Celebrity Demands According to Their Riders

Many people can be rude and demanding. We all have that friend that can be a little entitled and is very particular about what they want. Well, it’s not so different when it comes to celebrities. Many Hollywood stars are very high maintenance and extremely demanding. That’s why they usually have riders written, stating exactly what they need to ensure their comfort. Sometimes their requests are reasonable and include necessities like food and towels. Other times, celebrities can be really excessive and just plain rude.

Eminem performing in 2018. / Steve Martin at a red-carpet event in 2019. / Cher performing in 2019. / Paul McCartney at an event in 2019.
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Sometimes the demands are ridiculous, like when someone asks for a bowl of M&Ms… but only the green ones. Other times, even speaking to a celebrity is unacceptable. When fame gets to someone’s head, they can have unrealistic expectations. However, most of the time, they are just extremely specific about their scented candles. When comedians go on tour, they love to add some outrageous rider requests as a joke, and they are often taken seriously. Check out these celebrity riders and see which shocks you the most.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a little bit of a Hollywood Diva, so it’s not a surprise that this singer has her very specific demands. Her rider includes 16-ounce bottles of water… but it must be Evian. If the water is for tea, however, Evian won’t do. She needs Poland Spring water for that. Wow, I wouldn’t want to accidentally give this girl Dasani water.

Mariah Carey at a red-carpet event in 2019. / A bottle of Cristal vinotheque 1995.
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She also requests Cristal champagne, but she also needs her bendy straws to drink it with. Reportedly, she replaced the bubbly with a $200 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Her dressing room also needs to be filled with two dozen white roses and be stocked with vanilla aromatherapy candles. She also always needs her room to be at exactly 75 degrees at all times, and a “lamp or clip light” should be there so that “harsh lighting may be turned off.”

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson seems like the type of celebrity to demand chicken bones or black candles for his dressing room. However, his rider is way more wholesome than you think. His daily requests include gummy bears, 2 percent milk, Doritos, Manwich, and microwave popcorn. Wow! This is what my rider will look like when I’m a celebrity one day.

Marilyn Manson at a red-carpet event in 2020. / A plate with a Manwich on a bun with some microwave popcorn.
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He even orders mini chocolates. This is not what to expect from the guy who pledged fealty to Lucifer. This is what I would put on my rider if I was a celebrity. Personally, I am okay with just popcorn and Doritos. Something is telling me Marilyn Manson is planning on smoking something and wants his munchies ready! But then again, what do I know?

Van Halen

The rider for Van Halen’s 1982 tour is possibly one of the wackiest! Yes, they asked for herring in their sour cream, but that’s not all! They asked for a bowl of M&Ms, which makes sense, M&Ms are delicious. However, they didn’t want the brown ones. That’s right; a person needed to remove all of the brown M&Ms from the bowl. Don’t they know they all taste the same in your mouth?

Van Halen was performing in 1984. / A bowl of MnMs with all of the brown ones separated.
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This did seem a bit excessive, demanding someone to pick through a bunch of candy, but apparently, the band just wanted to make sure their rider was completely read. This is a smart trick, and it works! If they saw any brown candies in the bowl, they know their rider wasn’t read or taken seriously. But if anyone ever asked me to remove all the brown M&Ms, I’d quit my job.

Lady Gaga

After Lady Gaga wore a dress made out of steak, nothing she does shocks me. I already know her requests are going to be extremely bizarre. Her rider includes posters of Queen, David Bowie, and some of her other musical heroes. I guess that’s not too strange… but wait. She also requests a mannequin with specifically groomed nether regions. Yep, that sounds like the Lady Gaga we know and love.

Lady Gaga at a red-carpet event in 2019. / Photograph of an orange soda and dr. Pepper.
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This superstar also likes her soda, so her rider includes Orange Soda and Dr. Pepper to quench her thirst. However, according to her 2010 rider, she was drinking just four cans of Coke Zero. Gaga also needs her two bottles of white wine; one must be the Kendall Jackson Brand.

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff, also known as “The Hoff” is a singer, actor, and producer. He actually set the Guinness World Record for the most-watched man on TV. That is pretty impressive. Well, one of the most famous faces on screen also has one of the most hysterical and random of all these celebrity riders we have ever seen.

David Hasselhoff is walking around with his own cardboard cutout holding an autographed photo of himself.
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His only demand is a life-size cutout of him David Hasselhoff backstage. That’s right; he demands a cardboard cutout of himself! On the bright side, Hasselhoff clearly has a good sense of humor, and he doesn’t lack self-confidence either. I mean, this guy can easily have a long list of demands, but his only wish is himself. Is that so much to ask for?

Barbra Streisand

If there is one person who takes the crown for being ‘the original diva,’ it’s Barbra Streisand. During her long career, she learned how to be what us commoners call high maintenance. Not only does she demand a sweep of the room by police dogs before she enters, but everyone needs to look perfect. No staff or crew member should dare to wear a T-shirt in her presence.

Barbra Streisand at an event in 2018. / A police K-9 unit.
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According to her 2006 rider, the actress reportedly demanded that before she performs, a police K-9 team needs to sweep the arenas. Well… I guess she is just being cautious? This is also the girl who cloned her dog twice, so her rider shouldn’t surprise me at this point.

Joe Jonas

Since his days in the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas kept a pretty wholesome image. Unlike other child stars, Joe never felt the need to shake off his Disney image because he is really just as sweet in real life. His rider doesn’t consist of private jets and Jacuzzis; instead, at the top of his list is 12 puppies! There is nothing more adorable than that.

Jonas Brothers in concert at the Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland, UK - 5 Feb 2020
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The 12 puppies have been on his rider for a while, but the singer revealed that this is the one thing he doesn’t always get. He mentioned that on a rare occasion, “a city will show up with 12 puppies” waiting for him. The only other thing Jonas requests is beer and meat pies. Yum! That actually sounds pretty good.


Eminem is another celebrity whose rider is nothing like you would expect. His old rider obviously includes booze, but since his Recovery album, the rap star let go of all his lavish demands. What he won’t give up, however, is the quality of his pickles. His rider reportedly says that he and his entourage should only be served Gunelsheim pickles. Quality pickles are very important.

Eminem was performing in 2018. / Dannon Light and Fit strawberry and a banana cream yogurt.
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His other requests are simple, mostly it’s just a list of food items. Eminem needs his healthy snacks like Dannon Light ‘N’ Fit yogurt, specifically strawberry/banana. He wants his room stocked with some jumbo shrimps, fresh meat, and 25-pound dumbbells. Some of the other things the rapper includes in his rider are Snyder pretzels and vitamin water (not diet).

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is another celebrity who has been in the industry long enough to know exactly what he needs. The singer insists on having his own elevator. This is pretty understandable for a star like Timberlake. As someone who is so easily recognizable, he needs his own elevator to ensure more privacy. He also requests to have the entire hotel floor to himself.

Justin Timberlake at an event in 2019. / Hand sanitizer is next to elevator buttons.
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There will also be no bacteria on his doorknobs. According to his rider, Justin Timberlake requests that all his doorknobs backstage and hotel rooms should be disinfected every two hours. The singer is very health cautious, and with his busy schedule, he has no time to get sick. Most importantly, Justin demands an endless supply of Hershey’s chocolate.

Britney Spears

Do you know what Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson have in common? They both love Doritos. The pop star does love her junk food, but she also requests fresh fruit, vegetables, and tuna salad. We can all learn a little something for Britney; it’s called moderation. She also needs her red Altoids and International Coffee tins.

Britney Spears at a red-carpet event in 2018. / A portrait of Princess Diana.
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Britney Spears’s rider has changed throughout the year. In 1999, her catering demands were Froot Loops, Captain Crunch, and Pop-Tarts. I guess she loves to start off her day with a delicious sugary breakfast. The strangest thing she requested in her rider was when she was performing in London. She asked for a portrait of Princess Diana for her room, as well as fish and chips. Apparently, it was to help her get into a British state of mind.


Madonna is another diva whose list of demands is just as extreme and excessive as you would expect. First of all, she needs her room set up exactly like her room at home. She literally has her furniture shipped. The singer also needs accommodations for her entourage… made up of 200 people! Oh, and don’t forget her flowers, white and pink roses with each stem trimmed to exactly six inches.

Madonna at a red-carpet event in 2018. / Photograph of toilet seats hanging up on display at the store.
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Madonna also demands a brand-new toilet seat at every venue. You may be wondering, what does that even mean? They literally need to buy a new toilet for her everywhere she goes. Oh, Madonna. She also needs her vegan menu and 20 international phone lines. Yea, because 10 isn’t enough.

Katy Perry

If there is one girl who knows what she wants, it’s Katy Perry. And she wants a whole lot. Instead of requesting water bottles, Katy Perry demands to have water dispensers. Of course, SIGG water bottles are needed for her tour personnel. Her coffee table also needs to be specifically a “Perspex modern style.”

Katy Perry was performing in 2019. / Photograph of SIGG water bottles lined up in front of a mountain view.
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The queen also needs her white flowers and orchids but, “ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.” If you thought that was excessive, the pop star also has a specific code of conduct for her drivers. Her chauffeurs are not allowed to talk to even look at the singer. Her rider states that they are forbidden to “start a conversation with the client.” Yikes! The car also needs to be stocked with four bottles in case she God forbid forgets her SIGG.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin is obviously a hilarious comedian, so it might be unfair to include him on a list of funny celebrity riders. Especially once you find out that he leaked his own hysterical rider. On his rider, Martin demands an entire roasted chicken for him to use as a dancing puppet. He also asked for a bathing suit just in case there is a pool on stage.

Steve Martin at a red-carpet event in 2019. / A roasted chicken with a tan line.
Photo by Gregory Pace, Shutterstock / Source: Twitter

For the wardrobe section of the actor’s rider states, “nothing constricting or scratchy, except for Steve’s thong. Steve also demands that his dressing room “must have a new trophy delivered every 10 minutes. Suggested trophies include “most beloved” and the “best show of the year.” These requests are so ridiculous; they have to be a joke. But do you think he still gets all his requests?


We can’t forget about the other half of the A-list dynamic duo, Jay Z. In his rider, the rapper demands “good quality peanut butter” and “good quality jelly.” If Jay-Z is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it must be the best. He also always has a full-time cigar rolling assistant available! Jay-Z also needs seven dressing rooms, and no one should ask him for free tickets to his concert to “avoid embarrassment.”

Jay-Z at a red-carpet event in 2017. / Peanut butter and jelly with the jelly in the shape of a heart.
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TMZ reported that there should be absolutely no vacuuming near his room. His 71-degree room should also be childproof. All corners, sharp edges, and outlets should be covered. There also shouldn’t be any breakable objects in the room. His rider also includes organic whole milk for Blue Ivy.

Kanye West

If there is one thing you can expect from Kanye West, it’s that he would have a demanding rider. Not only is Kanye demanding, but he is also creative. The rapper has requested an entire slushy machine with frozen Hennessy and Coke flavors. Of course, he also needed an $8,000 bed for his daughter, North. Only the best when it comes to Kim and Kanye’s 5-year-old.

Kanye West at a red-carpet event in 2019. / A yellow and pink Hennessy slushie.
Photo by Gregory Pace, Shutterstock / Source: Twitter

For his dressing room, Kanye’s rider states, “NO COKE PRODUCTS ARE TO BE PLACED IN THE DRESSING ROOM.” He seems to be pretty healthy, considering his food demands consist of a fruit platter, which should include watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, and strawberries. He also needs high-speed internet, which is reasonable for this day in age.


As you have probably suspected, Drake demands gallons of booze and rolling papers in his rider. He also needs a dozen scented candles, a bottle of Bonner’s peppermint soap, and cough drops. The rapper also requests a pack of Dutch Master President cigars and a radio with a CD player. That last one is a little old school. But I love it.

Drake at a red-carpet event in 2019. / A bottle of Bonner’s peppermint soap.
Photo by Anthony Harvey, Shutterstock / Source: Flickr

He also needs to have his Andis T-Outliner hair clippers. I guess that’s why his beard is always so perfectly trimmed. Drake’s rider also states that for his showtime meal, he wants a hot dish of chicken, fish, or turkey. He also needs a veggie dish (ex: veggie lasagna), and a side of either rice, vegetables, or potatoes. That sounds reasonable and delicious.


Adele’s rider is definitely not how I would have imagined it. She needs a pack of Marlboro Light and 12 bottles of European lager. “North American beer is NOT acceptable.” That’s very specific. The singer also requests that all guests would be asked for an extra $20 minimum when they go collect their tickets, no exceptions. The money ultimately goes to charity, but it’s a strange thing to demand.

Adele at a red-carpet event in 2017. / Photograph of a pack of Marlboro light.
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Adele also needs her lighter and chewing gum. She also wants her freshly made sandwiches but with no tomatoes, vinegar, chili, or citrus fruit. In her dressing room, Adele requests her favorite chocolate bars, such as Twix, Milky Way, and Mars. Oh, and don’t forget her ‘very best quality red wine.’

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a pop princess who is also known for a few diva moments. However, her rider requests are pretty simple. She loves her soy cheese, Oreos, Flintstones chewable vitamins, and candles. Also, she demands her Nesquick and cranberries. That sounds extremely reasonable to me.

Christina Aguilera at a red-carpet event in 2019. / Flintstone chewable vitamins.
Photo by Christopher Polk, Variety, Shutterstock / Source: Twitter

Most of the food she chooses is healthy, but the singer also likes Wendy’s Big Bacon Classic. Her manager even calls her a “fast food queen.” Although her food requests seem less lavish than you’d expect, here is something that won’t surprise you. Christina demands that she needs a police escort everywhere she goes. With her busy schedule, she can’t just ‘encounter any delays due to traffic,’ you know, like the rest of us.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seems down to earth and relatable, and her rider reflects that. The only thing she is really specific about is her Starbucks order. Swift needs her grande iced caramel latte with two Sweet ’n Lows and a grande iced Americano with two Sweet ’n Lows and soy milk. Maybe someone should tell her that Sweet ’n Low is worse for you than real sugar.

Taylor Swift
Photo by imageSPACE, Shutterstock / Steve Heap, Shutterstock

In 2008 she requested some of her favorite foods, including 3 boxes of Kraft Macaroni/Cheese, 1 bag of Kraft shredded cheddar cheese, chips and spicy salsa, a bag of frozen edamame, a bag of Twizzlers and so much more. You can’t forget her chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and chocolate brownie frozen yogurt; both Ben & Jerry’s, of course.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a huge pop star, so you would think her rider would be filled with some lavish, ridiculous demands. Well, actually, Selena’s rider is pretty reasonable. She needs her favorite fresh Pepper Jack cheese and fresh American cheese sliced and also a pound of sliced turkey breast. She requests some white bread (no wonder bread), and small jars of mustard and mayonnaise.

Selena Gomez at a red-carpet event in 2020. / An assortment of deli meats, fresh cheese, olives, and bread.
Source: Shutterstock / Photo by Yulia Davidovich, Shutterstock

As for the healthy food, Selena likes to have washed lettuce, two ripe tomatoes, and one ripe avocado. She also requests six Clif bars as a healthy snack. All this singer demands is food. She makes it clear that to accommodate vegetarian band members, the meat, cheese, and vegetables should all be in different containers. Oh, and how can I forgot, no one on her crew can say the word “Justin.”

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has a pretty extensive rider. He needs a ton of booze, 8 bottles of vodka, two bottles of Patron Silver tequila, two bottles of cognac, and two bottles of Luc Belaire sparkling wine. Plus, we can’t forget the 50 shot glasses he needs to down it with. The comedian also requests “five females with athletic/sexy build.” I’m guessing that part is a joke, but what do I know?

Kevin Hart at a red-carpet event in 2019. / Ciroc, champagne, Patron, and Hennessy.
Photo by Matt Baron, Shutterstock / Source: Flickr

Hart’s rider also has a full page dedicated to a cell phone ban for his audience. It states, “No: cell phones, texting, tweeting, talking, cameras, or recording devices of any kind DURING THE SHOW OR YOU WILL BE EJECTED.” That is extremely clear and very specific.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is known for his antics and sometimes rude behavior. That’s why his luxurious rider isn’t very shocking. At the start of Justin’s career, he kept it pretty simple. In Justin’s 2010 rider, the singer requested food and a bunch of his favorite snacks. Fast-forward a few years, and his demands are just as extravagant as you would expect.

Justine Bieber at a red-carpet event in 2020. / A yoga casket.
Photo by Matt Baron, Shutterstock / Source: Pinterest

Today, the popstar demands 10 luxury Sedans and a massage table. He also needed rooms in two different hotels and a private jet on standby. We can’t forget the necessities such as 12 white handkerchiefs. On his Indian tour, the singer rider reportedly included an “Indian Yoga Casket” and a Jacuzzi. I guess when you’re as famous as the Beebs, no demand is too much.


Beyoncé is very strict about her no Coca-Cola rule. The superstar is in a contract with Pepsi, and if she drinks anything else, she will break it. Especially if she was caught drinking Pepsi’s biggest competitor. In her hospitality rider, Beyoncé requested her favorite foods: Juicy baked chicken, steamed garlic broccoli, string beans, spinach, and, most importantly, hot sauce.

Beyoncé in concert in 2018. / A chicken leg, mashed potatoes, and Cole-slaw next to a glass of cold Pepsi.
Photo by Picturegroup, Shutterstock / Source: Tumblr

Only the best for Queen Bey. Her rider states that the temperature in her room should always be set on 78 degrees. She needs the best lighting to ensure her makeup is perfect. The singer requested that her vanity area needs to include two director chairs and have enough space to accommodate her hairstylist and makeup artist.


Like many other celebrities, Ne-Yo wants to be able to relax in his dressing room. His rider refers to him as Ne-Yo-“The Gentleman,” and states that the room should be stocked with alcohol, including a bottle of Ketel One. What’s interesting is that he doesn’t need the Vodka for drinking. Surprisingly, Ne-Yo requests the bottle so that he can use it for cleaning.

Ne-Yo at a red-carpet event in 2019. / A Ketel one vodka set up.
Photo by Chelsea Lauren, Shutterstock / David Tonelson, Shutterstock

The singer’s rider also includes a fire extinguisher. I want to know the story behind that. For food, Ne-Yo likes his buffalo chicken and a variety of cheeses. He also requests crackers, bread, fruit, chips and salsa, and peanut butter and jelly. His rider clearly states “absolutely no pork or fried food in his dressing room.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan managed to earn a reputation that completely overshadowed her acting talent. She has been known to be a demanding diva, and it’s reflected in her rider. When Lohan was asked to appear on a Russian talk show, her rider included meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. She also requested a private jet and $650,000 to just show up.

Lindsay Lohan at a red-carpet event in 2019. / A woman is stepping out of a nice car with a private jet waiting for her.
Photo by Swan Gallet, WWD, Shutterstock / zieusin, Shutterstock

I don’t know who Lindsay Lohan thinks she is, but she should probably take what she can get at this point. She also asked for a one-year Russian visa and a hairstylist, manicurist, and makeup artist on her plane. The actress also demanded a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suit. I guess there are some big Lindsay Lohan fans in Russia…


Unlike most celebrities, Cher insists that she and her managers don’t wear backstage passes. Her rider explains that they will not be wearing them, so people should familiarize themselves with their faces. She also needs an additional room for her wigs. How many wigs does she possibly bring where she can’t share a room with them?

Cher was performing in 2019. / A black Solo cup.
Photo by EMG, Shutterstock / Source: Amazon

Backstage, the star likes to relax like a normal person. She asks for cable so that she can watch TV and unwind before she has to go entertain a large crowd. Her rider also includes black solo cups, lilies, and special tissues. I don’t know what special tissues are, but I guess Kleenex doesn’t do the trick for this singer.

Cardi B

Reportedly, Cardi B’s rider includes plenty of alcohol for her crew to enjoy and, her room filled with six dozen white roses. That sounds pretty romantic. I wonder if she counts to make sure there are exactly 72 flowers. In addition to her six dozen white roses, her rider includes Degree spray deodorant and Gillette razors.

Cardi B was out and about in France. / A close-up of white roses.
Photo by Beretta, Sims, Shutterstock / Vladimir salman, Shutterstock

Her alcohol request consists of two bottles of Hennessy, two bottles of D’uess, and one bottle of 1942 tequila. The singer also likes her delicious healthy food such as grilled/fried chicken, roasted vegetables, and Caesar salad. That actually sounds pretty good right now. She also needs 20 bottles of water to stay hydrated, Red Bull to stay energized, and fresh coffee to stay awake.

Ed Sheeran

A lot of celebrities have a lot of necessities and specific items that they can’t live without. Ed Sheeran is the complete opposite. He is probably the least demanding celebrity with an extremely humble rider. During his 2017 Glastonbury tour, the singer didn’t ask for much. His rider included a six-pack of Coca-Cola, a six-pack of Diet Coke, a six-pack of Sprite, and a six-pack of Orange Fanta.

Ed Sheeran
Photo by JM Enternational, Shutterstock / Chrones, Shutterstock

It seems the only thing he really needed was his soda. The singer also requested some Manuka Honey. Someone should tell him he’s Ed Sheeran. He can literally ask for anything. I guess he doesn’t need much to satisfy him. The cost of his entire rider comes out to less than £60.


Rihanna has been in the industry long enough and knows what she likes and what to request. First of all, her drapes need to be either blue or black with “icy-blue” layered chiffon. Her room must include an animal-print throw rug and needs to be at 22 degrees Celsius at all times. She also has specific candle requests, which can vary.

Rihanna at a red-carpet event in 2019. / A black forest Archipelago candle.
Photo by Anthony Harvey, Shutterstock / Source: Pinterest

In one of her riders, the singing beauty asked for 6 Archipelago Black Forest candles. It also reportedly said that if those candles weren’t available, to let her people know. They always have a second candle option for Ri. She also likes white tulips (no foliage), in small clear square vases. If those aren’t available, she has other options: White Casablanca lilies and White Freesia.

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond is easily recognized as Screech from Saved by the Bell. However, he wishes he wasn’t. His rider bans the promoter from referring to him as Screech in any way. He also included a threat in the rider that says that there will be a $100 fine for each promotional material (such as ads, flyers, and marquees). The rider states, “You are getting a mature Dustin Diamond, not Screech.

Dustin Diamond at a red-carpet event in 2013. / Glasses of chocolate milk with oatmeal cookies.
Photo by Nils Jorgensen, Shutterstock / olepeshkina, Shutterstock

It looks like someone didn’t like his character. That’s not all for Dustin Diamond. He also demands that someone is there to greet him at the airport, holding a sign that says, “DIAMOND.” And of course, he also needs his two pints of “chilled” chocolate milk. The comedian also needs a “one well-lit parking space” at the venue, but that one seems reasonable.

Paul McCartney

Differently from Rihanna, Paul McCartney demands that all his items should be animal-free. This includes food and materials such as fur and prints. His rider straight up says, “There will be no meat, or meat by-products allowed to be served in the dressing rooms, production office, or areas within ‘backstage area.’”

Paul McCartney
Source: Shutterstock / Photo by 55good, Shutterstock

He really doesn’t want meat anywhere around him. No one on his team can eat meat in his presence. Surprisingly, McCartney is very specific when it comes to his flowers. He needs white Casablanca lilies, pale pink and white roses, both with lots of foliage. Additionally, he needs one arrangement of freesia, and “it comes with various colors, so please mix them up. Freesia is a favorite.”

Jennifer Lopez

We can’t have a list of celebrity riders without including Jennifer Lopez. She didn’t earn the title of “La Diva Latina” for nothing. The multi-talented star is known for her rude behavior and extensive demands. The actress needs her white flowers, tablecloths, candles, curtains, and couches. Her coffee also needs to be stirred in a clockwise direction on a counter. I wonder if she can taste the difference.

Jennifer Lopez at a red-carpet event in 2020. / An all-white dressing room.
Photo by David Fisher, Shutterstock / PinkyWinky, Shutterstock

The coffee thing seems a little strange and OCD, but nothing too extensive. The real reason J-Lo doesn’t have the best reputation is because her rider apparently states that nobody should even look or speak to the star. When a celebrity becomes so high maintenance that she doesn’t allow “regular” people to talk to her, she will easily become unlikeable.

Miley Cyrus

During her Disney days, Miley Cyrus was just an innocent, wholesome teenager. When she shocked everyone with her Bangerz album, she completely changed her image. She went from being a role model to swinging naked on a wrecking ball. So naturally, people thought her new persona might have turned her into a more demanding singer.

Miley Cyrus out and about in London in 2019. / Kellog’s frosted flakes.
Photo by Beretta, Sims, Shutterstock / Sheila Fitzgerald, Shutterstock

However, it turns out Miley is way more down to earth than she comes off. All she wants to do is rock out. Reportedly, during her Bangerz Tour, the singer’s only request was for some frosted flakes and guitar hero in her dressing room. For a huge pop star, this sounds extremely reasonable and a lot of fun! I mean, who wouldn’t love to play guitar hero on their downtime?!

Mary J. Blige

During Mary J. Blige’s 2006 tour, her rider demanded brand-new toilet seats in the bathrooms and dressing room before she arrives. That was 35 different cities meaning she had at least 35 new toilets. Similarly, to Madonna, the singer hates public bathrooms. She also asks that housekeeping respect her “Do Not Disturb” sign that is written with 26 exclamation points.

Mary J Blige was performing in 2019. / A sign which says ‘Please! Do NOT disturb!’
Photo by RMV, Shutterstock / Ieva Geneviciene, Shutterstock

As someone who is constantly in the public eye, she cherishes her privacy, so if it says, “Do Not Disturb,” just don’t disturb. Additionally, any hotel she says in must have king-size beds! According to her rider, “twin beds are unacceptable.” That’s pretty reasonable too. Why would anyone choose a twin-sized bed when you can get a huge comfortable one?

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is another down to earth celebrity who doesn’t have extravagant requests, but she does have her necessities. She requests room temperature Evian and Aquafina water. She also asks for tuna sandwiches, chocolate almond milk, and specific Glade candle scents. I don’t know what the deal is with celebrities being so particular about their candles but, she needs her French Vanilla, Rain Shower, Wild Berry, and Tangerine Ginger.

Alicia Keys at a red-carpet event. / Tuna fish sandwich.
Photo by AFF-USA, Shutterstock / Robert Anthony, Shutterstock

In her dressing room, Keys likes to have a fruit platter with strawberries, seedless red grapes, bananas, blueberries, mango, blueberries, raspberries, and cantaloupe. She also requests cases of beer, Nutri-grain bars, cans of tuna, and cinnamon apple Quaker Oats instant oatmeal. Oh, and of course, she needs a lighter for her candles.

Will Ferrell

As a celebrity comedian, Will Ferrell has some pretty funny demands. During his 2008 comedy tour for his film “Semi-Pro,” his rider requests an electric three-wheel mobility scooter, a fake tree on wheels (about 15’-20’ tall), and a rainbow on wheels, and a flight of stairs on wheels. I am definitely starting to see a pattern here, but there is no way stairs on wheels can be safe.

Will Ferrell at an event in 2020. / An electric three-wheel scooter.
Photo by Casey Flanigan, IndieWire, Shutterstock / CoolPhotoGirl, Shutterstock

I’m sure these requests aren’t taken very seriously. For his more reasonable requests, Ferrell asks for some Guinness beer. The actor didn’t require a meal during that show, but he did need his peanut butter protein bars. However, he had to keep them far away from Demetri Martin, who was on tour with him because he is highly allergic to nuts.


In 2007, the Purple Rain singer made what was possibly the biggest request to date. He asked the owner of the venue to build him a five-bedroom luxury house close to the O2 Arena in London. That sounds a little bit excessive, but that’s Prince. I mean, on this guy’s 2004 rider, he asked that “all items in dressing room must be covered by clear plastic wrap until uncovered by main artist. This is absolutely necessary.”

Prince was performing in concert in 1985. / Furniture covered in plastic.
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For such a scandalous and sexual artist, I’m surprised he’s such a germaphobe. His rider also included Yogi cocoa tea and, of course, specific scented candles. Prince likes the jasmine lavender kind. Additionally, the singer sets up tables “at all entry points for collection of gifts and flowers.”

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston took her rider very seriously. While she was touring Southeast Asia, Whitney Houston demanded that’s she should be driven around in an “Armored” Mercedes Benz or a BMW 740. The cars must be “neat and clean with tinted windows in excellent working condition.” The singer also had the usual requests, such as full-length mirrors, hand towels, bath towels, fans, and one bottle of white wine.

Whitney Houston was at a red-carpet event in 2011. / Fruits, vegetables, and cheese platter.
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The singer also requested all kinds of food. She asked for a tray with seasonal fruits and vegetables, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, with whole wheat and white bread. Her rider also said that while on tour, she should have a dozen fresh donuts and bagels with cream cheese included in her extensive breakfast requests.

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is another star who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to ask for it. The supermodel requests unopened oysters because “Grace does her own shucking.” Naturally, she also asks for an oyster knife. Her rider also asks for a huge sushi platter, big enough to feed eight people. She also requests fresh lemons and Tabasco sauce.

Grace Jones was performing in 2015. / A large sushi platter on a wooden bridge.
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The girl also likes her wine. When a picture of her rider surfaced online, it included 6 bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne, 3 bottles of French Vintage red wine, and 3 bottles of French Vintage white wine. We can’t forget about the wine glasses and champagne flutes. They should all be glass and not plastic. Grace also likes to have a fresh fruit platter in her dressing room.