The Facts, Scandals, and Secrets of the Hanks Family Revealed

When decorated, established, and loved actors are mentioned, Tom Hanks sits boldly amongst them. His additions to the movie industry have gotten him two Oscar wins. Tom Hanks is a family man, a happy grandfather, father, and mentor who values family.

The Hanks Family
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Tom Hanks’ success continued into his personal life. However, the marriage with the late Samantha Lewes, who bore him two children, ended in divorce before her death, but that didn’t stop him from remarrying and having two more children.

Important Information about Tom Hanks

Popularly regarded and known as ‘Tom Hanks,’ Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is an American filmmaker and actor born in California on July 9, 1956. His mother, Janet Marylyn, was a hospital worker, and his father, Amos Mefford Hanks, was a peripatetic cook.

Tom Hanks arrives at an event.
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Tom Hanks is highly recognized for his dramatic, suspense-filled, brilliant, and comedic roles in popular and highly recognizable films. Hanks’ films have grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, with over $4.9 billion made in North America to $9.96 billion worldwide.

His Awards and Achievements

Out of six Academy Awards nominations, Hanks has won two. He is an honored winner of 7 Primetime Emmy Awards; out of 12 nominations, he won as a producer. In 2020, he received his first Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Tom Hanks poses in the press room at the Golden Globe.
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In 2002, Tom Hanks was awarded the A.F.I. Life Achievement Award, and in 2004, he was awarded the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film. He got his first-ever Tony Award nomination for his performance in Nora Ephron’s Lucky Guy.

Samantha Lewes: Her Life, Death, and Hanks’ Input

Samantha Lewes was an actress in Hollywood registered under the name Susan Jane Dillingham. She was featured in Mr. Success and Bosom Buddies, which are popular movies of the ’80s. Samantha was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1987 and passed away on March 12, 2002, at 50.

Samantha and Hanks attend an event.
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Although Tom Hanks had gone all wide and far seeking the help of the best professionals and taking care of her medical expenses, it still wasn’t enough as cancer had spread to her brain and lungs, and nothing could be done.

Tom And Samantha: College Sweethearts Gone Sour

Tom and Samantha were acting students and friends at the Sacramento State University, and their friendship upgraded to lovers. In 1977, they welcomed their first son Colin Hanks, and by 1978 they were married; at that time, Tom was 23 and Samantha 27.

Tom Hanks and his son Colin pose for the press.
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By 1982, a beautiful baby girl, Elizabeth Hanks, was introduced in their home, but by 1984, it was reported that Tom and Samantha were living separately. By 1987, their marriage came to an end when Samantha filed for a divorce.

The New Bride, Accusations, and Restraining Orders

After several complications, irreconcilable differences, and misunderstandings leading to their divorce, more information was released that Tom Hanks had been having an affair with Rita Wilson as co-actors when he was married to Samantha. The marriage between Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson caused an uproar in the movie industry.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks at their wedding reception.
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The most shocking news was an accusation filed by Samantha Lewes, who sort out a restraining order against Tom Hanks. She claimed she was being abused in her home for 90 days by Tom Hanks, and he had tried to have her killed.

Samantha’s Accusations: Tom’s Response

On the other hand, Tom had a different response to the accusation and explained his failed marriage. He claimed to had been young and insecure when he got married, and he intended to build a home for his son.

A portrait of Tom Hanks.
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However, with so many speculations, rumors, and gossip, he decided to clear the air. He blamed his loneliness for marrying so early and his responsibilities to handle too heavy a burden to keep him married to Samantha.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s Love Story

Margarita Ibrahimoff, known as Rita Wilson, was born in Hollywood, California had met Tom Hanks on the set of Bossom Buddies in 1981. Rita was to appear on an episode of a video dating service as a guest. They had worked together after their first meeting, even co-starring in ‘Film Volunteers’ in 1985.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on the set of ‘’Volunteers.’’
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During an interview with People, Hanks mentioned he immediately felt a connection between himself and Rita when they caught each other’s eyes. By 1988, they were married and have been married for 33 years. They celebrated their anniversary on April 30, 2020. They have two children together.

Meet Rita Wilson — Tom Hanks’ Wife

Rita Wilson has been in the acting scene since 1972, with her first appearance on one of the episodes of The Brandy Bunch, ‘Greg’s Triangle.’ Right from there, she has played both leading and supporting roles in several movies and tv series.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks arrive at a formal dinner.
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She produced Mamma Mia, its sequel, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which climbed up to become the highest-grossing independent film, for which she received the Greek Postal Service ELTA, which commemorated her with a stamp.

Rita Wilson’s Career Dive into Music

Rita Wilson’s decision to join the music industry began when she was featured in a Broadway musical in 2006. In an interview, she expressed that her starring in the Broadway musical reawakened her love for music. She has gone on several tours, written her songs, and is a notable songwriter.

Rita Wilson performs on stage.
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Rita Wilson has released four albums; the first ‘AM/FM’ was released in 2012, and ‘The Eponymous Rita Wilson’ was released in 2016, ‘Bigger Picture’ in 2018, and in 2019, she released ‘Halfway to Home.’

Rita Wilson’s Battle with Breast Cancer

It was a shock to many of Rita Wilson and the Hanks family’s fans when Rita announced she would be leaving the Broadway play Fish in 2015 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had undergone bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction for breast cancer.

Rita Wilson attends ‘’The Breast Cancer One Dinner’’ event.
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By 2015, she was declared cancer-free due to early treatment and after confirmation from two subsequent pathologists. Since then, she has been back to singing and recording music and has released two more albums.

The Next Generation of the Hanks Family

Tom Hanks is one man who values family and even mentioned in an interview how blessed and honored he is to have his family together with him. He has kept his family knitted together regardless of the scandals, trials, and court orders.

A family portrait at the Golden Globe.
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Tom Hanks’ marriage with Samantha Lewes birthed two children, Colin Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks. During his second marriage with Rita Wilson, he had two more children; Chester “Chet” Hanks and Truman Theodore Hanks. He also has three grandchildren.

Tom Hanks First Son, Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks had Colin Hanks at the age of 21 with his first wife, Samantha Lewes. Colin Hanks shows more of his father’s characters than his other siblings, including an uncanny resemblance.

Colin Hanks attends an event.
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Colin Hanks, in May 2010, married Samantha Bryant, a publicist with whom he has two children. Olivia Jane was born a year after their marriage and Charlotte Bryant two years after. Colin’s family was the first to make Tom Hanks a grandfather.

Colin Hanks Didn’t Grow-Up Super Rich

Colin Hanks was not in the same financial situation as Chet and Truman and was 17 years old when ‘Forrest Grump’ became popular. His experience growing up was different because he was with his mother more often than his dad.

Colin Hanks in his teens.
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He believes growing up when his dad wasn’t super-rich kept him grounded as he remembers asking his mom for certain things growing up, and her response would be, “We don’t have the money for that. Your dad has that. We don’t have that.”

Colin Hanks’ Career Path

Colin Hanks joined his father in the movie industry and featured in films like King Kong and Orange County. He is the most popular amongst the Hanks Children and featured in sitcoms like ‘The House Bunny’ and ‘Life in Pieces.’

Colin Hanks as Preston in King Kong.
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The 42 years old also starred in ‘Jumanji sequel, Jumanji: The Next Level,’ ‘Frago,’ and ‘Drunk History.’ Just like his father, he has been nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe. In November 2018, Colin Hanks deviated into a different career in conjunction with acting. He established a handkerchief company named ‘Hanks Kerchiefs.’

The Death of his Mom Changed his Work Ethics

Losing his mom to lung cancer was a massive blow to Colin, just five months after ‘Orange County’ was released. Her death caused him to see work as a lesser priority and never be involved in any movie without great potential.

Colin Hanks as Shaun Brumder in Orange County.
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This decision was why Colin Hanks was not seen in any movie from 2002’s Orange County until King Kong in 2005. With all this, his attitude towards fame has been commendable, just like his father, and it has helped him keep a lot of his friendships with other second-generation actors.

Samantha Bryant: Colin Hanks’ Wife

Samantha Bryant’s dive into showbiz began in 1986 as an actor in a T.V. series titled The Singing Detective. She then moved into production, working behind the scene as a production assistant. She produced a short T.V. documentary, ‘Still Swingin’.

Samantha and Colin attend an event.
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Samantha and Colin met through a mutual friend and discovered the excellent chemistry they shared and how they had a lot in common. After becoming a couple, Colin proposed in June 2009, and by May 8, 2010, they got married in Los Angeles, California.

Colin Hanks’ Doesn’t Want his Children in the Family Business

According to Colin’s interview with U.S. weekly, his children, Olivia, 10, and Charlotte, 8, have shown zero interest in the family business, and he hopes they don’t. He feels this way because he wants them to take whatever path they choose and doesn’t want to pressure them into the movie industry.

Colin Hanks takes a selfie with his wife at the beach.
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He told U.S. weekly, “I am more interested in seeing what they choose to do and what they are sort of gravitating toward. That’s always an important thing for parents to do.” His ideal is not to force his girls into anything and just enjoy being a girl’s dad.

Colin Hanks Calling his Children “Great Humblers” Explained

Still, in his interview with U.S. weekly, Colin called his children “great humblers” because they just want to be treated as kids doing kid stuff and not into the extravagant lifestyle that comes with being a celebrity. He confirms that they know their grandfather is a big shot in the movie industry.

Colin Hanks poses with puppets in his hands.
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Yet, they are not intrigued by wanting anything in excess and just want their “Animal Crossing” shirts. He admits he would not change that for anything, and his responsibility to “provide them with as much safety and comfort” is all that matters to him.

Elizabeth Ann Hanks: The Only Daughter of the Hanks Empire

Elizabeth Ann Hanks is Tom Hanks’s only daughter and the second child with Samantha Lewes. She is a well-exposed writer featured in some movies but usually in minor roles alongside Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Hanks attend a dinner party.
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Elizabeth is 39 years old and has a degree in English language and literature. She has published her work in leading publishing houses such as The Guardian, `Buzzfeed, and the New York Times. She is currently working on a children’s novel titled ‘Piper Peregrine Vs. The Consortium For Better Thinking.’

Elizabeth Ann Hanks’ Present And Past Relationships

Elizabeth Ann Hanks is single, and it is only known that she had dated just one person in the past; at least, that is what the media knows because Elizabeth Ann Hanks is almost perfect at keeping her love and personal life extremely private.

Elizabeth Hanks attends an event.
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She has never been engaged, and it is getting harder keeping track of her flings, breakups, dates, and hookups. Whether it is her shutting down all media houses, cunningly dodging paparazzi, or her face not being famous enough to get attention, she sure has her information well-hidden.

The Infamous Chester ‘Chet’ Hanks

Chet Hanks is the first son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s marriage. He is a 29-year-old actor and rapper featured on various T.V. shows and movies, from Shameless, Maron, Empire, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Chet Hanks attends an event.
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The infamous Chet Hanks is famous for many things, and the majority are not favorable. Although he had claimed to be sober after going to rehab because of his struggle with drug addiction, Chet’s appearance on Empire was as a rapper named Chet Haze.

Tom And Rita’s Aim of Having Chet Grow up Middle-Class

Growing up in Brentwood, California, is already a very wealthy statement. Still, a few years ago, in an interview with Van Lathan on his Red Pill podcast, he said he was spiteful at his parents’ idea of trying to instill hard work in him when he was younger.

A younger Chet Hanks next to his parents.
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During that period, his father would have him wash his car for $40 if he wanted to go out for dinner and his first car was a hand-me-down. His parents’ goal was to have him grow up as a middle-class man in one of the wealthiest locations on the planet.

Chet Hanks’ Embarrassing ‘White Boy Summer’ Post

Chet posted on his Instagram page a somewhat controversial statement in promoting his music. He claimed it to be misunderstood, but I’ll let you be the judge. His original post stated that “I just got this feeling man, that this summer is, it’s about to be a “white boy summer,” and “Take it how you want.”

Chet Hanks embarrassing post / Chet Hanks takes a selfie in the car.
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Remember rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” song on women embracing their bodies during summer? Many felt it was an insult, and Chet was embarrassing himself and his family, especially his father.

The ’Loose’ Investigation on Celebrity Children Getting Special Treatment

Chet went to Northwestern University, where his first parody song called ‘White and Purple,’ from Wiz Khalifa’s Pittsburgh anthem ‘Black and Yellow,’ was his way of making his ambitions in the rap-slash-pop world all over campus. His version went viral with the help of Gawker.

A picture of Chet and Tom Hanks.
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He was beginning to gain waves in college but as the black sheep of the family. One of the schools‘ blogs did a loose investigation to know if celebrity children were getting special treatment, and guess who the headline was about? Chet Hanks.

Chet’s Struggle with Mental Health

Chet’s struggle with mental health and substance abuse can be traced back to his teenage years. Still, on the podcast with Van Lathan, he told him his parent had put him in one of those “scared straight” wilderness programs for“troubled” kids and kids struggling with substance abuse.

Chet films himself talking in the street.
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Chet said being taken out of bed in the night and locked away in the woods as a form of tough-love therapy draws in scrutiny, but as he grew older, he began to understand and appreciate his parent’s effort.

Chet’s Heartbreaking Comparison with his Dad

Not only did the school paper have a field day comparing Chet with his father, huge magazines like New York Magazine and the Huffington Post have profiled him with heartbreaking comparisons, but he had perfected an intelligent way of responding to these questions.

Truman Hanks, Tom Hanks, and Chet Hanks attend a game.
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In one interview, he said, “It’s like this, man—let’s say hypothetically that I came up with the cure for cancer, here’s what it would say in my obituary: ‘Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, came up with the cure for cancer.” Now, he would respond to how he was grateful for his father and trying to make it on his own.

Chester Hanks’ Daughter: Machaiah Hanks

Tom and Rita Hanks welcomed a secret grandchild from Chet and Tiffany Miles, an aspiring T.V. host, in April 2016. Tom calls her ‘Pappau’ while Rita calls her ‘Yia Yia.’ She was kept secret because Chet had been undergoing a life-changing process safe enough for her growth.

The Hanks Family attends an event.
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In December 2016, he announced his daughter’s birth and addressed why he was silent on social media. Amidst the birth of his daughter, he has had to defend Tiffany Miles, Michaiah’s mum, and Michaiah from racism.

Chester Hanks Tattoo Tribute to his Daughter

Chet has expressively announced that he believes in God and how God oversees and plans for everything. He seems to be done with all weird internet conspiracy theories and just wants a break from the world’s criticisms.

Chet spends time with his daughter.
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A tattoo that sparked the media’s attention is the tattoo of his daughter’s name, “MICAIAH,” encased in a heart. Chester Hanks shares a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Miles. Her birth is what Chet gives credit for his drive to kick against his drug addiction.

Michaiah Hanks Motivation that Helped Chet Remain Sober

According to an interview Chet had with Entertainment Today, he explained that the thought of knowing your child will be arriving in nine months was enough reason to have himself fixed up. Chet said, “There’s a part of you that knows that you need to make a change, but you can’t really shut that door on your life and just move on to a new chapter.”

Tom, Chet, and Tiffany Miles are watching a game.
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A tattoo of great importance that marked his growth is the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus tattooed on his left shoulder and the massive Byzantine cross tattooed on his back; these tattoos all have spiritual meanings.

Is Chet a Member of the Illuminati?

This speculation of Chester Hanks being a part of the Illuminati resulted from the massive eye encapsulated in a triangle tattoo known to the Illuminati. Even though Chet portrays the ‘I don’t have a f**k attitude’ he took to his Instagram and defended his tattoo.

Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code / A close-up on Chet’s tattoo.
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In a now-deleted Instagram video, the 31-year-old stated that his tattoo represents ‘Spiritual qualities.’ He went on by saying: “Does it look like I’m in the f**king Illuminati dude? I got a bunch of s**tty ass f**king furniture in here,” emphasizing that “[not] every f**king conspiracy out there is the f**king truth.”

Kiana Parker, Chet’s Ex, Accuses him of Assault and Battery

His relationship with Kiana Parker has been nothing but toxicity at its highest, and releasing his music video on the same day Kiana held a press conference addressing the civil lawsuit she had against him kind of seems sketchy.

Kiana Parker takes a selfie.
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Earlier this year, she had filed a police report reporting Chet of assault and battery. She said he was the cause of her emotional distress, given that several occurrences had happened that had caused her mental and physical pain. She mentioned he had threatened to ‘blow up her brains’

Marty Singer Chet’s Attorney Lawsuit Against Kiana Parker

Barrister Marty Singer, a well-known, long-shot, and influential Hollywood lawyer and lawyer to the Hanks family filed suit earlier against Kiana before her press conference for theft, battery, and assault. The lawsuit contained information on how she stole money from Chet to pay her rent and travel expenses.

Chet Hanks and Rita Wilson attend an event.
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She denied it all, and she got into an altercation with Chet, which was bloody. After the altercation, she obtained a temporary restraining order against him. While denying the claims made against her, on the other hand, Chet said she came with a heftier man on the day of the incident.

The Bloody Evidence Posted by Tmz

On March 31, a video was out on the internet between Kiana and Chet dated to have happened on January 8. In the footage, Kiana can be seen charging at Chet, which causes the camera to shake and fall, and by the time he picked it up, his face was all bloodied up.

Chet Hanks and Kiana have a violent argument in the kitchen.
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Chet claimed she attacked him with a knife, and her response to his allegations was by getting a restraining order which she was granted. He then released a statement after the video’s release explaining his side of the story on how Kiana had been stealing his money. When he confronted her about it, she attacked him with a knife.

Truman Theodore Hanks — The Mysterious Hanks

Truman Hanks is not as famous as his sibling and seems to enjoy things that way. The mysterious Hanks was born in 1995 and, as he grew older, has maintained a very low profile. We at least know he graduated from Stanford University.

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Truman Theodore Hanks arrive at an event.
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With his contributions to production, he is the only child who hasn’t appeared in any of his father’s films. Tom’s intention was for Truman to have a normal childhood, thereby keeping away from the public that his childhood and education are unknown.

Truman Theodore Hanks’ Career Path

Although he seems to show interest in the movie industry like his family, he assisted in ‘The Cloverfield Paradox,’ ‘Wrath of Man,’ and the 2019 ‘Charlie’s Angels remake,’ he served as the production director assistant for those movies.

Trauman Theodore holds a camera during a press conference.
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While he worked in the camera department on ‘Black Widow,’ ‘Babylon Berlin,’ and soon to be released ‘West Side Story,’ he seems to like working behind the scenes with production rather than being in front of the camera, and it is likely to stay like that for a while.

The Mystery Behind Tom Hanks’ Family Greek Passports

In 2018, a deadly wildfire which claimed 100 lives rocked the Coastal town of Mati near Athens. Rita Wilson, of Greek descent, and her husband kicked into action and used their platforms to raise awareness of the tragedy.

A view of the burnt city, Mati.
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Their attention got the world interested in the situation in Greece, and immediate relief actions to help were tripled because of the Hanks’ family’s impact. Because of their instant reaction to help the people of Greece, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos signed an honorary naturalization order to claim Greek citizenship.

The Process of the Hanks’ Family Greek Citizenship

Greece’s government extended their offer of citizenship to Tom Hanks, his wife, and their two sons, Chester and Truman after the family helped by providing awareness and provisions when a wildfire that claimed the lives of over 100 people rocked Greece.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson pose, holding their new passports.
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The decision of an honorary naturalization order to allow the Hanks family to claim Greek citizenship was published in a government gazette co-signed by Greek Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos. The order was signed on December 27, 2018, for their “exceptional services to Greece.”

Is Tom Hanks Going Bankrupt? Sells Four Cars

No way is billionaire Hanks going bankrupt. Well, Tom Hanks auctioned collectibles after a given period, including his cars. He has auctioned four different vehicles at values even higher than their initial cost.

A screengrab of Tom Hanks in his home.
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His Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, a forgotten classic of Toyota of over 40 years old, was rebuilt entirely and auctioned off; his 1980 hardtop was sold for $122,000 but supposedly worth $72,000. His Airstream 34-foot travel trailer from 1992 was sold at $235,000. His 2011 Ford F-450 Super Duty Crew cab pickup worth under $40,000 was sold for over $84,000.

Tom Hanks’ Latest Production and Release Date

After several reasons for the postponement, Apple finally announced its original sci-fi film, Finch, released on November 5; it will feature Tom Hanks and Caleb Landry, Jones. The movie will be Tom Hanks’ most recent release.

Tom Hanks attends an event.
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Finch is about an inventor who survives an apocalyptic solar event with no one else but his dog, Goodyear. Knowing he will leave the world soon enough, he builds a robot, Jeff, to be Goodyear’s companion after he goes, but as it turns out, Jeff doesn’t get along with Goodyear and vice versa.