Couple Thought They Are Having A Baby. Husband Faints When Doctors Tell Him What It Is

The story of Nia and Robert Tolbert is one of the incredible stories that wowed the medical world. The couple started just like any other family. The type of pregnancies she had shocked experts and even made it to TV news. I guess you are eager to know what happened. Read on to find out what Nia gave birth to.

The Start of a Great Relationship

For Nia and Roberts, it was love at first sight. The lovebirds first met back in 2007 through mutual friends, and they started dating immediately. After a few years of dating, Nia got pregnant. This meant it was time to raise a family. The couple was so happy.

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Fast-forward 9 months, Nia gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Shai. It was the start of great things for the couple but little did they know Shai opened the floor for many others to come.

Great Tidings of Joy

3 years after the birth of Shai, Nia and Robert got married. This time, Nia was pregnant for the second time. This pregnancy changed the Tolbert family forever. They were eager to find out if it was a girl or boy but what they found out was quite shocking.

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Months after, Nia and Robert went to the doctor to find out the gender of the baby. The news they got was a surprising one. It turned out that they were not expecting one baby but two. And they were both boys.

Nia and Robert Welcomed their Twins

In 2015, Nia gave birth to a beautiful set of twins. They were name Riley and Alexander.  After their birth, the couple decided that they would not have any more child as they now had 3 boys. They performed their role as parents to raise their boys in the best way possible.

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As the saying goes, man proposes but God disposes…this seemed to be the case of Nia and Robert. Nia was unexpectedly pregnant again!!! They decided to keep it saying it must have been God’s plan. They were quite excited and prayed to have a girl this time around.

Strange Feelings set in

From the onset of the pregnancy, Nia felt strange in a way that was different from her previous pregnancies. She knew something was up and she could feel it emotionally and physically. She wanted a baby girl, and she prayed about it. But she had quite above her expectations.


She noticed a surge in her emotional reactions as well as her pregnancy hormones. She was bigger than her previous pregnancies, and this made her worried thinking something was wrong somewhere.

An Extremely Rare Case

When it was time for her first sonogram, she had mixed feelings. However, it was the sonogram that shed light on why she was feeling the way she felt. She did not know what to expect, but she was prepared for any surprise. The results of the sonogram came as a shock to her. But she got herself together and viewed as a blessing from God.

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A second ultrasound was done to confirm the results of the first. And alas… it was confirmed that Nia was carrying three babies. She wondered if she and Robert would be able to handle this increase. She and her husband finally came to terms with the development.

The Gender of the Triplets

After the shock of the revealed news, the couple put in work and space to receive the babies. They also decided not to know the gender of the triplets until birth. Instead, they opted for a gender reveal party, and the popped balloons revealed that there were all girls just like they wanted.


The couple were finally happy that they were going to have three baby girls. Finally, they would have a balance of gender in their household. However, the boys were not happy because they wanted more brothers. They eventually became pleased with the ideas of little sisters.

Weeks before the due date (February 9), Nia started experiencing occasional contractions. She didn’t think it would lead to anything until one day… she began experiencing the contractions 5 minutes apart. She decided to go to the hospital expecting to be sent back home, but the unexpected happened.

The Day of Delivery

Weeks before her delivery date, she started experiencing the contractions 5 minutes apart. She decided to go to the hospital expecting to be sent back home, but the unexpected happened.  While at the hospital, one of the doctors gave the news that Nia would be delivering her babies today.  It was shocking and unexpected.

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At that instant, her water broke.  It was all in a rush. Everyone started praying for a safe delivery. On the 30th of January 2018, Nia gave birth to all 3 babies via cesarean section and in good health. The sight of her babies in her arms left her smiling. She finally had what she prayed for.

Raising their beautiful Triplets

The triplets were named Mackenzie, Zuri, and Bailey. The birth of her triplets earned Nia the name “1-2-3 mom” based on the number of babies she had her pregnancies. Now that the babies have been born, the next plan was how to raise them.

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Nia and Robert were not too worried about raising their kids. They were now 6 in numbers, but they knew God would take control. They needed help in raising their large family. This made them open a crowdfunding campaign on Fundly called Totally Tolbert, to raise money to buy a new car that could fit eight people in at once! A goal of $40,000 was set, and they’ve raised $940.

Nia’s Post Pregnancy Fitness Class

The pregnancies took a toll on her body, and this prompted her to start keeping fit. She launched her brand MOTHERLOVINGYOGA™ in May 2017 as a private yoga instructor and wellness coach.

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Her brand is dedicated to promoting the practice of yoga as well as to empower and invigorate people from all walks of life. She also shares her own journey, thoughts, and experiences on birth, motherhood, and everything that comes with it.

Picture Perfect-The life of the Tolberts

Even though life has surprised the Tolberts, they can do nothing but be extremely grateful for their kids. Their children are lucky to have them as parents.

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They received the pregnancies with love and saw them as blessings and part of the plan from above. They raised their kids with the right attitude, and are happy and content despite all the challenges. They have done well!