Celebrity Historical doppelgängers that will make you Believe in Time Travel

Everyone loves a good doppelgänger and, when they resemble our favorite actors, it’s even better! Some of these are so accurate that you will believe in Time Travel. These Doppelgangers are focused on people from the past.

Leonardo DiCaprio and a woman that looks like him
Source: Watson

We thought it would be fun to imagine what it would be like if these celebrities used to be their ancient Doppelgängers! Maybe in a past life, a time machine or maybe they’re even clones! Check out these awesome Historical Doppelgängers of your beloved celebrities!

Keanu Reeves Was a French actor

Is it possible that Keanu Reeves may have been French in a past life? The similarities are so close! Reeves should check his family tree because this guy has got to be his great-great-grandfather or something.

Keanu Reeves and Paul Monet
Source: Insider

The guy on the left is actually a French actor named Paul Mounet. You cannot deny the resemblance between these two. Even though this is a nineteenth-century version of Reeves, their mustaches are the same!

Orlando Bloom Was an Artist

Am I the only one who notices the similarities between these two? Obviously, Orlando Bloom is a very talented actor. However, he looks exactly like a nineteenth-century painter named Nicolae Grigorescu.

Orlando Blum and Nicolae Grigorescu
Source: Pinterest

I think Orlando Bloom is either an immortal vampire or a time traveler! He’s been charming us with good looks for over 200 years! Even those long flowy locks look the same!

Ellen DeGeneres Was a Philosopher

We all know Ellen as a famous talk show host, heard by many. Who would have guessed that people have been listening to her voice since the nineteenth century! Before she was Ellen DeGeneres, she had to be Henry David Thoreau.

Ellen DeGeneres and Henry David Thoreau
Source: Brainpickings

This resemblance is spooky. Just look at their identical eyes! Like Ellen, Henry also had a huge audience. He became part of the spotlight through his philosophical idea. I guess Henry went to Hollywood!

Eddie Murphy Was cloned

I know what you’re thinking, but these aren’t two photos of Eddie Murphy. Strangely, the first picture looks more like him! This guy must have been cloned into the famous actor.

Eddie Murphy and his Doppelgänger
Source: Pinterest

Eddie Murphy has been making us laugh for years, but, this picture is honestly frightening. They have the exact same face! Everything from the eyebrow arches to the mustaches.

Jimmy Fallon Was a Political Leader

Obviously, Jimmy Fallon is destined for greatness. Not only is he a successful talk-show host, but he also led the Turkish communists into a revolution! That’s right, Fallon’s historical doppelgänger is Mahir Cayan, a political leader.

Jimmy Fallon and Mahir Cayan
Source: Celebritydirt

The resemblance here is unbelievable! Cayan looks identical to Jimmy Fallon! Maybe we should avoid getting into a political debate with the comedian due to his possible history.

Justin Timberlake Was a Time Traveler

Justin Timberlake is an iconic heart-throb of our generation. However, he was charming people with his good looks before he was a celebrity! That, or he has a time-machine.

Justin Timberlake and his look-alike from the passed
Source: Pinterest

Based on this picture, I think it’s safe to say that Timberlake existed in the eighteenth century. Sure his image and style changed through the years, but apparently, he’s been a stud for centuries!

Nicolas Cage Was a Country Boy

Although the actor is from California, there could have been a time where he was a country boy from Tennessee. The proof is in the picture. It’s just like looking in a mirror!

Nickolas Cage looking like a historical country boy
Source: Ranker

If Nicolas Cage didn’t exist in 1870, then, this is definitely one of his long lost relatives. I can picture Cage in a cowboy hat! You know what they say, there’s nothing like southern hospitality!

Matthew Perry Was More than Just Chandler

Matthew Perry looks just like American Vice President, John C. Breckinridge. Looks like before he became the lovable Chandler on Friends, he was an influential political leader!

Matthew Perry and John C. Breckinridge
Source: Pinterest

Check out the uncanny resemblance! Not only was Breckinridge Vice President, but he was a well-known lawyer and a soldier. It looks like Perry has had quite the career.

Robert De Niro Was an Elizabethan

This striking resemblance is scary! Before he graced out movie screens, Robert de Niro was getting his picture painted in the Elizabethan age. Just look at those eyes, and you’ll think they are twins!

Robert De Niro and a painting that looks like him
Source: Celebritynetworth

Judging by the frightening accuracy of these pictures. Chances are, De Niro was enjoying the sixteenth-century life as an upper-class Elizabethan, before joining Hollywood.

Peter Dinklage was the Court Jester

Peter Dinklage is a hilarious actor with an impressive career. However, this picture leads me to believe his talent lasted throughout more than one lifetime. They look like twins!

Peter Dinklage and the Court Jester
Source: Populareverything

I still can’t get over how Peter Dinklage looks just like the court Jester, Sebastian de Morra! No wonder he is so talented! He has been making audiences laugh since the seventeenth century! Practice makes perfect.

Queen Latifa Was an Author

Before Queen Latifah was a star, she may have been an author. Obviously the intelligence was passed down, but can you picture Latifa as a novelist for African American literature?

Queen Latifah and a writer
Source: Indigo

There share significant facial features such as their smiles, eyes, and high cheek books. Do you think Queen Latifa is a clone? Or are their identical faces just a coincidence?

Zac Efron Was a Soldier

Everyone loves looking at Zac Efron as he graces the screen with his talent and charm. He played several iconic movie roles throughout his career, but here is proof that he lived more than one lifetime.

Zac Efron and a Soldier
Source: Reddit

Obviously, Efron is a famous, talented actor right now. But there was a time where he may have been serving in the US army. Am I the only one who is shocked by Zac’s resemblance to this soldier?

Zach Galifianakis was a Fashion Designer

Zach Galifianakis is a man of many talents. Out of all the possibilities out there, the one thing I didn’t picture Zack as is, a designer. Nevertheless, this picture is giving me some doubts.

Zack Galifiangakis and Louis Vuitton
Source: Populareverything

Galifianakis ’s historical doppelgänger is no other than the nineteenth century iconic trendsetter, Louis Vuitton. He may not worry too much about his sense of style now, but two successful lifetimes is pretty impressive!

Jack Black was spreading Patriotism

I can’t picture Jack Black as anything other than the exciting and hilarious actor we all love. There was a time in the eighteenth century when he was a silversmith inspiring people with his patriotism.

Jack Black and Paul Revere
Source: Populareverything

After his efforts to help his country in the American Revolution, Paul Revere found himself in the spotlight. They look identical! Although Jack isn’t involved in politics, he receives fame for his many talents.

Matthew McConaughey was a Grandfather

This is another random family photo someone found. He noticed his great, great, grandfather look strikingly similar to Matthew McConaughey. Forget about the mustache and look at their faces.

Matthew McConaughey and someone’s grandfather
Source: Quora

Can you believe this indisputable match? There’s not a lot I know about the man on the left, but I assume Matthew McConaughey has a twin that he sent into the past!

Brad Pitt Was a Doctor

This is one of my favorite doppelgänger of all time! Brad Pit is a talented actor who portrayed some historical figures throughout his career. Maybe earned the role because of his firsthand experience.

Brad Pitt and Herman Rorschach
Source: Insider

Before he was Brad Pitt, the actor lived as Herman Rorschach, a Swiss Psychologist. The resemblance is the star has with the doctor is unbelievable. For all we know, Herman was an olden day Brad.

Jennifer Lawrence Was an Egyptian Movie Star

Stunning actress Jennifer Lawrence has an incredible resemblance to Zubaida Tharwat, an Egyptian movie star. It’s crazy how such unique beauty can be so identical.

Jennifer Lawrence and Egyptian movie star
Source: Twitter

Both actresses have mesmerizing eyes. The more I look at Tharwat, the more I see Lawrence. There is no way there is no family connection. Do you think Jennifer has Egyptian relatives?

Jimmy Kimmel Was a Woman

There is no way you are not cracking up right now! This picture is so funny and so accurate! Here’s another celebrity who lived as two different genders. If you ever wondered what Kimmel would look like as girl… you’re welcome!

Jimmy Kimmel and a woman
Source: Pinterest

Jimmy Kimmel is a beloved comedian and popular television host. Can you imagine looking through your grandma’s old photos and finding one where she looks exactly like a man on TV?

Eminem was Canadian

If you have ever paid attention to Eminem’s lyrics, you probably noticed that the rapper is intelligent with a very broad vocabulary. His brains could have been passed down from a past life.

Eminem and a Canadian professor
Source: YouTube

Marshal Mathers, the rapper we all know and love looks so similar to this Canadian Professor, Harold Innis. If Harold is the real Slim Shady, does that mean Eminem is Canadian clone?

Conan O’Brien Was Aunt Hilda

I never noticed any feminine features in Conan O’Brien but that all changed as soon as I saw this picture. It’s possible that these are two completely different people, but I can’t unsee this picture.

Conan O’Brien and someone Aunt Hilda
Source: Populareverything

If things couldn’t get any weirder, apparently this picture is someone’s aunt, Hilda. If she’s not O’Brien she must be a relative. Just look at those identical smiles and matching teeth!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was an Old fashioned Uncle

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a talented actor famous for his old fashioned sense of style. It turns out; he took on the classic look from the time he spent in the early twentieth century. Here’s a picture to prove it!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and someone’s uncle
Source: Twitter

This is an old picture someone found of his uncle, but it was taken in 1940. We can spot the smile from a mile away! If I didn’t know better, I would think this is Joseph’s yearbook picture.

Elijah Wood Was Bedouin Woman

Okay, get ready because this picture is perfect. Before he was a successful actor, Elijah Wood lived as a Bedouin woman! The creepy similarities are pretty hilarious!

Elijah Wood and a Bedouin woman
Source: Pinterest

Of course, this was back in the twentieth century, so times have changed. However, what hasn’t changed in that face! They literally look like twins! If I didn’t see double before, I am now.

Robert Pattinson Was Still a Vampire

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson is one of the biggest heartthrobs of our generation. Based on this picture, he may have earned this title in another generation. Just look at the resemblance!

Robert Pattinson and his historical doppelgänger
Source: Populareverything

Maybe Pattinson got the lead role in the Twilight Saga because he’s actually a vampire! It’s finally beginning to make sense. Robert being an immortal Vampire is the only explanation for this picture

Jeff Goldblum was Asian

Have you ever picture Jeff Goldblum as an Asian? Probably not but, that will probably change as soon as you see this picture! You can’t unsee it however I can promise you will laugh!

Jeff Goldblum and an Asian
Source: Imgur

Who would have thought that Goldblum’s ancient doppelgänger would turn out to be some Asian? I literally thought the man on the left was Jeff wearing a costume. He is an actor after all.

Alec Baldwin Was President

Alec Baldwin is one of those people who was born to be a star. Although most of these celebrities were low key in their previous lives, Baldwin may have been even more significant in his past existence.

Alec Baldwin and President Millard Fillmore
Source: Reddit

I can’t believe I didn’t realize this before but did anyone notice Baldwin’s resemblance to ex-President, Millard Fillmore? This historical Doppelgänger is a pretty crazy one!

Jack Gleeson was a Roman Emperor

Irish actor, Jack Gleeson captured our hearts through his amazing portrayal of Joffrey Baratheon on the extremely popular TV show, Game of Thrones. After looking at this picture, it looks like Jack has sat on a throne before.

Jack Gleeson and a historical sculpture
Source: Populareverything

There is something very unsettling about the way Jack looks as Roman emperor, Caligula. It may just be because we are looking at just the head of a sculpture. I mean, their facial features are spot on!

Mark Zuckerberg Was the King

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his genius mind that created Facebook. However, before he helped to introduce social media to the world, Zuckerberg could have been a Spanish Monarch.

Mark Zuckerberg and a painting of a Spanish Monarch
Source: Populareverything

There is no way to deny this one. They two are identical! Mark should be happy to know that he might have been a king in a previous life. The accuracy of this one kind of freaks me out.

Mesut Ozil Was Creating the Ferrari

This is the first time I saw a soccer player with such a strong similarity to a historical figure. Mesut Ozil is a German successful soccer player but, I don’t think it’s his first lifetime being rich.

Mesut Ozil and Enzo Ferrari
Source: Populareverything

Will the money you can earn from being a famous soccer player, Ozil probably spends his money, on cars such as Ferraris. Well, the athlete looks like he can be twins with Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the luxury car.

Ryan Gosling Was Just as Good Looking

The handsome and talented Ryan gosling also has a historical Doppelgänger. Fortunately, the olden-day version of the loveable Canadian actor is just as good looking!

Ryan Gosling and his historical doppelgänger
Source: Bustle

They both have gorgeous blonde hair and basically the exact same face! We love seeing Goslings face on our screens. We can hope they appreciated his charm in the olden days too!

Jodie Foster was Elvis’s Mother

Today, Jodie Foster is a well-known actress and director, but she could have been someone completely different first. Foster looks strangely Similar to Gladys Presley, Elvis Presley’s mother!

Jodie Foster and Gladys Presley
Source: Populareverything

Foster is a Los Angeles girl, born and raised! However, there may have been a time when was a southern girl living all the way down in Mississippi. Oh, and raising the King of Rock n’ Roll!

Matt Damon Was His Own Twin

In my opinion, this is by far the most accurate doppelgänger on this list! One guy was casually looking at old family photos. When he got to his parent’s wedding pictures, he discovered that his father used to look just like Matt Damon.

Matt Damon and his look-alike
Source: Reddit

The Similarities are amazing! Other than having the same face, they even smile the same! I’m not convinced we are looking at two different people here. This would all make so much more sense if Damon had a long lost twin!

Jamie Foxx Was Always a Gentleman

Jamie Foxx is known for being a respectful man. He is sweet and polite when it comes to his interviews and fans. You know what they say, once a gentleman always a gentleman!

Jamie Foxx and his historical doppelgänger
Source: Populareverything

You may have to look twice at this one to make sure you’re not seeing double! These two people look so much alike! If the gentleman on the left wasn’t from the twentieth century, I would easily confuse him with Foxx.

John Travolta Was a Grandma

Here is another celebrity whose historical doppelgänger is of the opposite gender. This time, someone stumbled upon a picture of their grandma, he quickly noticed she shared a striking resemblance to John Travolta.

John Travolta and someone’s grandma
Source: Madnesshub

I mean, just look at the side by side photo. The longer you stare at it, the creepier it gets. The woman has similar hair to Travolta and the same face! Check out their identical eyes!

Bruce Willis Was A soldier

This one actually freaks me out! Bruce Willis is one of the most recognized actors of our time. He portrayed many iconic characters throughout his career, including a soldier.

Bruce Willis and Field Marshal, Douglas Macarthur
Source: Pinterest

I thought this picture was from that movie set. However, the man on the left is Field Marshal, Douglas Macarthur. If this 100-year-old picture isn’t Bruce Willis, then it has got to be a relative! They look way too similar!

Michael Jackson Was a Painting

Although he is famous for his iconic voice, Michael Jackson is also known for his unique look. Barnet Fabritius is a seventeenth-century painter. He painted a man that looks just like Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson and a historical painting
Source: Pinterest

Obviously, the Dutch painter existed way before Michael was even born, but maybe it was him in a different lifetime. Who knows, maybe the King of Pop has a time machine.

Leonardo DiCaprio Was a Woman

Leonardo DiCaprio is easily one of the most recognized actors of our generation. Known for his talent and his incredibly good looks, it’s shocking to see that DiCaprio’s historical Doppelganger is a woman!

Leonardo DiCaprio and a woman that looks like him
Source: Watson

Obviously, DiCaprio is handsome and manly. However, in this picture, he looks amazingly similar to Jody Zipper. Look at their hair, eyes, and smile. Basically their faces are identical!

Ashton Kutcher Was Steve Jobs!

This one might be cheating. Obviously, Ashton Kutcher portrayed the role of technology legend, Steve Jobs, just a few years ago. Nevertheless, the two look strikingly similar and can be twins!

Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs
Source: NRC

Luckily for Kutcher, he didn’t have to transform much of his look to perform the part perfectly! Other than looking the same, Kutcher’s personal style even resembles Job’s!

Tommy Lee Jones Was the President

Tommy Lee is an impressive actor. Throughout his career, his talent earned him multiple awards. Although he lived a life filled with success, he may have previously lived a life filled with power.

Tommy Lee Jones and President Andrew Johnson
Source: Populareverything

If you don’t recognize the man on the left, he happens to be Andrew Johnson, the seventeenth president of the United States. Judging by this picture, it’s Tommy Lee in the nineteenth-century.