Meet the Pink Lady of Hollywood: Kitten Kay Sera

For almost four decades, Kitten Kay Sera has been embracing her love for pink. She has been dubbed “The Pink Lady of Hollywood” after moving there from Texas. She went from wearing a fully pink outfit on her 20th birthday to getting rid of everything which wasn’t pink and purchasing it new (or old). Kitten Kay Sera has done what some people are dying to do and going “monochromatic,” as she calls it.

Kitten Kay Sera is driving her customized pink Volkswagen.
Source: Juco Photography

A lot of us will use meditation, watching a video with a litter of puppies, and other things to keep us happy, but Kitten Kay takes things to another level saying, “Pink makes me happy, so I surround myself with everything pink.” I do love pink, but I don’t think I can take it to this level. I do own a few things like her, though, like a pink sofa and matching towels throughout the house. But I don’t think I, or any of us, could take our love of one color to the level that Kitten Kay Sera does.

Let’s take a look into her life.

Who Is Kitten Kay Sera?

Kitten Kay Sera was born in Texas. Her real name is Sera, and she is the youngest of five girls. In an interview with VoyageLA, she said, “I had the happiest childhood. I know it sounds cliché, but it is the truth. We all sang together in a group, and that was the beginning of my love for performing.”

Kitten Kay Sera is wearing pink and white when she was younger.
Source: Instagram / Kitten Kay Sera

“I later moved out to Hollywood from Houston, Texas, to purr-sue my dreams, and I can truly say that most all of my dreams have come true. Although I still have a ton of things I want to do!” Knowing that she would have to sacrifice it all to make the move happen, she sold her car and took on the motto “Fake it ’til you make it!”

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Sera’s 20th birthday was coming up, and she chose an outfit that was pink from head to toe. Since then, she hasn’t worn another color. Sera has even gone as far as selling all of the things she owned, which weren’t pink and purchasing new ones. It took her five years and over $1 million, but she managed to turn a 750-square-foot all-white apartment into an all-pink apartment.

Kitten Kay Sera is adjusting a pink bowtie in the mirror.
Source: Juco Photography

From the clothing she wears down to the toilet paper she uses, she completely transformed every aspect of her life to bright and vibrant pink. It wasn’t an easy task, though, and she worked hard over the next five years.

Becoming The Queen of Pink

Kitten Kay Sera was broke when she moved to LA. With no money to her name and her hunt for pink items, she was stuck in a hard situation when she found the perfect pink chair on Craigslist. “I was totally broke at the time, and I wrote the guy selling that, and I said, ‘I’ll clean your house for a year.'”

Kitten Kay Sera is sitting in her pink chair with a wall of pink flowers behind her and a pink neon sign which reads 'Queen of Pink.'
Source: Juco Photography

“He was like, ‘Are you a good house-cleaner?’ and I said, ‘I’m the best.’ I was lying like a dog. But I went out and cleaned that house for three months to get it. I went from scrubbing those f***** floors to sitting in that throne,” she says. “Working hard and keeping your eye on the prize, that’s everything I try to do.”

The Transformation Begins

Kitten Kay Sera’s sisters liked her move into pink, but they didn’t think it was going to stick. In the first year, she emptied out her closet of anything that wasn’t pink, and her four sisters benefited from this. She said, “They like it, but they thought I was going through a phase. By the fifth year, they knew it was a lifestyle. I’m a pink passionista.”

Kitten Kay Sera on her pink treadmill in her all-pink bedroom
Source: Juco Photography

She sold her Classic pink 1967 car to have the money to move to Hollywood. She was looking to get into singing but was quickly called in for a commercial and TV work. With her unique look, how could they resist?

The Rise on Instagram

After doing a bit of acting, Sera chose to change her name to Kitten Kay Sera. She took ‘Kitten’ from her childhood nickname and ‘Kay Sera’ from ‘Que Sera Sera’ in honor of Doris Day, who inspired Sera. This is when she really started becoming a known name.

Kitten Kay Sera is in her kitchen wearing a fluffy pink dress and pink shoes with her pink dog jumping at her feet
Source: Instagram / Kitten Kay Sera

This all happened around 2010, when a light pink color came into style. She became recognized on Instagram and rose to around 80,000 followers (at that time). While the style did bring her into the limelight, she said, “It’s not really pink, it’s almost tan. Some of that new stuff is not pink to me – it’s a dusty beige.”

Make Me Some Pink Food

Not only is Kitten Kay Sera’s kitchen entirely made up of pink items, she likes to keep her theme in every aspect of her life, including the food she eats. She has a bright pink stove, pink pots and pans, and a Hello Kitty Microwave, but the more interesting things in her kitchen are the pink-only Starbursts and pink-wrapped Hershey Kisses.

A pink tray of pink foods, including a pink bagel with pink cream cheese, a pink hard-boiled egg, and a pink toast with cheese and pink sprinkles on it.
Source: Instagram / Kitten Kay Sera

She takes it to another level when it comes to everyday items, which she makes pink by adding red food coloring like her pancakes and her hard-boiled eggs. Sera will soak the boiled eggs in beet juice to make them pink.


“Someone who devotes their whole life to one color.” This is how Kitten Kay Sera explained being monochromatic. She says that this is when you are just addicted to one color to the point where you wear it head to toe.

A photograph of Kitten Kay Sera and her pink dog in her room. / A photograph of Sera's all pink kitchen with a pink toaster and drip coffee maker.
Source: Instagram / Kitten Kay Sera

Sera has been taking this look to the next level since 1981 and has gotten to the point where her obsession is so strong that she turned down $1 million to wear a different color. While you may think that Sera is the only person out there like this, she found a colorful friend who shares her love for living monochromatic.

Meet Miss Sunshine

Since 2014, Kitten Kay Sera has been on the lookout for more people like herself. One day while she was scrolling through Instagram, she came across a woman named Ella London, who was also known as Miss Sunshine. As you can guess, Miss Sunshine was a fan of the color yellow.

Ella London and Kitten Kay Sera are posing near a pink payphone.
Photo by Colin Weatherby / Barcroft Media

She was living only twenty minutes away from Sera this whole time, and it took them a few years to find each other. Sera started with an ad on Craigslist looking for other monochromatic people. In an interview, she said, “I felt like I was all alone in the world, being the first “monochromatic” on record.”

Learning to Compromise

These two women have a lot in common. The only two things that Kitten Kay Sera wasn’t able to make pink was her popcorn ceiling and the air conditioning unit in her wall. She is renting her apartment, so she can’t switch it out and doesn’t want the poisonous fumes of paint coming out of the unit that is already there.

Ella London in all yellow and Kitten Kay Sera in all pink drinking pink smoothies
Photo by Colin Weatherby / Barcroft Media

Miss Sunshine is married and had to compromise when it came to her monochromatic lifestyle. She can accessorize with yellow, but the walls were painted grey. Fair enough. She added to the compromise by placing large yellow flowers all over one of the walls and photographs with a lot of yellow on another. Both of the ladies have their favorite color in their hair, eat pink/yellow foods, and dress in their colors as well.

It’s Such A Small World

Kitten Kay Sera found Ella London in December of 2016 on Instagram. She says that she “was tickled pink!” She wrote back to her right away and received a reply that Miss Sunshine would love to meet up. Sera describes it as being comforting to have someone like Miss Sunshine in her life. “I feel like the puzzle of my life has come together. I never knew there could be anyone like me out there.”

Ella London in all yellow and Kitten Kay Sera in all pink sitting in Sera's all pink custom car
Photo by Colin Weatherby / Barcroft Media

When Sera and Miss Sunshine go out together, they get plenty of reactions. Everyone wants to take photographs together with the unique duo. When they met up for television, Miss Sunshine brought Kitten Kay Sera a light pink graduation cap, and she took Miss Sunshine to get some custom-made yellow jewelry.

Miss Kisses and Pinkerbell

Sera can be seen going everywhere with her cute pink fur baby, Miss Kisses. Unfortunately, after 14 years together, Miss Kisses passed away from congestive heart failure on October 19th, 2018. Miss Kisses was on several TV shows and met numerous celebrities. She was on the cover of a K-9 parody to Vogue, ‘Dougue’ in 2014, and Sera wrote her children’s book about her called “Miss Kisses – The Pup Who Turned Pink.”

A photograph of Miss Kisses. / A photograph of Pinkerbell next to her birthday cake
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

Sera has more recently adopted a new dog and named her Pinkerbell. Just like her first dog, Pinkerbell follows suit appearing in TV shows, videos, and documentaries. When she first got this puppy, she almost called her Cotton Candy and Miss Cuddles before finding Pinkerbell. What a cute choice!

Let’s Not Forget Her Pink Dogs

Like me, you are probably wondering how Kitten Kay Sera’s dogs are light pink and match her home. Thankfully, I can assure you that she does this using organic beet juice, which is vet-approved. Every once and a while, she will send her little puppy off for a morning at the salon, and they will freshen up her color.

The top of Pinkerbell is wearing a pink bow with a pink leash that matches her fur. / A bottle of organic beet juice.
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

Sera has been doing this for years to keep her dog in with the monochromatic lifestyle. When she was asked about coloring her dogs’ fur, she said that its only beet juice, and they can still lick themselves clean. With almost four decades of all pink all the time, how could she not dye the dog pink?

Pink Flamingo Emoji

Kitten Kay Sera won’t stop surprising you yet. One of the more well-known things she is known for saying is, “I am the flamingo in a flock of pigeons!” And this queen of pink wanted a pink flamingo emoji.

Kitten Kay Sera and Jordan Cappella inside of a pink blow-up flamingo pool ring
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

She even went all out and started a petition to create a pink flamingo emoji, as “There is every other animal under the sun except the most beautiful bird!” She wanted it for her birthday on June 8th but would settle for it in time for June 23rd, National Pink Day. I’m not sure if she got it in time for that, but there are pink flamingo emojis now.

Beyoncé Doesn’t Do Backup…

Unless you’re her husband. Or Kitten Kay Sera. As most Beyoncé fans already know, she went to High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Montrose. While she was there, Kitten Kay Sera met her through her vocal coach. This is how Sera was able to land Beyoncé to do back up vocals in her song ‘Sex Kitten.’

Kitten Kay Sera was sitting on her pink couch dressed in all pink with her
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

Both of the star’s careers were just starting to take off in 1995, and Sera was looking for some girls in the Houston school to sing backup. She was volunteering at the time and asked the choir teacher who her standout student was. That’s how Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland came in to lend a hand in Sera’s new song.

Traveling Monochromatically

When it comes to traveling, Kitten Kay Sera doesn’t mind leaving the house to venture out into a colorful world. Obviously, she likes to keep up with her monochromatic lifestyle and brings her own pink bed sheets for nights away from her home.

Kitten Kay Sera is in the airport signaling for her pink dog's attention while a fan takes a photograph.
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

Other than this, she packs up her suitcase with all pink items and unpacks them to create a pinker atmosphere. While she tries to stick to a pink diet, she loves food too much and enjoys indulging in her trips. One thing that she doesn’t have to give up is her Pinktinis- a Martini made with pomegranate juice.

A Pink Love Life

When it comes to pink, Kitten Kay Sera doesn’t bend the rules for her love life. A man must come with an appreciation for pink. Sera went out on a date with a man to a nice restaurant. About halfway through the date, she realized that he didn’t make a comment on how much pink she was wearing, and she was used to it being brought up.

Kitten Kay Sera in a flowing pink dress which is up around her
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

Sera went ahead and asked, “So, what do you think?” And he responded, “Oh, you’re wearing pink? It’s all gray to me. I’m color-blind.” When she brought it up an interview, she giggled while she told the story and said, “I need someone who can appreciate the pink and see how great it is. So, I gave him the pink slip.”

Pink Photoshoots at Home

Kitten Kay Sera is always doing photoshoots in her all-pink home. Not only for herself, though. Sera’s home is so popular that celebrities use it as the set for their photoshoots from time to time. The walls in her home are not only pink, but they come with different textures and patterns, so there are a lot of places to get creative.

Paris Hilton was sitting with Kitten Kay Sera. / Diane Keaton posing with Kitten Kay Sera.

Paris Hilton did a photoshoot for Moschino, and she used Sera’s home as the set. You can see her and Paris Hilton posing in the pink home with a man who is only holding a towel. Also, Ruby rose did a shoot at the pink palace for Galore magazine.

The Evolution of Pink

Kitten Kay Sera’s love for pink has progressed throughout the years. She has gone through stages where she has preferred soft pink and baby pink. However, she is currently in a stage of loving a hot neon pink. Kitten said, “The older I get, the hotter the shade of pink I am drawn to.”

Kitten Kay Sera's pink wardrobe is sitting next to her pink dresser drawers with her sunglasses on them.
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

“I get sent pink gifts from fans all over the world, and I can’t sell or give anything away. I rent a storage unit just to keep all my pink pieces. It used to be harder to find things in pink, but these days there are 50 shades of pink for just about everything I could possibly need or want in life. I’m spoiled for choice.”

Not A Fan of Red

There are a lot of different shades of pink, which all need one color to make it happen: Red. This is one color that Kitten Kay Sera just can’t stand. “I can’t stand red! Pink is soothing; it’s a beautiful, inspiring color. Red is too harsh. I find it unsettling.”

Kitten Kay Sera sitting in her pink chair in all pink
Source: Instagram / Kitten Kay Sera

Sera also is a huge fan of valentine’s day, but not with the red. She loves it because she can add some white and she gets pink. She also draws the line with the color fuchsia. While she only wore softer shades of pink for a while and now wears bolder pinks, she says that Fuschia is too red for her taste.

Let’s Meet More Monochromatic People

Sera first found Ella, the yellow lady, in 2016. Since then, she has met other women who have taken on a monochromatic lifestyle, and she wants to search for the rainbow. Her main goal is to film a documentary that features her traveling across America, searching for other people like her and then to get everyone together in one room, which she still hasn’t done.

Kitten Kay Sera sitting on her all pink bed while wearing all pink
Source: JUCO Photography

She has found others like her throughout the United States. It’s a big world, and there must be others out there. So far, she has found a green lady, an orange lady, a blue, purple, and red lady as well. Until now, only Sera and Ella have met up.

Elizabeth Sweetheart – The Green Lady

Elizabeth Sweetheart is The Green Lady of Brooklyn, whose favorite color is green. She dyes her hair green and has a green front door, so you can tell it’s her apartment. She grew up in Nova Scotia and wanted to be an artist. When she went on a childhood trip to Florida, she became obsessed with green after seeing the greenish water and palm trees.

Elizabeth Sweetheart dressed in all green, holding a green ball and sitting on a large green table.
Source: Instagram / @sweetheartelizabeth

She associates the color to the fond and happy memories of the trip she took with her father. Since then, her goal is to bring joy into others’ lives. She dyes all of her favorite clothes green and has been dressing in all green for twenty years now. Sweetheart says that the color green makes her feel positive.

Valeria “ValBlu” McCulloch – The Blue Lady

Valeria “ValBlu” McCulloch is a shoe designer who majored in color theory in college. She always thought blue was the most interesting color and said, “Germanic tribes wore it to ward off enemies; Christians used it to denote divinity. Wearing blue for me is being in a dream all day.” She loves to match everything blue to her wardrobe like her mascara, Chanel blue satin nail polish, and blue lip gloss.

Valeria McCulloh in all blue standing in her closet.
Source: Flickr

Her living room is done up with neutral colors, but when you go into her bedroom, you get a peek at her obsession with a blue Nintendo, nightstand, suitcase, pillow, and a collection of gemstones. As a shoe designer, she gets to take advantage and have factories make her the shoes with the material she finds at leather fairs. She also buys white Christian Louboutin and Chanel shoes and uses custom-ordered electric-blue Sharpies to color them.

Rebecca Turbow – The Gray Lady

Rebecca Turbow is the Gray Lady and works as a fashion designer. Just another lucky monochromatic woman. She actually makes all of her own clothing and refuses to wear anyone else’s. There was a point in her life where she wore only turquoise, but she switched to gray when she had a bad year and needed to get out of it.

Rebecca Turbow is wearing all gray and silver standing in her closet
Source: Flickr

Thankfully, her boyfriend loves the gray and even coordinates with her sometimes. He will wear all black, and she will wear something pretty and silver. She also got lucky with her job and gets to make fun and outgoing monochromatic outfits for him from time to time.

Pink Accessories

From the moment you step foot into Kitten Kay Sera’s pink palace, everything you see is pink. She has a pink toothbrush, a pink hairbrush, pink kitchen utensils, a custom pink car, and the list just goes on. Throughout the years, Sera says that she estimates that she spent over $1 million on pink stuff, but she defends the large number.

Kitten Kay Sera's fully pink kitchen with pink accessories and a pink cake
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

She said, “That sounds like a lot, but if you break it down over the decades, it’s no more than anyone else is spending on cars, sofas, and soft furnishings. The only difference is, for me, every dollar is spent on pink.”

Recurring Dream

Kitten Kay Sera claims that she has a recurring dream where she has something like the Midas touch from the mythological story of the King of Phrygia. In the story, his touch turns everything to gold. But for Sera, her touch turns everything pink. When she was talking about it, she said it was like she is magic.

Kitten Kay Sera's all pink bed and her pink toilet with pink toilet paper sitting on it.
Source: Instagram / Kitten Kay Sera

Sera mentioned, “everything I touch turns a beautiful shade of my favorite color. When I wake up, I can’t help smiling because I look around and think dreams do come true.” Well, she basically did this in real life, as everything down to her toilet paper is pink.

A Pinch of Pink Salt

Sera receives a lot of criticism as she has gotten pretty popular through social media. But she doesn’t take it to heart. In an interview, she explained, “There will always be haters. For some reason, people take offense when other people are too sure of themselves, too happy. I never let the trolls get to me. They’re just jealous that their life isn’t as colorful as mine.”

Kitten Kay Sera is sitting on her pink couch in a pink outfit with her pink dog and a telephone sitting next to her.
Source: Instagram / Kitten Kay Sera

Sera doesn’t care and keeps purchasing pink items like her pink sweets in jars on her pink countertops to her 30 pink sunglasses and her lipsticks in every shade of pink she can find. She even goes as far as writing her emails with a pink font. “I take their jibes with a pinch of pink salt. Seriously- even my salt is pink.”

Pink Doesn’t Take Breaks

Kitten Kay Sera doesn’t take any breaks from her monochromatic lifestyle. While there are people out there who criticize and say that she probably just throws on a black tracksuit when she is feeling down or just not in the mood to wear pink. But they are incorrect, and the Pink Lady of Hollywood had something to say about it.

Kitten Kay Sera sitting on her throne in front of a framed photograph of her sitting on her throne, all in pink
Source: Jordan Ring Photography

“Every day, I wake up looking forward to the day. I couldn’t wake up in this pink world and feel anything but happy – it’s such a happy color. It’s a privilege to run my hand over my rail of pink outfits and figure out what ensemble I’ll wear each day. I’m a fashionista, and I make sure my outfit is well choreographed. Not every shade of pink complements every other shade of pink. My life is a carefully curated work of art.”

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Like the rest of her life, Kitten Kay Sera celebrates Christmas in a very pink way. She starts out with a shiny pink tree, decorates it with pink ornaments and lights, and tops it off with a large shiny pink star. For her “Christmas card,” which she shared on Facebook, she did a photoshoot while placing the star on her tree and posing in other ways.

A photograph of Kitten Kay Sera putting a pink star on her Christmas tree. / A photograph of Kitten Kay Sera and her pink Santa Claus.
Source: Facebook / Kitten Kay Sera Fan Page

She wore a pink feathery and flowy gown, which she got as a gift from fashion designer Angel Brinks after doing a shoot with her. To really top things off, she can be seen doing a little dance with a pink Santa Claus next to her tree.

The Pup Who Turned Pink

Kitten Kay Sera published a children’s book with the same theme that her life has, pink. It was called Miss Kisses: The Pup Who Turned Pink, and she wrote it about her first dog. The book is about a little puppy named Miss Kisses, who wanted to become a Hollywood star. After visiting Hollywood for the day with his owner, The Pink Lady of Hollywood, he turned pink.

Kitten Kay Sera in front of a mirror holding her pink dog
Source: Jordan Ring Photography

The book takes you through his life as a pink puppy. So, she basically wrote a children’s book about her dogs’ actual life from her point of view. Sera made sure to put a photograph of her on a pink bicycle with her pink puppy sitting in a pink basket on the back of the book.

To Tell the Truth

Kitten Kay Sera appeared on ABC’s show, To Tell the Truth, back in 2017. While the show has changed since it started back in 1956, but it is currently hosted by Anthony Anderson. Basically, three people claiming to be the same person will sit behind the desk and have to answer questions from four panelists.

Kitten Kay Sera and Jamie Donnelly are posing together backstage of To Tell The Truth.

Sera’s episode was entertaining. It included a woman in her 40s who made National Pink Day a thing. But the fun part was when the third contestant turned out to be Jamie Donnelly, the actress who played Jan in Grease. She was one of the original pink ladies! Sera got to hang out with Donnelly in the green room and talk all day.

Craziest Pink Purchase

There are a lot of random pink things in Kitten Kay Sera’s pink palace, but my personal choice for craziest purchase goes to her pink coffin. You heard that right- she has a pink coffin for when her time will come. Her assistant, who loves the color purple, helped her paint the coffin to pink, which she purchased second hand.

Kitten Kay Sera in all pink surrounded by pink roses in her pink coffin.
Photo by Meg Gill /

Yes, you heard that right also. When her assistant, Meg Gill, was asked about it, she said, “It’s used. New coffins are expensive. This one had been used 200 or 300 times for burials at sea. It’s seen the world. I saged it out.” Well, she saged it out, but that doesn’t make this any less weird.

It’s A Small World

Kitten Kay Sera started out her singing career known as ‘Pinque.’ She even got to open for Ru Paul. Pinque changed her name to Kitten Kay Sera and ended up booking television shows. Her close friend, Kelly Kidd, lured her to California to visit. Sera and Kidd ended up appearing on an episode of The Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, which documented their 20th Anniversary Friendship Party.

A sketch from The Adventures of Kitten and Kisses.

At this event, Sera met Shannon Pope. Pope actually ended up being hired to edit the music video for ‘Sex Kitten.’ Pop also drew Sera and Miss Kisses as cartoon characters, and they loved it so much that she animated it for a series called The Adventures of Kitten and Kisses. Sera has uploaded some of the episodes to her website,

A Pink Tattoo

Kitten Kay Sera has only one tattoo, but she didn’t veer from her lifestyle rules. It is a pink tattoo of her dog, Miss Kisses. She went on the Oxygen TV show Best Ink back in 2012 and ended up having the artist who won the whole show do her tattoo.

Kitten Kay Sera with her pink dog tattoo showing while she sat next to Miss Kisses

She laid there for four hours cozied up in her pink Snuggie while they shot her getting the tattoo. She called it ‘four hours of tat-torture’ but in the end, she is very happy with it. She confirms that this is her ONLY tattoo following the pain that came with it.

Photoshoot with Chad Buchanan

Kitten Kay Sera has done many photo shoots throughout the years. One of her more popular ones was with Chad Buchanan and Paris Hilton, where she got hair and makeup by Reneta Rensky and posed for ODDA magazine. She loved working with him and definitely had what to say about it.

Kitten Kay Sera being held by Chad Buchanan

“He said something funny to me before we shot. I asked, ‘how long have you been modeling?’ and he said, well, I am more of an actor now…’ I said, OH! He said, ‘Yeah. In modeling, I had to get naked a lot.’ Then at that very second, the photographers asked if he could take off all his clothes and wear a towel! Ha”