The Troubling Truth About Corinne Olympios

Fans of the Bachelor must remember the infamous Corinne Olympios for her love of napping, her nanny, and cheese pasta. And no one can forget Olympios’ arguably aggressive tactics to win Nick Viall’s heart on Season 21. However, even with a reputation like hers, everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

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When she didn’t get a rose during the hometown date, Olympios was sent packing, but that wasn’t her last chance to be in the spotlight or find love. Between getting pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen and the scandal on Bachelor in Paradise, Olympios hasn’t been able to recover her reputation. Find out how she became the girl everyone loves to hate. You’ll never believe what she is up to today.

Wanting to Find Love

Corinne Olympios joined the Season 21 cast of the Bachelor for a chance to find love with Nick Viall. She was just 24 years old when she went on the show, and her age really showed throughout the season. Olympios quickly gained a reputation when she mentioned she had a nanny.

Corinne talks to the camera during the show.
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Although she was old enough to live on her own, Olympios talked about how she had someone to slice her cucumbers, make her bed, and cook her dinner. The other women on her season were not fond of Olympios, but she was there to find love. She didn’t care what she had to do to get Viall’s attention, and it was her downfall.

One to Remember

From Olympios’ very first moments on screen, everyone knew she would be an iconic contestant. However, no one could have predicted how much of a gift the 24-year-old with a nanny would prove to be. She ranks among the greats in the Bachelor nation, on par with Chad Johnson and Courtney Robertson.

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Throughout her season, Olympios had many memorable moments and provided some much-needed laughs. Although she is one of the better-known contestants, Olympios admitted that she was embarrassed by her behavior on the show. She said she “acted like a psychopath,” and she had learned from the experience.

Producers Hid the Truth

When reflecting on her season, Olympios said she was upset because she knows she will be a good wife someday, but that wasn’t shown. She felt like the producers made her look like a bimbo and didn’t show her other sides. Olympios’ experience was far from rosy, and producers hid something important.

Corinne and Viall in an episode from the show.
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Olympios said she wrote a heartfelt letter to Viall, but viewers didn’t see it because the producers never gave him the letter. It felt like she was being set up to look like the season’s villain for entertainment value, but that wasn’t why she joined the show.

The Most Shocking Moment of the Season

While Olympios had many shocking moments during her season, one moment made Viall really uncomfortable. During Season 21, Olympios jumped into the pool with Viall for an intimate photoshoot. Instead of keeping it classy, she ripped off her bikini top in front of Viall, all the other women, the camera crew, and everyone watching at home.

A still from the pool scene.
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Viall said it was uncomfortable, but he knew she was taking a risk. He added, “Whether I agreed with it or not, I didn’t want her to feel vulnerable, stupid, or judged.” At the time, Olympios said she was proud of the scene and won a rose, so she had no regrets.

She Recreated a Varsity Blues Moment

Besides her shocking topless pool scene, Olympios also tried to pull off a Varsity Blues moment. In a stunning scene, the Miami native showed up to a date with Viall wearing only a trench coat and holding a can of whipped cream.

Olympios eats whipped cream holding a can.
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Spoiler alert, it didn’t go over as planned. However, Olympios’ mother said the producers pushed her to do all the sexy scenes and edited her to look like a villain. Fans were shocked when they saw the episode, but it only made Olympios more popular because everyone talked about it.

She Is a “Serious Business Owner”

When Olympios introduced herself to the world, she said she was a “serious business owner” of her family’s “multimillion-dollar company.” While it is unclear where her career would have taken her after Bachelor in Paradise if not for the scandal, she was interested in a career in Hollywood.

Corinne Olympios arrives at a film premiere.
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After attending Florida International University, Olympios moved home to Miami to work for her family business, a flooring company. However, weeks after The Bachelor, Olympios went on a few auditions for gigs in Hollywood. She also had some other projects in the works.

Keeping Busy With Business

Shortly after her time on The Bachelor, Olympios began working on her own fashion line. She teamed up with Riot Society to release clothing items and pillows with her signature catchphrases from her time on the show. Surprisingly, people were excited to get their hands on the merchandise.

Corinne poses with models to promote her clothing line.

Some of her catchphrases included, “Cheese pasta,” “Dude, I need sushi,” and “Make America Corinne again.” Like many other former Bachelor contestants, Olympios also started promoting products on Instagram. Besides her businesses, she also made time to do charity work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

She Was Accused of Hogging Viall’s Attention

On and off the show, Olympios made waves with her actions and words. Between taking her top off on the first date to showing up at Viall’s hotel room door to introduce him to her “platinum vagine,” Olympios did not hold back. However, it left her feeling insecure, and she was spinning out of control.

Olympios talks during a televised interview.
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Olympios said she laughed when she watched the show because she thought she was hilarious. Although she was surprised by how promiscuous she came off, she had no regrets in the end. Olympios also said she was drinking, but she knew her limits and never took it too far.

Heading to Bachelor in Paradise

Although she didn’t win Viall’s heart during Season 21 of The Bachelor, Olympios got another chance at fame on Bachelor in Paradise. This time, she wasn’t looking for love, but she was along for the ride to support her friends and be a wing woman.

A portrait of Olympios and DeMario Jackson for the show.
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When asked about Bachelor in Paradise, Olympios was nervous about some people that might be there because she had enemies during her original season. However, her enemies were not what she had to worry about in the end. Olympios was about to face even more backlash than her first time on the show.

Production Shuts Down on Bachelor in Paradise

When Olympios headed to Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise, she was nervous but excited for the opportunity. However, she had no idea what was in store for her when she and another cast member became the center of an investigation of alleged misconduct on set.

A still from DeMario and Olympios in the hot tub.
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While filming BIP, Olympios and DeMario Jackson had been drinking from the set’s open bar. Olympios was highly intoxicated and too drunk to give proper consent to Jackson. The cameras were still rolling when the incident occurred between the contestants in the hot tub, so they shut down production the following day for an investigation.

Everyone Was Placed on Lockdown

A producer of Bachelor in Paradise filed a complaint of sexual misconduct after realizing Olympios was too drunk. The show stopped filming to investigate, and the cast was placed on lockdown. No one could contact each other, and they were under constant supervision.

A still from Corinne, looking confused.
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The game had barely begun, and everything was halted. Olympios and Jackson were questioned ahead of everyone, and they eventually had to send the rest of the cast home. Everyone was confused and upset, but no one really knew what had happened between the two contestants.

She Hired the Top Publicist and Attorney

Following the Bachelor in Paradise incident, Olympios enlisted the help of top representation to tackle the scandal. Olympios said, “I have retained a group of professionals to ensure that what happened on June 4 comes to light and I can continue my life.”

Corinne Olympios walks the street at night.
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Her publicist, Stan Rosenfield, had worked for people like George Clooney, Robert De Niro, Kelsey Grammer, and Charlie Sheen, so she knew she was in good hands. Olympios’ attorney, Marty Singer, represented many of the same people, and she was hoping they could get her the justice she deserved.

People Blamed Her for the Incident

After hiring her attorney, Olympios said she had very little memory of what happened that night and called herself a victim. People were calling her all kinds of names, and she was embarrassed. In her statement, she said it was her worst nightmare, but she hoped to make sense of what happened.

Olympios talks to the press.
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People were quick to assume that the scandal was her fault because of her reputation from her original season. She decided to seek therapy for the emotional trauma of the event, and she just wanted to move past what happened.

She Wanted the Tapes of the Incident

Olympios and Jackson both requested the tapes of the night in question because it could clear up a lot of details for both of them. Her attorney sent a letter to the production team to request the footage, which she hadn’t seen.

Olympios talks to the media.
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Olympios wanted to get to the bottom of the situation, and the tapes would help her see what happened. They both got a chance to watch what happened, and the footage was aired eventually. Olympios felt like the media shared a lot of misinformation about the case.

The Show Resumed Production

After completing their own investigation, Warner Bros. announced that they found no charge of misconduct. The show resumed production for the fourth season and initially said the footage of Olympios and Jackson wouldn’t be aired. They were going to bring everyone back to Mexico and pick up where they left off.

Olympios and DeMario Jackson pose together for the media.
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Although filming would continue, Olympios and Jackson did not want to return to the show. The production team also made new rules about drinking, required food to be available around the clock, and the producers had to approve sexual relations between contestants.

The Show’s Promos Exploited the Sex Scandal

When the first promos for Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 aired, they showed a stormy night in paradise with a dramatic voiceover alluding to the scandal. However, many people were unhappy with the promos because they thought ABC was making light of the situation.

A still from DeMario and Olympios drinking from the set’s open bar.
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The producers felt that fans needed to see the footage for themselves, or it would be like the elephant in the room. Many fans questioned the integrity of the production team because they initially said they wouldn’t show the footage and then changed their minds.

She Had a Boyfriend the Entire Time

Although she decided to go on the show, Olympios was dating someone. While Bachelor in Paradise is known for the hookups, she decided to go on the show anyway because she wanted more screen time. Her boyfriend reportedly agreed to let her go on the show as long as she didn’t hook up with anyone.

Olympios and Geilchinsky attend an event.
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Many people wondered what Olympios’ boyfriend thought of it when the scandal broke, so he released a statement. Her boyfriend, Jordan Geilchinsky, said he would support her until he had a legitimate reason not to.

She Remained Friends With Jackson

Although the alleged misconduct scandal rocked their worlds, Olympios and Jackson remained friends. They spent Valentine’s Day together the year after the scandal as friends because they could put what happened behind them and heal after the incident.

Jackson embraces Corinne as they pose for the press.
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Although Jackson still had feelings for Olympios, the two never dated because she thought of him as a friend. After the scandal, the two spent a lot of time together, and many people thought they were a couple. It is nice that they have been able to put everything in the past and move forward.

Another Scandal Hit Olympios

Not too long after the dust had settled around the BIP scandal, Olympios made headlines again. However, this time it had nothing to do with the Bachelor; it was about Ebola. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? Tricked Olympios into shooting a fictional “Ebola aid” campaign.

Sacha Baron Cohen laughs.
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She was lured into the show under the belief that a U.K. company was giving her a Reality Star of the Year award. In disguise, Cohen convinced Olympios to don a Hazmat suit, stand in front of a green screen, and pose for pictures.

Things Got Worse

Cohen planned to insert the posed pictures into real photographs to make it seem like she had traveled to Sierra Leone to take part in charity work. Olympios was asked to unzip the Hazmat suit to show off her lingerie, wear sunglasses, and carry a handbag.

Olympios poses for the pictures wearing her sunglasses.
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Cohen then interviewed Olympios on her made-up time in Sierra Leone and told her to say she was there for a few months. Later in the episode, Cohen got Olympios to shoot a video asking people to consider adopting a child soldier for $18 a month. The whole ordeal was embarrassing beyond words.

She Felt Like Something Was Off

From an outsider’s perspective, it is easy to see that this was all a joke. However, Olympios had no idea what was happening. She got visibly upset when she was answering the questions, but they tried to keep her calm. She tried to ask the cameramen if she could leave, but they pretended not to speak English.

Sacha Baron Cohen is impersonating the photographer / A video still of Olympios during the prank.
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When she eventually left, Olympios told her manager what happened, and he said it had to be a prank. She started crying because she thought everyone would think she supported children with guns and helped cure Ebola.

It Was All a Prank

Eventually, Olympios realized Cohen tricked her, and she started hysterically laughing and crying simultaneously. She was slightly relieved that it was him and not some random person trying to exploit her. The whole idea is to get famous people to say something stupid on TV, and she did.

Sacha Baron Cohen speaks on stage.
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Luckily for Olympios, any kind of publicity works in her favor. She seemed good-natured about the setup once she realized she had been duped but was there a darker side to this prank? At one point, she wondered if she would die because they wouldn’t let her leave the studio.

Dark Side to the Prank

Olympios reflected on the ordeal and said she was only saying what he wanted because she feared for her life. Cohen and his team separated her from her manager, and she had no means of communicating with the outside world. Olympios still doesn’t know what point Cohen was trying to make by embarrassing her.

Olympios talks to the media.
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Of all the reality TV stars he could have chosen, it doesn’t make sense why he chose Olympios over someone more famous. While it was an uncomfortable experience, Olympios learned that she needs to be more cautious and less trusting of the world. She also hopes to prank Cohen back.

She Has a Passion for Napping

While Olympios is known for many things, one of her many quirks on The Bachelor was her love for naps. Although people might think she looked silly, she had no regrets about her napping on TV. She once napped through a rose ceremony, but she already had a rose for that week, so she didn’t go home.

Olympios poses wrapped in a blanket.
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Everyone was upset that she missed the ceremony, but it only made for better television. Olympios also napped through a pool party, but she didn’t seem to care what the other contestants thought about her sleep schedule.

She Thinks the Show Went Downhill After Her Season

On a podcast, Olympios revealed that she thought The Bachelor went downhill after her season. Olympios said the show became predictable, and everyone knew what was going to happen each season. Maybe she was just over it after her own experience.

Olympios takes a picture.
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Although Olympios thinks everyone should know what is going to happen at this point, people are still tuning in each week to find out who will get a rose and what drama will ensue between the contestants as they fight over who can get more attention from the bachelor or bachelorette.

New Relationships

After her time on The Bachelor, Olympios had a few relationships. In 2018, Olympios started dating Jon Yunger. A mutual friend introduced the pair, and she thought they were soulmates. Olympios and Yunger even looked at engagement rings and moved in together.

Jon Yunger and Olympios pose for a picture.
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Their relationship moved fast, and she wanted him to propose by the end of 2018 even though they had dated less than a year. However, Olympios and Yunfer split in 2019 because she wanted to stay in L.A. for career opportunities while he had to move for work.

Moving On to New Love

After breaking up with Yunger, Olympios met real estate mogul Vincent Fratantoni on Instagram. She slid into his DMs, and they started a flirty conversation. One thing led to another, and the pair started dating. Olympios was smitten with him from the beginning.

The camera spots Olympios and Vincent Fratantoni heading to their car.
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In an interview, Fratantoni said, “She’s just that person that builds you up. She is loyal, and I mean, she’s just a solid person.” Olympios was happy to have found someone who could see how amazing she was, and they moved in together in February 2020.

Love Hurts

After almost two years of dating and living together, Olympios and Fratantoni broke up. While they seemingly ended their relationship on good terms in early September 2021, they weren’t on the same page in their relationship. According to sources, they didn’t see eye-to-eye.

A photo of Olympios entering her car.
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While Fratantoni is a much more private person, Olympios lives on social media and in the public eye. This was a huge breaking point for their relationship, so they had to go their separate ways. Olympios is still getting over the unfortunate split after finding someone she loved.

She Worked Sales for Her Dad’s Business

We have mentioned that Olympios works for/owns a multimillion-dollar business. On The Bachelor, she bragged about her work, which is actually for her father’s epoxy coating and flooring business, ArmorGarage Inc., whose clients include the U.S. Military and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Olympios takes a photo with her father.
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While she has said she works in sales, no one is exactly sure what she does for the company. However, she is more interested in being an internet personality with a podcast these days than working a nine-to-five job for her father’s successful business.

She Wants Everyone to Leave Her Nanny Alone

After mentioning her nanny on The Bachelor, Twitter exploded with comments because what 20-something year old has a caretaker? However, Olympios clarified that her “nanny” Raquel is much more than a glorified babysitter. Raquel has been with Olympios’ family for years and moved from New Jersey to Florida.

Olympios and her nanny in a still from The Bachelor tv show.
Source: ABC

Olympios explained that Raquel is like a second mom because she was with the family through her mother’s cancer battle. During the hometown date on The Bachelor, Viall meets Raquel, and she tells him that she wants Olympios to be happy because she is like a daughter to her.

She Quoted Another Reality Star in Her Yearbook

It seems Olympios always knew she was destined for stardom. She grew up in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, and one celebrity she looked up to was Paris Hilton. Olympios even used one of Hilton’s quotes for her high school yearbook, and no one was surprised.

Olympios takes a photo.
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The quote Olympios chose was: “The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.” That is probably the most accurate quote to describe Olympios’ life because she has been anything but boring since she stepped into the spotlight.

She Has Strict Dating Rules

Although she didn’t end up with Viall on The Bachelor and recently broke up with her boyfriend, Olympios has a few dating rules that she follows strictly for a lasting relationship. In an interview, Olympios said she needs a guy to be very supportive of her.

A portrait of Olympios.
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Olympios also said she wants a guy to be hands-on in the relationship, and he has to love dogs. She won’t put up with smokers, people who don’t answer when she calls, and someone who gets drunk all the time.

She Nominated Herself for the Show

Friends or family nominates some people, but Olympios submitted her picture for the reality show. She wrote a little paragraph with her submission, and the next thing she knew, Olympios was being called to join the cast of Season 21.

Olympios poses at home.
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Olympios had no idea she would get picked, but she saw that the show was casting for a future season, so she jumped on the opportunity. If it weren’t for The Bachelor, she would still work for her father and live at home with her nanny.

She Always Knew What She Wanted

From the first moments, after she stepped out of the limo and handed Viall a bag of hug tokens, everyone knew Olympios was there to win the game. She was the first to kiss Viall and continuously interrupted other women to get alone time with him.

Olympios poses for a portrait.
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Olympios might have ruffled feathers by interrupting others, but Viall noticed her efforts, and she made it to the top four. She also said, “If you can’t handle being interrupted, why did you come here?” Olympios was there for one reason, and the other women didn’t matter.

She Thinks Outside the Box

While the other contestants on Season 21 were excited about a pool party, Olympios upped the ante by asking producers to bring her a bounce castle. None of the girls expected this, and they didn’t even know Olympios could pull off a stunt like that.

A still from the bouncing castle episode.
Source: ABC

While the other women were trying to have conversations with Viall, Olympios concocted new ideas to steal the spotlight. She knew how to get the attention of everyone, even if it wasn’t positive attention. That was also why she became so popular with the viewers.

She’s Sexually Confident

Many contestants on The Bachelor try to keep themselves very PG because they don’t want to take too much risk on TV. Olympios did not care what other people thought and had full confidence in herself. However, her sexuality quickly became a target for slut-shaming early on in the season.

Olympios poses for a photo in a restaurant.
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To Olympios’ credit, she didn’t seem to let the comments bring her down. She has always felt like she was pushing herself to try new things and step outside her comfort zone. If she hadn’t been such a standout, she would have faded into the background and gone home early on.

Best Bachelor Contestant of All Time

Although she was considered a villain, Olympios was one of the best Bachelor contestants of all time. She gave fans many memorable moments and didn’t hold back on camera. She figured out the best way to play the game from the start and was smarter than she let on.

Olympios enjoys a glass of wine during the show.
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In the end, Olympios realized she shouldn’t have to work so hard to impress men who didn’t deserve her. She wanted to be herself and whoever loved her, for that was worthy of her time. During her goodbyes, Olympios said, “I will never kiss up to a man ever again in my life.”