Coolest 3D Pavement Art that will Blow Your Mind

When most people think of street art, graffiti-style comes to mind. Although graffiti can be beautiful, have you ever seen pavement paintings? This is a different level of art. These talented artists take something as simple as the ground we walk it and turn it into a mesmerizing illusion.

Source: Vcasmo

There is so much creativity that goes into these 3D paintings. Some of these artists create a different world that you just want to fall into. It takes a lot of skill to make someone to be able to forget where they are and escape reality for a bit. Check out these amazing 3D pavement paintings that will make you look twice. Some of these will shock you so much that you won’t believe your eyes.

Just Watering the Sewer

Everyone loves a good optical illusion! Feeling like your mind is tricking, you can be very entertaining. It’s even more fun when you see it and can’t believe it. Just look at this one, for example! The water is going down the sewer… or is it?

3D pavement art of water in a sewer
Source: Pinterest

This amazing 3D pavement art is a picture of water from a hose going into the sewer. The detail in the water is so realistic that I thought the man in the photo was holding a real hose. The incredible artist who created this amazing sidewalk art is Julian Beever. He paints so many optical illusions in his work. You may have to look twice, but don’t let your mind fool you!

Feel the Rainbow

This is one of the coolest pavement arts I have ever seen. This is another one that I can’t see past the illusion. If it wasn’t for the city in the background, I would never think it’s just a painting. Between the color, water, and dept that went into this, it takes a really talented artist to pull this off this magic.

3D pavement art of a rainbow waterfall
Source: Pinterest

The height looks so realistic, yet the rainbow water is unbelievable. It feels like you ended up in some magical waterfall, probably filled with mermaids. I want to go there for my self. The only way to convince me that this just a 3D picture is if I walk on it with my own two feet!

Take a Dip

How refreshing does this pool look? Especially on a hot summer day, I would be very tempted to jump into that pool. Unfortunately, if I tried that, it would probably crack my head open. That’s right; this is another example of 3D pavement art that looks unbelievably real.

3D pavement art of a swimming pool
Source: Buzzfeed

All the little details add so much to the illusion, but I should have known! Why would there be a pool in the middle of the mall? I guess it doesn’t really make sense. Still, I had to fact check this one a few times before I was sure (I’m still not convinced). It just looks too real! Fun fact: Did you know that pool water may be safer to drink than tap water?

Life-Size Packman

This incredible picture looks like someone put a life-size packman game in the middle of the street! What a fun flashback to original video games! I want to play, but guess what? I can’t. This is also just 3D pavement art. Incredible, but disappointing.

3D pavement art of packman
Source: Buzzfeed

This is a mean trick but amazingly drawn. Between the colors, character, and shadows, I thought I could play a jumbo game of Pack-man! However, this does give me a good idea for an invention. I should make a real game like this! It would look just like this one, even though it won’t be painted. Fun Fact: Did you know Pack-man was made in response to Space Innovators and other shooting games?

Another dimension

Everyone loves superhero art! The idea of having superpowers is a fantasy in the back of everyone’s mind. Marvel Comics has blown up over the last few years, and the entire world is thrilled! Unfortunately, none of us live in the Marvel Universe, but sometimes, 3D art can be so mesmerizing that sometimes, it just takes you into another world.

3D spider-man pavement art
Source: Pinterest

This incredible Spiderman painting can make you feel like a superhero. It just takes you in a fictional universe, and you can feel like you’re actually in a movie. You look like you’re actually on top of these high buildings. It makes you feel like you have Super-Spidey-Powers when, in reality, you’re just walking on the floor.

Don’t Trip

Heights are a fun thrill. When they come in the form of a drop or a roller coaster, they involve an exciting adrenaline rush. Whether you are scared of heights or not, it’s always fun to pretend you are on top of tall buildings. It makes you feel like you’re living dangerously. It’s nice when people think you are Brave, but it’s not always safe. Look how high this guy is!

3D pavement art of a high building
Source: Pouted

Just kidding! He’s actually on the ground. I once had a nightmare where I was in this exact situation, only in my dream, I fell down! This amazing 3D pavement art makes it took like he’s higher than that Ferris Wheel (which are also drawn). I’m relieved that he’s not actually walking on that ledge… especially in flip flops!

Over-sized Monopoly

Monopoly is a fun childhood board game that broke families apart. I don’t know anyone who played this game without screaming fun. Still, we all loved it, that’s why this humongous monopoly board is so nostalgic. Surprisingly, the dice and every piece of the game is painted flat on the pavement.

3D pavement art of a monopoly board
Source: Tracyleestum

Believe it or not, the two people standing on the dice are actually just standing on the ground. So cool, right?! Did you know that Monopoly is currently published in 47 languages and sold in 114 countries! The game itself is based in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Over 275 million sets of the game have been sold! It remains the most popular board game of all time! No wonder it’s so recognizable!

Upside Down World

You may have to look twice to understand what’s going on in this picture. What makes this amazing artwork so confusing is that it’s upside down! You can tell from the real people walking around. Where do you think this leads to? Can it be a portal to another universe? Another time? The people do look a little old fashioned if you ask me.

Source: Pouted

I wonder what the artist had in mind. This illusion is different than most 3D art. You can’t tell if the guy is going up or down. Because it’s so unique, it makes you wonder what’s really happening underground if you dig deep enough. Could there really be another world under there?

Portal to Your Nightmares

Imagine walking down the street and seeing this crazy deep hole. It reminds me of my childhood nightmares. It looks like it’s filled with monsters or that it could be Bigfoot’s house. The green and red monster hand (or whatever that is) popping out add to the fear.

3D pavement art of a hole and spider web
Source: Pinterest

Luckily this is just some amazing pavement art! Believe it or not, this entire picture is painted on the flat ground. The artist did a great job of bringing our deepest fears to life. Topping it off with the spider web just adds to this incredible illusion. I’d like to tap into the mind of that artist. I wonder what kind of spooky ghosts are running around in there.

Don’t Look Down

I know this looks like you can just jump into Times Square, but don’t get too excited. This is actually a painting with incredible detail and perfection that it’s hard to believe it’s drawn on flat pavement. The illusion is crazy realistic, but sadly, it’s not that easy to get to Times Square. Plus, if it was actually real, it would be pretty dangerous for a toddler to be standing up there.

3D pavement art of Time Square
Source: Julianbeever

This kid is pretty brave. When I was that age, I would be terrified about being up that high… well, feeling like I was up that high! Fun fact: Did you know that Time’s Square isn’t even a square, it’s two triangles. It’s so that Broadway can cut through the grid!

Nature in the City

At first glance, this picture can be really confusing. My first thought is what a gorgeous waterfall, how is it surrounded in buildings in the middle of the city? It’s something I would expect to see in nature. I know this may be shocking, but this isn’t an actual waterfall.

3D pavement art of a waterfall
Source: Twitter

With the detail in every drop of water, it’s hard to believe this is painted on the ground! Unfortunately for Americans, you need to go to London to see this one. I can’t even believe my eyes.  Even the icicles are so on point! This looks like a dream vacation for a polar bear. What convinced me is that these guys are wearing shorts and T-shirts!

Just Working on the Pipes

Like most of these other 3D pavement art, this one was painted by the very talented Julian Beever. His mind is so creative that he can turn underground pipes into a magical illusion. What makes this illusion even more believable is that this is probably what is actually down there. The detail in the waterfall and the tiles on the sidewalk is absolutely incredible.

3D pavement art of underground pipes
Source: Pinterest

Did you know that there are two types of sewage pipes? Steel and bamboo. Steel works well against gravity. Bamboo pipes, however, are actually made from bamboo. Believe it or not, they are still used in many countries around the world. Of course, in the United States, Steel sewage pipes are more common, like the one drawn in this illusion.

Childhood Dreams

This is another one that makes you look twice. It’s crazy because you can tell it’s a painting, but at the same time, it looks so realistic. It feels like someone turned a page of a storybook into reality. Just by looking at the sandbox, I feel like I’m in an episode of Rugrats! My favorite childhood show!

3D pavement art of a playground in water
Source: Pinterest

Looking at it is so comforting, it reminds me of a simpler time. Sadly, this is just an amazing painting. Maybe looking at the back round will help you come back to reality. Swings are usually put over grass or sand because if you fall, it won’t be as bad. Since this one is built on water… or tile (depending on how you look at it), it’s not as safe.

Takes Real Super Powers

Who wouldn’t want to jump over a ledge into a world filled with superheroes’? I know I would. Unfortunately, that’s not happening anytime soon. This is actually just an illusion. No matter how hard I try, I can’t see how this is painted flat on the ground? !Just look at the windows going down. Julien Beever must have superpowers to be able to paint this.

3D superhero pavement art
Source: Pinterest

I mean, look how cool it looks! Even the smoke on from the fire is spot on! My favorite part is the little ledge over the window that the artist added so that people can pose for pictures. And of course, there is Superman and Batman coming to the rescue! This is one I want to go to!

Part of the Job

This hilarious picture is priceless. We all see construction workers and secretly wonder what will happen if they fall. It just looks like a perfectly timed photo of a construction worker falling down. If that actually happened, it wouldn’t be so humorous. Luckily it’s just a painting. It looks so realistic with the hat falling off and everything. From now on, I’m steering clear of construction sites!

3D pavement art of man falling down a construction site
Source: Pinterest

Of course, if this really happened, there’s a big chance it could be fatal. Although it seems like construction workers are careful and don’t just fall down, that’s not necessarily the case. a study found that 42% of construction worker’s deaths involve falls. That’s a scary thought! Luckily, this is just innocent art.

Cleaning the Pipes

I always wondered what happening underground. This is pretty much how I imagined it. A bunch of different pipes. It seems accurate, right? Maybe, but this isn’t a picture of a hole in the ground. It’s actually a picture of a 3D painting. What makes this so realistic is that Julian painted what others would imagine goes on down there. You wouldn’t suspect that it’s painting until you walk on it.

3D pavement art of underground pipes
Source: Julianbeever

I think the only thing that needs to be added is some mice. I know that sounds gross, but there is no way its that clean in there! There had gotta be something crawling around! Thankfully, the artist left that out so that it will be pleasant for us to look at it.

Lava River

Yep. My mind is officially blown. I know I said that several times already, but just take a look at this picture. Does any part of it look like a painting to you? I’m still convinced it’s real. The detail in this is absolutely incredible! The colors used in the lava look like actual fire, and the river looks more realistic than a real river! If you say you can see past the illusion, I don’t believe you!

3D pavement art of water and lava underground
Source: Facebook

The only thing that tells me it might be a painting is wondering, how does that even happen? Like what kind of natural disaster could cause something like this? Of course, the surrounding houses and cars are a bit questionable too.

Splash Zone

Would you believe me if I told you this was artwork painted firmly on the ground? I wouldn’t believe me either. No matter how many times I look at this picture, I cannot see past the illusion. The detail in this artwork is incredible. Just look at the water splashing on the rocks. I can’t believe a person created this with their bare hands. My mind is officially blown… again.

3D pavement art of a waterfall
Source: Pinterest

I know what you’re thinking, how can something flat on the ground look so deep? At least that’s what I’m thinking. I guess since everyone up there is wearing clothes and not bathing suits, they aren’t in real water. That’s a relief! If it were real, they are headed towards a cliff!

Painted Dreams

Every child dreams of becoming a prince of a princess. Even as an adult, escaping the stress of reality and going to live in a castle doesn’t seem so bad. It looks like my dream can come true. We all wish we had a magic carpet to take us away to a fairy tale world.

3D pavement art of a castle
Source: Pinterest

This is where I want to go on my next vacation, but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Sadly this is just some amazing 3D pavement art that just crushed my dreams. I guess I’m not lucky enough to get a magic carpet ride! I’m still going to go sit on that one so that at least I can pretend that I’m a princess for a day!

The Dark Night

I honestly have no words to explain my amazement. The talent that some people have is insane to me. There is a higher chance of me falling in there before believing a human being did this. The way the fire is spreading from the bat is so detailed and makes something so fictional look so real! It’s not just the detail that is mind-boggling. I’m still trying to convince myself that this is just an illusion.

3D pavement art of the underground world
Source: Buzzfeed

Look at the way that the rocks are floating in there! I feel like I’m in a movie… or in a dream… or even in a nightmare! I don’t need any virtual reality glasses to take me to another world; all I have to do is look at this picture!

We’re Going Down… Not!

These two girls look like they are in a mall. Based on the back round of this picture, the escalator doesn’t seem so out of place. What is strange, however, is the underground hole the escalator leads to. What if I told you that these two girls are standing firmly on the ground? The escalator, the broken floor, the underground ballroom, it’s all painted. Everything you are seeing is a 3D optical illusion.

3D pavement art of an underground escalator
Source: Pinterest

I know it may be hard to believe because of how realistic the escalator looks! The people, on the other hand, kind of look like cartoons. I should have caught onto this one sooner. Did you know escalators date back to the ancient Egyptians? They built them, and workers would pull a long belt to get it to move.

Car Coaster

This one looks like a roller coaster. It would be so fun to go down a drop higher than these tall buildings. I can just imagine my hair flying in the wind and the adrenaline rush I would get. Unfortunately, if I drive down that ramp, I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

3D Pavement art of the street and buildings
Source: Pinterest

As you can tell by the tile surrounding it, this is just a painting. Even once you know it’s an illusion; it’s still scary to look down. This seems to me like an advertising strategy, and if it’s not, it should be! This looks so cool! I would get so distracted that I would just buy whatever you’re trying to sell me! I want this in my room!

Ninja Artwork

We have a winner! It takes a really incredible artist to create something that we can’t even imagine. I can’t even think about what a portal to the ninja turtle universe would look like, let alone draw it. This is another piece of pavement art that makes you feel like you can jump into another dimension.

3D pavement art of the Ninja turtles
Source: Buzzfeed

The talent and patience that went into this are insanely impressive! It’s hard to believe this was made by a person. Did you know that The Ninja Turtles almost never existed? The creators had no money to produce it. Ultimately one of the days helped out, and Ninja Turtles made its debut in 1984. That’s a relief! I don’t want to imagine my childhood without Ninja Turtles.

Platform 9 ¾

This is a very interesting piece of pavement art. Unlike other paintings we saw, this one is drawn on a wall. Just like the 3D art on the ground, you need to look a couple of times to make sure your eyes aren’t fooling you. The detail that went into making this boy look so realistic is crazy! He’s walking out so casually as if he does this every day.

3D art of boy coming out of the wall
Source: Boredart

If I didn’t know this was art, I would think he’s coming home from Hogwarts. Look at him casually walking through a brick wall! My Harry Potter dreams… crushed again. Well, on the bright side, if magic doesn’t exist, at least we have these pictures to make us feel like it does!

Two Cities

I would like to go on a helicopter ride! Unfortunately, I’m not getting my hopes up at this point. I accepted that just some 3D pavement art that’s messing with my mind. What’s amazing about this picture is not just the helicopter. The city painted as the background is what makes the helicopter pop. I’m getting confused between the real city and the painted one.

3D pavement art of the helicopter
Source: Pinterest

The buildings and taxi’s down there add so much detail making it so accurate. The real cars, in contrast to the painted cars, make this painting even more impressive. It looks like a beautiful town! I kind of want to check it out. There’s nothing like using pavement art to plan my next vacation.

Silts in the Town

This is a fun one. It looks like a woman standing on really high stilts in the middle of the street! This looks really cool because of all the little tiny people down there. It makes it look so realistic! This makes me want to go hang out in this cute town. There is even a sale sign on one of the stores!

3D art of stilts in the street
Source: Buzzfeed

Sadly this isn’t a real city. It’s just incredible 3D art painted on the ground. Who knows, maybe it’s based on a real place! Did you know that in 1891, a shepherd walked from Paris to Moscow on stilts! True story! it took him 58 days. To be fair, it was a stilt marathon, so he doesn’t just use stilts instead of his legs… on a regular basis.

Fishing Day

This kid looks like he’s having a nice relaxing afternoon fishing. However, not everything is the way it seems. As realistic as this picture may look, canals aren’t usually located in the middle of the street. Since the detail in the canal looks so accurate, it feels like you can fall in the water.

3D pavement art of a canal
Source: Julianbeever

If I saw this, I would walk around it. There is no way I would assume its flat surface with paint on it. Did you know that the longest canal is located in Britain? At 127 miles long, the waterway is the Leeds and Liverpool canal! Why did I always think trolls live under canals? Maybe it was under bridges… I can’t remember.

Doing Dishes

This sink is just another optical illusion. You really have to look at this one for a while. You can tell that it’s drawn in a cartoon style. What’s shocking, however, is that’s it’s painted on a flat surface. The way that the faucets are drawn makes the art pop into a 3D illusion.

3D pavement art of a sink
Source: Piximus

It really feels like a cartoon brought to life. Just check out the depth of the water and the detail in the little towel. I’m just a little confused as to what that kid is doing on the pot. It might have something to do with the event considers, the banners in the background say, “Early years last for life.” I wonder what it’s for.

Water Under the Bridge

The colors come together beautifully in this one. I love how the bright blue is. Just the way the colors pop make this picture look so unreal. Also, why is there a huge hole in the middle of the street? Of course, there is no hole in the middle of the street, and sadly, no beautiful blue water pouring into it.

3D pavement art of a river and a bridge
Source: YouTube

This is just incredible pavement art. Luckily, you don’t need to walk over that dangerous looking bridge. You can just drive over it. I just want to sit on that bridge, look at the water and chill! I wonder if there is a place I can go to, where they have water this blue and a bridge this unstable. Paradise!

Sliding to Another World

This pavement art is also one that looks like a drawing. What’s amazing about these kinds of pavement paintings is that they bring the picture to life. Just by looking at this, I literally feel like I’m in a cartoon. The artist did an incredible job of creating another world. It really feels like you can slide into that parallel universe.

3D pavement art of a slide
Source: Pinterest

Sadly, this isn’t a portal. This entire picture, including the slide, is painted flat on the floor.  It looks like Motorola had a good advertising strategy. Like I said earlier, maybe I’m just a sucker, but this is the perfect way to wheel me in! I mean, doesn’t that guy look like he’s having fun?! I want to have fun too!

Living in a Picture

At first glance, I thought this was a page ripped out of a picture book. Amazingly this isn’t drawn on paper at all. It took seeing the real couple on the bench for me to figure out what’s going on here. I love the 3D pictures that look like cartoons or drawings. The illusion causes you to temporarily escape reality and get lost in the picture. I mean, who doesn’t want to go to that carnival right now?

3D pavement art of a Ferris wheel
Source: YouTube

Maybe it’s the circus, either way, I want to go. The more I look at this picture, the more I want to walk around there with cotton candy. Maybe a stuffed animal that somebody won for me. As I said, it’s just a fantasy, so I doubt anyone will win me a prize anytime soon.

Sprite Surfer

Imagine walking into a store and seeing this! I can’t believe something painted on the floor can look so deep! You really have to look hard at this one, and maybe, you can see past the illusion. Even the way the water is splashing looks like fizz from the sprite. Sprite never looked this appealing to me.

3D pavement art of a man surfing with sprite
Source: Pinterest

This is great advertising because I don’t even like a sprite, but I’m suddenly craving some. Here’s a fun fact about Sprite! Although they may appear to be competitors, Sprite is actually manufactured by the Coca-Cola Company. They wanted to create a new drink, in response to the popularity of 7-up. Which one do you like better? Sprite or 7-up?

On Top of the World

There is a very dangerous trend going around, where people climb up on high buildings and take a picture looking down at the view. People everywhere are showing off their balancing skills and how brave they are! It’s a fun adrenaline rush, and the pictures come out really cool, but is it worth the risk of falling off?

3D Pavement art of the view from the top of a building
Source: Pinterest

Take a picture on here instead. You can stay completely on the ground and let people into thinking you climbed the building. I would believe it. I’ve been looking at this picture for a long time and still can’t see past the illusion. This really is a great way to trick your friends while staying perfectly safe. It literally looks like you’re on the building!

Party Time

Imagine walking home on a Friday afternoon, after a long week of work and seeing this on the street? You can just jump down a hole and end up in a ballroom. You don’t even need to go home first. This is my kind of party because once I get home, I don’t usually leave again. This looks like a nice way to take the edge off and enjoy your evening.

3D pavement art of a ballroom under the street
Source: Facebook

The 3D is so incredible that it’s easy to forget it’s a painting. This creative artwork looks like a secret passageway to start your weekend. Just look at the rocks surrounding the hole. It matches the sidewalk so well and adds to the illusion. If only this ballroom was real.

Swimming in the Street

Can you just imagine yourself casually walking down the street when you suddenly see this? After wondering why there is a pool in the middle of the street, my first thought would be to jump in. However, jumping in would not be the safest idea considering you will jump on to concrete!

3D pavement art of a woman in the pool
Source: Zatista

Once you get close enough, you will notice that the woman is painted, but the pool still looks deeper than the pavement! That’s right. The lady, her flip flops, and everything else surrounding the pool is just art. I mean, it would be a little strange if a woman was doing that pose in the pool… in the middle of the street. But then again, what do I know?

Beach Day

Everyone loves a good beach day, right? What’s not to love? You got the sun, the waves, and some peace and quiet. The best part is you can bring the whole family. Even children are fascinated by the ocean. They love the waves splashing and looking at all the beautiful fish.

3D pavement art of the beach and ocean
Source: Pinterest

I know this may look like a normal beach at first; however, it’s just a painting! If you were planning a beach day but then it rained or something… don’t worry! Come here instead. Look at the incredible detail of the ocean and the depth of the water. At least the girl looks like she’s having fun. Either she feels like she’s actually at the beach… or she is so amused by the illusion.

Ground Level

This cool 3D pavement art is a fun one. The people look like cartoon characters so, it’s obviously a painting. What it doesn’t look like, however, is that it’s drawn on the ground level. It’s a pretty crazy illusion. The real people in this photo are not actually stepping down.

3D pavement art of a lower level room
Source: Pouted

I know the characters look drawn. I’m sure the intent was to make them look like cartoons. However, the artist did such a good job drawing the detail in the bricks that it really feels like the couple had to jump down to take the picture. Just look at it for yourself. To me, it doesn’t look like they are the same ground level as the couple behind them.

Super Spidey world

This incredible picture of Spider-man is so mind-blowing. Of course, Spider-man looks like a cartoon, but that’s what makes this picture so magical! Plus, who doesn’t love Spider-man? I know we have already seen some pavement art of Spider-man and other Super-heroes. But this might just be my favorite.

3D pavement art of spider-man
Source: Pinterest

The detail in this image is so perfect that you feel like you can just jump into another dimension! It looks like a portal taking you to a cartoon world where Spider-man exists. Who doesn’t want to live in a world where a man can save you at any time with his Spidey senses?! Now that’s a parallel universe I’d love to go to. This guy looks like he agrees with me.

Who Wants Coke?

This picture of pavement art is amazing. From the glare on the bottle to the detail in the shadow, this coke bottle is one of the most realistic 3D pavement art; I think I have ever seen. It just looks like a huge bottle of coke is rolling down the street. Even the glare and ridges drawn on the bottle are on point.

3D pavement art of a coke bottle
Source: Theinsparation

If it wasn’t such a gigantic bottle of coke, I would probably think it’s real. It’s kind of funny that the guy is holding a bottle opener. Like that tiny bottle opener would be able to open that! Coca-Cola should be thankful because this is basically free advertising. I don’t know about you, but I want a coke so badly right now!

Boxed Out

Imagine walking down the street and seeing this. It seems like a fire hazard! It literally looks like someone cut out a square of the ground. However, as you probably guessed, it’s just a painting. It looks so real that people are walking around it. I guess they are scared of tripping!

3D pavement art of a square of the street cut out
Source: Vcasmo

Of course, once you’re close enough, you can see that’s its 3D pavement. However, it’s such a cool illusion that you have to look a few times to know what you’re actually looking at. My favorite part of this is the detail in the footprints! I think the idea that people walked over it adds so much to the illusion. This is a simple one, but one of my favorites!