What the…? When Airports Are More Amusing Than Boring

The airport is a stressful experience for many. The packing, the luggage, the documents, the walking around forever, the kids, the bathroom, yada yada. So wouldn’t it be nice to fly home to open arms from your family or friends and experience a warm welcome? Well, not everyone thinks a warm welcome is necessary, and some prefer to embarrass you instead.

A woman holding a welcome sign with a baby in hand / welcome home mom and baby banner/penguins going through airport security.
Source: Twitter

Airports are places that transform into no man’s land at times to sleep on a bench, and no one will judge you. Or will they? Below you will find some of the funniest or even bizarre things ever spotted in airports worldwide. These are the funniest airport signs we could find. Let this be an inspiration for your next friend or family member’s arrival!

The Ups and Downs of Advertising

Someone in the Turkish Airlines team must have been overworked when they created this gem of an ad. Is that really an image that passengers would like to see right before they embark on their plane? We don’t think so. We sure hope no one thought that was an omen and decided to give up on the flight.

Turkish airlines escalator ad
Source: Twitter

It’s a good thing that there are many shops nearby to distract nervous passengers from this truly messed up ad. Next time, just use the Rotate Picture function in Photoshop, please. Let’s not give the passengers any more anxiety, shall we? They already have enough as it is.

Santa Got Busted

Now someone has really been naughty. First of all, why would Santa fly? Hasn’t he got all those reindeer? And second, why did he get in trouble with airport security? Is he a bad Santa, or was he simply looking to smuggle some gifts to get them delivered on time? There are many assumptions we could make about this picture, but we’re confident it’s not something you see every day in an airport.

Santa with the TSA
Source: Pinterest

Who knows… maybe Santa didn’t want to take off his shoes. And we all know how much that bothers the security workers. Don’t mess with airport security. Anyways, let’s just hope Santa will be a better boy next year.

Walking Is Too Hard…

Anyone who has a kid knows that traveling with little ones is no walk in the park. This little girl decided that she didn’t want to walk anymore, so her dad had to resort to desperate measures. Who knew that a trolley could also double as a stroller, albeit an oddly shaped one?

A kid is sleeping on a suitcase
Source: lematin.ch

It looks like his original approach did the trick, so the little one is somehow pleased with the situation. It doesn’t look comfy by any means, but kids seem to be able to sleep in the oddest positions and places. Just don’t forget to take her off when you check in your luggage, dad!

Is He Sleeping or Doing Yoga?

Everyone knows that traveling comes with a mandatory lack of sleep, so you have to do your best to find a way to get your beauty sleep. This guy here does a fantastic job of balancing and sleeping at the same time. Even though he may be manspreading a bit, we have to admit that his creativity is enviable. And the prize for most creative airport napper goes to….

A guy is sleeping in the airport using his suitcase as a pillow
Source: Facebook

We surely hope that his suitcase was a soft one because we don’t want to think about how his neck and back felt when he woke up from his nap if it wasn’t. And to make it worse, he has to go and find a “comfortable” position on the plane now.

Too Much Information, Kids

When kids get creative and excited to see their grandma simultaneously, it may spell trouble. It is evident that these kids wanted to surprise their grandma with a welcome sign, but their intentions were a bid overthrown by their approach. It looks like the kids in this family don’t know precisely what the concept of too much information is.

Kids holding a welcome sign in the airport
Source: Imgur

And so, the entire airport knew that their grandma was coming back from a stint in rehab. We don’t know whether she was cool with it or not, but we are sure everyone in arrivals had a great time as they passed by their sign and read. Also, these kids look so well-behaved.

Who Let the Bears Out?

Some things are simply not expected to be seen in an airport, and this polar bear fits the bill quite right. Wildlife is common in Alaska, but this doesn’t mean that polar bears should roam free on the tarmac. Someone took a picture of this bear on Alaska’s Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport, and we understand that it was not the first time wildlife such as birds or even seals have had to be removed from this airport runway.

A bear walking on a runway in an airport
Source: afamily.vn

So apparently, Alaska is the place to fly to (or from) if you want to blend the airport world with that of wildlife. And hey, why not? We have to admit that even though it is unexpected, that’s a great way to see animals.

Let’s Decorate Daddy

Being a dad is not easy in any circumstances, but traveling with your two little daughters at the airport is one of the most challenging experiences as a parent. While this dad fell asleep after being exhausted next to his little angels, they decided to use their sticker books in a very creative way.

Two kids painting on their sleeping father
Source: tuxboard.com

While it might have taken this man a while to remove those stickers from his arms, we sure hope he took a picture beforehand to show everyone how creative his little ones are. After all, one needs to find solutions to be entertained while waiting for that flight. And decorating daddy is a heck of a lot more fun than coloring in some boring coloring page in a book.

Why No Kisses?

Everyone knows that airports are places where people showcase love and emotion at alarming rates. Now, this sign at the Aalborg Airport in Denmark is something that tries to stay in the way of love. Some would say that this sign is plain cruel because it was a limit on the time you can spend kissing your loved one goodbye.

Kiss and goodbye sign near an entrance to an airport
Source: Twitter

We wonder, however, if there is a member of staff actually counting the minutes’ everyone spends in front of the sign kissing and hugging. Is it just us, or would it be a little creepy? Let’s just assume that no one is standing there with a stopwatch. So go ahead and kiss your lover goodbye!

So. Many. Birds.

We thought that birds could fly on their own, but it looks like there are circumstances when they need to be transported via airplane. This is a picture of 80 falcons that a Saudi prince decided to carry to the United Arab Emirates. Even though the airlines involved, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways, only allow up to 6 birds on a plan at a single time, the Prince looks like he called in royal favor, so he was granted permission to take 80 birds on board.

An airplane of a Saudi prince filled with falcons
Source: merca20.com

And if you’re wondering what a person could do with so many falcons, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that they are a common pastime in the Middle East. However, this is not exactly the craziest thing that happened at an airport. Read on to find out more.

Epic Parking Fail

Even if you are a pilot, you still need to be able to park your vehicle correctly. However, it looks like the pilot of this plane might have been in a hurry when they tried to park and crashed into a wall instead. We can’t even begin to think about this pilot’s flying skills, but we do hope he or she is not judged by their parking skills.

An airplane crashed into a building
Source: thesun.co.uk

After all, pilots take a flying test, not a parking one, right? Not sure which airline Swelink is, but it looks like maybe they should put more money into their training fund. Let’s get a parking section in the training manual.

The Solitaire Escape

You know that feeling when you’re at work, and you get bored, so you decide to play a game of solitaire instead of dealing with your customers? This member of staff thought that no one was watching, so they decided to start up a game of solitaire. We know that this is not the thing we would like to see at airport security where everybody should be as attentive as possible, but who are we to judge?

A TSA agent playing Solitaire
Source: Pinterest

We know how boring it is for us as passengers to go through the whole security ordeal at the airport, so imagine how boring it is for those who work there day in, day out? Let’s just hope the shift manager wasn’t around to see what the person who took this picture did.

Now That’s a Funny Coincidence

Try not to chuckle at this one. It’s almost impossible. Sometimes it’s better not to know everything, and these guys are a classic example of the saying “ignorance is bliss.” Unaware that they are standing in a way that makes them look like they rock a feather scarf and bikini bottoms, these ultra-religious guys seem so casual that it makes it impossible to assume that the picture has been deliberately staged.

hilarious photos captured at the airport
Source: Imgur

No one with a facial expression like that can know that they are participating in a funny photo-op. Kudos to the airport for placing a poster on the partition railings. Airport workers probably wait for moments like these. It brightens up their day for sure.

Next Level Labeling

Labeling your luggage carefully when you go to the airport is essential, but this guy has taken it to the next level. While most people put their name or tie a colorful string on their luggage, this man thought outside of the box. By placing his own photo on the suitcase, he made sure that no one can run off with his luggage without looking suspicious in the least.

A guy had his face posted on his luggage for security
Source: Twitter

This is, in fact, a genius idea. But still, we couldn’t help but notice that a smile would go a long way for a photo that is supposed to be on your vacation luggage. And why not choose a photo of himself smiling? I guess smiling is overrated.

Going for a Ride

Working at the airport doesn’t look like much fun for staff who has to deal with other people’s luggage while they don’t get to fly to exotic destinations. This guy here decided that his day off work could double as a day at a theme park, so he took a ride on the carousel. It was a baggage carousel, to be accurate, but this is only a tiny detail in the great scheme of things.

A guy riding an airport carousel
Source: parentsdome.com

Well, that is one possible scenario that could explain this photo. The truth is we don’t really know who this guy is. It’s likely that he’s a passenger, and it was his first time flying and being in an airport. This could very well be what he thinks is the way to leave the baggage claim.

You’re Bringing What?

The baggage claim area of an airport is one of the most exciting places to be because it is where things like this happen. Now, if you’re wondering who brings in an Easter Island head by airplane, you should know that we’ve been asking the same thing. One thing is certain in this case; the owner shouldn’t be too worried about someone stealing the statue.

A statue from Easter Island on an airport carousel
Source: Pinterest

No one is gonna steal this from the luggage belt simply because it is too heavy for that. We wish the photographer remained there to see how the statue was eventually picked up and carried away from the airport. If a bunch of Sherpas came to lift it, it would be a magical moment.

Wake Me Up… Or Not

No one likes to stand in line at the airport, but we still have to do it. At least most people follow this unwritten rule. This man, for instance, is not part of the normal public. He decided to beat the system – either that or just decided to take a nap in the middle of the line.

A person is sleeping while waiting in line in an airport
Source: Press.tv

Taking a power nap is a great way to make time pass quicker, and we surely hope that family or friends accompanied this man because this is also a great way to miss your flight. Look at that perfectly peaceful expression on his face, and you might be tempted to do the same next time you find yourself stranded in an airport.

Penguins Fly Too

Just when we thought we had seen it all, this happened. It’s not that common to see a pair of exotic Humboldt penguins going through a security door at the airport. But apparently, it is something that happens. These happy little guys needed to go home to their natural habitat in South Africa, but the authorities decided that it would be dangerous to send them off by boat.

penguins going through airport security
Source: Twitter

So what they did was ship them home on an airplane. You can’t help but notice how dressed up for the occasion the little guys were, what with their suits and all. I bet these little cuties caught the attention and hearts of everyone in the airport that day.

A Very Legible Sign

If it weren’t for the little girl actually holding this sign, the poor family member she’s waiting for would simply never be able to know it was for them. But what could be cuter than a little girl waiting at the airport to greet her parents or grandparents?

A kid holding a welcome sign written in gibberish
Source: Twitter

Well, this little one has the sweetest face to go with her welcome sign, which is, unfortunately, a bit difficult to read. We are sure that she is welcoming someone, but even though we can’t make out who is she waiting for, we are sure that they were incredibly happy to see their little one so excited to see them coming back.


Parking issues are very common with cars, but from time to time, they seem to extend to airplanes as well. These two pilots seem to have been confused by something, and their planes ended up just a tad too close. Ok, a lot closer than they should ever be. While this may look so funny, think of what the passengers might have felt at the time.

A collision between Northwest DC 9 and an A319
Source: postize.com

We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, like never. Not to mention the repair bill; that must have been steep. Again, we need to reiterate the need to emphasize the parking section in the training manual. Anyways, what matters here is that no one was hurt.

Family Time On Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the best time for spending quality time with family. Having your family visiting you during your holidays is worth treasuring. It’s even more memorable when it starts right from the airport pickup with a special greeting. This young man decided to embrace the holiday spirit completely while welcoming his family at the airport.

A guy holding a #FAM sign in the welcome area in an airport
Source: Pinterest

He made a funny appearance by dressing up in a red suit with Christmassy prints, giving the impression that the holiday itself came to receive the family. His family, on arrival, undoubtedly was happy to see this when they arrived. And now they have a photo to cherish and laugh at every holiday season.

A Beautiful Way to Put a Smile On Your Partner’s Face

Welcoming your partner after a long time with a funny yet special and unique pickup sign is an art in itself. Relax her exhausted mind by impressing your wife and earn a pleasant and loving smile for your creative idea. Women love to see their partner adoring and complementing them.

A guy holding a pickup sign in an airport saying
Source: vecer.mk

Dressed in a crisp black formal suit, the guy in this picture is all set to win the heart of his loving partner. To add an extra shade, he stands with a pickup board that steps up the welcome. We’re actually assuming this guy is waiting for his wife or girlfriend. But who knows… maybe he’s just some creepy single guy.

Meeting Dad for The First Time

Soldiers live a very tough and challenging life fighting for their country away from their families. Sometimes they don’t get a chance to unite with their families during times of need as they are busy serving and protecting the country. This baby was eager to meet her dad. Thinking he might not recognize her, she holds a pickup board with her name.

A baby in a stroll holding a welcome sign
Source: Pinterest

What a great idea to introduce a dad to his new baby when he sees her for the first time. He, for sure, fell in love right there. Especially when he saw this poster. And he must have fallen in love all over again with the mommy of his baby. Modifying lyrics from a pop song is a cute and original way to introduce a dad to his new baby. So kudos, mom!

Darth Vader Also Likes to Travel

The things we do for our friends! When your friends decide to make a trip to the airport to receive you, you should know something’s up! Many of us are obsessed with Star Wars, but this is next level. This group of friends chose Star Wars-themed costumes to wear to the airport while waiting for their friend.

A guy dressed as Darth Vader heading for Comic-Con waving Stormtroopers fans
Source: Facebook

The friends dressed up as Stormtroopers, and the one whom they came to pick also wore a Darth Vader costume. Even the pickup card displays the name of Vader. The moment was hilarious. And if you’re thinking they were headed to Comic-Con, they weren’t. These are just very bored but very creative guys.

She Meant Duty

This soldier was away from his girlfriend for way too long, and she clearly missed him. She knew she was going to pick him up at the airport, but she wanted to make it special, of course. Welcoming him home with a clever sign left nothing to the imagination. The couple was happy to be reunited, and nothing else seemed to matter.

A couple kissing in an airport. The woman holding a sign saying
Source: pense.pl

Soldier Neal was likely anticipating this moment for the whole time he was away. Let’s hope this is the last time they have to reunite after a long time. And if it does happen again, maybe next time there will be a little kid holding up the sign.

Fly Forrest Fly!

Is this the real Forrest Gump on a shuttle to the airport? Or is it some guy who looks just like him and wears exactly what he wore in the movie, and it’s all just a crazy coincidence? I think we can all accept that it’s not Tom Hanks. I don’t think Hanks would be taking a shuttle to an airport.

a person riding a shuttle in an airport looking like Tom Hanks from Forrest Gump
Source: Reddit

Let’s just say this guy is heading on a plane to participate in a Forrest Gump lookalike contest. If that’s the case, then it must be a pretty big deal if he’s willing to fly to another state to do it. But from the looks of it, not seeing the other contenders, this dude has it in the bag.

When Your Kids Take Your Passport

Let this be a lesson this father or anyone who thinks giving your children your passport is a good idea. If your kids are getting restless, the last thing you want to do is let them play with your passport! They might “decorate” it with some rather interesting drawings and their personal artwork. You know these kids – they want to make your passport more beautiful.

Man from toured passport
Source: Pinterest

They have absolutely no idea that their special artwork will prevent the family from going on their highly-anticipated trip to the Caribbean. A marked-up passport is immediately invalidated. So take this example as something to never do. Parents, give your kids a coloring book or an iPad instead.

Canine Runway Patrol

This border collie has an important job to do, and that’s to chase away all the stray animals that come a little too close to the airport runway. Like the photo of the bear in Alaska, many airports happen to be close to wildlife, and it can be a hazard for our furry friends.

Traverse city airport piper
Source: droomplekken.nl

Instead of the more inhumane way of setting traps to keep the animals away, Piper, the dog will do the trick. That is, for a bone or two. It’s a win-win for this pooch. Chase away ducks and get a bone? Yes, master! He runs around this Michigan airport and loves his work. What’s not to love?

Pet Relief Station

As someone who has flown a 12-hour flight with a dog, let me tell you that is a genius idea. And it’s also adorable, too. My dog is the kind that doesn’t poo where he eats, so to speak. And so the poor guy held it in for the whole duration of the flight. As soon as landed, he peed on the floor.

pet relief station in an airport
Source: watson.ch

If this little pet relief station would have been in the airport, it would have been perfect. But oh well. This San Diego airport is one of the first airports that was thoughtful enough to create a place for your pet to relieve itself after (or before) a long flight.

Wifey and Mini-Her

This mom clearly has a sense of humor. She poked fun at herself after she gained some baby weight with the pregnancy. Since her husband was clearly away for a long time, she must have been a little self-conscious that he wouldn’t recognize her and their baby. After all, he had been away in the military for a long time.

A woman holding a welcome sign with a baby in hand
Source: Twitter

And so, this was his first time meeting his newborn son and seeing his wife for about a year. She wanted to welcome him home and with a good dose of humor. And it surely worked! He must have been laughing from both joy and the joke.

The Perfect View

When you think about getting the window seat, what do you think of? If you’re anything like me, you think about the clouds and seeing the far away lights from the cities you’re flying over, right? Well, this is one sight no passenger wants to see from above. Seeing a crashed plane below as you take off would cause some anxiety, to say the least.

An old plane buried in a forest
Source: Twitter

This, my friends, is the image you are met with when you leave the international airport in Moscow. How symbolic, huh? It’s a crazy way to win passengers’ trust if you ask me. They should get the wreckage cleaned up soon so people can have happier thoughts during their long flight.

We Need Clean Underwear!

The tables have turned, and this time, a dad clearly made the welcome home sign. And why is this one not surprising? We all know that moms tend to be the laundry-doers at home. Apparently, this dad doesn’t even do the laundry even when his wife is out of the country. You would think he would do a load or two just for the meantime.

welcome home mom and baby banner
Source: Twitter

And he can’t say that he doesn’t know-how. These days, there are tutorials on everything you can think of on YouTube. So he doesn’t even have that excuse. Either way, these two boys are super excited for their mom to come home… and for some clean underwear.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Family members move out of town, and it gets harder for families to get together for the holidays. That’s why, on the occasion that families reunite, it should be celebrated! These siblings made the perfect sign. It looks like they’re waiting to pick up the rest of the gang for a holiday with mom and dad.

Brother and sister holding a welcome sign in an airport waiting on their family
Source: Twitter

We’re glad to see the weekend is starting off with a laugh! I’m sure this brother and sister duo had a fun time making this sign. Just look at the photos they chose to include on the poster! If they’re anything like me, they laughed from the beginning of the process to the very end.

Who Made A Sign? This Guy

I gotta say, I like this guy’s creativity and humor. It looks like Taylor and Steven are in for a good laugh when they see “this guy” holding this sign. He can either be their dad or their best friend, waiting to have an awesome weekend together in Vegas. But if it’s their dad, can you imagine your dad holding up a sign like this?

an original welcome sign in an airport
Source: Pinterest

Hey kids, your dad is happy to see you! Be glad that you have a good dad, guys! This could also easily be a good buddy of Taylor’s and Steven’s. And that only makes it funnier, because as people see two dudes around the same age as him, the whole thing is a lot funnier.

Welcome Home with a Dad Joke

Yet another Star Wars photo in the airport. It just goes to show you just how many people are fans of the franchise. And even non-fans like me (sorry guys) find things like this funny. So you don’t have to even know the movies to get the joke. Anyways, who doesn’t love a good dad joke?

A guy disguised as Darth Vader holding a welcome sign in an airport
Source: mro-finder.com

If you ask your dad to pick you up from the airport, expect to get a good ol’ dad joke, too. For this father, the opportunity was too good to pass up! Rebecca must have been mortified at her father’s actions. She’s so embarrassed that she asked to have her face blurred in the photo! But with age, she’ll learn to appreciate the humor.

They Needed a Big Printer

This welcome sign clearly wasn’t done in a rush. This required real planning and a large printer. These friends made a HUGE sign of their friend’s face, slapped it on a stick, and waited for Mokie to show his face. Can you imagine what his reaction was? If they weren’t met with laughter, then these people really missed the boat and misunderstood Mokie’s sense of humor.

A guy holding a huge face sign in an airport
Source: Twitter

To give you another comical visual, can you imagine these two walking through the airport with this large head bobbing around? Better yet, imagine them even getting to the airport. They might have lugged that head around on the subway for all we know!

We’re Out of Cereal

Okay yeah, so mom and dad had fun on their cruise. They had a week of no issues, no complaining. But what did they see as soon as they got home? Their grown son in pajamas with a complaint already. Mom and dad, I hope you had fun on your trip and all that.

A guy holding a funny sign saying
Source: worldlifestyle.com

But listen, I ate all the food, and you need to buy more cereal. I like Crispy Crunch. I don’t want any of that adult cereal. It’s one thing to see two young kids telling their mom that they have no clean underwear. But it’s a whole other thing when your adult son is in pajamas (hopefully with underwear) asking for cereal. Grow up, Charlie!

Welcome Home, Brother?

This guy looks absolutely excited to have a new brother join the family. Just look at that beaming smile from ear to ear. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Well, not so much. But maybe becoming an uncle is more exciting than greeting his brother-in-law. We hope these two will form a meaningful relationship.

A guy holding a sign saying
Source: Imgur

And maybe when the tables are turned, the bro-in-law can greet this guy with an equally or more embarrassing sign at the airport. All I gotta say is this guy could have put just a little more effort into his sign. Like really, a regular piece of paper and a black marker? Come on.

Two Messages, One Sign

Here’s a double whammy of a welcome home sign. Not only do they want to welcome Matt home, but they also want to tell him some exciting news! That’s right; he’s gonna be an uncle! I really hope this was actually the way they told him about the pregnancy because it’s an awesome way to give the news.

Two guys holding a sign saying
Source: Twitter

If it’s his first niece or nephew, then this is a big deal! And the guy on the right with his thumbs up just shows how much fun they had making the sign. The guy on the left, however, doesn’t look so thrilled. Maybe he’s the dad…

Mom’s a Piece of Work

Don’t kids just say the darndest things? For sure, this baby wrote this sign. No way did mom have anything to do with this and the message on this sign. It was all Kaden and his favorite markers. “Don’t Worry, Daddy; I Took Care of Mommy… But It Is Your Turn Now. She Is A Lot Of Work!” This, for sure, made dad smile and happy to be home. But now he has a lot on his plate.

A welcome sign in front of a baby saying,
Source: Twitter

Then again, I’m assuming it was the mom who wrote this sign. Who knows… maybe it was the aunt or uncle, or grandma or grandpa who wrote this. Maybe mom is standing on the side, offended by the sign. That wouldn’t be so nice.