Rare Interactions Between Celebs and Us “Normal Folks”

Tabloids are known to demonize celebrities and shed the worst possible light on them. With so many negative and scandalous stories, it’s easy to assume they’re all conceited, little divas with over-the-top demands and ridiculous expectations. But is that really the case? Definitely.

Celebrity photographs with a Tweet on each image
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Just kidding, we don’t really believe they act like entitled brats ALL THE TIME. Just sometimes. But they’re human. Just like us, they are mere mortals who are walking the face of this earth and doing their best to live their lives in peace.

To restore your faith in humanity, we’ve collected a list of Tweets that prove just how kind celebrities can be.

Tom Hanks Bought 50+ Burgers

Sometimes, the biggest surprises come from the most unexpected sources! This Twitter user let us know that both Conan O’Brien and Tom Hanks are great guys. And, we must say, based on how they act on screen, we’re not too surprised.

A platter of burgers with Rachel Paige’s tweet regarding Tom Hanks buying them all hungry
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As it turns out, all you’ve got to do is “look hungry,” and Tom Hanks will see that you get what is needed for your hunger to go away. This time it was in the form of delicious In-N-Out burgers. We’re assuming that those interns were probably ecstatic!

Washington, The Gentleman

Whether on-screen or off, Denzel Washington has a soft spot for people who are going through rough times. This Twitter user was struggling to make it down a flight of stairs when the kind actor came out of nowhere and rushed to help her down. What a gentleman!

Denzel Washington posing / A tweet talking about his kindness
Source: Amazon / Twitter

In addition, she tweeted that actress Annie Clark is also “super cool.” Her bubbly and lighthearted personality must have really made an impression on this Twitter user. It’s incredible to meet one celeb in your lifetime, but this person was fortunate enough to meet two!

Brad Pitt Taught Poker

This fortunate Twitter user worked with Brad Pitt back in the ‘80s. And, just as we suspected, he’s as charming off-screen as he is on camera! This lucky person claims that the dreamy actor is super nice, witty, and extremely talented. We’re jealous!

Brad Pitt sitting on a sofa with his hand in his palm / A tweet about Brad Pitt’s kindness
Photo by Charley Gallay, Breitling, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Brad Pitt actually sat with him for a round of poker! According to the Twitter user, Pitt is really good at it and gave him advice on how to play. As it turns out, Brad is such a good teacher that the person eventually beat him! We guess he forgot to use his poker face.

Robin Williams Protected the Weak

I think most of us know that Robin Williams was as incredible off-screen as he was in front of the cameras, but just in case you needed any more reassurance, here you go! Twitter User @caylenb shared the details of his personal meeting with Robin Williams.

Robin Williams pointing to his chest for a portrait / A tweet about Robin William’s kindness
Photo by Caroline Schiff, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

When someone was being horribly rude to a homeless person, Robin Williams decided to intervene and stand up for him. He wasn’t afraid of the harassing “rando” and threw in a few words to scare him off. We’re sure this Twitter user wasn’t the only one who encountered such a thoughtful act.

Sarah Handed Out Free Tickets

We’ve all experienced some hard times and understand how expensive it is to see our favorite artists live. And while it’s not very common for a celebrity to help a fan get into their shows for free, this lucky Twitter user experienced just that!

Sarah Silverman on the red carpet / A tweet about her kindness
Photo by Walter McBride, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Sarah Silverman saw this fan’s tweet about how he was too broke to go to her show but still wanted to support her work so he bought her book instead. This must have really moved her because she made sure to get this guy and his fiancé into her show!

Wolverine Has a Serious Appetite

After a long day’s work with rarely any breaks, there’s no doubt that actors work up a pretty large appetite, especially if you’re active, fit, and playing Wolverine’s character in X-Men! Just ask Hugh Jackman, who had serious cravings on the set of the film.

Hugh Jackman posing up against a wall / The tweet about Hugh Jackman’s kindness
Source: Instagram / Twitter

We don’t know if Wolverine had the exact same type of cravings as Hugh Jackman, but in any case, the star was craving Australian food (homesick maybe?), so he decided that everyone on set should enjoy it and ordered catering for the whole cast and crew.

Nicole Kidman Is Friendly and Outgoing

This Twitter user was in for a surprise when he headed out for drinks one casual evening. He was approached by none other than Nicole Kidman. She just randomly chatted him up from across the bar and asked him about himself.

Nicole Kidman on the red carpet / A tweet about Nicole Kidman
Photo by Christopher Polk, Turner, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Can you imagine if Nicole Kidman chose you out of everyone in a bar and talked to you about life and ordinary topics unrelated to fame or movies? Surely some people have wished for something like that to happen to them. Lucky guy! He was able to share a good and lengthy conversation with her.

Kind-Hearted Princess Leia

Who would’ve imagined that the actress who played Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, could be just as sweet and thoughtful as the character she played in Star Wars?  Princess Leia always seemed so down-to-earth and good-natured, and, as it turns out, so was the real-life woman who played her.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia / The tweet about Carrie Fisher
Source: Instagram / Twitter

One Twitter user reached out to Carrie Fisher through social media and probably wasn’t expecting any answer at all. However, she was totally surprised when Fisher actually wrote back and gave her some solid advice. The Twitter user wrote that she’ll hang on to this memory for as long as she lives, and we totally understand why!

Coldplay’s Kind Tour

Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin is a regular in children’s hospitals around the world. When he’s not busy touring and playing music, he makes sure to drop by a children’s hospital in every country he visits. He dedicates hours to playing, singing, and talking with them.

Chris Martin visiting sick kids in the hospital / The Tweet about Chris Martin’s kindness
Source: Twitter

He gives the kids gifts and works hard to cheer them up! And the best part about his kind acts? He doesn’t ask for any recognition and wants nothing in return. The only way we even know about his generous visits is because patients have posted pictures with him on social media.

Matilda’s Parents Were Hardly Bullies

Matilda star Mara Wilson got real when she responded to this heartwarming thread on Twitter. She confirmed the rumors: Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman actually took her in during a rough patch in her life, when her mom was battling cancer.

Danny DeVito sitting in the stands with his thumbs up / A tweet about DeVito
Photo by Noel Vasquez, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Imagine enjoying your newfound fame, getting your big break as Matilda, all while having your mom in the hospital fighting for her life. That sounds tragic and difficult. Thankfully, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman were nothing like the mean characters they play in the film. They were able to provide Wilson with a safe space.

Having Fun With the Kids

It’s not common for the star of a huge blockbuster film to chat with extras, especially when those extras are children, and even more so when there are a bunch of them on set at once. Hobbit director Peter Jackson surprised everyone when he broke free from the norm and decided to sit down and chat with them.

Peter Jackson signing autographs / Jackson holding a notepad with a children’s drawing on it
Source: Twitter

These kids were thrilled when Jackson sat down during lunch to talk, sign autographs, and have a good laugh with them. He took a seat right beside them on the grass and looked as though he didn’t have a care in the world. What an incredible director.

Bill Nye’s Starry Advice

If you’re a ‘90s kid, Bill Nye the Science Guy surely played a huge role in your childhood. The fun scientist made complicated topics exciting and accessible to everyone. It was a joy to learn from him, and any teacher who played him in their lessons was instantly tagged as cool.

Bill Nye holding a globe / A tweet about Bill Nye
Source: Imgur / Twitter

Imagine how great it would be to meet him in person and how fun that must have been for the people who got to do it. This Twitter user met Bill on a difficult day and ended up getting some “spiritual” advice. This came to him as a surprise because Bill is someone who normally focuses on science, not on astrology. He told these guys to look to the stars when things go wrong!

Stanley Tucci Cooks for the Homeless

It’s normally pretty surprising when a celeb does something kind for someone else without seeking any recognition for it. And it’s even more surprising when that A-lister is none other than Stanley Tucci, who is actually known as more of a mogul than a celebrity.

Stanley Tucci sitting at a table in a scene from The Devil Wears Prada / A tweet about Tucci
Source: MoviestillsDB.com, Copyright: Twentieth Century Fox / Twitter

Stanley Tucci writes, acts, produces, and has even modeled in the past. But in addition to all of that, he’s also a cook. But Tucci isn’t your ordinary chef. This generous celeb cooks for the homeless! Not only does he prepare the food, but he also makes them laugh. Most importantly, he makes sure he isn’t recognized. He wants to be treated like an ordinary guy. Not a celeb.

Julie Andrews Is a Great Listener

At a book signing, authors are usually focused on signing as many books as possible to make sure every one of their fans gets a signed copy. And while that’s kind in and of itself, it doesn’t allow the author to make a true connection with any of the readers.

Julie Andrews posing inside of the Sydney Opera House / A tweet about Andrews kindness
Photo by Don Arnold, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Julie Andrews decided to get to know her readers better and actually took the time to listen to them. This Twitter user posted how she grabbed her by the hand and listened to her life story. Surely Andrews was moved after she heard how much she meant for her reader.

Matilda Danced and Played With Her “Big Sisters”

The star of Matilda, Mara Wilson, had more to say about some of the famous people she has encountered over the years as a child actor. Apparently, she felt right at home with Frida star Salma Hayek. Hayek danced with Wilson and her little sister at a Hollywood party. Adorable!

Salma Hayek waving on the red carpet / A tweet about Hayek’s kindness
Photo by Steve Granitz, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Not only that, but Spice Girl Mel C and actress Shannon Doherty played a fun round of Connect 4 with her. Wilson also got to work with Lucy Liu, whom she described as having an incredibly kind spirit. She even admitted to having had a huge girl crush on Liu because of her sweet nature.

A Family Man Through and Through

If you love The Office as much as we do, you know that the show is more like a way of life than it is an ordinary TV series you put on before falling asleep. Steve Carell made sure that his character Michael Scott was a good and caring boss who treated his workers like family.

Steve Carell standing over his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with his family
Photo by Tommaso Boddi, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

What’s wonderful about this tweet is that we get to learn how great a real dad Steve Carell is. When he’s out for dinner with his family, they all put aside their phones and spend some authentic quality time with each other. Carell is also a generous tipper!

Mama Michelle

Working with Michelle Pfeiffer is an absolute joy! This tweet proves that this iconic actress is sweet and kindhearted. After a long day of hard work on the set of Stardust, this staff worker confessed that Pfeiffer shared stories about her own kids and gave the worker advice on how to handle his newborn son.

A selfie of Michelle Pfeiffer / A tweet about Pfeiffer’s kindness
Source: Instagram / Twitter

The star must have wanted a break from her long day on set, because she ended up having a long conversation with this Twitter user about his life. She wasn’t just acting all interested; she was genuinely invested in the conversation and demanded he show her pictures of his newborn.

Hey, I Know You From Somewhere

We all know that a small act of kindness, or even a small word, can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture. One kind smile or loving word can surely make someone’s day, especially when it comes from someone unexpected like Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman sitting on stage / A tweet about Morgan Freeman
Photo by Frederick M Brown, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

This Twitter user waited in line at the bank with Freeman and mistook the iconic star to be someone she personally knew. But rather than ignoring her or giving her a weird look, the actor dedicated ten minutes to listen to her story until the teller ultimately pointed out she was speaking to Freeman and not to her parent’s friend! In response, the actor shot her a grin and winked.

Who Could Say No to Stephen Fry?

We’ve never been lucky enough to meet a celebrity at a bookstore, and even if we had, we never would have mustered the courage to speak to them. But this woman did! She was waiting for a job interview at a bookstore when she came across the star and started talking to him.

Stephen Fry on the red carpet / A tweet about Fry’s kindness
Photo by Alberto E Rodriguez, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Not only was he unbelievably friendly, but he also got her hired! He waited with her until the interview, and when it was her time to meet the manager, Fry got up and told her that she must accept her. And come on, who could say no to Stephen Fry? Needless to say, the woman got the job!

Keanu Loves to Talk Tacos

Keanu Reeves is known to be a super nice guy off camera. That’s why so he has so many fans (well, that and his undeniable good looks). He’s talented, generous, friendly, and an overall caring person, which is so hard to find in Hollywood. The entertainment business is lucky to have an actor like him, and so is the rest of the world!

Keanu Reeves on the red carpet / A tweet about Reeves’ kindness
Photo by Jason Kempin, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

This tweet fully supports his reputation. He’s allegedly extremely friendly to the crew he works with on set, always lending a hand wherever and whenever he can. He’s really nice to his friends as well! What other actor would sit down, smoke a clove, and talk about tacos outside of a bar with ordinary people?

A Kind Scottish Actor

Die-hard fans will do almost anything to support their favorite stars. Some of them make artwork, cover their songs, and even write poetry and fanfiction about them! This devoted fan decided to go all out and write an actual academic paper on his beloved celeb, David Tennant.

David Tennant standing in front of a sign giving him a halo / A tweet about Tennant’s kindness
Photo by Mike Marsland, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Not only did the Scottish actor accept his fan’s work, but he even took the time to carefully read the whole thing. As if taking the time out of his tight schedule wasn’t generous enough, he sent the fan a letter back, saying how much he appreciated the kind words.

Mindy Kaling Loves to Play Cupid

Mindy Kaling’s character in The Office is a man-obsessed customer service representative who loves to gossip. She always sticks her nose in office drama and works to set people up or help them with any of their love-related problems (although she should have looked out for herself a bit more).

Mindy Kaling holding a cup of coffee in a selfie / A tweet about Kaling’s kindness
Source: Instagram / Twitter

Incredibly, Mindy Kaling is just as interested in helping people out off-screen, and in that sense, she’s quite similar to her on-screen character, Kelly. When this Twitter user’s friend was going through a rough period, Mindy stepped in and offered relationship advice. She even played Cupid by setting the person up on a date with someone she knew!

Tom Hanks Is Super Down to Earth

In all of Tom Hank’s roles, he always seems like such a good guy. And this Twitter user proved he’s like that in real life as well. At a restaurant where he worked, this waiter found himself waiting on Tom Hanks, and the experience was unforgettable.

Tom Hanks taking a selfie with fans / A tweet about Hanks
Source: Twitter

Apparently, he got super excited when he saw Tom Hanks sitting at the table waiting to place his order. He decided to ask the Forrest Gump star for a photo so he could share it with his friends. Hanks gladly agreed. But not only that, he invited the guy to take a walk with him and even gave him some life advice!

This Lord of the Rings Star Has a Generous Heart

We all have different favorite moments from LOTR that stand out. For some, it was the majestic horses. After all, who could forget their beauty? Horses are incredible animals who are emotionally intelligent and can easily read a human’s body language. They need just as much love and affection as the actors and stuntmen riding them!

Viggo Mortensen standing with his horse in a scene from Lord of the Rings / A tweet about Viggo Mortensen
Source: MoviestillsDB.com, Copyright: New Line Cinema / Twitter

That’s why it wasn’t surprising to find out that LOTR’s stunt riders had a hard time parting with their horses. It was especially difficult for one of the riders, who wanted to purchase her horse but didn’t have enough money. Luckily for her, when production was over, actor Viggo Mortensen bought the horse for her.

America’s Next Top Therapist

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Tyra Banks was one of the most relevant models in the world. While we don’t hear from her as much nowadays, we still remember her incredible kindness. This Twitter user shared a cool memory of her that they’ll probably never forget.

Tyra Banks taking a selfie / A tweet about Banks
Source: Instagram / Twitter

When this user found herself in the mall bawling her eyes out, Tyra approached her and assumed she was crying about a boy. The girl was actually crying over her sister, but she couldn’t bring herself to correct Tyra. She politely accepted the advice and was in complete awe of Tyra’s kindness.

Lucy Liu Is Patient and Understanding

This reporter was covering a movie that they had never even seen (due to an embarrassing error) and had to act natural even though deep inside they were freaking out. Most actors would have been seriously upset with the reporter’s strange questions and would have probably blamed them for wasting their time.

Lucy Liu smiling for a photo at an event / A tweet about Lui
Photo by Mario Castillo, Jam Media, LatinContent, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Coming unprepared for an interview is a huge no-no in Hollywood. But actress Lucy Liu was so gracious and understanding during the interview that she ended up helping the confused reporter. She calmed them down and helped them with questions.

Trick or Treat With Buscemi and Costello

Quirky actor Steve Buscemi has starred in some pretty neat films and has played some intriguing characters in his career. Apparently, he’s just as unique and interesting in real life too. He absolutely loves Halloween and uses the holiday to perform acts of kindness.

Steve Buscemi posing for a portrait / A tweet about Buscemi
Photo by Kris Conner, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Along with his friend, musician Elvis Costello, Buscemi dresses up and hands out candy to kids in Brooklyn. The kids probably have no idea who these two dressed-up fellows are, but surely, their parents are thrilled to see them!

Sinbad Lets People Know He’s Thankful

Restaurants love to keep their trays low, so when they walk by tables, the customers can see what the place has to offer and maybe be tempted to get some for themselves. It’s a famous marketing trick. This concept apparently worked on Sinbad because when he saw someone eating a Nestle Frozen Crunch bar, he went ahead and got one for himself.

A portrait of Sinbad / A tweet about his kindness
Photo by Harry Langdon, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Apparently, the comedian noticed that the person in front of him was eating the delicious ice cream and decided he wanted a bite of that as well. So, he walked over to the ice cream stand, bought one, and did a little tip of the hat to the original buyer. Awesome, right?

Paul Rudd Is Genuinely Sweet

Actor Paul Rudd’s face just radiates “nice guy,” doesn’t it? There’s something very authentic about his smile, and he has this softness in his eyes. As it turns out, he really is a nice guy. This coffee shop story proves he’s a sweet guy who takes things easily.

Paul Rudd on the red carpet / A tweet about Paul Rudd
Photo by Gregg DeGuire, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Seriously, we’ve been drinking our coffee in the wrong places. We’ve never seen any celebrities purchase their coffee, let alone laugh about themselves and smile to the barista! We adore you, Paul Rudd. Even if you mistake skim for soy.

Cheering Up Kids at Disneyland

If you’ve had braces as a kid, you probably remember how embarrassing they felt at times. Of course, there really wasn’t anything to be ashamed about, but, as a kid, it kind of felt like the end of the world at times. But it’s just a temporary inconvenience that’s meant to give us a beautiful smile!

Lindsay Lohan sitting and smiling for the camera at a press conference / A tweet about Lohan
Photo by Monika Fellner, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

When Lindsay Lohan came across a little girl who was crying about her new braces, she cheered her up by telling her how cool they were and that changing the bands was colorful and fun. The girl’s mom never forgot how nicely Lindsay treated her little one.

From One Queen Fan to Another

Queen’s songs are catchy, fun, and brilliant. From Killer Queen to Another One Bites the Dust, their catchy tunes are sure to set the mood for a fun night. When a Queen song plays on the radio, it’s hard not to sing along. And Jack Black fully agrees!

Jack Black pointing into the distance on the red carpet / A tweet about Jack Black
Photo by Kevin Winter, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

This Twitter user’s friend was standing in a gas station, singing Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls, when Jack Black joined the lucky guy and jumped right in with him. This might not be an act of kindness per se, but it’s definitely a fun story.

Robin Williams Treated Everyone Equally

Social media is filled with tweets about how kind Robin William was, and what a joy it was to work with him. This tweeter shared that Williams was always the first to show up on set, and he treated every crewmember, actor and even outsiders like a true friend.

Robin Williams with a fan / A tweet about Robin Williams
Source: Twitter

This Twitter user didn’t even work on set, he was just there spending the day with his friend who was a producer of the show. But even though he was a total stranger, Williams approached him with such kindness and generosity that it warmed his heart and he had to tweet about it.

One of the Guys

According to this Twitter user, Joel McHale is “absurdly nice.” The Community star noticed him from across the street outside a comedy theater and decided to say hello. He walked over, introduced himself (as if he needed any introduction) and decided to sit with him and his friends and just hang out.

Joel McHale on the red carpet / A tweet about McHale
Photo by Charley Gallay, Gilt, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

And that’s not all! Months later, they saw each other again at a taping of The Soup, and the actor remembered him! We’re used to thinking of celebs as self-entitled people, but a lot of them are really just down-to-earth and humble even when there are no cameras around.

The Piano Man Is a Good Tipper

Tipping is a cultural norm that plays out a bit differently in every country around the globe. In some areas, it’s common to tip waiters in restaurants, but in others, tipping is also for delivery men and mailmen. In some places, it’s not common at all.

Billy Joel performing at the Colosseum in Rome / A tweet about Billy Joel
Photo by Kevin Mazur, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

But when it comes to celebs, most of them are great tippers. And Billy Joel is one of them. This Twitter user worked as a valet and shared his fun encounter with the iconic piano man. He wrote that Joel knew it was a drag to leave his car and gave him $50.

She’s Queen B for a Reason

It sometimes feels like people who work with celebrities have nothing but bad things to say about them. Either that, or they take pleasure in spilling the dirt and revealing their unflattering features. But some A-listers can’t be bad-mouthed because they’re genuinely good people. Take Queen B for example.

Beyonce taking a selfie / A tweet about Beyonce
Source: Instagram / Twitter

As it turns out, Beyonce isn’t just a gorgeous woman with an incredible voice. She’s just as beautiful on the inside! This Twitter user’s husband was fortunate enough to have worked with her, and when she accompanied him to work, she got to say hello in person. Rather than being rushed and impatient, she introduced herself and was very kind and welcoming.

Never Stop Beliebing

At the start of his career, the young Canadian singer was constantly surrounded by a group of loyal fans known as “Beliebers.” Today, Bieber is still considered an irresistible heartthrob and a talented artist. When this fan bumped into him at a hotel, she knew she had to ask him for a favor.

Justin Bieber getting out of a car / A tweet about Bieber
Photo by Robert Kamau, GC Images, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

She wanted Bieber to record a good-luck video for her little sister, who was about to undergo surgery. According to her tweet, the singer kindly said yes and recorded her an authentic, heartwarming message. The girl was thrilled about the kind words!

Don’t Worry, Goodwin Has Your Back

It isn’t easy to find the right words to cheer up a friend in need. But sometimes, the most obvious words are the most helpful ones, especially when they come from Ginnifer Goodwin. “It’s going to be okay” isn’t the most original comment, but it’s a helpful wake-up call.

Ginnifer Goodwin on the red carpet / A tweet about Goodwin
Photo by Christopher Polk, PCA, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

This Twitter user told a story about how she was crying one time, and Ginnifer Goodwin appeared from out of the blue and said some kind words that cheered her up. Even though Goodwin had no idea what she was crying about, she still approached her and reassured her it would all be fine.

An Unforgettable Waltz

Actor Joel Grey is an absolute gentleman. When he spotted a family walking on the street in Manhattan, he did the most surprising thing: He gently grabbed the mother’s hand, led her in a silent waltz along the sidewalk, and tipped his hat before leaping and disappearing into the subway stairs.

Joel Grey at an event posing in front of a marble wall / A tweet about Grey
Photo by Mike Pont, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Years later, and this Twitter user still remembers this romantic, fun gesture. Who can forget such a moment? We know it’s just a random encounter with a celeb and not necessarily an act of kindness, but it’s quite the encounter!

What a Wonderful Hat

Okay, we need the name of that restaurant. And we need to see that hat! This guy’s unique hat actually made Arnold Schwarzenegger take a second glance. Too bad this Twitter user didn’t share a picture of his cap along with the tweet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the red carpet / A tweet about Arnold
Source: Wikimedia Commons / Twitter

How sweet of Arnold! It’s always fun to get compliments, even more so coming from Arnold Schwarzenegger! This might not seem like a huge thing, but I’m sure it’s a moment this person is going to cherish and remember for a long time.

Red Skittles for Ke$ha

Hollywood icon Ke$ha asked to have red skittles on her rider and was shocked to discover that the staff had picked out all the red skittles from a bunch of different bags. In fact, what the singer wanted was just the regular bag of skittles, not necessarily the red-colored ones.

Kesha on the red carpet / A tweet about Kesha
Photo by Jason Kempin, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

So, she’s not that much of a diva! It was all a misunderstanding. She was so surprised and so thankful that her staff went to great lengths to give her what she wanted. She laughed and thanked them for their unbelievable effort.

A Hundred Dollar Bills

Do people normally tip someone who comes to fix their house? We always assumed you just paid them the price they asked for, and that’s that. Well, Kenny G has a different opinion. This kind star tips $100 regardless of what the person came to fix.

Kenny G performing with his tongue out / A tweet about Kenny G
Photo by Tim Mosenfelder, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

It’s heartwarming to know that the famous saxophone player cares so much about the people who take care of his property. In America, it really isn’t normal to tip on such occasions, but we still think it’s a really thoughtful gesture. Good for him!

Danny DeVito Is a Great Tipper

Danny DeVito has played several different characters on screen over the years, but one of our all-time favorites is Frank Reynolds. It’s just hilarious how he can afford a different arrangement yet prefers to live with his best bud, Charlie Kelly. As it turns out, in real life, DeVito is pretty detached from money as well.

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman on the red carpet / A tweet about DeVito
Photo by Michael Buckner, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

The actor must have really wanted this glass of wine because he ordered two cases to his apartment (the liquor store was only two blocks away!) DeVito is a pretty great tipper, offering $120 just for that short trip. Delivering wine to celebs seems like a great job!

Pete Postlethwaite to the Rescue!

Nowadays, teens don’t like to get out as much (because who needs fresh air and nature when you have iPads, right?) But, apparently, in the U.K., teens don’t go out at all! So, there’s a thing called the Duke of Edinburgh, a tactic that helps get them to spend more time outdoors. This Twitter user had a friend who experienced it but was stuck in the rain, far from the starting point.

Pete Postlethwaite leaning on a railing in front of the ocean / A tweet about Pete
Photo by Toni Anne Barson Archive, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

English actor Pete Postlethwaite startled everyone when he saw the kids running in the pouring rain, five miles from where they began, and decided to offer them a ride back. He must have gotten stuck running like that back in the day and felt he needed to help them.

Tom Hanks Strikes Again

Tom Hanks is probably a really cool guy when you think about it. He’s played some iconic roles, most of them pretty emotional. We can’t help but wonder where he got the inspiration for all of his memorable roles. In addition to being a great actor, he’s also a kind human being.

Tom Hanks smiling on the red carpet / A tweet about Hanks
Photo by Dominik Bindl, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

In this case, this Twitter user shared that Hanks was super friendly and took great interest in his dad’s kaleidoscope obsession. He did so with a loving smile and enthusiastic approach, which shows he was pretty interested in what the kaleidoscope fan had to say.

A Cookie a Day Keeps Weird Situations Away

Don Cheadle has such nice eyes that you just can’t look at him without instantly smiling. He came to the rescue one time on set when some crew members appeared to be stuck between two pieces of equipment.

Don Cheadle on the red carpet / A tweet about Cheadle
Photo by Jason LaVeris, FilmMagic, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

Luckily for them, Don Cheadle insisted that the two be given cookies to cheer them up until they could be freed. Hey, if you’re going to be stuck in an odd situation, why not make it a little stranger and eat some cookies while you’re at it!

No Worries, It’s all Gucci

Some celebrities seem so nice, whether it’s because of how the media portrays them or because they just look nice and have a kind of thoughtful aura. Gucci Mane is definitely one of them. We’re glad to learn that he truly has a kind soul and that he’s not just putting on a front.

Gucci Manne posing with his arms up / A tweet about Gucci
Source: Instagram / Twitter

We all get nervous from time to time, and it’s probably really helpful to hear some words of encouragement from the person you’re interviewing. Gucci Mane told his interviewer that she was doing great and had a wonderful future ahead of her.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas From Pee Wee

Former Pee-Wee Herman star Paul Reubens is described as a really sweet guy. We believe it would be super cool to get to know this lovable character who is widely known for his childhood TV show, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Even though he’s an adult, there’s something childlike e about him but in the best way possible. He’s kept a childlike sense about him for sure.

Pee Wee Herman on the red carpet / A tweet about Pee-Wee Herman
Photo by Joe Scarnici, WireImage, Getty Images / Source: Twitter

According to this Twitter user, Paul Reubens sends great Christmas cards and always remembers to call his friends on their birthdays! We lead such busy lives that having someone stop and wish us something nice is always such a surprising treat.

Celebs and Canines

This Twitter user got to meet three celebs in one night while going to an exclusive VIP party in Hollywood. This lucky fan ran into former Whitehouse correspondent Kal Penn, actor Darren Criss and actress Emma Stone, all in a few hours! Such an even is definitely worth a tweet.

A fan with Emma Stone, Kal Penn, and Derren Criss at a party / A tweet about the selfie
Source: Twitter

The Twitter user shared that Emma Stone, who is a huge dog lover, told her that her dog was adorable. Kal revealed that he wished he had gotten into journalism, while Darren was described as being “really sweet.”