You May Have To Look Twice: Actors And Their Stunt Doubles

Hollywood is filled with much more than just actors, directors, and producers. A lot is going on behind the scenes that help make a movie great. There are Costume designers and makeup teams, but the real magic comes from the stunt performers. Typically, the actor gets praise for their part in the movie, but the stunt workers hardly ever get recognition. It’s all part of the illusion; audiences are supposed to feel like someone else is playing the character. Many actors do give credit to their stunt doubles and pose for a picture showing off their similarities.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. / Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of her movie Inherent Vice. / Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the premiere of Sky scraper. / Bruce Willis at the Apollo Theater in New York, 2019.
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Stunt performers have a dangerous job and risk their lives to make our movie-going experience better. Whenever you see your favorite actors jumping off buildings or getting in fights, chances are there are using a stunt double. Most of these stunt workers have an athletic background and have to be in top physical shape constantly. Check out some of these fearless performers and see who doubles for your favorite action star.

Chris Hemsworth and Bobby Holland Hanton

Bobby Holland Hanton has been standing in Thor’s shadow for many years. Bobby stands in for the extremely famous Chris Hemsworth. He admitted that it’s not the actual stunts that are the most difficult part about standing in for the actor. The hard part is making himself look like the very attractive Hemsworth. “Chris is already huge, he’s much bigger than me naturally, so I have to train twice a day.

Chris Hemsworth on the left and Bobby Holland Hanton on the right, both dressed as Thor.
Source: Twitter

Many guys probably dream of looking like Chris Hemsworth, but some are actually willing to put in the work. Not only does Hanton put in the work but, he also jumps off the occasional building instead of the movie star. As a former gymnast, Hanton is the perfect stuntman. The fact that the look extremely similar and get along well is just a plus!

Bobby Holland Hanton’s Other Stunts

Yes, Hanton is a stunt double for one of the most famous actors, but he is much more than that. Hanton is one of the most wanted stuntmen in the industry. He has performed numerous stunts in some of your favorite action movies. There are some stunts in particular that Hanton is proud of. “On The Dark Knight Rises, when I was Bruce Wayne, I had to climb out of the prison he’s in and jump, miss the landing, fall 100 feet and slam into the opposite wall.” Yikes! Sounds dangerous!

Chris Hemsworth and Bobby Holland Hanton in Vancouver shooting Bad Times.
Source: @bobbydazzler84 / Instagram

Hanton continued saying, “It was one of my first ever high-falls, a 100-footer, which is quite a nice feat to achieve for a stunt performer.” Good for him. No wonder he is one of the most sought-out stuntmen in Hollywood. Hanton also expressed how he loved his work on Quantum Solace. “I had to free jump – no safety wires, no safety mats-from a three-story ledge onto a balcony space while I was being shot at by a SWAT team.”

Keanu Reeves and Jackson Spidell

If you have watched any of the John Wick movies, you were probably impressed by the incredible stunts. You just watch the protagonist fight his way through trained assassins! Although Keanu Reeves always demonstrated much dedication to his work and gets deep into the character he is playing, there are still some lengths he won’t go to.

Keanu Reeves and Jackson Spidell are standing together in similar black clothing.
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Here is Keanu Reeves looks so similar to his stunt double, they almost look like twins! In this scene, John Wick is escaping motorcycle-riding attackers on horses! Surprisingly, Reeves actually did do a lot of these stunts himself, but some were too dangerous, and Jackson Spidell took his place. Did you know that Chad Stahelski, who directed all the John Wick movies used to be Reeves stunt double back when he was shooting The Matrix?

Halle Berry and Anisha Gibbs

The main character isn’t the only one in the John Wick movies that need to perform amazing stunts. Sometimes his friends also have some work to do! In John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum, Halle Berry portrayed Sofia. Her character had some action sequences, and for most of them, Anisha Gibbs performed the stunts.

Halle Berry and Anisha Gibbs dressed up for a John Wick movie.
Source: Anisha Gibbs / Instagram

Halle Berry did want to perform some of her own stunts. Who better to train her than her own stunt double? The look-alikes trained extensively together. One of the most difficult parts about filming the stunts in John Wick 3 was working with dogs. Working with animals involves many extra steps, including bonding with the pet off camera. It was a new experience for these two, but they are now seasoned veterans in the industry.

Johnny Depp and Tony Angelotti

I don’t know if it’s the hair and make-up, but these two look so much alike! Unlike some other actors, Depp has never had a problem admitting that he doesn’t do his own stunts. Just thinking of performing his own stunts make him sick. He even said that he “leave that jumping to the professionals.” His stunt double is Tony Angelotti.

Johnny Depp and Tony Angelotti in pirate costumes on the movie set Pirates of the Caribbean.
Source: Pinterest

Angelotti has an impressive resume and has been working in the industry for decades. He appeared in some major movies, such as Batman: Forever, Starship Troopers, and The Amazing Spider-man. In 2007, Angelotti made headlines when he sued Walt Disney Company and Jerry Bruckheimer for negligence after he got a knee injury rehearsing a stunt. This was a rare occasion because stunt doubles are scared to sue and jeopardize future roles.

Emilia Clarke and Rosie Mac

We all recognize Emilia Clark from the extremely popular HBO show, Game of Thrones. In season five on the show, Rosie Mac stood in for Emilia and performed some of her stunts. The two have a similar look, and Mac does an incredible job taking on dangerous stunts. Let’s just say this stunt performer can do it all when it comes to Hollywood.

Emilia Clarke and Rosie Mac with white-blonde hair, Emilia in costume for Khaleesi.
Source: Image by @rosiemacworld/Instagram / Image by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

The British 22-year-old stunner is a model, dancer, and actress. She is even the founder of Mac Models & Casting Agency. That seems like a pretty impressive career for a 22-year-old, but there is more. Mac signed a deal with a record label and is coming out with an album soon! We can’t wait to see what this rising star does next!

Chris Evans and Sam Hargrave

Even Captain America needs a little bit of help once in a while. When Chris Evans needs to leap from a building, Sam Hargrove is there. Whenever you see the protagonist fighting his way out of a situation, it’s usually the star stuntman! Hargrave is well-known in the industry and works on projects like Deadpool 2 and scrubs.

Chris Evans and Sam Hargrave suited up for the movie Captain America: Civil War.
Source: Image by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Hargrave is obviously a talented stunt double, but he has done more than that. He branched out in the industry as has worked as a stunt and fight coordinator behind the scenes. These types of jobs involve a lot of martial arts training so that audiences will get an intense and realistic feel while watching action movies. Well, it looks like we will see much more of Sam Hargrave shortly.

Tom Hardy and Jacob Tomuri

Movie watchers were amazed by the mind-blowing action sequences in Mad Max: Fury road. Well, we are also amazed by how much Tom Hardy looks like Jacob Tomuri, his stunt double. Needless to say, they are both super attractive. The two continued to work together on other projects, including Revenant, the 2015 thriller.

Tom Hardy and Jacob Tomuri in character for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
Photo by Jacob Tomuri

Hardy has nothing but good things to say about Tomuri. He even insists on having his stunt double appear next to him when he does promotional interviews. Every chance he gets, Hardy speaks fondly of Tomuri and always gives him the credit he deserves. The movie Legend is about twins, and they are both played by Hardy. His stunt double played the stand-in opposite for Hardy. Maybe it’s time for Jacob Tomuri to branch out into acting. Personally, I’d love to see his face on my screen.

Ben Affleck and Rich Cetrone

Rich Cetrone is another well-known talent in the world. He worked on five different movies playing Ben Affleck’s stunt double. Some of these films are Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and Suicide Squad. The two don’t have that many facial similarities, but the hair and beard really make a huge difference.

Ben Affleck with Rich Cetrone ready for filming in Triple Frontier.
Source: Ben Affleck / Instagram

When making a movie, filmmakers rely on creative editing to pull off such character deception. What’s makes it easier, however, is when the hero is wearing a mask. Rich explained a Batman vs. Spiderman that he recalled; “I jump out of the Batmobile, rip off the cowl, walk behind a wall to start waking up the steps – Ben’s standing there, and he takes the rest of the way up to Batcave.”

Reese Witherspoon and Marilee Lessley

Wow! Reese Witherspoon and her stunt double, Marilee Lessley, look extremely similar to one another. These two look-alikes have been working together for years. Most famously was in the movie Water for Elephants, it’s a story of a circus veterinarian played by Robert Pattinson who falls in love with Witherspoon’s character, the ringmaster’s wife.

Reese Witherspoon and Marilee Lessley are wearing light blue button-down shirts.
Source: Reese Witherspoon / Instagram

However, this wasn’t the only time that Marilee Lessley worked as a stunt double for Reese Witherspoon. The stunt girl is generally used on movie sets as a fill-in actress to test out the lighting before the real actors come in. The stand-ins are required to wear the same clothes and makeup as the actual actors when acting out scenes, even though they aren’t being filmed. It’s not an easy job; stand-in actors work long days with very few breaks.

Sebastian Stan and James Young

Sebastian Stan and his look-alike, James Young, worked on filming Captain America: Civil War together. If you saw the movie, you already know the number of insane stunts that are needed to film the movie. Young had three jobs for this one. He also doubled for Iron Man and was the flight coordinator for the movie. I guess some people can just do it all.

Sebastian Stan and James Young
Source: @jyou10 / Instagram

A lot of money goes into making sure that the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are the best in the industry. That’s why they need to get the best actors and stunt doubles to work on their films. Making Captain America: Civil War cost Marvel and Disney $250 million to make! It paid off at the end, considering the movie made more than $1.15 billion!

Chris Pratt and Tony McFarr

Tony McFarr is Chris Pratt’s longtime stunt double. The two worked together on many other Blockbuster hits such as Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and Passengers. These two work incredibly well together. McFarr also appeared in the comedy Tag, where he played John Hamm’s stunt double.

Christ Pratt and his stunt double Tony McFarr in red leather jackets and black pants.

For years the entertainment industry called for “Best Stunts” Oscar award to acknowledge the stunt performers and coordinators that take unbelievable risks to make our movie watching experience so much better. Some actors such as Tom Cruise perform most of their own stunts. However, they do rely on a stunt crew to make sure they are safe. I think it’s definitely time for a Best Stunts Oscar, what do you think?

Zac Efron and Jordan Scott

Another popular stunt man for A-list actors is Jordan Scott. The two worked together on Dirty Grandpa, and a photo of the stunt double went viral for a funny yet unexpected reason. Efron’s character needed to ride a motorcycle naked in one of the scenes in the movie. When the actor wasn’t comfortable showing his body on TV, Scott stepped in.

Zac Efron and Jordon Scott are standing around shirtless on the set of Dirty Grandpa.
Photo by Bruja / Thibault / Pacific Coast News

It’s not uncommon for actors to have body doubles in movie scenes that require no clothes. Believe it or not, many actors don’t want to strip on TV for the whole world to see. To be honest, after seeing this side by side photo of Efron and Scott, nobody was disappointed. Both of those bodies are fun to look at.

Jared Padalecki and Mike Carpenter

Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester on Supernatural. Although he and his brother seem to get into a lot of trouble together on the show, Mike Carpenter is the one who really takes all the risks. Carpenter has an extremely impressive career working as both, a stunt man and stunt coordinator. He has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Jared Padalecki and Mike Carpenter in matching brown and white plaid shirts.
Source: Mike Carpenter / Twitter

Mike Carpenter has also performed stunts for Liam Neeson in the action-drama, The Grey. Besides, you can catch him performing stunts on Elf, I, Robot, Man of Steel, and my personal favorite, Lucifer! Padalecki and his doppelgänger seem to really be enjoying themselves on set. When the actor tweeted this picture, he captioned it “He’s… Right beside me… Isn’t he?”

Margot Robbie and Ingrid Kleinig

Margot Robbie beautifully portrayed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. However, when it’s time to shoot a dangerous scene, Ingrid Kleinig lends a helping hand. Kleinig is an expert before you, and she is the woman behind the stunts in some of your favorite movies. This girl has made her way around Hollywood appearing in movies, such as Superman, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Margot Robbie and Ingrid Kleinig were posing with someone while dressed as Harley Quinn.

If her name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Ingrid first gained recognition in the 200 Olympic Ceremony when she swung hundreds of feet above the crowd! Her family is filled with professional drivers, which was a good background to become one of the few female stunt drivers in the industry.

Amy Schumer and Meredith Richardson

Comedian turned actress Amy Schumer also uses a stunt double from time to time. Schumer worked with Meredith Richardson in two movies so far; I Feel Pretty and Snatched. However, Richardson is not new to the industry. She has done stunt work for a ton of popular movies. If you saw Black Panther or Thor: Ragnarok, you have seen this girl in action.

Amy Schumer and Meredith Richardson in matching black and white baseball t-shirts.
Source: Amy Schumer / Instagram

Some of the incredible stunts she needs to perform require Richardson to stay in incredibly good shape. If you check out her demo reel, you can see what this talented stunt woman is actually capable of. With her bravery and athletic ability, it’s no surprise that Richardson is one of the most elite stunt performers.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Tanoai Reed

To perform stunts for someone like “The Rock,” you need to be a very special breed of man. For years, Dwayne Johnson’s stunt double is no one other than his own cousin, Tanoai Reed. Well, the family has some strong genes. I needed to look at this picture twice to notice which one was the actor. The two are really close friends, and the Rock even bought his cousin a pickup truck to thank him for his amazing work.

Dwayne Johnson and Tanoai Reed in matching tight short-sleeved shirts.
Source: @samoanstuntman / Instagram

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good. Reed suffered some injuries such as fractured ribs, a broken shin, and a torn MCL. He even once got shrapnel stuck on his arm. Well, I guess this is the risk you have to take when you become a stuntman, but it was all worth it for Reed. He told GQ, “I’ve been doing it for 25 years, and I still have these moments where I pinch myself and think, I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this.”

Adrianne Palicki and Alicia Vela-Bailey

Alicia Vela-Bailey has been moving up the ladder into an A-list stunt woman! She first appeared in Agents worked as Adrianne Palicki’s stunt double in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Soon after, she acted as one of the most frightening villains on the show, Alisha Whitely.

Adrianne Palicki and Alicia Vela-Bailey are getting ready for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Source: Alicia Vela-Bailey / Instagram

British actress Kate Beckinsale reprised her role as Selene in Underwood: Awakening and Blood Wars. Alicia Vela-Bailey stepped in to work as her stunt double. She also worked on Avatar, where she performed stunts for James Cameron’s Avatar. She did such a great job that she was hired to work on the two sequels. Keep your eyes open for this one. We will definitely see her stunt work in upcoming action movies! We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Shailene Woodley and Alicia Vela-Bailey

Shailene Woodley is the star of the action film, Divergent. However, she didn’t work alone. Alicia Vela-Bailey also channeled Tris Prior when she performed stunts for Shailene’s character. Like many others in the stunt business, Vela-Bailey started when she was an elite gymnast as a young girl. She started her career as a stunt woman when she landed the role of Milla Jovovich’s stunt double in Ultraviolet.

Shailene Woodley and Alicia Vela-Bailey are on the set of Divergent dressed alike.
Source: Summit Entertainment / IMDB

There isn’t some acting school you attend to become a stunt performer. The job required someone who is incredibly brave and incredibly athletic. Typically these performers have some sort of athletic backgrounds such as gymnastics, martial arts, or combat training. Some stunt performers are focused on one area of stunt work while others train in everything to ensure more jobs.

Reese Witherspoon and Marny Eng

Marilee Lessley wasn’t Reese Witherspoon’s only stunt woman. Reese Witherspoon gave Marny Eng credit for making her ‘look tough’ in her movie Hot Pursuit. In 1993, Eng appeared as Lori Loughlin’s stunt double in A Stanger in the Mirror. She is now a successful veteran stunt performer and worked on other films, including Inception, Godzilla, and Death Wish.

Reese Witherspoon and Marny Eng dressed as police officers for their film Hot Pursuit.
Source: Reese Witherspoon / Instagram

After decades in the industry, it’s not shocking that she is one of the most sought-after stuntwomen in the industry. She became president of a stunt agency called Stunts Canada in 2015. The agency is based in British Columbia. Her jaw-dropping performances speak for themselves. This talented star was even nominated to two Taurus World Stunt Awards. Well, I know I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Michael B. Jordan and Aaron Toney

Although Aaron Toney has worked on numerous blockbuster films, most people know him for his performances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He worked as a double for Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger and for Chadwick Boseman in Black Panther. Well, those are some impressive and iconic characters to double for!

Michael B. Jordan and Aaron Toney both dressed up and ready for a scene in a Marvel movie.
Source: Image by @aarontoney_action/Instagram / Image by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

He also appeared in Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War, where he performed stunts as Falcon played by Anthony Mackie. These intense roles mean Toney needs to stay in top shape and physical condition so that he can perform the dangerous tasks required. His dedication is impressive, and just Hollywood wants from an A-list stuntman. This guy won’t be stopping anytime soon. Look out for him in any upcoming action movies!

Andrew Garfield and William Spencer

Andrew Garfield did an astonishing job playing Spider-Man. However, he needed some help when it came to some crazy stunts. William Spencer is the talented man behind the incredible stunts we see Spider-Man perform. Spencer is also a skateboarder, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Both of those activities require similar skill sets.

Andrew Garfield and William Spencer in Spider-Man costumes about to put their masks on.
Source: Pinterest

For both activities, you need to be a fearless risk-taker and willing to put yourself in harm’s way. You also need to have good hand-eye coordination, which Spencer clearly has. Also, Spencer needs to stay in remarkable shape to do skateboard tricks and to perform dangerous stunts. To be a stunt performer, you have to have a high tolerance for pain, and he probably learned that from skateboarding.

Taylor Lautner and Gabriel Nunez

Taylor Lautner was determined to do his own stunts when filming the movie Tracers, and he did… well, for most of them. When it came time to shoot the parkour escape soon, the actor had to tap out. Luckily, Gabriel Nunez was there to step in as stunt double. He resembles the actor incredibly well, so he’s the perfect one to take his place.

Taylor Lautner and Gabriel Nunez in matching tight short-sleeved shirts standing on a balcony.
Source: Saban Films / IMDB

In addition to doing dangerous work, Stunt performers work really long hours. Sometimes they work full days and into the night. Not only does the job require physical strength, but it required mental and emotional strength. Imagine repeating the same unsafe stunts over and over again until its perfect. It’s not easy to make stunt-work look so realistic.

Ellie Kemper, Kara Rosella, and Abby Nelson

Okay, there is no way I’m the only one seeing triple! Ellie Kemper is known for her roles in The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She took this picture on set with both of her stunt doubles, and the resemblance is remarkable! Both of these ladies have long and impressive resumes. Kara did some stunt work in Blue Bloods, Jessica Jones, and Gotham. Abby performed stunts in The Hunger Games, Black Swan, and The Deuce.

Kara Rosella, Ellie Kemper, and Abby Nelson all posing in the same pink pants and royal blue shirt.
Source: Ellie Kemper / Instagram

Generally, stunt doubles make at least $2,347 under a three-day contract. Some even get paid more depending on the length of the movie. That seems like a pretty nice paycheck. These guys definitely deserve it, though. I mean, no matter how professional they are, they are still risking their lives and safety.

Bruce Willis and Stuart Wilson

Bruce Willis is insanely recognizable as a Hollywood action star. Not many people can pull off the stunts that are necessary for these types of movies, and that’s when Stuart Wilson comes to the rescue! Like many other professional stunt performers, Wilson spreads his talent. He also works as a stunt choreographer and is a successful stunt coordinator.

Stuart Wilson and Bruce Willis in matching black outfits with black leather jackets.

Wilson doesn’t sugarcoat anything when he speaks about his hard work. He once spoke about his job, saying, “You get used to being in pain or not being 100 percent. You learn to live with it.” Luckily, Wilson is there to take the risk so that we can enjoy watching movies with mind-blowing stunt work! Plus, he looks just like Bruce Willis!

Brie Larson, Renae Moneymaker, and Joanna Bennett

Brie Larson earned an MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Fight in Captain Marvel. When she went up to accept the award, she brought out two of her talented stunt doubles that made the scenes as amazing as they were. The actress expressed how she “could not have made this film without them. They are the baseline of who she is. They are the living embodiment of Captain Marvel.”

Brie Larson, Renee Moneymaker, and Joanna Bennett at the MTV Movie and TV Awards show in 2019.
Photo by Chelsea Lauren /

It’s always nice to see when the stunt performers are credited. Ranae Moneymaker and Joanna Bennet have worked together for quite a while and even grew up together. They both look up to female figures such as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. It’s really amazing to watch them create a career where they can bring these characters to life while inspiring women all around the world.

Amber Rose Revah and Aja Frary

Amber Rose Revah portrayed Dinah Madani in Netflix’s adaptation of Marvel’s, The Punisher, and performed plenty of dangerous feats. However, to capture the footage needed for the show, Aja Frary jumped in to fight scenes and took some punches from Billy Russo, played by Ben Barnes.

Amber Rose Revah and Aja Frary both with curled hair and white button-down shirts.
Source: @amberroserevah / Instagram

Like many others in the stunt business, Frary has a very athletic history. While in college, she competed as a field and track athlete. The talented star even won herself a Division I NCAA bronze medal! Sadly, right before her Olympic Trial, she suffered an injury, and it stopped her from competing in the 2004 Olympics. While she was recovering, a college friend contacted her asking her to work as a stunt double, and her life changed. Her first movie was American Gangster and worked as a stunt double ever since!

Chandler Riggs and Emily Brobst

It can be especially tricky for producers to capture a scene where child actors need to get themselves into a dangerous situation. You can’t really tell another child to jump out of a building! Emily Brobst is a 29-year-old stunt performer. She was called in to double for 14-year-old Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead.

Chandler Riggs and Emily Brobst both dressed as young ranchers with cowboy hats.
Source: AMC Networks

As the actor grew up, The Walking Dead fans noticed. As he was hitting his growth spurt, the producers needed to switch out his stunt double for a taller performer. His first stunt double was a Savana Jade Wehunt. She also played the Governor’s Zombie daughter! It’s really impressive to any adult stunt performer to pull off a little boy, especially if the stunt performer is a girl!

Sofia Vergara and Tammie Baird

The beautiful Modern Family star Sofia Vergara also has a stunt double! Tammie Baird is another stunt worker who has a long and impressive resume in Hollywood. Her first role was in Mr.& Mrs. Smith, starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She can also be recognized for her role in a few episodes of Twin Peak, where she plays Lorraine.

Sofia Vergara and Tammi Baird dressed for filming an episode of Modern Family.
Source: @sofiavergara / Instagram

Stunt doubles don’t just get hired based on how skilled and talented they are. The producers always weigh in the financial calculations. For example: If the lead actor in the film or TV show gets hurt, it can cost a lot of money to delay filming or even to replace them. That’s why, even when actors insist on doing their own stunts, the producers get to decide if it’s too risky.

Lena Dunham and Myra ‘Dakota’ Brown

Actress and comedian, Lena Dunham, has a stunt double as well, and she is not shy about showing her off on Instagram. She posted a picture of the two of them and captioned it, “Any time I need to crash a car or fly off a bike, this bad b— appears <3.” Brown is also a veteran stunt performer. She began her career in 2001 when she did some stunt work on an episode of Law & Order: SVU. She has been flying off bikes and crashing cars ever since.

Lena Dunham and Myra ‘Dakota’ Brown dressed alike on the set of Girls.
Source: @lenadunham / Instagram

If you’re thinking of starting a career as a stunt worker, the average salary is typically somewhere between $62,000 and $70,000 a year. However, some of the elite performers can make over $200,000 a year, but it’s uncommon. Every movie and TV show includes a stunt budget. This budget needs to cover the actual stunt performers, insurance, coordinators plus, other stunt-related costs.

Lily Rabe and Kimberly Shannon Murphy

Another stunt woman who is in high demand for Hollywood is Kimberly Shannon Murphy. She is wanted for Blockbuster films and popular TV shows. On the set of season 2 of American Horror Story, Murphy doubled for Lily Rabe. She looks innocent enough, but her stunt performance required her to fall off a church ceiling backward. Yikes!

Lily Rabe and Kimberly Shannon Murphy both dressed as a nun with blonde hair.
Source: @kimberlyshannonmurphystunts / Instagram

In The Mick and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Murphy doubled for Kaitlin Olson. She also did some stunt work for Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day, featuring Tom Cruise. She didn’t stop there, however. This girl made a mark in Hollywood and proved that she could do it all when she stumbled through a window in the thriller, I Am Legend.

Olivia Munn and Julia Rekaikyna

X-Men: Apocalypse got fans excited when they promised to introduce and new essential mutant into the world! Olivia Munn is the beautiful actress that portrayed the role of a mutant with telepathic powers named Psylocke. Unfortunately, Munn made some comments that didn’t sit right with viewers. During an interview, the actress stated that she performed all her own stunts in the movie.

Photograph of Olivia Munn and Ben Hardy on the set of X-Men with their stunt doubles, almost looking like a mirrored photograph.
Source: 20th Century Fox

She later posted a picturing featuring her stunt double Julia Rekaikyna. Many angry fans attacked the actress for lying and taking credit for stunts she didn’t do. Some say Munn’s comments were taken out of context… I mean, why would she post a picture with her stunt double if she was pretending she doesn’t have one? Either way, check out Olivia’s stunt reel to see what she can do.

Daniela Ruah and Kimberly Shannon Murphy

Daniela Ruah is famous for her role in NCIS: Los Angeles. In this picture, it looks like she is boxing toward the mirror, but don’t let your eyes fool you. This is actually just her stunt double Shannon Murphy next to her. As we know, being a stunt performer is a risky job, so they must protect themselves at all times.

Daniela Ruah and Kimberly Shannon Murphy are sparring in wedding dresses.
Source: @kimberlyshannonmurphystunts / Instagram

Typically, stunt performers are usually members of the SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). This union takes care of performers and aims to make sure that they are treated fairly at all times. Performers can list their skills, and when they apply as an extra, you get in touch with a stunt coordinator who can help you get a job.

Lucy Lawless and Zoë Bell

Another icon in the stunt work is Zoë Bell. This girl is so legendary that she got to play a version of herself in Death Proof, directed by the one and only Quentin Tarantino. In the movie, a psychotic killer drives a stunt car that is “death proof.” In Xena: Warrior Princess, she doubles for Lucy Lawless, and the two of them look extremely similar.

Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell in character for Xena: Warrior Princess.
Source: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Tarantino hired Zoë Bell as a stunt woman on many other occasions, including Inglorious Bastards, both Kill Bill films and, more recently, Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood. Other directors also fight for this stunt performer. She also worked as Cate Blanchett’s double in Thor, Iron Man 3, The Final Destination, and many more. Impressive Resume.

Elijah Wood and Kiran Shah

Elijah Wood worked with stunt performer Kiran Shah in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Wood famously starred in Frodo Baggins- a hobbit from The Shire. His character goes on a journey to save the world from all evil. The most prominent physical characteristic of hobbits is how short they are.

Elijah Wood and Kiran Shah in character posing next to each other.
Source: Reddit

Whenever a hobbit needs to stands next to a man or something around that height for a scene, a double would be brought it to keep the illusion alive. Kiran Shah has a long show career in the entertainment world and works as both a stunt double and an actor. He performed stunt work in Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of Jedi, and you may recognize him from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Hugh Jackman and Richard Bradshaw

Wolverine is a classic and beloved superhero that is easily recognized. Some people love the X-Men franchise, and others aren’t fans. No matter what your opinion of the movie is, most of us can agree that Hugh Jackman did a magnificent job bringing Wolverine to life. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Jackman is fun to look at.

Hugh Jackman and Richard Bradshaw as Wolverine.
Source: Looper / YouTube

Most people going to see Wolverine, are going for the action. The incredible death-defying scenes that make our hearts drop are performed by Richard Bradshaw. Just like many other stunt performers, Bradshaw started as an athlete but not just any athlete; he was a profession fencer! He was also a fearless diver who is skilled in every aspect of the stunt world, including combat, acrobatics, and driving!

Gwendoline Christie, Rory McCann, Mark Slaughter, and Gyula Tóth

Everyone will forever remember the showdown between Brienne of Tarth and Sandor Clegane in the fourth season of Game of Thrones. Podrick Payne and Arya Stark were watching as these two were destroying each other on a hillside.

Gwendoline Christie, Rory McCann, Mark Slaughter, and Gyula Toth all dressed in character for Game of Thrones.
Source: @slaughterstunts / Instagram

Gwendoline Christie plays Brienne, and Rory McCann played the Hound. The two actors portrayed their roles beautifully, but when danger was involved, their stunt doubles stepped in. McCann’s double was Gyula Tóth, and Christie’s double was Mark Slaughter. Both of these guys are professional stunt performers who stepped in for many epic roles. Both of them worked on the latest Star Wars trilogy, and even both doubled for Adam Driver. Wow, I wonder which movie these two will appear in next.

Kate Winslet and Sarah Franzl

After Avatar and Gone with the Wind, Titanic is the third highest-grossing film in history. It was released in 1997 and has been one of the most iconic movies ever since. The classic film is filled with history, romance, and action! To bring the devastating tragedy to life, many stunt doubles were used on the set of Titanic.

Kate Winslet and Sarah Franzl on the set of Titanic.
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Sarah Franzl was already a veteran in the stunt world when she doubled for Kate Winslet. Although the movie came out more than two decades ago, Winslet hasn’t slowed down. She has also been working on a stunt coordinator, and you can see her work in some of your favorite movies, including The Dark Knight, 101 Dalmatians, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

Mark Wahlberg and Dan Mast

Mark Wahlberg is loved for his acting skills and his amazing physique. His movies tend to be filled with action, meaning a stunt team is essential. Just look back at Transformers: Age of Extinction or the latest Michael Bay film. Mark Wahlberg’s stunt double and look-alike is Dan Mast.

Mark Wahlberg and Dan Mast on the set of Transformers.
Source: Paramount Pictures

Dan Mast has been working as a proven professional in the industry, which is why producers hired him to double for the Wahlberg. Plus, it might help that they look extremely similar (and are both super attractive). The stunt performer’s resume dates all the way back to 1985 on The Eastlanders. With an impressive resume and the same body type as Walberg, he was the perfect choice for the job.