A Little Girl’s Life Was Saved by a Police Officer She Always Waved At

We form unprecedentedly special bonds with some people in our lives. These people affect our lives in more ways than one, and often even transform them for the better. Klynn Scales, a young girl from Kansas City, Missouri, formed such a bond with a police officer from her neighborhood. When she was just a 9-year-old, she used to patiently wait by the windowsill, every day, for him to pass by her house. The two exchanged greetings and then went on to deal with their everyday lives. You can say that exchanging looks with each other was a major highlight for both of them. Then, at a time when Klynn desperately needed a helping hand, this friendship came in handy and virtually saved her life. But what exactly happened? Was Klynn’s life in danger? If yes, how did her favorite police officer save her? And what happened after that? Let’s find out.

A bit of background

Klynn Scales grew up in Kansas, Missouri, during the 1990s. At the tender age of nine, she helped her mother raise her two younger brothers. If you looked at their life from the outside, you would see a perfectly healthy, normal family.

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However, their life had no semblance of normality. She lived in a really dangerous neighborhood and seeing her favorite police officer patrol the streets every day gave her the sense of relief that kept her sane during these times.

A Friendly Wave

When you are nine years old, you are always looking out for heroes; especially if you don’t have a father to look up to. Klynn found this hero in a police officer who was given the responsibility of keeping things steady in her neighborhood.

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After seeing the police officer roam her streets a couple of times, she soon got in tune with his schedule. Every day, as he passed by her house, she would gently wave at him. The officer also welcomed the friendly interaction and reciprocated by waving back.

The Role of a Mother

Since her mother had to work ruthlessly to keep a roof over their heads, Klynn often had to play the role of a mother for her two younger siblings. In a neighborhood riddled by drugs and violence, it was really hard for a nine-year-old to be the caretaker of the house.

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When Klynn used to see her brothers hungry, she would walk with them to the 7-Eleven, and because she often didn’t have money, she had to resort to stealing. Klynn knew that this was not the life she wanted to live, but she also knew that there was no other way.

One Police Officer Knew He Had to Step in

Soon, the police started noticing the troubled family. One unnamed police officer, in particular, made a habit of checking in with Klynn every day. He even ensured Klynn that he was always keeping an eye out for her.

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A few days ago, a grown-up Klynn said, “We had a lot of bad situations to deal with during our childhood, and through every single one of them, we would picture him by our side.” Knowing that a hero was looking out for her, Klynn was able to get through life.

The Day Klynn Didn’t Wave

The daily wave exchange between Klynn and the officer soon became a sign of reassurance of each other’s safety. As it turns out, it also became a sign of warning when one-day Klynn wasn’t by the windowsill to wave.

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The officer knew something was wrong. He approached the house, and as he opened the door, he saw something devastating. Klynn was lying on the floor, struggling to breathe. The officer promptly rushed her to the emergency.

A True Saviour

The officer turned out to be a true savior for the young Klynn. After an initial diagnosis, it was revealed that Klynn was severely malnourished and she could have lost her life, had the officer not reacted immediately.

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However, all ended well. Klynn’s life was saved, but she never got to thank her hero. Soon after, Klynn and her family moved to Texas, and she didn’t see the officer again… for 20 years.

Klynn Took to the Internet

20 years later, Klynn knew she had to look for her childhood hero, and what better place to do so than the internet? She posted her story online and fortunately for her, a comment from Jennifer Jones, a sergeant with the Kansas City Police came.

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She told Klynn that she thought she knew the officer. Then, in 2016, an officer named Jeff Colvin opened an email from Jennifer where she was telling him about Klynn’s search for her guardian angel. Jeff instantly recognized the story.

A Teary Reunion

Just like Klynn, Jeff hadn’t forgotten her old friend at all. He was very happy to hear that Klynn was looking for her and he apparently wanted to go meet her. So, twenty years later, the pair met again in person.

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Cue a teary and joyous reunion. Seeing each other was life-changing for both the parties. Klynn finally got to personally thank the person who saved her life, and Jeff, whose life was full of more failures than successes, found a reason to love his job again.

Klynn Grew Up to be a Police Officer

After being inspired by her real-life hero, Klynn knew the career path she had to take. She enlisted to be a police recruit, and her passion and drive eventually got her the job. She went on to become a successful police officer.

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As a tribute to Jeff, Klynn got a bracelet made with the engraved words “”Sgt. Jeff Colvin ‘A True Hero'”. She wore it with pride and Jeff was also proud and moved by this gesture of respect and gratefulness.

A Story That Fills Hearts with Joy

The story of Klynn Scales and Sergeant Jeff Colvin is one that is full of hope and happiness. One officer’s devotion to keeping the neighborhood safe led to a positive shift in the life of a child riddled with troubles and sadness.

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In times of unease and difficulties, we should remember that good person are still out there, and we will always have chances to be happy again. Klynn graduated from the academy in June 2018. Jeff Colvin, his wife, and Jennifer Jones all attended the ceremony to appreciate the youngster who has a brilliant life ahead of her.