Explorers Uncover 220-Year-Old Treasure on Oak Island

Years of hard work have finally paid off for the Lagina brothers, who have dedicated their lives to uncovering the mystery of Oak Island. Not many explorers before them were successful in revealing the secrets hidden on the island. Unraveling an ever-present legendary curse that has taken the lives of many previous explorers, a popular TV series was born.

The Island’s Mysterious Legend

Oak Island has been shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years, with a legend stating that a hidden treasure worth a great fortune waits to be uncovered by those brave enough to attempt to find it.

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Marty and Rick Lagina have explored the island and documented their discoveries in the television series “The Curse of Oak Island.” They have uncovered many artifacts but, recently, there were ground-breaking discoveries, and the final clues to the mystery have been found.

The Brothers Were Determined from Childhood

The Lagina brothers had been determined to find the treasure since they were children and had invested a significant amount of money in doing so during their adult life and time filming “The Curse of Oak Island.”

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They had been informed by locals there was a legend surrounding the treasure. It told that the treasure would only be found after seven people had died – something that was sure to make any explorer nervous.

The Curse Claims Multiple Lives

There had, already, been six people that had died to try to find the treasure. One was Maynard Kaiser, who found a piece of sheepskin with a message on it. Immediately afterward, he fell to his death in a deep hole called the Money Pit.

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Consequently, the Lagina brothers knew they would have to take the best team with them to the island and take every precaution possible, preparing for every eventuality. They were determined to uncover the mystery and discover the hidden treasure.

Discoveries of Treasure Are Made

The first discovery was of a 17th-century Spanish copper coin. Then, a Roman sword, Portuguese carvings, and Aztec artifacts were also uncovered, which caused confusion as to how they all came to be together in this location.

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The most exciting discoveries, however, were a handmade copy of a French map from 1647 containing words such as “hatch,” “valve,” and “anchor,” and bookbinding, which suggested a manuscript or document was waiting to be found. Incredibly, the team also discovered information about early explorations of the island.

A History of Exploration Uncovered

The first recorded exploration of Oak Island took place in 1795, during which a young boy named Daniel McGinnis found a circular depression and started digging with his friends Anthony Vaughn and John Smith. Eventually, they reached a hard surface.

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A decade later, the first organized investigation started when a company named Onslow began drilling, forming a hole called the Money Pit. They accidentally caused a flood but found a mysterious tablet containing a message that no one was able to read.

Translation Leads to Wide Speculation

A century later, the tablet was finally translated. It said: “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” You can imagine the excitement and rush to find the hidden treasure, and people speculated that Marie Antoinette’s jewels were contained inside.

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Others believed there were manuscripts from William Shakespeare and Francis Bacon, but there was one thing everyone agreed on – it would be worth a great fortune and change the life of the person that found it.

The Pioneering Endeavours of Early Explorers

Another early explorer was William Chappell, who found gold from the treasure and an anchor flute at the side of the Money Pit. But after exhausting all his funds, he was forced to suspend the discovery work.

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Hedden then picked up the work, believing the treasure originated from the famous pirate William Kidd. By the time the Lagina brothers started their search, they knew what to start looking for, thanks to the previous explorers.

The Brothers Begin Their Exploration

Considering carefully all of the information they had found, the Lagina brothers began their own exploration. Before long, they found the entrance to a shaft that they believed had been built in 1805 by those who originally discovered the Money Pit.

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The crew found a staggering 600 artifacts, including two human bones – one belonging to a person of Middle Eastern ancestry and one belonging to a person of European descent. This led to yet another incredible discovery.

Uncovering the Hidden History

Gary Drayton, an expert in metal detecting, helped uncover a lead cross with a square hole on the top. It was potentially Medieval. They found a stone with the letters “H” and “O” written on it, which in Greek mean “Eta” and “Theta” – all linking to the Knights Templar theory.

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If it can be proven that the Knights Templar arrived in North America over seven centuries ago, the history of the world would completely change. The implications were simply mind-blowing.

More Incredible Discoveries are Made

Then, the most stunning discovery was made: a 400- to 500-year-old rhodolite garnet! Researchers, therefore, believed that the treasure belonged to the French when they transferred it from Fort Louisbourg to a vault on Oak Island.

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Doug Crowell found six pages from a log saying: “It has been agreed that a deep pit be dug, and treasure securely buried. The pit to have a secret entrance by a tunnel from the shore.” They’d successfully confirmed there really was a treasure on the island – now they just have to confirm whose it was!