The Best of the Worst Strange Addictions from the Show

If you’ve never watched an episode of “My Strange Addiction,” lucky you. And if you’ve clicked on this article, well, good luck. In front of you is a list of the craziest addictions this show has covered. From a woman who eats her husband’s ashes to a guy addicted to swallowing live ammunition, we bring you the crème de la crème of outrageous behaviors.

Julius in his bedroom, which is filled with balloons of all sizes and colors / Evelyn spraying air freshener into her mouth / Bertha on her bed surrounded by nail polish bottles as she drinks from a blue color nail polish / Margaret is holding a live bee with tweezers against her arm.
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Just a heads up – many things on this list are not for the faint of heart. While some are a bit funny (like the guy who got personal with his balloons), others are just indigestible (like the woman addicted to drinking five glasses of urine as if she’s in a beer contest).

Here are the best of the best, nay, the worst of the worst freaky addictions.

The Girl Who Eats Sand for the Crunch

There’s something incredibly satisfying about crunchy textures. But some people are so addicted to the crunch that they’re willing to eat sand. Season Four shocked us with Brea, a 19-year-old girl who nibbles on the sand throughout the day. She eats sand on her way to school when she’s reading a book, right before bed, and first thing in the morning.

Brea is squatting in a sandpit holding the sand she picked up off the ground in her hand.
Source: TLC

Her sandy love affair began one day at the beach. She accidentally got a handful of sand in her mouth and was instantly hooked on the crunchy texture. Brea is so desperate for the crunch that she’ll take a tortilla chip (already super crispy) and dip it in the sand to give it that extra crunch. For Brea, a life without sand is incomplete.

The Woman Addicted to Drinking Paint

Season Five introduced us to Heather, a single mom of two who couldn’t get enough of slimy and gooey paint. She said she loved the feeling she got when it went down her throat and described it as a “thicker version of warm milk.” Thicker, but deadly.

Heather drinking white paint out of a shot glass.
Source: TLC

Paint contains more than half a dozen lethal chemicals. Incredibly, Heather ignored that little fact and drank at least one paint marker every single day. She would shake the tube, open it, suck in the excess stiff paint sticking around the tube’s opening. And then… bottoms up! Gulp it down.

Thankfully, she’s been paint-free since filming.

The Woman Who Eats Rubber Tires

Most people enjoy chewing on gum, jellybeans, and fruit taffy. But, hey, others get a kick out of chewing tires. Who are we to judge? According to Season Four’s tire-eating Allison, the texture of the rubber pieces is like beef jerky. Hmmm… yeah, we’re not sure that’s enough to convince us to give it a try.

Allison sitting on a bench eating shreds of rubber tiers.
Source: TLC

When the show aired, Allison confessed she’s been addicted to chewing on small shreds of tires for six years. “The rubber tire pieces taste really chemically, like a shock to your taste buds. It’s amazing,” she explained. Allison’s fiancé Sammy had something else to say about her bizarre habit: “eating tires is weird.” We’re with you on that, buddy.

The Cat Lady Who Eats Their Fur

Lisa is a true cat lady. She grooms and licks her furry babies just like a real kitty mama would. But while we appreciate her devotion to her pets, it’s the eating clumps of their hair bit that feels a bit off. Season Four’s Lisa is so hooked on eating her cats’ fur that she can’t go two hours without a fix.

A woman is seen licking her cat with the intent to eat the fur.
Source: TLC

She calls it “a bonding thing.” We call it a bizarre, bizarre thing. She eats three quarter-sized hairballs every day. Lisa describes it as soft and puffy, just like cotton candy. She’ll chew on it, pull it out, play with it a little, then chew on it some more.

The Guy Who Eats Glass and Swallows Live Ammunition

There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity, and Season One’s Josh definitely crossed it. The man eats shards of glass and swallows live ammunition, just to see the stunned reaction of the people around him. When he’s at a bar with friends, he’ll finish off his beer with a nice crunchy bite into the cup.

Josh is resting his face on a table covered with champaign flutes.
Source: TLC

Even though he’s cut his lips and slit his gums multiple times, he can’t seem to stop. But it’s the bullet swallowing that really gives him that adrenaline hit he’s looking for. He’s eaten up to 30 bullets in one sitting. The show aired years ago, so we truly hope he’s over his lethal habit by now.

The Woman Addicted to the Smell of Gasoline

Gas sniffer Theresa spent three decades of her life hooked on the smell of petroleum. It started when she was 13 years old and got a whiff of her dad’s gas can. All it took was one hit, and she was hooked. Theresa admitted to sniffing petrol about 120 times a day and had four gas-filled bottles lying around her house for easy access.

Theresa is sniffing gasoline out of a large jug.
Source: TLC

Sniffing gas repeatedly is a drug addiction. When the show aired, Theresa was suffering from memory loss, anemia, and major stomach problems. Sadly, on July 19, 2019, she passed away. It’s unclear whether her addiction had anything to do with it.

The Guy Who Munched on Plastic Bags

Season Five’s Robert starts every morning reading the newspaper. And then he eats the plastic bag it came in. So, the first part of his morning is pretty mundane, but the second bit is just… no. Robert has been eating plastic bags ever since he was a little, weird seven-year-old.

Robert is taking a bite out of a plastic bag.
Source: TLC

According to Robert, every plastic bag has its own taste and texture. He says they’re “chewy, malleable, and delicious.” They’re the best part of his day. When he goes to grocery stores, he drools all over the cashier’s counter, begging for more and more plastic bags.

The Woman Who Sniffed and Chewed Dirty Diapers

Most of us twist our faces in disgust when dealing with dirty, urine-soaked diapers. But nuh-uh, not Season Five’s Keyshia. This woman will creep into your house at night and steal your baby’s diaper while it sleeps, just to get a good sniff. The heavier the diaper, the better.

Keyshia is sitting in her bathroom chewing on a dirty diaper as she holds another in her other hand.
Source: TLC

Her love for soiled nappies began when one of her friends asked her for a hand while changing her baby’s diaper. Since then, she’s been collecting soaked diapers and storing them around her house. She even chews on them! “I love it, it just tastes amazing. I have one when I’m cooking in the kitchen.”

The Woman Addicted to Snorting Baby Powder

Season Three kicked off with a baby powder snorter named Jaye. Initially, her friends believed she was a drug addict after seeing thin lines of white dust all over her living room table. They were relieved to find out it wasn’t what they had thought. But equally terrified once she told them what it actually was.

Jaye is snorting a large spoonful of baby powder that she has in a bowl on her lap.
Source: TLC

Jaye’s talc snorting addiction began when she accidentally spilled powder and inhaled it by mistake. One little “oops” led to sixteen years of detrimental behavior. Inhaling talcum can lead to aspiration pneumonia, lung cancer, and, ultimately, death.

The Guy Who Does Everything With His Inflatable Animals

I have to admit, this episode was a bit sad. Season Four showed a 20-year-old college student named Mark who was incredibly invested in his relationship with his 15 inflatable animals. “They’re the funnest creatures I have in my life,” he gushed. He eats, swims, and watches TV with them. He even bathes them!

Mark in his home holding up and kissing a large inflatable giraffe.
Source: TLC

Mark first turned to inflatables for love and affection at the age of 14. “My mom wasn’t there for me when I was a child,” he explained. According to Mark, each one of his inflatables has its own personality. One of them, Leila the Dragon, is like a wife to him.

The Woman Addicted to Eating Rocks

While most of us turn to chocolate and wine, Teresa Widener turns to pebbles and boulders. She was initially attracted to the earthy smell of rocks and started by grabbing handfuls from the ground whenever she felt worried or sad.

Teresa Widener is sitting on her couch as she takes a bite out of a rock with her bare teeth.
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Fondling them turned into biting them, which eventually led to full-on munching. We’re talking over 1,000 kg of rocks a week. Her uncontrollable craving for rocks might be due to certain deficiencies in minerals, like iron. In any case, the addiction is troubling.

The Woman Who Couldn’t Leave the House Without Her Pillow

We all know how comforting a fluffy pillow can be. It lovingly hugs our head, allowing us to drift off to dreamy realms. But Season Two’s Tamara took that love of fluff to a whole new level. Her pillow, whom she named Boo, never leaves her side. She carries it everywhere she goes.

Tamara is holding up her pillow ‘Boo’.
Source: Twitter

In the car, in her grocery cart, to the movies, to restaurants. Boo is always there with her. “Only I know the connection that we have. I know that when I touch it, everything is going to be better,” she explained. She bought Boo in an antique shop in 1982, and it has been by her side ever since.

The Woman Who Calls Her Toenails Her Babies

Ayanna first started growing out her fingernails when she was 24 years old. And like other young women, grooming her nails was just another normal part of her beauty routine. But while other people typically keep their nails at a comfortable and functional length, Ayanna has turned them into claws.

Ayanna is sitting on a couch showing off her long toenails and her even longer fingernails.
Source: Reddit

But her long fingernails can be (somehow) forgiven. It’s her long and gross toenails that are creeping people out. While Ayanna thinks they’re “sexy and sassy,” most people think they’re icky and freaky. This long-nailed goddess has to wear flip-flops all year round and go up the stairs sideways.

The Woman Addicted to Being an Adult Baby

Season Two introduced us to Riley, a 25-year-old woman who refuses to grow up. She spends half of her day working like a normal person and the other half sucking on a pacifier, drinking from a baby bottle, and going goo-goo-ga-ga in her adult-sized crib.

Riley sitting on her bed with a pacifier in her mouth as she clings to her teddy bear
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With her hair in pigtails, Riley confessed that she likes to wear cute, little outfits to “wash away the stresses of the big tough world.” While we understand the fear of adulting, but wearing diapers throughout the day and drenching yourself in warm pee is absolutely insane.

The Girl Who Was Addicted to Tanning

The first thing Trisha Payta notices about people is the color of their skin. Before you call her a racist, what Payta actually means is that she notices if you’re a hideously pale ghost or a sexy bronze babe. “It’s almost disgusting if someone doesn’t have a little color. Because the sun is healthy,” she explained.

Trisha Payta sitting on her couch
Source: TLC

Has she ever heard of sun cancer? We doubt it. Payta confessed to using a sunbed every single day. As radical as that sounds, we believe her. Her orange face wasn’t lying. Today, she’s a famous YouTube star who looks like she might have abandoned her tanning habits because she’s looking a bit “disgustingly” white in her recent videos.

The Woman Who Stung Herself With Bees All Day Every Day

Margaret from Kentucky began stinging herself with bees as a way to relieve her arthritis pain. But it quickly spiraled into a full-blown stinging frenzy, with Margaret killing 20 bees a day just to get that sweet pain all over her body.

Margaret holding a live bee with tweezers against her arm.
Source: TLC

She stings herself on her hip, her foot, her ankle, on the top of her nose, and other areas we’d rather not think about. Margaret has stung herself 50,000 times since the addiction began. She starred in Season Four of the show (2013), so we can only hope that her bee murdering days are over by now.

The Woman Who Ate Her Husband

This episode was tragic. Season Two introduced us to Casie, a woman who was addicted to carrying her dead husband’s urn wherever she went. But that’s not all. The real tragedy began when the camera showed her twirling her finger in her husband’s ashes and then sucking on his remains.

Casie is sitting on her bed, the headboard is covered with photos of her and her husband. She holds her husband's urn on her lap as she sucks the ashes off her finger.
Source: TLC

If you were wondering what a cremated body tastes like, it tastes like rotten eggs and sand. Casie’s tragic addiction began after she accidentally spilled some of his ashes on her finger. She didn’t want to wipe him off of her, so she ate him.

The Woman Obsessed With Growing Her Hair

Season Four’s Asha is a “Black Rapunzel” who refuses to chop off her 21 ft-long hair. At first glance, you wonder to yourself, what’s the harm in that? But Asha’s long dreadlocks are giving her unbearable neck and back pain. Her doctors are begging her to cut her hair off.

Asha is sitting on the floor with her hair spread out around her.
Source: Twitter

But Asha can’t do it. “It’s my baby, my sweetheart, my crown,” she explained. This real-life Rapunzel spends five hours a day grooming her hair and goes through 24 bottles of shampoo a month. When wet, her long locks weigh over 250 lbs.

The Woman Who Ate Mattresses

Season Five showed us Jennifer, a woman who gave the phrase “comfort food” a whole new meaning. She munches on about a square foot of mattress each day. “No mayonnaise, no butter, just straight-up mattress,” she revealed.

Jennifer is lying on her side in bed as she chews on pieces she ripped out of her mattress.
Source: TLC

The only problem with Jennifer’s bizarre habit are all the gas and stomachaches that come with it. But the problem her family has with her mattress eating addiction is that she’s eating up their beds. Soon they believe, they’ll have no mattresses to sleep on.

The Woman Who Drank Air Freshener

Most of us choke up if we get even a small spritz of air freshener in our mouths. But not Evelyn. This mother of two from Missouri says she can’t resist the smell and taste of air fresheners. Especially the Fresh Linen smell. She consumes it straight from the can, day in and day out.

Evelyn is spraying air freshener into her mouth.
Source: TLC

“There is a feeling when I eat it – a sense of completion, like I have found it and that craving is gone, it’s okay now,” she explained. Evelyn will go through around 20 cans a day. And she always has one stashed somewhere near her in case she needs a hit.

The Woman Who Drinks Her Own Urine

Season Three showed us a pee-drinker named Carrie. Carrie gulps down urine like she’s in a beer-drinking contest. She said it’s easier to drink than water! Her addiction began after being diagnosed with cancer and reading somewhere that pee could help heal her.

Carrie is drinking her urine out of a cup in her kitchen.
Source: TLC

Even though she beat cancer, she never stopped drinking her pee. She started with one glass a day in the morning. But, by the time the show aired, Carrie was chugging five large glasses throughout the day. She doesn’t only drink it, but she also bathes in it and uses it under her eyes, in her hair, and as a way to clean out her nostrils.

The Man Who Was Sexually Attracted to His Car

Most men are somewhat attracted to their cars. Shiny, smooth rims and sexy wheels are enough to get almost any man going. But some guys are a little more than attracted. They’re hopelessly in love. Like Season Three’s Jaye, a 27-year-old man who claimed to be dating his car, Chase.

Jaye is kissing his bright red car on the hood.
Source: TLC

This episode was a tad uncomfortable. It featured many shots of Jaye petting his car, kissing his car, licking his car, and even laying right underneath it in an awkward position. “Honestly, I don’t know why I feel the way I do,” he shrugged.

The Woman Addicted to Bathing in Bleach

Bleach is one toxic and dangerous chemical. It’s so strong that it wipes out any other color it comes into contact with. It’s also extremely efficient in killing bacteria, which makes it a great cleaning product. But if you inhale too much of it, you risk fainting, and if you touch it with your hands, you risk burning your skin. Most humans already know all this.

Gloria’s hand is pouring bleach into the nearly full bathtub.
Source: TLC

But then there’s Gloria, who loves bleach so much that she adds it into her morning bathwater. She soaks her whole body in it until her eyes and skin start to burn. The weird thing is, she’s not a germaphobe or anything of that sort. She just really, REALLY loves bleach.

The Woman Who Lives With Over 50 Hairless Rats

Known as “the rat lady,” Teresa from Phoenix, Arizona has a house swarming with over 50 little, hairless rats. Her addiction began innocently enough after her boyfriend introduced her to the little creature. At first, she was a bit repulsed. But they slowly grew on her.

Teresa is holding up a hairless rat to her face.
Source: TLC

The episode showed Teresa’s daughter tearing up over how she feels neglected and secondary to the rats. While Teresa acknowledges her daughter’s feelings, she struggles to change. Unemployed and broke, Teresa will buy her rats food before she buys any for herself.

The Human Ken Doll

One of the most disturbing addictions is the addiction to plastic surgery. The reason it’s so disturbing is that it creeps everyone out around you, family and strangers alike. Why do we need to witness your plastic-looking, creepy, puffed up, unrealistic face? It’s freaky.

Justin Jedlica poses for portraits in Surry Hills.
Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images

Season Five introduced us to a living doll named Justin Jedica. He has bicep implants, tricep implants, has undergone numerous nose jobs, several brow lifts, and a bunch of other procedures I don’t want to think about. His mom said it best on the show: “Justin, you’re going to end up looking weird.”

The Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas

We’re all more or less coffee addicts, right? Most of us can’t go a day without our caffeine fix. But Mike and Trina can’t go a day without at least four coffee shots right up their butts and into their colons. Now that’s a real addiction.

Trina laying on the bathroom floor with a blanket and pillow, while beside her, there is a small bucket for coffee and a rubber tube.
Source: TLC

The couple wakes up in the morning, fill a 32-ounce bucket with coffee, and inject the liquid into their lower intestines with a Vaseline-coated hose. Disgusted? So are we. Trina swears by it and says it give her a sense of euphoria.

The Man Who Got Very Personal With His Balloons

Julius’ love for balloons began when he was hospitalized at the age of four. His mom dropped by his room with a pretty blue balloon and tied it by his bed. At night, the nurse came and snatched the balloon from his side. Shortly after, Julius heard a pop.

Julius in his bedroom, which is filled with balloons of all sizes and colors.
Source: TLC

Ever since that day, he’s been collecting balloons and even rescuing ones he believes are in danger. Like the ones you see in car sales. Julius’ house is filled with over 50,000 balloons, and he can’t fall asleep unless he’s surrounded by them.

He explained: “Balloons are beautiful, soft, smooth, delicate. Intellectually I know they’re not alive, but I can’t help but wonder if my love for them brings them alive.” Awww…

The Girl Who Can’t Stop Drinking Gasoline

Smelling it is dangerous, but drinking it is downright lethal. 20-year-old Shannon knows that, yet she can’t rid herself of her deadly habit. She desperately craves it and always carries a small bottle full of petrol along with her. As unbelievable as this sounds, Shannon chugs huge glasses of it every single day.

Shannon at home drinking gasoline out of a jug.
Source: TLC

The episode showed Shannon’s family begging her to stop. It was really sad and weird to watch. The troubled young woman said that drinking petrol makes her feel numb and brushes away all her worries. “Even though it hurts me, it makes me feel good,” she confessed.

The Man With No Broken Bones Who Loves to Wear Casts

If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know how unpleasant casts are. Yes, they’re snug and warm, but they’re also kind of disgusting and dirty, and, after a while, all you want to do is to tear them off and scratch the area until you bleed. But not Kevin. This guy would rather stomp around in a full-body cast for the rest of his life.

Kevin is standing in his living room in an entire upper body cast, torso, and arms.
Source: TLC

Kevin admits he loves the attention casts bring him. The concerned and worried looks. The gasps and “oooos” he gets after coming up with ridiculous stories of how he got hurt. He even says it helps him with the ladies. Kevin has spent over $50,000 on mummifying himself.

The Real-Life Vampire

This episode was especially gory. We got to witness a blood-thirsty woman named Michelle, who’s been drinking the red, gooey liquid since her early teens (she was 29 when the episode aired). She drinks it with her morning coffee, adds it to her soup, stir-fry, and sips it like wine.

Michelle is sitting at her desk drawing while drinking blood out of a cup.
Source: TLC

Michelle drinks about seven liters a week to satisfy her vampiric cravings. She drinks pig’s blood, cow’s blood, and also – drum roll please – human blood! “I’d always take human blood over animal blood, but I don’t categorize myself as a vampire, I’m simply someone who just enjoys blood a lot,” she explained.

The Girl Who Wears Fur Suits Every Day

Lauren is obsessed with wearing fake animal suits. When she puts on her furry paws, ears, mask and tail, she feels complete. Despite the weird looks, she goes out in public and doesn’t mind what anyone else thinks. We’ve got to hand it to her, that’s pretty impressive!

Lauren is sitting in her full fur animal suit sitting on a park bench reading a book.
Source: TLC

But her addiction is starting to take a toll on her. She genuinely can’t interact with other human beings unless she’s behind her furry mask. Her mom expressed her concerns on the show and said she hopes her daughter will lead a “normal” life one day.

The Woman Addicted to Pony Play

Playing pretend was the ultimate game when we were kids. But, as adults, it’s just weird. We have so many responsibilities. Who has time to pretend to be anything other than their boring and stressed-out selves? Well, other than Season Five’s Nicole, who spends her time galloping around her backyard like a pony.

Nicole is wearing a horse mask and ears while crawling on all fours in the pen with other ponies.
Source: TLC

Nicole takes her pony play seriously. She buys horse masks, saddles, and other horse-related items to satisfy her pony cravings. She spends hours rolling around in the hay and neighing like a happy horse. When her aunt saw her all saddled up and ready, her response was “Holy cow. Or horse.”

The Woman Addicted to Eating Face Masks

Face masks are such a luxury. They leave your skin feeling silky smooth and looking radiant as ever (or maybe the glow is all in our heads). Anyways, we get how people can get hooked on them—but eating them? That’s just wrong.

Natasha is in bed eating a facemask cream on a chip out of the jar.
Source: TLC

Season Four introduced us to Natasha, a woman addicted to eating her clay masks. She even substitutes them for actual meals. “It tastes wonderful, like wet rocks. And it always comforts me,” she explained. As comforting as it might be, Natasha’s addiction is killing her. Clay masks contain aluminum and titanium, which can lead to severe damage to her nervous system and kidneys.

The Woman Who Preferred Her Puppets to Her Fiancé

Season One’s obsessed ventriloquist, April, spends 80 hours a week with her puppets and has spent around $200,000 over the past decade on her hobby. Things got so out of hand that her fiancé gave her an ultimatum – him or the puppets.

April Brucker is holding up one of her puppets.
Source: Twitter

April chose the puppets (why are we not surprised?). She refers to her 16 precious puppets as her babies and has provided each and every one of them with their very own bed. April works multiple jobs to keep her doll family afloat. “I might not have love with a man, but I have 16 children and they need me,” she said.

The Guy Addicted to Looking Like Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is no stranger to having fans swoon over him and shower him with compliments and gifts. But Toby Sheldon is a different kind of fan. He didn’t care for Bieber’s music. And he didn’t want to hook up with the artist. He simply wanted to look like him.

Toby Sheldon holding up a photo of Justin Beiber beneath his face; the similarity is shocking.
Source: Pinterest

Now it’s one thing to style your hair and your closet to match your favorite celeb, but it’s another to undergo plastic surgery. Toby didn’t hold back; he got a chin reduction, eyelid surgery, and injected several fillers, all so he could replicate Bieber’s babyish features.

The Woman Addicted to Her Blow Dryer

Lori Broady’s addiction began when she was only eight years old and fell asleep with her hairdryer still running beside her bed. When the show aired, Broady was 31 years old. That means over two decades of life-threatening, warm air blowing onto her face every single night.

Lori and her daughter are lying in bed beside a hairdryer.
Source: TLC

Broady has woken up with burns all over her upper body. But no number of painful burns is enough to get this woman away from her hairdryer. Even more worrisome, her little daughter has also picked up on the habit.

The Woman Constantly Munching on Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is either for your nose or your bum. Not for your mouth. But, for some strange reason, Keisha loves the way it feels on her tongue. She keeps a roll with her at all times and has a few stashed around her apartment and some in her car’s glove compartment box.

Keisha in her bed eating pieces of toilet paper.
Source: TLC

Despite her best efforts, she can’t seem to stop. And it’s taking a toll on the people around her. “[My mum] doesn’t understand that I’ve tried, and I can’t stop,” she cried. She snacks everywhere and goes through about 4-5 rolls a week!

The Woman Addicted to Eating Drywall

There are many reasons for your wall to crumble slowly. Water is one of them. Mice and other rodents are another. And then there’s Nicole. A 26-year-old young woman who loves to pull out chunks of drywall and nibble on them.

Nicole is eating a piece of drywall she took from a hole in her wall.
Source: TLC

Her insane habit has left holes all over her house. It began innocently with a bite out of chalk. She moved on to drywall because, according to her, “it tastes better.” How either of them tastes good is beyond me.

The Man Who Married His Doll

Season One introduced us to Davecat (yup, Davecat), a man in love with a human-sized, plastic doll he named Sidore. Davecat does everything with Sidore. They go shopping together, sleep together, eat dinner together, and give each other foot massages. I’m sorry, only Davecat gives Sidore massages. Because, well, she’s not alive.

Davecat and Sidore posing for a photo on the couch.
Source: TLC

According to Davecat, their sex is “fantastic.” He’s never felt this way before, and he’s absolutely thrilled he has found such a beautiful, eternally young wife like Sidore. Since the show aired, he’s been giving the show’s curious fans updates. From what we know, the couple is still going strong.

The Woman Addicted to Eating Couch Cushions

For over two decades, Adele has been zipping open cushions and ripping off clunks of foam to snack on. Whenever she feels worried or stress, she knows her cushions have her back. Sadly, her eating habits have made it so that her cushions no longer have her family’s back because they have nowhere to sit on.

Adele sitting on an outdoor couch eating pieces of couch cushion she riped out.
Source: TLC

She’s eaten over 200 pounds worth of couch cushions since her addiction began. That means seven couches and two chairs. She’ll stuff bite-sized pieces of cushion into her bag and just nom nom nom on it all day long.

The Woman Addicted to Drinking Nail Polish

When Bertha needs a drink, she doesn’t go for a cup of water or a nice, refreshing lemonade. She goes for a sip of nail polish. Sorry, a sip is a bit of an understatement. Bertha drinks about five bottles a day. Her favorite flavor is blue or anything with glitter in it.

Bertha on her bed surrounded by nail polish bottles as she drinks from a blue color nail polish.
Source: TLC

Bertha’s addiction is no joke. The chemicals found in nail polish are the same ones found in explosives. Let that sink in. This girl is drinking toxic chemicals that people use to blow things up. This is, by far, one of the most bizarre cases on this list.

The Woman Addicted to Sniffing a Baby Doll’s Head

Compared to other things on this list, Lacey’s addiction to sniffing plastic dolls’ heads doesn’t seem too concerning. But, yet, it is. Just one look at Lacey rubbing her face across her baby doll’s head is enough to get you worried.

Lacey is sniffing the inside of a decapitated doll's head.
Source: TLC

She calls her baby doll head Susie Q, and she has a very disturbing and intimate relationship with it. She carries Susie Q everywhere and even sniffs her head when she’s with her boyfriend in bed! Lacey explained that Susie Q’s head smells like marshmallows, and it’s the best smell in the whole wide world.

The Girl Addicted to Eating Plastic

Kailyn has been eating plastic every single day for more than a decade. CD cases, water bottles, and remote controls are some of her favorite dishes. She loves plastic so much she’s willing to give up on normal food altogether. Who needs cake when you can have a plastic fork?

Kailyn is taking a bite out of a piece of plastic.
Source: TLC

“It’s not the taste of plastic that I love. It’s the way it crunches and feels,” she explained. It’s rough, but also smooth. Oh, and the buttons on the remote control are an absolute delicacy! Next time you’re zipping through the TV channels, we know you’ll consider giving your remote a lick.

The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Pulling Hair Out of the Drain

One of the nastiest things one can find in the bathroom is slimy, long, wet hair. Evan disagrees. Long, slimy hair is exactly what he’s after when he’s digging deep inside his shower drain. Evan developed his odd addiction after his dad died.

A hand pulling hair out of the drain in the shower.
Source: TLC

For some strange reason, that drove him to pull out hair from every drain he came across. The human brain is an absolute puzzle. And we have no idea how or why such a trauma would create an odd and gross habit like playing with wet, tangled hair.