Untold Stories the Busbys Don’t Want Us to Know

OutDaughtered has given us access to the lives of one of the most unique families in the world – the Busbys. The reality show follows Adam and Danielle and their all-girl family of six. What makes them so special, you wonder? Well, Danielle is the only American to have given birth to a whopping five baby girls at once.

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Calling life in the Busby’s household “wild” would be an understatement. Managing a household with one big daughter and five little quints makes it REALLY hard to remain sane, so no wonder there are so many secrets about the show that the Busbys would rather keep under wraps.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the inside scoop.

The Couple Met at Target

Some people spend their whole lives looking for love. And others? Love just causally catches up on them. As it turns out, Adam and Danielle Busby’s love story began in a surprisingly ordinary fashion. They’re among the couples who have quite the tale to tell about how they met, despite not having the most exciting story.

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The couple crossed paths while working at Target. They worked together for months before Adam mustered enough courage to ask Danielle out on a date. He’d been eyeing her for weeks before he decided to approach the beauty. However, things didn’t go quite as planned because it was far from love at first sight.

Danielle Wasn’t Interested at First

It’s hard to believe, but the Busbys were almost never an item! Danielle wasn’t too interested at first, especially after Adam stood her up. After asking her out on a date, Adam got cold feet and stood her up in favor of a night out with the boys. Their relationship had barely taken off, yet it was already on the rocks.

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Even though they weren’t off to the best start, Danielle agreed to give him a second chance. Luckily, their official date went a lot better than she expected. And after two and a half years of dating, Adam got down on one knee and proposed. The couple said “I do” just six months later.

The Went Through Several Years of Fertility Treatments

Outdaughtered recorded many huge moments in the Busbys’ lives, as the eager couple prepared to have not one, not two, not three, but five beautiful babies. It felt like everyone wanted to know more about the family as they were bombarded by the media with interviews and talks. In the midst of the media frenzy, Danielle decided to come clean about her pregnancy.

A family photo of Adam and Danielle Busby and their five daughters.
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She confessed that the quintuplets were the result of many, many fertility treatments. Danielle took medication to help her cycles, and it took a long time before the pair finally received the long-awaited news that they were finally pregnant! But this was only the start of their rocky journey.

Their First Born Was Also the Result of Treatments

Fertility treatments were apparently nothing new for the Busby couple. Before welcoming the quints, they had already given birth to their firstborn, Blayke. And the only reason they wanted more kids was to give Blayke someone to play with.

Blayke Busby is sitting on a log.
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To have Blayke, the couple had to take fertility medications and go through six rounds of treatments before Danielle finally got pregnant. Going through those treatments not once but twice meant that both Adam and Danielle knew how expensive and stressful the whole process could be.

Having Five Babies in Your Belly = Thousands of Calories a Day

Being pregnant with five babies meant that Danielle had to eat a LARGE volume of food. And we don’t mean an additional 500 calories to her regular diet. We mean a few thousand more. In an interview with Fit Pregnancy, Danielle shared that she forced herself to eat around 4,500 calories daily.

Danielle is showing off her baby bump with a sign saying she is 13 weeks pregnant.
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That’s a huge leap in terms of energy. Women are normally advised to eat up to 2,000, so having to multiply her intake by two took a bit of time to get used to. The eager mom knew she had to provide her five babies with enough energy to grow big and healthy, so she did whatever she could to make that happen.

Danielle Worked With a Dietician to Avoid Cravings

Just because she had to consume a ton of food throughout her pregnancy didn’t mean she succumbed to every single craving she had. It’s pretty normal for women to crave different kinds of food during those nine months. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and wanted nothing more than a jar of pickles? So, imagine that feeling, just all day.

Blayke is embracing her mother's large baby bump.
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Incredibly, Danielle beat all her cravings! The mom told Fit Pregnancy that she “worked with a dietician.” And this meant she was craving-free while still being able to eat pretty much whatever she desired. Still, Danielle admitted she found it hard to say no to “ice cream shakes.”

Doctors Told the Couple to Reduce the Number of Babies

When the doctors told Adam and Danielle that they were expecting five babies, they were completely overjoyed. But even though they were over the moon, other people weren’t. Professionals advised the young couple to not have so many babies at once.

A pregnant Danielle is resting in a hospital bed with her daughter Blayke does arts and crafts beside her.
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They were worried about the risks of that sort of pregnancy and advised the parents to reduce the number of babies. Adam and Danielle discussed it thoroughly and thought things through. But ultimately, they proved everyone wrong by going through with it and welcoming five beautiful daughters.

People Were Worried for the Quintuplets’ Lives

Giving birth to multiple babies at once comes with a handful of risks. The scariest one being, that not all of them would survive. They were all smaller than ordinary babies, so doctors knew they had to take many precautions to ensure they would survive.

Danielle and Adam are standing in the NICU by the quintuplet’s incubator.
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Thankfully, they pulled through and became the first surviving set of quintuplet girls in the U.S. All of the babies spent their first few months in the hospital, being monitored and cared for up close. Adam and Danielle revealed that they weren’t even able to hold their girls for a week, making the reunion moment more emotional than they had ever imagined it would be.

Several Fans of the Show Thought Adam Was Being Unfaithful

It wasn’t long before the Busbys landed their own T.V. show, “Outdaughtered.” And even though it gave the pair a chance to share their incredible story, it also made room for the public to discuss every aspect of their lives. One subject, in particular, stole the show.

Adam and Danielle Busby posing for a photo at an event.
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Rumors began circling that Adam might be cheating on his wife. While the husband seemed to be funny and helpful at the beginning of the show, he soon began to distance himself from the family and began acting more and more withdrawn. In addition, he often made excuses to stay late at work.

Adam Busby Struggled With Postpartum Depression

Adam wasn’t withdrawing from the family because he was cheating. He was quiet and reserved because he was battling postpartum depression. For many years, people have believed that postpartum depression only affects the mother, yet men can be afflicted as well.

Adam looking distraught as he tries to control all six for his girls sitting with him on the couch.
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Adam had to learn how to make sense of it all as he tried to raise his new daughters. Appearing on Outdaughtered meant that there were cameras all around, and there was nowhere he could hide. Eventually, he decided to go public with his struggles.

Adam Has Shared His Battle to Help Others

Adam learned how to make the best out of his situation by opening up about it and inspiring other men to do the same. He told People magazine that he found meaning in the struggle by raising awareness about the condition and how it can affect a person’s life and the lives of those around him.

Adam is standing in the kitchen as he holds his daughter in his arms.
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He shared that postpartum depression has taught him “how human we really are.” He feels that his honest words have managed to strike a chord with people. The father said that learning about his condition also opened him up to the “very real struggle that dads all around the world go through.” Sharing his personal moments with everyone else has given him hope that men will no longer feel ashamed to talk about it.

Danielle Busby Was Shocked When She Discovered the Truth About Adam

Adam and Danielle Busby look like they have each other’s backs no matter what. And while that’s true, Danielle still struggled to stomach everything Adam was going through. She confessed to feeling a bit “broken” and hurt when she heard of his diagnosis.

Danielle is taking care of feeding all five babies by herself.
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The mom even told the cameras that she was “pretty confused about it.” So, while the couple are great at managing the kids and all of that, they still suffered some difficult moments. There were weeks when Adam wouldn’t even say hello to his wife, excusing himself by claiming “she’s just too busy.”

Adam’s Expensive Drone Purchase Caused a Lot of Trouble

Welcoming a new child equals many new worries. A parent has to ask: Can I afford the bills? Will I be able to buy everything my children need? What if I can’t find someone to babysit? With five babies, Danielle and Adam clearly had more worries than most when they discovered they were expecting five babies.

Adam Busby is showing off his new drone to a friend in his backyard.
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Initially, Danielle would joke around about Adam’s spending habits, but soon it became evident he was spending far too much and on seriously questionable items! For example, an expensive drone that was way beyond what they could afford. Things got to the point that Danielle needed to hire a financial planner.

Their Financial Advisor Had Some Bad News

The show’s second season opened the couple’s eyes to their finances as the planner they hired had some troubling news. The couple were told that their financial status should scare them a little bit because they were putting out a lot more than they could afford.

Adam and Danielle are sitting on the couch having a conversation.
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This appeared like total news to Adam, who seemed more shocked than the rest to learn that his family couldn’t afford all those things. Moreover, Danielle shared on the show that her husband hates talking about finances, and Adam agreed by stating how overwhelming it can get to think about every little thing one buys.

Adam Is Working Full-Time to Support His Family

Perhaps you’ve wondered how the Busby family affords their lifestyle with so many kids (especially if you have some yourself). Because if there’s one thing parents have learned over time, it’s that welcoming new additions into the family can be financially draining.

Adam is sitting on a picnic blanket along with all his daughters.
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So, having five at once is, well, a lot. Adam and Danielle knew they needed help, but hiring a nanny was too expensive, so ultimately, they decided it was best if Danielle left her job to be a full-time mom. This means that Adam is the family’s sole provider. All eight members rely on his income.

Danielle Wants to Go Back to Work

Being a mother is an incredible job. Still, many women feel a strong desire to get back to their old jobs. Danielle is one of the many moms who wants to develop a life outside of the household, something that apparently upsets Adam. While they’re both part owners of Rush Cycle, Danielle isn’t involved in the business anymore.

Danielle and Adam pose for a photo in their Rush Cycle branded clothing.
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Getting back to it has been a huge inspiration for Danielle, as she shared on the show that a cycle studio could help her become her again. The mom of six thinks people view her as just “that lady who has half a dozen girls.” But while Danielle is eager to get back to work, Adam isn’t too happy about it.

Danielle Is a Strong Believer

Danielle feels she has another thing to thank for her financial situation, and it comes in the form of her religious faith. She told People magazine that both she and Adam have learned how to spend wisely and that they do what they can to make ends meet. But it’s not just their spending skills that have helped the family.

Danielle is posing for a photo with her six daughters on the couch.
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Danielle believes that “God has always provided, no matter what the situation.” Even in darker periods, this mom strongly holds that God is “protecting and guiding us and providing.” Obviously, Adam and Danielle also have the show to thank for supplementing their bank account. Although they’re secretive when it comes to their income, rumors have it that they could be making up to $1 million per season.

How Much Do the Busbys Make?

Some fans feel pretty salty about the couple because they believe they’ve been misled about their financial status. People want to know how much they’re making, yet the couple has been tiptoeing around the topic for months. We know that the only one working a full-time job is Adam and that they both partly own a Rush Cycle franchise.

The Busbys celebrating the quintuplet’s 6th birthday with each girl getting a cake.
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But their home is usually clean. This seems a bit fake, considering that they have six little ones running around all day. Fans are beginning to think that the Busbys are hiding something – a nanny, perhaps? Although this normally wouldn’t be much of an issue, it looks like the Busbys are really adamant about creating an image that they’re raising them all on their own.

A Dad of Six Girls

Being the father of six girls means that Adam has had to adapt to being the only man in the house. It’s safe to say that he’s 100% outdaughtered. But that hasn’t stopped the proud dad from stepping up to the plate. He’s learned plenty of new things and believes that he’s perfected some skills and does them way better than his wife.

Adam is taking a selfie of the whole family on small bikes.
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Adam revealed that it’s “normally the mom” who takes on “things like fixing hair, choosing outfits and matching hair bows.” But now, he thinks that he’s “better with a round brush than Danielle!” The most important thing for this dad is to be a role model for all his daughters.

Danielle Believes She Was Destined to Have Many Kids

A household with six kids can get a little chaotic. Luckily, it looks like Adam and Danielle have learned how to deal with it all. Even though the couple try to follow a schedule, Adam told Fit Pregnancy that at times, they have to “do the best you can” when their unruly quints have other ideas.

Danielle is holding on to two of her daughters’ hands.
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Danielle believes she has a secret weapon. She told Channel Guide Magazine that her previous job as a coordinator means she has plenty of experience “planning and scheduling and organizing.” The proud mom added that, “When I say I was created and made for this, I honestly was.”

Danielle Looks Up to Her Grandparents

Being a mom is in Danielle’s DNA. She told StyleBlueprint how her grandma “was a very good role model.” In fact, both of her grandparents were a huge part of her life, meaning that she had a lot of time to learn from the best.

Danielle’s grandparents, Fred Theriot and Mary Theriot.
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Danielle believes watching her grandparents handle all the grandkids means she naturally took to her new mommy role. Unfortunately, Danielle’s grandma is no longer here, but that hasn’t stopped her from being the best parent she can possibly be. Danielle says she thinks about her grandma a lot and hopes she can “be as graceful as she was.”

It’s Emotional for Danielle to Watch the First Season of Outdaughtered

With six little kids running around the house, it’s no surprise that Danielle can easily lose track of time. One of the many things this mom had to deal with was a lack of sleep in the weeks after the quints arrived home from the hospital. Luckily, Outdaughtered was there to document everything.

Danielle is holding her newborn daughter close to her chest.
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Danielle told StyleBlueprint that she enjoys watching early episodes of Outdaughtered because she doesn’t remember a lot from that period. She was so sleep-deprived that the first few months are super fuzzy in her memory. The mom shared that “capturing our memories” on Outdaughtered has been super emotional for her.

It’s Always Loud in the Busby Household

The Busby’s home accommodates two parents, six children, and at times, several cameramen. This means that there’s never a dull moment in their household. It can be difficult to picture just how loud it can get around the house, but Adam and Danielle have tried to put it into words in several interviews.

The Busby family is having a pajama party on the floor in their living room.
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The parents mentioned that things have only gotten louder as the quints continue to grow. Each girl has started to develop her own personality and figure out who she is. Adam revealed that the quints often argue because they all want “to have their own voice in the house.”

The Busby Girls Can Get Off Camera Whenever They Want

Many of us would have loved to have cameras following and documenting our childhood. But while the Busbys do enjoy the perks of having their own reality show, the little girls aren’t expected to be in the spotlight at all times. The last thing these parents want is to put some sort of pressure on the quints.

All five quintuplets wearing matching tie-dye clothes and dancing around.
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In an interview with All the Moms, Danielle shared that Blayke and her older cousins have experienced some of the effects of having cameras all over the place. But she insists that “if they don’t want to be on camera at certain times, we don’t make them.”

Looking After the Quints Is Like Groundhog Day

Having a stable routine is something many parents long for. But even having a regular schedule can be tiring. Remember the movie Groundhog Day? The film where Bill Murray’s character keeps getting up on the same day for years until he learns how to break the bizarre time loop he’s stuck in? Yup, that’s the one. So, apparently, raising the quints is somewhat similar to that.

The Six Busby sisters are sitting on the grass in matching outfits.
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Danielle told StyleBlueprint that it’s difficult to go through the same routine of “bottles, milk, breakfast” every single day. She also has the same routine of household chores like emptying the dishwasher and doing the laundry. It’s like a never-ending loop!

Hazel’s Needs Are a Bit Different

Even though the quints all came into this world on the same day, they haven’t all progressed at the same rate. For example, Hazel hasn’t kept up with her four sisters. The Busbys became so worried that they hired an occupational therapist.

Danielle is sitting in the doctor’s office with her daughter Hazel on her lap.
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The therapist tried to get Hazel to walk by working with her on her core muscles and hip stability. She began by using a ball and instructing Hazel to grab the toys around the room. Even though Danielle told the therapist she was concerned about Hazel, the therapist reassured her that it shouldn’t take long for her to catch up with the other girls.

Hazel Underwent Eye Surgery

There’s a reason it takes longer for Hazel to develop certain skills. She was born with a condition called nystagmus, and its main effects are uncontrollable eye movements. Her eyes often flutter back and forward, making it seem like they’re shaking.

Hazel Busby with a pirate patch over her eye after she got surgery.
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Doctors decided that Hazel needed to undergo eye surgery to try and move them into the correct position. Adam and Danielle were very worried at first and struggled to decide whether to go through with the operation. In the end, they agreed to go ahead with it because they knew that the surgery could change her life for the better.

The Busbys Spend a Lot of Time With Their Extended Family Members

Having a lot of siblings around the house means that there is always someone to play with. However, that hasn’t prevented the Busby girls from growing close to and playing with their extended family members. Family get-togethers can get a bit out of control because the Busbys girls have plenty of cousins.

The Busbys posing for a photo with their extended family.
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A lot of them have been on different seasons of Outdaughtered, and it normally doesn’t take too long for viewers to see just how close they all are. In an interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Danielle shared that having her family on Outdaughtered has made it more exciting for everyone.

Hurricane Harvey Destroyed Mimi’s Home

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey tore down many areas across the U.S. Thousands of people lost all their belongings to the storm and were forced to rebuild their lives from scratch. Unfortunately, the Busby family suffered from it as well. Danielle’s mom, Mimi, lost all her possessions to the violent winds.

Danielle is taking a selfie with her mother and two sisters.
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Mimi’s house submerged underwater before she was evacuated and taken to safety. The family posted the sad news on social media, explaining how they worked as a team to try and clean up the mess. They shared that everything in Mimi’s home had to be thrown out. But added that: “stuff is just stuff and can always be replaced.”

Hurricane Harvey Affected Adam and Danielle

Hurricane Harvey had a huge impact on Adam and Danielle’s life. Even though it was Danielle’s mom who suffered the most, the Busbys also struggled to piece things together afterward. Danielle updated fans after the event when she confirmed that the whole family was safe.

Adam is taking a selfie of the family watching the news during the hurricane.
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The Busbys grew up in Louisiana, meaning that they have “experienced hurricane after hurricane.” But things are different today because they have kids. The couple shared that they have never weathered a hurricane “with our kids, not even Blayke.” Thankfully, the worries died down after the storm passed.

The Busbys Pushed Mimi Out of the House

Mimi has been a huge help over the years by helping Adam and Danielle raise their girls. So, it came as a surprise when it looked like Mimi was slowly being pushed out of the house after she moved in with them after losing her home to Hurricane Harvey.

A photo of Michelle Theriot AKA Mimi.
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Unfortunately, it looked like Mimi had overstayed her welcome in the show’s tenth season when Adam rudely asked, “Don’t you want to get out of here?” Mimi had told them she was looking for a place, so she was surprised that they had already found a place for her.

Is Adam Busby Gay?

One of the biggest twists in the show came when several fans accused Adam of being part of the LGBTQ community and fooling around with people of the same sex. The dad quickly denied the claims, arguing that he had never cheated on his wife. But fans weren’t buying it.

A selfie of Danielle and Adam Busby.
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The father of six has always been open about his love for his wife and how his heart flutters whenever she walks in the room. While many fans feel like they could be onto something, it looks as though their speculations could be nothing more than internet rumors.

Danielle Busby Has the Perfect Home Workout

Danielle Busby loves to exercise, and she was in great shape before becoming a mom. Although her body changed after welcoming the quints, Danielle is determined to get back to her former self. But the path to her old body requires determination and patience.

Danielle Busby is working out as she pushes the quintuplets in a stroller.
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Danielle has to balance working out and taking care of the kids. Luckily, she seems to have found out how to do it! Danielle wrote on her blog how she “customized my routine to fit in with my daily schedule.” Now, she uses things like her staircase to get into shape and tries to do push-ups, and sit-ups whenever she can.

Did Danielle Go Under the Knife?

Plenty of reality stars have gone under the knife. And while there’s nothing wrong with it, Danielle insists she has never had any cosmetic work. But that hasn’t prevented people from talking about the possibility that she might have fixed a few things here and there.

Adam and Danielle are smiling for a photo while out on a hike.
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Some have wondered how she got back into shape so rapidly after her giving birth to five kids. However, the mom insists that it’s all due to her diet and exercise. While some people speculate that Danielle has been oddly defensive, others claim that cosmetic surgery might harm her Rush Cycle brand’s reputation.

They Won’t Be Having Any More Kids

Some people know how many kids they want to have. Others wonder whether they’d prefer a girl or a boy. And some are content with whatever fate brings them. Adam and Danielle? After the unexpected quints, this pair is more than happy with their family and don’t plan on adding any more to the bunch.

Danielle Busby is holding her newborn daughter to her chest in her hospital room.
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In an interview with KPLC, Adam said, “our family is complete.” They’re often questioned about whether they want a boy. Adam’s response to that? He joked around by saying that even if they tried to have a boy, it would probably end up being a seventh girl.

The Birth Took Four Minutes

The quints were born in Houston, Texas, on April 8, 2015, and their delivery took a total of four minutes. The C-section was a breeze, and in just a few minutes, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, Olivia Marie, and Riley Page were welcomed into the world.

The newborn quintuplets are lying on their backs on the rug.
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Danielle said she loved the sensation of being pregnant and the feeling of having several babies grow inside of her. In addition, she admitted to not feeling too sick and said that her cravings were generally under control. Her favorite pregnancy snack? Crackers.

Each Girl Is Different

Ava, the eldest of the bunch, is said to be sweet yet serious, but her goofy side shines whenever she’s around Olivia. Olivia is a huge jokester who loves to laugh and entertain the people around her. Hazel has a completely different look from the other girls, with red hair and beautiful blue eyes, whereas the others are blonde.

The quintuplets are sitting on the couch in matching outfits.
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Riley is considered the rowdy one. She enjoys walking around and exploring and seems to know how to get what she wants with her adorable “drama queen” ways. The youngest of the bunch, Parker, is also the tallest of the group. She’s super active and loves to run and climb.

How to Tell Ava and Olivia Apart

Ava and Olivia are identical twins, which means – double the cuteness! So, how do you tell these little ones apart? Adam explained that Olivia’s face is a bit narrower than Ava’s. In addition, Ava’s the eldest, and her cheeks are a bit fuller.

Ava and Olivia Busby posing for a photo.
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Ava’s head is also a bit rounder. Another way to tell them apart is their hair. While Olivia has ringlets covering her entire head, Ava’s hair is longer and only curls at the bottom. And apart from their appearance, the best way to tell them apart is by getting to know them because they have such different personalities!

Blayke Loves Being the Older Sister

Blayke isn’t your ordinary big sis. She has five little siblings who all arrived at once! Her role as big sis requires a lot more than simply playing around with them. Even at a young age, Blayke knows how to function well and help her mom with whatever is needed.

Blayke is posing with her five little sisters.
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She’s always up for the task and gets excited taking care of her little siblings. She was born on April 5, 2011, a few years before the quints. Blayke loves all things girly and pink! And her parents often call her “princess Blayke.”