See How Much These Familiar Faces From TV Commercials Make

In general, commercials are everyone’s least favorite part of watching TV. I mean, you are in the middle of watching something and have to sit through commercials to find out what happens. It’s not fun, especially in an era when people tend to have less patience. However, no matter how annoyed we get at all these ads, some commercial actors managed to leave a lasting impression.

Brad Pitt in the Chanel No. 5 commercial. / Beck Bennett sitting in a circle with kids in a classroom. / Jay Z standing on a porch with a nice building view behind him.
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Do you ever wonder how much companies pay their commercial stars? Forget being a movie star! Not only do these famous faces get a lot of recognition, but it boosted a lot of their acting careers. Check out these famous commercial faces and see how much they made! Plus, we included some celebrities and how much money companies pay them to endorse their products. Just wait and see which celebrity gets paid $160 million to endorse a product!

The Snapple Lady: $100,000

We know her as the Snapple Lady, but her real name is Wendy Kaufman. Not only does she appear in all of their commercials, but she answers their fan mail for Snapple frequently. She was one of the only Snapple employees who answered fan mail, and that is what stood out about her to the ad agency. They also loved her enthusiastic, lively, and bubbly personality.

Wendy Kaufman with a pink hat, pink boa, and white sunglasses driving in a yellow Snapple car with an excited look on her face.

In the 90s, Wendy Kaufman was a huge reason why Snapple sales went from $23 million a year to a whopping $750 million. They were making more than ten times the amount! Unfortunately, she got fired after Quaker Oats bought Snapple. The company quickly realized what a huge mistake they made and reinstated her just two years later.

The Orbit Gum Girl: $500,000

Vanessa Lynn Branch is actually an actress but is recognized as the Orbit Gum Girl. She appears in all of their commercials, and when she flashes her pretty white smile, she can persuade anyone to buy Orbit. She does keep herself busy and has been involved in a few other projects throughout the year, such as Little Hercules, Redline, 90210, and so much more.

Vanessa dressed in white as the Orbit Gum Girl.
Source: @FarrisPatton / Twitter

You may have seen Branch when she appeared in some skit roles on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She is doing pretty well for herself and also has a rising modeling career. She made a few guest appearances as herself in TV shows, including a movie about the most “Famous Faces” in commercials. With a stunning smile and $500,000 a year, Patton seems to be doing pretty well for herself.

The Pine-Sol Woman: $250,000

Pine-Sol is a cleaning product, and Diane Amos appears in its classic commercials. The actress has earned roles in Twisted, Nine Months, Patch Adams, Jasmine, Sweet November, and so much more. Most of us, however, immediately recognize her as the Pine-Sol Woman. I mean, the actress basically popularized the product.

Diane Amos standing in the kitchen in front of six different colored bottles of Pine-Sol.
Source: YouTube

Amos landed her first TV role as Janet in Midnight Caller. Although her first non-commercial role was in 1990, she hasn’t slowed down. In addition to her acting career, Amos is also a comedian. Since 2002, the actress has been recognized as the spokeswoman for the cleaning company. Needless to say, she has been doing an impeccable job. With that kind of paycheck, I would just stick to commercials.

The Maytag Man: $1 million

You might recognize Colin Ferguson from his role in Eureka, where he plays Sheriff Carter. He also appeared on the TV show, Then Came You. However, most of us remember him for his most famous character, The Maytag Man. Other big projects are featuring the Canadian actor, like when he landed a starring role in Vampire Diaries.

Colin Ferguson holding laundry in a navy blue Maytag uniform.
Source: YouTube

In 2014, Ferguson became the Maytag man racking in $1 million a year! He continues to do commercials for them while simultaneously taking on other acting roles. Even though he has a famous face, Ferguson has kept his personal life pretty private. He starred in a few Christmas movies for Lifetime, including the Hallmark original, Every Christmas Has a Story, starring Lori Loughlin.

The Wendy’s Girl: $3 million

Morgan Smith-Goodwin is the gorgeous freckled face that we know as The Wendy’s girl. After growing up in Alabama, Smith attended Birmingham Southern College. After graduation, she decided to move to New York and focus on her starting an acting career. She performed for many different types of benefits and concerts before she finally landed a role on Broadway!

Morgan Smith-Goodwin holding a Wendy’s sandwich.
Source: Twitter

The Off-Broadway show she was cast in was called Freckleface Strawberry (to this day, she is an original cast member). She quickly landed lead roles in other Broadway shows. The stunning redhead is actually a beautiful blonde. She dyes it red for the commercials, and with that kind of paycheck, I would dye my hair green.

The Old Spice Guy: $5 million

Old Spice is a household brand. They popularized Isaiah Mustafa as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” which is not a bad title. His manly man looks just like the person that the company was looking for. His monologues and comedic expressions are a plus. He is also behind some of the most popular catchphrases ever, including “look at your husband…now look at me” and “I’m on a horse.”

Isaiah Mustafa holding a bottle of Old Spice.
Source: Old Spice

Before he turned to act, Mustafa was a football player. He was originally a wide receiver for the Oilers back in the 1990s but left football to pursue acting. You may have noticed him in Days of Our Lives and Horrible Bosses. His most current role was in ‘It Two.’ Mustafa really wanted to play Luke Cage in the Marvel series, but unfortunately, he didn’t get the part.

The Target Lady: $300,000

Maria Bamford is a talented stand-up comedian and voice actress that we all know as The Target Lady. With her hyperactive personality and enthusiastic nature, The Target Lady sure knows how to leave a lasting impression on viewers, which quickly made her a household name. Who doesn’t love the woman who gives us the best shopping tips?

Maria Bamford with a red glitter mustache.
Source: Facebook

In 2000, she landed a movie role in Lucky Numbers and then switched to voice acting. She lent her voice to Stuart Little 2, American Dad, SpongeBob Squarepants, and more. All you 90s kids will appreciate this one: she lent her voice to the Nickelodeon show, Catdog! More recently, her last non-commercial role was in 2015 when she appeared in Hell & Back.

The Cingular Wireless Umbrella Girl: $75,000

America knows actress Angela Sarafyan as The Umbrella Girl from Cingular Wireless commercials. Although the Armenian actress made a name for herself from her famous commercials, Sarafyan’s career skyrocketed and has been landing non-commercial roles left and right. The promising actress can be seen in Repo Chick, The Immigrant, and WestWorld.

Angela Sarafyan under a clear umbrella.
Source: YouTube

The actress was also featured in TV shows, including Judging Amy, The Division, Criminal Minds, and so much more. Other than her portrayal of Clementine Pennyfeather on WestWorld, her most recurring role was in the series, Plain Sight. The star immigrated to America when she was four years old. Her mother is a painter, but she takes after her dad, who’s an actor. At 36 years old, Sarafyan is stunning, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

The Most Interesting Man in the World: $1 million

The Most Interesting Man in the world is a pretty nice thing to be known for. Jonathan Goldsmith earned this title when he appeared in a Dos Equis Beer advertising campaign. He did such a great job that his appealing persona went far beyond the commercials. He even became a popular meme.

Jonathan Goldsmith sitting in a booth at a bar.
Source: Twitter

The New York City native began acting back in 1963 and got the first TV part in a Perry Manson series. He quickly got into Western movies, and Goldsmith has over 25 Western roles on his resume. He appeared on Dallas, Charlie’s Angels, Magnum P.I. and so much more. With over 350 TV appearances under his belt, the list is endless. The company increased sales by 15.4% since Goldsmith began appearing in their commercials. I guess he is the most interesting man in the world.

The Slim Jim Dude: $100,000

Although Demetri Goritsas appeared in several blockbuster movies, to us, he will always be remembered as the Slim Jim Guy. Raised in British Columbia, Demetri attended the Royal School of Speech & Drama. His work in the entertainment industry doesn’t stop at acting; he was also a documentary narrator.

Demitri Goritsas in his slim jim hat with peeking through the logo.
Source: YouTube

Slim Jim is a brand of Jerky snacks from the 90s, but people don’t seem to be talking about them anymore. The actor has still made sure to keep busy in the world of entertainment. He appeared in TV shows, such as X-Men First Class, Darkest Hour, and The Bourne Identity. His most recent movie role was in Radioactive, and in 2020 you can catch him on The Angel of Darkness.

The T-Mobile Girl: $1 million

In 2009, Carly Foulkes’ life changed after answering a random ad for T-Mobile. After being appearing in the company’s aggressive “No More Mrs. Nice Girl” commercial, she quickly became known as the T-Mobile girl. She normally wore pink and white and was featured in their ads from 2010 until 2013. Ever since she made a few guest appearances, and according to the company, she still does and will forever be part of the “Brand Family.”

Carly Foulkes in a black and hot pink jumpsuit holding a helmet.
Source: YouTube

What’s interesting about Foulkes’ pink/magenta outfits is that the color is trademarked by T-Mobile. That’s right, T-Mobile actually owns a trademark for that exact shade of magenta which is why she wears that color in the commercials. Outside of T-Mobile, Carly started a career as a fashion model.

The Toyota Girl: $1 million

Everyone easily recognizes the Toyota girl. Her character was a fun, ambitious employee named Jan. Although we know her as the Toyota Girl, Laurel Coppock is actually an actress and made guest appearances on multiple shows. She was in Arrested Development, Modern Family, The Office, and plenty of more. You might have noticed her in the romantic comedy, Crazy Stupid Love, where she was cast as Sophia.

Laurel Coppock sitting behind her desk in a red sweater smiling.
Source: YouTube

After graduating from Colby College with a Performing Arts degree, she enrolled in the Square Acting Conservatory, where she studied professional acting. She was so determined that she relocated to Chicago so that she can study improve comedy. Well now that she’s making 7 figures a year just from Toyota commercials, I guess her hard work paid off.

The ‘It’s Not That Complicated’ Guy: $250,000

Long before he was recognized for his hilarious roles as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Life, Beck Bennett was known as the It’s Not That Complicated Guy on commercials for AT&T. He quickly became a fan favorite when he produced comedy gold on those ads. We watched him in a classroom, awkwardly walking up to different groups of children explaining how AT&T offers “Bigger. Faster. More.”

Beck Bennett sitting in a circle with kids in a classroom.
Source: YouTube

He then asked the students some relatable questions, and their answers were always hilarious. In addition to his commercial career, Beck Bennett has an impressive acting resume. He’s not only a seasoned member on SNL, but you also may recognize him from the hit TV show, Arrested Development. I can’t wait to see what this guy does next!

The Red Robin Lady: $50,249

Melanie Paxson was featured in commercials for Gladeware before she became the Red Robin Lady. The Illinois-born actress started her career acting with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company but has been appearing on screen since the 1990s. Back in 1997, she landed her first role in Early Edition and made a name for herself when she starred as Jaclyn in Cupid.

Melanie Paxson in a booth at Red Robin holding a French fry.
Source: Red Robin Burgers

The actress made appearances on The Drew Carey Show, Joey, Kitchen Confidential, and many other shows. She now has a recurring role on the show Happy Family where she plays Sara Brennan. The actress is actually married to the co-owner of Simplethings Sandwich and Pie Shop, a popular Los Angeles restaurant. The couple has one son together named Miller.

The “Can You Hear Me Now?” Guy: $9 Million

Verizon popularized the phrase “Can you hear me now” in their iconic ad campaigns. Thanks to their universal coverage, it is now arguably one of the most used catchphrases out there. Paul Marcelli is the face of the ad and makes a pretty nice salary for saying those five words.

Paul Marcelli holding a cellphone with the Verizon logo.
Source: Twitter

Paul Marcelli was the star of Verizon commercials for a decade! Marcelli then switched teams. In 2016 he signed a contract with Print, Verizon’s biggest viral company. “Can you hear that?” became his new catchphrase. Unsurprisingly, this caused a media frenzy. Aside from being a commercial star, Marcelli is also a screenwriter and owns a production company. He is also an actor, and you may recognize him from his starring role in Clutter.

The GoDaddy Guy: $900,000

Boston Native, Jesse Heiman, first got noticed when he appeared in a Go Daddy commercial. The ad aired during the Super Bowl XLVII and featured Danica Patrick and Bar Rafaeli. The highlight of the night was when he and Bar Rafaeli shared a steamy kiss, and audiences loved it.

Jesse Heiman and Bar Rafaeli.
Source: YouTube

You may recognize Heiman from his first big acting role in American Pie 2. The actor landed roles on NCIS; Maybe It’s Me, Entourage, and plenty more. He also appeared as one of the recruits on Old School, a Will Farrell Classic. His last TV appearance was in 2014 on Criminal Minds. We can’t wait to see what this hilarious actor does next.

Mr. Mayhem from the Allstate Commercials: $4,750 per Commercial Airing

Dean Winters has a hilarious personality, and Allstate’s smartest marketing ideas are Mr. Mayhem. The character is beloved, and the actor literally makes more than $4,000 each time one of his commercials airs. The character is actually based on Mr. White from Reservoir Dogs. He tends to tell everyone about the ‘mayhem’ that he’s about to get into… but then he reassures everyone that everything is okay with Allstate.

Dean Winters in the back seat of a minivan eating lucky charms and drinking from a sippy cup.
Source: YouTube

Winters made his acting debut in 1997 and has been on plenty of TV shows since. He made appearances on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Law & Order: SVU, Rescue Me, and more. When he’s not advertising for Allstate Insurance, you can catch the actor in Oz, where he has a recurring role playing Ryan.

Lily From AT&T: $500,000

The girl we all know as Lily from AT&T has much more than just a perky personality and enthusiastic smile. After her commercial appearances, she became much more well-known thanks to higher-profile roles in TV shows. Milana’s current net worth is estimated at $500,000. But keep in mind that Milana has only recently gotten the bigger roles in TV shows, so it makes sense that her net worth is this ‘low.’

Milana Vayntrub
Photo By Jim Smeal/Shutterstock

And by low, it means compared to other Hollywood actresses. There’s no doubt that she’s going to be making a lot more money in the future with her talent. When she’s not working as an actress and comedian, Milana spends her time as an activist for refugees and uses her social media presence and fame to make sure that others see the importance of the causes she holds near and dear to her heart.

The InVinceable Guy: $2 million

Vince Offer’s real name is Offer Shlomi. He is an Israeli-American infomercial pitchman is recognized as the vigorous spokesman for ShamWow, AKA… The InVinceable Guy. The product is a towel that can hold up to 10x its weight in liquid. In addition to working on ad campaigns, Vince is a writer and hysterical comedian.

A package of InVinceable with Offer Shlomi’s name on the package.
Source: Twitter

In 1999, he landed his first movie role in the comedy Underground Comedy Movie. He actually funded the movie and had trouble selling it at first. He doesn’t only appear in ShamWow’s ads, but he also owns, produces, and writes the commercials. The actor is known as The InVinceable Guy but, is more than just the pitchman for ShamWow. In 2010, he advertised Eminem’s Recovery album.

Flo, The Progressive Insurance Woman: $8 million

One of the most recognized commercial faces is the Progressive Insurance Woman. We all know her as Flo, but her real name is Stephanie Courtney. Her upbeat attitude is iconic, which makes her beloved by audiences everywhere. Her admiration quickly escalated, and her character Flo appeared in over a hundred commercials! The character is so popular that they even have an Australian version!

Stephanie Courtney in a white polo shirt with Progressive written across it and a name tag.
Source: Twitter

Down under, the commercial concept is similar, only Flo’s name is Kitty, played by actress Holly Austin. Before landing her big break, Courtney was part of the theater club. She landed roles in shows such as Mad Men and The Goldberg’s. Hopefully, Flo will continue to appear in Progressive commercials. I mean, with a contract worth $8 million, I doubt she will leave.

Little Mikey from Life Cereal: $10 Million

We all remember Little Mikey as the adorable little kid from the Life cereal commercials. In the ad, his brother tried to convince him to taste Life story and is surprised that “He likes it!” Mikey’s real name is John Gilchrist, and the boy who plays his brother is his real-life brother Tommy. However, he has more siblings; they are seven kids in total!

Photograph of Little Mikey eating Life cereal with a box of it next to him.
Source: Twitter

In 1974, the ad was so incredibly popular that it won a Clio Award. In 1999, the commercial was classified in the top ten commercials of all time by TV Guide. To this day, the commercial is well-known as a classic TV ad.

Fun fact: 70% of adults could recognize the commercial just from the description alone.

The Dell Computer Dude: $50,000

Tennessee born, Ben Curtis, starting off his career starring in several well-received Dell commercials. What’s interesting about Curtis is that before starting his acting career and becoming the face of Dell, he was an unbelievably talented magician. When Curtis landed the commercial role, he was three years over the desired age. Still, he managed to impress the casting agents and got the part.

Ben Curtis holding up an ad for a Dell Desktop in the commercial.
Source: YouTube

He is now most famous for saying, “Dude, you’re getting a Dell.” The campaign was very successful and a major deal not only for Curtis but for Dell as well. He left the company in 2003, after getting arrested for buying a bag of marihuana. Unfortunately, he was blacklisted from the entertainment industry and only had minor roles since.

The 7 Up Guy: $500,000

From 1999 through 2002, Orlando Jones was the very successful spokesperson for 7-Up. He is also remembered for his time on the sketch comedy series, MAD TV. Jones is more than just a spokesperson. In 1987, he finally got his break in Hollywood as a screenwriter for an ABD comedy called A Different World. He even made a few cameo appearances during season five of the show.

The 7 up guy, whose shirt says Make 7 on the front and Up Yours on the back.
Source: Twitter

Jones landed his first role on the big screen back in the 90s. in 1993, he co-produced The Sinbad Show. The actor has been featured in Sour Grapes, Office Space, Liberty heights. Thanks to his impressive writing skills and perfect comedic timing, 7-Up thought he would be perfect for the commercial. They were definitely right about that.

The Trivago Guy: $20,000

Timothy Williams is a German actor who was featured in Hotel site Trivago in an extremely successful ad campaign. The actor was actually born to Texas, but after relocating to Germany, he learned the language fluently. He began his career in German movies and television. He quickly landed English Speaking roles in films, including Valkyrie, Ninja Assassin, and Labyrinth of Lies.

Timothy Williams, The Trivago guy.
Source: Twitter

Williams also makes guest appearances on popular shows such as The Sopranos. He graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. He hasn’t been slowing down in the entertainment industry. IN 2018, he released Magnolia City, his first recorded album. Although he has been going Trivago commercials since 2012, he is currently focusing on music. I need to check out his album!

The Guy From Sonic Commercials: $300,000

T.J. Jagodowski is an actor who attended Syracuse University. Sonic noticed the talented improv actor when they were searching for a new commercial actor. He and Pete Grosz appear in the commercials together, but what you may not know is that their lines are almost always improvised. The two became everyone’s favorite TV friends and did a great job promoting the popular Sonicfood chain’s menu.

T.J. Jagodowski, left, holding a breaded sandwich with Pete Grosz.
Source: YouTube

His work didn’t go unrecognized, and Jagodowski was named “best improviser” in The Chicago Improv Festival. We mostly recognize him as The Guy from Sonic Commercials, but he has appeared in several movies, including getting Hard and Stranger than Fiction. You can also watch the actor on Fox’s thriller, Prison Break.

‘I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up Lady’: Unknown

Although her salary is unknown, we can’t create a list of famous commercial faces without the ‘I’ve Fallen, and I can’t get up’ lady. Her name is Edith Fore, and when she was featured in the campaign for LifeCall, she turned her hip injury into a successful TV commercial. Edith’s character was Mrs. Fletcher and spoke to us about how she got hurt after falling.

Edith Fore on the floor of the bathroom holding her walker.
Source: YouTube

The commercial was for the LifeCall pendant that she wears. All you have to do is press the button if you fall down, and the LifeCall team with be contacted immediately. Although the product was targeted for older people, viewers of all ages remember her iconic line, “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” Edith gained commercial success at 70 years old, which is pretty impressive.

Jenny Craig Girl: Estimated $1.55 million (for losing 47 pounds)

Valerie Bertinelli was featured in a Jenny Craig’s weight-loss commercial campaign in 2012. Viewers were shocked when she walked out wearing a bathing suit in one of their commercials. In the ad, she proudly told the world that she “hasn’t worn one of these in almost 30 years.” She gave people all over America the motivation, and her famous like was “nothing’s stopping me from diving into this summer.”

An ad for Jenny Craig featuring Valerie Bertinelli.
Source: Flickr

Valarie didn’t automatically get to appear in the ad. She had to lose weight on the Jenny Craig diet so that she can advertise for them. After losing 47 pounds and becoming a spokeswoman for the company, she made an estimated $1.55 million! That is quite the motivation to lose weight.

Pantene Girl: $100,000-$1 million

Although we don’t know her exact income, we could leave out Kelly Lebrock! Back in the 1980s, everyone was jealous of Kelly’s gorgeous curls in the classic Pantene commercial campaign. We all remember her iconic line, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” So the slogan quickly became one of the most popular lines in the 80s. She expressed that the reason her hair is so beautiful is because of Pantene.

Kelly Lebrock in a magazine Pantene ad.

At the time, Kelly was actually an aspiring model. However, she gained national attention for being the Pantene spokeswoman. After appearing in ads for the company, she continued to focus on her acting and modeling career. She appeared in several memorable movies such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, A Prince for Christmas, and Weird Science.

The Pepsi Girl: $333,333

The Pepsi Girl was one of the most recognizable faces on TV between the late 90s and early 2000s. Even though she landed roles in Paulie and How To Eat Fried Worms, the adorable curly-haired child will always be remembered as The Pepsi Girl. Her hilarious commercials were great for marketing a popular drink. The charming little girl is Hallie Eisenberg.

Hallie Eisenberg as a young girl holding up a can of Pepsi.
Source: Twitter

In one of the ads, she and her dad ordered a Pepsi at a restaurant. When she was told that the only had Coke, Hallie hilariously imitated a character from The Godfather so that she could get her way. As a thriving child actress, Hallie was featured in movies like Disney’s The Miracle Worker, Holy Rollers, and Bicentennial Man.

Brad Pitt: $7 million

Chanel is a high end, popular, and iconic brand. When they came out with their perfume line, “Chanel No. 5,” they found the perfect man to endorse the company. Reportedly, the company paid a whopping $7 million to get the A-lister to appear in their commercial. Pitt was also the first male to be featured in a Chanel No. 5 promotion.

Brad Pitt in the Chanel No. 5 commercial.
Source: Pinterest

Even though they shelled out $7 million for the actor, the company reported it as a success. He helped men be more aware of the brand and that the company is for both men and women. I guess it was worth all that money. The commercial itself has been made fun of on numerous occasions. Even Saturday Night Live made a Parody of the ad.

Angelina Jolie: $10 million

Louis Vuitton is a high-end brand, particularly known for its stunning handbags. When the one and only, Angelina Jolie appeared with one of their bags, the company paid her $10 million! The picture featured a rural Cambodian Backdrop, and it caused so much controversy. Fans were not impressed with the company using such a poor country to advertise their luxurious and expensive handbags.

Angelina Jolie on a green river in a wooden boat with lilypads and grass everywhere, holding a Louis Vuitton bag.

Other than that, the marketing idea was a major success. After Angelina appeared in the ad, the brand immediately saw its sales increase. Due to the controversy, the actress took some of the money she made from the campaign and donated it to charity. With a $10 million paycheck, I don’t think that was very difficult.

Jared Fogle: $15 million

Subway was already sinking before the Jared Fogle scandal. Unfortunately, the company still paid $15 million for his endorsement. Apparently, he lost 245 pounds by eating the delicious Subway sandwiches. After the scandal, the company began to decline more and more. The attempt to increase the company’s sales was a huge fail. Maybe hiring Fogle wasn’t Subway’s brightest marketing ploy.

Jared Fogle and Zachary Levi at a Subway in California in 2009.
Photo by Alex Berliner / BEI /

If you don’t know about the scandal, Jared Fogle is a convicted sex offender. After he admitted to sex crimes against minors, he got a 15-year jail sentence. It has been reported that while in jail, he was beaten up by another inmate who “can’t be around child molesters.” I can’t say I feel sorry for him.

Catherine Zeta: $20 million

T mobile hired Catherine Zeta-Jones and to endorse the company but was amazed when they saw that she was such a hit! The company paid her $20 million, and it was definitely worth it. After paying her millions, the company eventually replaced her but still love her! They even offered for her to return to the company and become the spokesmodel for the company.

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ ad for t mobile.

I thought that the $10 million Angelina got but $20 million for an endorsement?! It must be nice to be famous. I don’t know how any company can afford to pay someone $20 million, but the company stated that she helped increase their sales by a lot. This one is definitely a success story for both, Catherine Zeta and T-Mobile.

Jay Z: $20 million

As one of the most famous people in the entertainment industry, Samsung let Jay Z promote his album to promote the Samsung Galaxy phone. Oh, and they also paid him a whopping $20 million! I guess if Jay Z has a Galaxy phone, everyone wants one. The company saw an immediate increase in online traffic and social media followers after utilizing Jay Z.

Jay Z standing on a porch with a nice building view behind him.
Source: Pinterest

Using Jay Z as the face of the company was a huge win for both the singer and Samsung. His album promotion should have been enough of payment, but the A list celebrity deserved $20 million for helping them with their highly successful marketing ploy. If only I got $20 million to use a Samsung.

Beyonce: $50 million

Beyonce is easily one of the most famous celebrities of our time. The beloved A-lister is both talented and fierce. Thanks to her huge fan base and an extensive amount of followers, Pepsi scooped up the singer for $50 million. I mean, with her breathtaking beauty and mesmerizing voice, it’s safe to say Beyonce is definitely worth the multi-million dollar payout.

Beyonce’s Pepsi can design with her face across it and her signature.
Source: Twitter

The company seemed to be making a smart marketing campaign when they endorsed such a huge celebrity to be the face of their brand. Unfortunately, putting the singer’s face all over Pepsi wasn’t doing the trick. Sadly, Pepsi’s sales decreased by 4-7% in sales. Ouch! Well, at least queen B still got the incredibly high pay-check.

50 Cent: $80 million

50 Cent became one of the highest-paid celebrity endorsements when Reebok paid the rapper an astonishing $80 million to advertise their shoes. They used him as the face of their fashionable G Unit Sneakers, and he got paid a ton of money to wear and model their sneakers. Here is a surprising fact you probably didn’t know. When the commercial aired, it was the highest-earning commercial of all time!

50 Cent and two members of the G Unit launching his new shoe.
Source: Shutterstock

The company made a smart marketing decision by employing 50 Cent. Reeboks sales immediately increased, unlike Pepsi’s Beyonce disaster. He gets $80 million and free shoes! What a life. Apparently, sales were so high that it was difficult for Reebok to keep shoes in stock during the holiday seasons. This was definitely $80 million that did not go to waste.

Lebron James: $90 million ($12.9 million a year)

Lebron James is a famous and talented Basketball player with millions of fans. Endorsement deals are basically a given in for basketball players, so why wouldn’t Lebron James sign with one of the world’s most major Sports apparel company? We thought 50 Cent got paid a lot, but Nike paid Lebron James 90 million dollars in a seven-year contract.

Lebron James holding up his gold black and red accented sneaker.
Source: Pinterest

Even though Lebron James can only wear Nike shoes for seven years, it’s definitely worth it for such a hefty paycheck. He makes about $12.9 million a year and from Nike, and it will go on for the next seven years. I knew I should have been a basketball player. Believe it or not, the $90 million endorsement money was a tremendous success and definitely worth it. Nike’s sales increased by 350 million dollars!

Tiger Woods: $100 million

You would think after Tiger Woods scandalous behavior, it would be tough for him to get endorsement deals. However, he somehow manages to score a contract with Nike. Not only did they hire Woods, but they paid him a mind-blowing $100 million! After Tiger’s outrageous behavior, this endorsement deal could have been a huge failure for the company.

Tiger Woods in an ad for Nike kneeling on a golf course.
Source: Pinterest

Surprisingly, Woods showed the world that he is still an unstoppable athlete, and the Company’s sales got even higher. Attaching his name to their products was a risky move for Nike. However, the sporting brand company thought he was worth it, and they were right. I’m glad Nike’s sales increased; however, I still don’t understand why they chose Tiger Woods.

David Beckham: $160 million

The astonishingly marketable David Beckham is the highest-paid celebrity from an endorsement deal. Thanks to his millions of fans, sports performance, and physical attractiveness, Adidas paid the actor an astounding 160 million dollars to be the face of their sports brand. What you may not know is that this wasn’t the first time Beckham helped the company increase its sales.

David Beckham holding an Adidas soccer shoe and wearing an Adidas sweater.
Source: Twitter

While David Beckham was under contract with the company, they immediately saw an increase in sales. This endorsement deal was a huge success and extremely beneficial for both Adidas and Beckham. The actor took the spot of being the highest-paid celebrity for an endorsement deal. Not only is he good looking but he’s rich and has unlimited Adidas. Who said you couldn’t have it all.