What you didn’t know about Jeremy Meeks

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Fame Like No Other

Jeremy Meeks was a gang member and convicted felon. In 2014, Jeremy, rose to fame when the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook and it quickly went viral. With tens of thousands of likes, shares, and comments, Meeks became known as the “hot felon” and basically walked out of prison with a modeling contract.

Jeremy Rose
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Unfortunately, Meeks got caught up in the gang life at just 14 years old. With his father serving a life sentence, it seems Jeremy didn’t stand a chance. Luckily, these negative decisions led to an attractive mugshot that gave Meeks a second chance to have a better life. Meeks quickly became an online celebrity overnight, and as a result, his bail was raised to $780,000. Thanks to his thousands of followers, his mother was able to set up a GoFundMe page to raise bail money.

A Look Into His Life

His mugshot was all over the internet, but there was very little known about the ‘Blue-eyed Bandit.’ His good looks made his picture go viral and the only thing people knew of him was that he was a good looking felon spending time in jail.

Jeremy Meeks and his son
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Like Father, Like Son: Meeks was born in 1984 and has three children; but, only one of the kids are biologically his. During his eight-year relationship with his former wife Melissa, the couple had one child together. However, Melissa had two children from a previous marriage. Meeks always loved them and treated them like they were his own during the marriage. His youngest child, Jeremy Meeks Jr. takes after his father with those incredible blue eyes.

Through Thick and Thin

Unfortunately, Meeks’s relationship with the mother of his son has not been great recently. Meeks was just 24 years old when he got married, and 2017 was their eighth wedding anniversary. Meeks posted a picture of the couple and captioned it ‘Through thick and thin.’ The quote could have been referring to Melissa standing by Meeks during his entire jail sentence.

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The internet learned about Jeremy Meeks by his bright blue eyes, gang tattoos, and incredibly good looks. Sadly, his looks are far from a reflection of his difficult and troubled life. If you think about it, the only reason Jeremy even rose to fame was because of bad decision making. I mean, the picture that went viral was a mugshot of a convicted felon.

Moving On Up

Melissa was still with Meeks during his newfound fame after his prison release. Melissa initially said that she found God after he got released. She then found him making large amounts of money after starting to model and walking down the catwalk during New York Fashion Week. He moved Melissa and their three children into a new luxury mansion in Los Angeles, California. Jeremy also started driving a sports car that cost $160,000! This was quite the transformation for the ex-convict.

Meeks as a model
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In 2017, just a few months after getting out of prison, Meeks was already walking in multiple Fashion Week catwalks. Soon after, he was the face of a campaign for the Israeli sunglasses fashion house, Caroline Lemke. He appeared on billboards alongside models such as Bar Rafaeli. The campaign specifically made sure Meeks was very different from Bar Rafaeli and stated that “There has never been a mix like this.” It was clear that Meeks came from a different background than the Israeli supermodel. She is obviously an incredibly successful model, but Meeks wasn’t destined to become a model himself.

A Huge Change

Although Jeremy’s newfound success helped him enjoy life more since he was released from jail, it’s a very different life than the one he had growing up. Meeks was born in Tacoma Washington State and described his childhood as “the life of any kid growing up in an inner-city environment with not very much money.”

Jeremy Meeks as a child
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His father was sent to jail when Jeremy was just nine months old. Since his father was serving a life sentence, Meeks was raised by his mother, Katherine Angier. Jeremy said the family always had money problems.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Jeremy Meeks used to be a member of the Crips (the gang)? In 2014, Meeks got arrested during a gang sweep.

Wrong Path

As Jeremy got a little bit older, he was adopted by his sister and his brother so that he could have a better life. However, Meeks still thinks the reason he ended up in a gang was due to the lack of a strong father figure and role model.

Jeremy Meeks and his brother
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Naturally, Jeremy felt the need to look somewhere for some guidance and ended up getting involved with the wrong people when he was very young; at 14 years old. Meeks regretted his bad choices and said: “When I should have gone straight, I went left, and I regret that.”


Meeks claims that because of his difficulties in childhood, he always strives to do better. Unfortunately, in 2002, he found himself in a situation very similar to his father’s. Jeremy violently assaulted a 16-year-old boy and was charged with robbery and corporal injury to a child. This was a very violent crime, and Meeks did his time.

Meeks’s Father
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Meeks served a nine-year jail sentence after he was charged in California. That’s where he also confessed to being part of the Northside Gang Crips. In 2005, he was charged yet again. This time he impersonated his brother Emery and was charged with identity theft. I guess it takes longer for some people to learn from their mistakes. Meeks found himself back in jail.

Jail Again

Unfortunately, after serving nine years in jail, Jeremy still didn’t learn his lesson. Soon after his release, Meeks managed to end up in prison again for another two years. This time, however, it worked in his favor. When he left jail this time, his mugshot went viral, and he was suddenly one of the most highly demanded models. He quickly secured a modeling contract with white cross management. The ex-felon signed with Gina Rodriguez, a Hollywood Agent.

Meeks in prison
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Prison To Paychecks: His wife revealed that his modeling success earned him $1 million a month! Since then, Meeks has stated that it’s actually just $6,000. Either way, most people don’t leave jail with a modeling contract. Since his prison release, Meeks has been walking down catwalks and has been spotted with huge Hollywood names. Hopefully, he finally learned his lesson and won’t end up back in jail.

The Mugshot

We look at Meeks’s mugshot as his ride to overnight success; but, Jeremy sees it a little differently. To him, the picture reminds him of regret and sorrow. When he took that mugshot, a modeling career didn’t even cross his mind. I mean, generally speaking, getting a mug shot taken is a scary experience. They don’t normally lead to something great.

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“The ‘hot felon’ label is a blessing and a curse because it was the thing that allowed me to change my life for the better. But the look on my face in that picture is me in my mind thinking: ‘I won’t be able to put my son to bed tonight or take him to school in the morning.’ It was sadness and regret.”

My Name Is Jeremy

He is very widely known as being the hot felon. However, Meeks can’t stand that title and can’t wait for the day that he is no longer known as that. He just wants people to see him more as just an attractive looking criminal. Since Meeks’s mugshot is what made him famous, it’s not surprising that the fact that he is a felon is highlighted by many media outlets.

Jeremy Meeks
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“I just can’t wait for the day when I am seen as Jeremy Meeks and not just a ‘Hot Felon.’ Am I a felon? Yes. Do I have brighter things in my future? A thousand percent.” Meeks is on the road to a successful modeling career, and he keeps striving to be better.

Many Talents

After the start of his modeling career, Meeks expressed how he is interested in pursuing acting. Also, he is trying to make it in music and is setting up his own business. “I’d like to start my own businesses now, so I have something to leave for my kids.” Now that he has the opportunity to give his children a better life than he had, he’s making the most of it.

Jeremy Meeks
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After being in a committed marriage for eight years, and often expressing his strong love for his wife, things took a turn in 2017. Pictures emerged of Jeremy kissing another woman. To the world, Meeks was a married man. This pictured led people to assume that Jeremy got caught cheating on Melissa. The woman in the picture was Sir Phillip Green’s daughter.

Not All Perfect

Melissa confirmed that when she discovered the pictures of her husband having an affair, she was left humiliated. Jeremy and Chloe were spotted kissing in 2017 while vacationing in Turkey. Melissa was under the assumption that her husband was on a work trip. Then it was revealed that he was just out vacationing with his new girlfriend. The pictures confirmed their marriage was over, but Melissa said they would haunt her forever.

Jeremy Meeks having an affair
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Melissa didn’t hold back her feelings on this new relationship. She didn’t know Chloe before these pictures were revealed. However, she still put half of the blame on her. She stated that “I know it takes two to tango, but she knew he was married. To me, that’s unforgivable. My whole world has been torn apart by this. What do I tell our children? My heart is broken.”

Thinking About the Children

Jeremy and Chloe’s relationship was very public, and divorce filings between Jeremy and Melissa were made in October 2017. The couple claims they will work together for the best interest of their kids. Meek’s already introduced Jeremy Jr. to Chloe. He said he intends on paying child support, but Melissa is trying to get sole legal and physical custody of their children. Although the couple is on bad terms, he wants to be present in the lives of his children.

meeks and his kids
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Love Or Money? So the real question is, why would Meeks leave his beautiful wife and lovely family for this new girl? Jeremy said his relationship with Chloe is the real deal. However, other motives have been suspected, considering Chloe’s father is a very rich man.


When I say rich, I mean that Chloe is an heir to billions of dollars. Since Jeremy didn’t come from much and was just beginning to make money at the time, could it be that he’s after Chloe’s fortune? Or do you think it’s real love? The speculation began after Chloe’s father hired the model for a Topman publicity campaign in Los Angeles.

Sir Phillip Green
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Sir Phillip Green owns a fashion empire, and Topman is part of it. The speculation doesn’t seem too far-fetched anymore. Meeks had his own response to the rumors. He defended his scandalous relationship with the heiress. No matter how sudden the relationship was, Jeremy said he loves Chloe. Maybe they are in love! I mean, it’s not like Jeremy is having money issues anymore.

Two Different Worlds

Although they entered a public and dramatic romance, we can’t help but wonder how their separate worlds even collided. I mean, Chloe is a British socialite, and Jeremy was just released from prison. Meeks said it was his newfound fame and career path that led him to Chloe. Apparently, the fact that they both came from tight-knit families was attractive. Of course, Meeks was married at the time, so this shouldn’t have mattered.

Chloe Green
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Jeremy shut down all rumors of an affair when he publicly stated that his marriage was over for a while before the pictures of him and Chloe surfaced. They were still legally married at the time. Meeks said the reason he remained legally married was for the sake of kids ‘as not to disrupt their lifestyle.’ Meanwhile, Chloe approached him at a party. At the time, it didn’t lead to anything, and they each went their separate ways.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Meeks stated that Chloe’s consideration for other people is what he was attracted to about her. They didn’t meet again until a party was held in Monaco. After that, they met again at a Phillipp Plein dinner, and that’s when things started heating up. After a Phillipp Plein fashion show, the two ran into each other once again at an after-party. Apparently, Jeremy was surprised and did not expect to see Chloe there.

Wanda Salvatto and Jeremy Meeks on the catwalk
Wanda Salvatto and Jeremy Meeks on the catwalk. Photo By WWD/Shutterstock

Meeks claimed that he has no idea how Chloe was invited, and he didn’t put her on a guest list. He recalls this party as the place where they fell in love with each other. He knew walking in the Phillipp Plein show would be a huge moment, but he’s just happy it led him to Chloe. Pictures of the couple began appearing online, and Chloe announced that this was “just the beginning” of their relationship.

The Real Deal

Since their relationship began as a dramatic scandal, it seems the couple isn’t scared to share how real their love is. They constantly say how strong their relationship is and how it’s the real deal. There is still some speculation about how Meeks is in it for the money. Jeremy had made his opinion very clear, stating that he didn’t even know who Chloe was when they met.

Jeremy Meeks and Chloe green
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Fortunately for Meeks, he secured a life far away from his life as a gang member behind bars. He said he fell in love with Chloe before knowing her background or who her family was. Meeks expressed that ‘one thing I can say to people who are speculating about that happiness is that I am finding myself and the lifestyle that I have. I am paying for myself, and I am paying for my child.”

Life Behind The Camera

Jeremy Meeks is covered in gang tattoos and is known for being a dangerous man who spent time in prison. Believe it or not, Meeks is also known to be a family man. Well, at least that’s how it is portrayed through social media.

Meeks is a family man
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Other than his catwalks and photo shoots, you can see pictures of Jeremy and his family all over social media. He seems to really be enjoying spending time with his kids. Like any father, he just wants to give them what he didn’t have as a child. I guess he is making up for lost time. Unfortunately, his relationship with his family is not always how Instagram makes it seem. Specifically, with his wife.

Love Is Worth More Than Money

Since they first met, and then eventually learning more about each other, Meeks said, “She was just Chloe to me, and still is. I love her for her.” Meeks also addresses his relationship with Chloe’s father. Meeks expressed. ‘I am a model, and Sir Philip works in fashion. He is very successful, and I’m sure he has many models he could use, so if he needs me, I’m there. If not, I have other work, so I’m very blessed.”

Phillip Green with his daughter
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Although Jeremy doesn’t necessarily want to steal the catwalk for Sir Phillip Green’s fashion empire, he still has a lot of love for the man. He also said he would love Chloe even if she had no money. Meeks continued and said that the fashion mogul accepts his relationship with his daughter, despite his past. ‘He knows his daughter’ and knows that if she’s in love, it’s with the right person.

The Haters

In response to the tremendous amount of hate he got, Meeks said, “I’ve never been happier in my life than right now. We’ve found love, we’re in love, and we are very happy.” Even though they come from two completely different worlds, they are here to prove everyone wrong with their true love. Unfortunately, after two years together, the couple split.

Meeks and Chloe’ split
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Breakup Rumors: Chloe was spotted with a man (not Jeremy Meeks) on her father’s £125 million superyacht. Rumors about their breakup have been circulating. However, they still seem to be on good terms. Although Meeks shut down the rumors in the past, it seems as though the breakup is for real this time. After being on and off for months, they are supposedly over but on speaking terms.

More Speculations

There was a picture of Chloe and Rommy Gianni lounging and cuddling on one of the yacht’s decks. Jeremy however, said he was ‘surprised’ to see her with another man. Rumors about Jeremy and Chloe breaking up started sometime in June when she was seen without her engagement ring. It seems like the couple was on and off, until now.

Chloe and Rommy Gianni
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The ring was never confirmed to be an engagement ring. Rumors began to swirl about the engagement since Chloe started wearing a massive diamond ring. In February 2019, breakup rumors began to surface once again, and Jeremy quickly shut them down. He continued to deny all speculations, and in May 2019 he posted a picture of the couple and captioned it “We are still very much in love lol.”

Baby Together

The relationship between Chloe and Jeremy began in the summer of 2017. This was a bit of a scandal because when pictures surfaced of the pair, Jeremy was still legally married to his wife, Melissa. The couple was not hiding their romance or shy about PDA. They welcomed their first child into the world in May 2018. His name is Jayden Meeks-Green, and his half-brothers with Jeremy Jr.

Chloe’ and Meeks baby boy
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They were together then: Chloe made an Instagram announcement. She posted pictures of the beautiful baby and captioned it, “we are pleased to announce the birth of our beautiful baby boy, Jayden Meeks-Green.” Chloe continued, “Born May 29th, 2018. Mommy and baby are both doing well. We kindly ask to respect our privacy, please. Much love Chloe & Jeremy. It seems like they were still happily together at that time.

On And Off

Chloe has been teasing us about an upcoming engagement since October of 2018. Ever since, their relationship has been plagued with breakup rumors. A source revealed that ‘they split about two months ago, but are off and on still speaking.’ Chloe is reportedly trying to sell the home her and Jeremy own in London.

Chloe’ and Jeremy with their baby boy
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Meeks fueled these allegations when he hit the red carpet with Andrea Sasu. The two appeared at the “The Dead Don’t Lie” premiere in matching black outfits. Andrea then appeared on Jeremy’s Instagram story when he was showing off the red carpet vibe. Earlier that day, Andrea posted a picture of her and Jeremy having lunch at La Place du Martinez.

New Life

Jeremy’s life seems to have been quite the roller coaster. Unfortunately, he joined a gang at the age of 14, which led to numerous bad decisions and jail time in adulthood. Sadly, some people are born into tough circumstances, and without a father figure to look up to, it was hard for Jeremy to get on the right path.

Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green in the front row
Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green in the front row. Photo By: Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock

After spending 9 years in jail for assault, Jeremy quickly found himself back in jail. This time, however, he got out with a modeling career waiting for him. His life completely changed, and then he met Chloe, who made it even better. As soon as his life turned around, he was grateful for his opportunities and didn’t wind up back in jail.

We Don’t Know Yet

Unfortunately, it’s not very clear whether or not the couple is still together. Based on Chloe’s picture with a mystery man, I think it’s safe to say that things weren’t going so well. But honestly, what do I know? Nothing has been confirmed, so we can’t know for sure. If anything, Meeks confirmed the opposite.

Meeks and Andrea Susu
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Jeremy keeps shutting down the rumors, yet he was seen with Andrea Sasu. As far as we know, they could just be friends. Jeremy keeps denying the allegations stating that he and Chloe are still together. I guess only time will tell. Meanwhile, I think I believe him. Does he really have a reason to lie about that?

I guess we’ll update you when we find out!

Revealing the Truth

In a recent interview, Jeremy Meeks opened up about what it was like growing up with a mother who is a heroine-addict and a father who is a murderer. He revealed that his childhood was ‘very dark.’ Jeremy Meeks was born in Washington during the crack cocaine epidemic that negatively affected the country throughout the 80s and 90s.

Jeremy Meeks opening up during an interview
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Unfortunately, he got caught in the crossfire. He stated that “Both of my parents were heroin addicts. I was a heroin baby.” In 1984, his father, Raymond Meeks, was convicted of murdering a family friend. He brutally stabbed the woman 36 times.

Heroine Baby

Right from the start, Meeks was dependent on heroin because his mother used it while she was pregnant with him. He continued, “My childhood was very, very dark. My dad committed a murder when I was nine months old and killed my mum’s best friend.”

Jeremy Meeks and Ba Refaeli wearing glasses
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Reportedly, the murder weapon was a pearl-handled hunting knife. It was found in a dumpster next to where Raymond was staying. A neighbor later identified him as the man who was looking for the victim and knocking on doors just a few hours before she died.

His Dad is a Murderer

The victim was Laura Leon-Melara. In addition to stabbing her, Raymond also strangled her, and the attack lasted five hours! He actually was tried twice for murder because the first trial ended with a hung jury. The second one ended with a guilty verdict for first-degree murder. Thankfully, Raymond was immediately sent to jail.

Jeremy Meeks modeling in glasses
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Pierce County Superior Court Judge J. Kelley Arnold sentenced him to a 45-year sentence. Unfortunately, he was released after just 33 years in September of 2017. After the murder, Meeks was on bail pending charges for an alleged abduction and rape of another woman.

Not on Good Terms

Although his father was released from jail, Meeks doesn’t really speak with him because he’s “still a piece of shit.” Raymond, however, said: “I talk to Jeremy all the time, and I’ve spoken to Chloe. I am looking forward to seeing Jeremy again- it’s been a while.”

Jeremy Meeks wearing a Warriors hat
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He went on to say, “He’s a good looking boy, and I am proud of him. To me, he was famous when he was born. He’s beautiful, and I love him.” Well, he probably should have thought of his family before committing murder.

Born into the Life

Kathy is Jeremy’s mother. She is 63 years old and a former heroin addict. Unfortunately, she has a long criminal record as well. She has been in jail many times, which resulted in Jeremy being raised by his sister Leanna since he was 12.

Jeremy Meeks
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Jeremy also has a half-brother named Emery. He is 39 and also served time for robbery. His criminal record is also long and includes buying alcohol for a minor. His half-sister Carmella is 43, and her criminal record contains minor thefts, cannabis possession, and numerous driving offenses.

Living on the Streets

Meeks confessed that he was prone to making bad decisions. He claimed that his learning disability is what made him susceptible to gang life when he was only in 6th grade. “Next thing you know, I’m fighting and fighting and fighting, and I had to learn really fast about colors, and gangs, and neighborhoods and sets.”

Jeremy Meeks modeling in a hat
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Sadly his childhood didn’t get any easier. Meeks explained, “At a really young age, I got put on to the hood, and from there, I moved out of the house at 15 and was in the streets.”

First Arrest

Unfortunately, that was the year he got sent to juvenile hall for the first time, he got shot five times, and gang members beat him up using baseball bats. Altogether, Meeks was behind years for a total of 10 ½ years as a boy.

Jeremy Meeks wearing a black coat
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He explained how his mixed-race made things even more difficult. “For most light-skinned people, you’re not black enough, and you’re not white.” He also alluded to the fact that his good looks made him a target in prison.

Sudden Fame

As we knew in 2014, he was arrested for firearm possession, and his mug shot was a game-changer. The convict suddenly gained international stardom. His stunning good looks and piercing blue eyes captured compassion all over the internet.

Jeremy Meeks wearing a white T-shirt
Source: Yahoo.com

He quickly started receiving up to 300 letters a day from his new “fans.” Some would even send him books with money inside. There was also extreme interest from different modeling agencies. The judge ultimately sentenced him to just 27 months in jail instead of the recommended 63 months.

Life Changed

He wanted him to be able to enjoy his newfound fame and hoped it would change him for the better. Meeks is forever grateful. “The only thing that saved me, which was such a blessing was my judge. He helped me in so many ways.”

Jeremy Meeks modeling
Source: Yahoo.com

It turns out that the judge was right. Meeks is now one of the most recognized male models. He said that his mother is also doing well now. He expressed that “she has been clean of hard drugs for years although she smoked a ton of weed.”

New Man

Jeremy Meeks is a changed man and loves his sons. He admitted that he hopes for a daughter next. He was also pursuing a career in music and explained: “When I do music I want to make sure it’s a positive message, but still street, without the killing and the drugs and the bad message.”

Jeremy Meeks modeling in denim
Source: Whitecrossmanagement.com

Wow, I guess some people do change. I can’t wait to listen to his music. We still aren’t sure if Meeks and Green are still together, but rumors sparked that she was engaged when she was caught wearing a large diamond ring on her finger.

Not a Good Excuse

When released from prison after a murder charge, Raymond claimed to love his son Jeremy. He said that the reason he stabbed Laura was that she knew where Jeremy and his mom Kathy were hiding from him. Yea, because that’s a good excuse.

Jeremy Meeks putting his hand on his head
Source: Pinterst.com

Obviously, they were hiding from him for a reason. Raymond left school at age 14 and was arrested at age 15. He was sent to a juvenile home for 17 months, and the court document state that “he has a lengthy history of substance abuse dating back to age 11.”

His Dad’s Criminal Record

The report goes on talking about how he was a heroin addict since 1973. He was also using other substances such as morphine, cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana. His criminal record goes on for pages. Other offenses include robbery, possessing stolen property, burglary, breach of the peace, and more.

Jeremy Meeks doing modeling with his shirt off
Source: Pinterest.com

Before the tragic murder, Raymond had an on-and-off job as a mechanic to support his wife at the time, Kathy and baby Jeremy. He now lives two hours away from Houston, Texas, in a town called Ledbetter.

Fashion Career

As a runway model, Meeks has walked for fashion designer Philip Plein, Tommy Hilfiger, and so much more. There are rumors that Jeremy and Philip Plein’s daughter (Chloe Green) have gone their separate ways. His path led him to Mannheim, Germany, where Fashion Concept’s corporate headquarters is located.

Jeremy Meeks Gucci campaign
Source: Unlockmen.com

Fashion Concept GmbH plastered five pictures of Meeks on their homepage. One of the pictures featured him in a convertible and a female sitting next to him. In another one, he was wearing a plum-colored blazer, a button-down shirt, and a sweater vest holding leather gloves.

New Friends

The label is described as ‘high fashion,’ and the collection he is working on is reportedly coming out early next year. The company has stated that sales increased by 300% within the last two years. Fashion Concept GmbH also wants to buy “top textile brands” to broaden the product rage, and the group with have more of a say in prices.

Jeremy Meeks and Paris Hilton
Source: Yahoo.com

Well, it looks like a lot has changed for Meeks. He went from hanging out with gang members to hanging out with Niki Manaj and Paris Hilton. Who knew a mug shot could work in your favor?

Is it True?

Okay, everyone has been waiting to hear if Jeremy Meeks is still with Chloe Green. Meeks has continued to insist that he is still with her. After the photos of his baby mama went viral with Rommy Gianni, many people began speculating.

Jeremy Meeks
Photo By Swan Gallet/WWD/Shutterstock

The ‘hot felon’ has stated that Rommy is just a ‘friend of theirs.’ He then told TLC, “Yes, we are still together!” Jeremy went on to say, “You know I’m saying, like, it’s not even a situation.”

Circulating Rumors

Everyone knows that the media loves to make up rumors. We all love drama, but luckily, this rumor seems to be false. As far as we know, the couple is happily together. I mean, they do have a child together, so it’s nice to know things are going strong.

Jeremy Meeks wearing green outside
Source: Thecut.com

Hopefully, this happy family will make it official. Now it’s also been speculated that Meeks and Green are engaged. This is a rumor that we hope is true. I’d say the chances are high with the huge rock she’s been sporting.

Bad Boy at Heart

Although Meeks has changed since his latest jail release, he still has some bad boy tendencies. The ‘Hot Felon’ was being sued by the West Hollywood rental shop for wrecking two cars in one week!

Jeremy Meeks wearing a grey shirt
Source: Blackamericaweb.com

WeHo Auto Rental claimed that he crashed a 2016 Porch Cayenne and a 2019 Mercedes-Benz in just a few days. We hope this reckless behavior was just a mistake. Accidents happen, but we hope Meeks is staying on the right path.

Future Plans

Meeks has a lot of hopes and dreams for the future. In addition to wanting a daughter and an influential singer, Meeks is also interested in acting. There is nothing in the works yet, but we are excited to see the success he is getting.

Jeremy Meeks on Varon
Source: Twitter.com

Although he doesn’t have any acting roles yet, he was featured in Russian singer, Olga Buzova’s music video. Russian actors were considered, but Olga said as soon as she saw his eyes, she picked him. His eyes are beautiful, so it only makes sense.

New Project

The two worked wonderfully together. When the issue of prices came up for using Meeks, Olga stated that she is a woman and not obligated to pay a man. Okay… whatever that means. Anyways, Meeks response was that he was insanely happy to work with the singer.

Jeremy Meeks looking confused
Source: TMZ.com

He confessed that “the first time I saw Olga on Instagram, I looked at one photo, two, three – I really liked her. Incredibly beautiful girl and the song is beautiful. I knew it was a unique opportunity and looking forward to the start of work.”

First Acting Gig

The music video to Wi-Fi was directed by Alexey Golubev, and the song is called Wi-Fi. Jeremy flew into Moscow to shoot the video, and it has been reported that the two had amazing chemistry.

Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green
Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green. Source: Shutterstock

To be honest, I was too focused on Meek’s eyes to focus on his acting skills. I mean, if his job was to stand there and look hot, he did an amazing job. He was the perfect candidate for the video and behaved modestly, so he didn’t take any attention away from the singer.

Famous for the Wrong Reasons

Yes, Jeremy Meeks is the one and only felon who got a modeling contract because of his mug shot. As you can imagine, this raised a lot of controversies. Many people didn’t feel like bad behavior should be rewarded. He broke the law and needed to deal with the consequences instead of being glorified.

Jeremy Meeks
Source: Instagram

To be fair, Meeks did do his time. However, he isn’t the only person who rose to internet fame under questionable circumstances. Remember Danielle Bregoli? Or Logan Paul? A lot of people gain internet attention for the strangest reasons. We’re glad Meeks is using his fame and fortune to turn his life around and leave a real impact on the world, but check out these other internet sensations that didn’t get recognized for their positive attributes.

Danielle Bregoli

Dr. Phil is a popular TV personality. He is famous for his words of wisdom and finding solutions in the toughest situations. On his show, desperate families come to him when they have nowhere else to turn. Danielle Bregoli rose to internet fame when she appeared on the show in 2016.

Danielle Bregoli on The Dr. Phil Show
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Bregorli was just 13 years old when she famously told Dr.Phil to “Cash me outside.” The phrase quickly stuck, and she was known as the “cash me outside” girl. Bregoli went viral, and Atlantic Records signed her at the height of her short-lived fame, despite getting thereby being an extremely rude and entitled teenager. The girl has a ton of merchandise, including T-shirts, mugs, and even bed-sheets! Sleeping on a 13-year-old girl’s face… not creepy at all…

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a famous YouTuber who also had his share of scandals. Yes, Logan can create content that his followers enjoy, but he doesn’t always think of the consequences on his actions. Obviously, I’m referring to Paul’s most controversial video, where he is walking through a Japanese forest.

Logan Paul
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If you didn’t see or hear of this video, Logan passes a man who had recently taken his own life and proceeded to film and upload the video. YouTube eventually took him down, but he returned to posting daily videos about a month later. Of course, Paul did apologize, and that’s all he can do at this point. People are still understandably outraged. He is still young and will make better decisions when he matures… hopefully. Paul is now working on his very successful podcast.

Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour is another YouTuber who was recognized (and hated) for posting a video making fun of fat people. She is free to state her opinion, but viewers had their own opinions of the YouTuber, after watching her video titled “Dear Fat People.” Although internet users all over the world hated her, you know what they say, “any publicity is good publicity.”

Nicole Arbour on the red carpet
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The View brought Arbour on their show just so that they could publicly tell her that what she said was not cool. She apologized but then took it back. She is a self-proclaimed comedian and has called the video satire. In 2018, she wanted to regain her 15 minutes of fame and made another video. This time, critics accused her of appropriating the black experience. Whether or not that was her intention, she refused to apologize once again.

Rebecca Black

Unlike many of the other people on this list, Rebecca Black didn’t exactly do anything wrong. Instead, she gained fame for an unfortunate singing situation. She innocently recorded a song called Friday in 2011 and was devastated when the embarrassing music video went viral.

Rebecca black posing next to her billboard
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Although a viral video and overnight fame is a dream for most teenagers, Black was humiliated when she saw all the comments of people making fun of her. She was roasted for using auto tune, and Friday was famously called the “worst song ever.” Thanks to the terrible video, Black got to appear in Katy Perry’s music video for “Last Friday Night.” Black has since gotten over the incident and is moving forward positively. However, she still cringes when she thinks of the song that made her famous.

Caitlin Upton

Catie Upton was a contestant on Miss Teen USA in 2007. She was asked why she thinks Americans struggle to find their country on the map, and her answer quickly sent her to internet notoriety.

“I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the US should help us, uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up or future.”

Caitlin Upton posing for a picture
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Ummm… WHAT?! Needless to say, she wasn’t prepared for that question. She didn’t make herself look smart when she tried to answer it either. I mean, come on! Her answer made absolutely no sense. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the title, but luckily, she still has her looks to fall back on.

Paris Hilton

Before the Kardashians were known as “Being famous for being famous” another rich socialite had that title. Paris Hilton was the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton… and that’s about it. Paris Hilton is the heiress to the Hilton Hotels and was born a millionaire. However, she never did anything to make her famous.

Paris Hilton standing on an escalator
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Until 2003… when her sex tape with her boyfriend at the time, Rick Salomon was leaked. Instead of being humiliated by the situation, Hilton took her sex tape acquired fame as far as she could. She starred on reality TV, recorded an album, and even landed a few acting roles. She frequently made headlines when she was photographed partying in the Hollywood scene with her bestie Nicole Richie.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose managed to gain a lot of attention after her affair with Kanye West. Now she just seems like one of those celebrities who is always talked about, but nobody really knows why. Her official job titles include model, actress, and recording artist. Not to be rude, but I don’t think she got any recognition in those areas.

Amber Rose wearing dark sunglasses
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Despite appearing in a couple of music videos and reality shows, she will always be known as the girl who had an affair with Kanye West. After Rose and West broke up, Rose started dating Wiz Khalifa. They were married for a short three years and had a son together. As for Kanye, he is famous for his music, lyrics, and fashion line. He is now married to the beautiful Kim Kardashian West (who we will get to later), and the couple has four beautiful children.

Brody Jenner

Brody Jenner is well-known, but where do we know him from? Although he has the Jenner name, he was a reality show star before his famous family. Similarly to Heidi and Spencer, Brody gained recognition on The Hills, but now, he is better known as Caitlyn Jenner’s son.

Brody Jenner when he was younger
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In The Hill’s recent reboot, Brody returned. He expressed that after he married his wife Caitlin, his father Bruce transitioned and took on the name Caitlyn Jenner. This didn’t sit well with Brody, and it caused a strain on their already difficult relationship. Since his stepsisters are the Kardashians, their fame overshadowed Brody and his short-lived time on a TV show. Besides for some reality show appearances, Brody doesn’t seem to have that much on his resume.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag will always be remembered as the girl who got 10 cosmetic surgeries in one day! Heidi rose to fame when she starred on the reality show The Hills. During her time on the show, Heidi dated and eventually married Spencer Pratt, her co-star, and the show’s villain. The couple acted recklessly and blew all their money before the show even ended.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt posing for a couple picture
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The couple tried to regain their fame by appearing in several different reality shows over the years. Although she’s not exactly known for her singing voice, Heidi released an album titled Superficial in 2010. Unfortunately, the record was a huge fail. The disastrous album didn’t even make enough money to cover the cost of producing it!

Kim Kardashian

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian’s dream was to become famous. The only problem was that she couldn’t sing, dance or act. So she did the next best thing, made a sex tape. Since she was friends with Paris Hilton, it’s no surprise that she took some tips from her fellow socialite. After Kim’s sex tape leaked, her dreams of fame and fortune became a reality.

Kim Kardashian during her early years of fame
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Although her father, Robert Kardashian, was a big part of the infamous OJ Simpson case, not much was known about his daughters. It has been speculated for years that Kim was the one to release her sex tape, but she has denied these allegations. Either way, it put her and her family on a hit reality show, and the Kardashians took their reality star fame to a different level! Although they are all successful businesswoman now, it all started with a sex tape.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad’s career began when she appeared on MTV’s Laguna Beach. Lauren was a beloved character and even starred in the hit spin-off series The Hills. We all grew up watching the show, and Tabloids were all over her! Still, we can’t help but wonder, what is she even famous for?

Lauren Conrad during her days on The Hills
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She didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. She was just a rich girl who started college at 19. She had an internship at Vogue, but she managed to mess that up too! When she had the opportunity to go to Paris and expand her career, she stayed behind for a jerk! Today she does have a few businesses and seems to have used her fame and fortune wisely. Still, it difficult to see how she got there in the first place.

Nicole Richie

Other than having a famous father, Lionel Richie, Nicole was better known for parting with a famous blonde socialite and best friend, Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton is the first person that comes to mind when you think of someone who is famous for being famous, and Nicole Richie comes close. The two were photographed at clubs drinking throughout the early 2000s.

Nicole Richie smiling for a picture
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Eventually, the two besties starred in their own reality show, “The Simple Life.” The show didn’t exactly portray the girls as smart, but the 13 million viewers tuned in for the premiere episode. I guess acting ditsy to gain attention worked. The show lasted five seasons. She married singer, Joel Madden back in 2006 and the couple have two children together. It looks like her fifteen minutes ended.

Jake Paul

We already mentioned his brother Logan, but Jake Paul is one of the biggest YouTubers and is recognized by teens all over America. He does some wild antics like an average immature boy. However, he posts them all on the internet for the world to see. It’s not so hard to gain YouTube fame, but Jake Paul seems to have gone way beyond his fifteen minutes.

Jake Paul at the Teen Choice Awards
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For a while, Paul was acting recklessly to receive more views and maximize his bank account. In 2017, People had enough of Paul’s selfish behavior. He was criticized by his neighbors, who said that his ridiculous behavior bothers them. I mean, I would get annoyed too if I’m trying to sleep, but Jake Paul is too busy partying or having fans storming the neighborhood. His response was “There is nothing we can do, though.” remind me again why he is famous?

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline began making headlines in 2004 when he married his stunning pop star girlfriend, Britney Spears. Before his wedding, Federline was just an unknown backup dancer. Although they quickly rushed into marriage after three months of dating, Federline was manipulative, and the two had a very toxic relationship.

Kevin Federline trying to be a rapper
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In 2007, around the time of his divorce, Federline suddenly decided he wanted to be a rapper. I don’t know why all these people think they launch singing careers. You have to have a good voice or some kind of musical talent to be a singer! I don’t think anyone on the planet liked Federline’s song “Playing with Fire.” He tries to stay relevant by appearing in some reality shows, but to us, he will always be remembered as Britney’s Jerk ex-husband.