Beautiful Sports Reporters Who Will Distract You from the Game

People take their sports very seriously! While keeping up with their teams, whether on TV or live, folks really get in the zone. As a former bartender, I have seen first-hand how crazy customers get when they come in to watch a game and how the fate of their sports team can completely change their mood. No matter how invested fans get, their eyes might drift away from the game once in a while if only to stare at these beautiful sports reporters.

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Of course, there are female sports-fans (myself included), but it’s still a male-dominated industry. As exciting as suspenseful sports games are, a gorgeous girl is one way to calm down these guys as their attention gravitates toward them. But who are these stunning reporters? What are their stories? Qualifications? And how much money do they make? We got most of their income information from, but it should be noted that the accuracy differs based on the source.

These are the most beautiful sports reporters and their estimated net worth.

Jenn Sterger – $1.5 Million

When Jenn Sterger appeared on a televised Florida state football game, she was heading down the road of becoming a sports reporter. The announcer said that since she was featured in the segment, fans and viewers increase tremendously. Once her name was on the map, the opportunities were endless. She posed for magazines like Maxim and Playboy and got her name out there even more.

Jenn Sterger standing wearing a black suit
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With her good looks and extensive knowledge of sports, Sterger wrote a few articles for Sports Illustrated. This opened the door to the world of sports journalism. Then, she got her break when the New York Jets contacted her and hired her to be their “Gameday host.” She is currently a backstage interviewer for All Elite Wrestling.

Britt McHenry – $1.5 Million

Since she was a young girl, Britt McHenry has been wrapped up in the world of sports. At first, she was a soccer player. But when she was deciding on a career path in college, it seemed like her interest in sports went far beyond the field. That’s when she decided to get her degree in journalism, which she excelled in.

Britt McHenry smiling
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She basically hit the golden standard of sports reporting when she worked with ESPN. Unfortunately, she was let go in their major 2018 layoff. Now, Britt works with Fox Nation. She has an incredible career, and not only has she done live reporting, but she’s a great writer. This impressive woman is continuing to do what she does best!

Marisol González – $1 million

When it comes to reporting in the world of Mexican sports, Marisol González is your girl! What you may not know is that this gorgeous reporter is that she started off as a beauty pageant contestant. She made her debut in a Mexican pageant and unsurprisingly, she was incredible. She went on to compete in Miss Universe and by that point, she made a name for herself in Mexico, and the network offered her a job.

Marisol Gonzalez sitting next to a tree touching her hair
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In case you doubted how busy this girl is, Marisol is also a famous actress and has an impressive list of credits on Mexican television. Back in 2010, she was engaged to a boxing champion, but unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last. But she found love once again and is now happily married to Rafael Márquez Lugo, a former Fox Mexico sports host.

Alexa Datt – $600,000+

When you want a deep dose of basketball action analysis, Alexa Datt is the woman to go to. One of her early jobs in the industry was co-hosting The Morning Run, a show on Then, she got out of the studio and sparked a career in the field when she was the in-stadium host for New York Mets games at Citi Field.

Alexa Datt smiling in a broadcast studio
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With a remarkable resume in sports reporting, Alexa joined the cream of the crop of baseball reporting, the MLB Network. She got to cover the hottest stories in the baseball world. Since then, Datt has been a busy lady working in both the field and the studio.

Josina Anderson – $2 Million

Josina Anderson is certainly a pioneer when it comes to the high-speed sports reporting industry. She’s the first national female insider on ESPN, which is a pretty big deal. This girl eats, drinks, and breathes football! She always knows what’s going on in the football world, from every stat to every cliffhanger!

A portrait of Josina Anderson
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At one point, Josina had her own sports talk segment called ScoopCenter on WKYS 93.9. She made a name for herself when she broke a major story about players using cannabis and steroids. Her contract with ESPN recently ended and she left the network after nine years! However, she continues to break the news and gets insight from the players themselves.

Sarah Spain – $900,000

Ever since she was in high school, Sarah Spain was involved in sports. She ran track and field, played basketball, and played hockey. Oh, and she was the captain of all those teams. After she graduated, she went to Cornel University and majored in English. So how did she become a famous news reporter? Well, in 2007, she and her friends were supposed to go to the Super Bowl, but they ditched her last minute because of the price.

Sarah Spain sitting in a broadcast studio

She then posted on eBay that she was looking for a date for the Super Bowl. Luckily, the creators of Axe Body Spray sponsored her and covered all her expenses. This publicity stunt got her foot in the door. Networks saw her story and noticed she is a great writer and knew her sports. It wasn’t long before she started getting job offers.

Lauren Gardner – $1 Million

Lauren Gardner is relatively new to the game, but despite her set back thanks to the current pandemic, she’s killing it! In 2019, she joined the NHL & MLB networks. After attending the University of Colorado and graduating with a degree in political science, Gardner jumped into the reporting and broadcasting world head-first.

Lauren Gardner smiling
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She covered an incredibly wide range of topics, including post-game shows, red carpet events, boxing, football, baseball, fantasy football, and so much more. She has a way of breaking down complex plays and making them understandable for everyone—even folks who never watched a sports game.

Kristen Rodgers – Unknown

Kristen Rogers pursued a degree in broadcast and digital journalism while attending the University of Southern California. She also studied a little bit of business and sports media. She started broadcasting during her time in college, covering football recruiting. Everything went uphill from there.

Kristen Rodgers wearing a white dress broadcasting from the field
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When she finished her bachelor’s degree, Kristen already had some real experience (which is necessary for such a competitive industry). She was on the search for a job and landed an intern position at NBC, where she got to cover the 2012 London Olympics. Nowadays, she spends most of the time in the studio reporting for Fox 29.

Lindsay Czarniac – $3 Million

Lindsay Czarniac has been around for a while. The seasoned sports casting veteran has really perfected her craft. She graduated from James Madison University back in 2000 with a degree in journalism. She began reporting while she was still in college, working at WUSA. Her first broadcasting job was in the CNN sports department.

Lindsay Czarniac broadcasting in a red dress
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She has worked on various sports shows, such as The George Michael Sports Machine, before heading over to China to cover the 2008 Olympics. Now, she works at Fox Sports, where she mostly covers the NFL and NASCAR. She tied the knot with Craig Melvin, a WRC-TV reporter, and anchor.

Alex Curry- $30 Million

Alex Curry is charming and knowledgeable in the field of sports. You probably recognize her from FOX sports, where she reports on the NBA, college football; She is also a fill-in host on Undisputed. She has always been involved in the world of sports. She played soccer in high school and even led her team to championship victories! The talented reporter also studied theater and had a small role in the hit show, 7th Heaven.

Alex Curry in a self-portrait smiling
Source: Instagram/@alex_curry

Curry earned her bachelor’s in journalism and media studies. She also learned some marketing at San Diego State University. Her first reporting gig was in production on the Last Call with Carson Daly. In 2012, she finally got the job with FOX Sports, and they sent her off to China to cover the World University Games for Fox College Sports.

Taylor Rooks – $1 Million

Taylor Rooks is becoming a notable name in the sports casting universe. Her father is Thomas Rooks, who used to play on the Illinois Fighting Illini men’s basketball team. She attended college in Illinois, where she studied journalism. While she was a student, she began writing and reporting on sports.

Taylor Rooks standing on a red carpet wearing a leopard print dress
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Taylor’s specialty was breaking the national recruiting news for football and basketball. She also broke the news about a huge recruiting scandal. With all her professionalism in recruiting, she made her way to national news. Then, just two months out of college, she got a job as a host and correspondent for the Big Ten Network and later moved onto SportsNet New York.

Mina Kimes – $1 Million

Mina Kimes is a huge name in the industry. She attended Yale University and is an award-winning investigative journalist. But before she got into sports, Mina did exposés, specifically in the business world. She made a name for herself when she exposed a company’s unauthorized use of cement to repair bone tissue, with lethal consequences. Her writing was featured in Fortune and Bloomberg News.

Mina Kimes sitting on a chair wearing jeans and sneakers
Photo by Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times

As an already respected and well-established journalist, Kimes wrote an essay on a “bond between herself and her dad and the Seattle Seahawks.” She has a special connection to Seattle and its football team since her father was there. This got her a job at ESPN, where she is still currently working. Her specialty is NFL analysis.

Niko Noto Palmer – Unclear

When Palmer was just a little girl, her teacher supposedly deemed her “most likely to have her own talk show.” One of her biographers called this “prophetic.” And since she hosted a sports show, the prophecy came true. She has also worked as a field reporter. She covered football and baseball for a bunch of big outlets such as SEC network,, and FOX Sports South.

A portrait of Niko Noto Palmer smiling
Source: YouTube 

Even as a sophomore in high school, Noto started studying journalism, and it has certainly paid off. Nowadays, she is still involved in podcasting and other public speaking ventures. She also has a husband and two children and still finds time to excel at her career and volunteer as a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta’s Youth of the Year program. She is still under contract with ESPN.

Kristen Berset- Unclear

Kristen Berset is an award-winning journalist and a long-time reporter and host for WUSA9. She has been working on the show Great Day Washington for nine years. Kristen has covered sports like baseball, basketball, football, and more. But she also covers a variety of other topics. For example, she covered a story about a man who knows how to save an insane amount of money on Amazon.

Photo by Linda Davidson/The Washington Post/Getty Images

She attended college in Florida and got her degree in telecommunications. For sports telecasting, she was the co-host of The Ravens Report as well as the WBFF Fox 4 reporter. She’s also an incredibly strong fighter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 27 and survived it twice! Thankfully, she is now fully recovered.

Sara Carbonero- $10 Million

Europe also needs a stunning sports reporter, and Sara Carbonero is one of the very best. She’s from Spain, where she studied journalism and began working at a radio station as an intern. When she completed school, she got a job at Telecinco, a popular Spain television channel.

Sara Carbonero waving her hair
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Not only is she talented, but Carbonero was voted “sexiest reporter in the world” in 2009. And then in 2010 came her World Cup controversy. Her soccer player husband Casillas was competing in a match, and she was on the sidelines with her camera crew reporting. Some say she distracted her husband, the goalie, and is the reason Spain lost. However, Spanish journalists called these claims absolutely ridiculous.

Kristen Ledlow – $500,000

Kristen Ledlow also attended college in Florida, where she studied broadcasting and communications. As a student, she played volleyball in the afternoons and then served as the announcer for the men’s basketball games. In her final year, she was crowned Miss Capital City USA in a pageant.

Kristen Ledlow wearing a Pink Jacket
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After a great run in college sports, Ledlow earned a position at Florida-based WTXL TV, where she got to host the Good News Show. At the same time, she was also writing articles for a local publication. She turned down a job with ESPN in 2012 to work in an athletic ministry. Nowadays, she has made it to the big leagues and reports for NBA TV and hosts Inside Stuff.

Samantha Ponder – $4.9 Million (Annual Salary)

After graduating from college in New York City, Samantha Ponder applied for a small position at ESPN. She got the job, and while she was there, she created a great relationship with a college football researcher and manager with ABC Sports Radio. With her connections and natural talent, Ponder earned an intern job at the network, working as a research assistant for a college football show.

Clemson linebacker Ben Boulware and Samantha cheering during the Football Championship game
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After her time with ABC-TV in New York, she moved to Virginia after getting a job offer as a sideline reporter with Liberty Flames Sports TV network. She was right where the action was and covered football and basketball close up.

Olivia Wayne – $18 Million

Olivia Wayne is a beautiful reporter from the other side of the Atlantic. The young British sports journalist is British, but whatever culture gap she ever felt (if any) is bridged by the fact that Wayne got her degree in Canadian and American studies.

Olivia Wayne standing in front of a lake
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She looks all charming and smiley, but underneath her good humor, this woman is super serious about her career working for Sky Sports. In fact, she wakes up at 3 a.m. every morning to present The Good Morning Show. She gained interest in that career path while she was studying at the University of California.

Erin Andrews – $30 Million

Andrews always saw herself as a tomboy. She takes after her father and is highly involved in all things sports. Growing up, she didn’t have many female friends and usually hung out with the guys and discussed sports. She studied communications at a Florida college and worked there as a freelancer for Fox Sports.

Erin Andrews broadcasting a football game
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It didn’t take long for her to get a job at ESPN, reporting basketball and football. She does not provide in-studio and on-field coverage for Fox NFL. In 2008, she dealt with a scary experience. A man stalked and filmed her through a peephole at a hotel she was staying at. She took the situation to court and was awarded a $55 million restitution. The creep needed to pay 51%, and the hotel was forced to pay the other 49%.

Malika Andrews – $500,000

Malika Andrews attended the University of Portland, where she studied the arts and worked as the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. After graduation, she spent a year writing for The Chicago Tribune before moving on to work as a sports reporter for The New York Times. With a resume filled with experience working for (highly reputable) newspapers, she was offered a job with ESPN, where she still works now, mainly reporting on basketball.

Malika Andrews holding a microphone
Source: Twitter

She’s been getting a lot of attention recently because, like the players of the NBA, since Covid-19 restrictions were taken, Andrews has become famous (or infamous) for staying inside the “NBA Bubble.” It’s a huge isolation zone inside Walt Disney, created to protect NBA staff and players from infection in order to salvage what was left of the season and ensure the continuity with further seasons.

Mieke Buchan – Unclear

The beautiful and talented Australian sportscaster Mieke Buchan is extremely popular in the industry. She had plenty of jobs working in both Australia and the United States, with outlets such as FOX Sports America, ESPN, and SBS. She also covered the 2000 Olympics in Sydney!

Mieke Buchan smiling
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Buchan has other ventures besides sports .She has worked on shows like National Geographic. These days, she’s working on a degree in psychology and gets hired to ghostwrite speeches for events. Her latest sports casting job was at Macquarie Sports Radio, but she departed when the network came under new ownership and name.

Lisa Guerrero – $30 Million

Lisa Guerrero was training to be an actress before finding her place in the sports entertainment sector. Acting helped young Lisa cope with the devastating loss of her mother. After training in theater throughout her childhood, Guerrero got a job as an L.A. Rams cheerleader. After that, she became an entertainment director for the Atlanta Falcons.

Lisa Guerrero smiling
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

Her writings have also been featured in The Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post. When it comes to her acting career, she had a small part in Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt. She has a few more acting credits, including a recurring role in Southland. She was also called “The Best Damn Sports Beauty” when she appeared in Playboy. She now does investigative correspondence at Inside Network.

Jimena Sanchez – $1 Million

The beautiful, charismatic Mexican sports reporter Jimena Sanchez works in the Latin American division of FOX Sports. She reports from the field as well as hosts a show. Her first taste of public attention came when she started an online blog posting suggestive pictures of herself and her friends. Unsurprisingly, it quickly became popular.

Jimena Sanchez wearing a Levi’s T-Shirt
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Once she got her name out there, she landed a job working for a Mexican sports magazine called Récord. At one point, she had acting dreams but ultimately decided it wasn’t for her. These days, she writes and frequently contributes to different sports publications along with her job working from the field.

Charissa Thompson – $3 Million

Charissa Thompson’s impressive sportscasting career gave her experience in some of the biggest outlets in the industry. These include covering college sports on the Big Ten Network, covering football, NASCAR, and basketball on ESPN, and Yahoo Sports, where she covered the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Charissa Thompson sitting on a chair interviewing
Photo by Frank Micelotta/Fox Sports/Picturegroup/Shutterstock

Thomson attended college in California, where she studied law and society. As her career was blossoming, she was nominated as one of Playboy’s “Sexiest Sportscasters of the Year” in 2009. After her time at ESPN, she came back to FOX Sports. In time, she became the host of Fox NFL’s Kickoff and got her own show! She still works there now.

Rhiannon Walker – Unclear

Rhiannon Walker is a master at what she does. She is always on the ball while reporting, and she is a verbal wizard when it comes to her writing. After studying broadcast journalism in college in Maryland, she went through a number of jobs including positions with The Houston Chronicle, WUSA0, USA TODAY Sports, The Dallas Morning News, and more.

Rhiannon Walker smiling
Source: Twitter

After filling up her resume with these impressive experiences, she proved herself a capable and promising young journalist and got a job offer as an associate editor at ESPN. Her focus is the intersections of race, sports, and culture. In addition to her work on ESPN, she is a regular contributor on The Athletic.

Kristina Fitzpatrick – $500,000

Kristina Fitzpatrick is a talented woman working three simultaneous jobs. Not only is she a host for the Weekend Express on HLN and sports anchor at CNN, but she is also a correspondent for the Atlanta Braves. And before earning these demanding gigs, she worked her way up in several other networks, mostly covering college sports.

Kristina Fitzpatrick broadcasting
Source: Twitter

She attended the University of Florida, where she studied journalism and while she was there, she began reporting for the college-affiliated company called GatorZone. When it comes to competing, Kristina does way more than report from the sidelines. She has more than 20 years of dancing experience and has competed numerous times.

Kay Murray – $16 Million

The beautiful Kay Murray is an accomplished sportscaster from the other side of the pond. While the pretty ladies in America are reporting on football, basketball, and baseball, Murray is in Europe enjoying the thrills of the fast-paced soccer world. Despite spending her work-life in her native continent, Murray is actually based in the U.S.A. and lives in Miami. She travels quite a lot.

Kay Murray standing in front of a whiteboard
Source: Twitter

With a journalism background from a British college, she ventured into the sports world. She has worked at so many places that we can’t cover them all, but most are connected to soccer. This girl even covered the World Cup and Champion’s League. Although less prominent, she’s been involved in the production side of some sports shows and knows a thing or two about music.

Kacie McDonnell – $500,000

Kacie McDonnell studied communications in high school and continued when she attended college in her native state of Pennsylvania. After that, she spent a while working for WTXF-TV. Her main task was to provide coverage for the Philadelphia Eagles. After a stint in Missouri, she took a position at the New England Sports Network, based out of Boston, where she got to cover a large variety of sports.

Kacie McDonnell reporting
Photo by Tim Rooke / Shutterstock

With a ton of experience on her impressive resume, Fox News approached McDonell and offered her a position. She took the job, and in addition to sports, she now gets to discuss lifestyle on air. When it comes to romance, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she loves to date athletes. She’s now in a relationship with baseball player Eric Hosmer.

Amanda Pflugrad – $1 Million

If you are a Boston Celtics fan, you certainly recognize Amanda Pflugrad. The Oregon native covers everything related to the team. Her pregame shows are particularly popular. She attended college at the University of Oregon and majored in broadcast journalism with a minor in communication studies. Unlike most of us, she put her degrees to good use. She began her career reporting for Fox Sports Arizona and has since worked for CBS Sports Network as a New York Jets team reporter.

Photo by Mpu Dinani/Getty Images

You can also catch Amanda on the Travel Channel, where she was a co-host of “Best of the Road,” where she travels across America in an RV. What you may not know about her is that she once interviewed A-lister Tom Hanks! The interview took place during a Muhammed Ali fight, and she described him as a really nice guy. No surprise.

Lindsay Rhodes – $1.3 Million

When you are looking for juicy details on NFL football content, Lindsay Rhodes is your go-to-girl! She studied journalism in California and was the editor of the sports section of her school newspaper. After graduation, she found herself working as a news reporter with an ABC affiliate company in Washington.

A portrait of Lindsay Rhodes smiling
Source: Twitter

When she switched jobs to KKFX back in Cali, she returned to her true passion: sports. In subsequent years, she reported on basketball, and, in 2008, she even got to cover the Olympics in China from the studio. She also joined the NFL Network that year and remains there until this day. Everyone loves watching her. In 2004, this woman won a Los Angeles area, Emmy, for best sports reporting.