College Sweet Hearts: A True Romantic Story with a Twist

Heidi Parker and Ed Savitt met while they were both in college, and shortly after, became an adorable couple. As the relationship got more serious, the two moved in together.

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Eventually, the couple began looking at their future together and decided it was time for their families to meet. To their surprise, one old picture album showed that this ‘love at first sight’ story wasn’t really what it seemed.

A New Chapter

As her high school years were ending, Heidi was excited to start applying for colleges. After applying to several different schools, she ultimately chose Newcastle University in England.

Heidi Parker
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Heidi considered her mother to be her best friend, and she was pretty close to her family. Like most teenagers, she was living at her parent’s home for her whole life and wanted a change.

Newcastle University

In 2011, Heidi began Newcastle University, 130 miles away from her family home. She knew she wanted to go to college, but she had no idea that it would lead her to her future husband.

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A lot of people meet in college. Heidi didn’t realize that a dusty decade-old album would lead the couple to discover some mind-blowing revelations about their past.

Living with Roomies

It was not required for students attending Newcastle University to live on campus. Since Heidi was excited about new experiences, she decided it would be fun to move into a student apartment.

Heidi and friends
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Even though she would be living with roommates, Heidi was looking forward to the experience. After searching for a place, Heidi and her new roommates thought they finally found the perfect apartment.

Moving Out

After moving in, Heidi quickly realized that maybe this living situation wasn’t exactly for her. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to live with roommates, but school was about to start.

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Heidi decided she wanted to live by herself, closer to campus. She searched online for a new apartment. What she didn’t know is that she was getting more than just an apartment.

Life in the New Apartment

Heidi was sure that she wanted to live alone as soon as she realized she could afford it. She wasn’t going to let that opportunity go and moved into her own apartment. Who wouldn’t?

Apartment bedroom
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She went with a cozy studio apartment that was really close to campus. It was perfect for her. Once she decided on the studio, it was time to move out of her old room and hand over the keys.

The New Tenant

As she was leaving, Heidi met the new roommate who was taking over her room. She was in a bit of a rush, so she flashed a smile and ran off to unpack and decorate her new apartment!

Ed Savitt
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As she drove off, Heidi saw the student apartment disappear in the rearview mirror. Her roommate days were over and thought that home was behind her. What she didn’t know was how soon she would be back.

An Unexpected Facebook Message

Heidi was settling into her new apartment and excited to start the school year. Everything was going great for her. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said about the tenants in her old apartment.

Ed Savitt at a restaurant
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As it turns out, the tenants back at the old place were having some issues. That is when Heidi received a Facebook message from a guy named Ed. He was the guy who took over her room.

I Need Help with the Washing Machine

Apparently, Ed had no idea how to work the washing machine in the student apartment. When he saw her name on a note, Ed figured she used to live there, and maybe she could help.

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Heidi responded to his message and tried to teach him to step by step how to work the washing machine. However, explaining it through messages was harder than she thought. She decided to go over there and show him.

He’s Kind of Cute

Heidi later revealed that the real reason she wanted to help him in person was that she thought he was hot. Either way, she made it over there and taught him how to work the washing machine.

Ed and Heidi
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After teaching him how to use the machine, Heidi stayed there until he was able to do it all by himself. As Heidi was about to leave, Ed stopped her and told her he had a question for her.

Ed Pops The Question

Nervous Ed finally had the guts to ask Heidi out to a café for a date. Heidi hoped that Ed would ask her out, but she was both surprised and excited when he did.

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Heidi expressed that she “thought he was gorgeous. I thought he was actually amazing. All I can remember is thinking ‘wow he is hot.” However, after their coffee date, Heidi realized she liked his personality as much as his looks.

A love Story Begins

As they were getting to know each other, Heidi learned that Ed was studying business and psychology at the same University as her. The two of them immediately hit it off, and it changed their college experience.

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Right after their first date, Heidi and Ed were inseparable. The college sweethearts thought they knew all there was to know about each other. However, they soon found out that wasn’t the case.

After College

College was quickly coming to an end. The couple was trying to figure out life after graduation. As they were looking towards the future, the couple decided they would both move to London.

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They didn’t live together at first. Heidi was focused on her career and began a high-powered PR job. Ed was focusing on his goals. He wanted to fulfill his dream of opening up a coffee shop.

Future Plans

Eventually, Ed and Heidi thought it was time to move in together. That’s when their relationship quickly became more serious. They thought it was time for their families to meet finally.

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They wanted a future together and knew that their families meeting was a huge step in their relationship. What they didn’t know was how much of a turning point it will be.

Meeting of the Mothers

Heidi and Ed were dating for four years, so it was high time to introduce their families to each other. Still, the situation was a little intimidating; Heidi and Ed were both nervous.

Heidi and her mother
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Even though it was the right time for their families to meet, Heidi and Ed were jittery. What they didn’t know was that it was far from a regular family introduction.

Everyone is Getting Along

Heidi and Ed did everything they can to make the situation more comfortable. They chose their favorite restaurant and made dinner reservations for both of their families.

Heidi and Ed
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When Ed’s mother Fiona and Heidi’s mother Kay met, they hit it off rather quickly and began telling each other stories. One of these stories stood out to everyone at the table.

Stories of their Past

After talking for a while, the two families realized how similar they are to one another. Both of their families loved to sail and planned vacations and holidays along the Mediterranean.

Heidi as a baby
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After dinner, both families had a great time and were happy to have met each other. However, there was one piece of vital information that the couple didn’t tell their parents.

Big News

Everything was going great. Since their mothers got along so well, you would think it helped calm down Ed and Heidi’s nerves, but they were both still anxious. That’s because they had some exciting news.

Ed and Heidi engaged
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Finally, the couple interrupted their mother’s bonding time to tell them of their big announcement. They were getting married! Kay and Fiona were both ecstatic, but the engagement wasn’t the biggest revelation of the day.

More Family Stories

Both of the mothers were in disbelief about their babies getting married. Childhood stories were already being told, but after the engagement news, more and more kept coming.

Heidi and Ed
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The families were going back and forth, and then Heidi’s mom remembered a fun story! Kay decided to tell a story about a family vacation, where Heidi met her first boyfriend.

The Story That Would Change Everything

Heidi was about six years old, and the family went to Turkey on holiday. Heidi met a little boy, and they were inseparable. The spent the whole vacation holding hands!

Ed and Heidi at a party
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Kay quickly changed the subject so that things don’t get awkward. I mean, Heidi is about to marry her new boyfriend! Still, this little story could change the course of Heidi’s and Ed’s relationship.

Kay’s Lingering Feeling

Everyone was incredibly happy when Ed and Heidi told them that they planned to be married by the end of the year. After the delicious dinner and great conversations, it was time for everybody to go home.

Heidi and her mom
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Everyone was over the moon! There was so much love and emotion in the air. However, during all this excitement, Heidi’s mother had an overwhelming feeling that wouldn’t go away.

Cleaning Leads to a Revelation

Two weeks after the family dinner, Kay couldn’t stop thinking about the story of Heidi’s first boyfriend that she told at dinner. However, she put it aside to focus on the future and the wedding.

Ed and Heidi
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With wedding plans, Kay figured it would be a good idea to make some room in the attic for presents and supplies. She began cleaning the attic and found something that has been consuming her for the past two weeks.

Kay’s Discovery

Right in the corner was a stack of old photo albums. Kay needed to calm her curiosity and went through the dusty stack. There she found it. The album she was looking for. The cover said Gumbet July 1997.

Old photo album
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The album was two decades old, and Kay didn’t have the chance to go through it for a long time. She quickly went through the album, and when she found the picture she was looking for, she froze.

The Little Blonde Boy

Kay was taking a walk down memory lane as she was looking through the pictures from 20 years ago. Here it was, a picture of Heidi with her first boyfriend. He looked just how Kay remembered him.

Ed and Heidi as children
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He was a cute little blonde boy with an adorable smile under his mushroom cut. However, Kay was interested in the picture for a reason. She immediately knew her suspicions were correct.

Who Was He?

Kay looked at the photo and wondered if she was losing her mind or if this is actually the craziest thing she has ever seen! She knew her suspicions were right, but she wanted to make sure.

Ed as a little boy
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Kay remembered the little boy’s name was Ed. But was it the same Ed that her daughter is engaged to now? Yes, Ed looked different from the young boy, but that’s because it has been twenty years!

Suspicions Confirmed

Kay thought the way to solve the mystery was to go to her new friend Fiona. After all, she did know Ed when he was six years old. She texted Fiona a photo of the old picture.

Ed and Heidi on a family vacation
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Fiona immediately called Fay and could barely speak! She confirmed what Kay already knew. Ed was Fiona’s first boyfriend! Of course, they couldn’t hide this amazing discovery.

Mother Bonding Disbelief

“I was screaming, it was just unreal,” Kay expressed in an interview. She went on saying, “Of course I sent it to Fiona” who was also mind blown. “When Kay sent me the photo of a little boy Ed, I shrieked.”

Ed and Heidi
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Fiona couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that it was actually Ed! They were both in complete shock by this jaw-dropping revolution. “It was unbelievable” Fiona explained.

Innocent Love

Both Kay and Fiona remembered the family vacation in question. Kay explained that the two were inseparable, saying, “During the two week holiday [Ed and Heidi] held hands most of the time.”

Ed and Heidi as kids
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The two were best friends on this vacation and probably thought they would never see each other again. They were excited to tell their children and see their reactions.

Ed and Heidi Find out

Kay sent Heidi the photo and called her right after, excited to hear what she would say. “When my mum found the first photo, she sent it to me, and I was stunned. I actually had to lie down.”

Ed and Heidi and their families
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Heidi wasn’t the only one in disbelief. Ed was amazed too! Heidi couldn’t even remember the vacation, let alone that she had a boyfriend there. The story then got even crazier.

Crazy Coincidence

After Fiona got the picture from Fiona, she decided to do some digging of her own. She couldn’t help herself but look through some of her own old albums to see what she will find.

Ed and Heidi on vacation
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She found some more pictures of her son and his Fiancé. Fiona stated in an interview that “Loads more photographs came out. None of us had any idea whatsoever that Heidi and Ed have met before university.”

More Searching, More Memories

Now there was a lot of evidence backing up Kay’s suspicion. That Ed and Heidi are not college sweethearts, but childhood sweethearts. They found five more photos of the two of them.

Heidi and Ed
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Heidi said, “We sent it around to our family and friends, and everyone was amazed.” I mean, what are the chances? This discovery changed Ed and Heidi’s entire outlook on life.

Destiny or Coincidence?

After receiving these jaw-dropping pictures, Heidi couldn’t help but think of one thing: fate. What else could it possibly be? However, Heidi did not believe in fate before.

Ed and Heidi during an interview
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“Didn’t believe in fate before finding that out, but there’s no arguing with it- we are clearly destined to be together,” Heidi later stated to The Daily Mail. It is a pretty crazy coincidence!

Subconscious Memories

Kay thought it was magical. She explained how there must have been some deep “subconscious realization that they shared that time together when they met as adults.”

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This is possible, but regardless, this was a true fairy tale coming to life. Hopefully, Ed and Heidi will be able to incorporate their incredible love story in their upcoming wedding.

Wedding Plans

Heidi and Ed knew exactly what they wanted to do. After finding these incredible photos that they had no idea existed, they decided to put their six-year-old faces on the wedding invitations.

Ed and Heidi getting married
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I mean, they just discovered they knew each other for way longer than they thought. Of course, they wanted to share this story. What better way to do it than send it to hundreds of guests?

The Big Day

Heidi and Ed had a beautiful wedding celebration in Derbyshire, in August 2017. They always knew it was love at first sight. They just didn’t realize the first sight was 20 years ago!

Heidi and Ed wedding
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It’s still shocking when they think about it. Now they have a wonderful and crazy love story when people ask how they met. However, it wasn’t just them that were bound to each other that day.

All in the Family

After the big wedding day, Kay couldn’t stop thinking about that Turkey vacation in 1997. “It was not just Heidi and Ed who met on that holiday, but all of us.” They were only six years old; they didn’t just run off together.

Ed and Heidi and their families
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Their families met during that 1997 family vacation. Ed and Heidi both have siblings. Some of the pictures show all of the kids playing and hanging out together. How adorable!

One Big Happy Family

Of course, becoming in-laws brings families together but, for Heidi and Ed’s families, it was a little different. Since the revolution of their first meeting, the families feel like they are more interconnected than regular in-laws.

Ed and Heidi together
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Since the discovery, Kay and Fiona became best friends and so are their husbands. Since Heidi and Ed got married, the two families planned vacations to go on together. This unbelievable story even made the news!

Fairy Tale Love Story

Even after being married for a couple of years, Heidi and Ed still can’t believe their love story. If Kay didn’t have a gut feeling, they could have gone their whole lives never knowing.

Ed and Heidi at their wedding
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Heidi said that “we had been together for four years when we found out, so it’s mad to think that we might have never known. It’s crazy to think we could have gotten married, shared our lives together, but never found out about this.”

A Crazy Thought

It really is crazy to think that Heidi and Ed almost didn’t know that they met as kids. It makes you wonder how many married couples out there met as children and grow old together, never knowing.

Ed and Heidi
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Today, with social media, it’s much easier to find out! However, this probably happened to other people in the past, before cameras even existed. If cameras weren’t around in the 90s, Heidi and Ed would have never known.

More Love Stories

This romantic love story has happened to other people as well. One girl shared a story about looking through old pictures from a Disney trip. Her husband was in the background of some of them!

Ed and Heidi
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Both families went to Disney on the same day. So when her husband took out his pictures from the trip, there was his wife in the background! Look through some of your old photos! You’ll never know what you might find!