Michael’s Legacy Lives On: Get to Know Paris Jackson

It’s not easy to be the child of a celebrity, especially if you’re the daughter of a massive superstar like Michael Jackson. If you’re born into a Hollywood family, you automatically become famous and gain massive media attention. There has been a lot of controversy, scandal, and drama that came out about the singer after his death in 2009, but his daughter Paris wishes people would just let him rest in peace. Despite all the media scrutiny, Michael Jackson is still a legend, and the Jackson talent dynasty continues with his stunning daughter, Paris.

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Everyone remembers 11-year-old Paris’s heartbreaking speech at her father’s memorial. But the King of Pop’s daughter is all grown up now and is a star in her own right. Despite her name and good looks, Paris has gone through a lot and her life seems to be an inspiration for many. Despite her self-esteem issues, she is shining brightly at just 22 years old.

This is the gorgeous and talented Paris Jackson.

Online Bullying

Social media gives trolls the opportunity to make fun of others without any consequences. Sadly, Paris Jackson is no exception. She has been a victim of cyberbullying. It got really bad, and the star finally broke down in late 2016. She took to Instagram and said: “I don’t get why I am such an easy target. I try to be nice to everybody that I meet. Give everyone a chance.”

Paris Jackson at the Grammy Awards in 2017
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Cyberbullies are cowards, meaning they fear mean, cold people. So, often it’s the ones with the biggest hearts that they go after. Having haters also proves that Paris is doing some amazing things; people are just jealous, so they bash her. It has only helped her become a stronger person.

Very Famous Godparents

Michael Jackson had some famous friends, so Paris Jackson got stuck with arguably the best godparents in the world: Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor. Only the best for Michael Jackson’s only daughter. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have such Hollywood icons as your godparents? Considering she was born to a musical legend, it doesn’t seem too farfetched.

Macaulay Culkin on the red carpet / Elizabeth Taylor on the red carpet
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There is of course some controversy surrounding Michael Jackson’s relationship with Macaulay Culkin, and there are plenty of disturbing theories out there because Culkin spent a lot of time at the Neverland Ranch. However, Culkin continues to deny these claims. All drama aside, Macaulay takes his role as godfather very seriously, and he spends a lot of time with Paris.

Worried About the Biebs

During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Paris admitted that she is worried that Justin Bieber will end up like her father: “He was tired, going through the motions. I looked at my ticket, saw AEG Live, and I thought back on how my dad was exhausted all the time but couldn’t sleep.” Bieber responded saying he is well-rested and feeling fine.

Paris Jackson and Justin Bieber at an event in 2012
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After Jackson’s death, his family sued AEG Live and blamed them for the inhuman exploitation which led to his death. AEG ultimately won the trial, but Paris doesn’t hide how she feels about them: “AEG Live does not treat their performers right. They drain them dry and work them to death.” I guess that’s show-biz.

Struggles with Depression

From the outside, it looks like Paris Jackson has everything a girl could want. She is rich, beautiful, smart, and influential. But like the rest of us, Paris has a lot of insecurities deep down. Her insecurities, loneliness, and haters led to a suicide attempt in 2013. She swallowed 20 Motrin PM pills and cut her wrists. Luckily, she survived.

Paris Jackson on the red carpet in 2012
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She is still dealing with her insecurities and is open about her struggles. One of the most devastating things about Paris’s life is that she lost her father. When the world was mourning the King of Pop, Paris was suffering most of all. It’s not surprising that she couldn’t cope with the loss. Thankfully, she is doing much better today.

Wore Masks as a Child

There are a lot of things you can say about Michael Jackson, but a bad father is certainly not one of them. He didn’t want his children to grow up in the spotlight with cameras constantly in their faces. So, he made Paris wear a mask whenever she was out in public. It sounds uncomfortable, but it ended up being a genius idea and saved her childhood.

Michael Jackson surrounded by paparazzi with Paris and Prince Michael Jr wearing masks
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Fans would beg Michael to show his children’s faces, but he refused. Paris Jackson explained how she and her brothers were able to grow up normally because they were kept out of the public eye. So basically, Paris grew up like the rest of us. Well… kind of.

Growing Up in Neverland

In the ‘90s, it was every child’s dream to visit the Neverland Ranch. It was a magical place where dreams came true… almost like Disney world. Paris was lucky enough to grow up there. She literally had an amusement park and a zoo in the backyard of her massive home. Paris mentioned multiple times that she could just have fun whenever she wanted.

An aerial view of Neverland Ranch
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Paris had the privilege of living in Neverland until she was seven years old. At the time, she had no idea how famous her father was. Paris looks back fondly at her time on the Neverland ranch and now realizes how lucky she truly was to live in a fantasy world that cost a whopping $67 million.

Tattoo Lover

Tattoos are pretty addictive, and once you get one, it becomes difficult to stop inking yourself. Paris is no exception. The blue-eyed beauty has more than 50 tattoos on her body! She spoke about her passion for the art of tattooing: “The craftsmanship of tattoos will always be a controversy. Some people like them. Some people absolutely hate them. I appreciate art, I always have, especially when that art means something to me.”

Paris Jackson in a pink dress on the red carpet
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When Paris talks about her tattoos meaning something, she is referring to her father, Michael Jackson. She already has eight tattoos dedicated to the King of Pop, and she will probably get a few more soon. The tattoos look amazing on her and add personality to her charming good looks.

Assaulted at 14

Sexual violence is a terrible crime against any woman, let alone a 14-year-old. In her early teens, Paris Jackson was a victim of sexual assault, and she explained that it was one of the reasons for her suicide attempt. But she prefers not to speak about the experience: “I don’t wanna give too many details. But it was not a good experience at all, and it was really hard for me, and, at the time, I didn’t tell anybody.”

Paris Jackson on the red carpet in 2012
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Unfortunately, it looks like the guy who hurt Paris will walk free. We live in a sick world. Paris kept her assault a secret for years before she finally told someone about the trauma. Thankfully, she seems to have found a way to deal with the pain and live her life in a happy way.

Paris on the Cheer Squad

Despite her father being Michael Jackson, Paris managed to live the life of a typical American girl. She went to high school with other kids and even became a teenager. Her squad was probably very happy to have such an icon on their team. She proved that she could set goals and accomplish them.

Paris Jackson in her cheerleading uniform / Paris Jackson posing with another team member in uniform
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Even though cheerleading doesn’t seem very difficult, it is! It requires a ton of motivation, discipline, and energy. Cheerleading wasn’t the only sport Paris was involved in. She was also on the softball, volleyball, and football teams. Wow! Even Paris Jackson needed to be active to get her stunning figure.

Musically Inclined

As the daughter of Michael Jackson, it’s no surprise that Paris is musically inclined. Skeptics think the only reason she is recognized is because of her father, but she is proving them wrong! She can play the drums and also taught herself how to play guitar. Unfortunately, critics continue to compare her to Michael Jackson and, if we are being honest, no one can reach that level.

Paris Jackson performing on stage with an acoustic guitar
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Still, Paris is making a name for herself as a promising musician. Though her Jackson name could keep Paris in the entertainment industry for a while, it’s talent and hard work that matters in the end. Maybe one day she will become the Princess of Pop.

Believes Her Dad’s Death Was Not an Accident

On June 25th, 2009, the world lost a musical legend. More than 31.3 million people tuned in to watch Michael Jackson’s memorial service. That’s how much the world loved him. But it was Paris and her family that couldn’t hold back their pouring tears that day. Who could blame her? Nothing hurts more than losing a parent.

Michael Jackson on stage in 1996
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Even today, folks can’t agree on what Michael Jackson’s actual cause of death was. His doctor. Conrad Murray, was charged with involuntary manslaughter for prescribing the singer too much propofol, lorazepam, and midazolam. But his daughter has a different theory. Paris believes that Michael was scared of “bad” people who were after him. That’s right. She believes his death was a carefully thought out murder.

Dated a Soccer Player

It’s very difficult for a celebrity to live a private life and date without the entire public watching them, but it comes with the territory. Let’s face it, people are intrigued by who Hollywood folks are dating. In 2015, Paris was spotted with a professional soccer player, Chester Castellaw. The internet went nuts trying to figure out if the pair were dating, or if they were just friends.

Chester Castellaw and Paris Jackson posing together / Paris Jackson and Chester Castellaw taking a selfie on the beach
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As it turned out, they were dating! Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last. The couple called it quits after less than a year of dating. Castellaw even went as far as to delete all the pictures of Paris from his Instagram and other social media platforms.

Heartbreaking Speech

When her dad passed away, Paris was only 11 years old. As you could imagine, she couldn’t contain her emotions during the funeral. When she took the microphone to give a speech, millions of people went silent. She couldn’t hold back her tears and the entire world cried with her.

Paris Jackson being comforted by Tito, Randy, La Toya, Janet, and Rebbie Jackson on stage at Michael’s memorial service
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“I just want to say… ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him… so much.” The sweet little girl couldn’t even say anything else. It was clear that she had a very special bond with her dad. Even watching the speech now sends chills down my spine. You can really feel her emotion.

Singer and Songwriter

If Michael Jackson could see Paris all grown up and how talented she has become, he would definitely be proud. His talented daughter is already writing songs of her own. Michael Jackson fans are thrilled to see that she is following in her father’s footsteps. She is also a singer, which doesn’t come as a surprise. She’s got entertainment ingrained in her DNA.

Paris Jackson holding her hair while posing on the red carpet in 2018
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Many people have powerful voices but struggle to make it in showbiz because they don’t have enough charisma or personality. Paris certainly doesn’t have that problem. She has captivating looks, immense talent and determination. It’s clear that she has what it takes to become a star.

Wanted a Medical Career

In 2013, Paris revealed: “I want to go to medical school and be a doctor specializing in heart surgery. I want to help people.” For a young girl, that is such a kind thing to say and it shows us how Paris grew up. It would have been easy for her to become a spoiled princess who doesn’t care about anyone but herself, but she is far from that. She has a compassionate soul and a kind heart.

Paris Jackson on the red carpet with a headband made with crystals in it
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However, at this point in her life, Paris is really flourishing in her show business career. She’s on the path to stardom but who knows? Maybe she will be a doctor one day. I guess it doesn’t matter what she is doing, as long she follows her “I want to help people” motto.

Signed with A Model Agency

Paris Jackson is obviously gorgeous, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she is a bona fide model. Maybe she isn’t a supermodel yet, but in 2017 she landed a contract with the prestigious I-M-G Models. I mean, this girl has been on the cover of Harper’s Bizarre and Vogue. She’s clearly going places. Her cover work shows us her incredible fashion sense. Her style is definitely edgy and slightly gender neutral.

Paris Jackson posing in a colorful dress with her hand over her head / Paris Jackson posing in all black in front of a dark wooden pole
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Shortly after signing with I-M-G Models, Paris showed off her personality, talent, and vibrancy in a retro photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. She was surrounded by G.I. Joe types in uniform as she channeled a 1940s vibe. Needless to say, it was stunning.

She Considers Herself Black

There is a lot of debate about whether or not Michael Jackson was her biological father. Paris was not shy about responding to these allegations and insists that he is absolutely her true father. No matter what rumors have been swirling about the singer since his death, Paris is proud to be the King of Pop’s daughter. She has even publicly stated that she considers herself Black.

Paris Jackson on the red carpet in 2018
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Paris is active on social media. Like most young stars, she has Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly, Instagram. As of right now, she has 3.5 million followers, but that number continues to grow. Her headline: “Musician. Lightworker. Treehugger Activist. Give Peace a Chance.”

Family Bonds

Many people don’t realize it, but Paris has a great relationship with her brother Prince. Growing up, the two of them were sheltered from the spotlight and isolated at the Neverland Ranch. Their mother, Debbie Rowe, wasn’t around, and the Jackson kids were used to having nannies around. Paris and Prince’s bond became even more unbreakable while they dealt with the tragic death of their father.

Paris and Prince Michael Jackson Jr on the red carpet in 2019
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Growing up, Paris had no idea that Debbie Rowe was her mother until she finally built up the courage to ask her father. Today the model is tight with her mom and has been supporting her through her breast cancer scare. Debbie also shows up to hear Paris’s band perform.

Social Media Breaks

In this day and age, social media is a pretty big advantage when it comes to celebrities. It helps them connect with fans directly, and it’s a money-making opportunity. Having your name splashed all over the internet helps expand the careers of aspiring models, singers, actors, and basically anyone in the entertainment industry.

Paris Jackson on the red carpet in 2018
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But it’s no secret that social media has a dark side. There are always going to be nasty trolls out there with nothing better to do than criticize and insult other people. With millions of followers, Paris Jackson is certainly no exception. The middle Jackson kid admitted that she takes social media breaks every once in a while. Sometimes it gets overwhelming and her mental health is more important.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Very recently, Paris would have made her musical daddy extremely proud and released her first solo single Let Down, from her upcoming album Wilted (available November 13th). Unlike the King of Pop, Jackson describes her acoustic sound as alternative folk and it fits her style perfectly.

A young Paris Jackson sitting on Michael Jackson’s lap
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As we mentioned, the 22-year-old is also a talented writer. She wrote the song Let Down in her bedroom with just a guitar. She beautifully tells a breakup story that was inspired by her own personal relationship. Back in 2018, Jackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn formed The Sunflowers, but the pair split up in August.

Paris Jackson is Michael’s only daughter, but we can’t forget about his two sons. Here is a deep dive into all three Jackson Kids.