Grey’s Anatomy: Where They Started and Where Are They Now

We are about to go into where twenty of our favorite characters that started out on Grey’s Anatomy and where they are today. This highly popular medical TV series has been around forever, a whole sixteen years! Just like most of you reading this along with the tens of millions of viewers, I have watched and even re-watched the entire series. We’ve been following the lives of these specialty doctors and surgeons at what was once Seattle Grace Hospital coming on two decades soon.

Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy in 2005. / Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in 2005. / Alex Karev and Izzy Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy. / Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy.
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We lost some of our favorite stars and gained some new ones that we learned to love. There are even plot lines which we’ve forgotten about and can now reminisce over. That’s what I’m here for. Let’s get into where these stars started and how their characters’ lives played out and even where these celebs are now.

Keep reading to find see some familiar and forgotten faces!

Eric Dane as Mark Sloan

Eric Dane played the infamous Mark Sloan in Grey’s Anatomy until he died in the plane crash of season 9. He is also known as McSteamy, Sloan was the head of Plastic Surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital. He showed up in season 2 as the man who slept with Addison Montgomery while she was married to Derek Shepard. He and Derek made up pretty quick and became a loved character.

Eric Dane as Mark Sloan in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy from 2005.
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He was known for sleeping around at the hospital until Lexie Grey came around and changed the way he went about things. Sloan and Grey were back and forth a few times, but in her last moment, they finally agreed about their future. Sloan was brought back to the hospital, barely alive, and didn’t wake up for two months. Once he finally did, he was only awake for 24 hours before falling into a coma and being taken off life support.

Eric Dane: Today

Eric Dane is still out there acting today. After Grey’s Anatomy, he took on the main role in the show ‘The Last Ship’ playing Captain Tom Chandler for five seasons. That show was canceled in 2018, but he started on a new show ‘Euphoria’ playing Cal Jacobs. He was also in a few movies throughout his career, but most recently played a homicide detective in ‘Grey Lady’ who is searching for clues about the serial killer that murdered his partner and his sister.

Eric Dane at the Euphoria TV show screening in 2019.
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Dane was married to the actress Rebecca Gayheart previously, and they have two daughters together, Billie Beatrice and Georgia Geraldine. The couple got married back in October of 2014, but Gayheart filed for divorce in February 2018, citing irreconcilable differences. Recently, Derek Shepherd and George O’Malley have come back to appear in Meredith’s dreams. There is a lot of talk about who will be coming next and we might be lucky enough to see Mark Sloan.

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery came into the show towards the end of season 1 to help out at the hospital as a Neonatal Surgeon. Montgomery tried to get back together with her husband, Derek Shepherd, after cheating on him with his best friend. She left the show for a while when they got divorced but later came back as Head of OB/GYN at Seattle Grace.

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy in 2005.
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Addison Montgomery got her own spin-off show called Private Practice, which was based back in LA. While she didn’t have the best luck on Grey’s Anatomy with relationships, she did in Private Practice. Montgomery had a few relationships before settling down with Jake Reilly. The two had good moments and a few embarrassing ones, but Reilly accepted Montgomery’s proposal, and they got married.

Kate Walsh: Today

Kate Walsh didn’t stop after Grey’s Anatomy. Walsh has been in multiple films and shows since the series ended. Some of my favorites are Fargo, Girl’s Trip, and 13 Reasons Why. She also had her own sitcom called Bad Judge, but it was canceled after one season. Her portrayal of Olivia Baker in 13 Reasons Why was amazing, and she’s coming back for the fourth season soon.

Kate Walsh at a Broadway play opening night in 2019.
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Kate Walk was diagnosed with a benign meningioma in 2015 and took a 9-month break to recover after surgery. While Walsh isn’t married anymore, she was previously married to Alex Young, co-president of production at 20th Century Fox. The couple were only married for a little over a year in 2007 before Young filed for divorce.

Sandra Oh as Christina Yang

Christina Yang started out as an intern at Seattle Grace and moved her way through Attending Cardiothoracic to Chief Medical Officer to Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Yang had a thing for powerful male surgeons and started dating Preston Burke. Yang and Burke were set to get married when he left her at the altar. She survived a shooting at the hospital, a plane crash, and an ectopic pregnancy.

Sandra Oh as Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy in 2005.
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She started dating, and eventually married, Owen Hunt around the time which she was going through PTSD from the shooting. She lost the Harper Avery award and in the end, she went to Zurich to give a lecture. It turned out that Preston Burke owned the place, and he handed it over to her. More recently there has been talk of her coming back to Grey’s, but based on who has been appearing in Meredith’s dream there is a higher chance of someone who was killed off coming back to the show.

Sandra Oh: Today

Sandra Oh is an award-winning actress and just got more popular. She has been nominated for 73 awards and walked away with 26 wins. A lot of the nominations are for her role in Grey’s Anatomy, Sideways, or Killing Eve. Crazy enough, she was also nominated for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for hosting Saturday Night Live. She didn’t win, but she has two Golden Globe Awards. So, I don’t think it affected her too much.

Sandra Oh at the Emmy Awards in 2019 in a pink V-neck dress.
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Sandra Oh is most popularly known for her role in Killing Eve. She plays Eve, an agent working for British Intelligence. She was previously married to filmmaker Alexander Payne but got divorced in 2006. Oh actually became a U.S. citizen in 2018 and discussed the anniversary of it while she was hosting Saturday Night Live.

T.R. Knight as George O’Malley

T.R. Knight portrayed George O’Malley since the beginning of this series in 2005. He is an intern with Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Alex Karev, and Izzy Stevens, who earned the nickname 007 quickly. 007 is referring to surgeons who tend to kill their patients, and he did just that on his first day in the hospital, where he almost killed the patient during an appendectomy. A few episodes later, he saved a patient when they were stuck in an elevator.

T.R. Knight as George O’Malley on Grey’s Anatomy in 2005.
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This is where he got his next nickname, Heart in the Elevator Guy. O’Malley went through a lot on the show, including being rejected by Meredith Grey. He ended up getting married to Callie Torres, but that didn’t last too long. When Izzy had cancer on the show, a John Doe patient came in and was unrecognizable. Before they took him to surgery and he died, he spelled out 0-0-7 on Meredith’s hand, getting everyone to recognize him.

T.R. Knight: Today

T.R. Knight left Grey’s Anatomy after a feud between him and his co-star, Isiah Washington. Washington allegedly made a negative comment about gay men. However, Knight called it a “breakdown in communication” with his producer, Shonda Rhimes, and that his character wasn’t on screen enough. T.R. Knight took a very short break after Grey’s Anatomy, but in the last five years has been in multiple movies and TV series.

Miranda Bailey, George, Meredith, and Richard Weber sitting on the beach in a scene from Grey's Anatomy / George and Meredith posing on the lifeguard stand at the beach
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Knight met his husband, Patrick B. Leahy, back in 2013 and are still together today. Leahy is a ballet dancer and writer, and they live in New York.

Knight made a recent appearance on the beach as George O’Malley in the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. They did a great job of keeping it a secret. Shonda kept this from most of the writers and cast by having Meredith read her part and calling him ‘mom’ so everyone would think Ellis Grey is the one coming back.

Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd

Derek ‘McDreamy’ Shepard had a huge role in Grey’s Anatomy, and I’m still in shock that he’s gone. Shepard instantly fell in love with Meredith and got married partway through the show. The two had a ‘Post-It wedding’ where they wrote their vows down on a post-it. They framed it and hung it above their bed in the bedroom. After surviving a plane crash, I didn’t think anything could kill him. Up until his last hours, he was just helping people.

Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy in 2005.
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He witnessed a car crash on the way to quit his job and come home to Meredith. He made sure everyone stayed alive but was hit by a bus on the way off of the scene. They brought him to the closest hospital, but they didn’t get him a C.T. on the way into surgery. Grey had to unplug him at the end of season 11. Season 17 shocked us first with Derrek Shepherd appearing on the beach in Meredith’s coma dream. This was the first of many surprises that Shonda Rhimes has in store for us this season.

Patrick Dempsey: Today

Did you know that Patrick Dempsey was a racecar driver before he was hired on Grey’s Anatomy? He also did a lot of acting, but his main gig was racing. Since Grey’s ended, he acted in the movies Bridget Jones’s Baby and Devils. He was also on the spin-off show Private Practice as a guest star.

Meredith and Derrek posing on the beach with masks on / Meredith and Derrek posing together on the beach during the reunion coma scene
Source: Instagram / ABC

Dempsey has been married twice; first to his manager and acting coach, Rocky Parker. This was a bit of a scandal because he was 21 and she was 48 at the time. After they got divorced, he met Jillian Fink. They got married in 1999, and they have 3 children together. A daughter named Talula Fyfe and twin sons named Sullivan Patrick and Darby Galen. The couple almost got divorced in 2015 but reconciled soon after.

Katherine Heigl as Isobel Stevens

Who doesn’t remember Izzy Stevens, who cut Denny’s LVAD wire? Stevens started out as an intern with Grey, O’Malley, Karev, and Yang. She is known for falling in love with her heart patient, Denny Duquette, Jr. He proposed on his death bed, but she cut his LVAD wire to try and get him a heart that ended up killing him.

Katherine Heigl as Izzy Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy in 2005.
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She then became a surgical resident, fell in love with Alex Karev, and then got married. But she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after this. They went through a lot, including Karev, helping her freeze her eggs so that she could have kids later. However, she ended up running away from her life, and when she finally did want to come back, it was too late.

Katherine Heigl: Today

Katherine Heigl was already famous before Grey’s Anatomy and appeared in The Bride of Chuckie and Under Siege 2. Heigl was also a child model before she started acting in 1992. Since her role in Grey’s, she’s taken on at least one movie per year, sometimes two. She starred in 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, New Year’s Eve, The Big Wedding, and The Nut Job.

Katherine Heigl at the NBCUniversal Upfront Presentations in 2018.
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Heigl is also a cover model appearing in magazines like Maxim, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan. She married Josh Kelley back in June 2006. The couple have three children together. Katherine Heigl played a big role on Grey’s Anatomy, but her character was written off after she turned down an Emmy nomination. She never did get her exit from the show, as other characters have had, and maybe now is her time. We can only keep hoping.

Chyler Leigh as Lexi Grey

Lexi Grey started out as an intern in season 3 of the show. She was Meredith Grey’s half-sister through their dad, Thatcher Grey. Even when he came into the hospital sick, she still didn’t meet Meredith. When she finally did show up, the two didn’t really get along. She met O’Malley right away and ended up living with him. This led to her having feelings for him, but it wasn’t mutual and ended there.

Chyler Leigh as Lexi Grey on Grey’s Anatomy with other co-stars behind her.
Photo by Karen Neal / Abc-Tv / Kobal /

She hooked up with Karev for a while before moving on to Mark Sloan. The two were meant for each other but broke up multiple times over Sloan moving too fast. Lexi Grey was in the plane crash with Sloan and was stuck under the wing. They knew that she was dying, so Sloan professed his love for her and spoke about how they could have a future. Unfortunately, this was the end of the show for Grey. Or was it?

Chyler Leigh: Today

Chyler Leigh had a rougher time in the film industry. You probably remember her from Not Another Teen Movie as Janey. At that time, the director of the film told her that she looked unhealthily thin. This led her to get help for addiction, which helped her eating. She was in a few TV shows and movies since but is mostly known now for portraying Alex Danvers for DC Comics.

Chyler Leigh at an award ceremony in 2017.
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Leigh married Nathan West, actor, and singer, back in 2002. They met working together on 7th Heaven. The couple has three children together. They have a cute thing they do when they name their children. Whoever guesses the baby’s sex correctly gets to name their child.

Another character who is rumored to visit Meredith on the beach is Lexi Grey. Leigh left Grey’s Anatomy on good terms so the chances of her coming back are a bit higher. Wouldn’t it be nice if Mark and Lexi came back together on the beach with Meredith?

Jason Winston George as Ben Warren

Ben Warren started out on Grey’s Anatomy as the anesthesiologist in season 6. He started to court Miranda Bailey after her divorce, and the two eventually ended up getting married. Anesthesiology wasn’t enough for him, and he changed his career path twice. First, he accepted an internship at UCLA but came back to Seattle Grace to finish his residency. After a while, he grew tired of this too.

Jason George as Ben Warren in Grey’s Anatomy.
Photo by Richard Cartwritght, ABC / Kelsey McNeal, ABC

Apparently, it wasn’t enough, and he went on to be a firefighter. Warren appeared on the spin-off show called Station 19, which was about the firehouse and aid cars, which usually serviced Seattle Grace. Warren and Bailey had their ups and downs but are still together in Grey’s Anatomy season 16. Did you know that his email password is ‘hothotmiranda’?

Jason Winston George: Today

Jason George is well-known for his role as Michael Bourne on Sunset Beach and J.T. Hunter on the show Eve. Good thing he changed his career path so many times on Grey’s Anatomy. Because of this, he has a main role in the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Station 19. The show is about to come back for the third season towards the end of January this year.

Jason Winston George at a Pre-Emmy party in 2019.
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He was also part of the main cast of the show Mistresses, which was canceled in 2006. George married American poet Vandana Khanna on December 10th, 1998, and they have three children. The two have been together for almost 22 years and are still going strong.

This next actress has the main role in the show…

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey was one of the first to be shown in season 1, meeting Derek Shepard at a bar and having a one-night stand. This led to their famous relationship that was filled with love. Shepard saved Grey multiple times, but really saved her when he jumped into the bay for her after a patient pushed her off the pier during an emergency.

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in 2005.
Photo by Abc-Tv / Kobal /

After Shepard died, Grey enjoyed her single life for a while by staying single and spending time with her sisters and kids. She ended up dating Andrew DeLuca, the intern, but most recently, they broke up because of her fraud scandal. Grey got her license back and on the latest season has been in a coma after contracting the sickness going the world. This is the season of surprises as each week we have gotten a blast from the past.

Ellen Pompeo: Today

Ellen Pompeo got her start on TV with some smaller films and a guest role in Law & Order, like most actors. Since she started on Grey’s Anatomy in 2005, she has become very famous. She was a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and even appeared in Taylor Swift’s music video for the song Bad Blood. She also gets to help direct and produce some of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

Ellen Pompeo at the InStyle Awards in 2019.
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Pompeo met her husband in the grocery store in LA in 2003. She married Chris Ivery in 2007 and even got mayor Michael Bloomberg to be their legal witness to the ceremony. They have three children together, Sienna May born in 2014, Stella Luna born in 2009, and Eli Christopher born in 2016.

Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey came onto Grey’s Anatomy as Chief Resident, who they nicknamed “The Nazi” due to her harsh nature. If you kept watching the show, you know that she is more of a Mama Bear then anything. She was first married to Tucker, and the two had a son together, Tucker Jr. After this didn’t work out, her character went through some inner struggles before she met Ben Warren.

Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey in 2005. / Miranda Bailey as a surgeon later on in the series.
Photo by Randy Holmes, Abc-TV, Kobal, / Byron Cohen, American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Bailey had an incident where she was contaminated with MRSA infection, and three of her patients came back into the hospital. Unfortunately, the three of them died as a result of it. It turns out that the surgical gloves being used were known to have tiny holes, and it wasn’t her fault. She was able to get through it and was made the Chief of Surgery, a position she holds today.

Chandra Wilson: Today

Chandra Wilson made many appearances before she became well-known on Grey’s Anatomy. She appeared as a guest on The Cosby Show, Law & Order: SVU (like every other actor), Sex and the City, and General Hospital. Wilson says she is “in a relationship but not married” for 31 years now, going on 32. They have three children together, Sarina, Joylin, and Michael.

Chandra Wilson at the annual Red Dress Awards in 2019.
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Wilson is an activist and a spokesperson for the Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association after her daughter developed the disease back in 2010. She was able to bring this into an episode on the ninth season of Grey’s after pitching it to the producers. This episode was called ‘Second Opinion’ airing in November 2012, and she even got to direct it.

Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robins

Arizona Robins, the sweet skating peds surgeon, came into Grey’s Anatomy in season 5. She quickly became Callie Torres’s love interest, and the two got married. Robins was on the plane that crashed, which left them in the woods for four days. She had injured her leg and put on a splint when they were in the forest. However, it got infected quickly, and they had to amputate.

Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robins walking through the hospital with Alex Karev.
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She was upset at Torres for cutting off her leg when it was really Alex Karev who did it. They went through a lot of marital issues after this and eventually ended up getting a divorce. She shared custody of their daughter. When Callie Torres moved to New York, leaving the show, Robins followed suit. She left the show at the end of season 14. Since Robins wasn’t killed off of the show, she probably won’t be joining Meredith on the beach. But we can’t rule out her coming back anytime soon.

Jessica Capshaw: Today

Jessica Capshaw acted a lot before joining the main cast of Grey’s Anatomy. Capshaw is actually Steven Spielberg’s stepdaughter and graduated from Brown University. She had some minor roles in The Locusts, Denial, Valentine, and The Groomsmen. After her minor roles, they brought her on to Grey’s Anatomy to be Callie’s love interest after her last one was cut out of the show.

Jessica Capshaw arriving for PaleyFest 2017.
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Shonda Rhimes spoke about how she loves Capshaw’s chemistry with Ramirez (who plays Callie), and it gives her the same feeling that Pompeo and Dempsey’s chemistry gave her. Capshaw married Christopher Gavigan, an author, and entrepreneur, on May 22nd, 2004, in the East Hamptons. He is a co-founder of The Honest Company. The couple have four children together, three daughters and a son.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette Jr.

Denny Duquette came into Grey’s Anatomy as Preston Burke’s heart patient. Izzy Stevens worked on his case with the surgeon and started to fall for him. They spent two seasons trying to get him better, and when he finally proposes to Stevens, it all goes south. There were two hearts available for transplant, and they went to get one of them. There was an issue with it, so Stevens took it into her own hands to get him that second heart.

effrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette in Grey’s Anatomy lying in the hospital bed with Izzy Stevens monitoring him.
Source: Abc-TV / IMDB

She went ahead and cut his LVAD wire, making his condition worse. However, this very illegal stunt still got him the heart. Burke was shot on the way back to the hospital, so a new doctor performed the surgery. It went well, and Stevens was on her way up to him to show him her dress. However, by the time she got to him, he threw a clot and had died.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Today

Jeffrey Dean Morgan first became famous for playing John Winchester in Supernatural. After Grey’s Anatomy, he starred in a lot of films and series like Watchmen, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, and Rampage. Morgan was married first to Anya Longwell. After they got divorced in 2003, he was briefly engaged to his costar Mary Louise Parker from Weeds.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the Walking Dead season 10 premiere in 2019.
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However, he ended up dating Hilarie Burton, the former host of TRL, in 2009. They had their first son, Augustus Morgan, in March 2010. They had a daughter in February of 2018 named George Virginia Morgan. There are rumors going around that the couple got married back in 2014. However, they actually got married in a ceremony on October 5th, 2019.

Justin Chambers as Alex Karev

Alex Karev is another one of the interns who started out on season 1, episode 1. It was rumored that he was only supposed to be a character who was around in the episode to look like an intern who didn’t know what he was doing next to the main cast but ended up becoming one of the most loved people on the show. He dated and married Izzy Stevens only to have her run away on him. After losing himself for a while, he met Jo.

Justin Chambers as intern Alex Karev in Grey’s Anatomy.
Photo by Ron Tom / Abc-Tv / Kobal /

He fell in love with her, got married, and made us all forget about Izzy. He was promoted multiple times, from Attending Pediatric Surgeon to the Chief of Surgery. He is now at a competing hospital working as the chief of staff but just announced he is not coming back. He is just looking to move on in his life and is even turning 50 soon. We’ll have to see what happens to Jo and how the plotline will be announcing his departure.

Justin Chambers: Today

Justin Chambers is an actor and a former model. Growing up, he wanted to be a dentist, but it seems like his career took him in an entirely different path. Chambers started his modeling career after a scout approached him in Paris. He represented brands like Calvin Klein, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and more. Aside from this show, you can see him in Seasons of Love, Cold Case, and Private Practice.

Justin Chambers at an event in LA in 2019.
Photo by Jason Merritt / Radarpics /

Chambers married model agency booker Keisha Chambers back in 1993. They met working together on ad campaigns for Calvin Klein. The couple has five children together, Isabella, twins Maya and Kaila, Eva, and Jackson. They even have two rescue dogs, bringing the family total to seven people and two dogs.

Sara Ramirez as Calliope Iphegenia “Callie” Torres

Callie Torres came along in season 2, episode 19, towards the end of the episode when George was sitting in the dark with a suitcase. She asked him if he’s going on a trip and then wrote her phone number on his arm. She plays an orthopedic surgeon who loves breaking bones and then putting them back together. Her first love interest was George O’Malley.

Sara Ramirez as resident Callie Torres with Mark Sloan standing behind her.
Photo by Vivian Zink / Abc-Tv / Kobal /

The two got married but divorced before he was killed off the show. She then discovered her sexual orientation dated Dr. Erica Hahn. Hahn left the show quickly, but Torres found a new love interest in Arizona Robins. This was the relationship I spoke about before where the chemistry was amazing. Unfortunately, Callie Torres moved to New York at the end of season 12, ending her time on Grey’s.

Sara Ramirez: Today

Sara Ramirez is not only an actress, but she is a singer and songwriter who graduated with a fine arts degree from Juilliard School. Ramirez won her tony awards for her role on the Broadway show based on Monty Python, and the Holy Grail called Spamalot. She holds two Tony Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series for Grey’s Anatomy.

Sara Ramirez at a VH1 event in 2018.
Photo by Kristin Callahan / Ace /

Just like her character in Grey’s Anatomy, Ramirez is bisexual. She came out in 2016 a while after her character did. Ramirez got engaged to her partner Ryan DeBolt in June 2011. He is a business analyst at TIMEC in France. They got married in a cute private beachside ceremony in New York on July 4th, 2012.

Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt

Owen Hunt was a major in the U.S. Army who came around in season 9. He started out as Head of Trauma Surgery with a story. He had PTSD and left his fiancé without telling her that he was back from duty. In his first episode, he helped Christina when she had an icicle impaled in her chest. They had an instant connection and ended up getting married.

Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy.
Photo by Abc-Tv / Kobal /

After Christina left the show, Hunt connected with Amelia Shepard, Derek’s sister. The two eventually got married, and he adopted a son. Unfortunately, that relationship didn’t last either because Teddy came back into town pregnant with his child. She was his best friend from his time in the army, and currently, the two are dating. We’ll have to keep watching to see how his story plays out.

Kevin McKidd: Today

Kevin McKidd had multiple roles before being cast in Grey’s Anatomy. He also has an album out which was released on June 15th, 2012 in aid of Save the Children. Since his role as Owen Hunt, he was in Justice League, Star Wars Rebels, and was a voice actor in Toy Story That Time Forgot. McKidd also has done the voice for characters in video games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty 2 & 3.

Kevin McKidd at the Annual Heaven Gala in 2020.
Photo by CraSH / imageSPACE /

McKidd married Jane Parker in 1999, and they have two children together, a son and a daughter. They got divorced in 2017, and he has since met chef Arielle Goldrath. They got married around March 2018 and had a baby boy in May. They had another daughter named Nava in July 2019.

Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd

Amelia Shepard appeared in Grey’s Anatomy before her character blossomed in Private Practice. Once the show was over, she moved to Grey’s Anatomy, where she took over as Head of Neurosurgery. Her backstory was sad, with her ex-fiancé dying of an overdose next to her in bed, and then she lost their child.

Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy.
Photo by Mitch Haaseth/ ABC

When she got to Grey Sloan Memorial, she took to Owen Hunt pretty quickly and bonded over their PTSD. After her brother Derek died, she became very close to Meredith Grey and her sister. She also married and divorced Hunt and ended up becoming ‘good friends’ with a surgeon named Link. Currently, Shepherd is pregnant with Links child, and they are working things out. I have high hopes for these two in the second half of this season.

Caterina Scorsone: Today

Caterina Scorsone started out her career at age 8 as a regular guest star on a Canadian children’s TV show. She went on to land the leading role in 1-800-Missing and then a miniseries called Alice. She was brought onto Private Practice in season 3 for a recurring and then main role. She is still going strong on Grey’s Anatomy.

Caterina Scorstone photographed at an event in a green blazer.
Photo by AFF-USA /

Scorsone married the American rock band star Rob Giles in 2009 in Toronto. The couple has three daughters together: Eliza, who was born in 2012, Paloma born in 2016, and Arwen, who was born recently, in 2019. When she was pregnant with her first child, they actually wrote it into the script, so Amelia Shepherd was pregnant at the same time.

Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery

Jackson Avery is the grandson of Dr. Harper Avery, the namesake of the Harper Avery Award. He doesn’t show off his name too much at first and gets into plastic surgery with Mark Sloan. Avery, Sloan, and Lexie Grey ended up in a love triangle, which forced Avery to choose learning from Sloan over Lexie. He stopped April Kepner’s wedding, married her, and eventually, they got divorced.

Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery sitting next to Alex Karev in the cafeteria.
Photo by Abc-Tv / Kobal /

He and Kepner ended up having a daughter together, but he didn’t stay with her. He then dated Meredith Grey’s sister, Maggie. After Maggie, he went right for Vic, the paramedic from the aid car. Spoiler Alert! The last episode of season 19 ended up with a car crashing into the bar where Jackson was sitting. I can’t wait for the show to come back!

Jesse Williams: Today

Before Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams was in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Law & Order, and even Greek. He was a model for Kenneth Cole, L.L. Bean, and Tommy Hilfiger. He is also in one of Rihanna’s music videos, Russian Roulette, and even one for Estelle, Demi Lovato, and Jay-Z. He hasn’t done too much since being cast on Grey’s but has managed to win the humanitarian award at the 2016 Bet Awards.

Jesse Williams at the TrevorLIVE event in 2019.
Photo by Chelsea Lauren / Variety /

Just like his character, he married Aryn Drake-Lee and had two children, Sadie and Maceo. They divorced in 2017 and was then rumored to be dating Mika Kelly. Then they broke up, and he is dating dancer Taylour Paige. Perhaps that’s where Shonda got her inspiration for Jackson’s plotline.

James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Weber

Richard Webber started off the show as Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Memorial. He had a lot of ups and down, and lost his wife Adele and ex-mistress, Ellis Grey. We found out more recently that he had a secret love child with Ellis Grey, Maggie, that he didn’t know about. Thankfully the two have become close.

James Pickens, Jr. at an event in 2019.
Photo by Rob Latour /

His character more recently fell in love with Jackson Avery’s mother, Catherine Fox. The two got married before she was diagnosed with a spinal tumor. At the end of the last season, an old friend from AA kissed him, but he turned her down. Spoiler Alert: This season, Weber and Fox have worked things out and are looking cuter than ever together.

James Pickens, Jr.: Today

James Pickens Jr. starred in many famous shows and movies since 1986. His career started with ‘Roseanne,’ ‘Beverly Hills 90210’, and ‘Murder, She Wrote.’ Pickens actually guest-starred in the final episode of the series Seinfeld ever as Detective Hudson. Now, he is also on the reboot of Roseanne called The Conners as Chuck Mitchell.

James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, chief of surgery, sitting in his office.
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Pickens likes to ride horseback and rope cattle. He is a member of the U.S. Team Roping Championship and even competes in roping events around America. He married Gina Taylor back in May of 1984, and they have two children together named Gavyn Picken and Carl Tharps. Taylor was a member of the group Musique who released two albums in the late ‘70s, early ‘80s.

Sarah Drew as April Kepner

April Kepner started out the show being called ‘Virgin Mary’ and had a crazy amount of drama following her around. Her main relationships were between Jackson Avery and Matthew Taylor. She started dating Avery, then ended up at the alter with Taylor. This was when Jackson stood up and gave a reason for the two not to get married, and they ran away together. She and Avery got divorced, but still got pregnant at the end of their relationship.

Sarah Drew as April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy.
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When she went into labor, she was with Ben Warren, and he had to perform an emergency C-section with no anesthesia. Talk about drama, but it doesn’t stop there. Taylor comes back into the picture, and she saves his and his baby’s life. This brought the two together again, and even though she left him at the alter, they went ahead and got married. Now, there is talk about her coming back to make a cameo appearance, but based on who they have been bringing back, we have a higher chance of seeing someone who was killed off of the show.

Sarah Drew: Today

Sarah Drew was raised and is raising her family Christian. This is very similar to her character in the show. Before being cast in Grey’s Anatomy, she was known for playing Hannah Rogers in the show Everwood. She also had smaller parts in a few popular shows, and like everyone else appeared on Law & Order: SVU.

Sarah Drew at a season celebration in LA.
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Drew left the show in 2018 and was cast in a reboot of Cagney & Lacey. However, this new show didn’t get picked up. They tried again with a show called The Republic of Sarah in 2019, but it didn’t work out either. She married Peter Lanfer back in 2002, and they have two children together. Their son, Micah Emmanuel, was born in 2012, and their daughter, Hannah Mali Rose, was born in 2014.

Camilla Luddington as Josephine “Jo” Karev

Jo Karev comes with a dark past after her mother left her at a fire station when she was only five days old. She dated Alex Karev for the first few seasons on the show, and they got married. Around the time of the wedding, secrets came out. She admitted that her real name is Brooke Stadler, and she changed it because she was hiding from her abusive ex-husband, Paul.

Camilla Luddington as Jo Karev in Grey’s Anatomy.
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Paul showed up asking for a divorce so that he can marry a woman named Jenny. Jo found her to warn her, which caused a chain reaction. Paul got hit by a car. Jenny thought it was Jo, so she confronted her, leading the two to confront Paul. He got upset and hit his head again when he went to attack them. Jo was still legally married to him and got to decide to donate his organs. Karma…

Camilla Luddington: Today

Camilla Luddington still portrays Jo Karev to this day in season 16. Before Grey’s Anatomy, she had a part in CSI, Days of Our Lives, and even True Blood. Aside from this show, she is most known for her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. She is also in the games Infinite Crisis and Silent Hell.

Camilla Luddington at the Castle Rock Season 2 premiere in 2019.
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Luddington is from Ascot, Berkshire, and studied in England. She moved to Austin, Texas, with her family when she was fourteen years old and returned to England after one year. She went on to train as an actor and then moved to LA to pursue her career. She married Matthew Alan in August 2019, and they have a daughter named Hayden.