerry’s pint lock is our new best friend! The Lock is the perfect way to keep unwanted folks out of your favorite flavor. Take that!

Essential for Babies

Rubber umbrella hat
Source: gearbest.com

Want to protect your babies from the chemicals of shampoos or from the fear of water in their faces?

This cute baby umbrella hat is the best kind of protection for your baby from soapy water. You could even use it as a sun visor. You’re welcome.

OMG! A Full Mouth of Spaghetti Pasta?

Grooved spaghetti fork
Source: woman-house.com

How annoying is it when you attempt eating pasta, and you twirl and twist your fork in your bowl, only to end up with one freaking string of spaghetti on it?

Well, say goodbye to those frustrations! These grooved spaghetti forks are the right kind of answers to your pasta-loving prayers.

Where Are My Germaphobes at?

Water sterilizer and air purifier in one
Source: Pinterest.com

I, myself, am a germaphobe, and this sounds like a dream come true! The Purifier and Water Sterilizer is absolutely perfect.

This appliance gets rid of bacteria, germs, pesticides, and other harmful agents that are on our foods, fruits, or even your baby’s toys.

Can’t Touch Me

Laser Bike Lane
Source: Pinterest.com

If you commute to work and back home in the dark using your bike, it can be quite scary when motorists can’t see you or get too close. This is the invention is perfect.

This bike’s light reveals a “bike lane” for motorists, so they know how close they’re getting to you. The LED lights will help give you peace of mind as you cycle home from a long day at the office.

See You On The Flip Side

Ironing Board Mirror
Source: politikata.net

This mirror and ironing board hybrid is such a cool invention. Once you have finished, you’re your ironing. You simply flip the ironing board up to use it as a full-length mirror so you can see if you missed a spot.

Or you simply don’t have space for a mirror or an ironing board; this is perfect! No more wrinkly clothes when going out!