Presley’s Inscrutable Lifestyle: The Disturbing Revelation 40 Years On

In Elvis Aaron Presley’s fortieth centenary since his demise, his widow and ex-wife, Priscilla Presley came forth to reveal some of The King’s enigmas.

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The shocking revelations brought forth by Presley’s ex-wife were a crucial part in creating an understanding of the singer’s façade while on the podium, but are also defined as disturbing too.

The Rising of a Star: The Onset of Elvis’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Career

Elvin Presley’s career in music is very well documented in the pop-music chronicles. Presley was indisputably the torch bearer for the formidable Rock ‘n’ Roll movement that domineered in the 1950s and 1960s.


Each and every one of his live performances was full of frenzy especially for the ladies, and he also matched that with his dominance in the Charts, thanks to his classic music records.

Even with his unmatched accolades, Elvis’s expanse of his career was dotted with triumphs and struggles, also of epic proportions. His first low in his booming career during the 1950s Word Wars was perhaps the fact that he got enlisted into the American Army just as he was reaching the crux of his fame. In the same period, Elvis lost his mother, making the situation worse.

A Lucky Military Man / Musician: The Germany Posting

However, Presley’s life took a turn for the positive back in 1959. Upon being stationed in Germany as a military serviceman, he met fourteen-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. A cozy relationship brewed up, eventually leading to their marriage almost a decade later.

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Unperturbed by her young age, Presley began courting Priscilla immediately. While on an interview in 2007 at Good Morning America, she shared on the legend’s thoughts about her tender age. ‘He often mattered, “Oh! You? A kid! You are simply a baby,” she recalled. With Presley aged twenty-four at the time, she remembered feeling “too timid and young” given his remarks.

The Courtship: A Teenage Girl and Adult Life

The constant awkwardness brought about by Priscilla’s tender age was ultimately quenched when they decided to have a serious relationship. Priscilla later relocated to Graceland, Elvis’s home, while still in her teens; she was actually yet to complete her high school studies.

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Beaulieu actually admitted having been too young to deal with adult issues and life. For instance, in a 2016 interview with the Telegraph, she confessed that she had to grow up quite fast, having to encounter ‘very adult-like’ circumstances as a teenage girl.

Learning Elvis: From Teenage Girl to a Mature Young Lady

However, she also claimed that they had a special bond, asserting that she learned a lot about herself with the help of Elvis. She also added that “I learned a lot from Presley’s music as well as his life, including what he loved, feared, and believed: we eventually started to share these attributes as a couple. I shared so much of his life that I had to struggle a lot to know myself intently after our separation.”

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Despite having the feeling of rapid transition into adulthood, Priscilla abstained from sexual intercourse for the 7 years of dating Elvis before her marriage. She kept her innocence until the day she got married.

An Exclusive Holy Matrimony

In the 1967 spring, Priscilla and Elvis became one in holy matrimony at a colorful event held at Hotel Aladdin in Vegas. Their marriage ceremony was mostly in secret; only a small press fraternity and the couple’s close friends were invited, according to their wishes.

Priscilla and Elvis are cutting their wedding cake.
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Later, Priscilla drew a recollection of their wedding ritual, especially its intimacy, regarding it as ‘rare’: “It was comprised only of our closest colleagues. No need for circuses or fan clubs,” she stated. “That was our inner desire.”

Our Bundle of Joy: Lisa Marie Joins the Family, Presley’s Life Still on the Edge

After the nuptials, the couple took over their 6-year matrimonial journey, on that Priscilla recalls as earmarked with good times and bad times. A remarkable and important triumph in their matrimony was just 9 months after they tied the knot: Lisa Marie, their bouncy baby girl, was born.

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Even with the good news, Presley’s individual genii started catching up with him. He was still in dismay over the loss of his mother, and this had a significant toll on his mental health. It was at this time that Elvis started on prescription meds. They, however, did not help so much as his condition affected his marriage meaningfully.

A Spiraling Career, The Loss of True Love: The Definition of Presley’s Final Days

After a long period of barely sharing meaningful time with her spouse especially due to his constant travels in music, Beaulieu made up her mind on pursuing a separation. In 1973, their divorce was finalized, something that created a void in Presley’s life. He would struggle with the issue to his death.

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Adding to his troubles, Elvis also had other issues to deal with. His exceptional musical career was on a downward spiral, he was rapidly adding on weight, and had developed a dependency on drugs. “Tish” Letitia, his private nurse and close friend, later published a memoir as an account of his last struggles that led to his death.

Taking Care of Elvis: A Memoir by a Close Friend

Taking Care of Elvis was Letitia’s commemoration as her friend and patient as well. She recounts on Elvis developing depressive traits, becoming weary, and gaining excess weight. However, Presley’s demise was a total shocker back in 1977 at his Graceland house.

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Four decades after his demise in 2017, Elvis’s ex-wife, Priscilla Beaulieu revealed the shocking secret about the iconic musician. It came as a highlight showing the extent of how Elvis had detached from life and living generally. Beaulieu expounded on the reason that made him a loner.

Beaulieu’s Confessions on Presley’s Troubles

In an interview, Beaulieu confessed, “I hope I was in a position to seek out his knowledge since he always appeared to be lonely. He ideally had no peer-friend or a clique; totally away from people.” This painted a sad picture of the once-electric performer.

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Upon being hard-pressed on whether Presley had the chance to overcome his issues, Beaulieu stated, “My thought is that he would maybe have kept fighting his whizzes. He was a contemplative man, always searching. To add to this, both his parents also had battles with their own genii.”

What Really Killed Elvis? A Likely Prognosis

With such a shocking disclosure, there is definitely a lot to discern about an elaborate singer who lived in the shadows of his own fame. Undeniably, having lost his close mother as well as a divorce with his wife, Elvis was bound to be affected.

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While his health physically was reported to be the main cause leading to his demise, his fight with deteriorating psychological health must have had a major negative impact.
In spite of all the hardships that the great King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had to undergo in his life, it is crucial to always highlight his unmatched brilliance and his contribution to the music scene. And as a great and real couple that was, Presley and Beaulieu will always be remembered among the greatest spouses that caught the public eye.