The Trials and Tribulations of Dog the Bounty Hunter

Reality TV shows flood our screens. I mean, there’s a reality show for pretty much anything you can think of. Now, while most are better off not watched, some come along that happen to be more gripping than any dramatic movie will ever be.

When reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman appeared on our screens, America was hooked. A&E’s ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ introduced us to a man with a unique appearance, his family team, and the over-the-top exciting busts that he does for a living. Dog was an immediate hit and people loved to tune in and see who Dog would catch next.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth walking hand in hand
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But there’s more to the package. The show might have taken Dog and his family to fame, but it also dug some of his darkest secrets, provoking a lot of family drama. Read on to see how Dog’s rebellious childhood led to his current place in life; his crazy captures, and even how his wife Beth stayed by him until cancer ended up taking her life.

That’s Dog to You, Sir

Duane Lee Chapman never legally changed his name to Dog, but he made it clear that it’s the name he prefers. Why? Well, for one thing, it keeps his legal name out of the media and also keeps some scandalous stuff under wraps. The name Duane Chapman is tied to divorces, arrests and convictions, and 12 kids (or 13, depending on who you ask) that he’s allegedly fathered. That said, you get why he prefers his nickname. Googling “dog” will turn up far more innocent results.

Dog and Beth Chapman
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Duane has revealed rather recently that he’s been diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. The 66-year-old finds himself battling his own potentially fatal health problems… just three months after his wife, Beth, died of cancer.

Dog is an Ex-Con

In the ’70s, Dog and one of his friends bought drugs from a dealer, but it quickly (surprise, surprise) turned dangerous. A fight broke out and his friend supposedly shot and killed their dealer. Dog claimed that he was waiting in the car, but he was nevertheless convicted for first-degree murder. In 1976, Dog was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He served 18 months.

dog the bounty hunter
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Jail time was especially hard on Dog. While behind bars, his then-wife, La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, left him. Not only that – she married his best friend and took their two sons with her.

Dog felt betrayed and what makes it worse is that he wasn’t able to reunite with his sons for many years after that. In fact, one of the sons, Leland, didn’t even know who his dad was until he was a teenager. He was only 7 months old when Dog went to prison.

Prison Turned His Life Around

Like many convicts (and it is supposed to be the actual goal of being incarcerated), Dog managed to use his time inside to his advantage and change his life around. He did fieldwork, but his main job was as a prison barber. He also claimed to have found religion again and chose to give up his deviant ways. Dog said one moment was pivotal, which was when he tackled an inmate who was trying to escape, saving him from being shot.

dog the bounty hunter in jail
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When the prison guard came to subdue the other inmate, he said to Dog, “good job, hook him up, bounty hunter.” That comment led to his desire to pursue bounty hunting.

See which celebrity Dog personally bailed out of jail…

Dog Bailed Nick Cage Out Of Jail

Do you remember when in 2011, Nicolas Cage was arrested and sent to jail for a car accident and a public brawl with his wife? Cage had to stay in jail overnight and couldn’t bail himself out since his wife wasn’t going to. Rather than getting a Hollywood friend to save him, Dog personally went and bailed him out. Dog explained that he was just a huge fan of the actor and simply wanted to help him out.

Nicolas Cage
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Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans on a count of domestic abuse and disturbing the peace, according to the police records. Apparently, Cage was arguing with his wife at 11:30 p.m. on Friday on Dumaine Street in the city’s French Quarter. They insisted that the house they were in front of was their rental property.

Dog Isn’t Native American…Like He Claims

Dog the Bounty Hunter is famous thanks to his signature look; the long, blonde, braided hair combined with those necklaces and bracelets. He claims that it’s due to his Native American roots.

In reality, Dog’s family is from Eastern Europe. What his great-aunt Ludmilla would do is sell hand-rolled cigarettes for Native Americans and dress up in their clothing. She kept up the gig for years, and so her children grew up wearing Native American accessories.

dog the bounty hunter
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His third marriage to Lyssa Rae Brittain was performed by a Native American chief in the Colorado mountains in 1982. But that marriage ended in 1991. The two apparently had met just days before in a bar, while Lyssa was still married to her husband.

His Daughter Wrote a Wounding Tell-All

Dog’s 9th child, Lyssa Chapman, wrote and published a tell-all book called “Walking on Eggshells” that painted a rather unflattering picture of her father. Lyssa claimed that her childhood led her to live a troubled life. She described how her father was addicted to crack while her mother was an alcoholic.

dog the bounty hunter and his family
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Lyssa also admitted to falsely accusing her father of abuse. Apparently, she was “willing to do anything to not go back” to the house. She said her unstable life led her to become addicted to drugs herself as well as become a teen mom.

Lyssa Rae Chapman is the ninth of Dog’s twelve children. Her mother is his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain (the one he met at the bar). His daughter is known as “Baby Lyssa” to distinguish from her mother “Big Lyssa”.

The Shocking TV Moment That Wasn’t Scripted

A lot of people expect reality shows to be scripted, but one 2012 episode of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ was a look into the bad blood in their family. The drama on that episode led to two of Dog’s sons quitting ties with him and their stepmother, Beth, and they officially quit the show. The blowup was caught on camera, which looked as though the two sons were claiming that Beth wanted them fired.

dog the bounty hunter and Leland
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The son you see here is Leland Blane Chapman, the son of Duane and his first wife, La Fonda Sue Darnall. As a teenager, Leland ran away from home and joined a gang. His mother put him in foster care and he was placed in a boys care home at the age of 13. He was later given the choice go back into foster care or live with his father, and he chose to live with his father.

Why He Doesn’t Carry a Firearm

If you’ve ever watched the show then you might have noticed that Dog never uses a firearm. That’s because of his 1976 murder conviction, which means he’s legally not allowed to own one. While he finished his parole decades ago, Dog still follows these restrictions. The only weapons Dog uses are chemical sprays that can disarm the bad guys. And confidence, of course.

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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Random fact about guns: Three in ten American adults (30%) say they own a gun, and an additional 11% say they live with someone who does. This is according to a Pew Research Center survey from 2017. Protection is the most common reason why gun owners have a gun. 67% say this is why they own a firearm.

He’s a Real Ladies Man

Dog admitted that he “likes women too much to settle down,” yet he’s been married five times and divorced four. He was with his first wife, La Fonda, for five years before she left him in ‘77. Two years later, he married Anne Tegnell only to divorce three years later in 1982. That same year, Dog met and married Lyssa Rae Brittain and they stayed together for almost a decade!

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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Dog claims that he was then “coerced” into marrying his 4th wife, Tawny. But after that ended, Dog met Beth and after 16 years together, they married in 2006. His fifth marriage to Alice Elizabeth “Beth” Barmore started off as an on-again-off-again relationship until they married on May 20, 2006, at a Hilton hotel in Hawaii.

He Just Kept Having Kids

It seems like Dog always has a new litter on the way. In total, Dog has fathered 13 children (so far) in his lifetime. But it gets confusing. Dog didn’t know about the birth of his first kid until the mom passed away and Dog got custody. Try to keep up: he had two more children with his first wife; then three with his second; three with his third wife; none with his fourth, and then two with Beth.

dog the bounty hunter and his family
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In addition, Dog is the legal step-father of two kids from Beth’s previous relationship. Chapman has one kid out of wedlock, which is his eldest child Christopher Michael Hecht, whose mother is Debbie White. He was born while Dog was serving his 18-month prison sentence.

The Legal Guardian of a Grandchild

If 13 kids weren’t enough, Dog and Beth are also the legal guardians of a grandson. The boy’s mother, Barbara, was Dog’s daughter from his 2nd marriage. Barbara died in 2006 in a car accident, the day before Dog was going to marry Beth. Sadly, Dog discovered that the boy’s father was physically abusing him, and filed for custody immediately.

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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Cobie revealed on Instagram his exciting new business endeavor. He revealed he is now offering surfing lessons in Hawaii. “My name is Cobie Chapman, I was born on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2000. My passion in life has always been being in the water and I’m grateful to live in a place I can do so. I have been surfing ever since I was 8 years of age but I have been in love with the water from a much younger age.”

Next, see the real reason why his show got canceled.

His Own Son Got the Show Temporarily Cancelled

Dog dealt with his share of controversy, but a 2007 leaked phone call between him and his son Tucker was the star that broke the camel’s back. In the call, Dog used derogative and racial phrases in reference to Tucker’s African American girlfriend. It was Tucker who sold the recording of the call to the National Enquirer and A&E reacted by canceling the show midway through the 4th season.

dog the bounty hunter mugshot
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Chapman said Tucker sold the tape of the conversation to The National Enquirer but he did not know why. “He will not talk to me,” said Chapman. “His mother’s in on it with him. I have been away from her since the ‘80s so now she is like getting even,” he told the Larry King Live show on CNN.

The Show’s Final Meltdown Was In 2012

Chapman, who apologized repeatedly, said he used the N-word on the heated call. Chapman said Tucker was sent to prison at 18 and served four years of a 20-year sentence for armed robbery. “I tried to take control of his life (after this),” said Chapman. “I heard this girl was maybe not being the best for Tucker — and I’ll leave it like that — so I tried to interfere.”

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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The leaked phone call pulled the show off the air, but it returned a few months later for an additional four seasons. Finally, in season 8, the show was permanently canceled. Dog and Beth stated that they couldn’t come to an agreement with A&E about payment and creative rights, but the network said that the ratings just weren’t good anymore. Dog and Beth had a spinoff show for three seasons until it too got canceled.

His Arrest Put Him on the Map

Dog received worldwide attention on June 18, 2003, when he captured Andrew Luster, an heir to a cosmetic company that was charged with 86 counts of sexual assault. Luster fled the United States in the middle of his trial. He was convicted on 86 counts connected to assaults in 1996, 1997, and 2000.

dog the bounty hunter
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In the episode, Dog traveled to Mexico with his “hunt team,” including his son Leland and friend Youngblood. The trio found Luster in Mexico and drove him back to America when all four of them were arrested. Luster was extradited to the US to face trial but Dog, Leland, and Youngblood were held in Mexico until Beth had to appeal to the public for their release. The ordeal turned Dog into a famous bounty hunter.

He Had a Rebellious Childhood

You might be wondering how Duane Chapman became “Dog.” It’s all due to his rough and tough teenage years. He was born in 1953 in Denver and he’s the oldest of four children. His mother was a pastor and his father was in the Navy. Both of them were mostly absent, which led Dog to distract himself with a motorcycle gang.

dog the bounty hunter
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At 15, Chapman joined an outlaw motorcycle club called the Devils Diciples, and ran away from home. It was his days in the gang that he gained the nickname “Dog” as he was scrappy and always ready to put up a fight. Sometimes nicknames just stick, and this was the case for Duane. And we can all admit that Dog really does suit him.

Tim “Youngblood” Chapman

While they do share the same last name, Tim “Youngblood” Chapman isn’t related to Dog; they’re just really good friends. Youngblood was a pivotal character in ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ and was on the show for years, up until he suddenly stopped showing up. Youngblood left the show to “repair family damage.” He was arrested in 2008 for terror threats. He was acquitted in 2009, but he’s stayed out of the spotlight ever since.

Source: wikicelebinfo

Timothy Charles “Youngblood” Chapman is a third-generation bondsman. Tim claims that he made his first civilian arrest at the age of 14 years. When he worked at his mother’s bail bond business, Time met Duane. The two clearly bonded (pun intended) and Dog refers to Tim as his “blood-brother”.

Beth Had a Potty Mouth

Dog and Beth tracked down some hardcore criminals in their day, so it’s ridiculous to hear that Beth ended got arrested because of her potty mouth. According to Beth, she was driving in Colorado when two teens in a car nearly hit her. She yelled and cursed at them, and then they allegedly took out a gun. Beth called the police but got arrested too. Why? Because in Colorado, it’s illegal to swear at someone. I told you – ridiculous.

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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Chapman was born in Denver, Colorado, as one of five children. For a while, she was a nightclub singer, waitress and clerk. Growing up, she had a passion for being a gymnast and an ice skater. Chapman most of her early life in Colorado before moving to Honolulu with Duane.

He Can Handle Death Threats

Over the years, Dog’s actions left him with more than a few enemies. And in 2012, one of those enemies took action and began sending threatening emails to Dog and his family. People speculated that the letters came from an inmate that Dog met while he was in prison. The threats were so violent; they led to an investigation by the FBI. Despite the investigation, the offender still remains unknown.

dog the bounty hunter
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The Chapman family released a statement: “The Chapmans are taking these threats seriously and are very concerned about the safety of their family. Duane Chapman said that when the person responsible is found, he will prosecute to the full extent of the law for the threats made against his family. A referral of the case has been made to the FBI in Honolulu.”

One Episode Ended Up In a Big Lawsuit

Most of the criminals Dog catches turn out to be guilty, but what happens when all charges are dropped and the bounty crew ruins the case? It happened in 2009 when Dog caught Hoang Minh Phung Nguyen. After handing him over to the authorities, the district attorney dropped all the charges and Nguyen was free.

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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But the show still aired the footage, resulting in Nguyen losing his job and reputation. Nguyen sued A&E for defamation and they had to pay big bucks for it.

He alleged that the show falsely claimed that he had fired a gun at them in a Colorado Springs parking lot during an episode in April of 2009. Nguyen claims that Chapman, Duane Chapman II, Leland Blane Chapman, and Bobby Brown defamed him and had him falsely arrested.

Beth Probably Went Under the Knife

Many fans noticed and criticized Beth for her physical transformation over the years on the show. It wasn’t long before rumors began to swirl around that she had plastic surgery. Most of the criticizers believed the most obvious surgeries were breast implants and a tummy tuck, but Beth never confirmed nor denied them.

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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In 2017, Dog and Beth made a rather unfortunate announcement. They had to announce that she was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer and that she would be undergoing surgery. The two shared their story on a special series called ‘Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives.’ The two opened up about doctor visits and the 13-hour surgery. The surgery was successful, but sadly, it wasn’t enough.

Beth Battled Throat Cancer

In November 2018, Beth and Dog discovered that her throat cancer had come back, which was more than a year after she had fought it away. Chapman’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, told E! News that, “I can confirm that she was hospitalized today, had surgery to remove a mass in her throat, which was determined to be cancerous. I understand that the situation is very serious. We are all concerned for her and the well-being of her family.”

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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After discovering the disease back in 2017, Beth sent a letter to her fans, stating: “I will fight every step of the way. My husband and children are counting on me to be there for years to come. I am so very grateful to be surrounded by family and friends who have given me incredible support during this very challenging time.”

Beth Lost the Battle to Cancer

Beth died on June 26, 2019, at 51. Early that morning, Dog announced that Beth lost the battle and “hiked the stairway to heaven.” Beth was hospitalized the weekend beforehand and went into an induced coma. Dog asked for their fans to keep Beth in their prayers. The photo you see is the one he shared on Twitter. He said, “Beth was the love of my life.”

photo of Beth’s nails tweeted by dog the bounty hunter
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Family, friends, and fans gathered on a beach in Waikiki, Hawaii for a traditional Hawaiian memorial service for Beth. She was given a memorial ‘paddle out’ send-off. A paddle out is a ritual held to honor someone who passed away. It’s typically done to remember someone who died while surfing, but the tradition has been adopted around the world.

Dog Was on Another Show

After Dog’s brush with fame after the capture of Andrew Luster, he was on the show ‘Take This Job.’ The program was all about people with unusual occupations. It had okay ratings, but the episode with Dog and his Hunt Team was loved. Producers saw a unique and drama-filled family that mixed street smarts with arguments, arrests, and even romance. In 2004, the first episode of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ aired.

dog the bounty hunter
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After capturing and getting Andrew Luster injail, Chapman was interviewed for an episode of the truTV series Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege, and Justice. Chapman’s profile had become something of interest to American. Then, on August 30, 2004, the first series of Dog the Bounty Hunter made its television debut.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Strange Connection to the Show

Even though Ozzy Osbourne never appeared on ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ you could hear him. Ozzy sings the show’s theme song. Ozzy included the theme song on his CD box set “Prince of Darkness,” which was to be the greatest collection of Ozzy’s songs to date. Who’s a better hard-rocking artist that could be associated with the show?

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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Random Ozzy Ozbourne fact: In 2013, Osbourne had revealed on Facebook that he had resumed drinking and doing drugs for the last year and a half, saying that he “was in a very dark place.” But he also said he had been sober again. He apologized to Sharon, his family, friends, bandmates and his fans for his “insane” behavior during that period.

He Wanted to Take Down El Chapo

El Chapo, one of Mexico’s most notorious cartel leaders, evaded capture from the U.S. and Mexican authorities for years. Finally, the U.S. put up a $5 million bounty for his capture. Of course, that kind of money was hard to pass up. Dog and his family briefly considered going after for El Chapo. Unfortunately, Dog’s past troubles in Mexico led him to admit that the risk wasn’t worth the reward.

dog the bounty hunter
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El Chapo was first captured in 1993 in Guatemala and sentenced to 20 years in a Mexican prison. He bribed prison guards and managed to escape from a federal maximum-security prison in 2001. His resulting status as a fugitive became an $8.8 million combined reward from both Mexico and the U.S. for information leading to his capture. He was later arrested in Mexico in 2014.

Dog Was Robbed

Dog and Beth traveled frequently for the filming of the show, which meant staying in hotels that made them easy targets. One time, the couple stayed at a hotel in Los Angeles. They locked away $5,000 cash in the hotel suite safe. But, when they returned to the room, all the cash was gone. There wasn’t any sign of forced entry, so they figured that it must have been stolen by a hotel employee. Shame…

dog the bounty hunter
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This year, there was a reported burglary at his Colorado store. Duane was devastated, because not only did the thieves take new merchandise, but they also took personal items that belonged to Beth.  Dog posted: “The Bible says it is an unforgivable sin to steal from the dead,” he wrote alongside the link. “LARGE CASH REWARD FOR ANY INFORMATION FIR WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS !!!”

He Also Sued Chris Christie

Yes, the same former governor of New Jersey. Dog decided to take action in 2017, claiming that Christie was responsible for the death of Jules Black. Black’s family claimed that New Jersey’s bail system had failed them, and so his death was on Chris Christie’s hands. Dog and Beth publicly took the victim’s side and sued Chris Christie as a tactic to bring attention to bail reform.

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
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On April 5, 2017, Jules Black was arrested for illegally possessing a gun. He was involved in a fatal drive-by shooting which triggered a fatal retaliatory attack. Jules’ mother, June Rodgers, sued Chris Christie as well over what she says was a failure to protect her son. She claimed that the murder would never have happened if the state wouldn’t have relied on a controversial computer program to assess the probability a person will re-offend.

The Show Made His Nephew Depressed

One of Dog’s nephews, Justin Bihag, was something of a regular on ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter.’ When the show ended, Justin found it hard to readjust to normal life and fell into a depression. He became addicted to drugs. Justin lost custody of his child as a result. He publicly blamed Dog and the show for all his problems. He sued Dog and Beth for the money that he claimed was entitled to him from the show.

Justin Bihag and Dog the Bounty Hunter
Source: In Touch Weekly

Justin Bihag is a musician, and he has a production company called “BleezyWerkZ ProductionZ.” He goes by the name of J.Bleezy. His first single is “Fly Away.” He reached the number one spot in Hawaii and is trying make waves in Denver now, too.

Dog And Beth Couldn’t Enter The U.K.

On two different occasions, Dog and Beth tried to enter the United Kingdom and were quickly denied. The first time was when Dog tried to enter the U.K. to appear on a season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’ He wasn’t allowed entry because of his first-degree murder conviction. Beth two years later tried to enter the U.K. for the same reason but was denied entry due to a shoplifting charge from her youth.

dog the bounty hunter and Beth
Source: People

Dog’s show was screened in the UK on Sky2 and Pick TV, which featured him praying for safety with his family and for a successful mission “in Jesus’s name.” A letter by Charles Love, a Pampa police officer, came as supporting evidence for Chapman’s visa application, described the bounty hunter’s role as “minor”.

He Went After an MMA Fighter

One of Dog’s higher-profile cases was in 2014 when MMA fighter War Machine assaulted his ex-girlfriend in her own home. Her injuries were so bad that it was thought that she wouldn’t make it. Dog didn’t get involved until War Machine called him out in a tweet: “If Dog the Bounty Hunter came to get me I’d beat his a**!”

Dog the Bounty Hunter War Machine
Source: Hollywood Life

War Machine, whose real name is Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, is an American former professional MMA artist and former porn actor. In 2008, he changed his name to “War Machine” and in 2017, he was convicted on 29 felony counts for assaulting his ex-girlfriend during a 2014 incident. He was later sentenced to life in prison on June 5, 2017.

Dog replied with: “You got 24 hrs to turn yourself in or I am Coming After YOU!” Dog eventually caught him.

Leland Started His Own Business and Left Hawaii

In 2012, Leland quit on camera after a huge falling out with the family. He severed all ties for years. They eventually reconciled, but no longer wanted to be involved with the family business. He moved to Hawaii where he started his own bail bond company. He also managed Bounty Hunter Tactical Supply Co. In 2015, Leland and his wife moved to Alabama to start their own bail bond company.

Leland Chapman
Source: Instagram/lelandchapman

The episode from March 21, 2012, showed Duane Lee telling Beth, “You want me fired, you gotta fire me,” after which Leland stated that he was quitting too. In 2012, the brothers publicly stated that they left the show. Then, in a tweet from Beth, she wrote, “It will take 6 weeks to get thru the whole thing tonight’s jus [sic] the beginning.”

Keep reading to see something else about Leland…

Dog Visited Leland in Alabama

It looks like there are no hard feelings between Leland and his parents. Dog and Beth made the effort to go visit him in his new place in Alabama. This is a photo Beth shared of Dog and Leland together, writing, “These two make me laugh! #dog #dogandbeth #alabama.” Fans were excited to see the family reunited.

Dog and Leland in Alabama
Source: Instagram/mrsdog

At only 42 years old, Leland Chapman became a grandfather, which also makes Beth and Dog great-grandparents! Leland’s son and Dakota welcomed a son in early 2019. The baby was born five weeks early but was healthy. Beth posted social media, writing, “Nothing more beautiful or inspiring than the birth of a new baby. A new generation of Chapman’s you will be an amazing father. I’m very proud of you.”

Beth Lost a Lot of Weight During Her Battle with Cancer

While battling throat cancer, Beth noticeably dropped a lot of weight. Her fans always reached out to her with messages of support. When she posted this photo on Instagram her fans commented with messages like, “You are one strong lady!”, “I hope you are doing better!”, and “Yes queen!!! Slay!!! Beautiful babe beautiful!”

Beth Chapman
Source: Instagram/mrsdog4real

Those who watched the first episodes of Dog’s Most Wanted on WGN have seen a lot of Beth Chapman. Her fans learned that she replaced chemotherapy with CBD as her cancer battle turned grim. CBD can help ease the pain caused by cancer. By turning to CBD, Chapman was able to eat and sleep again. Duane said during an episode that Beth gained back about half of the 20 pounds that she lost when she stopped eating due to chemo.

Dog’s Success Led to New Opportunities for the Family

After sharing their struggle with the world, the lives of the Chapman family changed forever, and for the better. Their show allowed the family to share the wealth and give their younger kids a better shot at life. One of Dog’s lesser-known nephews, Samuel Orlando has adapted to life in Florida. He’s constantly pictured with luxury cars and it looks like he’s doing okay for himself.

Samuel Orlando
Source: Instagram/iamsamuelorlando

Speaking of Dog’s nephews, his nephew Justin Bihag had to get his right leg amputated after being involved in an accident in 2007. He was critically injured after his car struck a tree in Lower Puna, Hawaii. After hospitalization, Bihag was arrested and charged with a DUI as well as driving without a license and insurance.

Their Love is Inspiring

Throughout all the drama, Dog and Beth’s love has survived it all. They met when Beth was still a teenager, so it’s inspiring to see how these two dedicated themselves to each other and lifted each other up. Although they married other people before coming together, they proved that true love knows no bounds.

Beth Chapman and a dog
Source: Instagram/mrsdog4real

Not only do the Chapmans have no shortage of children, grandchildren, and now great-grandkids, they also have plenty of pets. They have Roxy the boxer mix, Lola the bulldog, a Shiatsu, a dog named Duke, and Plum the cat.

When Beth was battling cancer, she still found time to have a special evening with her dogs. She posted a photo of her dog Duke staring at her pizza. “Pups and pizza night,” Chapman captioned it. “Lol I have to make them their own, duke just waits for his pizza he jus [sic] lays by the oven.”

Dog Loves Colorado

Although people affiliate the family with Hawaii, they travel back to Colorado often, where Dog grew up. While Hawaii is a tropical paradise, the family enjoys the mountains and snow in Colorado. The Chapmans have a house in Glenwood Springs, Colorado by the river. They visit to get away from it all.

lyssa chapman
Source: Instagram/mslyssac

Lyssa Chapman, one of Dog’s daughters from his third wife, is the one that wrote the tell-all book. She lived with Dog until she was 10, then she moved to Alaska to live with her mom. She later moved back to Hawaii, but it didn’t last. Lyssa couldn’t stay away from trouble and was even charged with property damage and assaulting a police officer. She still lives in Hawaii and is engaged to Leiana Evensen. Together, they own a tanning salon.

Duane Lee Has His Own Bail Bonds Company

The son who carries on Dog’s name, Duane Lee, is also carrying his legacy. Duane moved to Florida to start his own bail bonds company. Duane started the company in Jacksonville, Florida, where he also lives with his very own family. Dog is surely proud to know that his sons are carrying his legend on.

the Chapman-family
Source: Lucy Pemoni/FilmMagic

After a heated exchange in 2012, Duane Chapman II turned his back on reality TV and ventured into the world of financial management. He was also a published author. He wrote the book, ‘You can run, but you can’t hide.’ Duane Lee’s net worth is estimated at $700,000. A good chunk of his wealth comes from being a bail’s bondsman and a television personality.