Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Where Are They Now?

While some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars have been part of the hit series since Season 1, others have moved on from the show. It turns out some diamonds aren’t forever. Throughout the years, the cast has seen plenty of shake-ups, dramatic exits, and interesting newcomers. The show kept us going when social drama and gossip were in short, and now we are looking back.

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Beverly Hills was added to the Real Housewives franchise in 2010, and eleven seasons later, the show is still going strong. Over the past decade, some former housewives have faded into the background, and others have continued to stir the pot on social media. Find out what these fabulous ladies are up to today and if they will ever make a comeback.

Denise Richards – Then

As one of the more famous Real Housewives, Denise Richards joined the cast during Season 9. She was apparently Andy Cohen’s greatest disappointment in what she could have done on the show. After just two seasons, she left in a hurry and never looked back. Richards’ first season was a success, and many fans loved her authenticity and carefree attitude, but things changed during Season 10.

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Richards started to care more about what people thought during her second season and refused to share much on camera. When questions swirled between her castmates about her relationship with Brandi Glanville, Richards became closed off and would often leave during filming. During the Season 10 reunion, Richards was hostile and almost walked off. It was clear she had enough of the drama.

Denise Richards – Now

To be fair, Richards never needed Bravo because she was already a big star before joining the show. Although she did tease fans that she might be back for another season, she has not returned to the show. Richards continues to act on The Bold and the Beautiful and has a few movies in the works. Recently, she was in the headlines again because of a TikTok her daughter posted.

Denise Richards attends an event.
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Richards’ oldest daughter Sam Sheen, whom she shares with her ex Charlie Sheen, released a video stating that she moved out of “an abusive household” where she was depressed and hated her life. Many speculated that she moved in with her father, which meant Richards’ house was toxic. Many sources say she is just being a teenager, but it doesn’t look good for Richards.

Adrienne Maloof – Then

Known for her hair tinsel and over-the-top parties, Adrienne Maloof was an original housewife who lasted three seasons before calling it quits. Maloof’s businesses and marriage to Paul Nassif were the main points of her storyline during her time on the show. She also had some serious drama with Brandi Glanville, who shared Maloof’s surrogacy secret on the show with the rest of the cast.

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Maloof threatened to sue Glanville and other cast members, which made the drama even worse. In the final episodes of Season 3, everyone learned that she and Nassif were shockingly separating after years of heated arguments. After her split, many rumors came out in the press, and fans didn’t get answers because she refused to come to the Season 3 reunion.

Adrienne Maloof – Now

After the show, Maloof and Nassif finalized their divorce in 2013. Although they separated, the former couple seemed to make amends and worked together on a skincare line. Another plot point in the show was Maloof’s ownership of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, but she is no longer involved in basketball. Maloof is now a minority owner of the NHL’s Golden Knights.

Adrienne Maloof attends an event.
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Like many other former housewives, Maloof has made a few guest appearances on the series since her departure. She has also been linked to a few younger men, including Rod Stewart’s son, Sean Stewart, and Jacob Busch, but it is not clear if she is currently in a relationship. It seems she would rather focus on business than reality TV.

Camille (Grammer) Meyer – Then

As one of the original cast members of the RHOBH, Camille Grammer was known for her lavish lifestyle and strained marriage during the first season. She tried to convince people that everything was fine between her and her ex, Kelsey Grammar, but people soon learned their marriage was falling apart. By the end of Season 1, she filed for divorce because Kelsey was dating someone else.

A portrait of Camille.
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During the second season, fans saw a softer side of Grammer, and she came a long way since “The Dinner Party from H***.” Although she went from the most hated housewife to the most beloved, Grammer decided to leave after Season 2, but that wasn’t the last we would see of the blonde bombshell.

Camille (Grammer) Meyer – Now

After battling stage 2 endometrial cancer, Grammer proudly returned to the show as a guest and promoted her charity work. However, she continued to stir up drama with the housewives. Despite causing some rifts, the ladies came together for Grammer when she remarried and became Camille Meyer during Season 9.

Camille Grammar and David C. Meyer attend an event.
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After a rocky Season 10 reunion, Camille has not been on the show. She will always be remembered as one of the OGs, but today she is focusing on her charity work for women’s cancer. She also moved into a gorgeous home after her house burned down in Malibu’s 2018 Woolsey Fires. Camille is still happily married and enjoying life.

Lisa Vanderpump – Then

As one of the most loved and hated housewives, Lisa Vanderpump was an original cast member for nine long seasons before making a dramatic exit. Known for loving her numerous animals, the color pink, and stirring the pot with the other women, Vanderpump was the focal point of the series.

Lisa Vanderpump in a still from the show.
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However, Season 9 was the straw the broke the camel’s back for Vanderpump. Her co-stars accused her of leaking a story about Dorit Kemsley’s dog to the press, and Kyle Richards refused to stick up for her. Everything came to a head in a dramatic fight between Richards and Vanderpump that ended their decade-long friendship.

Lisa Vanderpump – Now

Not to worry, Vandepump is doing just fine without the RHOBH. Today she has a show on E! called Overserved where she has her celebrities come to her house for drinks and dinner. Her spin-off series, Vanderpump Rules, took a hit in 2020 after four cast members were axed for past racist behavior, so she found a new home for her series Vanderpump Dogs on NBC’s Peacock.

Lisa Vanderpump and Lance Bass attend an event.
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Unfortunately, Vanderpump and Kyle Richards haven’t talked since their fight. Fans loved their friendship, and it was sad to see it crash and burn. Although she isn’t friends with her former castmates, people can keep up with her on her podcast called All Things Vanderpump.

Kim Richards – Then

Kim Richards has been one of the quirkiest housewives to come out of Beverly Hills. She joined the cast in Season 1 with her sister Kyle, and it was clear from the beginning that she was struggling much more than her fellow castmates, but she has been open and vulnerable about her battle with alcoholism throughout the years.

Kim Richards speaks during an episode.
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Richards went through many ups and downs during her five seasons as a full-time cast member. She went in and out of rehab, struggled to maintain a relationship with her sister Kyle, and got arrested. However, we saw her become a grandmother and take accountability for her mistakes.

Kim Richards – Now

Richards appeared as a guest in Seasons 6 and 7 and made appearances in Seasons 9 and 10. In 2020, Richards announced plans for a tell-all memoir to share her story, but her publisher scrapped it. It’s probably better that she didn’t publish the book because she is finally in a good place with both her sisters.

Kim Richards attends an event.
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These days, Richards continues to focus on her sobriety and her grandchildren. Now that her sister Kathy Hilton has joined the show with Kyle Richards, it would be nice for the three sisters to interact on camera. Richards has had many iconic moments, and we hope to see her on the series again.

Yolanda Hadid – Then

Although her daughters weren’t household names when she joined the cast of the RHOBH, Yolanda Hadid was known as the ex-wife of Mohammad Hadid and then-wife of musician David Foster. Hadid joined the cast during Season 3, and during her three seasons on the show, her storyline focused on her marriage and divorce from Foster and her battle with Lyme disease.

Yolanda Hadid in a still from the show.
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Unfortunately, some of the women didn’t believe Hadid’s Lyme disease was real, and she fought hard to raise awareness. Hadid was a bit of a bore because she always wanted to show off a perfect image even though she made some problematic comments about her daughters’ eating habits and sexuality.

Yolanda Hadid – Now

Since she departed from the series, Hadid has not returned as a guest. Today she focuses on her children’s careers while living on a farm in Pennsylvania. She has been happy taking a back seat and supporting Gigi and Bella Hadid’s modeling careers while focusing on her health.

Yolanda Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid attend an event.
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Today, it seems that Hadid is in a much better place than she was on the show. Although she doesn’t seem to keep in contact with her former castmates, she was the one that introduced the ladies to Erika Girardi, so we have to thank her for bringing this goldmine of drama into our lives.

Brandi Glanville – Then

During Season 2, we met Brandi Glanville, a recurring guest, before she became a main cast member on Season 3. Right off the bat, Glanville was ready to fight, and she brought a lot of drama to the show. Although it was entertaining for viewers, producers weren’t happy with her language and behavior.

A portrait of Brandi Glanville.
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Whether people loved her or hated her, it was hard to deny that Glanville was the reason for some of the most iconic scenes on the RHOBH. Between arguing with Kim and Kyle or bringing up her alleged relationship with Denise Richards, she was a firecracker who returned as a guest after her three seasons.

Brandi Glanville – Now

While fans hoped and prayed to see her come face to face with Denise Richards during the Season 10 reunion, Andy Cohen and other producers had had enough of Glanville’s attitude and language. Although she won’t be on the show again, Glanville has stayed busy throughout the years.

Brandi Glanville attends an event.
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Glanville is no longer speaking to her longtime friend Kim Richards after an argument they had last year. However, she has not stayed quiet on social media. She is still telling her haters off and arguing with people who think she has had plastic surgery on her face. To clarify, it is just a lot of fillers and Botox.

Taylor Armstrong – Then

Taylor Armstrong is one of the housewives we thought left the show at the right time. As another original cast member, Armstrong dealt with many dark things during the first two seasons of the RHOBH. Her castmates worried about her during Season 2 after many outbursts and breakdowns.

Taylor Armstrong is in a still from the show.
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Everyone got answers when Armstrong revealed her husband Russell Armstrong was physically abusive. She told her friends that she was divorcing him after he fractured her eye socket. Shortly before the Season 2 reunion, Armstrong’s estranged husband committed suicide. Throughout Season 3, we saw Armstrong take her life back and recover from her husband’s death.

Taylor Armstrong – Now

Armstrong decided to leave the series after dealing with financial struggles and lawsuits because of her late husband, but she has made a few guest appearances. She has since found love again and remarried her attorney John Bluher. She also wrote a book detailing her struggles with abusive relationships.

Taylor Armstrong and John H. Bluher attend an event.
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Armstrong frequently shares photos of her daughter, Kennedy, with Bluher. He adopted Kennedy after the couple married, and they have a happy life together. Armstrong continues to raise awareness for domestic violence, but we don’t think she is coming back to the series anytime soon.

Eileen Davidson – Then

Many soap opera fans knew Eileen Davidson before joining the RHOBH because she starred on The Young and the Restless for decades. She joined the series in Season 5, but people noticed that she didn’t bring as much to the show as her fellow castmates.

Eileen Davidson is in a still from the show.
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The most dramatic moment involving Davidson was when Erika Girardi suddenly yelled at her during their dinner in Hong Kong. After three seasons, Davidson decided to call it quits. We saw her again in a deleted scene from Season 8, and she made a cameo during Season 10.

Eileen Davidson – Now

Although Davidson left the show, she has been busy working on The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. The soap star never needed the show for her career, like Denise Richards, but it was a fun thing to do on the side.

Eileen Davidson attends an event.
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Davidson keeps her fans updated on social media, and she has remained friends with Lisa Rinna. While it’s possible that she could make a cameo in future seasons if Rinna sticks around, it is unclear whether Davidson wants to return to the show in any capacity. She never really liked the drama.

Carlton Gebbia – Then

One season was enough for Carlton Gebbia, and viewers agreed. The self-proclaimed witch joined the series during Season 4, and we haven’t seen her since. By the end of the season, Gebbia had broken bonds with almost all the other housewives, so she didn’t really mesh well with the group.

Carlton Gebbia speaks during an episode.
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The producers decided to cut ties with Gebbia, and everyone was happy about this decision. She butted heads with Kyle Richards, and she wasn’t like the rest of the women. Season 4 was a bizarre mix of women and one of the lower-ranked seasons for obvious reasons.

Carlton Gebbia – Now

After her time on the RHOBH, Gebbia’s life took a shocking turn. Although she and her husband seemed perfectly happy on the show, the couple divorced after 18 years of marriage. To make matters worse, she has also sued him for allegedly attacking her maid in December 2017.

Carlton Gebbia attends an event.
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Because of her divorce, Gebbia listed her gothic mansion in May 2018 for $22 million, but it sold for $13.9 million. Andy Cohen said she might have been great if she hadn’t joined so late, but she had no connections with the other women and didn’t try very hard to form close bonds.

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven – Then

Like Gebbia, Joyce Giraud joined the season we would all like to pretend never happened. The two-time Miss Puerto Rico was fired from the series after butting heads with Brandi Glanville. She became close with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards and even organized one of the group trips.

A portrait of Joyce Giraud for the show.
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Everyone felt uncomfortable during the dinner she organized on the weekend getaway, and Giraud took a lot of bullying from Glanville. It’s not surprising that people weren’t sad to see her go because she didn’t have close connections to any of the women outside of the show.

Joyce Giraud de Ohoven – Now

After her one-season run on the RHOBH, Giraud has been doing just fine. She is still married to her producer husband, and they renewed their wedding vows in 2017. She decided to launch a skincare brand called Joyce Miracle Elixir Collection, including skin and hair oils.

Joyce Giraud and Michael Ohoven attend an event.
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Giraud appeared on Vanderpump Rules but hasn’t been close with Lisa Vanderpump in a few years. Besides her beauty ventures, she has also done some hosting work and had a small role in Jeepers Creepers 3. Although no one misses her on the cast, she did spread positivity and appreciation for family.

Teddi Mellencamp

As the daughter of John Mellencamp, Teddi Mellencamp was an exciting addition to the RHOBH cast in Season 8. She was part of some of the most dramatic storylines in RHOBH history. In Season 9, Mellencamp was part of “puppygate,” and fans learned that she had known about Dorit’s puppy debacle for a while.

A portrait of Teddi Mellencamp.
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Everyone saw her cozy up to Kyle Richards, and the two seemed to have a tight bond. Although it took almost three seasons for her to warm up to the rest of her co-stars, she shocked fans by announcing that she wouldn’t be returning for Season 11.

Teddi Mellencamp – Now

Mellencamp recently made a guest appearance on Season 11 during a dinner party, and it caused a stir on Twitter. Current cast member Garcelle Beauvais asked producers why Mellencamp was there because the two don’t get along. Besides this appearance, Mellencamp has continued to work on her business and spend time with her family.

Teddi Mellencamp attends an event.
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After Season 10, she gave birth to her third child, and she has been focusing on her children. People can keep up with her on her podcast called Teddi Tea Podcast, where she sometimes talks about the housewives. It seems that she and Kyle Richards have remained friends.

Katheryn Edwards – Then

In a shocking twist of events, Katheryn Edwards went from being a guest on the show to a full-time cast member halfway through Season 6. Like a few others before her, she only lasted one season, possibly because she wasn’t entertaining enough. She really didn’t show viewers much.

Katheryn Edwards is in a still from an episode.
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Although she was Lisa Rinna’s friend when she joined the show, their friendship quickly dissolved because of Edwards’s jabs. She also ruffled feathers with Erika Girardi, but that drama wasn’t enough to keep her in the spotlight. Edwards seemed like she didn’t really care much about the show anyway.

Katheryn Edwards – Now

These days, Edwards is still married to former NFL player Donnie Edwards. The couple supports the Best Defense Foundation because her husband was the founder. However, fans can’t keep up with her so easily because she has a private Instagram account. It looks like she won’t be returning to the RHOBH anytime soon.

Katheryn Edwards and Donnie Edwards attend an event.
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Although she stays out of the public eye these days, she shared that she wasn’t shocked about the Erika Girardi scandal. Edwards also thought Lisa Vanderpump controlled the storylines of the series. It seems that she wasn’t too heartbroken about not being asked back for another season.

Dana Wilkey – Then

Although she was just a guest on the show, Dana Wilkey made quite the impression on fans. During Season 2, she was known as the girl with $25,000 sunglasses who wasn’t afraid to tell people the price. She also hosted the infamous game night, where things got heated between the Richards sisters and Brandi Glanville.

A portrait of Dana Wilkey.
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Kim Richards may have called her Pam, but she didn’t seem to care. Wilkey wanted to be a housewife, but after her last cameo during Season 3, we haven’t seen her on the show. It might be because she was Taylor Armstrong’s friend, and Armstrong left the cast after that season.

Dana Wilkey – Now

After her appearances on the RHOBH, Wilkey ran into some trouble with the law in 2014. She was indicted on six charges of fraud by a federal grand jury, but she struck a plea deal two years later. During the show, she was planning a grand wedding, which never happened.

Dana Wilkey attends an event.
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Although she had a new fiancé in 2014, she appears to be single as of late. Wilkey has always been open about joining the cast if she had the chance, but we don’t know if Andy Cohen would let that happen. Today, she focuses on her son and probably still hands out his headshots when people enter her house.

Faye Resnick – Then

Many people had heard of the morally corrupt Faye Resnick before appearing on the RHOBH because of her connection to the OJ Simpson case. However, she is best friends with Kyle Richards, so she has made several appearances throughout the eleven seasons. HH

Faye Resnick is speaking in an episode.
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Resnick has butted heads with almost everyone during the seasons because she doesn’t know how to keep her opinions to herself. From her argument with Camille Grammer in Season 1 to her battle with Brandi Glanville in Season 3, she definitely left her mark on the show.

Faye Resnick – Now

Although she hasn’t made an appearance on Season 11, we will probably see her again in the future as long as Kyle Richards is a cast member. Besides her time on the RHOBH, Resnick has also been seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians because she is a longtime friend of the family. She was recently pictured on vacation with the family.

Faye Resnick attends an event.
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Resnick recently got married, and she is still working as an interior designer. She probably has many opinions about the drama that went down on Season 11, but she hasn’t shared her opinions on camera. We have to admit that she would have been an entertaining addition to this season.

Marisa Zanuck – Then

Marisa Zanuck was featured as a friend during Season 3 of RHOBH. She tried her best to keep things low-key because there was already so much drama on the show. However, she still managed to cause a stir when she got annoyed with Taylor or when she gave Brandi ammo to criticize her.

A portrait of Marisa Zanuck and Dean Zanuck.
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People had mixed feelings about Zanuck because of the comments she made about her husband. She said he wasn’t her type and would openly talk about how she was attracted to other men in front of him. After Season 3, we didn’t see Zanuck on the show again because she wasn’t that interesting.

Marisa Zanuck – Now

It might not come as a surprise because of her comments on the show, but Zanuck and her husband Dean split in March 2016 after 13 years of marriage. The couple shares two children, so they have continued to co-parent. While she was only on the show for a short time, Zanuck has no regrets.

Marisa Zanuck attends an event.
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Today, she is still a real estate agent in Beverly Hills. Zanuck left her firm Hilton & Hyland to start her own Beverly Hills brokerage with Million Dollar Listings New York star Ryan Serhant. It is called Nest Seekers /Zanuck. However, she left in 2016 and is now self-employed, according to her LinkedIn page.

It seems that Zanuck hasn’t stayed close with any of the housewives even though she was friends with Kyle Richards and her husband, Mauricio. She hasn’t posted on social media in a few years, so it is hard to tell what she has been up to recently, but we can only hope she is happy.

Eden Sassoon – Then

Coming onto the show during Season 7, Lisa Rinna’s friend, Eden Sassoon, was quick to make herself known. The daughter of late hairstylist Vidal Sassoon always talked about her sobriety journey and how she could help Kim Richards, but it always seemed very fake and forced for the cameras.

A portrait of Eden Sassoon.
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Sassoon tried to cuddle up to Kyle Richards by buying her a friendship ring, but that didn’t work. When she showed up in a princess gown to Lisa Vanderpump’s Season 7 finale party, it all came to a head. She got into a fight with Lisa Rinna and stormed off like an angry toddler because Rinna wasn’t a good friend.

Eden Sassoon – Now

After her time on Season 7, Sassoon faded into the background and left reality TV. She is currently expanding her business with two Pilates studios and her own salon called EDEN by Eden Sassoon. Although she has kept busy since the series, Sassoon is still sharing her opinions about the women.

Eden Sassoon speaks in an interview.
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Sassoon recently criticized Dorit Kemsley’s appearance and called her out for having plastic surgery. She also posted a photo of women in a nursing home to commemorate the Season 10 premiere. It seems like she still wants to be involved with the women without being on the show. Don’t worry; Bravo isn’t calling her anytime soon.

Allison Dubois – Then

While the medium didn’t have an official role on RHOBH during Season 1, she brought the most drama to “The Dinner Party from H***.” At Camille’s dinner party, she said hurtful things to the women under the guise of psychic readings.

Allison Dubois is in a still from an episode.
Source: Bravo Tv

Although that was pretty much her only appearance on the series, she left quite the impression on the women because they will never forget that roller coaster of a dinner. She was only friends with Grammer because her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, produced Medium, the NBC drama based on Dubois.

Allison Dubois – Now

Since her wild appearance on RHOBH, Dubois continues to upload YouTube videos to her channel and still does psychic readings. Dubois also wrote several books about how people who have passed away communicate with the living. However, her relationship with Grammer ended shortly after Season 1.

Allison Dubois at her book signing.
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Grammer opened up about her former friend on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in 2016 and said, “She thinks that I set her up, but I didn’t put the words in her mouth. She came on and said the things she said.” It’s safe to say we won’t see Dubois on the show again.

Erika Girardi – Then

We know some of you are wondering why Erika Girardi is on this list. It is unclear whether she will return for another season with all her legal troubles. She joined the cast of housewives during Season 6 because she was Yolanda Hadid’s friend. She was there to defend her when Lisa Rinna spread rumors about Hadid’s illness.

Erika Girardi is in a still from the show.
Source: Bravo Tv

Fans quickly learned about Girardi’s singing alter ego, Erika Jayne, and she became a hit. Her storylines have been centered around her career as a singer, and her husband, Tom Girardi, wasn’t seen as much. That all changed during Season 11, when she shockingly announced her divorce, and everything started to unravel.

Erika Girardi- Now

Girardi is still on RHOBH, and she will reportedly answer many questions at the Season 11 reunion. There has been a lot of confusion surrounding her pending divorce and her connection/knowledge about the money her husband put into her bank accounts. She has changed her story many times, and people want answers.

Erika Girardi attends an event.
Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images

While Girardi probably needs to stay on the show for the income, we don’t know how Bravo will handle the situation. Most of the drama on Season 11 surrounds her personal life, and viewers can’t wait to see what she or her castmates say about the allegations.