Crazy and Hilarious Wildlife Photos Captured on Trail Cams

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Trail cams, like many other gadgets and gizmos, have become very popular in recent years. These simple, motion-detecting cameras are used by hunters, wildlife lovers, and other people to track animal movements out in the wild. These cameras, which are usually housed in a strong, weatherproof casing to protect them against the elements and feature very long-lasting batteries too, are typically placed out in forests and fields and left for an extended period.

a buck
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Often, people can leave trail cams overnight and not see anything at all, but sometimes they get lucky and capture some amazing wildlife shots. Other times, they can capture some truly hilarious and entertaining images that merely have to be shared with the world. The following trail cam photos are simply amazing. Some will make you laugh, others will blow your mind, and a few might just leave you scratching your head in confusion. Either way, they’ll all get a reaction, and all deserve a moment of your time.

What A Tangled Web We Weave

Oh dear. Bad hair day there, little guy? It looks like this young buck has got himself in a bit of a mess, accidentally getting what seems to be a tumbleweed wrapped around his antlers. That’s one of life’s little problems when you have to walk around with bony branches sticking out of your head.


The buck actually might have a better chance of attracting a mate with this crazy hair-do, but we hope he managed to get it off as he does look a little silly. Deer have eyes on the sides of their heads which gives them a 310-degree view. Unfortunately, this wide view makes it hard for Bambi to focus on a specific point. On the plus side, they have good night vision.

Nobody Ever Wants To See This

Wow! Can you imagine how the scene would be if ever you were looking right at it in real life, rather than in a photograph? You’d definitely have to turn around and run the other way as fast as possible. This image shows a mighty brown bear charging right towards the camera, and it’s actually one of the best ever images captured by a trail cam.


The camera owner had got to be glad he or she wasn’t around when the snap was taken. However, there is no need to be frightened. It’s not likely you’ll be hunted by a bear. Are bears aggressive hunters? Not really! They’re sort of lazy, they don’t like hunting for their food. They eat a shocking amount of grass and berries during the day. Of course, you do see them fishing in the rivers, but they seldom hunt other mammals unless they feel threatened.

A Gathering of Deer

So it seems like these deer were having a little party and all got surprised when the trail cam activated and snapped a photo. This image is particularly strange as it’s rare to see such a huge number of deer all together like that. The image is made extra odd by the fact that they all seem to be looking right at the camera.


Even in the background, you can spot deer turning their heads towards the trail cam. Either this group was about to do a seance or they simply forgot to do their Christmas calendar picture as a family. Either way, I find this picture to be quite scary as if they have all been possessed to send a message to the trail cam guys.

A Very Sneaky Otter

This trail cam captured a fascinating sight. Here we can see a sneaky otter making off with something in its mouth. Look a little closer, and you’ll see that the otter is actually carrying a large fish between its teeth. Snatching a such a big fish must have taken some crazy skills from this otter, but it seems like he managed to get away with it and can enjoy a big meal.

Source: YouTube

Otters are quite smart when it comes to hunting. They use their vibrissae to help detect movements of prey in the water. Once they’ve located their prey, they quickly catch the prey with their teeth. Large otters usually hold their prey in their paws while eating it and can easily eat small fishes in the water, saving larger prey for land.

What Is This Owl Thinking?

We really have to wonder what exactly this owl is planning here. Considering owls can see in the dark and are very efficient hunters, it seems very odd that this one is seemingly about to strike a deer. It really looks like this owl is biting off way too more than it can chew, but it’s possible the deer just walked into the shot at the wrong moment, blocking our view from a smaller animal like a mouse that the owl is actually aiming for.

Source: YouTube

Wow, well slap me silly and call me Sally. Eagle owls are known to sometimes prey on larger animals. Whether it is small dogs or even small deer weighing up to at least 28 pounds. Of course, they aren’t able to pick up the deer but they do have other methods for getting them down! Wow, you learn something new every day!

A Squirrel Strikes From Above

Like the other example mentioned above, this example of a trail cam snap activated at just the right moment to create an incredible image that leaves us laughing and scratching our heads at the same time. It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on here. The deer seems oblivious to the fact that a flying squirrel is only inches away from its head.


It’s possible that the squirrel was aiming to land on the deer’s back or was just flying by at the right time to create this fantastic image. To be honest, I am not quite sure why this tiny little squirrel would want to attack big ol’ Bambi. If the deer gives him one kick, he’ll find himself in Timbuktu.

Let Me Take A Selfie

This trail cam photo is proving that selfies are just as popular in the animal world as they are in the human one, with this hilarious image showing an adorable raccoon popping up in front of the trail cam and staring right down the lens. It almost looks like the raccoon meant for this to happen and is holding the camera in his little paws as a couple of deer forage for food behind him.


Raccoons inhabit various different places. Their choices of location include tropical areas (high maintenance we see) and even to big cities (I mean, we saw how the raccoon rocked the red Cruella Deville hat, right?). I guess the reason for them being able to inhabit various environments is because they can eat whatever they want!

What Happened Next?

Some trail cam photos leave us desperate for more as we want to find out how the scene played out and what happened next, and this is a perfect example of that as we see a fox and a raccoon locking eyes in the forest. The raccoon is hiding out in a rusty old car, while the fox seems to be approaching cautiously. It’s possible the two mammals had a battle, or maybe the raccoon shut the doors and waited for the fox to leave.

Source: YouTube

If a raccoon feels the need to protect himself by physical attack, he’ll probably implement several body language hints before he flips the switch and goes into full defense mode. Some defensive clues to keep in mind are the fur sticking up straight into the air,(like a dog does when he’s feeling threatened), thrashing of the tail, elevated tail, rounded back and pressed down ears.

A Happy Family of Raccoons

Some trail cam images are just adorable, and this is a beautiful example of that as we see a whole bunch of raccoons who seem to have come across an entire stack of food and are having a great time. Some people consider raccoons to be a pest and think quite badly of them, but images like this one show that they’re just cute creatures trying to survive and can actually be very playful and friendly.

Source: YouTube

I don’t think the raccoons are pests. Humans need to open their hearts a bit more and learn more about the lives of others rather than their own! After all, we all live together! We are lucky to have such beautiful animals on this planet. Instead of spending a lifetime trying to get rid of them, learn to love them and co-exist!

Amazingly Adorable Fox Cubs

Here’s one of the cutest and sweetest trail cam photos you could ever hope to see. This adorable image was taken at just the right moment, showing a group of hungry fox cubs getting some milk from their mother. This is a beautiful example of the beauty of nature and the wonders of a family in the animal world. We’re sure this mama fox would do everything she could to keep all her babies safe and help them grow up healthy and ready to face the world.


Foxes happen to be very good parents. They reproduce at least once a year. Their litters range from one to 11 pups. Their babies are born blind and won’t open their eyes until nine days after birth. During this period of time, they stay with their mum in the den while the father brings and provides them with food.

Two Unlikely Friends Out In the Forest

You might have read stories in the past about some strange interspecies friendships like dogs being friends with ducks or cats being friends with goats, and here’s another bizarre example of that. This trail cam photo shows a cat hitching a ride on the back of his buffalo buddy. It’s an improbable combination, but the buffalo doesn’t seem too preoccupied with his feline passenger, so we can only assume they’re the best of friends.


Buffalo aren’t known for being very high maintenance. In fact, they prefer living mostly on the plains, but some are known to inhabit river valleys as well as forests. Buffalo and bison played an important role in the North American plains for many years. I’ve always loved buffalo, they seem so gracious!

Two Deer vs. One Coyote

The wild is a dangerous place where animals have to fight or flee to survive and are always having to face up to things that are bigger or scarier than them. This image shows an angry coyote, paws down and ready to strike as he encounters two deer. The deer, however, due to the timing of this image, don’t actually seem too bothered by the coyote’s presence and are eyeing him up inquisitively before deciding what to do.


The lifespan of a deer is generally between 10 to 25 years depending on the species. Unfortunately, a lot of them die way before then due to environmental dangers such as car accidents, deforestation or predators. Deer are herbivores which means they eat grass, leaves, plants, fruits, acorns, and nuts when they are available.

The Camera Didn’t Survive This Terrible Attack

I feel like this picture is what our fathers would look like while on vacation. If it were, he’d be saying, “Hey kids, look where I am, nature!” Here we can see an example of what happens when an animal tries to take a selfie but gets way too close to the camera. The end result is a blurred and confusing, but hilarious image.


A woodpecker’s beak is super strong! They have a chisel-like tip on their beaks for drilling holes in wood. The photo shows us what seems to be a woodpecker landing on the trail cam and getting very close to the lens, the camera’s owner later reported finding a hole pecked into the lens itself, so they had to buy a new one, but at least they got this photo.

Aren’t Tigers Supposed To Have Stripes?

Trail cams aren’t just used in places like Europe and the United States; they can also be used out in more exotic locations to capture even more unusual examples of wildlife, like this tiger. We only know that this is a tiger due to its shape and the little bits of stripes we can see, as it looks like he or she has been taking a mud bath to cool off from the summer sun, making the tiger look more like a tiger-panther cross-breed.


The largest of the tigers can grow to be 10 feet long and weigh up to 400 pounds or more. Their size and weight make for a huge cat and allows them to use their weight to their advantage. Their weight allows them to knock down prey and hold it down. They are powerful and can run extremely fast despite their size.

Will You Give Me A Lift?

Here’s another amusing example of an interspecies partnership breaking boundaries and helping different kinds of animals come together to make great things happen. This image shows us a raccoon taking a ride on the back of a warthog. He’s just chilling there and waiting until he reaches his desired destination.


The warthog doesn’t seem too concerned about the raccoon on his back, and it looks like we can see another raccoon in the background of the image, so maybe the hog will have to pick up another passenger in a moment. But I mean it kind of makes sense. How else do animals get back and forth without public transport? I guess when life hands you lemons, you make a warthog your local bus service.

Interrupting A Big Family Meal

If you ever want to get results from your trail cam, it makes sense to put it in a good place, and that’s precisely what this cam owner did. They placed the cam right by a feeding trough. The plan worked perfectly as the camera captured this excellent image of many different deer all gathered around the trough, enjoying some of the tasty delights found inside. It looks like they were all pretty startled when the camera actually activated though.


Deer happen to be very good swimmers. This ability allows them to go through streams or other forms of water to escape dangerous situations. Deer run up to 30 miles per hour when they are in danger, scared or are trying to escape from a predator. That’s the same speed a car would drive through a residential street.

The Perfect Escape

It looked like it might be Mission Impossible for this raccoon when an angry coyote came its way, but, as we can see in the image, raccoons can be very resourceful as this guy heads up a tree to make a quick getaway. This trail cam photo was taken at an incredible moment, showing us a fascinating scenario playing out right before our eyes.


Coyotes need to hunt to stay alive, but we’re happy the little raccoon seemingly survived to live another day. Raccoons have some of the most skillful hands known to man, in nature. Most people who’ve had a garden, cooler or garbage know that they get broken into by these naughty babies. Native Americans were the first to discover and inspect their unusual, useful paws.

The Beauty of Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are genuinely majestic and magical creatures that are just amazing to see out in the wild. Many people are passionate about these kinds of animals, and it’s not hard to see why when you look at an image like this one. Both of these birds seem to be having some sort of dispute here. We’re not sure what it’s about. Let’s ask them.


Eagles are birds of prey, (which I’m sure you knew), in the family Accipitridae; there are roughly 60 different species. I’m impressed. They are some of the biggest birds at the top of the food chain. The majority of the species inhabit Eurasia and Africa, with only 14 species found in other areas including North, Central and South America, and Australia.

A Wolverine That Thinks It’s A Human

The wolverine is a dominant animal that mirrors a small bear but it’s actually the biggest member of the weasel family. They inhabit the remote Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of the world. Isn’t it funny how animals are often seen impersonating humans or doing human-like things? I think many will agree with me when I say that it’s absolutely adorable when they do so.


Here’s another example of that, as we know a wolverine standing up on two legs and eyeing the camera curiously. We’re not sure exactly what this animal is doing standing up like this, but it’s possible that the camera made it jump and it decided to get up on its hind legs as a form of intimidation in case it was being attacked. Either way, it looks pretty tough and funny at the same time.

Sorry About This Santa

Ever wondered what Santa’s hat tastes like? No? Well, this bear clearly has, as the trail cam caught it taking a nibble on the end of Santa Claus’ iconic red and white hat. It looks like this trail cam owner decided to set up a Santa Claus toy, holding it in place with sticks and rocks, to see if it might interest any animals. The plan worked, but we don’t think this bear will be getting many good Christmas presents this year.

Source: YouTube

The young cubs tend to stay with their mums up until they are three years old, and then they venture out into the world all on their own. Unfortunately, these bears have the greatest risk of death and are more likely to engage. In addition, over 25% of cubs won’t make it before leaving their mums because they face the dangers of cannibalism by adult male Kodiak bears.

Let There Be Food!

Raccoons are some of the most intelligent and resourceful creatures out there, which is why they’re well known for searching through people’s trash bags and even sneaking into homes in search of food and water. Here, we can see one raccoon latching onto a feeder and showering seeds down for all his buddies to eat. It’s good to look at these animals working together, and we’re sure they had a great night after this photo was taken.

Source: YouTube

While the baby females tend to remain in or close to their commonplace. However, males tend to separate. The younger males will commonly travel as far as 20 km to find different and new locations. Accounts vary regarding whether or not raccoons are territorial.

What Is Going On Here?

Some trail cam photos are both hilarious and impossible to explain at the same time, and this is a perfect example of that as we can see a deer on the left of the image at the most bizarre and unnatural angle imaginable. Maybe the sound of the trail cam made the deer jump and dash to the side in a weird way, resulting in this odd image, but it’s made an extra funny by the fact that his two buddies are standing to the side usually.



Deer have many ways they can defend and protect themselves from other animals or predators that are trying to hunt them. They have unique camouflage and use this to hide from threats. Yeah, well, great job so far dude. They are very fast runners and use this as their first choice of protection or they simply just fly to their sides.

Enjoying the Fireworks Show

Maybe it was New Year’s Eve when this trail cam photo was taken, or perhaps the 4th of July. Either way, the photo was taken at a beautiful moment, showing a firework going off in the background. In the foreground, we can see a buck roaming through a field, and the photo has been taken just at the right angle to show the buck looking up and admiring the fireworks for himself.


In the foreground, we can see a buck roaming through a field, and the photo has been taken just at the right angle to show the buck looking up and admiring the fireworks for himself.  There are over 60 species of deer globally. Deer actually live on all continents excluding Antarctica. They are able to live in a variety of environments, from mountainous areas to warm and wet rainforests. The Barbary red deer is the only species present in Africa.

A Beautiful Mama-Baby Moment

Parents have big jobs and big responsibilities, even in nature. Mom and dad animals have to teach their children how to cope in the wild and lend them helping hands from time to time as they grow up. That’s what we see here, as a big mama bear lifts up her cub so that he or she can get a look inside this barrel and perhaps grab some food. It’s a beautiful scene and so cute too!

Source: YouTube

Katmai National Park houses over 4000 Alaskan brown bears, 98% of the grizzly bear population is in the U.S, in Alaska. There are also around 600,000 black bears in North America! These babies eat mostly meat and fish but they also eat plants and insects. I guess that’s their snacks.

Cats Are Always So Cool

What is it about cats that always makes them look so cool? They still land on their feet and can always seem to get themselves out of sticky situations in style. This cat is another example of coolness as he sits on this little platform. However, with the way the platform is bending inwards like that, we wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually gave way under the cat’s weight. Maybe that’s precisely what those two deer were waiting for.


Tigers are the biggest cat species worldwide. They grow up to be around 3.3 meters in length and can weigh up to 670 pounds! It is extremely easy to recognize a tiger by their dark vertical stripes and reddish/orange fur. As you can see, the picture is pretty dark but we are still able to distinguish that he’s a tiger.

Howl to the Moon

Here’s a scene that you probably wouldn’t like to see in front of you, as it would be quite scary, but can happily admire from behind the safety of your computer screen as we see three coyotes howling to the moon. The trail cam took this shot at a super moment, capturing all three coyotes with their jaws wide open. They must have been making quite a lot of noise, so it’s a shame the camera wasn’t able to record a whole video.


Coyotes are well known for howling at the moon. They hunt at night and howl a lot to communicate their location with fellow coyotes. They are also known for being “skilled.” As a matter of fact, they are very smart animals and have a heightened sense of hearing, smell, and sight.

What’s Up, Gang?

This deer looks like he was made for a life in the spotlight. He’s posing right in front of the camera, with his cheeky pink tongue sticking out, giving us one of the best animals’ selfies of all time. It almost looks like the deer knew precisely what it was doing and just wanted to give us all a big laugh, especially with the way its head is just shooting out from the side of the frame.


Deer are extremely inquisitive and curious by nature, but they have an inherent skittishness that generally warns them of the proximity of predators. These special characteristics enable a deer to focus on their surroundings notice even the slightest changes or movements. They are so cute!

A Buck Battle for the Ages

There are several interesting things about this photo, starting off with the fact that it managed to capture a fantastic scene as two bucks lock antlers and battle it out, with each one trying to prove his dominance. The other exciting thing about this photo is that if you look in the background, you’ll see a little audience of raccoons has gathered to watch the fight play out, just like the wild equivalent of a pay per view boxing bout.


Did you know that male deer are referred to as bucks? However, the larger males can sometimes be referred to as stags. Bucks are the only deer that grow antlers, which they shed every single winter and tend to grow back again in the springtime.

Does It Taste Good?

While humans often like to rely on their sight as their primary sense to figure things out, animals usually prefer to use all of their senses equally, listening, sniffing, and even tasting things to learn more about them. That’s precisely what we see in this amusing image as a deer, apparently intrigued by the presence of a trail cam in its natural habitat, decides to give the camera lens a little lick and see how it tastes. We imagine it probably didn’t taste too good.


Deer are distinguished by always being calm and gentle animals. I’m sure for a lot of people when they see a deer out in the wild, they think of Bambi, the young and playful Disney cartoon. A female deer is referred to as a doe and a young deer is referred to as a fawn. Fawns are born with light spotted fur which actually helps them disguise themselves in the tall grass.

Up Close and Personal

Some trail cam images are timed to perfection and only give us some up close and personal experiences with wild animals that just wouldn’t be possible in reality. This is a fantastic example of that, showing what seems to be a cheetah mere inches from the camera lens.


The cheetah, one of the fastest animals ever to live on Earth, looks a little perplexed at the sight of the camera as she prowls through the night, perhaps stalking some prey or searching for food. The majority of wild cheetahs are found in Africa. They roam freely and openly in the grassy savannah plains and open forests. A little population inhabits northeastern Iran, although only a few dozen remain there.

A Beautiful Wolf Photo

All we can say when looking at this trail cam photo is ‘Wow!’ The image was taken at a fantastic moment, showing a small group of wolves eyeing up the camera, which has been placed out in the woods. The wolf closest to the lens is exceptionally handsome with his dark fur and mystical eyes, while his buddies look on from the background cautiously. They all seem very interested in the trail cam!


Once a wolf has found a lover, they generally tend to stay together for better or worse, through sickness and health, and generally until death due them part. It’s generally the alpha male and female that will breed, leaving the rest of the adult pack members to help rear the young and ensure their survival. It’s kind of like having butlers and nannies!

Just Having a Little Snack

This otter seems to be quite surprised at the trail cam taking her photo as she’s enjoying a little snack. It looks like she just caught herself a tasty fish and was taking a bite right as the camera took the photo. The resulting image is quite amusing, with the otter’s surprised expression and unique pose really making this a prize trail cam image.


We can only imagine that the trail cam owner was thrilled when they saw this picture. Other than fish, otters actually love eating shelled animals, such as clams. Sadly, they aren’t gifted with the strength and power to open their food without a bit of help. However, don’t worry, they are smart. They are big on tools and will often use rocks to help crack into dinner.

Well, This Is Awkward

Sometimes, trail cams capture things they really shouldn’t be captured at all, and it looks like that’s what happened here as the camera has interrupted a rather personal moment between these two deer. One of them is romantically licking the other’s ear, and they’ve got to be pretty embarrassed about this image ending up on the internet. In truth, they’re just cleaning each other, but it’s a funny image nonetheless.


Deer are herbivores, which means that they only eat plants and grass of course. They are not picky, fussy eaters and will nibble on almost any kind of plant they can find. These babies have a sweet tooth too, they are huge fans of berries and flowers in your gardens! I would plant all the berries in the world in my garden for you guys!

The Heart of the Hunt

This is the sort of photo you only really usually see in big-budget nature documentaries, but someone did manage to capture it on a simple trail cam as we see a mountain lion chasing after a deer. It looks like the trail cam was placed near water to get a photo of some animals drinking, but it got something much more intense instead. It seems like the lion is getting very close to the deer, so we have to wonder how the chase ended up.


Lionesses generally hunt more than the lions. Men, why do the families need to catch the food? Come on! However, in their defense, the lionesses are nocturnal and are therefore are able to hunt during the night. The females hunt in a pack which makes it easier for them to catch their prey for their whole pack.

Trails Cams Can Catch People Too

Trail cams are designed to catch images of wildlife, but sometimes humans end up getting in the way of the shot, resulting in some very amusing photos, just like this one. Here we can see what seems to be a very drunk man, posing with his arms in the air as the camera snaps. The image is made much funnier by the presence of a deer in the background, with the deer also seeming to be posing for the photo.


Deer are very loyal to their chosen territories and that often creates difficulties for them and humans. People simply build homes and establish farms everywhere in the areas where these animals would live freely. All of a sudden, they are just expected to get up and relocate so that the humans aren’t bothered by them. I think it needs to be the opposite way around!

Heading Home with Dinner

Bears are amazing predators, and everyone knows that one of their favorite foods is fish. They can stand in the river and literally pluck the fish, which are often salmon, straight out of the water with their claws and mouths. It looks like this bear caught himself an excellent big salmon and is heading home to eat it or maybe even share it with his family. He must be getting hungrier and hungrier by the second as he carries the fish in his powerful mouth.


Many are intrigued by the Kodiak bear’s ability to go into hibernation for 6-8 months without suffering weight or muscle loss. We are extremely surprised by how bears can sleep without eating at all, without drinking, or going to the bathroom! People think that by learning how they do that, they will be able to use this technique on astronauts or even patients in hospitals that are bedridden. I just hope they don’t capture any bears for this!

Prickly Porcupines Get Ready To Battle It Out

As we’ve seen, a lot of trail cam images can show animals fighting or getting ready to do battle in one way or another, and this one is especially amusing as it was taken at just the right moment. The photo shows a couple of porcupines up on their hind legs, presumably in the midst of a fight, but due to the timing of the image, it almost looks like they’re just having an argument with each other and trying to talk it out.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the myth of a porcupine shooting quills at you. What generally happens is it tenses up and attacks predators with the flat part of its tail, planting quills into their skin. However, only on occasions, they lose quills before it strikes, creating the illusion that they’re being shot out.

Cats vs. Dogs in the Wild

If there’s one golden rule we all know about animals, it’s that cats and dogs just don’t get on. There are some exceptions to this rule, but many pet owners know that felines and canines just weren’t made to be friends. Here, we see a wild cat that has come across a coyote. Both of the animals look like they’re getting ready to go on the offensive, and it’s possible that there was a nasty fight after this photo was taken.


These two animals have a weight and height range that is slightly comparable and a bite that’s quite brutal. However, both animals use the same attack style which is generally aimed at the neck. The wolf has got a huge mass of fur to protect that area, and his neck is not as long and exposed as a cheetah. If you add the weight factor too, I would suggest the cheetah walk away.

Run For Your Life!

Many trail cam images capture animals being hunted by predators or battling it out with other creatures, and this one is a hilarious example of that sort of thing as we see a seemingly terrified deer fleeing from a flying squirrel. The image is made even more hilarious by the presence of many apples all over the floor, and it almost looks like the deer is slipping and tripping over the apples as it attempts to escape from the scary squirrel.


Flying squirrels- which glide, not fly, sail from tree to tree with a special membrane between each front and back limb, a trick that has evolved multiple times in history. Gliding through trees by moonlight, these animals can seem like ghosts. Yet their nocturnal mystique is balanced with a doe-eyed charisma, making them valuable mascots for the ancient woodlands where they live. 

Trying to Blend in with the People

We have to wonder what inspired this deer to get up on its hind legs and pose just like a person. Maybe it wants to spend time in the city and is practicing its poses to blend in with the crowd. Either way, the photo was taken at just the right moment to give us a fantastic glimpse of something you’ll almost definitely never be lucky enough to see in real life.


According to nature observers, bucks who don’t have antlers to defend themselves by standing up straight up on their hind legs and go to battle with their razor-sharp hooves. By doing this, they’re working on establishing dominance or authority in the herd. There is that explanation or he simply found a doe on heat.

Monkey Man

Okay, so it seems this guy found a trail cam and decided to come back dressed for a photo shoot. Cross between monkey mask, jeans, and animal fur on his head. This picture is pretty creepy. It makes me want to go out and look for a trail cam myself! These prankers reportedly put on a few different outfits for this show.

A man in the forest
Source: Imgur

The Gardner Police Department mentioned that they expected to find numerous pictures of coyotes and raccoons and maybe other animals, but instead, they found images of pranksters dressed in a variety of costumes. The wildlife cameras were intended to capture pictures of a mountain lion in Gardner, Kan., instead, they caught a few pranksters on camera. Well, that’s one way to lighten the mood!

Some Family Time

This is the deer version of a day out hiking with your family. I always wondered, “is it better to be an animal then it is to be human?” yea maybe you may have a shorter life, but look how simple it seems for them. Strolling down the forest, eating grass. You don’t see deer having to pay taxes, or dealing with a terrible boss.


Otter Patrol

This is the otter version of the Vietnam War. Slowly moving through the brush waiting for the ambush to come. I can see Charlie Sheen dubbing a narration to this photo. “It’s been three years since I’ve seen home grandma, I dream all the time of my favorite ant hill stew you make me.”


Fox Catching

This little fox looking thing may look harmless, but they are actually very dangerous to have close to your home. Besides the fact that they get in your trash and make a mess out of it at night, wild animals such as these can carry rabies and it’s enough for your family dog to sniff its droppings to get infected as well.


However, all you need to do is learn how to best accommodate both of you. If you find this to be life-threatening to your animals, you can simply take your pets to the vet to have shots done and have checkups to keep track of their health. It’s not such a big deal. People should be doing that regardless. I am sure you can also put up a fence around your property if you are paranoid!

Hipster Folk Band

This is actually a picture of a band called “Bonny and the Deer,” they have hit songs like “Hello my Deer,” and “Deer John.” And who can forget their famous Thanksgiving ballad, “Droppings on my Christmas tree.” To be honest, I have no idea what’s going on here. On one hand, I kind of don’t want to know what’s going on here but I also want to believe the best in this situation.

Source: Wide Open Spaces

I believe there are two options to help explain this picture. I’d say that these people are huge deer lovers and simply wanted to play them song music to help them relax or they simply wanted pictures with animals, so they attracted them the only way they knew how. I think that’s a pleasant thought to leave out there!

Tree Wars

It seems this big forest only has one good tree for itching your back. According to scientists (But what do they know), Grizzly bears rub their backs against trees not because they are trying to scratch that intolerable itch. Rather, they’re actually doing it to communicate with one another, one scientist says.


Some thought females might do it as they became most fertile, while others thought that bears might just be giving their backs a good scratch or trying to cover them in sap to use as an insect repellant. However, cam trails show that it is generally the males that are traveling that seem to do it on a lot of trees while on their journey. It’s safe to say that no one knows!

Desert Fox Brawl

“I heard what you said about my girlfriend!” “I didn’t say anything to her, she’s lying!” “I’ll show you a liar, no one talks to my foxy like that!” Well, that was a lame transcription. However, for all we know, these two could be hugging or something. Let’s hope they were both just playing.

2 animals fighting in the forest
Source: Pinterest

Have you ever sat and wondered (or stood) how a mongoose would survive a poisonous bite from a rattlesnake? Mongooses are not immune to venom. They are able to tolerate a little bit of it, but like us, it could kill the little babies. Mongooses can eat venomous snakes because the venom doesn’t go to their bloodstream. Theoretically, we could probably eat a venomous snake and survive, theoretically.

Don’t Mess with Bucks

Apparently, this fox didn’t get the memo. Runaway little guy! That tripod behind the two has animal feed, and scent sprayed on it to attract different species to the camera. Bucks can get very aggressive when you get in the way of their feed/mating scent tripod. This poor guy doesn’t have a chance.


I don’t know about you guys but I honestly feel like deers get picked on so much but all sorts of animals in the animal kingdom. So here, seeing a deer losing his temper and kicking a$$, makes me so happy! You go, boy! Show him who’s boss! All deer are classified as Artiodactyls because they have hooves and an even number of cute little toes.


I can’t tell what I’m looking at here? These are either two lion cubs or maybe full-grown mountain lion? They seem to be wearing collars and have a dog bowl next to them. The one on the right looks like its wearing sunglasses. A lot is unknown about this picture, but one thing is for sure. These two are making out!

Source: Boredom Therapy

Mountain Lions also widely referred to as either panthers, cougars or pumas. They are North America’s biggest and wild cats. They can weigh up to a whopping 200 pounds. The males are generally a third bigger than the females. Their average length of head and body is 3-5 feet, and their tail is 2-2.7 feet long. They are also capable of running jumps exceeding 40 feet and standing vertical leaps of up to 15 feet.

On the Hunt

Cheetahs are in my opinion up there with great whites on the terrifying predator’s list. A Cheetah’s full speed is similar to a dog on the highway (120 Kmph!) That’s faster than an old lady driving on the highway. Part of me always wished that they were naturally friendly to humans because they do look like they would be fun to pet.

2 tigers in the forest
Source: Imgur

The cheetah is one of the fastest land animals alive in this world. They can reach up to a speed of 113km/h. So, if I am ever being chased by a cheetah, I’m as good as done.  They can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds, (I feel like we are talking about a car here). What’s even more interesting is that they have between 2,000 and 3,000 spots, which assist them with camouflaging themselves.

Cover the Trash!

If you have a home out in the wilderness, or even just in a green suburb, then make sure you close all your trash cans are sealed real tight! This little mongoose may come, and once he gets his paws on your trash, you’ll be cleaning your yard out first thing in the morning. If you’d like to leave them food, you can do that by adding some foods to containers far from your house. That’s you doing your part!

Source: HD κάμερες κυνηγιού

Like raccoons, mongoose (according to the dictionary: mongooses or mongeese) are also extremely adaptable when it comes to inhabiting environments. They do generally like to live in rocky areas or can also be found in forests. However, if you find them in some residential areas, that could be highly likely. They probably have a shortage of food in their preferred environments.

Natural Habitat

This is another amazing picture that perfectly captures animals in their natural habitat. The raccoons and skunks are getting along just fine, even with the deer in the mix.

Animals playing in the forest.
Source: Wideopenspaces

It’s nice to see that the animals aren’t violent with each other, even deep in the dark woods. How cute is the little raccoon drinking water? I just hope these animals are as happy as they look.

Trail Cam Selfie

Here is another creepy picture of a human that got caught on a trail cam. People look scary on trail cams in general, but this girl took it to another level. Plus the black and white make it creepier.

A girl in the woods with a deer.
Source: Pinterest

My first question is, why is she walking towards the deer? Deer are very protective and can attack if they feel threatened. She looks like she was trying to get close enough to the trail cam so she can get a selfie with the deer.

What Are They Looking For?

Bongos are extremely beautiful, they are striped forest antelope found in Africa! This group of Bongos to be on a Sunday afternoon picnic with their family. That or they are posing for a band photo. Album name: “We’re the most beautiful forest animals and we know it.”


In the forests of Africa live one of the most unique and interesting species of antelope in the world, commonly known as the bongo. Their bodies are a beautiful ruddy red/brown color coat with striking beige-ish stripes that perfectly match the elongated, slightly twisted horns on their heads. What’s even more special about Bongos is that regardless of their gender, both males and females both have horns on their heads.

Freedom Dove

In many cultures across the world, doves are a sign of freedom. Too bad, I got you! That’s a seagull. Seagulls are a sign you are going to get popped on! They love to scavenge in the trash for food. Get a dog that can jump and scare away unwanted friends, then you won’t have a seagull problem in your backyard.

Source: HD κάμερες κυνηγιού

Seagulls learn, remember and even pass on good or bad behaviors, such as stamping their little webbed feet in a group to mimic the sound of the rain to trick earthworms into coming to the surface. So that means you should never throw things or try and harm them or they will do it back to you! Smart guys! We don’t give you enough credit!

Water Break

Wildlife Photographers go to great lengths to get the perfect photo. This picture you see here may have taken hours, if not days to capture. It’s not like you can herd wild animals to your frame. Photographers spread scent spray around the perimeter of the shot and wait for the animals to pick it up. So, the majority of photographers put a laser sensor on the camera, so it shoots a photo every time an animal crosses its path.

Source: Osa Conservation

Now, back to the topic of Zebras. there are a few kids of Zebras but each of them has their own special set of stripes. Mountain zebras have verticle stripes on their necks, torse and horizontal stripes covering their legs. I love Zebras!!!

Early Wildlife Photography

This photo dates back to the early 1900s where photographers had to balance big cameras on a boat in the middle of a marsh-like this one just to get a good shot. In this case, these two photographers were trying to get a shot of a deer. However, the deer were shocked by the sudden bright light from the camera.


With a magnesium flash triggered by a tripwire, a man named George Shiras took some of the world’s first nighttime wildlife photographs. The sudden bright light blasting in the night was surely scary and an instant trigger for animals to run the opposite way. However, can you imagine how beautiful that must have been for people to witness such photography for the first time?


This deer could be half-human because this seems to be a very human instinct to running into a raccoon. “Oh god, please, here, take all my money just don’t kill me. I have a family!” “Dude relax what you never met a raccoon before?” Poor baby, he got quite the fright.

Source: Wide Open Spaces

Unfortunately, the truth in deer acting so skittish is because of humans. Unhunted deer aren’t as nervous as a hunted deer would be. If you notice, there are a lot of deers out there who appear to be friendly and warm toward people as well as other animals. However, once they’ve been hunted in the past, you will notice how they live their lives in fear. Makes sense. It’s like having post-traumatic stress.

Dog Cousins

Both Dogs and Foxes come from one original far cousin that was the first breed of their kind. You’re looking at a wolf. Although they have a bad reputation, wolves are actually pretty harmless animals, and there is no recorded incident in American history of a person dying from a wolf attack.


Depending on the weather and other conditions, wolves are able to hear as far as six miles away in the forest and ten miles on the open tundra! Isn’t that impressive? However, wolves would never make good guard dogs because they are scared of unknown beings, whether it be a human or another large animal. Wolves prefer to be gentle and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Looks like this hawk is posing for a good Instagram picture on his skiing trip. “Hello from the Swiss Alps” “#Hawklife, #slopeshredder #rodentslayer. Jokes aside though, this is a great picture that captures the full height and mass on this flying beast. He must have landed to investigate the camera! While their smelling sense isn’t the best, their hearing senses make up for it.

Source: Flickr

Hawks are usually known for their speed, especially when they’re pursuing their prey. While hunting, they dive 240 kilometers per hour, or 150 miles per hour, through the air. Isn’t that crazy? They’re able to catch their prey in the air and on the ground. I have to say, these are pretty relentless predators. They have an advantage, they use their sharp claws to catch and kill their victims.


This vulture came in the perfect time to take a selfie! This selfie was actually taken at burning man 2019. Vultures are actually very rarely seen at a burning man, so this shot is very special. The vultures probably got word that there will be a lot of madness going on during the festival so they came to check if they would have any ‘meals’ lying around.

Source: Középsuli

Out of the 23 species of vultures that are still alive, more than half of them are considered either threatened, endangered, or critically endangered because of human impact. Why am I not surprised? Apart from being electrocuted and poisoned from poached animal carcasses, vultures are also facing issues such as habitat fragmentation and increased human conflict.

“We’ve Been Expecting You”

This is a photo of the internationally feared vintage TV cult “Channel 0.” They protest witch shaming on television. If you are ever on a hike, and you find yourself walking through a trail of TV’s, start running, keep running, and whatever you do, don’t look back! I’m not sure if this is a real trail cam picture.


However, this is quite a frightening picture. I don’t know what I would do if I ever did find a picture like this on my camera, let alone walk through the Forrest on a camping trip and find this lady. I would die and go to heaven in 0.01 seconds! In my opinion, this image kind of looks like it comes from a scary movie or from a simple trail cam prank. A lot of effort went into this!


I can’t tell, but I think this deer is trying to hide from the predator behind it. Or maybe they’re just playing peekaboo. I’m struggling to figure out how it thinks it’s going to make it out of there. Poor baby. This dears curiosity somehow got the best of him here.

Source: কালের কণ্ঠ

I do wonder how on earth he managed to get himself into such a pickle but I do hope the people in charge of the trail cam managed to go and save him after seeing this picture. Another thing I am worried about is the animal behind him. It kind of looks like another deer but let’s just hope it is another deer and not a predator!

Making Friends

Here is another classic case of three animals that have nothing to do with each other chasing a scent in the middle of the tundra. A possum, a rabbit, and a fox. It seems they are getting along just fine. They are even comparing butts. Whose butt do you like the most?


These three animals were probably following a scent from another animal or from a human or they simply all three picked up on a source of prey nearby. They all seem pretty disappointed to have not found anything but each other! At least they all walked away peacefully and no one got hurt! We wouldn’t want any kind of cliches like oh well, ‘the curiosity is what killed the cat.’

When Owls Attack

This picture is hilarious! It’s pretty rare to see an owl in action which makes this picture even more interesting. I just can’t help but wonder, what’s going on here?

An owl and raccoon caught on a trail cam
Source: Quora

It looks like the owl just attacked the raccoon. I don’t know what reason he would have to do that, but he made sure to spread his wings and pose for the Camera.

Fake Elk

This picture is priceless yet very confusing. It’s hard to figure out what is going on here. First off, this animal looks like a Moose, but it’s actually an Elk.

An Elk and a fake one.
Source: Pinterest

I don’t know who decided to attack this Elk with an identical fake one. Not only is it rude, but the elk is one of the biggest terrestrial mammals in the deer family. That person better watch out!

Deer Buds

This picture makes me happy because the deer actually look happy. They look like they are playing a game or communicating with each other.

Two deers caught on a trail cam
Source: Imgur

They don’t seem to be on guard or scared as deer can be. We see a lot of animal cruelty, and being able to see these animals having fun makes my heart smile.

No More Easter Bunny

This is a perfect picture capturing animals in their natural habitat. The bunny is just sitting there looking all sweet, does it even know that there is a mountain lion right behind him?

A mountain lion walking towards a bunny
Source: Pinterest

We can’t tell whether or not the mountain lion attacked the bunny based off of this picture. However, we can see how small and vulnerable that little bunny is.

Antler Hands

I don’t know what this deer was doing, but he managed to get a barrel stuck in his antlers. I guess it’s hard to see in the dark woods at night.

A deer with something stuck in his antlers
Source: Pinterest

Maybe this happens all the time, or maybe he is fooling us all. It’s possible this deer is smarter than he looks and is simply using his antlers to help him carry stuff. Who knows?

What is Happening?

The only animal in this picture that I recognize is the raccoon on the bottom. I think the one in the middle can be a doe or even a stray dog.

Three animals caught on a trail cam
Source: Madnesshub

I have no idea what animal is on top but what’s funny is that it’s hanging upside down! What can it possibly be hanging on to in that position? This picture raises a lot of questions.

Breaking In

When Linda noticed some noise outside, she got scared. She was home by herself and was afraid that a robber was going to break in or something.

Animals walking at night caught on a trail-cam
Source: Madnesshub

Linda opened up her trail-cam to see who was there, and to her surprise, there were no burglars. I don’t know what is scarier, someone breaking in or dangerous wild animals casually walking by.

What is it?

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to see what things are on a trail-cam. This is a perfect example. It’s a pretty clear picture a doe looking at something. She looks pretty confused too.

A picture of a doe looking at something
Source: Bigfootevidence

However, even though the picture is clear, we can’t tell what is next to him. It can be anything from a flying squirrel to a paper plane! The possibilities are endless.

Hungry Panther

This picture is pretty crazy. It’s always interesting to learn about how an animal gets its prey. However, it’s pretty intense when you’re actually watching it happen.

Panther attacking a raccoon
Source: Pinterest

One thing is for sure. I would not want to be that raccoon. This picture captures the exact moment when the warthog starts eating that raccoon alive.

Antler Problems

This animal is an elk. It’s one of the largest species in the deer family and is often confused with a moose. In this picture, some bushes got caught in the elk’s antlers.

An elk covered in bushes next to a raccoon
Source: Pinterest

The leaves are covering his eyes and blocking his vision. What’s funny is that the raccoon next to him is just sitting there eating. The elk is probably hungry too! Poor guy just can’t see his food!

Twin Fawns

We all know how much fun it is to have a child, so having twins is double the fun! Right? This Fawn had twins who were both hungry at the same time.

Two fawns being fed at the same time by their mother
Source: Pinterest

It’s very interesting to see how similar animals are to us when it comes to their children. She is feeding both babies, and it’s very instinctive because they are in the woods. At their natural habitat.

Me in the Wilderness

This picture is confusing but also makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of leaves and branches in the woods, so it’s not surprising that every once in a while, branches get caught on animals.

An animal covered in branches and leaves.
Source: Pinterest

This deer is actually pretty relatable if you ask me. If I was living in the woods, this is definitely what I’d look like. I just hope the sticks aren’t poking or hurting him.

Forest Party

This picture is beautiful. Seeing all different types of animals getting along in the woods. There are deers, raccoons, and even skunks just hanging out with each other.

Different animals playing together in the woods
Source: Pinterest

It looks like there is some kind of forest party going on. Especially since you can see just the eyes of approaching guests. Where’s my invite?

Picture Perfect

This incredible picture almost looks like a drawing. It’s rare to see deers up this close acting completely natural which makes this picture look unreal.

Two deer in the forest
Source: Wideopenspace

The deers look incredible, standing over a tree branch that matches their antlers. This picture perfectly explains how beautiful nature is when humans don’t mess with it.

Beware the Bear

Bears are known as a vicious animal that will attack you in the woods. However, in this adorable picture, the bear looks so sweet and innocent! He’s literally waving at the camera!

Bear waving at the trail cam
Source: Pinterest

Who can be scared of this? Other than the eyes glowing this bear looks just like a teddy bear! I feel like I can just cuddle with him… but don’t worry, I wouldn’t!

Deer in the Headlights

This is a classic image that is rarely caught on camera. It’s literally a deer in the headlights. As we know, the expression stems from deers being blinded from bright lights.

A deer and an approaching car
Source: CNN

Sadly, deers often die by cars because they don’t see them coming. Hopefully, this deer got out of the way, or the driver stopped right on time.

Just Sleep Walking

Well, this is probably the creepiest thing ever. Obviously, this isn’t an animal, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this movie before. Spoiler alert, the child isn’t an innocent little kid.

A child in pajamas caught on a trail cam
Source: Pinterest

There is something very unsettling about children walking around in their pajamas at the woods at night. I would rather find a terrifying deathly animal in the woods than run into this.


Have you ever seen an animal that looks like this? I don’t know what to think about this picture. It really just looks like some kind of fictional animal.

An interesting creature walking through the forest
Source: Wideopenspaces

This can be anything from a monster to an alien. What would you do if you caught this on your trail cam? Would you tell anyone? Or try and solve this mystery alone?

We are Family

People getting caught on trail-cams are scary enough, but when they are children, it becomes even more frightening. Like, why is this girl in the woods at night? And what’s with the creepy white dress?

Two deers and a child in the woods
Source: YouTube

Where are her parents? Who allowed her to go play with the deers? So many questions! Also, the fact that she’s just casually standing there like she belongs with them makes this even creepier.

Horror Movie

If you’re not a fan of horror movies, you may want to turn away. This is probably the most terrifying picture I have seen in my entire life. Do you recognize this creature?

A scary creature in the woods
Source: Pinterest

I wish I can make out if this is a person or an animal. It looks like a demon who’s about to destroy all humanity. I’m definitely not going to be able to fall asleep tonight.

Teddy Bear

We grow up being scared of bears. We learn never to approach them because they are dangerous and can hurt us. However, this bear is so cute and looks so innocent!

Bear turning towards the camera
Source: Pinterest

When bears are in their natural habitat, they are just living life. Just look how adorable this bear is in the woods. He doesn’t seem violent to me. Then again, what do I know?

Ready for my Close up

Animals are not very different from humans. We all just want to live life and have a good time. Here is a picture that perfectly explains a reindeer in its natural habitat.

A reindeer licking his butt
Source: Reddit

Obviously, he is licking his butt, but what’s hilarious is that he did right in front of the trail cam. Either he was genuinely cleaning his butt, or he’s messing with us humans behind the cameras.

Lunch Time

This is an adorable picture of a cute bear eating out of a bird feeder! This isn’t rare though. In fact, it happens so often that you can actually buy bear-resistant bird feeders.

A bear eating out of a bird feeder.
Source: Backyardchirpers

Bears get hungry too! Maybe if we fed them too, they wouldn’t steal the bird’s food. What I really want to know is how does such a heavy animal hang upside down like that without breaking the rope?


This image could not have been timed more perfectly. The two deers were just hanging out in the woods when one deer came up close to the trail cam.

A deer behind another deer's antlers.
Source: Pinterest

This deer looks like he took a close up selfie and his antlers were in the perfect position to capture the deer behind him. This picture is incredible! Have fun playing dears!


Well, this is not a sight I would want to see while I’m taking my morning walk in the woods. Seriously though, maybe it’s the eyes that make this so terrifying but are wolverines really that scary?

A wolverine in the woods.
Source: Oregonlive

I think people automatically associate wolverines and scary because the name has the word wolf in it. They also resemble a bear, but in reality, they are in the weasel family! These are tough animals though, so don’t get too comfortable because you know it’s really a weasel.

Cute Little Fox

How adorable is this picture! Although you feel like running over and playing with the cute animal in the snow… don’t! It may look like a friendly pet, but it’s a fox!

A fox in the snow.
Source: Pinterest

Surprisingly, foxes are actually not dangerous to humans unless they are rabid, which is rare. Even when they do get rabies, they usually get cured pretty quickly. A fox hardly if ever transmitted the disease to a human in this country. Hmmm… maybe it can be a nice pet!

Are They Gone Yet?

Meet Timmy, the anxious owl. He suffers severe social anxiety and spends most of his day hiding in a ditch in the Mohave desert. He only ever pops his head out to make sure no one is watching him. As you can see, he is miserable to see a camera there. Not only do owls eat surprisingly large prey (some species, like the eagle owl, can even grab small deer), they also eat other species of owls.

Source: Веселые картинки постить сюда!

Unlike most birds out there, owls make virtually no noise at all when they fly around. I guess that is a special advantage for them and a disadvantage for their prey. They have special feathers that break turbulence into smaller currents, which actually reduces sound. Soft velvety down further muffles noises.

Don’t Be Fooled

These wolverines seem harmless! They look they are just running around and playing. This picture makes a terrifying wild animal look like a friendly household pet.

Two wolverines running
Source: Pinterest

Don’t be fooled. These animals are not friendly. In fact, they are so fierce and aggressive to the point where they drive away bears from their kills.

Photogenic Deer

This is a beautiful picture seizing nature at its finest. Everything about this is perfect. From the fog, trees and how this cooperative deer is looking directly at the camera.

Beautiful picture of a deer
Source: Pinterest

This picture really makes you think about the world. It reminds you how pure and beautiful animals can be when they are in their natural habitat.

Hugging it out

Sometimes being a lizard isn’t easy, getting chased by snakes, all you get to eat is bugs and flies. You just lost your job at the quarry, and your lizard kids don’t love you anymore. Sometimes lizards just need someone to hug it out with. I’m glad these two found each other.

Source: DiazMag

Sadly, even though they seem to be hugging it out, that’s far from the truth! When you see two lizards ‘hugging,’ it’s generally two males who are wrestling one another! Each of them will try to get one or the other down on the ground. The one on the left kind of looks like he will go down first. Luckily, they have strong tails to hold them up.

Beach Bear Crew

These two bears have all their Fortnight moves planned on fleek! If you came across two bears dancing like this on the beach would you join them or run? It also looks like these two are dancing. What music do you think they like to listen to?

Two bears hugging or fighting on the beach.
Source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, with the way humans are affecting the planet with increasing global warming at an alarming rate, thousands of bears have been washing up to the beach. Their natural habitats are at risk and some of them don’t even exist anymore. We hope that they will all find a good home if they do manage to make it ashore! Many beachgoers have been startled at the sight of seeing bears sleeping on the beaches! However, keep in mind, they don’t have anywhere to go!

Watching Humans

The human is a fascinating creature. Hairless beasts that make their way scavenging for fish under the ice. This polar bear seems to be observing from a telescope set up on a tripod. All it takes is a bit of pressure from his jaws, and that’s a four-thousand-dollar camera in the trash.”

Source: Correio Braziliense

Exactly like dolphins, seals, and whales, polar bears are too considered to be mammals. I know, a bear that’s not bound to land? It’s both true and surprising! Polar bears are the only bears that rely on the ocean ecosystem for survival. Like us to land, their lives are tied to the sea ice and to the abundant world that blooms, swims, and paddles beneath their paws.

Slow Dancing

These two polar bears are slow dancing together. I’m just kidding, polar bears don’t slow dance. These two are probably in a fight to the death to prove dominance over one another. Bears are actually the most aggressive species to one another. However, they aren’t exactly the territorial type. They are travel very long distances depending on good supply and so forth.


However, if a polar bear will ask another bear for something like food or something, they will go through a nose-to-nose greeting. They will literally touch their nose with their own. The asking-bear will approach the other bear very closely circling around the carcass, then delicately touch the feeding bear’s nose to ask for permission to share. Isn’t that cute?

Derp Deer

Meet Mr. Derp deer. Day or night, a deer’s vision is excellent. This is good if you’re a deer but bad if you are a hunter. So how do deer see the world? Deer have a much higher density of rods in the retina than cones. Rods are photoreceptors and therefore are more sensitive to light but are not sensitive to color. Cones provide color sensitivity and high-resolution vision.


Deer have an arsenal of senses to outwit potential predators. Ears like radar dishes; a nose that can sniff out a needle in a haystack; and eyes that seemingly see the very air we breathe. All working in concert! But today we focus on those big, brown, beautiful eyes.

Follow the Road Signs

This big guy really wants you to respect the rules of the road. That or he is about to rip the sign off its hinges. The funny part is that it is adjacent to a school bus stop, so what do you do if you’re trying to get home and a bear is waiting for you at the bus stop?

Bear holding a road sign
Source: Imgur

Adult grizzly bears can be surprisingly small. The classic grizzly bear image of a massive golden brown bear is a reality, yet, on the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rookies for example, a mature grizzly bear can be as little as 250lbs in the spring, smaller than area black bears! Oh, and their front claws can grow up to be around 4-inches long, which is as long as human fingers are! We highly suggest you avoid these.