Marriage Is Not for Everyone: 10 Celebrities Who Opted for Single Life

Most of our customary norms dictate that we should at some point in life get married. For some reasons, some individuals chose to break from this norm and stay single for their entire lives. Celebrities are not left out in this category of people as well. Here are some of the most recognizable women who might never indulge in matrimonial affairs.

Kylie Minogue: The Freedom-Lover

Kylie is a spontaneous superstar who thoroughly enjoys her freedom. She has had links with some men, some quite famed, and even had a recent engagement ceremony. However, she openly proclaims that maybe marriage is not her ‘thing.’

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According to a recent interview with a renowned magazine, she highlighted that she immensely loves her freedom and space, maybe excessively to allow a permanent tie to a man on matrimonial grounds.

Kimberly Stewart: Babies Not an Automatic Marriage Acclamation

Most times, the media (and the people in general) have the expectation that once a celebrity has a baby, wedding bells soon follow. However, this was not the case for Stewart after having her adorable baby fathered by Del-Toro.

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The couple didn’t even have what would be referred to as an official relationship. However, she does not oppose marriage after all. She actually proclaimed that in her next step in life, she looks forward to having a loving, caring husband, a bunch of babies, and an excelling career.

Jacqueline Bisset: The Real Committer

While many people think that if you have a little to no interest in getting married, you should steer clear of any kind of commitments where love is involved. However, Bisset’s perception is entirely different.

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Bisset is a serial monogamist in personality, just not in the marriage kind of way. She is reportedly in about 4 serious relationships, with one actually lasting almost two decades, and two at nearly a decade each. That is ideally longer than most celebrity marriages. However, Bisset blames the failure to tie the knot to grievous habits by her partners somewhere along the way.

Condoleezza Rice: The Undoubted Iron-Woman

Rice ranks among the top most powerful and influential women in the U.S. She also has a slightly ‘cool’ demeanor, contrary to most expectations. The former U.S. Secretary of State has managed to keep her love life out of the public limelight despite her unmatched celebrity status.

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Condi was formerly engaged to Mr. Upchurch back in the ’70s, but there was never an official matrimonial ceremony after that. Since then, she has remained (and probably will remain) unmarried.

Queen Elizabeth the First: A Monarch and Single

Perhaps to the bewilderment of many to appear in this list, the English Queen never got married. Often referred to as “The Virgin Monarch,” she never got married. Elizabeth I was reported ‘too busy’ to have time for matrimonial commitments or men in general.

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Known as a progressive and formidable leader of her time, she actually one day announced that her marriage was with her beloved country, England. Therefore, she was committed to spending all her efforts and time in creating a nation imbued with stability for the sake of the future generations. Well, that was a great and worthy sacrifice that won’t ever go unnoticed.

Tyra Banks: Commitment Does Not Equate to Marriage

The gorgeous Tyra Banks gives the world another reason to believe that matrimony is not the only sure way of remaining committed to the one you love. Tyra has an only child, Asla, whom she got with her long-time partner, Erik.

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Over the years, the couple have remained unmarried but always seem happy with each other. As a powerful female celeb, Banks is undoubtedly a role-model to many young ladies out there through her incredible achievements in the music and media industries.

Shonda Rhimes: The Undoubted TV Queen

Shonda is known to many TV-lovers, having featured in several hit series such as Scandal. She is also a respected producer of several ongoing series. Shonda has 3 beautiful kids, but she openly says that she does not see herself in marriage life anytime soon.

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Shonda claims that getting married would deprive her of the life that she has built herself. She also states that matrimonial commitments would alter her life a lot, something she does not look forward to. Simply put, she loves her life. Nobody can blame her for that.

Queen Latifah: The Fiery Queen

Queen Latifah is indubitably among the severest ladies in the show-biz. She also claims a top spot as a very independent woman. Latifah was involved in a long-lasting relationship with Nichols, but it seems the affair stumbled upon some rocks.

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She openly states that she has no marriage plans until she stumbles upon a gentleman who undeniably deserves her love and commitment. In a bizarre twist, she reportedly acquired a couple of rings for herself with the intent of giving one only to ‘Mr. Right’ who will earn her respect and trust unequivocally. She is certainly an intense woman!

Oprah Winfrey: The Indisputably Successful Lady

Ranking among the richest ladies globally, Winfrey has a certain non-traditional character. Perhaps this trait is what makes her attractive to the thousands of her followers, of course apart from being very successful. However, even with her calm and intellectual approach to life, she is open about marriage not ranking atop her priorities.

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On the contrary, Oprah has been in a thirty-year relationship with Graham. But she underlines that matrimony would have actually separated them. The thought of the commitments, sacrifices, and responsibilities of being a wife would have stopped her in securing her dreams, so she opted out of the institution.

Mindy Kaling: The Comedy Guru

While some of Kaling’s common comedy-shows underlined her days as a young lady when she was openly obsessed with boys, relationship life, and marriage, to a point where she crowned herself as a “wanna-be bride,” she has since gotten over her fetishes now as the mature woman she is.

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Ideally, since she walked into the movie hall-of-fame, she acclaims that her career is very satisfying but self-centered as well. These attributes of her new life give her the urge to get home and just spend time all by herself.

In general, celebrity lifestyle involves life under a lot of public scrutinies. It also comes with some perks: most celebrities have accomplished a lot in their careers, living fulfilling lives. Perhaps the combination of lots of accomplishments and the need to stay from public scrutiny makes most of these female celebrities stay out of marriage. All in all, it can be argued that it boils down to personal preferences.