Hangin’ Out in Hollywood: Stars on Their Days Off

The stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood were some of the most glamorous to have ever graced our screens. But now, we also get the pleasure of seeing how they graced their living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. If you’ve ever wanted to see what your favorite stars’ homes looked like, or whether or not they did their own ironing, you’re in the right place.

Sandra Dee / Robert Mitchum
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We’re about to lift the lid on the homes that housed the icons of cinema. Which actor lived in a tiny studio apartment and which on a sofa bed? And who rented out an apartment from the Beatles’ Ringo Starr, only to get evicted from it? Let’s find out!

Sophia Loren Having a Glass With Her Husband

Sophia Loren and her husband, film producer Carlo Ponti, were the iconic Italian couple who truly stood the test of time. On their wedding day, he promised her the “most beautiful house in the world,” and, wow, did he deliver. They lived in a 16th-century mansion with 50 rooms.

Sophia Loren and her husband sharing a drink in their home
Photo by Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Despite an age gap of 22 years, they stayed together up until Carlo’s passing in 2007. Here, they’re seen having a fancy drink in their fancy home in Rome after hearing the news that she won an Academy Award for the film Two Women. When Loren was asked if she would remarry, she said: “No, never again. It would be impossible to love anyone else.”

Joan Crawford and Her Pet Dachshund

Joan Crawford is seen here posing in front of her fireplace with her pet dachshund in 1940. Crawford was seen traveling with her dogs more often than not. She had a pair of dachshunds named Stinky and Poopshin. It’s unclear whether this little guy is Stinky or Poopshin.

Joan Crawford lying in front of her fireplace with her pet dachshund circa 1940
Photo by Silver Screen Collection / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Random fact: Crawford was born a Southern belle in San Antonio, Texas, and her life was not as glamorous as we know it as today. Her real name was Lucille Fay LeSueur, and her parents struggled to make ends meet. Her father actually abandoned the family when she was 10 months old.

James Dean Hard at Work

The late Hollywood heartthrob James Dean lived in a tiny studio apartment in Manhattan, New York, when he was still coming of age. It really was a far cry from the luxury the actor had the time to enjoy before his untimely death. His apartment sat on the fifth floor of a building on 19 West 68th Street, which he moved into in 1953, just before he hit it big.

James Dean sitting at his work desk at home
Source: Reddit

It was still in his possession when he died. He would return to it whenever he wanted a break from the Hollywood scene. He didn’t even have a private bathroom, so he had to use the communal shower and toilet shared by the whole fifth floor.

Jayne Mansfield Next to Her Shrine of Herself

Sunset Boulevard in L.A. happened to be the street on which many stars lived. Hollywood starlet Jayne Mansfield lived there, and her home was nicknamed the “pink palace” because of all the pink exteriors and matching fixtures. The blonde bombshell gave herself a home that was just as over the top as she was.

Jayne Mansfield walking up a staircase with posters of her all over the wall
Photo by Bettmann / Getty Images

From movie posters to magazines with photos of herself, she created a shrine to honor – who else? – herself. Her pink palace took on a life of its own. Even her bathroom was covered in fluffy, pink walls – from floor to ceiling.

Shirley Temple With Her Hands Full

The adorable Shirley Temple had been in the public eye ever since she started acting in films as a child in 1935. Since came to enjoy a long and illustrious career in Hollywood. Here, she’s posing as a young woman in front of her grand piano in her home.

Shirley Temple holding a red apple and books standing next to a piano
Photo by Earl Theisen / Getty Images

It’s 1944 in L.A., and we get a glimpse of what her life was like at home. She’s holding on to some fan mail and a pot of ink. She was likely about to reply to her dedicated admirers. And she brought an apple with her as a snack.

James Stewart and His Family on Movie Night

James Stewart was the first big film star to enlist in the United States Army, believe it or not. He fought in WWII as a pilot in the air force. He came from a military family. The Oscar-winning actor was happy to be at home with his family.

James Stewart operating a film projector while his wife and daughters sit by him in the living room waiting for the film to be ready
Photo by Gene Lester / Getty Images

He enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like watching reels with his loved ones. This photo was taken in 1960, and we can see him operating a film projector while his wife Gloria and their twin daughters, Judy and Kelly, are watching a screen in the living room of their home in California.

Marilyn Monroe Reading on Her Sofa Bed

Marilyn Monroe liked to relax on her sofa bed in between the hectic life she lived as Hollywood’s most coveted actress. This photo was taken in 1951, and she’s reading The Poetry and Prose of Heinrich Heine.

Marilyn Monroe sitting in her sofa bed reading a magazine
Photo by Archive Photos / Getty Images

Marilyn seems like one of those stars who would just collapse onto her daybed after a long day. And this room looks as cozy as one can get. It’s pretty comforting to know that even the most glamorous belle in Hollywood enjoyed the same kind of comforts that we normal folk do.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall Were the Picture-Perfect Couple

Lauren Bacall was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for “her central place in the Golden Age of motion pictures.” Bacall remained married to acting sensation Humphrey Bogart until he passed away in 1957.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall at home with their son and dog reading a book to him
Photo by Sunset Boulevard / Corbis / Getty Images

They had enjoyed life together after they wed in 1945. Just look at them having some quality time with their son and pet boxer. Bacall was known for her obsession with dogs, always having them around her. She even left thousands of dollars to her dog Sophie in her will.

Brigitte Bardot Looking Cool as Can Be on Her Car

The French siren of the ’50s and ’60s, Brigitte Bardot, was one to relax barefoot with her pet dachshund at her villa in St. Tropez, France. The star is seen here hanging out on her new Caravelle “S” car between film shoots.

Brigitte Bardot relaxing sitting on the hood of her car with her pet dachshund at her villa in France
Photo by Bettmann / Getty Images

Bardot was an animal lover and a passionate animal rights activist. It’s clear from this photo that animals had an extra special place in her heart. This is one of those perfectly candid photos that could easily be enlarged and placed on the wall of some teenage boy’s room!

Liza Minelli and Mark Gero in Their Living Room

Cabaret actress and singer Liza Minelli lived with her husband Mark Gero in the Imperial House complex on East 69th Street in New York. Their condo had enough space for their live-in staff. It was eventually sold in 2015 for $8,372,591.

Liza Minelli and Mark Gero sitting in their living room with a beautiful, large window behind them
Source: Architectural Digest

Designed by Timothy MacDonald, Liza loved her home when she first stepped into it. It was custom-built for the married couple. They had a very ’80s styled home, just by the looks of it. Not to mention their hairstyles. Is there anything that screams ’80s more than that neon light martini glass?

Charlotte Rampling Sorting Out Her Film Reels

The English actress of the Swinging Sixties, Charlotte Rampling, was the “it” girl who landed her big break in French and Italian artsy films in the ’60s and ’70s. Rampling was born and raised in England before she became a muse to French director François Ozon.

Charlotte Rampling sitting in her living room going through films
Source: Twitter

She was photographed in her London home in July 1968, where we can see the young actress in the throes of the Swinging Sixties. Sitting on her messy floor, she’s sorting through rolls of film. This intimate portrait is a refreshing and rare look into the private life of one of the most glamorous stars of the era.

Elvis Presley Jamming Away on His Couch

The King had the world at his feet for a long time. And where would someone like him choose to live? Well, Elvis Presley opted for the infamous Graceland, his private retreat and pop-colored mansion. People would kill for that kind of home these days!

Elvis Presley sitting in his living room playing the guitar
Source: The Guardian

Just take a look at the King, reclining on his crisp, white sofa, playing his electric Fender Stratocaster. And those bright velvet curtains and gold-leaf lampshade? The place is clearly fit for a King. I must say, his high-heeled boots are quite interesting, too.

Sophia Loren Preparing Food in Her Kitchen

This Italian actress needed the right kitchen to make top-quality Italian home cooking. And she actually had some culinary talents. She enjoyed making food almost as much as she enjoyed eating it! She even served pizza to promote a film once!

Sophia Loren preparing an Italian dish in the kitchen circa 1965
Photo by Archive Photos / Getty Images

In 1954, she starred in The Gold of Naples as the unfaithful wife of a pizza maker. If anyone understood how important a good kitchen is, it was Sophia Loren. She said once, “I’d rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0… all you see I owe to pasta.”

Audrey Hepburn Sitting on Her Bedroom Floor

Take a look at Audrey Hepburn in 1953, reclining on her plush carpet floor. As well-loved as she was, she understood the importance of private time in the comfort of her home. “I have to be alone very often,” she told LIFE Magazine in 1953.

Audrey Hepburn sitting in her living room with a sofa bed behind her
Source: Pinterest

“I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.” Her introversion was complimented by the decor in her home. She opted for fluffy carpets, blankets, cushions, and rugs to make everything that much more cozy.

Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay With the Family

Jayne Mansfield is seen here with her husband Mickey Hargitay and children Jayne Marie (on the right), Miklos and their baby Zoltan in 1960. The former Mr. Universe became Mansfield’s hubby after her first marriage to Paul Mansfield ended.

Jayne Mansfield and Mickey Hargitay with their children posing in the nursery circa 1960
Photo by Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

The Hungarian-American was an actor, too, and lived with her and their kids in the infamous “pink palace.” We can only wonder how he felt about having so much pink everywhere. Maybe he painted his very own “man room” blue.

Fun fact: Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order is their daughter!

Gloria Swanson Working on a Sculpture

Gloria Swanson is seen here working on a sculpture in her Manhattan home in 1965, which was one of her favorite pastimes. Swanson first achieved fame from all the silent films she appeared in during the 1920s. She was nominated three times for an Oscar as Best Actress.

Gloria Swanson working on a sculpture in her home circa 1965
Photo by Jack Mitchell / Getty Images

She was most famously known for her comeback in Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard in 1950, which also earned her a Golden Globe Award. Swanson was born in Chicago and raised in a military home – her family moved from base to base.

Fun fact: She had a schoolgirl crush on actor Francis X. Bushman, which led her aunt to take her to tour the actor’s Chicago studio.

Julie Andrews Serving Tea

Julie Andrews’s childhood was a dark time in her life. It turned out that her stepfather was a lot like her grandfather, who was an abusive drunk. But Ted Andrews wasn’t the only person who drank. Her mother, Barbara, struggled with it, too.

Julie Andrews in the kitchen at her home in 1959
Photo by Staff / Mirrorpix / Getty Images

Though Andrews loved her mom, she revealed later in her life that her mother’s addiction meant she could “never fully trust her.”

Fun fact: Andrews’s mother first noticed her talent during WWII when the eight-year-old was hiding in a community air-raid shelter, using her voice to distract her neighbors.

Brigitte Bardot Getting Her Hair Done

Brigitte Bardot was only a teenager in this photo, which was taken in 1952 in her home in Paris. Since we’re on the topic of hair, you might like to know that for the Italian movie Mio Figlio Nerone (1956), the director asked Bardot to be blonde.

Brigitte Bardot having her hair done in a living room in Paris 1952
Photo by Quinio / Gamma-Rapho / Getty Images

But rather than wear a wig, she decided to dye her hair. Since she was so pleased with the results, she decided to stay blonde.

Fun fact: She brought the “choucroute” (“Sauerkraut”) hairstyle (the beehive style) into fashion, as well as gingham clothes after wearing a checkered pink dress to her wedding.

Burt Reynolds Reading a Script

Hollywood heavyweight Burt Reynolds looks a lot like fellow heavyweight Marlon Brando here, but it’s actually the young Burt. The actor, director, and producer became a big shot after starring in the 1972 film Deliverance. After that, he was cast as the lead throughout the ’70s and ’80s.

Burt Reynolds sitting in his bat cave reading a script
Source: Palm Beach Post

Burt is seen here looking very serious as he reads over his lines. Either that or he’s examining some screenplays. He’s sitting in his home office, which looks like a cozy, low-ceiling, wooden-paneled room with tons of books and knickknacks. It’s basically the man’s man-cave.

Rita Hayworth Reads With Her Daughter

This photo is from 1950, capturing Rita Hayworth and her baby girl Rebecca Welles looking through a book. Yes, I’m also wondering why Rita is wearing shoes on the bed. The glamorous screen idol went through five marriages and divorces in her lifetime.

Rita Hayworth reading a book to her daughter in the nursery
Photo by Hulton Archive / Getty Images

She revealed once that she was attracted to men with “mean personalities.” She also said that Orson Wells was the “great love” of her life. Together they had their daughter, Rebecca. They definitely had enough space for a little girl to run around and have fun in a home like theirs.

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis Doing the Goo-Goo Ga-Ga

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis are being all cutesy with their infant daughter Kelly Curtis at their home on August 4, 1956, in L.A. Curtis was married to Leigh during the 1950s. They lived in their home with two children. Meanwhile, their marriage was the focus of media speculation and gossip, of course, with all the Hollywood prestige.

Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis posing for a portrait with their daughter at their home in 1965
Photo by Richard C Miller / Donaldson Collection / Getty Images

The vintage power couple had a beautiful space to call home. The villa was decked out in neutral tones, inviting the gorgeous Californian sunshine in. Their living room looks like it came right out of a Zara Home catalogue.

Ava Gardner Ironing Her Clothes

March of 1950 and the glamorous film star Ava Gardner is ironing her pajamas. She was famously married to Frank Sinatra, and their marriage was tumultuous. She confided to Artie Shaw, her second husband, that with Frank, “it’s impossible… It’s like being with a woman. He’s so gentle.”

Ava Gardner ironing in her pajamas at home
Photo by Frank Lilley / Express / Getty Images

During their marriage, she got pregnant twice but terminated both pregnancies. “MGM had all sorts of penalty clauses about their stars having babies,” according to her autobiography, posthumously published eight months after her death. She and Sinatra remained friends for the rest of her life.

Jayne Mansfield Playing the Piano

Jayne Mansfield may have had a knack for acting on-screen, but she was also pretty talented in playing musical instruments. We can see here that she played the piano. In fact, she was classically trained in piano, violin and viola.

Jayne Mansfield playing the piano
Source: Tumblr

She kept a grand piano in her living room. She was photographed tapping away on the keys with a big smile on. For someone like this Golden Age goddess, a grand mahogany piano is a must. It’s quite impressive that this one isn’t only for show, as it is in many other famous people’s homes.

Diane Von Furstenberg Just Lying Around

The Belgian-born American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg took a portrait of herself as she was reclining at home in her bedroom in New York on June 6, 1978. Von Furstenberg is best known for her signature wrap dress, as well as for being married to the German Prince Egon.

Diane Von Furstenberg reclining in her bedroom at home 1978
Photo by Robert R McElroy / Getty Images

Take a look at the legend in her highly decorated room, just filled with patterns that don’t particularly go well together. But, hey, she’s the designer. So, we won’t ask any questions. I could go for the floral wallpaper, but the leopard print carpet? I don’t see that anymore these days.

Judy Garland in the Kitchen

Back to the 1950s, and here is Judy Garland, wearing a cooking apron to fry a whole bunch of chicken in a pan on a gas hob in a kitchen. This photo is from 1955, and it looks like the actress, singer, and dancer was a jack of all trades.

Judy Garland in the kitchen frying chicken
Photo by Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

Her expression is pretty priceless here, but we can’t know for sure what she’s thinking. It’s surprising that she even had time to cook with everything else she was doing! But, it turns out she was just like everyone else, making dinner for the fam.

Natalie Wood Lying in Bed

The Russian American actress Natalie Wood was a three-time Oscar-nominated star in old Hollywood before she even turned 25. A few mysteries have surrounded her life, though, and this photo from 1965 only makes us more curious.

Natalie Wood lying in bed surrounded by pictures
Source: Angelo Frontoni

She is seen in her bedroom in her Beverly Hills home, with its unusual design. She decorated her walls with religious artwork, which seems pretty suffocating. But hey, at least she has a luxurious fur throw on the bed. That’s a little cozier. What isn’t cozy, however, is wearing a form-fitting evening gown as she poses for photographer Angelo Frontoni.

Henry Fonda and James Stewart Playing Ping Pong

Friends Fonda and Stewart were testing out Fonda’s ping pong table in his new home. Hollywood legend Henry Fonda is the father, of course, of another legend, Jane Fonda. The father and daughter were very close.

Henry Fonda and James Stewart playing ping pong in Fonda's new home
Photo by John Springer Collection / Corbis / Getty Images

Stewart and Fonda had a five-decade friendship that began in Manhattan when Fonda invited Stewart to be his third roommate. The other roommates were Joshua Logan and Myron McCormick. Stewart moved to Hollywood in 1935 and shared an apartment with Fonda. Throughout their careers, the two actors starred in four films together.

Ava Gardner Hugging Her Dog

Ava Gardner was listed as the 25th Greatest Female Stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema. She made a lasting impression as an actress who had a great on-screen presence with her infectious smile. It’s something that stayed with her even in her later years.

Ava Gardner at home with her dog
Source: News Observer

Here we see her cuddling up to her pet Corgi on the floor. It’s a humbling image of Ava in her sweats with her adorable dog, which is hard to focus on with all the elaborate decorations in her apartment that remind us that she was absolutely part of the 1%. All the hardware is gold, so…. yeah.

Lucille Ball in Her Backyard

Lucille Ball was photographed playing with her dogs in the backyard of her home in Los Angeles in the late 1950s. Really, they don’t make them like Lucille Ball anymore. She starred in her own self-produced shows: I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy, and Life with Lucy.

Lucille Ball playing with her dogs in her back yard
Photo by Gene Lester / Getty Images

She first entered show business as a model before entering Broadway, then doing minor film roles, and eventually film and TV. And she was always dressed to impress, even at home when she stepped out with her dogs for a little stroll on the crisp, green grass of her garden.

Audrey Hepburn in a Thinking Pose

The fashion icon and actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood had a drastic style evolution over the decades. Here she is, sitting in her Parisian apartment in 1991 (a lot later than most of the photos in this list) dressed in a very expensive outfit, of course.

Audrey Hepburn sitting on a sofa in her home
Source: Words of Women

Everything about her clothes and apartment says “classy.” We can tell she’s someone who would always pay attention to detail. The photo was taken by Jean-Claude Sauer for the Paris Match magazine. What is she thinking about in this pose? We’ll never know.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Looking All Fancy

Zsa Zsa Gabor was born in Hungary and immigrated to the United States in 1941. Her personality was what legends are made of. Her charm came in handy when throwing parties and rubbing shoulders with high society people.

Zsa Zsa Gabor standing in her backyard, tiled like a chessboard
Source: LA Times

She passed away at the age of 99 in 2016. She had enough time to enjoy her decked-out backyard. Pictured in her Bel Air home in 1984, we can see that she enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. The chessboard-style flooring compliments the chessboard she stands next to. And then there’s all the other fancy-schmancy stuff lying around.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Giving Each Other a Glance

In January 1939, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were in their Riviera home, the Villa La Croe. Long before Meghan Markle was born, there was Ms. Wallis Simpson – the American socialite who stole the heart of King Edward VIII. It led to his abdication of royal duties, but anyone who saw The Crown knows that already.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor sitting behind a desk
Photo by Fox Photos / Getty Images

The Duchess caused a constitutional crisis in the 1930s. Once King Edward abdicated the throne, the couple went to France, where they set up home in the suburb of Bois du Boulogne, nicknamed “Villa Windsor.” It was as decked out as a British Royal would have it.

Joan Crawford Accepting Her Oscar in Bed

Joan Crawford accepted her Academy Award for Best Actress for Mildred Pierce from director Michael Curtiz while ill in bed in March 1946. Legend has it that she faked an illness before the Academy Award ceremony.

Joan Crawford accepting her Academy Award from her bed
Photo by Archive Photos / Getty Images

She thought that Ingrid Bergman would win the Oscar (for The Bells of St. Mary’s) and didn’t want to be there for the loss. After discovering her win, she reportedly applied makeup and invited members of the press into her bedroom to accept the statuette in bed. That particular Oscar sold for $426,732 at an auction.

Gina Lollobrigida in Her Massive Closet

Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida was photographed in her massive closet with all her suitcases on the floor in 1956. Her first major English-language film was 1953’s Beat the Devil. In the film, she played Humphrey Bogart’s wife, and Jennifer Jones was her rival.

Gina Lollobrigida standing around suitcases on the floor in her walk-in closet
Photo by Mondadori / Getty Images

She then played in 1954’s Crossed Swords alongside Errol Flynn. Being in The World’s Most Beautiful Woman in 1955 led to her receiving the first David di Donatello award for Best Actress. She played the female lead in the circus drama Trapeze (1956) and acted with Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis and in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1956).

Jerry Lewis With His Family

This photo is from 1960, and we get to see what Jerry Lewis was like at home with his wife Patti Palmer and their two sons, Gary and Ronald. Lewis married Palmer in 1944, and the two had six kids together. Five were biological, and one was adopted.

Jerry Lewis sitting on a couch with his wife Patti and their two sons looking at a book open on the ground
Photo by Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Lewis openly pursued other women while he was married to Palmer, and he even gave unapologetic interviews about his infidelity. He told People in 2011 that he had affairs with Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich. Palmer filed for divorce in 1980, after 35 years of marriage, citing his extravagant spending and infidelity.

Steve McQueen and Neile Adams Doing Chores

Steve McQueen and his first wife, actress Neile Adams, had to do household chores, despite being famous people. This photo was from 1958, and it looks like McQueen was pretty tired. Adams, on the other hand, seemed to be getting a real kick out of it.

Steve McQueen and his wife standing around the fireplace while doing chores
Photo by Archive Photos / Getty Images

They married in 1956, and the couple had a daughter, Terry Leslie, and a son, Chad. McQueen and Adams divorced in 1972, and in her autobiography, My Husband, My Friend, Adams stated that she terminated a pregnancy in 1971 when their marriage was on the rocks.

Elizabeth and Robert Taylor Drinking Tea

“At barely 17, I grew up for all America to see. I was cast in Conspirator opposite one of MGM’s biggest stars, Robert Taylor, who was 38, more than twice my age,” Elizabeth Taylor wrote in a 1988 story for People called Restricted: The Passionate Years.

Elizabeth Taylor with her husband Robert having tea at home
Photo by Hulton Archive / Getty Images

“In between playing passionate love scenes with a man old enough to be my father, I had to fit in three hours of lessons before three in the afternoon; otherwise, production would be closed down for the day. I nearly went crazy,” she confessed. Some afternoons, her teacher would walk out on the set, grab her out of Robert Taylor’s arms, and tell him: “Sorry, Elizabeth hasn’t finished her schoolwork.”

Brigitte Bardot Lounging at Home

The French actress liked to spend her off time lounging around the house. This photo was taken at the height of her fame. The 1960s saw Brigitte Bardot change her hairdo to the blonde bouffant with bangs – the style we came to know her for.

Brigitte Bardot sitting in her living room
Photo by Andre SAS / Gamma-Rapho / Getty Images

She’s sitting on the floor, in her bare feet with a cigarette. Despite all the soft furnishings, she’d rather sit on the floor as she smokes. But her house is so luxurious that sitting anywhere – couch or carpet – is a fine place to spend your time.

Bette Davis Drying a Pan

She was regarded as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood. Bette Davis was one of the best that ever lived. Her career spanned six decades with 100 acting credits. But it was rare to see her behind closed doors and wiping pans no less.

Bette Davis in her kitchen drying the lid to a copper pot
Photo by Bettmann / Getty Images

Wiping off pans isn’t something that most people do with a big grin on their faces. But if you lived a life like Bette Davis, even a monotonous chore like this can be done with glee. And is that her kitchen? Because it looks as cozy as can be.

Rock Hudson and Doris Day Lounging in the Backyard

Rock Hudson in his white pants and light blue shirt, reclining next to Doris Day in her pink gingham dress – the two just laughing and holding drinks in 1960 is basically what we all think about when we wonder what their weekends were like.

Rock Hudson and Doris Day lounging outdoors at their home
Photo by Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

Hudson and Day starred together in the films Pillow Talk (1959,) Lover Come Back (1961,) and Send Me No Flowers (1964.) They were good friends and shared a close bond.

Ann Sheridan Playing Badminton

Actress and singer Ann Sheridan was famous for starring opposite Pat O’Brien in the 1937 film San Quentin and alongside Humphrey Bogart in Angels with Dirty Faces a year after. Sheridan was a Texan-born starlet of the Golden Age, but no one really got to see her play sports, let alone hang out in a bikini.

Ann Sheridan in a pink bikini playing badminton
Photo by Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

This photo was taken in front of her garden, and despite the era’s conservatism, she had no problem playing badminton in a bikini. Between 1935 and 1948, she rented out this property in Toluca Lake, California. The modest-sized bungalow remains there to this day.

Dusty Springfield Holding Hands With a Stuffed Animal

Pop singer and producer Dusty Springfield rose to fame in the 1950s for her distinctive soul music. She made a name for herself as one of the most respected female rock artists of all time. And with a hairdo like that, it’s no wonder she popularized the peroxide blonde bouffant.

Dusty Springfield sitting in an armchair at her home
Photo by King Collection / Photoshot / Getty Images

Typical of the ’60s, she paired it with heavy eye makeup and mod fashion. She was seen in her home here in 1963, holding the hand of a stuffed animal owl. Why? Who knows. There has to be some explanation, but Getty did not provide us with it.

Grace Kelly on a Crisp, White Couch

The elegant Grace Kelly became the Princess of Monaco after she married Prince Rainier III in 1956. Before they tied the knot, she was the major Hollywood star of significant films during the ’50s. Her royal marriage to the prince ensured that she would be living a life of luxury for the rest of her life.

Grace Kelly sitting in her living room
Source: Elle Décor

And that’s exactly what she did, as we can see here. She’s reclining on a white couch in the family room at the Palais Princier in Monaco. It was decorated by interior designer George Stacey, and boy, does he have taste!

Martine Carol in Her Pyjamas

French actress Martine Carol used to be a major star in her heyday when she served as a direct competition to Brigitte Bardot. Throughout the 1940s and ’50s, she was at the top of her game. She made a sex symbol out of herself, especially in France. People called her the French Marilyn Monroe.

Martine Carol sitting at home in pajamas
Photo by Universal / Corbis / VCG / Getty Images

Pictured in her home in 1950, she’s clearly at ease in her jammies while sitting on the floor. It’s a refreshing look, and one that has never gone out of style. Who doesn’t have (or want) a pair of striped pajamas?

Cyd Charisse About to Host a Cocktail Party

Dancer and actress Cyd Charisse was photographed in her large, white living room in 1950. She had already grown to fame in the ’40s for her exceptional dancing. She starred opposite Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in the films Singin’ in the Rain, The Band Wagon, and Brigadoon.

Cyd Charisse sitting in a strapless evening gown on a circular sofa in her living room
Photo by Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

Later, she focused solely on acting. Clearly, she was living a stylish life. The rising starlet was sitting poised in her living room which was fit for entertaining many guests. The benches curve around a circular coffee table, making it a perfect spot for a glamorous cocktail party.

Dorothy Malone Chatting on the Phone

It was 1955 and actress Dorothy Malone was caught in an intimate photo whilst talking on the telephone (remember those things?). Malone started acting in films in 1943, but she only got small roles. She won an Oscar in 1956 for her supporting role in Written on the Wind.

Dorothy Malone sitting on her bed talking on the phone while wearing all pink
Photo by Pictorial Parade / Archive Photos / Getty Images

By the early ’60s, she changed her image, going from brunette to blonde – as many others did – and people loved it. Dorothy had all the makings of a star. She’s reclining on her bed and chatting on the phone in her pink dressing gown.

Elizabeth Taylor at Her Dressing Table

The young Elizabeth Taylor sits at her mirror-topped dressing table, putting perfume behind her right ear, sometime in the 1940s. Of course, she turned into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood during the ’50s, which carried over into the ’60s after starring in Cleopatra, The Taming of the Shrew, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Elizabeth Taylor applying perfume behind her right ear at a makeup table
Photo by Hulton Archive / Getty Images

She’s also famous for having married eight times. This particular photo was taken before she came into international prominence. She’s almost unrecognizable here, which goes to show how much makeup, money and fame can change someone’s appearance.

Jimi Hendrix and His Girlfriend at Home

Jimi Hendrix and his girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, are hanging out in his Mayfair apartment in London, in January of 1969. Hendrix didn’t have trouble finding girlfriends as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the world.

Jimi Hendrix sitting in his bed with Kathy Etchingham at his apartment
Photo by Eric Harlow / Mirrorpix / Getty Images

Born in Seattle, he lived in London in 1966 with Etchingham, and paid less than $50 a month for rent! Apparently, he was renting the apartment from Beatles band member Ringo Starr. But he had to move out the following year when Ringo discovered how badly Hendrix was keeping the place. Jimi threw whitewash over the walls, so Starr evicted him.

Claudia Cardinale Listening to Vinyl

Italian actress Claudia Cardinale starred in some of the biggest films of the 1960s and ’70s in both Europe and America. She acted in The Pink Panther as David Niven’s love interest. Her fame skyrocketed in the U.S. Other films she acted in were Blindfold, Lost Command, and Don’t Make Waves.

Claudia Cardinale sitting on a plaid sofa listening to a vinyl
Photo by Archivio Cameraphoto Epoche / Getty Images

In this photo, she’s seen sitting in her simple living room on her plaid couch, listening to Ella Fitzgerald records. It was 1959, and she’s in her apartment in Rome, relaxing at home in her nightgown. She also has drawings of women’s faces on her wall. Was she an artist, too?

Esther Williams and Her Husband in the Kitchen

Actress and swimmer Esther Williams was busy cooking up a storm and serving dinner to her husband, singer and actor Ben Gage, in 1950. Williams was scouted by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer at a young age and went on to become a familiar face in films throughout the 1940s and ’50s.

Esther Williams serving dinner to her husband, Ben Gage
Photo by Bob Beerman / Archive Photos / Getty Images

Before that, she was a professional competitive swimmer who was planning on competing at the Olympics had WWII not broken out. This couple’s home is classic Americana, with heavy wood accents and warm colors. The rustic countryside feel, along with a nice homemade meal, makes it cozy as ever.

Ann Blyth by Her Retro Fridge

In 1953, Ann Blyth married obstetrician James McNulty, who was the brother of singer Dennis Day. It was Day who introduced them. The bridesmaids at the wedding were actresses Joan Leslie, Jane Withers, and Betty Lynn. And the couple even received a special commendation from the Pope.

Ann Blyth opening her fridge
Source: MoMA

After her marriage ended, Blyth took a reprieve from her career to focus on her and McNulty’s five children, Timothy Patrick, Maureen Ann, Kathleen Mary, Terence Grady, and Eileen Alana. In 1973, she and McNulty, who were both devout Catholics, were given the rank of Lady and Knight of the Holy Sepulchre in a ceremony presided over by Terence Cardinal Cooke.

Betty Grable Playing With a Toy Train Set

Most people are a far cry from looking presentable on Christmas morning when they wake up with a hangover and make their way down the stairs to open their presents. But it’s clear that Betty Grable was an exception. Christmas morning might as well have been a photoshoot.

Betty Grable sitting on her floor playing with trains
Source: Pinterest

Her hair was perfectly arranged, with her makeup on and her “million-dollar legs” on show. She had fun with her kids, who opened their new train set. Not only did she get all spruced up for the family on this particular Christmas, but she didn’t disappoint her little ones.

Sandra Dee in Her Home Photo Shoot

Both of these photos are of Sandra Dee at home in 1959 in Los Angeles. By the late ’60s, Dee’s career started to decline, and her highly publicized marriage to Bobby Darin ended in divorce. That year, her contract with Universal Pictures was dropped.

Sandra Dee sitting in her kitchen drinking and looking out into the distance with her backyard pool in the background / Sandra Dee lying in front of her fireplace
Photo by Richard C Miller / Donaldson Collection / Getty Images

She tried to score a comeback with the 1970 horror film The Dunwich Horror, but after that, she rarely acted. She did occasionally appear in TV productions throughout the ’70s and ’80s. Her final years were marred by illness. She passed away in 2005 of complications from kidney disease, which was brought on by a lifelong struggle with anorexia.

Haley Mills With Her Parents

This photo is from 1950, where we can see a little Hayley Mills at home with her parents, John Mills and Mary Hayley Bell. Mills is an English actress and younger sister of actress Juliet Mills. She began acting as a child and was hailed as a promising newcomer.

Haley Mills with her parents in front of the fireplace
Photo by Hulton Archive / Getty Images

She won the BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer for her performance in Tiger Bay (1959). She also won the Academy Juvenile Award for Disney’s Pollyanna (1960) and a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year – Actress in 1961.

Ann Blyth Drinking a Glass of Milk

Ann Blyth drinks a glass of milk in her kitchen in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, in 1950. The actress and singer is best known for starring as Veda in Michael Curtiz’s Mildred Pierce. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Ann Blyth drinking a glass of milk in her kitchen
Photo by Virgil Apgar / Archive Photos / Getty Images

When she was a little girl, she performed for six years on children’s radio shows in New York, making her first appearance when she was just five. By the time she was nine, she had joined the New York Children’s Opera Company.

Audrey Hepburn Tending to Her Plants

Is there anyone more simultaneously adorable and glamorous than Audrey Hepburn, no matter what her age? This is a 1954 photo taken in New York, where the actress beat the Manhattan heat with a cute dress as she does chores in her apartment.

Audrey Hepburn arranging flowers in her kitchen
Photo by Bettmann / Getty Images

Hepburn met actor Mel Ferrer at a cocktail party hosted by Gregory Peck, who suggested they star together in a play. The meeting led them to a collaboration in Ondine, and they began a relationship. Eight months later, they were married in Switzerland while preparing to star in the film War and Peace (1955) together.

Marilyn Monroe Showing Off

This 1956 photoshoot in her home was yet another chance for Marilyn Monroe to show off her personality and figure. This time, she was showing off at home as opposed to on the set. Monroe had a reputation of many sorts, and these photos show her flirty side.

Marilyn Monroe lying on the floor near the fireplace / Marilyn Monroe sitting on her couch in a black dress
Photo by Gene Lester, Getty Images / Archive Photos, Getty Images

Monroe was also known for forgetting her lines. She may have been the most sought-after actresses in her heyday, but working with the bombshell had its share of difficulties. She had problems with addiction, and it ultimately took a toll on her.

Barbara Roscoe Multi-Tasking in the Kitchen

Barbara Roscoe was one heck of a multi-tasker at the age of 24, as she sets her hair and does the washing in her spotless kitchen. It wasn’t easy finding even a bit of information on this beauty, considering she doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page!

Actress Barbara Roscoe setting her hair while cleaning a dish in her kitchen
Photo by John Pratt / Getty Images

We do know, though, that Barbara Roscoe was born in May of 1939 in London, England. The actress is known for her roles in The Avengers (1961), Hide and Seek (1963) and Forbidden Fruit (1962). Her last acting credit was in 1965 for the series The Avengers.

Bing Crosby Fishing Around

Dancer and actor Bing Crosby is here in his home in San Francisco with his son. Crosby was married twice – the first time to Dixie Lee until her death from ovarian cancer in 1952. They had four sons together: Gary, twins Dennis and Phillip, and Lindsay.

Bing Crosby with his son hanging out in his bedroom
Photo by Harry Benson / Express / Getty Images

Crosby then had relationships with model Pat Sheehan and actresses Inger Stevens and Grace Kelly before getting married to actress Kathryn Grant, who converted to Catholicism for him, in 1957. They had three children: Harry Lillis III, Mary and Nathaniel.