Lt. Colonel Kane Mansir Tried Having His Cake and Eating It Too

With a swollen, nine-month pregnant belly, Chelsea Curnett stood outside her fiancé’s parents’ home, banged on the door, and demanded he come out. The father of her child, Kane Mansir, had been avoiding her. Mansir’s parents called the police, and when Kane finally stepped out the door, he told the cops that he had no idea who Chelsea was. “Probably a stalker,” he told them.

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But Chelsea wasn’t a stalker. She was the woman he was supposed to be marrying in a few months. She was carrying his child. What was happening? Chelsea felt like she was about to puke.

Unfortunately, Chelsea was about to discover that the man she loved was leading a triple life. She thought she knew him, but nothing of what he told her was true.

A Charming, Witty Army Man

Chelsea Curnutt met Richard Kane Mansir through Instagram. The mysterious man messaged her one evening, complimented her on her pictures, and began chatting her up. He opened up to her quite rapidly, sharing details about his work as a lieutenant colonel in the Army, about his divorce, and about his two sons whom he loved deeply.

Kane holds a cake while smiling at the camera.
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Chelsea was smitten from the get-go. Kane was smart and funny. He was an active, bold person who loved skydiving and shooting. Chelsea had always wanted to skydive, and shooting was one of her favorite past times. They seemed perfect for each other. And even though Kane lived nearly 600 miles away, she was willing to make the drive.

They Were Expecting

Kane and Chelsea met in person for the first time in late 2019. She was driving back home from a vacation and offered to make a pit stop at his post in Fort Bragg. Meeting him surpassed any expectations she had. And by January 2020, when Kane said he was being relocated to Virginia, she offered to move in with him.

A pregnant Chelsea touches her belly.
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In October of that same year, she found out she was pregnant with his child. It was exciting news, or so she thought. But only a few days before their baby was due, Kane disappeared. And Chelsea found herself having to drive around for hours in search of him.

There Were Warning Signs

Looking back, there were several red flags Chelsea subconsciously chose to ignore. For one, Chelsea discovered Kane had a daughter, something he had never told her. When she confronted him about his third child, he said she had died and that he wasn’t ready to open up about it.

Kane appears holding his baby daughter.
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Chelsea had also found the results of two 10K races Kane had participated in, both of which he finished right before the same participant, a female Army member. When she asked him about her, he brushed her off, insisting he had no personal connection to her.

Lastly, Kane’s ex-wife once called her and left an odd voicemail. Kane assured Chelsea that there was nothing to worry about and that his ex-wife was simply a gold-digging loonie bin.

He Told Her He Was Being Deployed

The strangest thing happened in the spring of 2020 when Chelsea and Kane decided to move to Virginia together. Chelsea offered to go on ahead early to get settled and find work, and Kane would join her in June. However, in April, he called her on her WhatsApp from Kuwait and told her that he was being deployed and that he didn’t know for how long.

Kane takes a photo in the military base.
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During their time apart, Kane told her he had broken his foot and that he was being sent to Germany. He even e-mailed her an X-ray of the injury. Chelsea had no reason to doubt her fiancé. In her mind, he was off serving the country, being the hero she believed him to be.

She Spotted His Jeep

In August, Chelsea went on a jog near the Army base where she spotted a car that looked like Kane’s Jeep. It was decorated with stickers of the Rangers, his former division, and an Illinois license plate. When she confronted him about the suspiciously similar vehicle, he insisted it wasn’t his.

Kane takes a selfie in his Jeep.
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Several days later, she passed by the Army base again. This time, she didn’t just spot the Jeep, but she spotted Kane in it. She ran towards him and knocked on his window. He looked surprised but managed to play it cool. “He played it off as if he was trying to surprise me post-deployment and that he had to quarantine, and that I ruined the whole surprise,” Chelsea told The Daily Beast.

He Made Her Believe She Was Crazy

“He did his typical thing of belittling me,” Chelsea reported, “making me feel like I’m the crazy one, and then saying, ‘I love you, everything will be fine, don’t overthink it.'” Kane would often do that – make her feel like she was overreacting and paranoid.

Screengrab from a video of Kane talking sent to Chelsea.
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He would often blame her hormones, insisting that her mood swings were due to chemical imbalances. Chelsea bought into it. She had been cheated on before, so she convinced herself that she was simply hypersensitive about the whole thing.

Kane Was Dreamy and Irresistible

It was really difficult for Chelsea to doubt Kane because he was unbelievably nice to her. He treated her better than any other man had before. He rented a humble home for her to stay in while he lived on base and regularly visited her with treats and kisses and hugs.

Kane gazes at the horizon after landing while wearing a special suit and a bag.
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He would take her on hikes around the park. He would order delicious take-out and stay awake with her until the wee hours of the night, jumping from topic to topic. One time, he told her he was awarded a Silver Star (one of the Army’s highest honors) and urged her to buy an elegant dress so she could come along with him to the ceremony. In other words, Kane was dreamy. And Chelsea was living the dream.

He Acted Like He Truly Wanted Them to Be a Family

Chelsea kept a journal during her pregnancy so she could write down the changes she was going through, mentally and physically. She didn’t end up writing that much, however, because “most of my pregnancy was really depressing,” she admitted.

Chelsea is standing alone in her baby shower prepared by her co-workers.
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An entry from October 6th, 2020, shows just how believable Kane was. “The first thing he did was grab me in the kitchen and give me a hug and a kiss, and then he grabbed my hands, and we ended up praying,” she wrote. Chelsea admitted that at the time, he “seemed really genuine and he seemed like he really cared, and he really wanted us to be a family.”

“Obviously looking at it now,” Chelsea added, “I think, ‘Wow, how f**ked up.'”

So, Who Is Kane?

Let’s get into the details of who Richard Kane Mansir is. According to military records, Lieutenant Colonel Kane is a civil affairs officer who has served in the Rangers and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012. But since 2014, he hasn’t been sent overseas. And he wasn’t awarded a Silver Star.

Kane during his time in Afghanistan.
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Moreover, Kane is legally married. And he has been, for nearly 18 years, to the same woman. The couple has three children: two sons and a daughter who is very much alive. According to sources close to them, they were having some marital issues in August 2020 and decided to take some time apart.

A Third Woman

Kane’s wife offered to move back to Illinois to give him some space for a few months with the intention of getting back with him eventually. But her plans changed after she received a phone call from a woman claiming to be engaged to Kane.

Kane poses next to his first wife and baby daughter.
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An additional woman who refused to give her name – let’s call her Emily – told The Daily Beast that she was engaged to Kane back in 2017 when his wife was pregnant with their third child. She said she had no idea he was married and that he had kids. All Emily knew was that he had lost a child and that the death of his daughter had ruined his marriage – the same story he told Chelsea. He also told her he had been awarded a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts.

Kane’s Playbook of Lies

Emily told The Daily Beast that Kane had told her he was being deployed several times during their relationship, once while she was at home taking care of her sick mother and another time a little before their marriage, which forced them to postpone their happily ever after.

Kane photographs his reflection in the mirror / A print screen of the text messages Kane sent to Chelsea.
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Upset about having to delay the wedding, Emily asked Kane for some kind of proof or documentation of his deployment. He sent her some documents that, as it turns out, were fake. “He’s got this playbook,” Emily explained, “He tells these lies about his dead children, about his PTSD, his deployments, and all the horrible things he’s had to do. He creates all these imaginary traumas to cloak his lies in.”

He Yelled at Her to Stop Calling Him

In February, Kane’s wife called Chelsea. But Chelsea was oblivious to all of it. She disregarded the call and took Kane’s word for it that his ex-wife was just an annoying nutcase. But several months later, deep into her pregnancy, she began to lose it.

Chelsea takes a photo during her shift at the hospital.
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She was a few days from her due date, and Kane wasn’t there by her side for support. She called him to let him know she was having contractions, but he just yelled at her not to call him while he was at work. She texted him frantically, but he ignored all her messages. What was going on?

Kane Was on a Vacation

Desperate to reach Kane, Chelsea phoned the support employees at the base, who seemed pretty confused by the call. A secretary picked up and assumed Chelsea was Kane’s wife, so she passed the call to the sergeant major, who called Chelsea by Kane’s wife’s name.

A soldier U.S. uniform detail.
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As if that wasn’t confusing enough, when Chelsea told the sergeant that she was about to give birth and that she needed to reach Kane, he gave her a shattering response: “Ma’am, Kane is on leave.”

Chelsea had no choice but to call the woman whom she believed was Kane’s ex-wife.

“Chelsea, We’re Still Married”

Chelsea dialed the phone, and when she heard a woman’s voice pick up on the other line, she stuttered: “Listen, I know you probably don’t like me because I’m the new person in his life, but I’m calling you out of desperation because I haven’t been able to find Kane.”

Chelsea’s car on the road.
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Kane’s wife was silent for a few seconds and then responded: “Chelsea, we’re still married.” She explained that they were in the process of getting a divorce, and that Kane was probably in Illinois sorting things out.

The next day, Chelsea drove 16 hours to track him down.

She Reportedly Threatened to Burn His House Down

She arrived at two in the morning and drove straight to Kane’s parents’ house. “I knew he didn’t have anywhere else to go,” she told The Daily Beast. According to police reports, Chelsea parked outside their house and threatened to burn it down if Kane didn’t come outside. Authorities rushed to the scene.

Kane spends time with his mother and brother at home.
Kane Mansir, Kane’s mother, Alex Mansir. Source: Instagram /@pedigo47

Chelsea told one of the cops that she was 40 weeks pregnant with Kane’s baby, and she handed him photos to prove that they were in a relationship. She even showed him a lease agreement with both their names on it. But when the cop interviewed Kane, he denied ever knowing Chelsea and insisted that she was just some stalker.

That same night, Chelsea also found out that Kane wasn’t alone at his parents’ house. He was staying there with the same woman from the 10K races.

They Worked Together to Expose Him

Chelsea, Emily, and Kane’s wife decided to team up and dig through all of Kane’s dirty laundry. With the help of old phone records, travel itineraries, and credit card charges, the three managed to identify four other women with whom Kane was involved.

Various photos are displayed in a collage to expose Kane.
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Chelsea took things one step further and began uploading posts on Instagram, sharing intimate details about his conniving ways. Since then, she says that several other women have reached out to her, claiming that they too had been fooled.

“I Want to See Him Burn”

Kane sure knew how to pick his women. He would often go for Army subordinates or widows of men who perished in combat, women whom he believed would be too ashamed or too weak to say anything about his deceptive behavior.

A female army guard who dated Kane.
Sgt. Danielle Farber, Sgt. Jessica Smiley. Photo by Sgt. Brian Calhoun/Army

Emily told The Daily Beast that many of the women they tried contacting hung up for fear of being involved in such a scandal. Emily also didn’t want to make a scene out of it at first, but today, after discovering how many women he has tricked, she “wants to see him burn.”

He Has Deleted His Social Media

Kane Mansir hasn’t spoken directly to the media about this. He changed his phone number, and his Instagram account has been completely wiped from the web. The only traces left of him are a Medium account and a Pinterest account.

Kane is posing next to a Christmas tree.
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As for the Army’s response to the scandal, Kane’s superiors told The Army Times that they were “aware of and investigating the allegations against Lt. Col. Mansir.” As of now, Kane is suspended from his position.

“A Disgusting Human Being”

Chelsea and Kane’s wife met face to face for the first time at his divorce hearing – June 8 – the very day Chelsea’s baby was due. At the hearing, both Chelsea and Emily testified, and his wife demanded full custody of their kids.

Lt. Colonel Kane takes a photo with his mother.
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Chelsea told the judge that she wanted to make sure that Kane “never touches his children or does anything to them the way he did to us—and so he never ever gets his hands on my daughter.”

Kane avoided all eye contact with her during the hearing, except for one moment when he glanced up at her with sorry eyes.

“In my head I’m like, ‘No, you’re not,’” Chelsea recalled, “‘You’re a disgusting human being.’”

Everything Happens for a Reason

Chelsea and Kane’s daughter was born on June 13, a healthy, joyful baby. Chelsea told The Daily Beast that the first weeks were a nightmare but that despite the heartbreak and betrayal, her daughter has made it all worthwhile.

Chelsea holds her newborn baby girl as she rests in the hospital bed.
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“If it wasn’t for all this stuff I went through, I never would have gotten her,” Chelsea explained, “And I love her to pieces.”

Chelsea also believes that everything that happened to her happened for a reason. “I think what I went through, I went through for a reason, because I was going to be the one to speak up,” she said, “He’s been getting away with it for over a decade. Your time is up.”

Two Wives, Three Fiancés and 15 Girlfriends

Unfortunately, Richard Kane Mansir isn’t the only man who tried having his cake and eating it too. Another man who lived a double life for several years was a Texas police chief named Jason Collier. Collier not only smothered his mistress, Cecily Steinmetz, with shameless lies, but he also faked an annulment document to trick her into believing they would soon be married.

A portrait of Jason Collier wearing the Texas Police uniform.
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When Cecily discovered that the document was fake, she went viral uploading a raging post about it online. One thing led to another, and she was soon contacted by a woman named Kristi Shaffer, who claimed she was also dating him. The two then found out that not only was he never going to wed them, but the man was already married.

The Picture That Exposed His Lies

Cecily reported that it all began when she uploaded a picture of her and Collier on Facebook as a way of making their relationship official to her family and friends. She went to bed that night, not knowing that the picture she uploaded would lead into a nightmarish rabbit hole.

Cecily and Jason smile at the camera during a hiking trip.
Cecily Steinmetz, Jason Collier. Source: Facebook

“I woke up the next morning to a text from a very good friend,” Cecily told KGNS. “She said, ‘OK, I know where I know him from. I am friends with his wife on Facebook.’ I was completely shocked,” Cecily recalled. The cat was officially out of the bag.

He Handed Her a Fake Document

Cecily didn’t want to believe that Collier was capable of lying to her like that. After all, he had met her family, picked out an engagement ring, and even placed a picture of them on his office desk. “I asked him: ‘How could you do this? You just met my family? So, why are you doing this?’”

A view of the document.
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Collier’s response was cold and angry. He made her feel bad for questioning him. When she asked him about the wedding, he insisted he was divorced. He then showed her an annulment document. However, Cecily wasn’t willing to let it go like that. She looked into the document and found out it was fake.

She Felt Gullible and Blind

When Cecily contacted the District Court where Collier claimed to have filed the document, they had no record of it whatsoever. They told her, “No match exists either under that name or cause number. Our cause numbers are completely different… My court is followed by the letter E. It’s a fake.”

A portrait of Cecily outside the District Court.
Photo by James Breeden

Cecily told reporters that Collier used to visit her a lot while he was working as a police officer. He swooped her off her feet and made her feel like the most appreciated woman in the world. How could the same man who made her feel so loved be the same man who, in an instant, made her feel so utterly dumb?

Cecily Went Viral

Cecily immediately took to her Facebook account and wrote: “Chief Jason Collier is leading a double/triple life. I was his girlfriend until yesterday. He lied to me and presented me with fake annulment documents when I found out he was married.”

Jason and Kristi take a photo in Starbucks.
Source: Facebook

She then added Kristi’s name to the post: “I also found out about a second girlfriend, Kristi, last night. He lied to us, our children, and asked us both to marry him.”

Collier immediately deleted all his social media accounts.

She Hopes This Won’t Happen to Other Women

What Cecily hoped to accomplish by posting information about Collier’s deceit was to raise awareness on the topic. “I would just hope that he has learned his lesson, not to deceive people like that. I was also apt to believe him about everything due to his position,” she explained.

Jason Collier with his original wife and family.
Source: Facebook

Collier presented himself as a good, honest person, Cecily claimed. By posting on Facebook, she “hopes that this doesn’t happen to any other women in the future. Just the lies and promising things that are never going to happen. There’s just no reason to drag people and their children into that,” she added.

Jason Collier’s Victims

People on the internet were stunned by both Collier’s lies and the amount of drama surrounding it. More and more women came forward, admitting to falling prey to his impeccable acting skills. “Wow! What a crazy story!!! This is definitely going to be a Netflix special!!,” one Facebook user wrote.

Jason Collier takes a selfie in the bathroom mirror.
Source: Tumblr

Another user jokingly added: “Jason Colliering is about to become a verb. ‘Are you Jason Colliering me right now?’ I already know the first person I’ll use it on!!” Collier was such a sneaky guy that he managed to date over 15 women at once. A Facebook group titled “Victims of Jason Collier” shared a timeline of all the women he dated over the years.

Jason Resigned His Position

Upon hearing this news about one of the city’s cops, Stinnett Mayor Colin Locke couldn’t keep quiet and stated, “There’s possible violation of city policy.” A while later, the city’s Facebook page published a post saying: “Chief of Police Jason Collier resigned his position effective immediately with the City of Stinnett. The city has accepted his resignation.”

Mugshot of Jason Collier.
Source: Pinterest

It came as a shocker to many. Collier was viewed as somewhat of a hero. In 2016, he was awarded the Medal of Valor by the State of Texas for saving the life of Sergeant Houston Gass after he was shot in the face during an arrest. How could such a good-hearted fellow be leading a triple life?

Bye, Jason Collier

As it turns out, Jason Collier wasn’t only engaged to Cecily and Kristi. He reportedly had two wives, three fiancés, and 15 girlfriends all at the same time. How? No one knows. How did he manage to hide it so well without confusing their names?

Jason Collier is standing next to other officers during a ceremony at police headquarters.
Source: Facebook

It’s honestly a miracle he managed to go on for so long without being exposed. Nowadays, this deceitful lunatic has been keeping low. He’s nowhere to be seen on the internet. Thanks to Cecily’s post, his reputation has been tainted for life.