When Rebellion Meets Creativity: The Response to the NYC Subway Dog Ban

In October 2016, the New York City transit authority changed the rules about bringing dogs on the subway. Aside from service dogs, a dog must be able to fit into a bag or carrier in order to ride the subway. When the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) laid down this rule, they must have figured that it would reduce the number of large dogs on the subway. But think again, MTA. You’re only pushing people to get creative. And creative they got…

From the Subway to the Mountains

The rule called for a bag or carrier, and there were no other details. So this backpack surely qualifies and abides by the rules. Plus, it looks like it’s even quite comfortable for the dog as well as his owner. I’m going to guess that these two best buds are going on a hike. Or, you know, this backpack was the only bag he had that Murray fit into. (I’m only guessing his name is Murray. He totally looks like Murray).

Source: gehimgs.pw

Potential Back Pain

I think the purpose of the new law was to avoid having too many dogs of this size on the subway. He’s more of a horse than a furry pet. But his grand size isn’t stopping this guy from bringing him on the subway with him to wherever he’s going. He’s following the rules – the dog fits in the carrier. The only thing this guy needs to worry about is his future back pain.

Source: mirror.co.uk

The Work Around

The IKEA bag was a popular choice among many NYC residents with dogs. It’s the right size and easy to carry around. Oh, IKEA, you just get everything right. This woman got a little crafty and cut four holes for her pup’s legs. He can walk when he needs to, and she can pick him up when she sees an official approaching. Pretty clever, lady. Points for creativity.

Source: Reddit

He’s on the Lookout

Yet another IKEA bag/dog carrier. It looks like this woman not only put her dog in the bag, but she also explained to him the whole situation. Why he needs to suddenly be in a bag, what the new rule is, what the repercussions are if they get caught without a carrier, and finally, that he needs to be on the lookout for the subway officials.

Source: sadanduseless.com

It’s His Time to Nap

Not only do humans use their subway time to nap or take a rest on their commute, so does this little pooch. It doesn’t look like being in a book bag is bothering this dog – she fell asleep right away. It must be the motion of the subway that relaxed her. Everything from the stairs to the subway car to the bumping into people; it knocks her right out.

Source: Reddit