Big Brother’s Most Memorable Contestants. See Them Now!

As we all know, Big Brother is watching you, and many of us have been watching back. As one of the first popular reality competition shows premiering in 2000, Big Brother has entertained the masses for 22 seasons. Since its debut 21 years ago, there have been many winners and many more who became famous for their crazy antics in front of the camera.

Lisa Donahue / Helen Wood / Dr. Will Kirby / Willie Hantz.
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Being stuck in a house with a group of strangers for 99 days under the watchful lenses of cameras creates lots of drama, and viewers can’t get enough of it. From the winners to the most memorable villains, we are taking a walk down Big Brother memory lane to see where these stars are today.

Eddie McGee – Season 1 Winner

As the first winner of Big Brother, Eddie McGee won the game with 59 percent of the votes. He set the standard for winners in the future, and he was the first amputee to win the show. McGee was known for being blunt and outspoken and the only houseguest to talk about wanting to win the money openly.

Eddie McGee attends an event.
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Over the past two decades, McGee has carved out an acting career, starring on shows like Law & Order and Desperate Housewives. He produced his own series called Eddie’s as well. On the big screen, McGee starred in the sci-fi film, The Human Race. On top of his acting career, McGee founded a production company as well.

Dr. Will Kirby – Season 2 Winner

Although he was the winner of Season 2, Dr. Will Kirby was nominated four times and only stayed in the game with the help of his over-the-top clever strategies. On day 82, he won $500,000 and received a majority of the votes from his previously evicted housemates. Throughout his time in the house, he had a “showmance” with Shannon Dragoo, and he was best friends with Mike Malin.

Dr. Will Kirby arrives at an event.
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Since winning the show, he has been very busy. He stuck around in the entertainment industry, hosting a dating show called Love Shack, voicing a doctor on Robot Chicken, and appearing on Extra! and The Young and the Restless. He also returned for Big Brother: All-Stars. However, he has continued his day job as a dermatologist. He also married Erin Brodie, the star of For Love and Money, in 2017.

Mike “Boogie” Malin – Season 2 and Season 7 Winner

As Dr. Will’s partner in crime, Mike Malin had no problem lying and backstabbing to get ahead. He was known as the first houseguest to win Head of Household in Big Brother history. However, in week four, the houseguests had enough of his scheming, and he was evicted. Malin got another chance in Season 7 and revived his alliances from Season 2. This time he was much more successful with his plotting and lying.

A portrait of Mike ‘’Boogie’’ Malin.
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After Big Brother, Malin went on other reality shows like Battle of the Reality Stars and served as a mentor on VH1’s Famous Food. In 2020, former castmates came forward to criticize his racially charged comments, and people got an even worse opinion about him. In 2021, he was found guilty of felony stalking and sentenced to two years of probation.

Lisa Donahue – Season 3 Winner

Throughout her time on Big Brother, Lisa formed alliances and was betrayed by the people she thought were on her side. Despite people turning on her, Lisa Donahue became the first female winner of Big Brother, lasting 82 days in the house and winning the $500,000 prize. She was later eligible to be voted back onto Big Brother Season 7 but didn’t get enough votes.

Lisa Donahue attends an event.
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After Big Brother, Donahue used her fame to start an acting career. She had a recurring role in Entourage and a guest role in Dr. Vegas. Today, she is a professional photographer and shares her work on Instagram. Sadly, Donahue recently revealed that she battled stage 2 cervical and ovarian cancer and had her uterus removed.

Jun Song – Season 4 Winner

Season 4 was no walk in the park for Jun Song. She had to play the game with her ex-boyfriend, Jee. As a slight twist, her alliances with Jee and Alison Irwin ensured that both women reached the final two. Song received six of the seven votes and was crowned the winner. She used her cooking skills to win over her housemates.

A portrait of Jun Song.
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Before Big Brother, Song worked in product development at an investment bank in New York. Today, she works in tech at the cloud-based visitor management solutions company Proxyclick. In 2010, Song married Davy Goethals and moved to Belgium, but they have since separated.

Jade Goody – Season 3 UK

During her first run on Big Brother UK, Jade Goody became the subject of ridicule from the media because of her ditzy personality and lack of common knowledge. She genuinely didn’t believe that the US was an English-speaking country. However, she was a favorite in the press and went on to become a successful person.

Jade Goody signs copies of her book.
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Since her time on Big Brother UK, Goody has launched a perfume, a book series, and a television show. Unfortunately, when she appeared on Ultimate Big Brother with other past contestants, she made inexcusable racist comments. Sadly, Goody passed away from cervical cancer in 2007.

Maggie Ausburn – Season 6 Winner

In Season 6, Maggie Ausburn was part of the Friendship Alliance, and her secret partner was Eric Littman. After he was evicted early in the game, Ausburn took over as the leader of the friendship alliance and successfully led most of them to the end of the game. In the end, she won with a very close jury vote.

Maggie Ausburn after winning Big Brother.
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Ausburn was an emergency room doctor from Las Vegas when she won Big Brother. However, unlike some of the other winners, Ausburn chose to take the cash prize and go back to living a normal life. She eventually got married and has twins.

“Evel” Dick Donato – Season 8 Winner

As one of Big Brother’s best villains, “Evel” Dick Donato won Season 8 against his estranged daughter. He would make personal attacks on other houseguests to intimidate them and narrowly escaped eviction in week six. Somehow, he made it to the final and won the season.

A portrait of ‘’Evel’’ Dick Donato.
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Donato used his prize money to pay for his daughter’s college tuition. He returned for Season 13 alongside his daughter Danielle but abruptly left the show for personal reasons. He later revealed that he tested positive for HIV. He remains active on social media and hosts recap editions of Big Brother on YouTube.

Jessie Godderz – Season 10

Jessie Godderz might not have won the two seasons he participated in, but he made himself known. Sometimes referred to as “Mr. Pec-Tacular,” Godderz rubbed his houseguests the wrong way by constantly showing off his body. His narcissism cost him the game, but that didn’t hurt his career.

A portrait of Jessie Godderz.
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After his run on Big Brother, Godderz became a professional wrestler and still frequently pops up on the show as a special guest. He also stars on the Amazon Prime show New Dogs, Old Tricks, alongside another former Big Brother contestant. It looks like his villainous ways didn’t hold him back.

Dan Gheesling – Season 10 Winner

After his close ally was evicted in the first week, Dan Gheesling seemed to be on the outs with the rest of his housemates. However, he flew under the radar throughout the rest of the season and won. It seems that wallflowers can also win competitions.

A portrait of Dan Gheesling.
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Gheesling is considered one of Big Brother’s greatest players and finished as the runner-up in his second go-around on Season 14. Today, he works in video game content, and he is a popular streamer on Twitch. In 2011, he married his wife Chelsea, and they are about to have their third child.

Jordan Lloyd – Season 11 Winner

After forming a showmance with Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd and Schroeder earned the name of “America’s Couple.” Although she wasn’t the strongest physically or strategically, Lloyd’s kindhearted gameplay earned her the win over Natalie Martinez in a 5-2 vote. She also returned for Season 13.

Jordan Lloyd attends an event.
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Lloyd stuck around reality TV and competed on The Amazing Race with showmance turned romance boyfriend Schroeder. The pair got engaged when they visited the Big Brother house during Season 16 and are now married. They should have had a Big Brother-themed wedding.

Matt Hoffman – Season 12

If there is one thing our parents taught us, it is that lying doesn’t get you anywhere. Well, Matt Hoffman didn’t learn that lesson because he tried to get sympathy from his fellow housemates by claiming his wife had a serious illness. Once he was on the jury, he told them that it was all a lie, and his wife was fine.

Matt Hoffman in a still from Big Brother.
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Hoffman participated in Reality Gamemasters after Big Brother and came in 4th place. More recently, he left reality TV behind to pursue his dreams of working in special effects. Hopefully, he is better at that than he was lying about his sick wife.

Rachel Reilly – Season 12 and Season 13 Winner

Although Rachel Reilly met her husband, Brendon Villegas, during Season 12 of Big Brother, that was the only good part of her run on the show. She caused significant drama because of her overbearing personality, which led her to verbal fights with other houseguests. She was evicted in week five.

Rachel Reilly attends an event.
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Reilly later returned for Season 13 with her then-fiancé, Villegas. She eventually won the season in a close vote. After Big Brother, she competed on other reality shows and married Villegas in 2012. Last year she announced she was pregnant with their second child.

Michelle Bass – Season 5 UK

Michelle Bass definitely left her mark on the Big Brother house, becoming the first contestant in the show’s history to have sex on the show. Bass and her in-house lover, Stuart “Chicken Stu” Wilson, were thought to have been the first couple to mess around on the show and refuse to talk about it.

A picture of Michelle Bass.
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After she was evicted from the Big Brother house, Bass and Wilson dated for three years before breaking up in 2007. Because of her recognition from the show, Bass became a TV presenter on Television X’s The Fantasy Channel. Based on the name, we can only imagine what she is doing.

Makosi Musambasi – Season 6 UK

The sixth season of Big Brother UK saw another saucy housemate named Makosi Musambasi. She was another contestant who had some fun with her fellow housemate, Anthony. The two were seen fooling around in the pool, and she later declared that she could be pregnant.

A portrait of Makosi Musambasi.
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Surprisingly, after her spicy run on Big Brother, Musambasi went on to have her own current affairs show in Nigeria called Makosi Today. Sadly, in 2017, she revealed she was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, she fought through it and survived her tough battle.

Andy Herren – Season 15 Winner

As the first openly gay houseguest to win Big Brother, Andy Herren played a quiet game at the beginning of his season. One night he flipped on his alliances and manipulated other players into voting people out of the house. He is now remembered for the deception and backstabbing that helped him win.

Andy Herren takes a selfie with his cat.
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During Pride Month, Herren wrote on Instagram, “Never forget when I, the sole gay houseguest, manipulated all the straight people on my season of Big Brother and became the first openly gay person ever to win! A historic victory that I’m very proud of and I’ve never gotten credit for.”

Aaryn Gries – Season 15

Although Season 15 had quite a few villains, Aaryn Gries was one of the worst and least-liked contestants. She made many controversial, racist, and homophobic remarks that did not rub people the right way. Gries was booed when she exited the show and apologized later.

Aaryn takes a selfie in her car.
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Today, Gries works as a lifestyle YouTuber and is married to Nick Williams. They share three children, and one can only hope she is teaching her children to be accepting of everyone regardless of skin color or sexual orientation. Funny enough, the winner of her season was openly gay.

Derrick Levasseur – Season 16 Winner

Before Big Brother, Derrick Levasseur was a police officer in Central Falls, Rhode Island. When he entered the Big Brother house, he joined different teams and made it all the way without being nominated for eviction. Although he didn’t win the final Head of House, he won the season with a 7-2 vote.

Derrick Levasseur attends an event.
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After Big Brother, Levasseur used his police knowledge for his acting career. He had a role as an investigator on Investigation Discovery’s Breaking Homicide, and he co-hosts the podcast Crime Weekly. Levasseur is now a retired sergeant and has two daughters with his wife, Jana.

Paulie Calafiore – Season 18

During Season 18, Paulie Calafiore was disliked by many in the house. He was accused of using Zakiyah Everette and leading her on. The two had a brief relationship, but it didn’t last. Although his time on Big Brother ended, his days on reality TV were far from over.

Paulie Calafiore attends an event.
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After Big Brother, Calafiore went on to appear on Ex on the Beach and The Challenge. Today, he is in a relationship with Cara Maria, whom he met on The Challenge. They briefly split in 2018 but got back together in 2019 and moved in together in Montana.

Nicole Franzel – Season 18 Winner

Season 18 winner, Nicole Franzel, made Big Brother history as the first houseguest to spend 255 days in the house because she competed in three seasons. During Season 18, she became known for her under-the-radar gameplay and convinced others to do what she wanted while avoiding the blame.

Nicole Franzel attends an event.
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After Big Brother, Franzel competed on The Amazing Race with then-boyfriend Victor Arroyo. However, they took their relationship to the next level and tied the knot in March 2021, three years after getting engaged. The couple has a podcast together, and they are expecting their first child.

Cody Nickson – Season 19

While Cody Nickson might have found love with Jessica Graf in Season 19, he didn’t get much love from everyone else in the house. Throughout the season, he had a bad attitude and targeted one person in the house. He even went against his alliances, getting himself evicted.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson pose for the press.
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After the show, Nickson and Graf stayed together and won Season 30 of The Amazing Race. The couple married in 2018 and welcomed their first child in March 2019. Last year, they announced that they were expecting another baby. Nickson has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Jackson Michie – Season 21 Winner

Jackson Michie was a controversial winner of Season 21. He was shocked to find out at the end that most people viewed him as the villain because he appeared to be manipulative towards his showmance partner, Holly Allen. Additionally, he was accused of voting based on race and age, which is something he denied.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen attend an event.
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Michie admitted that he was addicted to Xanax and struggled with cocaine and Adderall in the casting process. However, he has been working on himself ever since and spoke about his healing process on Terra Newell’s podcast. He and Holly Allen dated for a while but ended up splitting.

Shannon Dragoo – Season 2

During Season 2, Shannon Dragoo didn’t make a good impression on the rest of the houseguests, but she did have a showmance with Dr. Will. Dragoo made her housemates hate her by scrubbing a toilet with someone’s toothbrush and implying one was overweight. She had no filter, and no one had time for that.

Shannon Dragoo attends a charity event.
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Today, Dragoo works as a paramedic in Florida. She got married and had two children, but not with Dr. Will. She pretty much disappeared from the limelight, but fans still remember her name. Though her time on Big Brother was brief, she will always be part of Big Brother history.

Pete Bennett – Season 7 UK Winner

The loveable Pete Bennett was on Season 7 of Big Brother UK, and he was known for living with Tourette’s syndrome. He had a showmance with Nikki Grahame, but it didn’t last long after the show ended. The audience loved him, and that helped him make it to the top spot.

Pete Bennett poses for the press.
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After the show, Bennett revealed that the show was like rehab for him as he was addicted to drugs such as LSD before entering the house. Today he is highly active on social media, and you can get a personalized message from him for your birthday or any other celebration.

Nikki Grahame – Season 7 UK

Nikki Grahame became a break-out star on Season 7 UK for all the wrong reasons. After several tantrums, viewers were in hysterics, and she came in 5th place. Who could forget her screaming at the cameras for being cold and saying, “Who is she? Where did you find her?!” (in reference to Big Brother).

Nikki Grahame attends an event.
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After the show, Grahame went on to host her own show called Princess Nikki and won a National Television Award for being a stand-out contestant. She was also a regular panelist on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. She was very open about her eating disorder struggles, and in April 2021, her agent announced that she passed away.

Brian Belo – Season 8 UK Winner

If you are a fan of BBUK, it would be hard to forget Season 8 winner Brian Belo. The contestant who famously declared he didn’t know who Shakespeare was, was the youngest winner of the show, and he was adorable. It was hard for fans not to fall in love with his personality and root for him.

Brian Belo poses for the press.
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Since then, he has become an internet columnist for an entertainment magazine called Heat Magazine. Belo also works for Harry Hill’s TV Burp. He also finally learned about Shakespeare and performed in segments of Shakespeare’s plays as part of Stratford-upon-Avon’s Shakespeare Aloud in 2008.

Chanelle Hayes – Season 8 UK

It seems that there were a lot of interesting characters in Season 8 of Big Brother UK. One of them was Chanelle Hayes, who ruffled more than a few feathers during her time in the house. She was remembered explicitly for her romance with the handsome Ziggy during her run on the series.

Chanelle Hayes launches her own perfume.
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After the show, Hayes managed to keep her name in the headlines even though it has been over a decade since she left the house. Her incredible weight loss journey was well-documented in the press. She also released an autobiography titled Baring My Heart in 2014.

Josie Gibson – Season 11 UK Winner

Surprisingly, Josie Gibson won Season 11 with a whopping 77 percent of the public vote. It was the highest win in the history of the show. Fans loved her girl-next-door attitude, quirky accent, and relationship with John James. She was a favorite to win Ultimate Big Brother, which started right after her season.

A portrait of Josie Gibson.
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However, Gibson walked out after just three days. Since her run on the series, Gibson tried her hand in several different projects. She released a perfume and limited-edition hoodies on her website. She is also a regular columnist for Now magazine and was a showbiz reporter for OK! TV.

Helen Wood – Season 15 UK Winner

Despite being known for her aggressive behavior towards the other houseguests, Helen Wood managed to win Season 15 by less than one percent of the vote. She was warned numerous times for her behavior but didn’t care because she wanted to make it to the end, and it worked in her favor.

Helen Wood during Big Brother finale.
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After winning her season, Wood secured a Daily Star column and released a tell-all autobiography about her life on the show and her time as an escort before she became famous. In 2015, Wood was arrested for an incident involving one of her former castmates.

Isabelle Warburton – Season 18 UK Winner

Although she was a late arrival, Isabelle Warburton won the nation over with her fake eyelashes, bleach blonde hair, and orange tan. She has always hated that people judge her based on her looks and assume she is mean. However, that is far from who she really is.

Isabelle Warburton attends an event.
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After winning the series, Warburton went on to donate some of her winnings to charity. She also founded a beauty salon called Summer Bunny Studio & Training. She is very passionate about how she looks but wants to be taken seriously because she is more than what you see on the outside.

Willie Hantz – Season 14

While Willie Hantz only lasted two weeks in the Big Brother house, he was not easily forgotten. As the brother of crazy Survivor contestant Russell Hantz, he was kicked off the show quickly after he went on a rage-filled tantrum and head-butted another contestant.

A mugshot of Willie Hantz.
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In 2012, Hantz was arrested after suspicion of drunk driving just days after being kicked off the show. When the cops arrived at the scene, he got out of his car and started running. His breathalyzer test revealed he was well over the legal limit. He was later released, and his brother congratulated him for having a mugshot.

Chima Simone – Season 11

During Season 11, Chima Simone was rebellious. On several occasions, she would disobey the house rules by not wearing her mic and refusing to enter the diary room when called on by producers. The final straw that got her expelled was when she refused to get her mic while practicing for a competition.

A portrait of Chima Simone.
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Because of her behavior, Simone was nominated for the Best Villain award at the Fox Reality Really Awards. However, she decided to step back from reality TV and gave birth to her daughter in 2018. Simone continues to cover entertainment for various outlets, including E! Online.

Janelle Pierzina – Season 6

Janelle Pierzina first appeared on Season 6 of the reality show, and while she did have a few arguments with the Friendship Alliance, she managed to come in third place. She went on to compete in three more seasons of BB but couldn’t capture a win.

Janelle Pierzina attends an event.
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After Big Brother, Pierzina competed on the 31st season of The Amazing Race with Britney Haynes, another BB contestant. Unfortunately, they were eliminated fourth. Today, she is a real estate agent in Minnesota and stays out of the spotlight besides posting on social media.

Christie Murphy – Season 21

While Christie Murphy placed 6th on her season, she had some memorable moments during her run. Things got spicy between her and Nick Maccarone during a Taco Tuesday group dinner. Murphy exposed Maccarone’s game plan in front of everyone, which saved her from eliminations that week.

Christie Murphy arrives at an event.
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After the show, Murphy, along with fellow castmates Tommy Bracco and Nick Maccarone, appeared in Todrick Hall’s music video for “Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrub.” Recently, she announced her engagement to longtime girlfriend Jamie while they were on a romantic trip to Paris.

Angie Landry – Season 20

Better known as Angie “Rockstar” Landry, she had one of the most famous and dramatic rants in Big Brother history. After she was falsely thrown under the bus during Brett Robinson’s eviction ceremony speech, Landry said, “I cannot, on my daughter’s birthday, believe that you would sit there and do some cr*p like that.”

Angie Landry and Chris are getting engaged.
Source: Instagram /@angelamfnrockstar

After the show, Landry found happiness with her boyfriend Chris, and they got engaged. She also started a show called The Angela Rockstar Show on the TVCO app, in which she would discuss the season with various guests. She is one contestant everyone will remember.

Keesha Smith – Season 10

Keesha Smith might not have won, but she was best remembered for her aggressive personality and the most dramatic birthday party ever. During the season, the houseguests had a birthday party for Smith, and they got into a massive disagreement during the festivities, leading to tears and a sad birthday song.

Keesha Smith in a still from Big Brother.
Source: TV Line

Smith later returned for another season on Big Brother, 12 years after her original run. However, her time didn’t last long. Today she is active on social media and lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with her three dogs. Eventually, she wants to open her own animal sanctuary.

Lawon Exum – Season 13

After being evicted in week five, Lawon Exum famously claimed that he would return to the house by a Big Brother twist with superpowers. There were no superpowers, and he lost the battle to return to the competition. He actually asked to be evicted because he thought this twist would happen.

Lawon Exum attends an event.
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After the series, Exum attended the Big Brother primetime special for The Price Is Right. Although he did not compete, he helped present the first showcase. Exum then appeared on Big Brother for one more season because he couldn’t stay away from the competition.

Adria and Natalie Montgomery – Season 5

As part of Project DNA, Adria and Natalie switched places in the Big Brother house because they are identical twins. For the first four weeks, people thought they were one person. Because they pulled off the deception, Natalie was let into the house to play her own game.

A picture of Adria and Natalie.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The twins paved the way for the Liz and Julia Nolan twin twist in Season 17. After the show, both sisters got married and have stayed out of the spotlight for the most part. It is incredible how they deceived everyone for so long, but it didn’t help them win the competition.

Nadia Almada – Season 5 UK Winner

As the first transgender winner of the show, Nadia Almada catapulted herself to national fame when she left the Big Brother house. Her win helped her propel the issue of trans rights into mainstream media, and she was thankful that she could use her newfound fame for something positive.

A picture of Nadia Almada.
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

After leaving the series, Almada attempted to launch a music career. While some considered it iconic, it never really took off. She had a cameo in Hollyoaks and returned for Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 but didn’t manage to achieve the same success she did the first time.

Sophie Reade – Season 10 UK Winner

During her time on Season 10, Sophie Reade was known for her good looks and because she had to change her name for the first half of the show according to the rules. In the end, she made it to the final and won 74 percent of the vote. She was the favorite to win the season.

Sophie Reade arrives at an event.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

After her win, Reade became a glamour model and appeared in Playboy. She later gave birth to her son and updates her fans about her life on Instagram. In 2017, she appeared in Barracuda, which received a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s safe to say she has been busy since the show.