Catching Up With the Cast of American Pie

American Pie was one of the most popular films of the ’90s and has spawned many hilarious spin-offs. Its popularity remains today, with many references from the show used by people all over the world. It’s one of the best high school movies of all time.

American Pie / Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen / Shannon Elizabeth / Chris Klein.
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Part of the reason it became so memorable is because of the incredible cast. Here we’ll see what the actors have been up to since they filmed the movie. We’ll even give you some fun facts too. Let’s get started!

Jason Biggs as Jim Levenstein

While others played some incredible roles, Jason Biggs was the star of the movie as the awkward and unintentionally hilarious Jim Levenstein. We watched as he haplessly tried to pursue Nadia while doing unspeakable things with apple pies and getting terrible advice from his father.

Jason Biggs is putting his fingers in the pie in a scene from the film.
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Before the infamous movie, Biggs was relatively unknown, with only seven acting credits that mainly consisted of small budget movies and minor parts in TV shows. American Pie would prove to be a huge turning point in his career.

Trying to Move Past Jim

When you’re so connected to an infamous role, it must be hard to get different types of roles, but Biggs has managed to stay active. He had a recurring role in “Orange Is the New Back” while also starring in “Outmatched.”

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen attend an event.
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He’s also acted in many other comedic roles and was the star of the American Pie sequels. Away from the screen, Biggs has been happily married to actress Jenny Mollen since 2008. The couple now lives in New York with their two kids.

Alyson Hannigan as Michelle Flaherty

Alyson Hannigan started her acting career at the early age of 12. She debuted in the little-known comedy film “Impure Thoughts” in 1986. However, two years later, Alyson starred in the movie “My Stepmother is an Alien.”

Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan in a still from the film.
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She might not have won the award for the best young actress in a motion picture, but it got her the fame she needed. After her initial fame in 1988, she continued to be part of multiple TV series. In 1997, two years before the first American Pie, she was given the role of Willow Rosenburg in the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

She Had Further Iconic Roles

After the first American Pie, Alyson continued to appear in Buffy until its end in 2003. In 2004 she was cast in the series “How I met Your Mother” as Lily Aldrin. This gave her the honor of being beloved by fans for three different cult classics.

Alyson Hannigan in a still from Buffy.
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Currently, Alyson is part of multiple shows as a host or panelist, including hosting “Penn & Teller: Fool Us.” She married her Buffy co-star Alexis Denisof and is now the mother to two beautiful children.

Chris Klein as Chris ‘Oz’ Ostreicher

Chris Klein started his acting career with his appearance in American Pie. He debuted in the film “Election” in 1999 and became part of the cast for American Pie the same year. He was incredible, given his lack of acting experience.

A portrait of Chris Klein as Chris ‘Oz’ Ostreicher.
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His only notable achievements from before American Pie are playing for his high school football and swimming teams. He continued to reprise his role in the following American Pie films, except “American Wedding,” due to conflicting schedules.

His Career Took Off After Addiction Issues

Klein’s career took a hit in 2005 and 2010 over impaired driving problems. He has since sought help and has recovered much from his alcohol issues. After the first American Pie, Klein’s career did not see much growth.

Chris Klein and Laina Klein attend an event.
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He continued to get roles in movies now and then and occasional 1-2 episode contracts in some series. In 2018, he found his break as Cicada in “The Flash” series. In 2020, Klein was cast in the Netflix series “Sweet Magnolias” as Bill Townsend. Klein is also a father to a daughter and son.

Seann William Scott as Steve Stifler

Much like Chris Klein, Seann William Scott did not have much to his name before American Pie. He is said to have worked part-time at The Home Depot while pursuing his acting goals. American Pie was his call to fame.

Seann William Scott attends the film premiere.
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However, he was only paid a small sum for the supporting role of Steve Stifler. Nonetheless, American Pie would give Seann his much-needed boost into the world of acting and films. This role as Stifler spawned thousands of memes, jokes, and impressions.

He’s Found Some Recent Success

His post-American Pie endeavors lead him to work with many big names in the movie industry, including Ashton Kutcher, Keanu Reeves, and Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson. He reprised his role in all subsequent American Pie films.

Seann William Scott attends an event.
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Seann married Olivia Korenburg in 2019 and has been enjoying his personal life with his wife. In 2018, Seann was cast in the series “Lethal Weapon” as Wesley Cole. As of 2021, Seann is also a part of the show “Welcome to the Flatch.”

Eddie Kaye Thomas as Paul Finch

While American Pie was a call to fame for many among the American Pie cast, Eddie Kaye Thomas was a veteran actor. He started his acting career as a stage actor at the age of seven. He appeared in a few comedy and horror films before American Pie.

A dated photo of Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jason Biggs, and Thomas Ian Nicholas during an event.
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Like the rest of the gang, Thomas returned to play his part as Paul finch in subsequent American Pie films. In 1999, the same year as the first American Pie, Eddie worked with Robert Downey Jr. on a controversial movie called “Black and White.”

He Plays Barry on American Dad

Eddie Kaye Thomas got a significant boost to his popularity following American Pie. He continued to star in multiple TV series, including being the voice of Barry Robinson in the animated series “American Dad” and many other acting roles.

A still of Barry Robinson of American Dad.
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From 2014 to 2018, Eddie has also starred as Tobias ‘Toby’ Curtis in the series “Scorpion.” Over the last few years, he has not appeared in many recurring roles. However, he continues to work on “American Dad.”

Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin Myers

Here is another Thomas who hit the ground running, similar to Eddie. Thomas Ian Nicholas made his acting debut at eight in the sitcom “Who’s the Boss?” His debut was just a single episode appearance. However, he got another appearance in “Baywatch” the following year.

A dated picture of Thomas Ian Nicholas.
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Nicholas was a nominee for the Best Young Supporting Actor for his phenomenal performance in the 1995 film “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.” Similar to his other co-stars, Nicholas also reprised his role in all the subsequent American Pie movies.

Turning His Talents to Music

After American Pie, Thomas Ian Nicholas went on to star in many films and series including, the Walt Disney autobiographical movie “Walt Before Mickey.” In 2007, Nicholas decided to focus on music and released his debut album the next year.

Thomas Ian Nicholas attends an event.
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After the first album, Nicholas continued to put out albums in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2014. The music in “American Reunion, My Generation” is produced by Nicholas. Nicholas has acted in some movies and served as a producer for others over the last few years.

Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia

All American Pie fans have to agree that Shannon is just drop-dead gorgeous. This beauty started her celebrity career as a model before debuting in the slasher flick “Jack Frost” in 1997. After her debut, Shannon only had side roles in film and series.

Shannon Elizabeth at the film premiere.
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Her popularity skyrocketed with American Pie, and she returned to the series for American Pie 2 and the Reunion. However, she was not in American Pie Wedding. Furthermore, her appearance in American Reunion was only a cameo.

She Turned Her Hand to Poker

After the film’s success, Shannon became very popular and was offered roles in multiple movies every year in the early 2000s. She became highly interested in poker around the same time and competed professionally from 2005 to 2010.

Shannon poses for the press.
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Apart from her enthusiasm for poker, Shannon has also started an animal rescue organization. In 2019, she reprised her role as Justice in the reboot of the 2001 film “Jay and Silent Bob,” but any other roles in the last few years have been sparse.

Tara Reid as Vicky Lathum

Tara Reid is famous for her role as Vicky in the American Pie films. While Tara’s character in the movie was not as important as others, her story was interesting. The late ’90s were the time when her career started to bloom.

Tara Reid in a still from the film.
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Apart from American Pie, Reid had some other big roles. She gained popularity in “Josie and the Pussycats,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “Van Wilder.” However, being the main star was something that never really happened for her.

Still Active in Minor Roles

After American Pie, Tara’s popularity started to wane. She had a botched plastic surgery, which brought her back into the news and left her with some deformities. Tara also gained some attention with the “Sharknado” series.

A portrait of Tara Reid.
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Apart from the Sharknado, she has also featured in several other projects, including the comedy film “The Hungover Games.” She continues to be very active in acting but almost always in small-budget films and minor productions.

Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad

Eugene Levy played a pivotal character in the American Pie films. He played the role of Jim’s Dad and was a huge part of what made the film so funny. He’s become the benchmark for all awkward dads in movies as Levy played it to perfection.

Eugene Levy and Jason Biggs are in a father-son movie talk.
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While some may always think of him as Jim’s Dad, he’s also known for more. His career started in 1971, and he became a big star in Canada before becoming more well-known south of the border in films like American Pie.

His Legacy May Be Schitt’s Creek

Eugene Levy has had several awards after American Pie. He won the revered Canadian Governor General’s Performing Arts Award in 2008. The award is referred to as one of the highest honors for artists in Canada. He’s also won four Emmys.

Eugene Levy and Dan Levy attend an event.
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Levy was eventually made a Member of the Order of Canada, an acknowledgment of his professional and charitable work. Levy’s biggest legacy may be Schitt’s Creek, though. He co-created the show with his son Dan, and it has now become a beloved series that will stand the test of time.

Natasha Lyonne as Jessica

Natasha Lyonne played the role of Jessica in a few American Pie movies. Despite not being one of the important characters in the film, Natasha left quite an impression on most viewers. She was inexperienced in the industry but became a fun part of the film.

Natasha Lyonne and Edward Furlong attend the film premiere.
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While not having a vast number of roles, she’s still been in a few good films before American Pie, such as “Slums of Beverly Hills” and “Everyone Says I Love You,” which starred Julia Roberts. A lot of viewers kept tabs on Lyonne to see her career path after the America Pie project.

She’s Had Some Legal Issues

Natasha Lyonne was one of the American Pie stars involved in more significant projects after the American Pie films. She played the role of Nicky Nichols on the show “Orange Is the New Black,” which landed her a Primetime Emmy nomination. And you must have seen “Russian Doll.”

A portrait of Natasha Lyonne.
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Natasha Lyonne has also featured in several theatre productions, including “Blood From a Stone,” “Two Thousand Years,” and “Women Behind Bars.” Lyonne has also been in the news a couple of times for the wrong reasons, including drug-related issues and cases of driving under the influence.

Mena Suvari as Heather

Mena played Oz’s love interest, Heather, in the films. She also appeared in a few other films in the franchise, which included American Reunion, which was released in 2012. She’s one of the most important characters in the series.

Chris Klein and Mena Suvari in a still from the film.
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At the time, she was also involved in several other projects. Most notable is American Beauty, which also came out in the same year as American Pie. Even before 1999, her career was going very well, and it didn’t stop.

Successful In Acting and Poker

Suvari has had a fantastic career after American Pie. She is transitioning to television and has been featured as a guest on several shows, including “Chicago Fire,” “American Horror Story,” and “South of Hell.” She is also featured in the sitcom “American Woman.”

Suvari attends an event.
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Mena Suvari has had quite a fulfilling career, including those four projects we’ve mentioned with “American” in the title. Away from acting, Mena plays poker and has been part of the World Poker Tour for charity.

Jennifer Coolidge as Stifler’s Mom

Perhaps another unusual character loved my most viewers. Jennifer Coolidge’s role as Stifler’s Mom was shrouded in mystery. It’s perhaps the most talked-about role today, and it was brilliantly written with some incredible scenes.

Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jennifer Coolidge in a scene from the film.
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What makes her character memorable is her relationship with Finch. Interestingly, Coolidge hadn’t been acting very much before she got the role. Her first film credit was only in 1993.

She’ll Always Be Stifler’s Mom

Jennifer Coolidge has been involved in several other works since American Pie. She played the evil mother in one of Hilary Duff’s Christmas movies. She also took several voiceovers for film and animation, including “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” where she had a cameo.

Jennifer Coolidge attends an event.
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Jennifer was also in the 2010 film “Beauty and the Briefcase,” which featured Hilary Duff. She is involved in many forms of charity and is, without a doubt, she is doing very well for herself. Recently, she starred in “White Lotus.” Although, most fans will always remember her as Stifler’s Mom.

Chris Owen as Chuck Sherman

Chris Owen played the role of Chuck Sherman, or as he called himself, the Sherminator, in the American Pie films. Sherman was a nerd trying to bow to peer pressure and often lied about his love life. It was one of the most memorable performances in the film.

A dated picture of Chris Owen.
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Chris Owen was one of the most experienced actors among the younger members of the cast. His career had begun in 1991 and had featured in a wide number of TV series and films.

He Had To Take a Side Job

After “American Reunion” in 2012, Owen found roles very hard to come by. He received attention in 2014 because he had to take on a role as a waiter at a sushi restaurant. At the time, he remarked that life doesn’t always go the way you planned.

Chris Owen attends an event.
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Since then, he’s still managed to get some acting roles, including appearing in “Criminal Minds.” With a few more projects in process, the Sherminator has managed to keep his career alive.

Eric Lively as Albert

One of the most interesting facts about Albert is that the character was played by Blake Lively’s older brother, Eric. Despite being the lesser-known of the two siblings, Eric Lively has still forged a great career of his own.

Eric Lively in a scene from the film.
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He’s yet another actor who had very little experience before his role in American Pie. He’s appeared in a few smaller movies, but his role at Albert helped elevate his fame to the next level, and he went on to bigger and better things.

His Career Has Stalled

Following the movie, Lively would go on to feature in many different TV series such as recurring roles in “So Weird,” “The L Word,” and “Modern Men,” among others. In the decade after American Pie, he had a steady stream of work.

Elaine Lively, Blake Lively, and Eric Lively attend an event.
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Unfortunately, his career came to a grinding halt in 2014. Since 2006, the roles he was receiving became increasingly minor, which were limited to one-off appearances on TV shows and low-budget films. It doesn’t seem as though he’ll return to acting any time soon.

Clyde Kusatsu as English Teacher

While Lively’s career may have halted, the career of Kusatsu keeps going strong. No, in his 70’s, the legend has over 300 acting credits to his name. One of those, of course, was as the English Teacher in American Pie.

Kusatsu in a still from the film.
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By that time, Kusatsu was already immensely experienced with acting roles stretching back to 1970. Through the ’80s especially, he appeared on a mind-blowing number of TV series, mainly in one-off guest roles.

An Incredible and Varied Career

If Kausatu retired after American Pie, then he could have looked back at an incredible career. Instead, he continued to work full-time. It’s hard to pick out specific roles as he’s been in so many, but he’s had guest roles in shows such as “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “Malcolm in the Middle,” and “New Girl,” among many others.

Clyde Kusatsu attends an event.
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Kusatsu has been happily married to Gayle Kusatsu, and the two have two children together. Away from acting, he was also a strong voice for trade unions. Since 2013, he has been the vice-president of the SAG-AFTRA.

Lawrence Pressman as Coach Marshall

What a career Lawrence Pressman has had. It started back in 1969 with an appearance in “The Edge of Night,” and ever since then, he’s appeared in a phenomenal number of roles in a wide variety of productions.

Lawrence Pressman in a still from the film.
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Way before the role of Coach Marshall, he’s already appeared in some great films such as “9 to 5” in 1980 and “Shaft” in 1971. The versatile actor then starred in the film and appeared in the sequel “American Pie: The Wedding” where he reprised the role.

Pressman Experiences Personal Tragedy

In total, Pressman is closing in on 200 acting credits to his name, which is mind-blowing. It’s fair to say that his career continues to be extremely strong, with many more roles in the works. Even in his 80’s, he doesn’t want to stop acting.

Pressman attends an event.
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In 1973 Pressman married the actress Lanna Saunders, and the two of them had a child back in 1965. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1982, which effectively ended her acting career. She battled on bravely until she passed away in 2007.

Molly Cheek as Jim’s Mom

In a film like American Pie, you need characters like Jim’s Mom to give them more warmth and charm. That’s exactly what Molly Cheek did with her role. It was one that she reprised for all of the film’s main sequels.

A still of Jason Biggs being caught by Molly Cheek in an embarrassing moment.
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Cheek’s career started way back in the ‘70s and has had a wide variety of roles before the casting directors of American Pie ever came calling. Her most famous role during this time was in “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show,” where she appeared in 71 episodes.

He Now Appears Happily Retired

By the time “American Reunion” came along in 2012, Cheek was already in her sixties and decided to step away from the cameras. In the same year, she appeared in an episode of “New Girl,” which was her last acting credit.

A portrait of Molly Cheek.
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In between her first and last American Pie films, she was kept very busy. This included comedy films such as “Cougar Club” and big hits like “Spider-Man 2,” along with many other roles. She may not act anymore, but it was a great career.

Christina Milian as Band Member

Back in 1999, Christina Milian wasn’t nearly as famous as she is these days. In the film, she played the minor role of a band member at just 17. While others have struggled for work since American Pie, it’s clear her career has gone the other way.

A photo of Mena Suvari, Christina Milian, and Paul Weitz behind the scenes.
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Before the show, she’d only appeared in minor parts of other TV shows and TV movies. One of her appearances was as a voice actor in “The Wild Thornberrys,” but the young protégé was also eying a career in music at the time.

Her Music Career Soon Blossomed

Only two years after the film was released, she came out with her first album and her huge single of “AM to PM,” which helped to catapult her into stardom. In the last decade or so, her music career has been pushed to the side due to other interests.

A pregnant Christina Milian walks the street.
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Along with being a co-owner of Viva Diva Wines, he’s also had a wide range of acting roles and is still very busy. She’s able to balance this between her family life. Milian is now a mother to three children and has been married to her second husband, Matthieu Tota, since 2020.

Alexandra Adi as Central Girl

Alexandra Adi was part of a long list of beautiful women who appeared in the American Pie franchise. She’s now into her 50’s but still looking as good as ever. Before the film, she had appeared in several interesting roles.

A dated portrait of Alexandra Adi.
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Most of them were in one-off appearances, but she did appear in 13 episodes of “Step by Step,” which aired throughout the nineties. There were other minor roles too before she got to appear in the American Pie movie.

Her Career Never Took Off

Since the film came out, her acting career never really took off. Since the turn of the century, Adi has only featured in eight different acting credits. One of those was “CSI: Miami,” where she featured in two episodes as Nikki Vega.

A photo of Alexandra Adi with her children attending an event.
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Her last acting role was in the comedy “Dealing,” but that was back in 2012. While her acting career may not have taken off, she continues to be a very popular model. Since 2003, she has been married to Jerry A. Greenberg, and they have two children.

Amazing Facts about American Pie

Now we know what the cast is up to. Let’s look at some of the most incredible facts about the show. Seann William Scott was amazing in his role as Steve Stifler, but incredibly, it was only his first film role as he’d only ever worked on small TV productions.

Seann William Scott in a still from the film.
Source: Copyright: Universal Pictures

Due to this, it’s understandable that he didn’t get paid much for the role and only received $8,000. The film wouldn’t have been the same without him and ended up grossing well over $200m. Thankfully his pay packet increased for his future roles.

Eugene Levy Changed His Character

The original script for Jim’s dad was for him to be very creepy, and ultimately, Levy didn’t feel like he could play that type of role. Instead, a compromise was made, and Levy ad-libbed most of his lines, and the results were incredible.

Eugene Levy in a scene from the film.
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That wasn’t the only ad-libbed part of the movie, as another magic moment came from Alyson Hannigan. Her sex scene with Jim wasn’t meant to have any dialogue, but the “say my name” line came to Hannigan in a moment of inspiration and made the film even better.

American Pie Took Inspiration from Elsewhere

Many people love American Pie because it doesn’t hold back in its comedy and isn’t scared to make you cringe or cause offense. It was far from the first film to do that was the films “Porky’s” and “Bachelor Party” were cited as references for the show.

A still from the film.
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Another place that the film drew inspiration from was the term “MILF” which many think the film invented. The reality is that the term was already in use by then but hadn’t become popular. American Pie soon changed all of that.

It Was Adam Herz’ First Rodeo

Adam Herz had never written a screenplay before American Pie but had plenty of belief in it. He was only 26 at the time and knew that studio readers would most likely hate but that audiences would love it. That turned out to be true.

Adam Herz arrives at an event.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the end, the studios did all in love with the idea. This created a bidding war for the script, which was eventually won by Universal Studios, who eventually paid $750,000 for it. Before the film, Herz was struggling to pay his bill, but that soon changed.

Trouble with the Rating System

Films have an interesting relationship with the rating system as they want as many people to see the film but don’t want to limit its creativity. The film was originally given an “NC-17” rating, which is the highest possible and could have affected its success.

A promo shot of American Pie.
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One of the scenes that the sensors had an issue with was Jason Biggs having sex with a pie. Instead of removing the scene, they could tone it down and reduce the number of thrusts. Eventually, the movie was downgraded to an “R” rating

The Studio Wasn’t Confident

Even though the studio had paid a lot to acquire the film, they weren’t completely confident that it would do well. To try and cover any potential losses, they sold the foreign rights to the film, which they most likely regret.

A portrait of Jason Biggs.
Photo by Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images

They hadn’t anticipated that the film would become as huge as it did. As fans, we got to see an incredible movie franchise with many memorable performances. That was in no small part down to the amazing cast.