One Man’s Photoshopping Skills Make Kendall Jenner’s Serious Photos Hilarious

Some would say that twins Kirby and Kendall Jenner are inseparable – they hang out together, appear on the red carpet together, and share some of their most memorable moments. But, in reality, Kirby is a huge Kardashian/Jenner fan with impeccable photo editing skills, which he uses to create hilarious alternatives to the supermodel’s photos. Here are some of the best.

Together We Stand Strong

These two look like they could take on the world together and that nothing could come between them. But, although the outfits are similar, Kirby hasn’t quite managed to nail the sultry-yet-innocent facial expression!

Source: Instagram

In reality, however, it’s just another of Kendall’s professional modeling photos that have been cleverly Photoshopped by Kirby – with hilarious results.

The Third Jenner Sister

Kirby goes one step further than usual in this photo by posing with both the Jenner sisters – although his loyalty to Kendall over Kylie is still apparent, as he’s copied her hairstyle.

Source: Instagram

According to the accompanying caption, this “was snapped right when Hagrid says ‘you’re a wizard, Harry’ and all of us were pretty SHOOK by the news even though we already knew that Harry was a wizard.”

Passionate About Inventing Clothes

Not only is Kirby able to live out his modeling dreams through the life of his beloved “twin” sister Kendall but he’s also apparently now embracing another passion – inventing clothes.

Source: Instagram

According to the caption that accompanies this photo, Kirby borrowed sister Kim Kardashian’s old Levis to make this jumpsuit, which was inspired by “Kangaroo Jack,” apparently!

Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

Clearly, Kirby’s got more hidden talents than we realized – he’s also apparently a stand-up comedian, and it looks like his jokes are spot on!

Source: Instagram

His example is: “Knock Knock / Who’s there? / Lettuce / Lettuce who? / Lettuce in, it’s FREEZING out here!!!” It’s obviously pretty easy to make Kendall laugh …

Recreating the Beautiful “Kanye’s Play”

Placing himself in what looks like a Polaroid picture, Kirby joins Kendall at what we can only assume to be a costume party. According to him, though, it’s backstage during a performance of “Kanye’s Play.”

Source: Instagram

The play is based on a dream the rapper once had – we’re not sure why a giant fork comes into it, but we’re sure it was entertaining nonetheless.

The Most Hydrated Model

Kendall is the “most hydrated person” he knows, according to the caption that accompanies this photo – and she’s indeed living up to it by drinking a glass of water here.

Source: Instagram

Kirby, however, has opted for something from a carton – either juice or milk, presumably. Not quite the same, but he’s channeling Kendall’s fashion vibes by wearing a furry sweater.

A Model Day Out at the Beach

Kirby’s really outdone himself with this photo – not only does he accompany Kendall on her modeling shoots but he’s also now “in” with the whole modeling “it” crowd!

Source: Instagram

He’s definitely taking this responsibility seriously, though – you can tell just by looking at his facial expression and stance! And let’s be honest, it adds to the general hilarity of the photo.

Your Friends are My Friends

Kirby’s fantastic photo editing skills are exemplified again here, where the insertion of his image perfectly depicts him having a lot of fun with model Gigi Hadid while “twin” Kendall is completely unimpressed!

Source: Instagram

According to the caption that accompanies the photo, they were “pranking Kendall,” and now Kirby’s going to “going to limit [his] pranks to 1 or 2 a day instead of like 40 a day”.

We’ll see!

If You Know, You Know

This photo of Kendall is stunning – the model herself as well as the setting. Until you notice Kirby, that is! He’s certainly dressed the part and has nailed the facial expression, but there’s something else you may notice …

Source: Instagram

Kirby’s right hand is positioned in a way that many people recognize – an annoying game associated with high school. If you know, you know – and you can’t “un-see” it!

Looking Good in Red

Kirby’s really channeling his inner model in this photo – but, as usual, he’s not quite up to Kendall’s standard …

Source: Instagram

We love the sneaky addition of boxer shorts featuring burgers and fries, though – anything to take the level of sophistication down a notch or two!

Turning Dreams into Reality

Kendall and Kirby stroll through the desert with matching facial expressions – but the similarities stop there, and the comedy starts!

Source: Instagram

By Photoshopping himself into one of Kendall’s professional modeling photos – wearing a horse jockey outfit, no less – Kirby adds hilarity to this otherwise-serious photo. But the accompanying caption suggests this is a dream come true for him, so who are we to judge?

A Giant Horse Named Greg

Wow – this is some horse! As Kirby says in his accompanying caption, it’s a giant horse named Greg, and we think Kendall’s done brilliantly well for standing on top of it – and maintaining balance!

Source: Instagram

Maybe it’s all because her “twin” is calming Greg down and keeping him still – all while living out his Wild West dream!

Hungry Kendall Means Business

If Kirby’s caption that accompanies this photo is to be believed, we wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Kendall when she’s hungry!

Source: Instagram

Her fierce, model-like pose is transformed into being one of pure attitude and anger at Kirby’s mistake of not booking a table at Hard Rock Café, while Kirby himself looks meek and awkward as he stands with his hand on her chair – pure comedy!

A Catastrophe on Christmas Day

We love this photo – Kirby’s successfully (as always!) turned what was originally a serious snap of Kendall looking … well … “model- like” … into a hilarious, comedic picture.

Source: Instagram

Kendall’s facial impression now seems to be thoroughly annoyed, and Kirby in the background dressed as a Christmas tree is sure to make anyone giggle.

Pizza Party for Two

Not many people can look attractive and sophisticated while eating a slice of pizza, but Kendall Jenner is able to pull it off. Kirby, however, doesn’t quite manage it …

Source: Instagram

A white suit is probably never a good idea when you’re eating something with tomato sauce on it, but Kirby’s really gone and messed himself up in this photo!

Skipping and Skating on a Sunny Day

Apparently, Kendall told Kirby to “believe in yourself,” and he really took her advice to heart – with this picture as a result.

Source: Instagram

We have to say, it’s Photoshop at its finest and looks incredibly convincing. Plus, it’s extremely funny!

Embracing the Magic Life

It looks like the life of performing a magician’s show is working out a lot better for Kendall than Kirby, who looks like he’s suffering as “Shannon” the bird tries to break free.

Source: Instagram

It’s just another example of how Kirby’s managed to successfully lower the level of sophistication and seriousness in Kendall’s photo!

Victim of the Killer Parrot

This professional modeling photo has been altered to depict the parrot as some kind of killer bird, the victim of which is Kirby himself, who is holding a bloodied hand.

Source: Instagram

Channeling his inner pirate, Kirby looks pretty put out. But I guess you do anything for your twin, right?

Caught in a Candid Moment

This candid moment has been snapped as the “twins” are on their way to North West’s “Pee Wee soccer game,” apparently. Well, it looks like that amuses Kendall as much as us, judging by the fact she’s trying not to laugh!

Source: Instagram

And in case you were wondering, the bags are full of “juicy pork sliders for the entire team” – perfectly reasonable to bring to a kids soccer game …

The Twins Love Pizza

The “twins” look incredibly happy in this photo – well, Kendall does at least. Kirby looks a little awkward, but maybe that’s because he’s realized there’s a slice of pizza in his drink …

Source: Instagram

Either way, we’re not sure who Kirby’s image has been Photoshopped over, but it fits perfectly, with hilarious results.

Voting for Mime Camp

Motivating people – especially young people – to vote in America is an important and relevant issue, and it’s excellent that Kendall Jenner is playing her part.

Source: Instagram

It’s hilarious, though, that Kirby has assumed – presumably from her outfit – that Kendall is going to “mime camp” and has dressed accordingly!

Calling the Sandwich Police

As far as officers in the “Sandwich Police” are concerned, Kirby’s apparently not the best, as he’s too concerned with the camera to notice that Kendall’s about to tuck into a big sandwich of her own!

Source: Instagram

Again, Kirby’s brilliant photo editing skills have turned this somewhat-abstract photo into comedy gold!

I’ll Catch You When You Fall

This is a genius. Although admittedly, it’s not very high at all, this photo shows Kendall jumping (looking very somber while doing so), with Kirby bent down ready to catch her if necessary (and looking very funny while doing so!).

Source: Instagram

According to the accompanying caption, Kendall is scared of “jumping up in the air” so Kirby has to act as her “stunt coordinator” – hilarious!

The Twins Mean Business

Kendall really means business in this photo – and she’s really dressed like the boss. We can’t imagine anything getting in the way of someone who oozes this much confidence.

Source: Instagram

In contrast, however – and in his very own words – Kirby is dressed like “a successful, divorced businessman with two mortgages and an unfinished novel.”

Hanging on for Dear Life

This has been brilliantly Photoshopped – it really looks as though Kirby is hanging onto Kendall’s leg, who looks totally oblivious (or maybe she’s just good at completely ignoring him!).

Source: Instagram

According to the caption, the “twins” had been out late trying to glue sister Khloe Kardashian’s aquarium back together – and looking good while doing so!

Life After Yo-Yo Camp

Striking a pose while wearing all black and big, dark sunglasses, Kendall and Kirby Jenner look like a force to be reckoned with in this photo.

Source: Instagram

Read the caption underneath, however, and you realize they’re apparently fresh out of yo-yo summer camp – who would’ve thought that’s how Kendall Jenner enjoys spending her free time!

Letting in all the Birds

Kirby Jenner has, in this photo, been hilariously inserted into one of Kendall Jenner’s professional modeling photos – but it’s the accompanying caption that really makes it funny.

Source: Instagram

Reading “Yes I left the window open, and a dozen birds flew in and pooped on LITERALLY EVERYTHING,” we’re led to believe that the birds were an unplanned, chaotic, “Kirby” addition to the photoshoot.

The Cat and the Ball of Yarn

This Photoshop is hilarious – while Kendall has arrived at an event in an outfit that has, no doubt, been crafted by one of the world’s top designers and is worth a lot of money, Kirby has upstaged her.

Source: Instagram

Clearly interpreting Kendall’s outfit to be reminiscent of a “ball of yarn,” Kirby has come as a cat to what he thought was Cardi B’s “costume party”!

The Addams Family Twins

With a distinct “Addams Family” theme, it’s clear a lot of time and effort was put into Kendall Jenner’s professional modeling photo shoot.

Source: Instagram

How amusing, therefore, to see Kirby inserted next to her, dressed as a shorts-wearing Gomez Addams, holding a plate of cookies, and staring menacingly.

Hugely Different Interpretations

This is nothing short of comedy gold – while Kendall Jenner’s famous photo has her looking glamorous and very “Marilyn Monroe,” Kirby has been characterized as an evil doctor.

Source: Instagram

The hilarity, however, comes from the fact that Kendall’s alluring pose with her finger in her mouth has been substituted for Kirby’s cunning, comical pose.

Mixing with all the Famous Kids

Here, Kirby’s gone one step further – not only does he hang out with Kendall Jenner but he’s also now apparently friends with Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith!

Source: Instagram

Referring to his “brother-in-law,” Kanye West, the caption reads “I spent the last 10,001 hours practicing shadow puppets” – and we think it’s hilarious!

Is this Vogue or Vague?

It’s not every day that you get to appear on the front cover of Vogue – undoubtedly the most revered fashion magazine in the world. And it’s even more unusual to appear with your twin.

Source: Instagram

Well, this is what Kirby’s managed to do with the use of Photoshop – and to be honest, we kind of prefer this version. It’s even funnier when you noticed Kirby’s name has been spelled wrong!

Slipping and Sliding Through Life

The twins are indeed living the life in this photo – while Kendall cheekily poses as she alights what we can only assume to be a privately chartered plane, Kirby is loving life, shooting across the tarmac on his “homemade Slip ‘N Slide”!

Source: Instagram

Kirby just loves to steal Kendall’s limelight, and he’s certainly done so successfully in this photo by upstaging Kendall’s “coolness.”

The Twins are Jingle-ing All the Way

The Met Jingle Ball is an extremely exclusive event, with attendance strictly by invitation only. Of course, it is filled with the likes of Kendall Jenner, and the general public can just wait to see the photos released afterward.

Source: Instagram

Well, this version of one of the photos is the funniest by far – Kirby looks thrilled to be accompanying his sister.

The Bear Necessities of Modeling Life

While Kendall Jenner is, in this photo, walking down the street casually talking to friends while looking fashionable and on-trend (as supermodels generally do!), Kirby steals the limelight once again.

Source: Instagram

Wearing a huge fur coat that arguably looks more like a bear costume – with no shirt underneath (but a slightly furry chest nonetheless!), he’s nothing short of hilariously fabulous.

Dogs are a Model’s Best Friend

Just a pair of twins taking a casual stroll down the street with their pet dogs … oh, wait … that’s not a dog Kirby’s holding!

Source: Instagram

The picture is a casual one, but we think the insinuation of Kendall’s dog looking like a rat is extra hilarious, so it gets the third spot on this list.

Extinguishing Kendall’s Photoshoot Flame

Another of Kendall Jenner’s iconic professional modeling photoshoots completely ruined – although some might argue, it’s been made better through the pure comedy that it exudes!

Source: Instagram

The first picture features Kirby with a less-serious-than-usual facial expression, the suggested mischievousness of which is brilliant, but the close-up provides us with the solemn, smoldering look we know and love.

The Un-Bee-Livable Photoshoot

This hilarious picture has been created by altering one of Kendall Jenner’s iconic modeling photos –  but instead of being the only thing to grace the image, Kendall is joined by Kirby, who is dressed as a bee and hanging from the ceiling.

Source: Instagram

Using the bee costume to play on the fact that Kendall is adorned in fresh flowers, Kirby’s smoldering facial expression that matches his “twin’s” is exceptionally comical.