Aerial Photography: Top 5 Aerial Photos That Keep You Staring for Hours on End

Photographs in the 21st century have become an essential part of society. Humans crave a photo in everything we consume, whether it is on a newspaper, restaurant menu, presentation, or even this article, we always need a picture to help us get an idea of what message we are being given. Even in ancient times, humans were illustrating the story’s way before we even knew how to write to communicate. Photography today has evolved to all types of different techniques, and a wide range of quality and aerial photography is up there as one of the best styles there are. Aerial photos give us a different perspective of nature and give us a real sense of happiness when we look at them. We put together our pick for the top five aerial photos in the world today!

Maasai Mara, Kenya

This is a view from the top of a hot air balloon overlooking the Maasai Mara river in Kenya. As you slowly ascend in the air in the hot air balloon. The rises slowly with you, and the savannah below awakens.


From this view, you can see all types of wild beasts. Zebras and impalas graze the grasslands, graceful giraffes’ stride across the open plains, even lions and cheetahs can be seen stalking their prey.

Chouara, Morocco

Chouara Tannery is one of the three tanneries in the city of Fez, Morocco. Built in the 11th century, it is the largest tannery in the town of Morocco. It is located in the Fes el Bali, the oldest quarter of the city, near the “Saffarin Madrasa” along the river.


Since the inception of the city, the tanning industry has been continually operating in the same fashion as it did in the early centuries of modern times.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel sitting high in the Andes Mountains of Peru right above the Urubamba River valley.


Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, Machu Picchu is renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls and boasts impressive buildings that play on astronomical alignments and panoramic views.

Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon National Park, in Arizona, is home to much of the immense Grand Canyon. The canyon is filled with layered bands of red rock revealing millions of years of geological history.


Viewpoints include Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station and architect Mary Colter’s Lookout Studio and her Desert View Watchtower.

Longji, China

China is a country full of beautiful rice terraces, the Longji mountain range, or “Dragon’s Spine” is one of the best examples of this.


A hike out here will take you to altitudes of around 880m. Once you get past the altitude sickness, you can take the time to enjoy the view of some of the tallest rice paddies in the world.