Who are the Worst Couples on ‘Parks and Recreation’?

‘Parks and Recreation’ is one of the better mockumentary series out there. While many of the couples on the show were great examples of healthy relationships in which both partners respected and supported each other, other couples were let’s say…more relatable. Here’s to the less than healthy relationships from the hilarious show.

Ann and Andy

At the beginning of the show, Ann and Andy were really a couple. He was pretty unlikeable at first, but Andy was growing into a lovable dorky character as the show progressed. At first, he didn’t treat Ann so well and didn’t even seem up to her level.

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They weren’t very well-suited to each other. Ann basically supported Andy with her nursing job while Andy wasn’t doing much of anything with his life. Let’s just say that these two weren’t the ideal couple.

Ron and Tammy 1

While Ron and Diane were definitely the type of couple you would want for yourself, Ron’s previous relationships weren’t so much. The relationship between Ron and Tammy 1 was somewhat abusive, and, while this was played off as funny, it’s kind of disturbing!

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Think about it: Tammy 1 was way older than Ron which only led to a weird power imbalance. Tammy 1 was also way too controlling and made Ron into someone very different than who he was before. Sounds like a crappy yet sadly common relationship.

Leslie and Mark

Before Ben Wyatt came into the picture, Leslie and Mark had a thing. Mark as well as the dynamic between him and Leslie was a huge part of season one of the show. This relationship wasn’t so compelling or enjoyable though, and Mark didn’t deserve Leslie.

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The first season of the show was actually kind of rough, thanks to Mark. Luckily, he was written out of the show and Ben Wyatt was written in. And everyone likes Ben.

Ann and Tom

One problem with ‘Parks and Recreation’ is that they never really knew what to do with Ann Perkins. She got paired up with multiple men, even when the decision didn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

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Tom relentlessly tried to get Ann to date him, and when the two got together, it felt a little, um, gross. They weren’t well-matched as a couple and it felt somewhat out of character for her. They didn’t last long as a couple, but their entire relationship was kind of cringe-worthy.

Ron and Tammy 2

Ron has another cringe-worthy relationship to add to the list. Ron had a lot of bad experiences with Tammys, as we see. After his awful marriage to Tammy 1, he ended up with another Tammy – Tammy 2.

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While it was fun to see Megan Mullally grace our screens again as guest star on the show, (and the pair are actually married in real life!), Tammy 2 was the worst. Tammy 2 was manipulative and conniving and a masterful manipulator.